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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  March 24, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the tower is apparently unmanned. >> an air traffic control supervisor is off the job today after two planes landed wednesday morning at reagan national airport with no help from the control tower. good afternoon, i'm pat lason muse. >> i'm jim handly. an air tower control tower silent. >> just after midnight, wednesday, two flights had to land without the help of the controller. news4's john schriffen was a passenger on one of those flights. now federal officials are taking a closer look at airport operations around the country. >> nbc's kristen dahlgren has the latest. >> reporter: final approach to reagan national airport. >> washington tower, american 1012. >> reporter: the american airlines flight from miami gets no response. >> the pilot gets over the loud speaker and says, sorry, folks, we can't land right now. >> reporter: even a nearby operation center can't raise reagan's tower.
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>> american 1012, we called a couple times on the land lyon and the commercial line, and no answer. >> reporter: the american flight and then a united plane from chicago both land safely. pilots using radios to broadcast their positions. the air controller was back minutes later, but today the faa administrator suspended the controller, as the investigation continues, adding, i am personally outraged that this controller did not meet his responsibility. >> at an airport like reagan, it is really imperative to have two air traffic controllers on duty. >> reporter: reagan national is just miles to the white house. a stone's throw from the pentagon and capitol. the main airport for members of congress. >> this employee should be made an example of, and then we need to change procedures to make sure it never happens again. >> reporter: transportation secretary ray la hood ordered a second controller on reagan's night shift, and has directed the faa to study staffing levels at airports around the country,
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as passengers now contemplate -- >> just putting a little more extra fear in me. >> reporter: their own safety in the skies. in a statement today, the national air traffic controllers association called one person staffing unsafe and promised to continue to work with congress here on a bill mandating a study into airport staffing nationwide. on capitol hill, kristin dahlgren, news4. the situation is the focus of our facebook question of the day. >> yeah, we asked today what you think should happen. sarah posted, the fact that there was only one controller on duty at the time is kind of scary for this exact reason. no backup in case something happens or a mistake is made. >> jennifer wrote, fire him. period. no excuse. thanks to everybody who posted comments on our question today. we now know the reason the so-called christmas day bomber chose a flight to detroit. it was a cheaper flight. um
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umar faruk considered launching in the skies over houston or chicago, but the tickets were to expensive, so he tried to carry out his mission at a cheaper destination, detroit. he is now scheduled to go to trial in october. >> huge fire at mime mere international airport has been put out. it erupted at the airport's main fueling depot. there were no injuries, but the fuel supply was reduced to 40%. at least 36 flights were cancelled or delayed this morning due to the shortage. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. well, get ready for another bitter cold night. >> time for a calendar check. it is spring, right, veronica? >> no, i think it's february again, guys. boy, sure has looked that way today. a little in the way of some precip too, this morning, where it was in the form of flurries in our northwestern suburbs. out there right now, take a look at the camera as we go to the graphics, a mostly cloudy sky.
