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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  May 13, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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rain has moved in on us. good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. get out the oars and throw away the sunglasses, folks. you're not going to need them for a long time. >> meteorologist veronica johnson has the outlook and the lowdown from the storm center. >> that sounds so depressing, doesn't it? yeah. we're still talking about six days of clouds and six days of rain, but today is one of those days. look at it this way, we just have five more to go, folks. some damp conditions outside and overcast skies. zee clouds now all through the area. we've had very few breaks in that cloud cover. meanwhile, as you take a look at digital doppler xt, that's where most of the area has been across western maryland and the panhandle of west virginia and down through harrisonburg and as a matter of fact, there have been a couple of flash flood warnings just south of garrett. we're in southern portions of garrett county as well as kaiser west virginia.
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light showers for the evening and our temperatures on the cool side and we're in the low to mid-60s right now and tomorrow we might be in the mid to upper 60s. at 64, alexandria and vienna, currently at 62 degrees and you folks at quant owe are now up to 65. scattered, light showers for your evening forecast and your good night, by 9:00, we're at 62 and hold steady until we get to the 11:00 p.m. hour. we'll take a look at extended forecast coming right up. >> we'll see you in just a bit. verron kashgs thank you. it could be just hours before floodgates are open and millions of acres of land are intentionally flooded in louisiana. it's a move that could help ease the pressure on the levees there as the mississippi river approaches record flood levels. kurt gregory has the latest. >> the water is coming. >> we expected to get to an
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elevation of 12 1/2 which is six feet higher. >> as early as saturday the army corps of engineers could trigger the morgansa spillway, designed to ease levels on the mississippi river and protect baton rouge and new orleans. >> but opening the spillway could flood more than 3 million acres of land and more than 25,000 people living in the flood zone. >> and i've taken dirt out of my corn as you can see, and i'm building this levee. >> reporter: across the region the race to hold back the incoming water is on. sandbag walls are being built. >> you have to try. you can't just sit back and watch. >> reporter: levees are being reinforced. in yazoo city plastic sheath has been placed to stop levees there from erode ppg this family in arkansas built a moat around their house to protect it, and it worked. leave together only home in the neighborhood to stay dry, but in king's crossing, mississippi, it's too late. >> you would be seeing my yard.
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you would be seeing pretty, green grass and a few flowers. >> reporter: william jefferson's home and neighborhood have been swallowed by the water, leaving him worried about the future. >> i don't know if life goes on or stops here. i don't know. >> reporter: a question that won't be answered until the water goes away. kurt gregory, nbc news. >> d.c. police have closed a 12-year-old cold case and officially classified it as a homicide. joyce chung disappeared in january 1999 while walking near dupont circle in northwest. she was an immigration attorney. her body was found on the banks of the potomac. they thought she committed suicide, but at a news conference this morning chiefy kathy linear believe she was the victim of foul play. >> for the record, so the record is straight this case has been ruled officially a homicide and as far as the outcome of this
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case, this case is considered a closed case. >> this team right here restored joyce's character, restored her honor and in so doing corrected the history of a not so good moment f joyce and our family and for d.c. >> reporter: chief lanier would not identify any suspects and would not say whether any criminal charges will be filed. however chung's brother said two men have been implicated in h d sister's death and one is serving a life sentence and the other cannot be extradited. it has been several times on the tv show "america's most wanted." we'll have much more on this story coming up on news 4 at 5:00. >> we're learning new details about the cashier killed at the 7-eleven in fort washington and they looked to identify the men in the surveillance video and prince george's county police. news 4's tracy wilkins reports.
