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tv   Today  NBC  April 28, 2011 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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route 50 is closed. let's check your trails very quickly. rail, very good. metro, vre. marc brunswick, 892 and 876. normally at this time we would be going to the "today" show. we're not going to do that because we have several tornado warnings in effect. four deaths in louisa county and a dozen injuries. the latest on the storm damage. but first, to meteorologist tom kieran who's been tracking the storm. what's going on? >> we've had reports of funnel cloud sightings associated with this. the reason is because the radar is detecting circulation within the particular storms. chuck bell is joining me here as well.
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we'll have continuing coverage here as we move forward this morning to cover the severe storms. and right now we continue to have a tornado warning in effect for northern montgomery county. this does include extreme montgomery county. clarksburg to damascus. it's in effect for 15 minutes. we're right at 7:00. this is in effect until 7:15. we can see the latest villages and towns affected by this storm. it will be new market around 7:15, mt. airy 7:20. union bridge and carroll county. those areas may be impacted a little later by the storm at 7:30. the areas being impacted right now are the heaviest rains and the strongest winds are in northern montgomery county. right near damascus. right along ridge road, route 27, between 270 and da mas kast,
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just to the west of there. this is a rural area just to the west of damascus between there and centerville and between there and frederick where you see the dark reds, that's where they're getting the heaviest rains and potentially the strongest winds. and right now chuck bell is joining me in doing an analysis of the radar, chuck? >> still trying to see if i can't find a better defined circulation here. the doppler radar -- for those of you who don't know, doppler means it can measure the actual wind speeds of the rain drops, towards or away from the radar. and where rain drops are going towards and away from the radar close to one another, that's the circulation signature that we tend to look for. i'm not able to find it. but that doesn't mean they can't be one out there. the national weather service has their radar working out on this as well. they're certainly on the ball out there. so we're going to have to take this storm very, very seriously. i'll put another fresh storm track on it here so we can get a sense of where it's going.
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but the real issue of these storms is they're moving so very, very quickly out to cen e centrevil centreville, maryland to new market, maryland. 15 minutes from now in the mount airy area of far eastern frederick count tip and out to western carroll county. >> they're moving 50, 60 mile-per-hours. leesburg has been hit three or four times this morning. one right after the other. but it does it like after this one goes by, things are going to be settling down. we've had reports now of tree damage. farther the south, we've had other reports in the tree damage in the shenandoah valley. and funnel cloud sightings in faquier county and other sightings earl earlier in the morning in shenandoah county in the central shenandoah valley, they have damage reports. there was a housing complex that was hit there.
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roads are blocked. those flashes of light, those are the lightning history associated with that. this is settling down. and most of the storms are passing well west of the major population areas closer to washington. southern montgomery county has missed it. much of fairfax as well as prince gorges county and the district and points of south and east. latest towns in the area. it will head to west central county and westminster shortly in the next few minutes.
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further to the south a and those other circulation symbols you see there, showing us a general indication that there may be some weak circulation. and chuck is scanning around, the one area where the triangle is is where there could be some circulation. >> and yeah the tornado warning is to the south and west of there. it's getting a little ways away from the radar, and there may be interference with the other storms south and west of there. need to go and stay on the lower
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level of the interior part of your home. if you are about ready to head out to work and school, delay your travel plans for the next few minutes. the worst part of this one storm is to the north of interstate 70, and tracking off to the north between 60 and 50 miles per hour, and there is one more heavy cell -- >> we can see it right now. a live traffic camera. look at the dark cloud. we can see that. this is where 121 meets interstate 270. that's just to the north and west of the clarkburg, and the power is still on. that's good news. the power is on there, but look at the very dark cloud associated with that cell. we are just showing you on the radar, the red and orange, that's the storm we were just looking at. >> that camera is near clarksburg, is that right? >> yeah, 270 and 121, which is right here just right where you
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see the word clarksburg there, and that's where the camera is located. >> the camera was that looking northbound, that was the rain southwest of centerville in montgomery county, not the centerville in virginia, obviously. and it still looks like the most dangerous part of the one storm is moving up into portions of northern and -- >> they just extended the tornado now up into western howard, and now into carroll county. and it has continued to track along and triggering tornado warnings and they have now just extended that. >> certainly, definitely have to take the storm seriously. we have not had any reports of large tornados on the ground but
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a lot of reports of wind damage and roofs and trees certainly have taken a beating this morning early on, and it looks like the storm will continue. those folks newspaper carroll county, maryland, get to your safe place with all possible safety and speed. >> chuck, we just got an observati observation, just two minutes ago reported a developing tornado near 270 at the docount line with frederick county. commuters and residents need to take shelter. there is a developing tornado there on the frederick and the montgomery county line, right where 270 crosses into frederick county. that's from the one cell we had been analyzing there. that's where we are seeing the one circulation indication on the radar and that's the storm is that going to be the most intense. we have a live picture showing you the dark cloud and that's
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from the camera along interstate 270. can't see a funnel cloud in this particular view, but the maryland department transportation officials move the cameras and they move them around but don't see a funnel cloud on that particular angle. it may be to the right of where that is. they are moving it over now. i don't see a funnel -- maybe that one -- >> there is definitely a lowering there. >> yes, in the right hand corner of your screen, and those of you watching in hd, you should be able to see that. >> yeah, that usually means there is a strong up draft above where you see the lowering. in other words, the up draft inside of the thunderstorm is drawing air in and that causes the cloud to extend the lower cloud base, and that looks like a lowering on the right hand side of the screen. >> we have tracee wilkins who is
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right near that area, and she is live with us and what are you seeing? maybe we lost her connection. okay, we just lost her connection. but tracee was observing the same cloud from her vantage point. was said, chuck, that is lowering and very close to the ground there. doesn't have a classic funnel shape. do we have tracee back now? her signal is coming and going. we are trying to get the observation there. and there are flashes of white, and those are the lightning bolts associated with it. there has been a lot of lightning. and they forward speed on these to about 60 miles per hour. that alone is enough to cause damage, let alone any circulation embedded within the
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storm. and that is an extreme area, louden -- rather howard county, and that's under the tornado warning until about the next half hour or so it will stay in effect. we have tracee back with her observation? >> we are seeing dark skies up here and a lot of wind. the rain is not nearly as heavy as it was. we just have pretty hard drizzle is how i would describe it. and then the dark skies. we do understand nearby where we are there was a report of a tornado or possible funnel cloud. we have not seen it from our vantage point. the lightning eased up within the last ten minutes or so but still very dark and the clouds are moving quickly. this is much better than i thought it would be, actually, with how bad it looked when the
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storm came our way over from the west. that's what we're seeing now. dark skies and the wind has lightened up as well, and it was heavier a while ago. things are looking better. i understand sometimes that can be a bad sign. >> that's good. because it looks like, crazy, you are on the south side of that storm. looks like most of it just missed you. the precipitation is really rapidly tapered off there and that storm is exiting your area and moving away rapidly off to the north and east. great observation from tracee. we did have a report of a developing funnel cloud at 270 at the county line with frederick county. and chuck bell is doing a close in analysis of the storm. we are able to see where circulation is occurring and able to see wind speeds within the storm, whether or not winds
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are coming towards the radar side or away from the radar site. >> and even if there is not a tornado with this storm in particular, there is a lot of wind energy that doppler radar has just measured a 59-mile-per-hour wind there, just to the north side of interstate 270. so this storm really needs to be taken very seriously. stay away from doors and windows, obviously. if you are in a mobile home, especially if you are in a mobile home in carroll county south and west of the westminster area in carroll county, and if you have a neighbor or friend with a more secure structure, this is the time to knock on their door and ride out the storm with your neighbors. this is capable of producing straight line winds that will be more than enough to do damage and knock trees down and take roofs off, and because it has so much wind energy it's possible it could spin up a small tornado briefly.
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again, we're not looking for the long track big wedge tornados like in the south, but these tornadoes could be 100 yards or so wide and could last four or five minutes and could produce winds in excess of 100 miles per hour. >> we do have a history of reports with damage, middleburg and loudoun county, and shenandoah county. and they intense fi and then weaken, and then repeat that. and there is another cell and that one is beginning to develop as well. the latest threat track showing these small villages and towns to be impacted by this. they are in the far southeastern frederick county, maryland, and into carroll county, maryland. it's beginning to pull away from us. and south and west of this, thankfully everything is beginning to settle down. we are seeing things improving, but we are not out of the woods
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yet because we still have a threat of other storms that could be coming in here later this morning, and that area as you see, roanoke to lynchburg, there is a line of storms there forming over the last couple hours, and holding together. that one is getting a little closer towards charlottesvillch. the severe activity getting away from the washington metropolitan area pulling up towards southern frederick county and carroll county in northern maryland. that is still, though, under a threat of tornado activity. that storm cell is just right where howard county meets carroll county, and all three counties there meet. could be 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts associated. we are seeing wind indications in that storm of 50 to 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts and that's enough to bring down tree
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limbs or uproot trees, because the ground is saturated from so much rain that we have had. you see a regular number there, the minus means that's the wind going away from the site of the radar, and the area of 58-mile-per-hour winds means it's going away from and 46 meaning it's coming towards it, and that's circulation in the storm. >> the doppler radar clever about being able to see inside the storm. that's more than 100-mile-per-hour rotations. that's 104 miles per hour of rotation in that cell there. that could be an f-1 tornado. that's the reason we are staying with the storm here because of the potential for a quick spin up of a tornado that could easily take a roof off or knock things down. there is a storm that has to be watched very, very carefully
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here over the next little bit. and you folks, over about the next 15 minutes or so that's mostly in and around the far eastern parts of the frederick county, and southern carroll county now, and the tip of howard county. the most dangerous part of the storm is just on top of valley hill farms going into western and southwestern parts of carroll county, so this storm has to really be taken seriously. lowest level interior part of your home and stay away from doors and windows. if you are about to head out for work or school, delay your travel plans if you are in this area for 15 minutes or so out of an abundance of caution. and the sweep on the radar no longer picking up that rotation, but they will continue with the tornado warning for 7:30 or
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7:45. >> loudoun county, they have had several downpour cells coming over. and megan mcgrath is joining us now. what are you seeing there? >> this is an odd storm. it's fast-moving and we are seeing a variety of conditions, and we were seeing improvement, and i thought for a little bit the sky seemed to be brightening, and we looked in a different direction, and now seeing strange dark clouds, low clouds here. definitely we are not out of the woods yet. we have seen the rain let up a bit, and down to a sprinkle, but not long ago we had a heavy downpour that was creating visibility problems out on the roadways. we have seen some pulling of water on the roadway, so people will need to be careful of that. we just keeping is a change in the conditioned out here. you see improvement and then a
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short time later you see things go downhill yet again. we are not seeing gusty winds, not at the moment. we have seen that from time to time this morning. right now the wind, relatively calm. i am seeing very, very dark clouds moving through the area, and if i had to place a bet i would think we are getting around band of rain. and this time of day, a lot of kids will be getting ready to go out to the bus stop, and keep an eye on them and a close tap on what is going on in your neighborhood and we will keep you on top of things. >> thank you so much. megan mcgrath there in leesburg, in loudoun county. and the sky does look very m mennici mennicing, as she said. and we did find a
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100-mile-per-hour rotation. a tornado warning is in effect until 7:45, and includes far western howard county. the cell is pulling into carroll county. chuck bell is here with me doing a close in analysis on the radar. >> we are picking up at times more than 100 miles per hour of rotation. that rotation is probably two or 3,000 up in the sky. but any storm that can produce 100-mile-per-hour rotation could drop a brief tornado below that. westminster, maryland, you have five or ten minutes. you need to move to your safe place at this point in time. if you have plans to get out to work or school here in frederick and carroll countys in maryland, be in the lookout, and delay your travel for ten or 15
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minutes. this particular cell here is certainly having no trouble generating tornado warnings out of it. most of it down to the south and southwest of westminster. it's to the north side of the interstate 70, and not too far to the west of the skikzville at this point in time. this storm will have to be continued to be monitored over the next while here to make sure that we don't have any real problems. valley hill farms. this storm is trekking off to the northeast to about 45 to 50 miles per hour. on occasion, we are getting the circulation and find a rotation inside of the storm here. and there is minus 55 miles per hour there. and plus 60 there. that's 115 miles per hour rotation just in the circle there. zoom in, maybe, and see exactly some of the towns that are right under that circulation
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right now. >> the radar just updated. that's the latest scan showing up to the second scan of the storm. >> the rainfall under here. this is between two and three inches of rain. and if it produced a tornado, it will be wrapped up in the rain and hard to see. you want to see indoors. don't run outside to get a picture of it. the best thing to stay safe is to stay put and inside over the next while here as we continue to follow the very dangerous storm here in carroll county, maryland. we will keep an eye on this. this other storm down to the south and west of there, there is still a little hint of rotation here. i will put a storm track on it, so we can get an idea of who is in the next line for here. new market, maryland, about 7:34, and union bridge by 7:56.