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and here's what it looks like on our visible satellite loop. areas well down to the south around stafford county, clearing there. and the trend is over the next couple hours we should be seeing gradual clearing skies. and as we clear out that means the temperatures will start dropping off. a little bit of drizzle early part of the day today, but now dry throughout the area. and our temperatures are running much lower than they were yesterday. the same time. and a low and mid 40s throughout the area, 50 degrees, though, fredricksburg and around charlottesville. but low and mid 40s and it is going to be cold by tomorrow morning. here's a look at your good night forecast by 5:00, 45. by 7:00, 42. and by 11:00 p.m., down to 37 degrees with that clearing sky. temperatures will start dropping in a hurry. and i do think that tomorrow morning with some of the moisture we've got around, there is the possibility of some patchy frost in the area. a little bit of chilly sunshine for our friday. we've got the cherry blossoms to talk about and we also have a
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very cold weekend to talk about. yeah, winter is going to return, not just like february, but more like january this weekend. i'll give you all of the details, guys, in just a few minutes. >> all right, veronica, thank you. the man charged with two deadly shootings in olney, maryland was in court today and ordered held without bond. and this afternoon, we learned that robbery may be the motive behind one of the murders. 35-year-old rowhan goodlick was arrested yesterday. he gunned a man down monday while walking home from work. goodlit is also charged with killing 81-year-old nazir ahmed, found shot to death execution style in his home on friday. goodlit lived next door to ahmed. he allegedly told one witness he needed money and his neighbor always left his house unlocked. bullets linked the suspect to both murders. pat collins will have a live
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report on news4 at 5:00 tonight, including new questions about the accused killer's mental state. there are new reports this afternoon that nato forces will take over the u.s.-led military operation in libya. meanwhile, moammar gadhafi and his supporters are showing no signs of backing down. even in the face of deadly air strikes. steve handlesman has the latest. >> reporter: 14 more tom ahawk cruise missiles were fired at moammar gadhafi's military. a french pilot blowing up a libyan jet that tested the no-fly zone. in tripoli, libyan tv showed one of gadhafi's military bases in flames. he has a lot of his armor and artillery, but gadhafi still has a lot left. >> we have light weapons, said this rebel. he has tanks. nbc's richard engel found that out the hard way. out in the desert with libyan rebels who were unable to advance, one fighter armed with a plastic gun. >> it's actually just made of
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plastic. it's a toy. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: three government mortar or artillery rounds. nobody hurt this time. but the rebels are in trouble. thi they want the u.s. to send them heavy weapons. some democrats fear president obama has put us into a long and maybe a losing fight. >> it's easy to get into one of these, it's very difficult as events unfold to get the hell out of there. >> we specifically thank president obama. >> reporter: libyan americans gathered to urge, no quick american pullout. >> to continue the humanitarian support in libya. gadhafi's forces continue until this day to kill and maim innocent civilians in many cities. >> reporter: this was tripoli tonight. moammar gadhafi's supporters celebrating. their side is staging a comeback. but the obama plan is still to pull back and turn over control of the libyan military operation to u.s. allies within a few days.
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i'm steve handelsman, news4. a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck southeast asia today, killing one woman. the quake struck northeastern myanmar near thailand and laos. people in bangkok felt shaking, nearly 500 miles away. a woman died after a brick wall fell on top of her. officials say the quake was located too far inland to create a tsunami. two workers at that crippled nuclear power plant in japan were taken to the hospital today after being exposed to high levels of radiation. the workers apparently stepped into some radioactive water. that water seeped over the top of their boots, and on to their skin. the workers were part of the team, trying to restore the electrical system at reactor three. they were laying cables in the basement when the accident occurred. several reactors were damaged, you'll recall, after the equity quake and tsunami hit the region
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nearly two weeks ago now. well, enjoy the cherry blossoms while you can, because it appears they won't be around as long as we thought. the national park service is predicting peak booming from march 29th through april 1st. they first thought the peak bloom period would last through april 3rd. tonight there will be a fund-raiser for the victims in japan. it starts at 6:30. the fund-raiser is sponsored by organizers of the cherry blossom festival. all money raised will go to the red cross for relief efforts in japan. >> of course, those are last year's pictures. they haven't started to pop just yet. you're driving by them every morning. >> no, they have popped. they're not at peak, but -- >> well, peak, yeah. >> but they're very beautiful, even now. >> let's get the word on the traffic. we've got backups on the bw parkway now. >> ashley, give us the lowdown. >> alrighty. we had an earlier medical emergency that affected both north and southbound drivers.
