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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  April 22, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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back to jail. good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm jim handly. it's our top story today. that necklace is worth $2500. the store owner says she waited to report it stolen because lohan told her she'd be back later to buy a ring. >> now a judge has to decide if the jewelry was really meant as a loan. gina kim has the latest from los angeles. >> reporter: lindsay lohan arrived prepared for a mini trial over accusations that she stole a $2500 necklace. as the preliminary hearing began the ross cure the called as her first witness an employee at the jewelry store in question, kamofie and company in venice, california. she testified several days before lohan took the necklace she came into the store and attempted to leave with the earring. the second witness was the owner of the store saying lohan came in days later, tried on several pieces of jewelry and left without the owner realizing it.
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lohan maintains the necklace was loaned to her and she's innocent of the felony theft charge. if the judge finds there's enough evidence during the preliminary hearing to try lohan, the case will proceed to a full-blown trial in front of a jury. she can be sent for jail any time for violating probation of her drunk driving probation. this is the third time in a year that various judges are strong decide whether to send lohan behind bars. lohan could now face up to three years in prison. there were reports that lohan's attorney tried to turn this into a misdemeanor case at the last minute by arguing that the necklace is only worth $850 which would qualify as petty theft, but the store owner testified today that retail regularly marks up jewelry 200 to 300%, making this a felony. in los angeles, gina kim, news 4. that court hearing is still going on right now and it's
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expected to last for a few more hours. george mason university is now looking for a new basketball coach to replace gym laranega. what a loss. the coach is headed to the acc to coach the university of miami hurricanes. he took george mason to the ncaa and people will always remember the final four run. he's turned down jobs in the past, but the money was just too good this time. mason's athletic director said the school offered an attractive compensation package, but couldn't compete with the acc school. hakim will have more on larranag aleving. >> turning to the weather now. another weekend brings more april showers, chilly showers. it's a mess out there, but the rain does bring a little pollen relief as promised.
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meteorologist doug kammerer is in the weather center. >> we are still seeing the shower activity out there. most of it on the light side. we've seen light to moderate rain throughout the afternoon. they will continue. you can see just about the entire area seeing some drizzle, some shower activity and that's about it. no heavy rain outside right now. the current temperature is sitting at 46 degrees. it is a chilly rain at that with winds out of the east at 8 miles per hour. 52 down to the south and fredericksburg. temperatures today are nearly 20 to 25 degrees below average and we are going to stay there throughout the rest of the evening. a flood watch is in effect into western portions of virginia. west virginia and parts of maryland including frederick county maryland. watch out for the potential of strained flooding. we could see upwards of an inch to two inches of rain and throughout the rest of the night tonight, temperatures staying
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about where they are now, 45, 46 degrees and expect more showers and make sure you take your umbrella if you think of heading out this evening. what does the evening look like? the holiday weekend. i'll have more coming up. >> thank you, doug. arizona senator john mccain made a surprise visit to the rebel-controlled portion of libya. mccain visited benghazi on a fact-finding mission. he is the ranking republican on the senate arms services committee and the most senior western politician to visit benghazi since the revolt began on february 15th. mccain said it is clear the rebels need more assistance. >> i just came from the hospital where i saw a number of people who were badly wounded and dying and that puts, frankly, that puts a face on it that argues that maybe we should be doing everything we can to help these people and maybe we're not and
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they're dying. >> yesterday the pentagon announced that two unmanned armed predator drones have been added to the fight. the drones fire hellfire missiles. senator mccain says the rebels need more air support and the u.s. should be doing more to help. it's been a deadly day in syria. a syrian human rights group says at least 49 people, including a young child have been killed during pro-democracy demonstrations. that same group says syrian security forces fired bullets and tear gas on rallies all across the country. the protest has been held every friday for the past five weeks. at least 250 people have been killed during that time. instability in the middle east is one reason why gas prices are skyrocketing. drivers can't believe they're paying $4 a gallon in most cases. as tracy wilkins reports the obama administration is taking steps to make sure people are aren't being taken advantage of. >> with gas costing well above
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$4 in upper northwest d.c., most of the stations here have turned into virtual ghosttowns. >> i never thought i'd see it be almost $5 a gallon, that's for sure. >> in capital heights, drivers are packing in for $3.89 for regular, some of the lowest these drivers have found, but still, not low enough for some. >> what do you think of $3.89 for gas. oh, my gosh. is it $3.89. it's $4.19 for me. i have to use premium. >> it's now costing kim $80 to fill up her car and she's not alone. >> it used to be only half of what it is and we increased a dollar or more than what we were paying and yeah, it's definitely hurting the pocketbook. >> now the u.s. justice department is stepping in and making sure companies aren't taking advantage of gas customers. >> now all of a sudden it's starting to get $1 or two more. it's starting to jump in. >> eric holder says there are