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tom? >> the good news is, this is all going to settle down afternoon time today but between now and noontime we still have a threat for severe storms, and then after that we will get sunshine back and things will be impro improving tomorrow, friday and saturday and sunday. cool mornings over the weekend, but afternoon, beautiful spring weekend coming up with sunshine in the 70s both days and a look into next week looks like a chance perhaps for a few more storms on monday. >> thank you very much, tom. let's get more on what it looks like in montgomery county. we have scott graham the assistant fire chief there on the phone with us. thank you for joining us. >> how are you? >> fine. what are you seeing in northern montgomery county? >> well, i have to the
7:24 am
pullsville area right now. the police department is checking reports of trees in the area of big woods road and i believe the 1700 block of thomas road. hopefully people are he heding e warnings to stay put. remind people, if you are given a warning in a specific area, listen to it. take shelter in your home to the lowest area of your home or an interior room until the storm passes by. it appears it's a fast-moving storm. things are looking ominous here in the pullsville area, and other than that i think we faired well. >> that's great advice, chief. there are tornado warnings in effect and there was what appeared to be a developing tornado spotted near the
7:25 am
montgomery and frederick county line. what are your crews doing in preparing for the potential damage that might result as the storm moves through quickly. >> well, you know, we do the same thing we ask people to do. if we have an area specific to a fire station under a warning, our personnel hunker down. if there is a 911 call into that area, we have to respond. there are certain thresholds we have not reached in some time, wind related responses, and when the wind is at x miles per hour, we wait until the wind dies down unless it's a true life or death emergency. if somebody says there is a tree branch on our wire, that's fine, the tree branch will blow off before we get there probably, but if it's a heart attack or structure fire, we respond to that.
7:26 am
as far as preparation in the fire stations, we have chainsaws and rope that we can use for post storm mitigation. and we have urban search and rescue task forces should there be something more catastrophic as we are seeing in the south. we have not had any reports of any structural damage. there are some trees down in some of the areas. but, you know, i cannot emphasize it enough. by not heeding the warnings, you not only put yourself at risk but also the public safety at risk because we have to go out and take care of your emergency that could have been avoided. >> we appreciate your work that the firefighters and police are doing, putting your life at risk when the weather develops like this. thank you so much. >> as the chief mentioned, it
7:27 am
did look ominous coming up from leesburg. and let's find out from tom kierein whether there is an indication if more storms will move into the area. >> fortunately, it looks like things are settling down, thankfully after a very active period here from 2:00 this morning all the way until just a few minutes ago, we have been plagued by repeated thunderstorms coming through, and many of them with indications of circulation on the radar prompting tornado warnings. as we look at the latest scan of our sky, the radar continuing to show heavy heavy thunderstorms rolling across southern frederick county in maryland, along the montgomery county line. those storms are advancing off to the north and east, and as we zoom in i can show you the area that is under the gun for a potential wind damage. this is the storm, this is the area, northern montgomery county, from just near
7:28 am
clarksburg to the frederick county line and further to the north there, up towards western howard county into carroll county in maryland. and now all the areas in red under a tornado warning. this is for another few more minutes. this will perhaps be more extended further north into carroll county and maybe up into northern baltimore county. we don't have any other warnings, thankfully. things are improving. we will continue to be here with repeated updates throughout the morning as the situation warrants, but it's settling down now and the watches and warnings, if they are reissued we will let you know. >> tom, thank you so much. >> it's 7:28 right now. we will return you to the "today" show right at 7:30, but we will break in if we need to if the storms are moving through the area.
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. 7:30e now on a thursday morning, april 28. take a look at the videos pouring in. the last 24 hours, the death tolls rises even higher. one of the deadliest in history. near 174 people dead in five states, 125 alone in the state of alabama gives you an idea just how deadly this weather system was. back in london, i'm matt lauer alongside meredith vieira. >> we're going to have much more on the final countdown to the royal wedding in a moment oorngz but clearly our thoughts and prayers for the people in the
7:31 am
south this morning. the weather channel's jim cantorry is there. jim, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. this is a horrible situation here. search and rescue-operations have been going on all night. this is probably about a half mile wide, a path of destruction here. homes, buildings, businesses completely leveled. signs, huge signs bent over and folded like a sandwich. one of the things we notice as you pan around is trees completely debranched and debarked which means while the tornado was moving it had huge amounts of debris with it. when you see damage like this, you're talking winds well in excess of 200 miles an hour. a sad situation. people last night and this morning, jaw-dropping at the sights they continue to see. we had a huge, huge tornado come through this area last night, which will be talked about for many, many years.
7:32 am
probably from what our accounts ander lay data shows with 128 now confirmed dead in alabama, the second deadliest tornado outbreak in alabama history and certainly the worst in the country, the deadliest in the country since 1974. back to you. >> all right. jim cantory, thank you very much. let's go back to al. al, what can you tell us? >> that 1947 outbreak was the infamous palm sunday outbreak. the death toll sadly may go up as now we're seeing really the first light and people can go out and do more search and rescue. this is the system last night. as it came in to alab system las it came into alabama. can you see the strong storms firing up in between birmingham, and tuscaloosa. they cause more death and
7:33 am
destruction. right now we have a cold front move into the warm, moist air. we have tornado watches from central southern georgia on into the carolinas in virginia. and here's what we are expecting. we have arising of strong storms. a slight risk, but a risk nonetheless into upstate new york. we could see tornadoes. carolinas and the mid-atlantic states, and super cell storms with the possibility of tornados again. we watch the line as it pushes in. as it pushes in and the rain comes down, we are looking from one to three inches of rain from northern florida into new england. we have flood watches in effect now and some flood warnings because the ground is already super saturated from the great lakes all the way into central new york. we have flood warnings into the carolinas and the virginias as well.
7:34 am
that's what's going on around the country, here's what is happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i am meteorologist, tom kierein, and we are tracking strong thunderstorms all morning long. those have now passed north of washington and they continue to track north and east. the strongest thunderstorm cell is in southern frederick county up into carroll county, and this area in red under a tornado warning for at least another 15 minutes to half hour. and then later today we will get sunshine back and have afternoon highs climbing into the mid to upper 70 with weather like this, you might want to check in on the weather channel two, three, four times a day or go online to matt? >> we'll be straddling these two different kinds of stories. here in london, the crowd excitement building for the royal wedding. natalie is across the circle from us. natalie, what's happening there? >> reporter: good morning to
7:35 am
you, machlt i'm diagonally across. here at the australia gate it's an exciting vantage point. this is where the couple once newly married they'll arriving. they'll come through these gates where they'll be greeted by 800,000, maybe up to a million spectators here. everybody is buzzing about bridal sightings. we did see earlier today kate middleton was at her second rehearsal at westminster abbey this morning. prince harry was there. you see the bride as she's scuttled off by the royal con voichlt and prince harry was there. prince william was not. prince william for his part we were told he was out playing soccer with a bunch of his buddies, enjoying leisure time before his big day. along the process route they're going to travel here by cage. it's about a mile and a half from westminster abbey to the
7:36 am
palace. le if there's nice weather they hope to use the open-top carriage, the 1902 state lan dow. if not, thyou'll be seeing the glass carriage that carried princess diana on her wedding day in 1981. as mentioned, huge crowds expecting here. already looking right here above my shoulder at that balcony because it's on the schedule at 8:25 a.m. they're going to see that kiss, the first kiss of the newly married royal couple. of course, you're looking at video of famous royal kitsches in the past. it's a long-standing tradition. we understand that one of the supermarkets here expects to have that kiss printed on a mug within an hour. so, matt, that is going to be the souvenir that you all are going to want to take home. >> one hour after he plants the kiss, they'll have it planted on the mug, is that what you're saying? >> exactly. >> got it.
7:37 am
all right, natalie. thank you very much. >> they don't waste any time. >> marketing. >> exactly. as we mentioned people have been lining up like the procession route for days. peter alexander is there on the duke of the royal steps. good morning, peter. >> reporter: we'll keep this very quick. this is what they call the mall. at this time tomorrow we'll see the prince and princess coming around here. it's called horse guard road. it's going to be lock dound toerktsally shut off to traffic but lined with nearly 2 million people. there'll be plenty of these guys, police, as well. you can see right down this route. this has existed since the late 19th century. red pave meblt like a red carpet up to buckingham palace. you have to be careful whenever you're walking along traffic. i'll introduce you to some of the americans who have come
7:38 am
here. thank you, sir. ladies, if i can, where are you all from? from louisiana our five red-hat ladies. show your hands. those are pretty nice engagement rings. how long has it been in the works? >> woe have been planning since they announced the engagement. as soon as they did, we fwhookd four different rooms in strategic location because we didn't flow where they'd be. >> you're set to hold down the fort until tomorrow. we're going to taking back to our friend matt lauer. we each be watching tomorrow morning. >> good job staying out of traffic. tom bradley, the only person to interview william and kate after their engagement. is this going to be fun for
7:39 am
them? i mean in some ways they are fulfilling their royal responsibilities with all the pomp and circumstance and all the pageantry. are they going to have a chance to blow off some steam here? >> it's going to be. they maybe have some chance to let off steam. but i think the early part of the day is going to be very terrifying. he's going have to give a speech in public. but the vows where they're going to have to speak out lout. coming down here, harry was a bit shocked to find all this. >> the rehearsals take place at the westminster abbey and the photographers are there. now they're trying to get that shot of them just before the wedding. is it a sign of things to come for them? >> i think this is the moment where the world tries to get in. he's fought so hard to keep that ring of steel around him, his brother. trying to enjoy a kind of normal life and get on with ordinary
7:40 am
relationships. but also with their friends. suddenly there is this normal attention. that's the danger, i think. >> you're well respected and a very popular journalist here but you are british, so when the world watches this event tomorrow, what do you want the world to take away? what do you want them to about your country through this ceremony? >> that's a very good question. i'd like to say not a lot has changed here in 200 years but that's not quite truchlt it's darrent monarchy system. it has its strengths and weaknesses. 50% of the country isn't very interested in the wedding and then you look. men not interested in wedding, shorks not the world's greatest surprise. but i suspect we will get into it. we're a country that loves our history and we have a tremendous sense of history and i think we
7:41 am
want the world to see britain at itself best. >> tom bradley. nice of you to spend some time with us. appreciate it. have fun. coming up next, the garment bag that's the talk of the town, was kate's dress inside that bag? the details from here in london right after this. - the craving for chocolate... - oooh. - is all grown up. - oooh. - jared presents beautiful natural levian chocolate diamonds. levian is the only company on earth to make jewelry with chocolate diamonds. levian: the leading family in jewelry, from ancient royalty to today's red carpet. you will only find these styles at jared. levian chocolate diamonds: they're anything but vanilla. that's why he went to jared.
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just a few shakes stops weeds before they start. plants grow twice as big. with almost no weeds. even in your vegetable garden. want three months of feeding, without all the weeding? ♪ all you need... is shake 'n feed plus weed preventer. and back now from london as we count down for tomorrow's royal wedding. let's head over to westminster abbey where ann has her finger on the pulse of the wedding gown watch. ann? >> that's right, mary dik. it's a tough job, but somebody's got do it. a lot of people are wondering about kate's dress, will it have a sweening train, lace leads. less than 24 hours to go, what will the bride be wearing is still the biggest mystery of them all. >> reporter: in less than 24 hours women on both sides of the pond will have their answer to the question, what will kate
7:45 am
ware. interestingly on wednesday, a long dress bag together with hat boxes and other finery was seen moving into the luxurious goring hotel where kate and family are staying. nearby she was spotted carrying a garment bag of her own as she entered the clarence house. >> women all over the world are dying to see this dress. >> reporter: why the fascination? >> there is so much fascination with kate's wedding gouchblt mostly because she has managed to keep it as a closely guard secret of the royal wedding. >> reporter: 700 million viewers watched as princess diana was married. nearly 30 years later the designer dress is still world famous. >> we're absolutely still talking about diana's dress. it's nothing short of iconic and
7:46 am
it continuies to be an iconic o fascination. >> reporter: so determined to keep the mist, diana placed the call to emmanuel herself. following if there diana's foot stps kate middleton has been able to keep the dress under wraps. so what could be hiding in these bags? in less than 24 hours, we'll know. i wish i could tell you more, meredith, because it's all i know. he won't stop e-mailing me, asking me for more details about the dress. >> i know. he's desperate, ann. thank you so much. cecilia is an author of the daily telegraph. good morning to you. everybody is speculating. >> i think they were deliberately provoking us.
7:47 am
as if we haven't got inbad enough without them titilating us. i think it could be the going-away dress or the dress she's going to wear today. it won't be the wedding dress. that would have been under lock and key for several weeks. >> yes. a lot of people have speculated that that dress is being put together in house either the buckingham palace or the clarence house. >> i think they can't take risks. the dress has been ready for months and months. given how much weight she's lost recently, they may have to alter it. >> let's talk about the possible designer, yesterday bruce took his name out of the running, sophie did also. are they trying to throw us off or are they telling us the truth? >> denial doesn't mean anything. i think it's all open again. that's the great thing. nobody counted themselves out.