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there are delays around 32 and then again at 197 and northbound drivers are heavy from the capital beltway towards 197. with y but lanes are open. delays remain. speaking of delays, we have certainly got them. look at this. 270 northbound, heavy as you make your approach towards father hurley, those delays are going to be with you as you continue towards clarksburg. as you can see, just prior to this, that's when the pace opens up. we believe we have a new accident in this mix, so that proves to be good news for drivers who are getting beyond clarksburg. capital beltway, same old stuff. we've got delays, the inner loop, fortunately both sides of the beltway didn't have major road work this afternoon. but still big delays, nonetheless, as you approach your river road, headlights towards the bottom of your screen. and then as you continue over towards silver spring, we're in the thick of it. fortunately, no major accidents on the inner loop, just big delays. pat and jim, back to you. >> thanks, ash. the suspect in that mass shooting in arizona that left
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the arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords injured is now being moved to missouri. 22-year-old jerryd lee loughner will be evaluated in springfield, missouri. he's being moved there so doctors can help the courts figure out if he understands the charges he faces. loughner pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from the shooting that killed six and wounded thirteen people back on january 8th. when news4 at 4:00 continues, chris brown apologizes for his meltdown on gma. he tells why he went off the deep end. potential jurors line up today to see if they're picked for dr. conrad murray's trial. ♪ >> and sir elton john pays tribute to elizabeth taylor. tribute to elizabeth taylor. ♪a great looking lawn like this,
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brown was on b.e.t. and apologized for what happened on "good morning america" tuesday. producers found his dressing room trashed. brown says he didn't mean to starts anyone, but felt he was being exploited. he was asked repeatedly about his guilty plea for assaulting singer and then girlfriend rihan rihanna. brown says those questions were not on the talking points he had been given. abc news says there were no talking points offered. brown says he tried to stay
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calm, and then took his frustration out when he finished his performance. jury selection began today in los angeles in the trial of michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray, accused of giving jackson a deadly amount of the drug propofol prior to the singer's death. >> stephanie stanton has the story from los angeles. >> doctor conrad murray arrived at the l.a. criminal court building and entered through the front door for the first phase of his voluntary manslaughter trial. the judge said there were about 160 potential jurors today to pick from. the first step is a financial hardship questionnaire. >> is to get rid of the people who would be devastated financially if they had to take two months out of their life to serve on the conrad murray jury. >> reporter: the judge said he would like to have between 85 and 100 people in the jury pool. those selected are then asked to fill out a lengthy questionnaire, with more than 100 questions. the judge has ordered those questionnaires be kept
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confidential, until the jury pool is selected. >> the idea of a questionnaire is to assemble unbiased jurors, to force them to answer hundreds of questions that will show whether or not they have so much information about this case, and such strong opinions, that they really have no business being on the jury. >> reporter: during his january arraignment, dr. conrad murray professed his innocence before a packed courtroom. >> your honor, i am an innocent man. i therefore plead not guilty. >> reporter: murray is facing one count of involuntary manslaughter for the june 2009 death of pop star michael jackson. he is accused of giving the singer a lethal dose of the powerful anesthetic propofol. prosecutors are hoping to find jurors sympathic toward michael jackson, while the defense is leaning toward the opposite. >> the ideal juror for the defense would be somebody who hates michael jackson, who thinks he was a child month lester, who thinks he was a druggy, and therefore will be reluctant to blame dr. conrad
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murray for his death. >> reporter: after the jurors are nailed down, the jackson family, fans, and the world will be watching as cameras document every moment of this high-profile celebrity trial. stephanie stanton. >> that was stephanie stanton reporting. actress zsa zsa gabor was rushed to a hospital after hearing the news that her friend and neighbor elizabeth taylor had died. >> her publicist says the shock of her death and fears about her own passing raised gabor's blood pressure. gabor is 94 years old. the publicist says gabor said "i'm next" in reference to a common myth celebrity deaths come in threes. gabor has been in poor health and her right leg amputated in january. but her publicist says she is a fighter and won't be the third celebrity death. ♪
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♪ don't let the sun go down on me ♪ >> music legend elton john paid tribute to his friend, elizabeth taylor, during his performance last night in pittsburgh. he dedicated a version of his famous anthem, "don't let the sun go down on me" to the actress. the two celebrities often worked together with the same charities. there are reports that taylor's funeral will take place in less than an hour in california. 79-year-old taylor died yesterday morning. producers with cbs's "two and a half men" are reportedly looking for a leading man to replace charlie sheen. >> here's a new man, that list of replacements includes actor jeremy piven starring in the hbo hit "entourage." e online joins john stamos and
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lowe for sheen successors. sheen launched the my violent torpedo of truth tour. ticket sales rose by more than 164% after new shows wered adopted. well, from the boxing ring, now his own tv show. >> mike tyson has a fondness for pigeons. he recently sat down with nbc's cat greenleaf to talk about pigeons on "talk stoop." >> this is "talk stoop," joined today by mike tyson, one of the world's great fighters and a brooklyn boy. >> hey, cat. >> reporter: you have a new show called, what's it called? >> "take it on tyson." >> look at the beautiful color. it's about me and the world of pigeons. >> i'm very competitive and i want to win. i don't want to defend anybody because of my competitiveness. >> reporter: how did you get so into pigeon racing?
