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tv   Today  NBC  April 3, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. flight fears. scores of older model 737s are grounded after the fuse lodge of one passenger jet rips open in mid-flight. what triggered the terrifying incident? what you need to know before heading to the airport. private pain. the shocking new report about kate middleton's secret torment with revelations the princess bride was bullied at school. bombs away. charlie sheen's road tour got off to a rocky start drawing boos from the crowd and demands for their money back. boos from the crowd and demands for their money back. today sunday, april 3rd, 2011.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a sunday. i'm lester holt. >> i'm jenna wolfe. i didn't watch the whole show. i watched that liltal clip and it made me cringe. that was really uncomfortable. >> people were walking out. >> and booing. >> booing. he called it a moment of truth. folks, as you see here, well, there's the kind of reviews. a bad opening night for charlie sheen. we're going to find out what happened and if the tour will continue. i have to tell you, i wasn't sure what the show was going to be about. >> and a number of legs continuing on this tour. who knows exactly. we'll see what's up with that. on to much more serious news from washington. president obama is pexected to
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make it official this week that he is running for re-election and comes as the threat of a government shutdown grows. david gregory will join us with the latest from washington on that. a major storm system sweeping across the country and could bring dangerous weather to millions. janice huff will tell us in a moment what you should expect where you live. >> it will snow right through summer. plus, simply irresistible. check this out. how cute is this little girl? the baba koala the first at a san francisco zoo, the first in a decade. we'll spend some time with her and her mom later this morning. she's up and having her morning coffee. >> you call a baby a joey. a gaping hole in the jet's fuselage. it grounded dozens of models of
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that particular 737. tom costello reports. >> reporter: investigators on the ground in yuma, arizona, looking over the southwest 737 that made an emergency landing late friday after a five-foot hole ripped open mid-flight. passengers described a loud bang and then a rush of air escaping from the cabin. >> and, bam. just incredible noise. and then while you're trying to process what just happened, then oxygen masks come down. >> not everyone was getting their masks on. some were having problems and some people were passing out it. it was not good. >> reporter: just reached cruising altitude after it was bound it for sacramento when a large amount of the skin ripped open right after the passengers' heads. the pilot quickly descended from 34,000 feet down to 11,000 and then made an emergency landing at a military base in yuma. >> i thought we were going down. i did. >> reporter: airline veterans are applauding the pilot's quick
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action. >> this is a true, in-flight emergency. this is not something that is so routine we just kind of pass it off. certain things that have to be done without panic, but need to be done very quickly. >> reporter: the plane involved a 15-year-old 737 300. another southwest plane, the same model, had a hole open up in the roof nearly two years ago at 30,000 feet, forcing an emergency landing in west virginia. that led to several faa air worthness directives. airlines were ordered to inspect 737 for metal fatigue. they fined southwest $7.5 million for failing to conduct timely crack inspections on its 737 fleet. we talked to the ntsb on the scene. >> we will be looking at everything. right now we are here to look at this accident and if we find issues related to this accident, it could be applied to the rest of the fleet. we will make that point known. >> reporter: and metal fatigue has led to tragedy.
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in 2005, a chalks airways plane crashed on takeoff from miami when its wing ripped off. in 1988 the top of a aloha plane was ripped off. >> what went wrong? is this close call a warning sign for all major airlines? a former ntsb investigator. greg, good morning. good to have you on. >> good morning, lester. >> southwest is an envy in the airline industry they turn their airplanes around very quickly. tell me how repeated cycles affect the airplane, the structure of the airplane. >> well, when you look at a repeated cycle, as you speak of, what we're talking about is the takeoff, inflight and landing. every time you have this particular event, you have that fuselage pressuring and depressurizing. it is expanding and contracting which works the metal and that
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leads to metal fatigue. >> we talk about, the question is, are these planes being inspected enough? i'm assuming the kind of cracks we're talking about are not visible walking around the airplane. they would have to strip the airplane down. how often is that done? the airplane gets a top to bottom inspection for these kind of cracks? >> well, they're on a regular maintenance schedule. various types of checks. there are routine checks, a checks, b checks and then the more heavy checks or what they call the c and d checks. during all these inspections various parts of the airplanes, the paint is stripped off, the metal is checked either by nondestructive testing method or ultrasound or visual inspection. so, in this particular instance, they're going to try to determine if, in fact, these cracks were from metal fatigue or the cycling fatigue or ind e induced by the inspection process or painting. >> i know boeing has been making 737s since the late '60s.