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>> crime scene tape is still up here at 7-eleven as the cleanup continues inside of the store, but outside, folks have made their way through the crime tape to lay flowers and put up balloons and burned candles in honor of the cashier killed yesterday. this as police continued their investigation to find who is responsible? >> prince george's county police are hoping this surveillance video will lead to an arrest in the 7-eleven murder and robbery while both men are masked. there are some things, police hope, perhaps someone who knows them may notice. >> there's a couple of distinguishing figures or points in that video that we would like the public to keep a focus on. the first suspect to walk into the store was wearing a fitted black face cover and appears to have a lighter complexion. his left hand is exposed. then in the next photo he's wearing a striped black and white glove on his white hand. the second suspect is wearing a white mask that looks like a
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skeleton or perhaps a sports mask. his hands are exposed revealing a daeshg complexion. >> maybe somebody has seen these two suspects, possibly wearing these items of clothing that we were describing at a different time or place that may have information that could help us lead to identifying these individuals. >> reporter: police say around 3:00 a.m. yesterday these two men entered the 7-eleven here in the 9200 block of oxen hill road, robbed the store and then shot and killed 29-year-old abebayu who had just started working in the store a few weeks ago. the robbers ran away, leaving a trail of money behind. they also spared the life of another employee who was inside the store. his brother told us what he said happened inside. >> this guy put a gun on his head and told him to lay down and freeze. so he laid down and stayed down,
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and he doesn't know what happened because he faint. after a while when they wake up he ran to the register and he saw his partner dead. >> reporter: prince george's county police are asking anyone with information to give them a call and they will give you the information and the number is 664-118477. in fort washington, i'm tracy wilkins, news 4. congressman ron paul is in it again. this morning on "good morning america" the texas republican announced he is joining the 2012 presidential race for the third time. >> i am today and at this moment i'm officially announcing that i am a candidate for president in the republican primary. >> why?
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>> because time has come around to the point where the people are agreeing with much of what i've been saying for 30 years. so i think the time is right. >> three years ago paul became an internet sensation and raised a whole lot of money in his bid for the 2008 republican nomination that ultimately proved unsuccessful. paul first ran for the white house as a libertarian in 1988. power outage along the national mall kept crews busy all morning long. >> late last night construction workers somehow cut an underground cable on constitution avenue at 22nd street that knocked out power to the lincoln and washington memorials. the outage also impacted traffic. driver his to detour around a few intersections because the signal lights were out. >> much prettier with lights those are. drivers, brace yourselves for big delays around tyson starting sunday night. two northbound lanes around 4958 be closed on route 123 between
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the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. crews will start building the bridges that will carry tracks over the beltway for the metro extension out to dulles. the closures are scheduled to last through next friday, but that could change depending on the weather and as you heard it will be raining monday, tuesday, wednesday as it looks now and there is traffic trouble this afternoon. already on i-270 out in maryland. let's get the latest and your first word from ashley. ash? >> we do, indeed, have delays this afternoon. it's nasty. a combination of weather and friday afternoon volume, never a good look. as we travel to 70 south, and definitely heavy as you continue down toward the spur, you're locked up. that delay is going to continue for drivers who are headed to the outer loop of the beltway and it will be painful for both sides of the beltway and those delays will continue for the outer loop drivers out of virj and as you can see here, and
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heavy across the american legion. we've also got big delays on the inner loop and they will continue out of tyson's in virginia and continue to college park and continue through greenbelt and they're headed for the greenbelt metro. fortunately, no big accidents this afternoon and unfortunately, a lot of delays and 395, off and on towards duke and springfield, we got an accident out of camera shot here, but you'll see along the far side of the roadway here and the 95 south was very heavy into newington. we do have an accident block the lane at 7100 and we were jammed up as we continual of the way down into triangle. jim and pat. back to you. >> thanks, ash. we're just getting started on news 4 at 4:00, replaced. out with the old, in with the new. a final decision has been made. charlie sheen is definitely gone from the hit sitcom, 2 "two and a half men." will smith isn't taking on quite so much space today. his trailer troubles had have