7:48 am
we don't know. >> so the front-runnering we're hearing is sara burton with alexander mcqueen. >> i think very unlikely. i think what's likely is that because kate's a very loyal person she's always stuck with certain people throughout her life, certain designers, she'll somehow give them all a chance. perhaps alexander mcqueen. burton will design the dress and you know sophie might design the going away dress and perhaps daniela might design the dress she wears to the evening function so everyone gets their moment. >> david emanuel along with his ex-wife who designed diana's dress were on television. they said the minute they saw the trees being brought into the anally, he has a vision. that it's going to be understated, flowing, romantic. that that's the tone they're trying to set.
7:49 am
do you agree with that? >> i think that's true. it's like -- essentially she's a country girl. she wanted a country wedding. there's no way she can have that. maybe she's bringing the country to westminster abbey. it wouldn't surprise me if she turns up looking very much like the country bride. >> we'll find out in 24 hours. thank you so much. we're back with much more live from london with the countdown of the royal wedding but first these messages. [ female announcer ] mother's day is not for celebrating moms. it's for celebrating all they've given us. really?! [ female announcer ] the tough love... okay, don't do that on your test. [ female announcer ] ...invaluable guidance... [ mom ] go, turn, turn, turn! [ female announcer ] ...and a lifelong friendship. do it again. [ chuckles ] ♪ [ female announcer ] mother's day is for celebrating all our moms have given us. happy mother's day. i love you. i love you. [ female announcer ] now, select cards come postage paid.
7:50 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:56 am
some severe stoermds move through our area this morning. one of the crews shot this video of the lightning in montgomery county just a short time ago, and there is more potential for other stoermds larms later toda. let's get the latest on the storms from meteorologist, tom kierein. >> those storms have weakened and moved out of the area for the most part. look at the latest radar over the last hour. there are oranges and reds up there, and they have now weakened and the warnings expired. we are not out of the woods. in addition, we have flooding reports and water rescues, all the counties in red under a flash flood warning.
7:57 am
watch out for high water. later today, high sun coming back. and then dry pattern, thankfully, friday, saturday and sunday, with a warming trend into the weekend. we will take a break now and .
7:58 am
7:59 am
the drive on 270 not too bad. and then 395, jammed now. leaving the beltway most of the way to the 14th street bridge.
8:00 am
8:00 now on this thursday morning, april 28th, 2011. and you're looking live at buckingham plachls that is the royal standard flachlgt when it is flying it means the queen is in residence, obviously here for the marriage of her grandson tomorrow as she's hosting a party tonight for foreign royals. across town preparations are being made at westminster abbey where prince william and kate middleton will become husband and wife. more than 2 million will be watching, thousands of them from the square where giant viewing screens are being set up. outside buckingham plarks i'm
8:01 am
meredith vieira alongside matt v lawyer. >> he's trying to be normal before the wedding. >> he's spending tonight with prince charles and camilla. the bride is spending the night at famed goring hotel. we're going to go there live in just a moment, plus we're going to take a look at how americans watch the big event. >> even as we try to cover all as sets or aspects of this royal wedding we're keeping a close eye on the deadly storm. one of the worst weather outbreaks in u.s. history. we'll get the latest coming up in a live report in a couple of minutes. >> first let's check in with ann curry at westminster abbey. good morning to you once again. >> reporter: good morning to o you, once again, meredith and also to you, matt. it's become quite a scene. the media are growing. we've learned a lot about the people. some have been here for three
8:02 am
days in anticipation. also the media was taken by surprise this morning as kate and crew came in for a second rehearsal. middleton parents accompanied their daughter. also prince harry was also here as well as the young page boys and the bridesmaids. who wasn't here? prince william wasn't here. apparently got things down pat after last evening's rehearsal. we want to mention inside the abbie is designed with what kate's chosen, including the 20-foot trees that are meant to mimic the countryside. the long wait is nearly over. this time tomorrow they're going to be a married couple. matt and meredith, back to you. >> something we've been counting down for a little while now. it's about to happen. ann, thank you. blocks from here. she's at the exclusive ambassadoring hotel where kate will spend her last night as a commoner as they say around
8:03 am
here. michelle. good morn dwroug. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the crowds are gathering around here. you see they have the streets closed off. he there is an enormous police pren here. there are large police barriers. they reduced things like demonstrations here. they're letting in a van in now, so that's causing a little bit of excitement. big police presence on either side of barrier. dozens and dozens of people, some dressed up already in wedding garb looking for a glimpse of kate middleton and her family whenever they are to arrive. they built a little privacy tent right outside the front entrance of the hotel. that may prevent us from getting a glimpse of kate when she comes out in the morning. she really doesn't want to keep that a secret. when she comes through the abbie and walks down the aisle, they may be a first real glimpse of what we get. as you said, she'll spend the night in the luxurious hotel
8:04 am
suite with her mother and her sister, her made of honor, pippa. the five rooms has been renovated to a tune of more than $500,000. it's said to be decorated in the style of royalty. there's a replica gown of what the queen wore in her day. >> michelle kosinski a couple of blocks from here j let's get a check on the top stories. we go back to new york for that. tamron hall is at the news desk. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, meredith and matt. the death toll is rising after the worst tornado in nearly four decades. weather channel's jim cantore is in tuscaloosa with the latest. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, tamron. still under the search-and-rescue mode here as we can't get into the hardest hit areas. i want to show you this half-mile-wide monster that rolled through tuscaloosa. it's amazing we didn't have
8:05 am
higher loss of light. so far the death toll stands at 128 people. this is a shot from chris england. i talked to him earlier. he said he count wind out his camera wade enough to see the whole tornado, that's how big it was. the campus a couple of blocks away. businesses as you see behind me are in complete ruins and even some of the signs that we know that were here just yesterday have been blown some 35 miles away up toward birmingham. that's where they landed. a huge outbreak of tornadoes, probably the second deadliest in alabama history. unfortunately, tamron, i think those numbers are going to go up as we have not seen the worst of what this thing has done. >> heart breaking and unimaginable. thank you, jim the first quarter slowed the year because of the rough winter and high oil prices. however, economists say the setback was temporary and they say growth and spending will pick up over the rest of the year. an autopsy has been done on a womans who body appeared.
8:06 am
the body was found wednesday in a new hampshire pond. it was a quarter mile from where her car was left idling saturday with her infant daughter asleep inside. tomorrow's scheduled launch of the space shuttle could be triumphed over another. tom costello has more from the space center. good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning. yesterday gabrielle la did something she hasn't done in some time. she climbedstairs. she's going to with here for her husband's launch tomorrow. she left houston wednesday morning for florida. once at patrick air force base and the kennedy space center, a private gaerkting at the so-called beach house where astronauts and family members spend time before each launch. gifford's husband, shut commander mark kelly says watching friday's launch is important to his wife.
8:07 am
>> she's been working really hard to make sure that her doctors would permit her to come, and she's more than medically ready to be here and she's excited about making this trip. >> reporter: congresswoman giffords will watch the lift-off from a private viewing area away from cameras with her mother and her nurse. also on hand, president obama and mrs. obama and their girls indwlugd who were zblurd the january shooting rampage. that will be the last lift-off for the shuttle endeavor. a 14-day mission to deliver spart parts to the space station. the last shuttle mission flown by "atlantis" is slated for june. this is connell commander kelly's fourth shuttle mission. he and congresswoman giffords were married back in 2007. tamron? >> thanks, tom. it is now 8:07. back to matt and meredith in london. >> thank you so much, tamron.
8:08 am
what a wonderful sight to see gabby wonderful sight to see gabby giffords climbing those stairs. >> yeah, it should be an amazing check. let us get a check of the weather. that's the big story back in the states. al is at our london bureau this morning. >> good morning, matt and meredith. the good news is weather looks good for the shuttle launch tomorrow, and that's good news. let's see what is going on as far as our current weather is concerned. the system that caused the death and devastation is moving east, and our pick city, today, showers and cool. what we're looking at, as you can see, the front moves into the warm area, and that's bringing tornado watches from central georgia all the way up into the mid-atlantic states. thunderstorm watch up in the northeast. a lot of rain coming out of the system. we're talking about the risk of strong storms, and northern parts of the system may see
8:09 am
damaging winds and isolated tornadoes from the mid-atlantic states down into the southeast. we could have a super cell thunderstorm with tornados embeaded within them. good morniernmorning. the severe weather is dwaun out of the region temporarily. we have a line moving in from the west showing up on radar, and as a result of the rain that fell this morning, these counties in red under a flash flood warning, and that includes louden, montgomery and watch out for high water. that's in effect until 10:00 this morning. and then drying out this afternoon and this evening, and >> matt, meredith, back to you guys. >> coming up next, how americans -- and we're not talking about the ones screaming behind us -- are gearing up for the royal wedding, and we'll have much more live from london on what is a beautiful day here. right after this.
8:10 am
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8:13 am
welcome back to buckingham plachlts obviously the excitement of tomorrow's wedding not just here in england. viewer back in the u.s. are excited as well. good morning to you, kevin. >> hairks mary dik. we've come to the appropriately named pub to sample some authentic english fair because we colonials are going absolutely giddy for the royals. with the royal nuptials a day away, london isn't the only place rolling out the royal red carpet. here at chicago's stately drake hotel, the finishing touches are all in place from the elegant flowers to the tea service.
8:14 am
impeccable planning. >> impeccable. >> impeccable. >> reporter: hundreds have already signed up to celebrate william and kate's big days with what else, scones, tea, and jam. a proper english tea. the drink even has its own tea sommelier sommelier. and even though the windy city is thousands of miles away, appropriate dress, please. >> forget about that dress. it doesn't matter about the dress. all that matters is the hat. >> reporter: ladies' hats are once again all the rage, even for us colonials. >> a wedding, a royal weds, hats. you go out and be noticed. >> reporter: some of the viewing party stateside especially those in the west coast might resemle pajama parties. >> it takes something special to get me to stay up to watch the
8:15 am
wedding. >> reporter: where there will be sleepy celebrants to watch the wedding in the morning. >> i'm not going to go to sleep. i'm going to stay up. >> reporter: times jair with,000s are going to watch the wedding. just because we weren't invited doesn't mean we can't toast will and kate. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> reporter: and talk about crazy parties, guys, there's one party called "but i was supposed to marry william." the first 50 women through the door are going to get a tee a rah. i can't go back to a pienltd of something but i'm going to stick to orange juice on this side of the atlantic, guys. matt and meredith, back to you. >> you're such a wus, kevin tibbles. i know some americans who will be celebrating with a little liquor, contactually lee and
8:16 am
hoda. what are you nut jobs doing? >> did she say nut jobs? kevin's a lightweight. >> what are you planning for the big day? >> we're going to be comfortable. we're excited about it. we're going to be at the hotel in new york at the john george restaurant where they're going to be serving up a beautiful buffet and the big screen tv will show the story. they've sold the place out. we're going to be enjoying rselves. we have a special atear we're going to be waring. >> we don't want to give it away. >> just a hint. >> we're going to be in our pajamas. >> cozy. >> you gave it away. >> i can't lie to matt. >> i know. >> reporter: are you wearing hats. >> we're wearing -- yeah. should we give that away? >> chocolate pretzel de atiaras
8:17 am
>> are you going be in the trump building so bring your birth certificates. >> exactly. >> kathie lee and hoda, thank you very much. >> cheers. >> don't forget, our coverage of the royal wedding starts tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. eastern time, 1:00 a.m. pacific. up next natalie hits the town and checks out the royals' favorite hot spots here in london. that is right after this. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treatment that's fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18.
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8:20 am
and miami. ♪ [ female announcer ] because sometimes sunglasses aren't an option, they're a necessity. great sunglasses like ray-ban and oakley tailored perfectly to your prescription. lenscrafters. good morning. i am meteorologist, tom kierein. we have another tornado warning that has just been issued. it includes frederick county, the area in red that you see on the radar, and it includes frederick county into carroll county in maryland. it's a developing line that storms that have moved in from the rest, and this time unlike the others that moved in from the southwest, these are headed west to east to northeast, and we see the area of red, that box, that is the new tornado warning. it's in effect until 8:45 this morning, and it includes far
8:21 am
southeastern frederick county, maryland, and up there to the montgomery county line, that storm is showing some indication that it does have some circulation in it, and it's continuing to advance east. it has rain with it. that's the other big problem we have had with the storms. as a result, we have several reports that had to have been rescued, because they had the car stranded in high water. and frederick county, and panhandle of west virginia. right now the area of concern is the storm system that is coming in from the west, and heading mostly east, a little bit northeast, and that's moving and intensifying right near frederick maryland. and they are moving into southern and eastern frederick county, and that's going to continue to trek off to the east or northeast, and clip off of the howard county line and move into carroll county. that storm is showing an indication of circulation, and moving rapidly.
8:22 am
not quite as fast as the other storms that we had earlier this morning, but it does show that it is moving and part of a developing line of storms that is out ahead of a cold front that is going to be sweeping through later this morning. that developing line of storms stretches all the way down through central virginia, and as we zoom in, we can see there are some of the rainfall amounts there, quite high. and my colleague, meteorologist, chuck bell, is joining me now with a close in analysis of the storm itself that triggered the new tornado warning. >> looks like it's bowing out. and because of the way the atmosphere is stacked up, there is a potential for rotation as well. that's the reason for the tornado warning from the national weather service here. the tornado warning goes until 8:45 this morning. the folks in the most danger in the short term, are woods borough down to walkersville.