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some legitimate reasons for the rise in gas prices, but he's commissioning a new task force to closely monitor price gouging and other illegal practices. >> i think the government is there to protect the general welfare of the citizens and that's one of the issues. how much oil gets drilled, where it gets drilled and what profits, corporations are making that are very important and i think the government has a right to do that. >> reporter: president obama is calling out oil speculators and blaming them for the 8% jump in prices we've been experiencing this year. drivers we spoke with say he's dead on. >> i think they should step in because with gasoline being the way it is, i think there is manipulation within the financial market, probably a lot of the big banks is trading and pushing the price up. >> some folks are hoping for the same kind of crackdown on gas prices that the government did with the credit card industry. >> but in the meantime. >> i use less and less gas. i go out less often, and i make
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sure my trips are meaningful, and i try to put them together so that i'm not wasting gas. i walk more. >> if you're thinking that gas prices are bad now, wait for the next four weeks. some experts are saying they're just going get higher and higher. in capitol height, i'm tracy wilkins, news 4. well, do you plan to change your vacation plans because of soaring gas prices? >> here's how some people answered that very question on the nbc washington facebook page. tonia posted, can't afford to go either way. >> sabrina posted we'll probably make our annual trip to myrtle beach under much protest, she says. this was supposed to be the year when we took a more exotic vacation. >> tony posted no gas prices could keep me from the ocean. consumers are also spending their hard-earned cash on gold. the price for the precious metal hit a record high this week, but as steve handelsman explain, it's not necessarily a good sign
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for the economy. >> reporter: it's never been more valuable. gold closed this week at $1503.20 an ounce, an all-time high. people are selling their jewelry. this was oklahoma city. >> it was just a little bitty bag that fit in my hand of stuff that gave me $1,000. >> i mean, it could buy the extra gas, the extra groceries and things like that. >> reporter: but one thing driving up gas prices, speculation, is the main thing driving up gold. fear that the u.s. dollar will die. >> the dollar is not only much weaker, but it stands a pretty decent chance of getting much weaker from where we are. >> reporter: blame our huge deficit and worry that democrats and republicans won't make a deal to lower it. last night president obama fired up contributors about the recovery since he was sworn in. >> the economy is growing again. two and a half years later we're creating jobs again.
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>> reporter: but most americans are not cheering. 39% in the new york times/cbs poll say the economy's getting worse, a 13-point jump in one month and currency speculators are selling dollars and buying gold, a sign of fear. >> i think it makes sense for people in this time of economic crisis to look to gold as a shelter from the storm. >> buying bullion is easier than ever and this is a florida agm, an automatic gold machine and one in las vegas put in cash, take out gold bars and coins, beth aga betting against the dollar. >> gold can go down fast, stocks are beating gold. from capitol hill, i've steve handelsman, news 4. all over the world christians today are celebrating good friday. here's a look at the roman
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coliseum where pope benedict is leading the way of the procession. the pontiff made a rare appearance on italian state tv answering questions from people around the world. he told a little girl in japan that her country's suffering was not in vain. back here in the washington area, hundreds of catholics gathered at the cathedral of math you in northwest and the cardinal presided over the annual ceremony. when we come right back on news 4, on this good friday, at the right place at the right time, a toddler falls from a fourth-floor balcony. >> actor mel gibson breaks his silen silence about the release of audiotapes threatening his girlfriend. >> one week from today, the
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the number of special guests appearing on the season fin ale of "the office" continues to grow. >> they are hauling out the big names, folks, until the bitter end. jim carey signed on for a guest starring appearance on the hour-long episode. ricky gervais, ray romano, will arnett and katherine tate. the season has received a boost from former "saturday night live" alum will ferrell playing
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deangelo vickers, the senior heir to departing manager michael scott. you can catch all of the fun and the season fin ale on nbc 4, may 19th. michael says good-bye next thursday. mel gibson is opening up for the first time since his rants were caught on tape. in date line hollywood, mel gibson talked about the tapes oksana greg offer yefa made. if people were angry about what he said on the tapes, that's fine. i was angry at me. >> i will make your [ bleep ] life misserage, all right? >> you need medication. you need a [ bleep ] on the side of the head, all right? >> gibson says however people view him now, he understands, what people heard was one terribly awful moment in time. gibson also told date line, hollywo hollywood, there is a lot involving his ex-girlfriend with legal matters still pending.