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been resolved. it can be a nightmare for homeowners when something goes wrong. how do you know which repairman to trust. a hidden c
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after a whole lot of controversy over will smith's movie trailers, smaller ones were moved into manhattan last night. earlier this week neighbors complained, we told you that the star's two trailers were take up
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too much space. one of them nicknamed the heat measured 53 feet long and might have been twice as high. city officials said the trailers did not violate any regulation, but new york's mayor ordered them removed on wednesday. smith is in town filming the move "men in black 3." from the big screen to the small screen, charlie sheen won't be returning to "two and a half men." cbs and warner brothers announced today that ashton kutcher will be joining the cas. nbc's jeff rossen has the story. >> reporter: ashton kutcher car" and that@70s s as "dude, show" moving to cbs. tweeting to his 6.7 million followers, what's the square root of 6.25? the answer, two and a half as in "two and a half men." the show's creator chuck laury has written a storyline to introduce kutcher which means
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sheen out for good. sheen helped drive the show to ratings gold and cashed in, making $2 million an episode. he's been saying for months he wants his job back. >> i'll go back if they rehire me. >> the ever-confident sheen even said this during our interview in february. >> do you owe cbs an apology? >> no. they owe me a big one, publicly while licking my feet. people think i'm insane and if they don't think what i'm saying is true, i have no interest in their opinions. i really don't, you know? >> reporter: sheen is 45 years old. ashton kutcher, a younger option. at only 33, he's married to actress demi moore. according to reports he wasn't the first choice. actor hugh grant passed on the job saying he wouldn't replace sheen because of creative differences. >> i should be begging for my job back, and i'm just going to forewarn them that it's everybody else that's going to be begging me for their job
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back. >> that was jeff rossen reporting. now the ever-outspoken charlie sheen told tmz this afternoon, quote, kutcher is a sweetheart and a brilliant comedic performer. oh, wait, so am i! adding, enjoy planet chuck, ashton. there's no acres laughter, loyalty or love there. chuck referring to the show's creator chuck lore. kutcher is also focus of our facebook question today. what do you think about the actor replagues charlie sheen on "two and a half men." erin posted this. could work. i still vote for john stamos. lindsay wrote what i like best is this will go on and charlie sheen loses and this is a win for all humans who care about having a world with some class in it and abbe posted, ratings rule. we shall see. i guess we shall. jim? ♪ ♪
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we're talking love again this week with ellen mccarthy of "the washington post." you were pulling for hugh grant in that sag a right? >> kind of. yeah. >> a lot of people were out there. today's couple met on craigslist and than theed part of the website where people are looking for love. >> that's an important distinction. yeah. sarah and adam are their names and sarah lived in a group house. she posted an ad for a new roommate and adam showed up. i have to tell you, he didn't get the room. someone beat him out, but they ended up going on a date to a nationals game where it poured, just a tsunami, and both of them got drenched before they even sort of found each other. he had a pen in his pocket and ended up with an ink stain and once they got there they ended up having a great time because there was nothing else to lose. they planned a beautiful outdoor wedding guess what happens? it was such a downpour, but these two got married under up
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brelas and she wore her galoshes and i talked to her and she said i wouldn't have had it any other way. >> they first saw each other all wet. >> oh, yeah. yeah. let's check out the couple featured in this week's date lab segment. >> a brave gooi guy this week, his name is joe. he's a massage therapist. he's 51. he's sort of a renaissance man. he owns his own business and also is an actor and teacher and an outdoorsman and runner and someone who likes to cook. he was looking for somebody who could match him in that range of interests so we set him up with valerie. she's 49. she's a holistic health practitioner. she's an optimistic woman who is comfortable in her own skin and knows what she wants out of life and she was looking for someone who had a sense of spirituality and could hold a conversation. oh, my gosh, she got so lost she had to call the restaurant three times before she made it there. she was sort of flustered and