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i know you have been into pigeons since you were a kid. >> they need human beings. a pigeon lasts in the street three years if they're lucky. a pigeon that is domesticated lasts 15, 20 years. >> you went from being this punk kid and then you start winning and making everyone proud, including yourself. and then at 20, you are the heavyweight champion of the world. your career stayed strong, but as lives do, yours takes some twists and turns. some ups and downs. what was your darkest moment? >> it was all pretty dark, my boxing career, pretty much. ♪ all my life >> one more time. ♪ oh lord >> did you have fun in the hangover? >> first i did it for finance, but then i thought we've got something going here, man. we can get like atrial gee or something going here. >> now you're a vegan. >> isn't that something? >> ain't it? have a strawberry. >> i don't want any of your damn
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strawberries. >> okay, take a clem entiny and say goodbye. >> you're a trouble maker. instigator, trouble maker. >> thank you for being on the show. booming,
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thanks to the upcoming royal wedding. pottery makers are working around the clock now to fill all the orders for the china bean used at the wedding between william and kate. the plates are embellished with several layers of gold and platinum, which are applied by hand. you want to wash those -- you don't want to stick those in the dishwasher. >> yeah, that's a good tip, jim. >> yeah. >> i like china -- maybe get a set of that. you think?
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>> a whole set. that's a chunk of change. >> a few pieces, i mean. a set, cup and saucer. that kind of set. meanwhile, getting back to the weather. so we're changing seasons. >> we're changing seasons, and it came with the weather front that came through here yesterday. we had a handle of severe thunderstorm warnings, but that line that we were watching it hit the cooler air. so we kind of stabilized, and that line really weakened yesterday but didn't in southwestern pennsylvania. wanted to show you what some of the storms -- there it is. >> golf balls. it's hailing golf balls. this is horrible. okay. i'm staying in. >> yeah. it was a wild wednesday. that just southwest of greensburg, pennsylvania, westmoreland county. several roofs ripped off, most in hemfield township. that yesterday and you're looking at the map here, let me show where that one tornado,
4:26 pm
just south of pittsburgh. most of the damage reports west of us. the yellow dots, the green dots, those are hail and wind damage reports, right through west virginia. right now, here we've got 43 degrees, we're trying to get rid of the clouds, right? well, they're starting to lift, and they're starting to break just south of us. and though that humidity is at 68%, still moisture around, so as we cool off, there is a possibility of a little bit of frost. and then again for the weekend, we're still talking about the return of winter where it's going to feel not just like february, but like january, and on this date in 1990, we picked up between 1 and 6 inches of snow cover in and around d.c. why am i mentioning that? because you know the last couple of days we have been talking about the system to come in saturday night through part of sunday that could deliver some snow. and i would not be surprised if it tries to in some locations north deliver a little bit -- a little bit of accumulating snowfall. our radar right now is all dry and quiet throughout the area. drizzle in this early part of the day, but the big story is the cooldown. look at manassas and culpepper