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he has a movie coming out called kwrt the beaver." imagine this you're relaxing at the pool and you look up and you see a toddler dangling from a hotel bal con pep that's what happened to a woman vacationing in florida. the woman didn't just watch, she acted and she caught the little girl as she fell. >> a child fell off the balcony. need an ambulance, please. >> the 911 calls kept coming. >> a baby fell off the balcony. >> a 2-year-old toddler wandered outside a fourth-floor room at the e connolodge and suites and crawled right through the railing. a friend was supposed to be watching her and another. guests sitting at the pool saw her and jumped up from their lounge chairs. >> we heard everyone screaming and we thought they were having a good time in the pool and they all started running towards the first floor on the ground. >> using our iphone you can see how high the fourth floor is.
4:17 pm
>> that was a clean fall, but in the report it says that this 2-year-old hit the third floor balcony when she fell and the tourist was still able to catch her. >> is she still on the ground? >> a lady has her in her arms. >> is there bleeding on her? >> no. they don't see no bleeding. >> not even a scratch. >> we're all just very upset. everyone was praying for her. >> their prayers were certainly answered. dcf is investigating and how the toddler slipped through the railing. there is only way to describe what happened. >> honestly, what a miracle to have somebody on the ground who was able to get to this child falling four stories, i can't imagine what we would be talking about today if she wasn't there. i mean, in our minds, for me, this child clearly has a guardian angel and that guardian angel was there. >> that was craig lucy reporting. authorities say no charges will be filed in this case.
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every week "the washington post" sets up two singles in our area and sends them out on the date and asks them to take some pictures and we get to read the details in the sunday magazine and here to talk about the couple is ellen mccarthy of "the washington post." >> we love this and we love the sneak peek you give us fridays. >> they are juice e most of these. they try to tell us everything. >> let's talk about this couple. first up the guy. >> our brave guy this week is david. he's 21. he's on the younger side for us. he's an assistant editor and he's a funny guy, a gregarious guy and loves to make people laugh and he is a chivalrous sort and looking for a tall woman, someone who has a beautiful face and likes a girl with curves and we had that in mind and we set him up with lauren. she's 24. she's a law student and she's a really easy going girl and she's someone who knows what she wants
4:19 pm
and knows thou go after it. she was looking for somebody tall who can keep up with her athletically. we thought he would fit the bill and we sent them out together. she got there really early, almost a half hour and it gave her a lot of time to get nervous, as you can imagine. by the time he got there he went in for a hug and she sort of went in for a handshake and it was awkwardness from the start, but they liked the way each other looked and found their rhythm after a while and found out they had things in common and he was able to make her laugh. they were both voted the people with the most swag. he proved himself to be chivalrous and walked her out with his umbrella in the rain. >> good man. >> thanks. to read more about it, dating, love, logon to washington
4:20 pm love and you can always find out more on coming up on news 4, taking it off for a good cause. a sneak peek at a new calendar. plus, the rain has started today, but are we going to need the umbrellas all weekend? doug's up next with the answer. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together.
