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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  March 28, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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this morning. it feels like winter returned. >> when is spring coming back, what we want to know. >> look who else has returned! eun yang! >> the snow quickly melted and yesterday, into the 40s, and this morning, cold again. as we take a look at the temperatures, down into the upper 20s in prince george's county, montgomery county, mid 30s in washington, near the chesapeake bay. inland, at or below freezing, near 30, in the upper 20s, it is in the cold teens, much of west virginia, and we have a disturbance that will be passing to our south out of the tennessee valley later today. maybe a few sprinkles of rain in central and southern virginia. right now, off to a clear start.
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the live view, and a lot of sun. in the mid 30s, as the system passes this afternoon, highs reach the mid 40, mid afternoon. changes again tonight a look at the night planner, coming up in ten minutes. stay tuned for that keep up with my forecast on twitter all day long. i will have that for you, and updates throughout the day. now, checking on the traffic for this monday morning, jerry, how is it looking? >> tom, good morning. a lot of overnight roadway to tell you about. all of it should be out of there by the 5:00 hour. the beltway, both directions in a significant stretch, between springfield and the american legion bridge. centered around tyson's corner. lingering construction. at this early hour, not having too much ann effort. crews picking up the construction barrels.
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montgomery village in rockville. joe, and welcome back eun yang. >> thank you very much, appreciate it. >> beginning this morning at 8:30 until 4:00 this afternoon, crews will shut down the exit ramp to north kings highway to the loop. make a uturn at farming ton drive and a right tn on north kings highway. this construction will take place overnight and should wrap up by friday of this week. >> 4:32 now. japan is again being rattled after a 6 pnts 5 magnitude quake hit overnight. 70 miles from sendai. no waves have been reported. and the warning had been called off. there are still fears over
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nuclear melt down. radiation levels are spiking in one reactor, and the contamination is spreading to the ocean. this morning, plant officials say radiated water inside reactor 2 climbed to 100,000 times normal levels due to a partial meltdown. mayor gray will deliver the state of the district. gray has had a difficult first few months as mayor. his approval rating is at 31%. he has faced criticism for paying higher salaries than previous mayors h and
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accusatio accusations. >> if you plan on when you see how much you are being charged for your ride. starting today, an extra dollar every time you get in to a d.c. taxi. it is one more way soaring fuel costs are passed on the customer. cabs may be the tip of the iceberg. >> the next time you catch a cab in the district, be prepared to pay more. taxis will be allowed to charge a one dollar surcharge. some say that is just the start. >> we will probably see it in other deliveries to the home and offices it is like the midas touch in reverse. everything it touches becomes more expensive. >> mayor gray approved it, some cabbies say it will be a life line. gas prices are eroding their
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profits. >> yesterday, i worked the whole day, $54. i went home with zero. >> the feel is not as popular among those who take taxis. they see it as another expense passed down to consumers, dealing with the rising cost of filling their gas tanks. >> i don't take it as much, when i do, i don't expect to pay $15. the extra dollar will be really too much for me to be paying. i think it is ridiculous. >> aaa mid-atlantic said the cost of diesel is rising, and consumers will be forced to pay more. >> if gas prices have become toxic, and it has spread to everything, and everything in the economy is becoming more and more expensive because of higher fuel costs. >> reporter: the surcharge the
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last until july 25th. that is unless the chair of the d.c. taxi commission decides to repeal it sooner. d.c. fans may be celebrating in and around richmond. their improbably tournament run against the kansas jayhawks. they advance to the final four. leading the vcu rams with 26 points and ten rebounds, they will play on is the, against another underdog, the number 8 seed, butler bulldogs. the celebration is probably still going on in richmond. fans hit the streets after the final buzzer to cheer on their rams. and the party wasn't just in virginia. at the redline bar in chinatown,
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here in d.c., vcu fans and alumni cheered on the black and gold. cheering on the unbelievable run. >> cinderella still wears the slipper. we are going to the dance. whoever would have thought they would nbt final four. >> we are going to win. >> this is the third time in 11th seed reached the final four, the last time, 2006, when george mason did it. >> and the mayor called him, and said, we look forward to cheering on the team in the final four, i know they have two more big wins left in them. an ex-sailor in court with regard to a bizarre vampire romance. he hopd on a train, to desus his
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13-year-old girlfriend and knock out her mother. they met playing rain of blood online. and a questioning of d.c. rise in test scores. from crosby, most have high numbers of erasers from wrong to write answers. the school found no evidence of wrongdoing, it was named a blue ribbon school for improvement in test scores of the. president obama is preparing to address the nation on the situation in libya, what he will say about his vision for the middle east. the desperate pleas of a family of a woman who disappeared on a cruise ship.