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this was a mid-model and they're making a much newer generation of them right now. but for the older ones, this particular model, southwest has taken some of them out of service. will all airlines have to take another look? is this, yet, another wake-up call about aging aircraft? >> i think the lessons learned from this particular event will be spread throughout the industry still operating these types of airplanes. especially if it's found that it's just damage, if you will, that led to the failure of the fuselage section was induced by an inspection. you have to remember that during these inspections, especially the visual inspections, you have to strip the paint. you have to clean the skin material and if it's on a lap joint where it looks like this particular failure occurred, they have to scrape some of the bonding puddy off there to really examine it. if the mechanics accidentally induced damage, that could have led to this particular event. >> i can't get you get away without talking about what the
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passengers were going through. the pilot put that plane in an emergency descent. if he had not done that and the folks had not gotten the masks on, what is the worse case in the cabin? >> worse-case scenario, lester, time of useful consciousness. at 36,000 feet, your time of useful consciousness depending on your physical health is five to seven to ten seconds all the way up to maybe 30 seconds. that's why the flight crew had to get on 100% oxygen immediately so that they could maintain their functionality and they'd get that airplane down to below 14,000 feet into a breathable atmosphere because the passenger oxygen masks are not pressurized, they just provide a flow of oxygen versus the flight crews who has pressure breathing. it was critical to get that airplane down below 14,000, 15,000 feet for a breathable atmosphere for the passengers. >> we hope they get to the bottom of it. great to have you here. thanks so much.
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>> you're welcome. >> here's jenna. now to politics and what is shaping up to be a critical week in washington. congress has been deadlocked on approving a federal budget and now lawmakers have until friday to reach a deal or trigger a government shutdown. for more, we're joined by moderator of "meet the press" david gregory. good morning. he called senate majority leader harry reid and he pressured both of them to do whatever it takes to avoid a government shotdown. any sort of compromise before the end of the week? >> i think there's certainly a shot. speaker boehner knows he would like to focus on the bigger fight over the budget. he has to get a sense whether his tea party office is going to go along with some kind of a deal. on the democratic side, a concern over some of the spending mechanisms here that would deny spending to some things that the democrats care about like health care or planned parenthood. so, there are some definite battle lines.
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here you see the president trying it push this to a deal and his ultimate argument is, look, better economic news with the jobless number. let's not threaten this recovery by even threatening a government shut down. >> let's talk about that jobless number. the unemployment is lower than it has been in the last two years. democrats say, see, we can't shut the government down right now. it will affect the economic momentum. republicans on the other hand are saying, well, it's the out of control spending which is the reason why we'll stand still on this. are both sides sort of is setting the other one up in case this does happen? >> this is the fight of 2012. the theory of the case for republicans is stewardship of the economy and getting government spending under control and getting government regulation under control is the way to free up more hiring in the private sector, but there is more hiring in the private sector that is going on right now and the president has been trying to pressure big companies, small companies to do that. and that's going to be the big argument for the re-election campaign, which is, are things
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turning around? the hole is so big. we still have 14 million people out of work. so many americans who are out of work for a long time. permanently unemployed. those are really the battle lines that we'll see in 2012. >> david, you mentioned the re-election campaign on monday. the president is planning on filing his paperwork for re-election. that means he can start fund-raising right away. no one on the republican side has officially entered the race yet. will that put pressure on the republicans as far as the money game is concerned? >> it is very hard to beat an incumbent president. particularly for democrat physical you looked over the last 100 years jimmy carter is the only one who failed to win re-election. the president will have a lot of money at his disposal and the rose garden strategy to use all the power of the incumbency and what he doesn't have yet things are out of his control, where is the unemployment rate going to be? he can try to have some focus and try to take advantage of a
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field on the republican side that hasn't taken shape yet and really drill home his message. >> david gregory, thank you. >> thanks. we're following some dangerous weather making its way across the country. we want to show you this, the nationals game delayed because of hail. the wild weather wreaking havoc in a lot of places that followed the brutal end of a storm that left snow in new england. janice huff is here. >> goodern moin morning, lester. springtime is the time of year when we see this type of scenario setting up. it's starting to get warmer now from the gulf coast into the central plains. we had record highs yesterday and more of that hot air is going to be moving north today. contrasting that with the cold air moving in behind it and a fast jet stream. all those ingredients will start the atmosphere to turn and we'll have the threat of severe weather over parts of the midwest today and then tomorrow a slight risk of that with isolated tornadoes existing from
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little rock to atlanta to knoxville and back up towards cincinnati, too. so, we're going to be watching this for a couple of days and it could be very dangerous. back to you. >> full national forecast in a moment. thanks very much. thomas roberts is at the flews desk with more of today's top stories. >> hi, jenna, good morning. hi, lester. good morning. we begin in japan where engineers continue to battle to control a leak that is sending radio active water into the ocean. this as they make a grim discove discovery. lee cowan is in tokyo with the very latest for us. good morning. >> good morning, thomas. the bodies of the first two workers who have died in the tsunami were found at the reactor buildings. both in the 20s and their bodies had to be decontaminated before turned over to their relatives. leak into the ocean are not good news on that front either. they have been trying feverishly to plug that leak.