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ooh, hang on to the umbrella and your coat. >> it's chilly. >> just like outside, very chilly. actually, a little cooler. i was hoping to at least hit 50 today and right now we're sitting at 46 degrees with that rain coming down. >> a far cry from that 08. >> a far cry from that 80, but not too far from another 80. out there right now we are dealing with plenty of clouds and yes, the showers continue on the light side for the most part and no real moderate to heavy rain across the area. most of that has moved out of the region. we're just going to be in this kind of mess, this kind of soup and you can see it on live digital doppler radar. and that's going to be here throughout most of the night tonight and into early tomorrow morning when i think it should pick up a little bit early. 46 d the current temperature out
4:24 pm
there right now. winds out of the east at 8 miles per hour. that easterly flow really helping to keep us cool, the showers doing the same thing and only 43 in hagerstown and 53 degrees down toward culpeper and a very cool, very cold sun, some would say as temperatures should be 20 degrees warmer than where they are right now. showers first and then we saw moderate rain, but look back to the west. here's another batch of moderate to heavy rain and even some strong thunderstorms. this will make its way toward the east overnight tonight and will be here overnight into early tomorrow morning so let's break it down for you. 7:00 tomorrow night, just the showers. if you're thinking of going out make sure you have the umbrella with you. by 11:00, still light showers around and starting to get out of here except back to the west. here's the system coming through, it will come through tonight and should be out of here by about 9:00 in the morning. that's when i expect to see things break up just a little
4:25 pm
bit. a couple of showers and maybe a thunderstorm later in the afternoon and i also expect a little more in the way of sunshine as i see the southerly wind and that will help to warm temperature temperatures up dramatically into the low 70s. this computer model still gives us shower activity on sunday all of the way down toward culpeper. i don't think that will happen. most of the rain should be toward the mason dixon line. i'm thinking easter, maybe mostly dry for most of us. it's a tricky situation. cloudy and chilly, showers continue, mostly light, though. 43 to 46 degrees and tomorrow you'll wake up to another chilly morning and still scattered showers out there as you make your way out and about on your saturday. tomorrow afternoon, some late-day sunshine and it could help to give us thunderstorms late in the afternoon, but temperatures warming up, 68 to 73. sunday, 83 degrees and that, of course, is easter and it does look like we'll be a-okay on
4:26 pm
monday. and temperatures will be 08 degrees. a little cool today, but we are going warm up very quickly over the weekend. as i said, i still think most of the day on sunday will be dry. >> and we have a car wash today that we all desperately needed. >> all that pollen. >> and we didn't pay for the wash. >> free. still to come on news 4 at 4:00 this afternoon. london, of course, is all abuzz with excitement about the wedding. coming up, we'll take a look at final preparations. >> plus we'll introduce you to one man and his very unusual hobby. i am a sneeze whisperer.
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4:00. >> i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. here's what's making news right now, basketball coach larranaga is leaving george mason for the acc. he's the new coach for the university of miami hurricanes. he coached the patriots for 14 years. larranaga's team had a miracle run in the ncaa tournament in 2006 making it all of the way to the final four, you'll recall. we'll have student reaction and much more coming up at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. >> there's a preliminary hearing under way in los angeles in connection with the felony theft case against lindsay lohan. the actress is accused of stealing a $2500 necklace. the owner of the jewelry store
4:30 pm
testified today that she didn't report the theft because lohan told her she'd be back the next day. >> the white house has created a special task force to examine gas prices which are now hovering around $5 a gallon. the government wants to see if fraud or manipulation within oil markets is distorting prices. >> the royal wedding is next friday and people are already camping outside kate middleton's hotel. nbc's natalie morales is in london with the latest on the royal wedding countdown. >> reporter: the bunting is up, the flags have been raised with just one week to go, the finishing touches are all around as london gets ready for the big day and the eyes of the world. at buckingham palace, they're sharpening the knives. >> the tension will ramp up. >> reporter: and polishing the family silver. >> double checking, triple checking. >> reporte the westminster
4:31 pm
boys' choir is having its final rehearsal, with its young members being told not to eat chocolate or drink soda to save their voices. the household cavalry is hard at work, buffing and shining and those guards with the bear-skin hats are rehearsing their steps and making sure uniforms are ship shape. >> there's only one standard required for any stater is sxhoen that's excellence. >> reporter: security is, of course, a major concern and the metropolitan police and scotland yard are taking no chances as they launch one of the biggest security operations in their history, monitoring possible threats from the ground and from the air. >> it's a day of national celebration. if we see anybody engaging in criminal behavior, we will act quickly and decisively to deal with it. >> the man who will marry william and kate next friday, the archbishop of canterbury is sharing his thoughts on the happy couple. >> i've been struck by the way they've approached this great