8:23 am
and this storm is continuing to track off to the east, east-northeast, between 30 and 40 miles per hour. so again, you need to be very, very careful here. if you live in and around silver hill up towards liberty knolls, the line area across the straen is interstate 70 there. if you live on the northern side of the interstate 70, go ahead and get into your tornado safe place at this time and stay away from the doors and windows. a small interior room is best. hall closet or small bathroom. the lowest level of your home is the best place to be. if you live in a mobile home, this is time to seek better shelter than that. if you live in a house and you are going to ride it out there, just make your plans to stay put and stay safe by staying sign side here for the next 15 to 30
8:24 am
minutes as the storm passes by. >> this is also a storm producing rain on top of rain that fell already this morning. frederick county is under a flash flood warning right now, and this is going to add to the streams and creeks, and they are still high from the rains from the last week or so so won't take much to cause flooding. all the counties in yellow are under a tornado watch, means there is a potential for tornados to form throughout much of maryland. this is in effect until 3:00 this afternoon. as we see there, that's a long developing line of storms that is going to be affecting this time around the washington, d.c. metropolitan area. and the one to the north, it will pass well north of washington. there is a developing line of storms that is continuing to march off to the east, and will
8:25 am
be continuing to perhaps threaten the washington metro area, and maybe in another 45 minutes or perhaps around 9:00 this morning, that's when we will have the next line of storms coming through. and even yet, we're not out of the woods yet, and we still have the tornado watch in effect until 3:00 this afternoon. >> and the next line of storms going up here that extends down through the roanoke area, this is ahead of the cold front we are waiting on. once the front goes by, that's the beginning of the end of the weather problems for at least a four or five-day stretch it looks like. and because there is a wind shift associated from the front itself, it will enhance possibilities for a rotating storm. we need to keep a close weather eye to the sky here for the remainder of the day today. the immediate concern is western frederick and carol counties up here. and so again, be getting towards
8:26 am
your tornado safe place. have not been able to find any obvious rotation on my scan of the doppler here, but that doesn't mean there is a possibility of a brief tornado in there just to the north side along interstate 70 in eastern frederick county, and that storm is the most dangerous, and part of it will continue into eastern frederick county and into western carroll county. and this storm certainly right on top of you over towards woodridge, and new london, and silver fern estates, and up towards covers corner and new venture estates. >> the threat is lightning from the storms, too. it has been electrically active this morning. we have seen as many as 100 lightning bolts every few minutes from the cluster of storms that have come through.
8:27 am
they have been coming through, and moving this line not quite as fast as the ones we had earlier. they are moving slower, and that's increasing the flood threat. and the flash flood warning map, it clouds loudoun county, montgomery, and howard and frederick county and maryland, and warren and clarke county, and up into the panhandle of west virginia. and this flash flood warn something until 10:00. if you see high water, don't drive through it. we already had reports of people needing to be rescued from high water. in the last 30 seconds, check, looking at the last athal sus of the storm, it is looking like an intense storm. the tornado warning in effect for this area until another 15 minutes or so. >> yeah, you have got to take it seriously, because it doesn't look like a classic hook on this tail end of the storm just yet, but there are indications that there is a little rotation with the storm.
8:28 am
>> thank you, chuck. now with breaking news, here is jerry edwards. >> in northern virginia we just received word that authorities closed i-95 southbound at dumb freeze. we don't know what exactly the situation is, but we are told authorities are on the scene, and we are also told that there is a medevac helicopter headed there now. i-95 southbound in virginia, completely closed. either an accident or a pedestrian being struck. those of you that normally travel that stretch of i-95 southbound will find delays developing very rapidly, making the trip down from dale city. we will pull up a couple other cameras and show you the delays. right now you can see traffic is completely stopped as you make the drive on 95 southbound headed from dale city to dumb freeze. and then northbound, the travel
8:29 am
lanes are open however there is a likelihood that there will be a rubbernecking delay. i-95 in virginia, southbound, completely closed. we will keep you
8:30 am
8:30 on a thursday morning, the 28th of april, 2011. that makes this the day before the big wedding right here in london. the kiss will take place on that balcony at buckingham palace just behind us. to the side here, the city is decked out. the crowds are building as the countdown enters its final
8:31 am
hours. i just mentioned outside buckingham palace i'm matt lauer joined by meredith vee ieira an natalie morales and ann curry. they're making a lot of noise. the brits here are saying, oh, those americans. but you know what? get used to it. >> i'm glad you guys finally showed up. you're going to be surprised when you hear who's among the campers. current prime minister david cameron was then 14 years old at the time. just ahead, he's going to share his memories of that day with matt. we're going to get an early sample of the chocolate cookie cake. i can't wait for that. that prince william has picked to serve tomorrow. his personal chef since he was a child is going to be here and talk more about what it was like in the kitchen. >> it's better than the
8:32 am
fruitcake that they have. >> we tasted a piece of it. not so bad. anyway, my grandmother used to make it, so don't knock it. also the reception will be very big. we've been working the facebook to be part of the conversation. we used the key word like royal wedding, kate middleton and prince william have doubled in the last 24 hours, look at that. >> a lot of people are saying how they'll celebrate the morning. gabrielle says she'll have bit hats and pajamas are a must along with party hats and jam paint judy pearl mcrae smith is taking off work and wearing princess di's replica jewelry. >> karen ford says i watched his grandmother crowned, his parents married, his mother's funeral. i wouldn't miss it.
8:33 am
let's check in with al for a check of the weather. hey, al. >> okay. thanks so much, guys. we're going to show you what's happening. again, we've had all the severe weather in the south. thankfully that's lesse bit. let's look to the weekend. mild and sunny weather up and down the eastern seaboard. and then showers where they don't need it because the flood threat is still there. as we look towards sunday, we expect to see more sunshine back through the west, and mild conditions and sunny skies up and down the west coast. heavy rain moving back where they don't need it. over kentucky and tennessee, and over louisiana. we have plenty of sunshine in the mid plains. we have a few showers in the western plains, and cool conditions in the northern plains, and expect the warm weather to stretch all the way from southern texas into southern california, and, again, as far as the weather is concerned for the wedding here
8:34 am
in london, we are looking tomorrow to start the day with mostly cloudy skies. there may be breaks of sunshine, and breezy conditions. we expect to see later in the afternoon, after the ceremony is over, more pronounced threat of showers, maybe a 60% threat of showers, but the good news is, they are not going to be real heavy downpours. that's what's going around the country, and here's what is happening in your neck of the woods. >> we have a new tornado warning that has been issued. it's in effect for another 15 minutes or so and includes southern frederick county and parts of carroll county. it's moving north and east, but there is another line of thunder down into loudoun county, virginia. and then we could have more warnings. and then se sun back later this afternoon, and then a dry pattern into the weekend. saturday and sunday, highs and don't forget to check your weather any time of the day or not by going online.
8:35 am
matt? >> thanks very much. we want to say a quick hello to a group of london-loving americans. good morning to all of you. you are a long way from houston, texas. why the fascination? >> we wanted to be here and be part of history and see all the celebration and everything. we love it. >> and talk about being clairvoyant. the day before the engagement announcement in november, nobody knew that announce wasn't was going to be made. you happened to be on the phone with your travel agent booking a trip to london. >> i called her. once they made the announcement -- they made the announcement one day and that day he made the announcement, i said, please book us a room at the ruben whenever he sets the date but we picked it the next day. >> you were ahead of the curve.
8:36 am
>> are you thrilled to be here or is this a little bit like the royal version of a barry manilow con certificate where most of the guys get dragged there? >> that's pretty much it. i'm making it work. she said she wanted me to wear a tuxedo and a top hat. i said i'll wear a suit and a cowboy hat. >> you're wearing a top hat. >> are you excited? >> more for the toys than the wedding. >> what's your plan of attack for tomorrow? are are you going to be? >> hopefully we're going to be right over here. we want too be right over there. >> you were here back in 2009 and ran into one of them. >> while you were here in london. >> we were leaving our restaurant and i noticed her beautiful hair, and my it was a
8:37 am
bit windy. i saw her and screamed in here ear. she was so nice to us. very, very sweet. >> nopefully you will have similar luck tomorrow. nice to see you all the way from texas. raymond, hang in there. stick with that cowboy hat. >> nice to see the enthusiasm. >> it's a wonderful thank. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> much more ahead as the final countdown reach as fever. this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
. it's 8:39. a lot of people who are watched tomorrow's ceremony will think back some 30 years to the
8:40 am
wedding of charles and diana, and that includes british prime minister david cameron. i recently sat down with him and he shared some personal memories of that day. >> my brother was 17, and he was driving by then. we drove up to london together and we just turned up on the corner of where it meets the buckingham palace. we arrived at 10:00 the day before. we had some sleeping bags. we had some fold-up chairs i think, a picnic hamper with lots of food so we could eat and drink, and we were there all the day before and all that night. >> but you did get your unobstructed view. >> absolutely. i was sitting in the front row. i remember, you know, as a 14-year-old trying to look between the policemen's helmets and look out. i definitely remember remember the carriages go down. it was like a big party. >> for the first time through the center gateway arrives lady diana.
8:41 am
>> here we are 30 years later. you're the prime minister and you're invited to the royal wedding. can you put that in per spelktive for me? >> it's certainly not what i expected to happen when i was 14, camped out. but it is. when i reflect on it, there i was watching on the street and this time i've got a ticket to the big occasion. it's very exciting for me. it is exciting. >> quite a memory. coming up next. a wedding so big they call it a cavalry. they show us what they easterly be doing before the wedding. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
and welcome back to buckingham plachls kate and
8:44 am
william, certainly the stars. another group that will also be in the spotlight, the household mounted regiment. good morning to you. >> good morning. you won't be able to miss them. 186 horses carrying 186 joerlds outfitted in spectacularly polished uniforms that really will be a sight to behold. and we'll showcase the best of this country's rich heritage and culture. the household cavalry mounted regiment is a howhold british tradition with over 300 years in service. they play add grand role in prince william's parents' ceremony and they'll be on brilliant display once again as prince william and kate say "i do." while the 150 others escort the queen. >> when one things how it's
8:45 am
going to be, they'll be watching to make sure they get it right. >> reporter: one concern is with huge crowds expected on the wedding day, some horses can get spooked by the noise. >> we do train as much as we can to simulate crowd noises where possible. that helps a lot. >> reporter: in this business, precision is everything. soldiers and horses undergo endless inspection. every nook and cranny checked. polishing is a ritual that goes on fur hours. >> on a good day, it takes around ten hours. that does not include your horse. >> reporter: the uniforms and dpeer are a piece of the history. >> they're coming up on a 200th anniversary and they're huge. >> reporter: and with over 200 horses, everyone pitches in. that's right. even me.
8:46 am
>> get right in there. you start going around in that circular motion. >> reporter: it may sound a little different from the rest of the soldiers. he's the only american in the group. >> i have dual citizenship, canadian commonwealth which allows me to join the british cavalry. >> reporter: they have a dual responsibility. their role in the procession on the wedding day may be ceremonial but all the sold yours ier this have or will serve on the front line. >> i came back from afghanistan in april of last year. >> reporter: what many people don't know is that on very special occasions some civilians are also allowed to take a ride. >> i look back. >> reporter: i got a rare chance to take one of these rare beauties out for a big spin just
8:47 am
before the big wedding day. >> occasion llally we let the ips or civilians come in and ride as well. >> reporter: on a cool morning in london when most of the city a asleep you could be one of the lucky few to spy them. a spectacular sight and just a preview of what's to come. well, it's actually just being announced today that nick in the video will be leaving. i should also mention that watermelon's own squadron are currently serving in afghanistan. so they'll likely be thinking of them as he looks up and see this grand escort on the wedding day. matt and meredith? >> you looked comfortable up there. >> we're going to see those horses out there.