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so, it looks like, once again, thomas, back to the drawing board tomorrow. >> l
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good sunday morning. news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. bright and sunny day, the complete opposite for much of the last two weeks. a large picture of the tidal basin. cherry blossoms in full splend or. ha heavy rain monday night. 60 degrees for a time today. sun goes down at 7:33. mid-70s tomorrow. >> janice, thanks. this morning a british newspaper is reporting that kate middleton was the victim of bullying at school and now others are talk about the pain
8:17 am
kate endured as a young girl. nbckira simmons has more on this. >> many, many young women suffer bullying. a real issue for parents. we know kate and william are asking guests to donate to an anti-bullying charity. now we know why. 13-year-old kate was bullied by a group of girls to a really horrible extent. they shunned her and picked on her so much that she had to leave her school. they suggest that kate was simply too nice to hit back. of course, the real nice thing about this story is that in the end she has come out on top. that will give a strength to many young women suffering the same. >> thanks very much. up next on "today," live from detroit charlie sheen. opening night didn't end the way he would hope. llergies make your eyes itch,
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don't suffer waiting for your pills to kick in. add alaway. for fast eye itch relief that works in minutes and lasts up to 12 hours. only alaway comes from bausch & lomb. for fast eye itch relief, add alaway. charlie sheen has taken his rants on the road kicking off his show in detroit that wasn't exactly winning last night. jeff rossen was there and joins us live from outside the of the theater in detroit. jeff, good morning. t. >> hey, jenna, good morning to you. a lot of people were hyped up about this but the critics and the fans are saying that charlie sheen was basically booed off the stage. he left early never to be heard
8:19 am
from again. look at the headline this morning, jenna "detroit free press" not winning in detroit. mostly, i was inside the show, charlie sat on stage on a park bench and sat in a director's chair and behind a podium where he talked about warlocks and trolls and he play some preproduced video segments and also cracks about detroit that didn't go over so well. take a listen. >> who here has tried crack? all right, forget that. i don't do crack any more, but i'm just saying. i think i'm in the right city. am i right or wrong? no? okay. my bad.
8:20 am
>> tough crowd here in detroit. in fact, those boos went on and on. the energy inside the theater when he came out people paid $20 to $150 to see him. within minutes this crowd had turned on him. i think that people were expecting more. i don't know what they were expecting. when you asked people what you want him to do? they didn't have an answer, but they didn't get it. when the show ended for good, charlie didn't come out to say good-bye to them. people were angry outside. >> i was speechless watching your report, i can imagine what they all the to say. jeff rossen, thank you so much. we'll take a break and we're back right after this.
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still to come on "today" she's the new kid in town. a baby koala. we'll meet joey and her mom coming up. plus, my dream come true. lester and i hit the gym together. who survived? who didn't? we'll show you. nobody was hurt in the filming of this. the plan we worked on for your retirement makes sense. just stay on track. what is... that's the guidance you get from fidelity.