4:32 pm
event. they thought through what they want for themselves and also what they want to say. >> reporter: what kate won't say reportedly is the word obey when she takes her wedding vows following the example of princess diana 30 years ago. she will promise to comfort, love, honor and keep prince william. most in london are excited about what will be a day of celebration and joy. >> i'm excited about the royal wedding. i think it will be pretty good. >> reporter: even mother nature is putting on a show with record highs and not a drop of the famous london drizzle in sight. historically, the sun has always shown for royal weddings, so hopefully i didn't just jinx it. the only weather-related concern now is ensuring that these gorgeous and blooming tulips do not wilt before the big day. i'm natalie morales outside buckingham palace, now back to you. a british transit agency is getting into the royal wedding spirit. london's version of the metro
4:33 pm
pass is called an oyster card. right now there is a special, limited-edition of the oyster card that features a photo of prince william and kate middleton. the wedding of prince charles and princess diana was marked with a souvenir card. you'll want to hold on to that. wendy rieger reporting live from london and her first report will be this sunday at 11:00 p.m. fire fighters in new york are often affectionately by nickname. new york's bravest. >> maybe they should be new york's most buff. the official 2012 fdny calendar of heroes is out. this is the cover featuring mr. december, 33-year-old charles malika of staten island. proceeds from the calendar's sales benefit the foundation. the mission there is to educate the public about the dangers of fire. he's buff. a second day of problems at an data center
4:34 pm
continues to affect dozens of websites. major sites that rent server space from the company have been negatively impacted. the problems started at a data center near dulles airport. most of the sites brought down by the outage were back up today with the exception of rent it and other smaller sites. >> with spring break, a lot of people are out of town this week and off work, but it's friday and it's raining so we've got some big problems out there. >> ashley linder gets the latest for us in the news 4 traffic network. hi, ash. >> hi, guys. it is certainly a very nasty afternoon. if you're thinking of heading on the roadways either pack some patience or just wait it out to give this bonn some time. let's look at the capital beltway, that is going to be one of the worst stretches. both sides jammed up and the inner loop is closer to gallows road and then it's solid as you continue. here ate pace around the american legion and head up toward river road and headed up that way, i assure you it is
4:35 pm
jammed and cameras aren't functioning with me right now, and we have delays solid through silver spring and over into bethesda and sol toyed get up to 95 and college park. elsewhere around the region, fortunately out of virginia, we're in better shape off the capital beltway. this is deceiving because headed southbound is away from us there and it's not bad through springfield and lower south into reporton, that will kick into the lineup. hov is the way to go. it's wide open, as you see here through springfield all of the way down to the hov merge. pat and jim, back to you. >> thanks, ashley. much more ahead on news 4 at 4:00, why one man decided to turn drinking into a decorating game. plus what is sparking the f
4:36 pm
4:37 pm
4:38 pm
a texas man is creating his past time into a hobby. >> it's in the eye of the beholder. >> why he decided to cover his home with what some would call trash. >> reporter: time to luis torres is best spent here. >> i have my antenna because of this wind. >> reporter: not much of a go-getter. >> not really. no. no. no. >> reporter: until you know about on. >> his can-do attitude. i don't know if you'd call it art or not. >> reporter: at a minimum, 75 strands of wire at whitmore and currie hang countless of cans from his tree to his house. >> i couldn't come close to tell you how many are out here. >> reporter: only miller lite
4:39 pm
and milwaukee's best. >> it came outside of the top of my head just drilling them cans and hanging them up. >> reporter: to some, it's a bit much. >> apparently. i started this last sum. >> reporter: with just trees. >> my daughter said kwa y don't you take a razor blied and cut them to look like a christmas ornament. >> reporter: if you're wondering if he drinks all of it. >> i plead the fifth. i came home from work before and there would be a couple of 12 packs sitting at my gate. >> reporter: one might think he's break the law. >> as long as i don't get out in the street with it, as long as it's in the yard. >> reporter: you can know you're doing well when the manufacturer sends one of these. >> after i saw the neon sign, i said that's mine. i saw my name on it. >> reporter: he gets as much foot traffic as a brewery. >> i've had a couple that were going get mared and they came back here and took their pictures back here.