8:48 am
let's bring in the royal editor for the sunday express in the uk and brandon robert, a historian. here's how it goes. we say good morning and then we say take it away, okay? you're a day away. we're getting excited. we have the official program. what did you see in it that kind of struck you? >> one of the hymns, "guide me over the great redeemer" was actually for princess dinah -- diana, sung at her funeral and also a song from prince charles and camilla's wedding. >> it's a beautiful hymn. i think people will -- >> the british theme, it's wonderful to celebrate it here with the union jacks up all
8:49 am
along the mile, it's building the excitement. it's going to be a great british occasion, of course, across the world being celebrated and the pomp and pageantry. we can't wait. >> what katherine will not be saying is "i obey." it's probably a good thing really. to be fair, a girl of kate's age and just in this general modern time i think it would have been a bit old-fashioned if she said that. many modern brides won't. they want it to be a modern affair. >> at the same time having a fantastically ancient site as well, prince charles, the basis is the things you do and also of course we've got "greensleeves" which was possibly written by king henry 8. >> reporter:
8:50 am
king henry viii. >> it's clear after tomorrow william's life changes a lot less than kate's does. i go back to something prince william's great grandmother said, accepting a royal proposal means never again being able to thing, act, or speak freely. as i read, that it bugged me. i don't know why. it bugged me. it was sad to me. is that still the case or is that a throwback. >> not behind closed doors. >> i think it's going go very different. we're talking many decades between that quote and now. we must remember that they've embraced twitter and facebook. they have a voice now. >> it will be interesting to see how much of a voice kate does have. >> of course, whenever they're speaking publicly, they have to say what the ministers tell them to. you can't have the royal family going out on a limb on party political issues ever. he's made a lot of statements
8:51 am
about human rights and the environment and many architecture and many thing he has a strong and passionate belief about. >> is she going to be presented as the wife of watermelon as camilla is or will she have a more michelle obama type image, her own office and charities and be pushed forward as a female in her own right. >> i heard in the beginning they want to represent themselves as a couple and not as individuals. >> as a team. >> i think that's testament to the fact that it is kate and william. >> all of your gargle tonight? keep your voices strong, get a lot of sleep. and we'll see you here tomorrow morning. great to have you with us. up next, prince williams favorite. of course, this is "today" on nbc. that segment we can ha
8:52 am
8:53 am
we're back now in courtesy watermelon. they held that tradition for many years preparing family favorites from the simple roast chicken to the chocolate cake that is on tomorrow's menu. welcome. >> hello. >> you actually linked in the palace, which was unusual then,
8:54 am
wasn't it? >> yes. great place to link. >> you got to observe the family and got to know the family. it must have been a real honor. >> fantastic. >> what was it like in the kitchen? did they come in and request real meals? >> sometimes, yes. princess diana chose their meals but occasionally they would ask for special treats. >> you can have a variation of this. >> crushed up biscuits and mars bars, butter, chocolate. chocolate, chocolate, more chocolate. >> what is your reaction hearing the news that the prince has chosen a cake you made for him when he was a little boy? >> very excited. i can't wait to see what his
8:55 am
face looks like. >> you think this one over here is probably not going to have as much of the candies on top. >> yeah. >> in the few seconds we have left people watching at home want to know, did these boys go through the phases that all our children go through, chicken fingers phase and pizza? >> i sthoirng. we used to make everything but they went through all the phases. >> did they eat their vegetables though? >> always. >> what about cooking? is he any good? >> yes, he is. as a teenager he'd come in the kitchen and watch me make things. >> you taught him well. >> thank you, carolyn. nice to have you here. >> don't forget our koj of the big event beginning tomorrow. we're back after your local news.
8:56 am
8:55 is your time now. 76 degrees. there is a major traffic back up on i-95 in virginia. the southbound lanes in dumfries was shut downed. they were opened a few minutes ago but traffic is backed up for miles. first, we begin with the tornados that we have been dealing with all morning long. let's get right to tom kierein in the storm center. >> thankfully things settled down and this could be the last of the rain for us as we see over the last hour, these lines of showers and thunder showers coming through, so far don't have any severe reports associated with these. they are advancing off to the east and continuing to head towards the metro area. in washington, areas that did not get rain earlier this morning will see some with
8:57 am
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good morning. this is i-95 southbound at dumfries road where for a short time it was closed because of an accident. those of you headed south on i-95, it's
9:00 am
we're back with more of "today" on a thursday morning. it's april 28th, 2011, and you're looking live at stunning westminster abbey, the historic church where monarchs are conated. tomorrow will be the wedding of prince william and kate middleton. it's something that's been the subject of great anticipation over the last several months after they announced their engagement. after the wedding they will make their way to buckingham palace for not one, but two receptions? and an evening reception.
9:01 am
>> you're exactly right. matt lauer along with meredith vieira and ann curry. >> there was a cake sighting this morning at westminster abbey and we'll learn what the couple will say and won't say about their vows, very interesting. details ahead. look at this beautiful image just taken, released by a photographer. >> that's in the program which we also saw has been released as well. the official royal program for tomorrow's wedding. of course, everybody wanting to know what kate will be wearing. you see that garment bag has caused a lot of stir here. a lot of people speculating about this wedding dress and everybody looking to see who made that wedding dress. another question a lot of people are asking, is she going to wear the tiara that the queen will let her wear but it will be something borrowed because it's a longstanding tradition that the queen gives the bride a
9:02 am
tiara. princess diana was given one. which one will she be wearing? coming up, some possibilities from the crowned jewelry. >> back to the dress. kate middleton is gegt in the car at the goring hotel. are we thinking we won't get a real good look -- >> we'll get a glimpse. >> if the awnings are up outside, we may not see so clearly. but there are going be fundraisers at every angle. while we're talking a lot about the wedding, we're also keeping a close eye on the deadly storms back home. they struck about five states. there were a mass of tornados that cut a path. for more on those stories we head back to new york right now. tamron hall is standing by at the news desk. good morning to you. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. the death toll is rising across
9:03 am
the southern state this morning after the worst swarm of tornados in nearly four decades. jim cantore is in tuscaloosa with the details. good morning, jim. >> reporter: the whole area continues to be a search-and-rescue operation. they actually believe there are still survivors in some of the rubble, not to mention they we've got a lot of clean-up to do around here as you can imagine with a half mile wide path of absolute devastation. this youtube video captures the massive tornado as it ripped through tuscaloosa, ground zero from wednesday's massive and deadly tornado outbreak that raged through the south. more than a dozen lives lost in this city alone. and the mayor says that number is expected to go higher. >> stephanie and i along with our city council offer our sincere condolences to the families of those who have lost lives. >> reporter: at the university of alabama here, chris england
9:04 am
could hardly catch his breath as he videotaped the massive tornado ripping through his town. >> reporter: just the size and how massive it was was just, you know, unbelievable. >> reporter: the entire state of alabama was hit brutally hard with dozens confirmed dead so far. the governor of alabama has declared a state of emergency and has ordered federal aid for the badly torn statement tornadoes lit up the radar maps overnight, leaving death and destruction in their wake. >> this type of damage, i've never seen anything of this magnitude with any storm. >> reporter: in mississippi, more tornadoes and flooding. businesses, homes, and lives lost. those who survived, standing strong. >> nothing i can do but start over again. >> reporter: and you can see what's left of the midtown village. a tremendous amount of clean-up as the search and rescue continues all day today. the number of deaths climbing in
9:05 am
tuscaloosa from 15 to now 36 ads we expect that number to only go up bit. the way, tamron, since hurricane katrina back in the 2005, 2,700 people spent the night the shelters. that's the most since katrina. officials in morocco say a massive explosion left at least 14 dead and 20 wounded. say the explosion appeared to be a criminal act. president obama is urging americans and lawmakers to focus on more pressing matters of state after relesion his long form birth certificate. he and first lady made light of the situation during the taping of the "oprah show." president obama said he remembered the exact meet he was born in hawaii. in the meantime donald trump took credit for the release of the document. president obama announces major
9:06 am
shifts in his national security team as they say defense secretary robert gates has informed the commander in chief that le will retire on june 30th. he'll nominate leon panetta to replace him. if you have an appetite for all things william and indicate, how about a slice of pizza celebrating tomorrow's royal wedding. a food artist created it using chicken for the faces and crafting kate's lovely hair out of black olives with yellow pepper highlights. it is six minutes past the hour. back to matt, ann, and meredith in london. you couldn't pay me to take a bike out of that. >> all right, tamron. thank you very much. let's get a check of the weather now. al is across town. he's at our london newsorough w
9:07 am
very busy morning. al? >> thanks, matt. of course we still can't believe this outbreak that happened. just really of historic proportions. here is what happened. we had a strong low level jet stream and a lot of moisture coming out of the gulf, and warm humid air, and an upper level low and a jet stream that got the wind shear going to start the tornados spinning and that's what happened. look at the radar from last night. and we have those strong storms firing up between birmingham and hus k tuscaloosa. and then now what we're looking at, more storms moving in as the front makes it's way to the east, we have tornado watch from central georgia into parts of the carolinas and on into the delmarva peninsula. and then watches are out in new york city. albany, all the way down to jacksonville from the northern part of the system, we may see
9:08 am
an isolated tornado with damaging winds, and then we are talking about super cells that may spawn tornadoes. rainfall amounts anywhere from one to two inches of rain, and that means we have flood watches stretching from the southeast all the way up into new york state. we are talking about the possibility of flash flooding and flood watches as well. that's what's going around the country, and here's what is happening in your neck of the woods. >> one final lines of shower and thunder that will sweep through the region. it continues to march southwest to northeast, and along that line we have thunder and lightning. the areas of orange and yellow, that's where the rain is coming down a little harder. no severe warnings out right now. as the day progresses, we will get sunshine back, highs upper 70s and a blustery northwest wind this afternoon. cooler tomorrow and and that's your last weather. ann? >> we're going to turn to what's
9:09 am
happening in london with 24 hours to go and london is buzzing in anticipation of the royal wedding and people are lining up the street hoping to get a glimpse of william and indica kate. there are new details including what prince william and kate middleton will say to each other and what they won't say when they take their vows tomorrow. kate middleton started the day early with a trip to westminster abbey thursday morning for a last-minute rehearsal. we now have our first look at the official royal wedding program and on the very first page, a heartfelt message from prince william and kate middleton saying they're deeply touched by all the affection and kindless. also in the programs, the marriage vows. one word you don't see is "obey." kate's vows to william are quote, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish till death do us part. the program also features a stunning new portrait of the couple taken by fashion
9:10 am
photographer mario. as the final details are put in place, william and kate can no longer remain in hiding. here a glimpse of kate middleton outside clarence house on wednesday, the official residence of her husband-to-be. she spent a few minutes talking to a woman inside holding a black dress bag in her arms. later her mother carole and her sister pippa were spotted. a royal caravan brought watermelon and kate into the abbie for the rehearsal. kate reportedly went through her vows. after the rehearsal, crowds cheered after prince william left the abbie smiling along with his brother and best man, harry, same goes for the bride-to-be and her family, all looking relaxed and happy hours before the big event. kate middleton is now staying at the goring hotel getting ready for the big day. they were bringing in bags of
9:11 am
her clothing spulg speculation of what kate will be wearing for her trip down the aisle. for the queen, business as usual. she spent the day with the duke of edinburgh. there's rain in the forecast but royal watchers don't mind. >> it's going to be beautiful and exciting and magical. >> camilla is an nbc royal contributor and andrew roberts is a british historian. good morning to the both of you. we've seen how kate on the phone obviously organizing the last-minute details of her wedding while her future husband, prince william is out playing soccer? >> can you believe it? there was a lot of jokes that were made, why was he doing this, he doesn't want to appear at westminster abbey with a
9:12 am
black eye or injury. like a normal couple they want to go about they're day by business. they want to say their focus is tomorrow. >> prince william riding a motorcycle. >> it's the only way he can get around town without being noticed. you wouldn't know it was him. he's got real anxieties. he's very much his own man. >> in the meantime, andrew, i was noticing earlier you were talking about kate's obvious decision not to say the word "obey" when she makes her vows to her future husband. this has happened before. diana didn't say "obey." >> she didn't. very much a sign of the times since the 1970s, 1980s. the church itself frowns on the archaic and sexist remarks.
9:13 am
>> elizabeth did. she was going to be the queen of england. i'm surprised she did say "obey." >> in all senses she has obeyed her husband. her husband is the man who wears the trousers. >> take a temperature reading for us right now. there's an estimate 2d billion people expected to watch this wedding tomorrow. you've got excitement growing everywhere we look. it is palpable. what does it mean to the british monarchy to have this now north to see anticipated but become so global. >> it's, as you say, so global. it's an integral part of it. it's something they do tremendously well. a decision, step by step, rather fabulous. the world will be watching. >> there you are. what is the great hope for the
9:14 am
british people? >> i think the great hope really is they go without a hitch. that all of the celebrated pomp and pageantry looks brilliant across the world. this is a time for us to soar, yaup lifting to everyone. a great new story that everyone can be happy about. i hope it's a date of celebration of the couple, celebration of the world, celebration of britthe british. >> it is so uplifting. coming up from head to toe, kate middleton will make a beautiful bride. what will she wear and prince william as our wedding coverage continues right after this. woman: till all the books are read... man: and all the pens are put down... woman: and everything there is to learn is learned. man: till the heroes retire and the monsters return to their dens... woman: and all the plots are wrapped up.
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and lose an inch from your waist in two weeks. so lose your cover-up, and show off your confidence. design your plan at with hours until the wedding, kate middleton's dress remains a history and there's another burning question about her wardrobe. will she wareear a tiara. when you're married royalty, sometimes you need a little extra sparkle. it's the must-have accessory for every princess, real or fairy tale. the tiara. nearly every royal bride in recent memory has worn a tiara on her wedding day. in the past the queen has offered royal brides a tiara as
9:18 am
a wedding gift, oftentimes pulling from her own collection, known as one of the largest in the world. princess diana was gave a number of them. on her wedding day, she chose to wear the spencer tiara, a family heirloom that she later complained gave her a headache. sarah ferguson entered westminster abbey with flewers on her head signifying her commoner status and left with a tiara. on her own wedding day, queen elizabeth borrowed one from her mother. they had been making jewels for the royals for centuries including famous sapphire engagement ring that once belonged to diana and now sitting on kate's finger. it's safe to say they know a
9:19 am
thing about royal bling. >> if you went out and didn't have your tiara on it's like forget ang item of clothing. >> i, of course, couldn't give up the opportunity to show auchlt. >> this is a girl who ease sort of like an ordinaire girl who's now going to become a princess. >> if she does wear a tiara, will it be old, new, borrowed, or blue. you'll find out soon enough. they all look beautiful on her. celia is a reporter for the daily telegraph. is it a foregone conclusion she's going to be wearing one or is there a gnarl speculation she'll wear flowers first?