4:27 pm
and charlottesville, 15 to 20 degrees lower, in the although 40 there's. still socked with clouds. we go from chilly to cold air with high pressure that's going to sit to the north of us, big dome of cold air. so as the systems right along this track -- there will be another one coming in, it will be right on the fringe of the cold air for the upcoming weekend. for tomorrow, certainly chilly. we'll have some sunshine and then partly sunny probably by the afternoon. and then as we go through saturday, mostly cloudy, again high pressure to the north. and i think it's very late on saturday where we could see a little bit of precipitation after -- well after sunset. so 43 to 37, we'll be cooling down. and by tomorrow morning, break out the coats. 25 to 31, below freezing throughout the area. some sunshine, 45 to 50. it will, i think, tomorrow feel much like february. the weekend saturday and sunday will feel like january again, possibility of some rain and snow mix. maybe some areas with a high of
4:28 pm
38 before we rise during the afternoon. maybe a little bit of accumulating snowfall. so coming up later, we're going to talk cherry blossoms. >> okay. >> the forecast. >> finally. all right, thanks, veronica. still to come on news4 at 4:00, why parents are so outraged after a school tries to help one student with peanut allergies. >> scary moments for this truck driver dangling over the side of a highway. and we'll tell you why this woman turned a courtroom out with kicking and screaming. >> whoa.
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. welcome back to news4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm jim handly. here's what's making news right now. the faa suspended the air traffic control supervisor after two planes landed at reagan national without any help. an official says the supervisor was alone on duty, and fell
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asleep. transportation secretary ray la hood has called for immediate changes, including the airport putting a second controller on duty overnight. we'll have much more on this story coming up in a live report want to at 5:00. the man charged with two deadly shootings in olney, maryland was in court today, and was ordered held without bond. 35-year-old row hangood lit is accused of gunning a man down monday. he is also accused of killing his neighbor found dead in his home friday. robbery is believed to be the motive. a french fighter jet reportedly shot down one of moammar gadhafi's planes for breaching the no-fly zone in libya overnight. there are new reports that nato will take over the u.s.-led military intervention in libya as air strikes against gadhafi's forces continue. and stocks were up in hopes that the job market may be
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improving. the dow closed at 12,171. the nasdaq was up 38. and the s&p 500 finished the day 12 points higher. making sure children with peanut allergies are safe at school can be tough. so now a lot of kids without allergies aren't able to pack bean out butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. many parents are furious when they found out their kids also have to bleach their desks, scrub their hands and wash their mouths out. nbc's kerry sanders has that story. >> reporter: 6-year-old ariana bailey's parents say their little girl lives with a constant threat. exposure to bean under the circumstance could kill her. a wroarning on the front door a her house reveals contact with any nuts could be fatal. but some parents of the girl's classmates say their kids are the victims. >> concerns we have are the right for our children. we feel like they're being taken away. all for one particular child.