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>> yes. my friends, that is sunshine. we're finally getting some sun and it's going to warm up too. details in a minute. first, good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. it is 8:26 on this sunday, april 3rd. here's a look at your top stories this morning. prince george's county police are investigating a deadly stabbing that happened late last night in langley park. police say they responded to 1400 kanawha street and found a man suffering from stab unds. he was taken to a nearby hospital and later died from his injuries. so far no arrests have been made and police have not released a motive. starting tomorrow, drivers could see major delays on the
8:27 am
14th street bridge because of a new traffic pattern. fake a look. tomorrow crews will close the center lane on the north end of the bridge and construction workers will put an island in the middle of the lane splitting traffic. the 14th street rehabilitation project is supposed to wrap up this fall. . a maryland soldier catching up for all the holidays he missed while serving overseas. major brian andrews is celebrating christmas, thanksgiving, easter and halloween all in one weekend. his mother planned to multiholiday event because she felt bad he messed out on all the family gatherings over a year. >> well, i couldn't give him back his 400 days but i can get him caught up on all his celebrations. i felt it would be fun to do them all in one day and get them all caught up. >> thanks, mom. he capped off the big bay with a
8:28 am
new year's count down last night. chuck has your sunday forecast after the break. stay with us.
8:29 am
chuck, i don't want to steal your thunder. tell us something good. >> i wouldn't dare let you steal my thunder. don't you woeshgs aarrry, aaron. that's a weather product. today, nothing but sunshine out there. temperatures are in the chilly 30s and low 30s right now. a live picture from our tower in northwest washington. looking down over downtown washington. washington monument standing tall in the middle of the city. beautiful day outside. 44 downtown. 44 in hagerstown. 42, martinsburg. blooming blossoms out there. highs near 60. tomorrow, warm and windy with
8:30 am
highs into the mid-70s. strong thunderstorms late monday night, rush hour tuesday morning. keep that in mind. aaron? >> thank you, chuck. a full hour of news and weather coming up at the top of the hour with news 4 today. we're back on this sunday morning, april 3rd, 2011. wow. what a beautiful crowd. looking at 60 degrees here in new york today, which is a major welcome after a long winter. that's why everybody showed up on this gorgeous sunday morning. >> look at this crowd. >> it's a great crowd. a really nice crowd. i am jenna wolfe alongside lester holt and still to come in this half hour, we're talking about the sensational trial of italy's prime minister bu berlusconi. >> paying an underage girl for sex and wild parties with
8:31 am
scantily clad women at his villa. his lawyers are asking dozens of witnesses to testify for him. on that witness list one name stands out, george clooney, the actor. we'll find the latest on this story in a moment. >> as if there wasn't enough press to the trial as it is. a very special and adorable guest. a baby koala. little girl. newest addition to the san francisco zoo. the baby and mom are doing just fine. both will join us in a moment. really, really cute. wait till you see them. the story you have been looking forward to. >> i have been looking forward to this story. >> this is kind of a long story. we both like to work out. you are an accomplished trainer and, anyway, we ended up training together. this is jenna's workout. >> it is. i call it cardio, cavs and complaining. he complained very little. besides almost hurling himself out the window for oxygen. it was a really wonderful and quality hour well spent. >> quality time.
8:32 am
>> i don't know what to say, it was probably a compliment. >> we'll share that with you. we want to talk about the weather right now. >> actually much nicer here right now. janice, are we jinxing it by saying that? >> i am glad to see good sunday morning. i'm news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we have a beautiful day on the way today. plenty of sunshine. temperatures still a little bit cooler than average but not by much. a live look at the lincoln memorial bathed in the early morning sunshine.
8:33 am
44 in washington. 43 in montgomery county, maryland. 42 in brandywine. 39 in manassas, virginia. temperatures into the upper 50s later today with plenty of sunshine. slight chance of a sprinkle in the mountains tonight. and, now, here's jenna. >> janice, thanks. italy's prime minister is colorful and controversial, but is he also a criminal? this week the country's leader stands trial over a sex scandal that is making headlines worldwide and could bring an oscar winner to the stand. ♪ >> reporter: it is set to be a sensation, a trial that mixes politics with alleged prostitution. at its center, a teenage girl nicknamed ruby the heart stealer. claims involving her and the italian prime minister may root him from office and take his freedom. it's alleged he slept with when
8:34 am
she was just 17 and took part in wild sex parties, pictures seized from computers and cameras belonging to female party guests adding to the scandal. witnesses may include hollywood star george clooney. he could be called. it seems odd, clooney said last week. i only met berlusconi once and that was an attempt to get aid into darfur. world famous soccer star could take the stand to reject allegations that he met ruby. 33 women are set to be linked to the italian prime minister, who continues to make light of the claim. i'm 75 years old he recently joked. even if i am a bit naughty, it seems too much. if found guilty he could be sentenced to 15 years in jail. he's already appeared in court over separate allegations of corruption, but it's his appearance on wednesday that will have the world's media
8:35 am
watching. the start of a case that could take months. the final act in a scandal that has rocked italian politics and may well end the prime minister's career. nbc news, london. some pretty shocking allegations. paul cowan joins us this morning with some insight. >> good morning. >> it looks like the prime minister has nine lives, but, obviously, more than that. he pulled through every time. does the prosecution have a strong enough case to really go after him hard this time? >> this is an amazing case. i mean, when the italians throw a sex scandal, it's on steroids or maybe in this case viagra because he's 74 years of age. a judge looked at this case originally when it was presented by the prosecutors and this judge found the case to be so strong that he ordered something that is very rarely invoked in italy, and that is called a trial, which means the case went immediately to trial. no preliminary hearing, no preliminary discovery.