4:40 pm
i'm going end a bunch more. i'm just starting. it gives me something to do. that's all. >> reporter: after all, one man's trash -- >> bring them over. >> reporter: is another man's pleasure. >> i'll hang them up for you. >> some people are just so creative. >> yeah. that's what you call it. >> you can call it creative. he's using what he's got. mr. torres collected his cans inside before he started hanging them outside. >> and he often cashed them in to buy more beer. some wedding photos, you know, kate and william, some ideas there for a backdrop. >> you've got give the guy credit. >> you've got to. >> when news 4 at 4:00 continues. it's not a big happy family. the feud heats up between tyler perry and spike lee. plus a gruesome case of murder. what police say peo3q
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ovie. we still got maryland. what's in your wallet? >> all right, doug, dry us out before the weekend. that's the good point. we'll take some rain on friday if it gets better for easter. that's what everybody is saying out there. at least let easter be dry and right now most of us will have a fairly dry easter, but it is a wet friday and a wet good friday. you can see the cloud, the low clouds have been higher over the last hour or so so a little bit less in the way of rainfall and
4:44 pm
still showers across the area and live digital doppler radar. where you see the green there, that's faulkner county and moving into prince william county. that's the light rain that's persistent and it will continue and other areas seeing light shower activity. current temperature only 46 degrees. a very gloomy friday afternoon. winds out of the east at 8 miles an hour. today, almost like an early march day instead of late april day. our average high temperature for today is 68 degrees. we should be up around that number and we're not even close. overnight tonight, 42 in frederick and warrenton around 44 degrees and i do expect more showers throughout the evening tonight and into the overnight hours. they're going to be spot pep so you're not going to see persistent rain all night, but where you do see showers, and moderate showers to the north and west. that's why we have a flood watch around winchester right on through the day tomorrow. high temperatures should be get back to where they should be this time of year especially when we see sunshine. i'm going 71 in washington and
4:45 pm
76 toward fredericksburg and i'm hoping to see more in the way of some sun. there could be a shower and maybe a thunderstorm tomorrow and it will not be a washout until about noon tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon i think it gets better. on sunday, i only have a 30% chance of showers with a high temperature on easter of 83 degrees. most of us, i think, will see a dry easter. that is very good news there. we'll continue to watch out for that, though, and we'll continue to keep you posted here on nbc 4. monday, look at that. 85 degrees. tuesday, a temperature of 84 with only a slight chance of rain there as well. so, could we do it? could we see more than one 80-degree day in a row? let's hope so. >> i'm going for it. i'm shooting for it. >> got our fingers crossed. thanks, doug. tyler perry is making the rounds to promote his new film "madea's big happy family," but
4:46 pm
he's not happy about the criticism he's getting. >> tom reports on the very public feud between two of hollywood's most successful directors. >> yes? >> can you just hold me? >> reporter: she's gun-toting, wise cracking and larger than life and director tyler perry's madea character has helped perry become a hollywood juggernaut. >> i love tyler perry's films. they're bold. they're honest. they're direct. >> i think it's a nice thing when it allows families to get together and spend time with each other. >> reporter: perry, whose films gross some $50 million, on average, is back on the big screen with his latest work "madea's big happy family" which opens today, and while his supporters are strong, his detractors, especially within the african-american community are just as present. >> jennifer williams is an assistant professor at new york university and a write or feminism, race and culture. she says some of tyler perry's characters are nothing more than modern-day stereotypes.
4:47 pm
>> i don't know how mean of us have southern grandmas that sort of look like drag queens and tote pistols. >> one of perry's most high-profile critics, director spike lee has used coopery and buffoonery. he was sick of lee and other critics who have a problem with madea or any of his other characters. >> his primary audience are working-class people, the characters in his films tend to be southern christians. we don't see a lot of moves about and for people like that even when we look at the films featuring african-american casts. >> his critics say with great success comes great responsibility especially with the numbers of black filmmakers in hollywood. >> you can't expect that everyone will give him the thumbs up because he's black and he scraped his way up to hollywood. >> reporter: and for other, madea just makes them laugh and perry should be able to bring
4:48 pm
their stories to light. todd johnson, the >> we invite you to get into this debate and see more on the public feud between tyler perry and spike lee by logging on to the coming up on news 4 at 4:00 this afternoon the golden arches is planning a price hike, but the fast food chain says it won't break your bank. also how folks in our area celebrated earth day. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, traffic is already bad. it could get worse. we'll tell you the major project that could kick off tonight and what it means for your commute. it's an opportunity one local man couldn't pass up. he is headed to london to sleep on the streets to witness prince william's wedding. i will introduce you to him. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> he's coming up on news 4 at 6:00. a group of marines, they created
4:49 pm
a new youtube hit and we'll tell you what pop star brittney spears had to say
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
a school in northern virginia gave students a real hands-on experience for earth day. preschoolers at the chesterbrook academy in chantilly released about 3,000 lady bugs into the environment. look at them go.