4:33 pm
>> get a snack out of the closet. no peanuts. >> reporter: 7-year-old jasmine starkey is one of 32 classmates. her mother carey says requiring all the kids wash their hands and rinse their mouths twice a day is an ordeal that unreasonably impacts the school day. how much time is being waste washing hands in your mind. >> almost 30, almost 30 minutes in a day. >> reporter: in a week? >> two hours. >> reporter: and over the school year. >> almost 80 hours. >> reporter: and that to you is? >> a lot of time that's taken away from their education. a lot of time. >> reporter: school officials dispute it takes that much time. they say there's a routine. the kids wash their hands before entering the classroom in the morning, and wash again and rinse their mouths after lunch. >> the two classrooms are nut-free zones. nothing with nuts is brought into the classroom. >> reporter: the most recent cdc report says 3.9% of children under the age of 18 in the u.s. have some food allergy. an increase of 18% over the last
4:34 pm
decade. if this is a life or death situation, what happens if you push too hard for the rights of the many and the little girl is exposed? >> i mean, i really can't answer that question, because i don't know -- you know, i mean, we do want to accommodate this child. like, we want her to be at school, we want her to be safe. >> they're trying to take away all of our rights. >> reporter: parents who complain say it's not just the hand washing. they believe that classic childhood tradition snack time was cancelled this year to prevent any possible bean peanut exposure. school officials say that's not the case. >> where is it going to stop? what are they going to do next year or the next six years for her? it's got to stop. >> synthetic marijuana, also known as k2 is now officially banned in virginia. governor bob mcdonald signed two bills yesterday outlawing k2. experts say synthetic marijuana blends are labeled as incense or
4:35 pm
potpourri. and then sold. bath salts used to get high are also included in the ban. possession of either drug is a misdemeanor. distributing the drugs is a felony, and manufacturing them could land you in jail for up to 30 years. talk about close calls. we've got some amazing video. a semi truck driver is pulled to safety after his rig dangles over an interstate overpass in north texas. the driver was hoisted out by a firefighter strapped to the ladder of a fire truck early this morning. crews still had to rescue two people that were trapped in their cars underneath the trailer. officials are investigating just how the crash occurred. there's no word on the extent of any injuries. a florida woman is facing some serious jail time after she is accused of biting off the tip of a co-worker's ring finger. the 43-year-old woman attacked her co-worker while she was walking to her car. deputies say the woman had apparently heard the victim was having an affair with her husband. she is now being charged with
4:36 pm
aggravated battery for that assault. >> hold on a second. i'm not done talking. i've got kids -- let me go! i've got kids, and responsibilities! let me go! >> a police officer wound up hurt in this courtroom melee. this woman in nevada did not want to be taken into custody after a hearing about her mental health. she is facing child endangerment and kidnapping charges stemming from allegations that she threatened two young children in an apartment complex in las vegas. when we come right back on news4 at 4:00, we've got much more, including why there's a chocolate shortage. calls for crackdown on eating food on the subway after a food fight. >> and the one thing you can do to cut 300 calories out of your diet every single day.
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food fight. a subway skirmish over spaghetti is making news in new york. >> it can get ugly up there. unlike here in washington, there is no rule against eating on the subway in the big apple. cell phone video captures a woman eating the pasta getting into a fight with another woman who wasn't happy about it. some passengers said the meal was no big deal. one rider mentioned someone eating barbecue chicken with no napkins was worse.
4:40 pm
others disagreed, saying it's just one more thing harried commuters have to deal with. other recent videos caught a rat crawling up a sleeping rider's leg. i would rather see spaghetti. and a skirmish between a passenger and a belligerent spreet musician. they're feisty up there. >> apparently a little stress. the flick trickle down effect in the ivory coast is affecting the world's supply of chocolate. a disputed presidential election in the african country has led to a ban on exports of cocoa beans. about 40% of the worldwide cocoa crop is produced in the ivory coast. europe imports 50% of its cocoa beans from the west african company. experts expect the price of chocolate to continue to climb. tonight, "daily connection" is foaling feeling a little blue. >> here is aaron gilchrist. >> lots coming up on nbc
4:41 pm
washington nonstop. i'll join veronica johnson. the blue men will preview their show. and at 9:00 p.m., nonstop foodies in the kitchen with carla hall. the top chef competitor shares one of her recipes. and then 9:30, a behind the scenes tour of one of washington's most trendy hotels. here on nbc washington nonstop. >> alrighty. news4 at 4:00 continues in just a moment. the diet that just doesn't help you shed pounds, but also has severe -- several, rather, health benefits. plus, why these guys are playing basketball on donkeys.