8:36 am
so, prosecutors think they have a strong berlusconi's defense attorneys say, absolutely not. it's a horrible case. >> what is prosecuted in italy and what could be prosecuted here in the united states and the difference between the two? >> he is being prosecuted for two things. one, abuse of official power because he tried to get this supposedly underage girl who is known as ruby the heartbreaker, released from custody. police custody. the second aspect of it is that he slept with her for money when she was underage? she was 17 years of age. in america, that is statutory rape. there is a defense in italy if you think the girl looks older than 17, that's a possible defense. not available in the united states. >> if you, paul, were on the defense team, how would you defend the prime minister? >> berlusconi said this is a politically motivated prosecution. he said he is the most prosec e prosecuted man in history. he faced 105 criminal probes and 2,500 hearings and he spent $400
8:37 am
million on defense lawyers. and never been convicted once. he says this was concocted by his political enemies in milan. >> it's political. i have to ask you about george clooney because his name has come into this whole case and it's just buzzing everywhere. how is he involved and could he make a difference one way or another? >> the wince list tness list ine is so bibizarre. they added 42 more women to the list yesterday. then they add george clooney. clooney has been added because the young girl that allegedly 17-year-old girl says that she saw clooney at one of the parties at his villa and clooney never attended a party at berlusconi's villa. they're trying to use clooney to show she's a liar. there's a second thing going on. they're going to show that clooney has a lot of big parties
8:38 am
at his villa, probably invites a lot of beautiful women and nobody prosecutes george clooney. why are they picking on poor prime minister burerlusconi? >> very interesting one. up next, wait until you see the new baby koalas. she was born at the san francisco zoo and she's adorable. she's coming up right after these messages. ♪ good morning [ male announcer ] there are sixteen fresh-picked oranges squeezed into each carton of tropicana pure premium and absolutely no space for added sugar,
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tell your doctor about all your medications, including those for migraine, to avoid a potentially life threatening condition. pristiq may cause or worsen high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or glaucoma. tell your doctor if you have heart disease, or before you reduce or stop taking pristiq. side-effects may include nausea, dizziness and sweating. for me, pristiq is a key in helping me treat my depression. so i'm taking charge with claritin-d. it relieves even my worst allergy symptoms. nothing works stronger, faster or longer for nasal congestion and sinus pressure without drowsiness. i only live claritin clear, with claritin-d. this morning a new addition is drawing plenty of attention
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add the san francisco zoo. for the first time in over ten years, the zoo is home to a baby koala. she and her mom join us this morning along with zookeeper heather. heather, good morning. thanks for being with us. >> good morning, thank you. >> i learned in preparing for this interview that we call a baby koala a joey. is that correct? >> that is correct. >> how big a deal, the first time in ten years. how big a deal is it to have a new koala? >> it's great for the zoo. like you said, it's been over ten years. a great ambassador specie for australia and we're very fortunate. >> we understand they're born but then they crawl into a pouch. when did you guys realize this koala was expecting? >> well, we bred her last june and we did a pouch check in early december and that's when we found the baby in the pouch. >> we should know the mom is
8:43 am
zachary. the baby will continue to cling to mom for how long? >> baby will stay with mom for up to a year and a half. she's still nursing, she's starting to eat some leaves on her own now. she will continue to nurse for about a year and then in a year and a shand a half she'll be do with mom. she is nursing half the time and eating eucalyptus the other half of the time. >> is it difficult to get them to bred in captivity? >> not so much we get the recommendation and i went ahead and bred them last june and within a month the baby was born. >> they are so adorable to look at. i think people look at them and the word bear comes out of our mouth and i think we all know by now they're marsupials but they look so cuddly. how gentle a creature is a koala? >> their personalities vary from animal to animal.