4:19 pm
nervous, but sat down and he immediately thought she was super attractive and they found out they had a lot in common and their career his interesting overlaps. they both said it was an interesting, easy conversation and there was a question of flirting, whether there was any happening, but at end they both rated the date really highly. so you have to read on sunday to see if there is a second date. >> stay dry out there. >> to read more on love, logon to washington and you can always find more on coming up, a royal controversy over a song by queen. ♪ ♪ >> we'll tell you why one high school choir was told it couldn't sing the bohemian rhapsody. i'm liz crenshaw. cell phones, note books, useless
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with a dead battery. the hidden reasons why your gadgets are dying and simple ways to keep t
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so, i guess it's a good thing that i got my flowers planted over the last couple of days. >> it's a very good thing and those flowers and plants will be very happy the next couple of
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days. >> exactly. a lot of parents have baseball coming up tomorrow, kids, activities all outside and i don't think see tomorrow as being a washout. i think we'll be able to get those games in. let's take a look at the area. overcast skies and a few breaks in the cloud cover and the temperatures meanwhile have been in the low to mid-60s and closer to what you would find in mid-april. 6 4shgs the temperature right now at reagan national airport with the south wind at 7 miles per hour. you have 63 degrees in mclane and 63 in mt. erie and just to the north and 66 in fredericksburg with the wind generally out of the south and southeast. take a look at your good night, wake-up forecast. we have scattered light showers through the overnight right through the early morning hours. temperature will drop to 62 degrees by 11:00 p.m. to start your day tomorrow. where the rain is right now we've got a few light showers currently right inside the
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beltway and most of that rain through harrisonberg and there have been a few thunderstorms here. so for areas like garrett county and just south of kaiser, there are a few flash flood warnings for some of those cells that are producing quite a bit of rain. those are the locations i think through the whole weekend that could get the most rain out of the upcoming weather system. maybe one to two inches of rain in some locations. so the leading edge of the upcoming weather system right through west virginia through south carolina and then you have a cold front coming through missouri. once the system gets here, it will be sticking around for a while, but you saw how wide it is, that means you'll be dealing with one system and then another system and we'll be dealing with thunderstorms, too. the warm front starts making its way to the north and east. 50% chance right now, but by the time we get to sunday we'll have more humidity coming up with this front and temperatures that could be even higher running to
4:25 pm
75 and 78 degrees on sunday. 62 to 67 for your evening. you want to pull the umbrella out and get it ready. tomorrow morning, 52 to 58 degree, your high temperature and that's what you would find around mid-may. 72 degree, the high. saturday, sunday, both wet and most of the rain on sunday and even the thunderstorms and maybe heavy rain for tuesday. so, yep, we said it was coming and now it's here. >> you promised here. >> we'll get out the canoes. thank you. hopefully the weather might hold for tomorrow's nats game, not only for baseball, but the performance by this guy. >> oh, my goodness. this is tillman. he is the world's fastest skateboarding bulldog. >> wow! he'll be performing as part of pups in the park day where fans
4:26 pm
can bring their pets to the ballpark. it's not too late to get a regular ticket to see tillman and nates and it's likely to be a good game for nats fans and look at those guys. the p.r. team says tillman and his friends have visited several ballparks and the home team always wins when tillman is in attendance. man, he can fly on that thing. look at that. he can be our good luck mascot. >> we can't do that. >> no, we can't, and we've just got two paushws. >> you can teach a dog just about any trick, it seems. >> still to come on news 4 at 4:00. video you have to see to believe. when something breaks homeowners generally call in the repair guy, but which one to trust? hidden cameras raise cause for concern and the prom is a big jeopardy because of the wild action
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welcome back, everybody, at 4:30. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson moouz. here's what's happening that the hour. police are searching for suspects seen in a surveillance video from a convenience store that was robbed, leaving a man dead and a clerk in a 7-eleven store was killed. the video shows three suspects
4:30 pm