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so veronica, the blossoms are blooming ahead of peak. are they going to slow down with this cold weather? >> exactly. that's just it. the cold temperatures and the fact we're not going to have a lot of wind so it's not going to shake those blossoms off the trees, really don't have any wind in the forecast until about wednesday of next week when we get some thunderstorms in here. so that really is a good thing. not a bad thing that it's going to be chilly and cold around here. >> not bad for the blossoms. >> right. let's get that straight. because we're not sure we like it. 43 is the temperature right now. pretty light wind currently out of the north at just 10 miles per hour. our system is off the coast, and well, we've got high pressure that's to the north, so should be getting more clearing through the area. gradual clearing overnight. radar is currently quiet.
4:45 pm
i don't think it will be until overnight saturday and sunday where we could see precip back. again, talking about the fact that it could be in the form of not just rain showers, but even some snow showers, and i would not be shocked if some counties around the area, especially north, may see a little bit of light accumulation of snowfall. 43 from frederick, 43 in manassas and 45 in quantico and alexandria. there's what our sky looks like from 40 to 48 in leesburg. 43 to had 41 degrees today. and tomorrow morning, frosty. we're below freezing everywhere, folks. mostly clear sky, and quite a bit of sunshine. the high, 50 degrees. meanwhile, the weekend and for the cherry blossoms, saturday will be the best day, 47. sunday we get the showers in here and maybe even snow showers, 38 the high temperature. again, we should stay free, though, of any significant wind until storms come through the area on wednesday. i've just got breezy posted for the early part of next week. but take a look at monday,
4:46 pm
tuesday and wednesday all in the 40s to around 50, and that really is below average. >> alrighty. >> keep your coat handy. >> yeah. >> and don't blame me. >> we're not. >> thanks, veronica. well, if you are a calorie counter, it might be possible to cut about 300 calories from your diet without ever getting out of bed. columbia university researchers say people who get a good night's rest tend to eat about 300 fewer calories. they say the well-rested are much better than the sleep-deprived when it comes to portion control. the trend was apparently more pronounced in men -- in women, rather, than it was in men. and by the way, ice cream was a fan favorite of the sleep deprived. all right. there are several benefits to trying the mediterranean diet, besides losing weight. recent studies have linked the diet to lower heart disease risk. it can also reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome. the diet focuses on eating less meat, more fish and fruits and veggies. even encouraging a glass of red
4:47 pm
wine every day. nbc's diana gonzalez takes a look. >> how many -- you've lost about, what, 30 pounds now? >> yeah, i went from 35 to 205. >> awesome. >> and you are keeping on that low-carb mediterranean diet. >> reporter: this retired miami police officer followed his doctor's orders to lose weight after being diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. you must have three of the five components to have it. low hdl or good cholesterol. high blood sugar. high triglycerides, high blood pressure. waist size of at least 35 inches for women, 40 for men. >> the main focus and treatment of the metabolic syndrome then is weight loss and exercise. >> this new analysis of 50 studies finds the mediterranean diet reduced the risk of this common syndrome, and patients improved. like roberto, who is no longer prediabetic.
4:48 pm
>> i eat less meat. more chicken, more salad. when it comes to desserts, yogurts. mediterranean diet is the diet that we recommend for the entire population. and if you look at the new usda food pyramid, it's very much a mediterranean diet. >> reporter: using olive oil instead of butter. eating lots of poultry and fish. red meat only twice a month. plenty of fruit and vegetables. a handful of nuts a day. whole grains instead of white flour. and a daily glass of red wine. dr. ted feldman's message to his patients -- >> by doing that, they can dramatically improve their quality of life and quantity of life, particularly as it relates to reduction in the development of heart disease, diabetes, stroke. >> reporter: researchers believe it's the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in these foods that are not only helping
4:49 pm
prevent, but also reverse the components of med bollic syndrome. diana gonzalez, nbc miami. >> still to come on news4 at 4:00, playing hoops on a donkey? it's an unusual event. we'll show it to you. >> yeah, it's not march madness. and why researchers are putting a home directly in the path of a firestorm. coming up on news4 at 5:00, two murders in olney, maryland are now linkeded to one suspect. there are new clues in this investigation, and we'll tell you why some say this killer -- accused killer, should never have been on the street. a hidden camera exposes puppy mill pets being sold on legitimate-looking websites. wait until you find out who is behind this illegal operation. and learning the lingo to get the best deal. liz crenshaw reveals the key things you need to know before buying a car. buying a car. see you what do we have here? oh, it's scotts naturescapes advanced mulch. advanced huh? ehh...mulch is mulch. oh, not so, pops.