8:44 am
this mom is very mellow, very sweet. she's excellent to work with and a great mom. they're very sweet. they do have long claws and they do have some sharp teeth but in general if you're handling them nicely, they're very sweet. >> native to australia, as we noted. and they are on the endangered list, is that correct? >> yes. they're listed as threatened. >> what is their natural enemy? >> right here at the zoo we worry about possums, in the wild, there's not much to worry about. they spend all their times up in the trees and people are the greatest cause of their decline right now. burning of forests to make way for more people. >> is this joey on display? can the public see it at the zoo? >> she is. they're both on display in the window exhibit for everyone to see every day from 11:00 to 4:00 p.m. >> are you going to name her? >> we are. we are going to have our zoo fest auction next month at the
8:45 am
zooand that's where she'll get her new name. >> heather, thanks so much for coming on and sharing the story. the new joey koala, we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> all right. and now here's jenna. >> lester, thanks. this morning dressing for every occasion. for women looking to find the right trend for their special event this spring, look no further from the designs from christian soriano. his fashions have graced the carpets. we get to have him join us this morning for the perfect looks for our next big event. christian, good morning. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> are you exhausted? the last three years since you won project runway must be a whirlwind for you. >> it's busy. it was really fun at the beginning and now a serious business but we still get to play and do fun things and it's been great and gone by really quickly. >> you had an opportunity to stop and smell some of the roses
8:46 am
along the way? >> great, fun experiences and got to work with amazing people and it has gone quickly, but i guess that's what is exciting about fashion. everything is changing and everything is new and exciting and fun. >> let's start bringing out some models because i want to talk to you about what is coming up here. the first model we have here is lee and lee is all about prints. are prints basically anyone can get away with and wear? >> for me, i think prints and fabric and texture are what i think almost every designer showed for last spring. for me, i like the idea of showing these prints because they're fresh and exciting. i don't think every woman can wear prints head to toe but for me mixing the textures and the fabrications and that's what i love about it. >> i have to say, is this more of a work outfit or going out outfit? >> what is great about this, a chic and sophisticated look you can throw on a blazer and it is fun and sexy with the material that you can glam this up. she is wearing a tall, sexy shoe
8:47 am
that makes it more evening. >> and we should mention real quick that you do more than just use prints in wardrobe. we have some sponges here. >> i mean the whole idea was for me when i'm designing a collection, i'm designing the print idea. and i did this little collaboration with this 3mocelo sponges. >> next up we have laura. tell us about laura. not the royal wedding dress, but definitely a dress you could wear to the wedding. >> this dress is a collaboration and what's great about this dress, it is a stretch satin which looks amazing and great so for so many different body types rb as well. i love this dress because i think it's fun, it's fresh, it's exciting and i love jewel tone colors and i think they look great on a lot of skin-to-skin tones. it can go from spring and also
8:48 am
transition right into fall. you will have this for a longer period of time. >> thank you so much, laura. next up we have mandy. come on out. for a date night mandy is modeling this look. >> what is great with mandy. that is her own dress that she had at home and i wanted to pair it showing how you can bring texture and print and accessories to bring up her look. that bag and shoe both available payless. we did the same print as we did on the blouse and bringing that design and fashion to all. >> and you can mix a couple of the crazier looks like the bag and the jewelry with other different dresses, as well. >> exactly. that bag is great for any evening look and those shoes you can throw on with jeans or a beach little moo moo. >> mandy, thank you so much. lee and laura, come out, as well. you looking forward to the spring, christian? >> i am. i'm excited. definitely ready for the new york weather to be nice. >> we'd like you to dress us for that, as well. thank you so much, as always, you do wonderful work.
8:49 am
just ahead, my dream come true. lester and i hit the gym. we'll see who is left standing. it wasn't lester. first, these messages.have a i am gonna ace this checkup.lg my vet thinks my insides are in mint condition. [ female announcer ] vets agree, a healthy checkup starts inside. our breakthrough iams premium protection formula is developed with vets with cutting edge ingredients for the lifelong health of your pet. [ dog ] healthy inside and out. come on, up high! [ female announcer ] iams premium protection. our most advanced iams nutrition. ever. [ dog ] i am an iams dog. ♪ woof. ♪ hello. [ female announcer ] glasses in about an hour. lenscrafters.