9:20 am
>> there was a rumor that she didn't want to and had upset the palace and camillaidn't want to and upset the palace, and camellia who shot she should wear a tiara. . good morning, this is a severe weather update. the storm center 4 along with chuck bell, we are tracking another tornado warning just issues for northern montgomery county. it affects parts of howard county as well. we are tracking the threat for these cities until 9:50. it includes all the cities through westminster, and that area just to the north of baltimore. but it does affect northern montgomery county. it looks like the center of circulation from that storm is just to the west, southwest of dau mass kus in northern montgomery. it's to the east-northeast, and has a lot of rain as well.
9:21 am
chuck bell is looking at a scan, and it looks like there is circulation. >> we have had the same thing of what we have been facing all morning long, they will not produce huge tornadoes. but there is 86 miles per hour worth of rotation speed there. if you live here along i-70, west of the liz been area, up towards fair wind estates, and valley hill farms, and then west of eldersburg, be on the lookout. you folks in howard county, in the extreme west part, that's where it's racing off to the northeast at 45 miles per hour. at that speed, it will continue up through south central carroll county here in the next ten to 15 minutes. and the tornado warning goes
9:22 am
until 9:45 this morning. if you live in that area there, you do need to go ahead and take your tornado precautions, lowest level interior room of your home. stay away from windows and doors. if you are about to head out to do morning aerrand running, sta inside for a few more minutes. most of the dangerous side is where howard, carroll counties connect there, and it's racing up to 4 miles per hour. we will get more times of arrival here in the next couple minutes. and mount airy, two or three minutes. westminster, you have 20 minutes or so before it gets up there, and so definitely a very dangerous thunderstorm here. ae will widen out and show you where there are more storms back across parts of northern prince william county and eastern
9:23 am
loudoun county in virginia. they are not severe at this point in time. we will have to keep a very close eye on them. we will put the radar into motion. we will put the lightning associated. a little less lightning down across prince william county. those storms are showing a tendency to increase in intensity. and then unfortunately, the way the storms are tracking all morning, those storms may also find their way up to montgomery and carroll county. remember when you see high water, turn around and don't drown is the number one safety rule for flooding. flood warnings at least until 10:00, and they will likely have to be extended from montgomery and carroll and frederick county. >> louden seems to be the one taking the most flooding from
9:24 am
the storms coming through. we have had multiple reports of people that were stranded and had to be rescued. and north of frederick, they had to have a water rescue operation under way there this morning. so all of those counties in red, as you mentioned, until about just the next half hour or so and then they will have to extend that as you mentioned. another thing, too, about the storms, we have not had a lot of damage reports from the storms. the reason we are getting the tornado warnings is because of the radar signatures picking up circulation, and it may be a loft in the storm and they don't come down close enough to the ground to produce damage, but nevertheless, we have to err on the side of caution here and issue warnings because it doesn't take but a few seconds for some of those to spin down to the ground and cause damage. >> yeah, there is an awful lot of wind damage aloft. if you climb a latter 3,000 feet
9:25 am
up, the thunderstorms mix the wind energy down to the ground and ought laugh times on the way down they get a little rotation with them. that's the reason for an abundance of caution to keep out with the tornado warnings. again, the most dangerous part of the storm, there is just to the east of mt. airy, maryland right now. we will put another fresh track on it as we continue to watch it move into the far southwestern carroll county. so you there in sandyville. a hall closet or low-level bathroom go there. and then if you live in a mobile home in any of the areas, it's best to find safe shelter somewhere else. mobile homes are not the kind of structure you want to ride out any severe weather in. we need to pass that along.
9:26 am
but, again, this will not be the last time we have to break in. unfortunately, i think we will have more chances for severe weather, and the storm developing and intensifying out towards herndon. those are not warned just yet, but worth watching. there is a cell down here below charlottesville, and that will be able to hold together in the environment we have here, and that will be tracking towards the north next. you folks south of town, fredericksburg, it's a long ways out, probably about 125 or so miles away, but at the speed they are moving, it could be something we need to worry about in the next two to three hours, so stay weather aware as you make your plans on thursday. >> we need to correct something from this morning. we reported there was four fatalities in luisa county, and
9:27 am
so it was misread. the fatalities were in parts of mississippi. we did have several fatalities from storms in washington county, virginia, and seven fatalities there. the thing about these storms is they can quickly cause some damage when that energy does spin down to the ground. fortunately, though, the last several tornado warnings we have had, we have not had any reports of funnel clouds touching the ground. thankfully. but that doesn't mean this is not going to happen. with any given storm here, we have to warn you and have to -- when we pick up the circulation, certainly give you a warning far enough in advance for you to take cover and stay safe. >> that's what you need to be doing now. most of the storm is drifting up into parts of southern county, maryland. most of it is out, and the last may be in the tip of interstate
9:28 am
70 there, and southern carroll county. just on top of mount airy, actually. the storm is going northeast. so to dogwood estates, and all you need to get to your safe place at this time. the storm has a strong rotation with it. whether or not the rotation gets to the ground, it's not a factor, because it can produce straight-line wind damage, which could be in excess of 50 to 60 miles per hour. it's a dangerous storm. you need to take it seriously. you need to spend the next 15 minutes just riding out the storm. we will keep you posted as the warnings continue to come out. >> thank you, chuck. if we could take away the radar and show the threat zone one more time. you can see the tornado warning area does cover parts of western howard, and then it extends further to the north and east
9:29 am
across the county. and we will have more reports crawling across the top of your screen live from s what's all this? big news! we have another way to help you save. oh, really? how? by bundling. if you get your homeowners and auto insurance together, we give you even more savings. ooh! big bundle. [ chuckling ] home and auto together. it's like peanut butter and jelly. oh, or like burgers and fries. or pickles and ice cream. unicorns and glitter! no? bundling to save you more. now, that's progressive! call or click today.
9:30 am
william and kate, college sweethearts, a long courtship. final in front of family, close friends, royalty from all around the world and an excessive television audience of some 2 billion people looking on, they'll be exchanging their vows tomorrow morning and we'll bring it all to you live starting at 4:00 a.m. eastern, 1:00 a.m. pacific tomorrow here on "today." welcome back to buckingham palace where 24 hours from now kate will be called princess
9:31 am
katharine. what about prince william? he's after all a helicopter pilot in the royal air force. he's also served in the army. what uniform might he be wearing. >> the castle cavalry as well. a lot of uniform choices for him. also ahead, if the royal wedding is getting you in the romantic mood, one american girl who's living in london has had some pointers how to marry a prince or at least rub shoirlds perhaps. she snagged him. >> prince william and bride-to-be kate have asked people to donate to charity rather than give them gifts. it's drawing an influence on princess diandiana. philanthropy was something she made a point to teach her children. before we get a check on, that
9:32 am
let's get o check on the weather from al. there's a lot of it, al. >> thanks, guys.guys. let's take a quick look at your weekend weather ahead. beautiful weather along the east coast. sunny and mild. we have rain where we don't need it in the midsection of the country, out west. and snow showers in the northern plains. sunday, we have more rain in the mid-plains and the mid mississippi river valley, and heavy rain, a potential for flooding great. west coast looks great. few showers in the mid-plains. that's what's going on around the country and here's what is happening in your neck of the woods. >> we have a thunderstorm right now rolling across northern montgomery county. that storm is continuing to advance to the north and east, and is perhaps capable of producing a tornado. now we do have a tornado warning in effect for that area where you see in red. it has just changed. it's for carroll county into
9:33 am
baltimore county. the and, natalie, back to you. >> thank you so much. coming up next, it's been all about kate's dress, but what about the groom? we're going to get a glimpse right after this. part of my job as a diabetes educator is teaching my patients how to start taking insulin. and i've learned a lot from patients who use levemir flexpen. flexpen comes pre-filled with my long-acting insulin, and i dial the exact dose of insulin i need. my flexpen is discreet and doesn't need to be refrigerated. and flexpen goes wherever i go. levemir is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes. do not take if your blood sugar is too low. tell your healthcare provider about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions, including if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. the most common side effect is low blood sugar. other possible side effects include reactions at the injection site. get medical help right away if you experience serious allergic reactions,
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9:37 am
the obsession understandably is with the dress, what will it look like, who will design it, will it have a train. all of this dress speculation is overshad oeg another important question, what is he going to wear. stephanie gosk has a preview of prince william's wedding suit. >> reporter: there's something about a uniform. prince charles wore his to his wedding. so did the duke of edinburgh when he married the queen. in fact, royal dress has been tradition throughout british history. prince william could break with tradition and wear something like this but because he is actively involved in the army, the speculation is he will be uniformed, and if he is, there's a good chance the uniform will be made here, number one, savile
9:38 am
row. makers of military uniforms since the 18th century. >> we go back to george iii. >> reporter: a royal warrant who recognizes things he makes. having one warrant is an honor. gieves & hawks has more. >> he would normally get one or two of these or n a lifetime. the higher your ranking, the more important things are from the epilet on the sleeve. >> reporter: it takes 600 hours to make all by hand. they do everything, here boots, bostons, swords, and, of course, hats. hawks was a master hat maker. >> so it goes straight on.
9:39 am
>> yes. #. >> and if you wanted to do this. it would be a resemblance of a great empire. >> if you tuck your hand in? >> there are reminders wref or their clientele and everything who works here has to get used to rubbing elbows literally with the royals. katharine is the first female head cutter at savile row. >> you have to be adaptable. you have to have discretion. we don't talk about our clients. >> reporter: if a uniform is coming from gieves & hawks, no one is saying. >> it's much more romantic to be maired in a uniform. >> we don't know what he's going to wear but there are some thing he will not be wearing. stephanie gosk, nbc news, london. >> all right. well, coming up next, inspired by kate and watermelon, how to mary your own friends. from one american, looking for love in london after this.
9:40 am
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9:44 am
prince. how do you feeble that? >> i didn't want to marry prince william. he's a little too young for me. i wanted to marry prince phillip. we were born in the same year, 1977. i told my parents, that's it. that's my husband. >> what did you learn in your time? you actually rubbed shoulders with a lot of the blueblood. >> yes, i did. i thought it was going to be a giant hugh grant movie and it's not exactly that. i was in london. i was in my 20s. fairy tale palaces everywhere, single princes running around. how can you not go after them. >> is it a real social contract when you're being friends with the royals. what did you learn in some of the events you've seen and how
9:45 am
their friends are with them? >> well, i think it's not exactly royal. it's more british or kind of harder to get in socially. you have to punch your way into circles, but once you're there, they're very understanding of americans. they like having us around. >> what do you think the qualities are and what do you think kate middleton will bring to this family? >> i think you have to have patience. she's going to have to be watching boring things and keep her eyes open for the rest of her life. she's going to have to shake 3,000 hand as day even if she has a headache and act like she enjoys it. it's hard work. >> it is hard work. >> and represent her country. following in dinah's footsteps, it's going to be hard. >> it is a real job. you can't be following in the footsteps. unfortunately the comparisons are always going to be made. there's that social contract she had to make as well to serve her public and be involved in
9:46 am
charities and all the things she will have do. >> it's about putting entire kingdom before yourself. >> i see that you're actually wearing a wedding band. >> i am. >> you snagged a prince. >> yes. he's not royal, but i forgive him. >> so in some ways it worked. >> there are a couple of cute things in your boochlkt i understand there are some things you use in the book that you don't say here. what are some of the things you don't say if you want to become royal. >> you must never say toichlt you must always say loo. >> no wonder they give me a look. >> you must never say couch. you say sofa. silly things. >> when it comes to kate middleton, do you think she was destined to become part of this royal family? >> royalty isn't for everybody but i think royalty is for her and i would be surprised if she
9:47 am
makes a single mistake because she's been flawless so far. >> does the public expect she's going to be perfect or she's going to make mistakes aspirin says diana did? >> she's human. the public can be unforgiving but we'll see. kate will do well. >> for those of us looking for a prince -- i have my own prince. any tips on snag prince harry? >> he's still out there. there's a single prince in sweden, mon ak o'. they're still out there. don't give up. >> learn the language. >> don't say toilet. >> don't say toilet. don't dress too trendy or too tacky. smile a lot. try not to talk too much and go to the right places and believe in your heart that you belong in the right circle. it's confidence and poise. >> jerramy fine. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> coming up, we'll be talking about the bond tweens mother and
9:48 am
son. how princess diana continues to shape prince williams to this day. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill. because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. call now and get this special bonus: $100 back. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers superior picture quality, the best channel lineup, more hd, plus the fastest internet in the u.s. and there's no term contract required. why keep paying for cable? get fios tv, internet and phone --
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9:50 am
as we all know, princess diana will not be able to see her elder son get married tomorrow but he did make sure she was going to be a part of the event wi giving diana's engagement ring to kate. diana had a tremendous influence on her son. we're now joined by nbc's keith miller who's going to be talking about this impact. good morning. great to have you here. >> thank you, ann. it's wonderful to be in such great weather. it's often not used, like mother like son. but in this case it seems to fit prince william and princess diana to a tee. when she was alive, diana,
9:51 am
princess of wales, wanted to make a difference, and she gave william the same ambition. >> she genuinely wanted to help and prince william naturally inherited that compassion. >> reporter: as a tiejer he slept on the streets of london to understand the plight of the home lts and just like his mother, it's a hands-on affair. on a trip with homeless mission he said children face all sorts of challenge. >> you move forward as best you can and get reasons why we all have problems in our lives and to get through them. >> reporter: take jeff hubbard, 53 years old f. he got through them, homeless and honored as the official photographer for charity and crisis. today he teaches others to get  their life back in focus.