4:52 pm
the principal said they had just learned that lady bugs eat other bugs that are harmful to plants. that's a good thing so today they released them into a garden that students helped to plant. >> they're dressed like little lady bugs. big ones. >> aren't they cute? cute little bugs. you may start to see the price of your mcdonald's meals creeping up in the weeks and months to come. the chain says it can't swallow higher food prices and remain profitable. mickey ds is releasing that the cost of beef and products will continue to climb. the fast food giant will slowly raise prices throughout the year. however, it says, it won't be a major increase altogether. still ahead on news 4 at 4:00, six arrests in the brutal oh wow, look at that.
4:53 pm
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authorities have arrested six people today in connection to the gruesome death of a 15-year-old boy who they say was lured to his death. police say seth tyler jackson thought he was coming to visit an old girlfriend, but now she's among those charged. nbc's kerry sanders has details. >> reporter: 15-year-old amber wright, seth's one-time girlfriend, in custody charged with murder she along with 18-year-old charlie eli could
4:56 pm
face the death penalty. investigators say seth jackson received repeated text messages and phone calls on sunday inviting him to this home in rural central florida. once there, deputies say he was confronted by the girls, two other teenage boys and a 20-year-old. later, detectives say amber's 37-year-old stepfather helped sanitize the crime scene with bleach and then allegedly disposed of seth's body. police say that when seth arrived they bum rushed him and began to beat him. detectives say he was then tortured. bones were broken. he was repeatedly shot and then his body was set on fire. the burned remains swept into paint cans and dumped into a quarry. dive teams later recovered those remains. >> it was horrible. >> reporter: kerry williams was one of the last people to see seth alive. >> it's not like they murdered him. they tortured him. they tortured him and then torched his body.
4:57 pm
it just -- it's very upsetting. >> you're charged with first-degree murder. >> reporter: 18-year-old michael bargo allegedly pulled the trigger. >> you are facing the death penalty. >> why was seth killed? detectives who have looked at his facebook page where seth professed his love for amber believed this was a case of jealousy gone very wrong. >> sometimes you think you've seen it all and they surprise you every time. in a case like this it goes on mother's outrage, it goes to your senses and goes on your heart. >> reporter: residents in marian county, florida, are horrified and angry. >> it's crazy. i don't understand how no one could hear it, hear the gun shots. >> reporter: hundreds gathered where seth was murdered to remember him and to demand justice. >> what happened to him was wrong and, you know, i hope they get life in prison. >> reporter: others want more. >> i hope they get the electric chair and they burn -- burn!
4:58 pm
and we can all sit and watch them like they did with him. >> do you have any questions? >> no, your honor. >> reporter: michael bargo, unemployed, living with his grandmother now has a defense attorney. >> did he do it? it's the question of can they prove it? >> did he do it? that's kind of a moral question. i deal in proof is what i deal in. >> that's news 4 at 4:00, i'll be back on news 4 at 6:00 tonight, news 4 at 6:00 starts now. first at 5:00, an honor student is found dead in maryland months after the disappearance and why the discovery would be the most crucial clue yet in solving this case. a new look at the damage as georgetown businesses continue to clean up. >> george mason's basketball coach is making a big move after
4:59 pm
14 years with the team. so where is he headed? soaring gas prices putting the brakes on people's travel plans and the summer driving season hasn't even started. >> good evening. welcome to news 4 at 5:00. i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm pat lawson muse in for jim handly. we begin tonight with weather. scattered showers across the region, but will you need that umbrella for easter? chief meteorologist doug kammerer is tracking thing from the storm center. >> a nasty, nasty day outside. more reminiscent of late february, early march as temperatures are right around the 45-degree mark and that picture right there it is it all and it is naftet and word yuck, for sure. temperatures out right now 46 degrees. i have sunshine on there, that was me wishing for sunshine. high temperatures have only made their way into the upper 40s to 50 degrees. we're 45 in hagerstown and 48 down toward quantico. you


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