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well, we talked about it before. a lot of us like to stay in shape and get to the gym as often as we can. i hit that point, i wanted to kick up my workout a little bit and why hire a trainer when i have jenna. >> that's a very good question. no, the truth is, lester is in great shape and you came into this in great shape, but your workout had gotten stale. i decided to have fun with you and work things out a little bit and give lester a complete workout makeover.
8:52 am
>> come on! hold it. >> this had to be some kind of nightmare. >> actually, a dream come true for me. >> i can't believe i actually asked for this. >> i can't believe he actually asked for this. so, how did we get here? >> i work a lot of days and a lot of hours and one thing that keeps me sistcentered and keeps energetic is getting to the gym. i feel like the exercise routine is a little stale and i'm not seeing the kind of improvement i'm used to seeing. >> what i do in my spare time which has always been a passion for me, working out. i take it to the next level and i started working with people, training them. nice, come on. find the balance. it brings me an incredible sense of fulfillment and i get to try new things and really turned into sort of a second job almost. >> she's killing me. >> on the ground? this is right before the show she starts telling me about
8:53 am
various exercises. >> he was telling me how he was going to take a spin class. i said, you know what, lester. do this. in your plank, you're going to come up and down. he said, i can do it. i work out. >> there i am on my belly just off of the set. >> he starts doing it and he's like this is kind of hard. i'll try it this week. i decided, i will train lester. >> she will move me to the next step and make them even harder. >> trust me when i tell you, he can school me in politics so i can school him in the gym. >> i can't believe we're doing this. >> believe it, lester. you're going to give me your trust for one hour. >> okay. >> sunday i'm back in charge. >> as always.
8:54 am
>> eight, come on, eight. come on, lester. so, you can't give up because then i'm left hanging. sort of forces you to finish off the set. >> sort of like those ad libs at 8:30. >> exactly like that. you are not sagging. you are in a nice position. once you're in that nice position. so easy. good, keep going. right there. you're right there. come on, lester. come on! your hands are loose and your feet are pushing you. yes, run it! yes. nine more. nine. >> wow. >> how do you feel? >> i'm challenged. >> we should work out at least one day a week. >> are you kidding me? >> come on, two. we're going to go on -- oh, my gosh. so, am i not allowed to do this
8:55 am
on sundays if i run into a tricky situation. >> no. >> don't let them hit the ground. come on, straighten them. come on, three. two. >> you get the first two stories sunday. >> wait, can i do "nightly"? >> okay. >> that was something else. >> did you have fun? >> i did have fun. i actually tried it the other day. the beauty, the beauty of what you showed me, except for the weights, everything could be done anywhere. >> that's the goal. we travel so often, that we don't want to have to rely on a gym. >> i did that in my apartment the other day. it wasn't the same holding on to your ankles and slapping your hands, but a good workout and i felt challenged. >> a new respect for me? good i was challenged.
8:56 am
we didn't talk about the food. >> no, take it away. not allowed, lester. not allowed. not allowed, lester. not allowed. >> we'll be right back. [ whispering ] shhhh... did you hear that? it sounded like the chocobeast. the what? half man, half beast. he'll stop at nothing to sink his fangs into people who steal other people's chocolate temptations. you guys have nothing to worry about, right? aaah! [ all scream ] nice job, chocobeast! thank you. [ male announcer ] six indulgent layered desserts, at 150 calories or less. new temptations. it's the first jell-o that's just for adults. ♪ good morning [ male announcer ] there are sixteen fresh-picked oranges squeezed into each carton of tropicana pure premium
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and absolutely no space for added sugar, water or preservatives. tropicana -- we put the good in morning.
8:58 am
let's go back to washington now and check in with david gregory to find out what is coming up on "meet the press." >> where will the fight in libya lead? at home the standoff of the government risks a government shutdown this week. dick durbin and republican congressman mike rogers plus our political roundtable all coming up on "meet the press." >> thank you so much. janice huff, thank you very much. next week on "today" we'll go visit the maverick.
8:59 am
>> i'll see you later on, if i can on nbc "nightly news." take care. 9 the sun did come out today. >> i have no doubt about that. >> well, from the first four to the final four, it was a road a lot of people called impassable. but vcu traveled it. >> the underdogs from the
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