9:52 am
prince william voluntarily offered to help him by joining him in front and behind camera. the prince and the paper. >> when you've done something like that overcome this like done a shoot with prince william, it boosts your confidence. i remember thinking, i've been there. it elevates it again. >> reporter: the result ended up on the cover of "hello" magazine and helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for charity. >> he's one of those people who's genuine. >> reporter: the man whose mother so wanted to be queen could one day, because of her, be the king of hearts. prince william and bride-to-be kate asked their wedding guests not to bring them any guests. instead, contribute to a charity that they set up. ann, if you think about it, how many toastersa future king need? >> exactly.
9:53 am
such a pleasure. thank you so much. nbc contributor was princess diana's body guard for years and he's handling security. it's pleasure to have you. >> it's a pleasure on a really great day here in london. >> yechlt and a big day in london. before i get to the security question, i'd like to ask you how much of diana do you see in her son william? >> eoh, i think that's great question. i think so much of william and diana. from the early days when i began working with watermelon and diana. diana was influential through his early school days up through his education. i see it not only physically but his mannerisms and his sense of hue more which is very entertaining for a lot of people. >> i know that i've about been reading that he called -- he had
9:54 am
a nickname for you which was uncle ken and that you were very close with his mother diana so you would know the answer to that question probably better than many people. what can you tell us what to expect for tomorrow given how many people are gaerthering her and the fact that so many important people will be arriving to watch this wedding? >> i mean it's going to be an enormous day. being here on the plot as we say, the excitement is so incredible. but it will be a tre men disday for william and kate and people have asked many times about security here. believe me, scotland yard has the record of pleegs such events and such expertise. i don't believe anyone should have any fears or worries about how surge saysful this will be. unless the weather holds out it should be an amazing day. >> it should be and we're hoping for a great day, ken wharfe,
9:55 am
thank you is much for your perspective. have a good time tomorrow. i know it's going to be good for you given your relationship with the boy once known as will. and kathy and hoda will have more on this royal wedding coming up right after your local news and weather.
9:56 am
9:57 am
some ominous looking clouds out there this morning. we will check the weather for you shortly. 9:56 is our time. i am barbara harrison. we have been dealing with tornado warnings and severe storms all morning long. we will go right to tom kierein in the storm center for the latest. tom? >> we now have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for montgomery county. as we go to the radar you see the area of orange in montgomery county. that's a strong thunderstorm. no indication that it's a tornado-type of storm like we had earlier, but this storm is going through gaitersburg, and up towards clarkburg, and heading up to the east. i can take away the radar and show you the zone under the threat for damaging winds. this is a severe thunderstorm warning. in effect for another 15 minutes, until 10:15. that radar showing heavy rains associated with the storm.
9:58 am
it's headed off to the north and east. elsewhere, we have other showers and some thunder and storms passing south of fredericksburg. those will pass south of the metro area. >> and then we do have ponding, so if you are getting ready to head out be careful and be aware it could be slick. good news for folks in west virginia, dry pavement all long and minimal delays to the 14th street bridge. we will have the latest on the weather coming up at 11:00 a.m. we hope you plan to join us for that. that. we'l
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television welcome to thirsty thursday, everybody. it's april 28th. less than 24 hours. finally. it seems like the greatest countdown since the moon landing. >> one more wake-up. >> if you want to know when you should watch, because people are like, some people are saying they are going to get up, some are going to tivo it. if you want to get a glimpse of her in the dress, 6:00 a.m. is when she will be stepping into
10:01 am
westminster abbey. it's over at 7:00. >> all this is eastern time. >> because that's the only time we know. the kiss, this is where everyone wants to see, i think -- please. the kiss is at 8:25. eastern. >> because they are royals and there is royal protocol. >> do you remember fergie? >> they can't lay one on each other. >> do you remember fergie and andrew? they were totally mugging. >> i don't think the future king and future queen will be mugging for us. it's going to be lovely. we'll be at the trump international very, very early. we'll be hosting a little fete there and we'll see what hilarity ensues. >> the first guy got out there on monday. >> he was a huge diana fan. >> he's been sitting there
10:02 am
56-year-old guy. he is wearing a t-shirt that says, "diana would be proud." they are going to be lining for a glimpse of her. she is not going to go in the royal carriage which they did before which you could see into. she is going in a car. you have to peek into the window. >> i wonder what her thinking is? some say she is modern. diana was a modern woman. some say because she was a commoner? it's going to be a rolls royce. >> our coverage on "the today show" starts at 4:00 in the morning -- eastern time. >> because it's happening at 4:00. >> we'll be around. >> it is going to be interesting. all the parties and festivities and stuff. and ben fogel was invited to the wedding. >> he is a long-time friend of prince william. let's call him wills. >> do you think she is totally
10:03 am
terrified. >> she had nine years to get to this, but 2.5 billion people will be showing up tomorrow. when you're seeing the anthem at the super bowl, it lives in infamy. diana messed up. they've got 20 names. i've got frank newton gifford. william's got a whole bunch of names. what's interesting about the crest. usually they put the husband's name first, william and then katherine. but because wc in england is water closet, they are switching it to cw. >> how come they spell her name kate with a "k" in the papers? >> i don't know. >> prince harry will be making the toast. book makers say the toast or the
10:04 am
odds are 25-1 he will be too drunk. >> he said he ig going to rib his brother. >> one of kate's favorite drinks is jack daniels and crack baby. a cocktail sold at a london night club. that's royal. >> what's in it? >> i don't know. we want to know from all of you, are you going to watch it? are you going to get up early and watch it live or dvr it? >> i was asking people. some people said they want to be part of the event they want to be up at 4:00 knowing everybody is up a lot of people decide if you can get it on itunes and youtube and the computer. >> i'm post menopausal so i'm up anyway. i did get up to watch diana. >> there weren't many other ways to watch her. you had to get up and do it. >> big, big controversy about my valentina shoo-in the chip bag.
10:05 am
>> her shoe was chewed up and she was heighting it in a lays potato bag. >> look at that shoe. it's glorious. i did not get a call from valentino. >> nobody is buying your shoes. >> one friend did call. eileen griffin in the greenwich air what. she says there is a place in portchester, new york, that can fix any shoes. >> look at bambino chomping down on it. look at his eyebrows. >> he's demon possessed. >> i love it. >> i think it's time for a song, don't you? >> yeah. >> good. >> let's hear the song first. okay. >> this is one of those songs. i'm in a country mood and i can't get out of it. it's called "love li crazy" by live rice.
10:06 am
listen to the words. ♪ they called him crazy when they started out ♪ said 17's too young to know what love's about ♪ they been together 58 years now ♪ that's crazy hold on the chorus is beautiful. ♪ i brought opal 67 bucks a week ♪ got a little two bedroom house ♪ on maple street ♪ where she blessed him with six more mouths to feed ♪ that's crazy you're going to love this chorus ♪ just ask him how he did it ♪ he'll say pull up a seat
10:07 am
♪ be a best friend ♪ tell the truth ♪ over years i love you ♪ and go to work ♪ do your best ♪ don't outsmart your common sense ♪ never let your praying knees get lazy ♪ and love like crazy >> come on. >> i love that. love that. love it. you know why? i was thinking about my daddy through that whole thing. that's what my daddy did. i love that a lot. i'm going to take out my hoda bag. i was out with brian last night our good friend. used to be our producer here. he said does frank snore? i said once in a while. frank says i do, too. he says i've got the sure-fire thing to cure snoring. that's all you do. you give them a nice pound with
10:08 am
that. this is what i'm going to use from now on. is it okay or not okay for celebritys to run for president. >> kathie lee says it is okay for any american to run for office but be prepared for the price you're i going to pay. >> ronald reagan proved that. >> exactly. we have raven. this is a wonderful young lady we just met. 17 years old from texas. her name is raven sheppard. here is with her family. she has cystic fibrosis. >> we are crazy about this family. >> can't go without saying i saw two shows yesterday. saw "catch me if you can." you joined me with that one. we have pictures we can be showing. then saw "born yesterday" last night. this young girl nina arianda is getting all kinds of great
10:09 am
reviews for that. the whole cast of "catch me if you can" the group that brought you "hair spray." my friend linda hart, we went out and had a little bite. it was all theater day. we are so packed today. >> we are? >> i've gone on and on but i can't. >> watching it live. there are some nos on there. yes, going to wear a fabulous hat and make a traditional english breakfast. can't wait. >> i'll be curious to see what the tally is at end. >> coming up next, you can't avoid it. less than 24 hours until kate and will say "i do" we'll head live to london. [ boy ] there's something inside your mcdonald's happy meal.
10:10 am
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-match it! -match it! thank you, got it. i'll match that price right here. oh! cool. [ male announcer ] we won't be beat. we have low prices every day. on everything, backed by our ad match guarantee. save money. live better. walmart. as we count down to the royal wedding, it's hard to believe almost six months passed since prince william asked kate middleton for her hand in marriage. >> we'll take you straight to the plate the whole world has their eyes focused on. we go there with natry. >> you are gorgeous, by the way. >> oh, thank you. stop it. some more. >> tell us about the people camping out. we talked about the one guy that had been, the 56-year-old former chef. >> that whole area outside westminster abbey is covered
10:13 am
with people in their tents and sleeping bags. there are people who plotted to stay there early on and plan to stay there. i don't think they are going to get to stay there through tomorrow. i imagine security will be tight around there. we'll see what they do. i imagine they are definitely going to have to go through a security sweep around there. if it starts to rain, i'm not sure how much longer they have it in them to stay put. they are desperate to catch that glimpse of the bride and groom. >> how obsessed is everybody out there? is it the only topic of conversation out there? >> i'm telling you, we are much more obsessed than they are. they laugh at us, they mock us here. what is with you americans? why do you guys love our royalty so much? >> we did try to escape that royalty, as i recall. >> there is a healthy cynicism here about the monarchy in general. i think a lot of people are starting to turn around. i think the british, it takes
10:14 am
them a little while to get excited and they are finally with 24 hours to go starting to feel the excitement in the air a little bit. a british reporter is here nodding his head saying yes, right? >> they seem affectionate towards will and kate. they like them. >> i think that is the difference. now there is a lot more buzz because they are a couple. they are like the hollywood couple here of royalty. they certainly look the part. i think also, of course, that connection. prince william, having all of us see him grow up as a young man, a little boy to young man. how much he's had to carry as far as the brden, losing his mother and now seeing this beautiful ceremony that is going to happen here tomorrow. there is a lot of excitement to see this new chapter in his life and see him grow up into a fine young man. ladies, i know what you're interested in. all the souvenirs we've been
10:15 am
accumulating for you. i've got to put a monarch in my morning so i've been eating my royal o's. not bad. what you all will like is the kiss me kate beer. unfortunately, it's not like the fourth hour here so nobody here to open this for me. >> use your teeth. it works for me. >> it does, okay. >> we've got to talk to ben. >> you don't want the barf bags? >> love you, nat. see you next week. >> see you later. >> ben fogel is one of the lucky few invited. ben, you're on that hot list, huh? >> you know what? it's kind of, it feels unreal, to tell you. you heard from everyone today, the atmosphere here is unbelievable. i lived in london all my life and never felt it like this. added bonus, they'll all be there tomorrow. >> how long have you been
10:16 am
friends with william? >> i worked with him on and off over the years through a number of charitable projects. i went out to africa with him last year and spent about a week with him and his brother harry chasing after lions in the african bush, which was surreal, to say the least. >> have they told you how it's going to go, where you need to be, what time? is it that orchestrated? >> obviously, there are so many guests coming to the abbey behind us that everyone has been told to arrive up to three hours ahead of time. i've got a slightly difficult situation that my wife is very heavily pregnant. as in due in two weeks. >> what if her water breaks? >> i know. don't even -- it's pandemonium in the fogel household. she has her dress finally fitted today so that it fits neatly over her bum. >> have you had a chance to talk to will at all? >> no, i haven't.