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good morning, 4:41. early on this monday morning, i am meteorologist tom kierein. off to a clear start it is wintery cold this morning. down into the 20s in many locations, and the rural areas of maryland and virginia. closer to washington, prince george's county, upper 20s,
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montgomery county, arlling ton and fairfax, around 30. and near the bay waters in the mid 30s, and a clouds rolling n we will have clouds coming from a weak area of low pressure passing to the south today. by noon time, we will have our temperatures up around 40 degrees. by mid afternoon, the mid 40s, a few of the clouds coming through. sunset at 7:30. partly cloudy, by dawn tomorrow, upper 20s, cold start tomorrow. a look at the rest of the week and the weekend at 4:51. >> breaking news, that will affect the commute of a lot of folks, if you take georgia avenue, listen carefully, authorities closed it between gold mine road and brookville road because of power lines down and there is a power outage in
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that area. new hampshire avenue will be your alternate route. we will keep you updated throughout the morning. on the trip into town, no concerns or worries. new york avenue, minimal traffic delay delays. any roadway not picked up by now will be shortly by tyson's corner. 35 degrees. still to k a map mistake. a glitch that could have marylanders driving.
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police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a domino's pizza delivery driver. police say robbery appears to be
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the motive. >> if you hop in a d.c. cab this morning, they are allowed to add a dollar fuel surcharge to off set gasoline prices. that will last until july 25th. >> and the rams are going to houston for the final four. the 11th seed from richmond downed kansas by ten points. d.c. is back in richmond to relax before heading to houston where they will face butler on saturday. >> president obama will address the nation. >> reporter: good morning everyone, they have sdwided opinions on whether we should be in libya, since we are there, what we should be doing, enforcing the no-fly zone or trying to get muammar gadhafi
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out of power that is something that president will have to address. in the speech he will give tonight at 7:30, from the national defense university in southwest d.c., the president will talk about the actions that we have taken so far with our allies in libya, the nato transition, which begins now, and also, u.s. policy moving forward, what is our mission? a lot of questions, will we be giving guns to the rebels? nato now taking over full command, not only enforcing the no-fly zone, also, as of yesterday, saying they will protect civilians in libya as well. another big concern coming up that president is sure to address or be asked about later, the price tag for all of this. some here on capital hill said it already proaching a billion dollars.
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two people are dead, another seven injuries after a sail boat capsized off san diego. it happened near harbor island off the coast. crews say the boat flipped and sent everyone in the water. two men in their 50s declared dead. children among the injured. the weather was calm and no report of strong winds before the accident. 24 year-old rebecca corium was last seen making a phone call to a friend. she never showed up to work that day. disney said it searched the ship several times and corporating with investigators. the navy, the officials from the bahamas are all involved in the case. how about a rest stop?
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virginia is selling naming rights it is the latest effort to keep the spots open. more importantly, keep all 42 rest areas open. the state says any and all proposals will be considered. earlier this month, the announcement that prison inmates would help with upkeep. they cost $20 million a year to operate. a spring snow on sunday. a light dusting fell across the tidal basin, making for a beautiful scene of white flakes and cherry blossoms. >> for it to be quiet and snowing, it is gorgeous. >> i thought i would come out and see if i could catch snow on the trees. >> beautiful. most of the area got more than a dusting, parts of southern maryland looked like a winter wonderland. several reported more than two inches of snow accumulation.