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4:53 pm
drugs. basketball fans witnessed a completely different kind of march madness on a court in nebraska last night. members of a volunteer fire department were dribbling, but they were dribbling while riding done keys. some did this will a little more grace and coordination than others. proceeds for the donkey basketball game will go toward getting new uniforms for the first responders. >> yeah, you need helmets there. those donkeys aren't too cooperative, didn't look like. >> i guess they can be really stubborn. >> yeah. still ahead on news4 at 4:00, why the insurance industry created its own firestorm today. and please follow us on twitter. it's pl muse for pat. >> and tweet jim at jim handly. >> and vjohnson nbc 4. we'll be busy with the brackets. our fingers are limber enough for tonight's tweets. oh wow, look at that. [ shrek ] calm down donkey. it's vacation time! ohhhhh, who says ogres can't surf? nice moves fiona!
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it's not even april yet, and this year is already turning out to be an exceptionally dangerous year for wildfires. nbc's tom costello tells us what insurance companies are doing to keep the flames away from homes near danger zones. >> reporter: in the western suburbs of denver this week, it's been an all-out fight on the ground and in the air. high winds and an exceptionally dry fall and winter have brought an early start to fire season. the scenario is hardly unique to the west.
4:57 pm
nationwide, one out of three homes now sits near wildland space, and wildfires cost half a billion dollars in property damage and losses each year. so at the insurance industry's testing center in south carolina, they're creating their own firestorm, putting a test home right in the path of blowing hot embers. because they have discovered it's usually the flying embers that start house fires, not the actual flames from a wildfire. >> those embers land on things around properties that ignite. there's no one there to see it, there's no one there to help, there's no one to put it out. and then the houses burn to the ground. >> reporter: dry vegetation on the ground, on the roof, in the gutters, even brooms, birds' nests and wood fencing can provide perfect kindling. you see how the embers are dancing across the roof and they're about to catch those pine needles on fire. that's what researchers are watching, how quickly would pine needles catch on fire and then bring a whole house down. in this case, the fire-resistant roof kept the flames from eating
4:58 pm
all the way through the asphalt shingles, but the embers did light the dry vegetation on the gutters and the fire then spread to the eaves. what that says is we don't have to have overwhelming force in order to keep this from happening. what we have to do then is to get rid of those ignitable materials. >> reporter: fire experts call it a defensible space. a 100-foot perimeter to keep embers off the home. >> if we can prevent that from happening, we can save people's homes. >> reporter: because firefighters are battling a wall of fire down the road, they may not have time to save your home. >> and that's news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. you're watching nbc 4, washington's news leader. now, live in hd, this is news4 at 5:00. tonight at 5:00, we're following two big stories. the air traffic controller who apparently dozed off on the job has been suspended.
4:59 pm
>> called a couple times on the landline, and on the commercial line and no answer. >> reporter: why insiders say there's more to this story that we just don't know. but first, motive for murder. investigators lay out the evidence as new questions about the accused killer's mental health come to life. good evening, everyone and welcome to news4 as 5:00, i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger. the suspect accused of killing two men in olney, maryland appeared in court. and today we learned that one of the victims may have been killed for just 40 bucks. pat collins joins us live outside the montgomery county courthouse. >> reporter: two murders and one suspect approximate linked to the crime by ballistics. the motive for the first murder appears to be money. the motive for the second murder, unknown. rohan goodlett. the son of a college professor


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