10:17 am
they've all been heads to the ground planning all of this. i haven't. we know they came past yesterday. we know they've already visited the abbey. i think they are soaking all of this up. the fact he made that release to thank everyone for their warmth and happiness. the scenes behind me, the flag flying, the pictures of william and kate, goes to show how affectionate everyone is here for our young royals. >> looks like a beautiful day there now. what are you expecting tomorrow? >> we are all following the weather very closely. we are obsessed with the weather here in the uk. it's looking currently like we might have some sunshine. fingers crossed. we had the most amazing weather. it would be so disappointing if it rained. >> ben, have fun. >> all the best with your wife. oy. god bless. >> fingers crossed. >> all right. >> up next, who you to experience the royal treatment in the privacy of your own home.
10:18 am
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let us arrange a smile for you, starting at $29.99. sounds like a mini-wheats day to me! and becka's science fair is on the 8th. she's presenting the solar system. hey, i've got just the wholegrain fiber to keep her full so she can stay focused. um, you rock. she'll be ready to rock. [ female announcer ] make your kids big days, mini-wheats days. packed with 100% whole grain fiber, kellogg's frosted mini-wheats cereal has what it takes to help keep your kids full so they can stay focused on the days that matter most. keeps 'em full. keeps 'em focused. it's about time we gave ourselves the royal team. >> you don't need a big invite to feel like a million bucks. you don't have to leave your house. jill martin has ideas. i like your first idea. >> cheers in our personalized glasses. i think most people think to be royal you have to go out and eat
10:21 am
caviar and lobster. most people want to stay home and make it a romantic night. >> and wrap themselves in monograms. >> and everything with their name on it. i suggest you get a babysitter and make yourself an itinerary. i used you as the example. >> i like frank arrives home. i never left. >> say he goes out and comes home. you hand this to your significant other to start off the night. >> let them know what they can expect. >> we have the robes in, personalized. this is the stationary studio. i like everything monogrammed. these are your names. moving on to just decorate the table and to make it pretty without breaking the bank. napkins with your names on them. everything takes three days to ship. candles. each candle has your name on it. this is just another way to set it.
10:22 am
calypto st. barts is designing for target. the lilly is her favorite flower. you can fill that to give yourselves the royal feeling. i don't cook, but i also think if you do cook, it's not to have it arrive at your home. >> i love when that happens. >> this is gourmet mac and cheese from williams sonoma. this is a pork roast. >> that shows up like that? >> it comes like this. you just have to heat it up. this is the gourmet mac and cheese. you can pretend you cooked this. >> i know. >> now we are up to 9:00 at night. >> that's when i get out the hammer. >> take out your bags. peace, love and great legs. >> cute. >> $15 from lissy legs. have a spa.
10:23 am
make a bath, something romantic. this is from rain africa. >> what are these guys here? >> you put that in the bath. >> bath balls. >> i love those. >> look at the bath salts. >> i want that macaroni and cheese so badly. it is fantastic. >> then i thought it would be fun to have a facial and him to have a fancy shave. this is, give yourself a fancy facial. at bloomingdale's starting at $16, buy him a special shave. it's something different. it feels royal. >> i like what's down here. >> movie. we are up to 9:30. for you 6:30. $10 from amazon, "roman holiday." >> i love that movie. >> a fabulous movie. you don't have to have such a royal dessert. this is dunkin' donuts and
10:24 am
baskin robins. this is supposed to be reminiscent of an english garden. >> i love it. i love this. >> i'm going back to the mac and cheese. hoda digs into the chocolate. >> we are talking wedding gowns. we'll do a splurge. >> emmylou harris is here. [ tab pops ] ♪ whatever lola wants ♪ ♪ lola gets ♪ and, little man, little lola wants you ♪ [ cellphone dings ] [ cellphones ringing ] [ women screaming ] ♪ make up your mind to have
10:25 am
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10:26 am
i'm meteorologist, tom kierein, in storm center 4. as we look at the radar, we are getting strong storms passing just south of fredericksburg. a tornado warning out for caroline county in virginia, and a very powerful storm system is passing south of fredericksburg heading off to the north and east. we
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
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get the network that delivers more. get fios. a network ahead. princess wedding gowns. >> we'll show you both so you can judge which is a splurge and which is a steal. how are you? >> always happy to be here. >> we don't know what the dress is yet. there is tons of speculation. >> we has a preference for tailored looks. >> she is so tiny. >> she has great designers being considered. she will bring a young designer up. >> is everybody standing by waiting for the dress?
10:31 am
>> honestly, yes. this whole thing is about the wedding dress. >> first we bring out janna and sara. >> these are real brides or recent brides. >> congratulations. >> first we have sara. she is wearing a beaded, allenson race. very romantic look. it's a v-neck which is a great look for kate for maybe her after party. the next dress is worn by janna. this has the cap sleeves, the trumpet skirt. >> i think this one is the splurge. >> i think the first one is the most expensive. >> you're right. it is the first one. it is about $5,000.
10:32 am
it's really beautiful. >> they are very similar. >> the difference is in the lace. one is hand made lace. >> next we are going to bring out genesis and martine. if if you pick the right one you could save $6,000. >> huge savings. >> hello. >> oh, my gosh. let's see. >> genesis should step forward. there you go. this is the touille. it's an empire waist, beaded bodice. >> i say this one. >> that's what do you think? >> i agree. >> the second dress is a $6,700.
10:33 am
>> up close you can see the difference. >> the silk touille. they are both gorgeous. they are two beautiful dresses. that is only $800. a great look either way. >> thank you, ladies. >> next we'll bring out claire and anna. again, the difference here is a $13,000 price difference. >> it's interesting. both of these are from the same designer. it just goes to show you can make a dress. who is claire? >> can you step forward? >> you can see claire's dress. it's one shoulder, made out of crepe. the large organza flower detail. then we have this big beautiful flower on the front. >> i think claire's is the most
10:34 am
expensive. >> no, i think this one. >> who is right. are you kidding me? >> between the wine yesterday and the dresses today, mama is batting 1,000. >> it's in the detail. >> these are both by marquesa. >> that's the difference. >> wow. you look beautiful. thank you so much. >> here is the last one. whoever gets this right wins the contest. >> no. you can't get three wrong. >> kate and jessica are coming out. here is the tie-breaker really. >> it is not. what math do you do? >> my kind of math. >> princess looks here. we have katie first. step forward so they can see your dress. it's a beautiful beaded bodice.
10:35 am
asymmetrical. >> katie's. i picked it first. >> that is $8,000. this allure bridal's dress is a beautiful take on the same look with the organza and ruffles. what is different is the layers of chantilly lace. it's what the fabrics are. every bride can look like a princess. >> that was fun. >> too bad hoda lost. >> we said the end tiebreaker. >> no, we did not. come on out. >> you can search by price. >> tomorrow, we are going to do our plaza ambush makeovers. our brides-to-be, we'll make them over for the wedding. >> thank you.
10:36 am
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10:39 am
learn how to eat mart today. >> our bodies tell us when we are hungry, but that's not why we always eat. "prevention" editor has help to kill those cravings. with all the food we have around with the wedding. >> there are two crimings, stomach cravings and mind cravings. these are the kind we are talking about today. >> you are saying you should ask yourself questions. when you're about to eat for the twinkie or dorito. what do you ask yourself? >> there are a lot of reasons that make these mind cravings happen. one is stress. >> that explains the mac and cheese. >> your body is emitting cortisol. what you have to do is realize it's not about what i want to eat. it's about feeling better again. what else can i do to get back to that good feeling?
10:40 am
>> are we deficient in some sort of a vitamin or something when we are craving something? >> it's about dopamine and the euphoria. it's not unlike what happens to addicts. >> when i eat junk food, i feel better. >> only temporarily. >> when you're stressed you need to feel good. >> what are you stressed about? you have everything going for you in the world. shut up. >> i have black and white little cookies, i eat them. i throw them in the garbage and put detergent on them. >> that's not a bad idea. sometimes there are situations where you say these cravings are bigger than i am. plan for them in advance. if you're going to crave a cupcake, cut it in half. put the other in a garbage or away out of sight. let yourself have a little bit. if you try to completely cut them off out of your life, it will backfire on you. >> it can cut foods out of your diet. is that a good thing or bad
10:41 am
thing? >> people who restrict their diet who cut out whole categories of foods like carbs or eat 1,000 calories or fewer, are setting up a mindset cycle. >> a couple of years ago i gave up all breads and sweets. for a long time. once i stopped for long enough i didn't want them. >> that's interesting. that's actually not the most common reaction people have. >> i'm back to eating them once in a while. >> removing them entirely sets up a need to have them. you'll try to eat something instead of the vanilla shake you'll get a plain yogurt. >> what is the other option? >> if 2 you're in a stressful situation maybe you need to feel better is a good run around the block or picking up the phone and calling a friend. get that to feel good again or give yourself time. these things are like waves. >> when it's sitting in right in front of you. >> tide does the trick.
10:42 am
>> thanks a lot. >> up next, best-selling book headed to a movie theater near you. love emily giffin. >> plus emmylou harris. how can expedia save me even more on my hotel? by giving me huge discounts on rooms hotels can't always fill. with unpublished rates. which means i get an even more rockin' hotel, for less. where you book matters. expedia.
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you're a number. something borrowed was a best-selling book in 2004. now the story is coming to life on the big screen. starring kate hudson, jennifer goodwin and looks like what life is when you're turning 30 and willing to take risks, especially when it comes to love. >> this is darcy. this is dex. >> you've only been talking about him nine months. >> lighten up. your tarts are over. >> torts. >> whatever. games, fun, let's get this party
10:47 am
started. truth or dare. >> it will be fun, come on. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's how trouble starts. >> emily giffin is here. >> thanks for having me back. >> of course. how does it feel watching your pages unfold on the big screen. >> i feel like i'm overusing this word but it's surreal. you create this world in your head and hope someone wants to read about it other than your mother. >> who has to. >> who has to and has to say it's great. then it becomes a book then this. i never thought it would happen. >> last time you were with us they had been filming. you had been on the set. now it's a year later and you see the movie, are you pleased? is it close to the essence of your story? >> they did very much so. my concern was the characters would do and say things that wouldn't be true to them. not necessarily that the plot points would all be the same. readers will not be disappointed. the characters, the cast nails
10:48 am
these characters. >> somebody was saying because your characters, you don't make your characters so perfect. they are flawed. so people can relate to them. >> right. i try to just capture those shades of grade, nuances with things. i think the thing that is great about this movie, you have good people doing bad things. you don't know how to root for. >> taking her fiance. >> you're not sure how to feel as you watch it. it makes you uncomfortable. >> and angry. >> what is interesting about emily, too, i went to her book signing. >> which made my night. made my life. >> there was a crazy mob scene. >> because you showed up. >> you keep cranking them out. before i knew you, i used to go to the book store and go, does she have another one yet. do you have another one in the hopper? >> i do. i'm about halfway finished the next one. >> four have been optioned as
10:49 am
films. that is unheard of. that's like stephanie myer. >> thank you. >> i was looking on "usa today" and "something borrowed" is back up on the top. >> because it's in paper back. >> good for you. >> thank you so much. >> congratulations. >> see this movie may 6th. and men, i think men will enjoy this. it's funny. you get your brownie points. take your girls to that. >> two women at the same time. you're on to something, kid. thank you. >> up next, emmylou harris. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
10:50 am
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10:52 am
10:53 am
>>. >> emmylou harris is a 12-time grammy-award winning country music legend. >> she keeps on singing. they say it's album 25, she says it's more than that. it's called "hard bargain." >> we are so glad you're back recording again. tell us about this cd. >> well, it was produced by jay joyce over here. we only had one other musician which is giles who is behind you. took about a month to do it. i'm sure jay did a lot of preproduction in his head before we came in. it was a really wonderful experience. i love doing it. >> you wrote 11 out of the 13 tracks. >> that's right. >> what are you going to sing today? >> i'm going to do a song i didn't write. wrong sexton, a wonderful singer/songwriter. i did this song because i love it. >> we love the title. >> it's called "hard bargain."
10:54 am
>> take it away. ♪ ♪ i'm a bit rundown but i'm okay ♪ just feel like crawling up ♪ when you send me back to the stars ♪ you drive a hard bargain ♪ each time i'm getting nowhere ♪ and then determined to go there ♪ seems i never get far ♪ you drive a hard bargain
10:55 am
♪ you drive a hard bargain ♪ how's a girl supposed to feel ♪ someone like you arrives ♪ tried and tried to go away ♪ just can't seem to ♪ let me down ♪ you drive a hard bargain ♪ you drive a hard bargain ♪ how is a girl supposed to feel ♪ with someone like you around
10:56 am
♪ tried and tried to go away ♪ just can't seem to let me down ♪ you drive a hard bargain ♪ you drive a hard bargain ♪ so i'll keep on playing that old song ♪ cause for all i know ♪ it's where i belong ♪ when the world is breaking my heart ♪ you drive a hard bargain ♪ you send me back to the stars ♪ you drive a hard bargain
10:57 am
♪ you drive a hard bargain ♪ i'm a bit rundown ♪ but i'm okay >> thank you.
10:58 am
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