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>> back when we had the warm weather, tom said, it is washington, it could happen. >> we got snow in march. >> it is still cold this morning. southern maryland, it is below freezing, in prince george's county, arlington, and montgomery county, many of the rural areas of maryland and virginia, weather watchers are reporting temperatures down just near 30 degrees, and the upper 20s. we have a mostly clear sky. out in western maryland, and in much of west virginia, in the upper teens on this monday morning. on the eastern shore, away from the beaches inland, right there or below freezing, much of virginia, a bit above freezing,
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into north carolina, where they may get a wintery mix later this morning. coming from an area of low pressure that is bringing rain to tennessee and to north carolina, the northern extent of that showing clouds beginning to move in to the southern shenandoah valley. for us, clear skies, temperatures by 9:00, in the mid 30s, sunrise at 7:00, by noon, some of the clouds coming through from the system as it passes to the south. near 40 then, late afternoon, the cloud cover breaking up and should go mostly clear later this evening. another cold start on tuesday morning into the upper 20s. then on tuesday afternoon, a lot of sunshine, we should be milder than today. make it into the low 50s by mid afternoon. clouds come n an area of low pressure coming our way, wednesday. bringing rain with highs in the mid 40s, up to around the pennsylvania border.
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snow flakes, and chilly. afternoon highs in the upper 40s. now here is a look at friday and the weekend. it looks like it will be cloudy on friday. highs near 50. and returning with milder temperatures on saturday. saturday and sunday, highs in the 50s with morning lows in the 30s to near 40 degrees. throughout day, you can keep up with my forecast on twitter as well as the later weather, science, and nature news. upper montgomery county, georgia avenue is closed to traffic that is of course, route 97. georgia avenue closed to traffic, both directions, north of olney, in the stretch between brookville and gold mine road. we are told it is power lines in the roadway there. is a power outage, according to pepco. head's up for that.
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and a lot of overnight construction on the maryland side. and one more stop. 14th street bridge. >> a glitch on google maps may have you taking unnecessary turns. the search engine shows the connector conplete, that is not the case. only one section opened last month. it connects i-370 a man looking for directions discover ed glitch. >> he was driving through people's living rooms. it was confusing. the gps was telling him to go way that is didn't exist. >> did it take him a while to get back on track? >> it did, indeed.
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>> bummer. >> the search for a killer, after a popular host is sguned down in his
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blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds... more than a snack.
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police still have no suspects after megatron was killed in new york city.
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the bet host was gunned down headed toward home in staten island. corey mcgriff was found with a gun shot wound to his chest. prince william is recovering from his stag or bachelor party. tablloyds said prince harry planned a low key residence. they will marry in britain, you can see the special reports here on news 4. >> low key? >> i don't buy that. >> probably not. >> teenagers could suffer from facebook depression. the academy of pediatrics
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released new guidelines. >> that facebook provides a skewed view of what. >> because instead of supervising kids physically outdoors, they have having to supervise them with technology, they don't know who their kids are talking to and interacting with. >> an estimate of 20% become victims of cyber bullying. now, a new report from the american academy of pediatrics, encouraging tools for moms and dads to navigate the social network scene and embrace it. >> parents need to not be scared of technology and use it themselves. >> going online with kids as
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soon as they express interest in computers. the idea s as kids get into facebook and twitter, and do so safely and may even benefit. >> tap into their nature to be part of things in ways that we couldn't do without technology. >> as long as parents are plugged in as well. pediatricians encourage families to unplug, spend weekends without computers and tvs, and plug into family time. >> a search for suspects. a pizza delivery driver is gunned down in prince george's county, what police think might have happened, and who they are looking for this morning. >> you are not just


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