who police are trying to identify. >> in louisiana, they're still trying to decide whether to intentionally flood millions of acres of land. the move would help to ease the pressure on the levees as the mississippi river approaches record flood levels. lez deresidents are using ss to protect their homes and the army corps of engineer are trying to reinforce the levee system. it's official, charlie sheen won't be returning to "two and a half men." ashton kutcher will join the cast. production of a new season will start this summer. network execs say they're looking forward to a revamped and reenergized show. >> stocks took a big tumble today on renewed fears of a worsening financial picture in europe. the dow lost 100 points to closed week at 12,196. the nasdaq slipped 35 and the s&p lost 11. when something in your house breaks you naturally call the repair man, but how do you know who to trust? nbc's chris hanson and his
4:31 pm
hidden cameras caught scams on the part of contractors who were supposed to fit the ac, the pool and the garage. here's what happened when he called in a plumber. >> i've got a leak in my garage. >> jenny's got a leak in her water heater, but it's a leak we created. mark is a master plumber in phoenix with over 30 years in the business. we asked mark to create a common problem that any legitimate plumber should be able to figure out. all he did was unscrew this nut to create a slow drip and all you would have to do to fix it is tighten the nut. it fwaks teb secotakes ten seco. will he be able to diagnose the problem or fix the drip or will it be jenny's bank account that gets drained? >> here comes adrian with no worries rooter. >> hey, how are you? >> jenny. come on in. >> adrian doesn't try to diagnose or fix the problem. instead, he walks around in
4:32 pm
circles for a while, chatting o his cell phone. apparently, he's already made up his mind. >> the water heater total for everything plus installation, 760. >> 760. >> $760 to replace a water heater that works just fine. it's time for me to have a chat with adrian. >> all right. so this is a water leak here. >> right. >> usually, this is an indicator that this is a leak, so the water -- >> it means that there's a leak. >> remember, all that really needed to be done was to tighten this nut. >> what would you bet me that i can fix this in about two seconds? because there's something you've got to know. i'm chris hanson with "date line" nbc. you came in and you barely looked at the thing, walked around in circles and called your guy to get a brand new water heater. the way that appears that makes
4:33 pm
it look like you were trying to sell our jenny a water heater she didn't need without doing diagnosis on the water hear the itself. >> once a water hear the goes bad from corrosion, there's no hope for it. from my expertise, i'll be honest with you, there's corrosion if you can bring the camera down here. >> of course, there is no corrosion. our expert says what adrian is pointing out is just dirty water. as adrian heads to his car he tells us he should have seen this coming. >> this should have been the big indicator right here. this bike, the infamous bike laying on the car. >> why is that infamous? because i watch your shows and every time there's, like, some type of setup going there's like this real crazy bike. i don't know. i'm a big fan, though. >> all right, man. >> whoa. >> well, that was just one of ten plumbers that hanson and his crew called in. of that group more than half tried to overcharge. you can see a full report this
4:34 pm
sunday night on "date line" on nbc 4. >> big fan and now big victim, too. hey, the prom could be history at this year's west springfield high school celebration. administrators there have put the dance on hold after a huge food fight broke out yesterday. a group of seniors began it all. on top of that somebody pulled the fire alarm during the fight, disrupting class. the senior class trip to hershey park is also now on hold and police are launching their own investigation into what happened. parents and students alike say it's not fair that all should suffer because of the action of a few. derek ward will have more on that coming up right here on news 4 at 5:00 tonight. >> after month of practice, a high school jazz choir in wasilla, lack of lafshgs, walas could not perform queen's bohemian rhapsody.
4:35 pm
freddy mercury was gay. mercury has been dead now for 20 years. the students didn't like the decision, went to the aclu. the move prompted the school's principal to change his mind and allow the song to be played. there's more to come to news 4 at 4:00 this afternoon. the case has attracted nationwide attention. casey anthony charged in the murder of her own daughter, caylee. so why wouldn't just about everyone, anyone, want to serve on the jury? the answer to that question is coming up. and find out why some day you might not have to remember all those computer passwords after all.
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it's been the stuff of sci-fi movie, but you may soon be able to logton your computer using your eye instead of your fingers. it's called eyelock, and the company behind it says you can logon to facebook, e-mail and any other password-protected site by scanning and identifying your irises. it has not said howe when it's releasing it or how much it will cost, but it will be definitively affordable. perhaps it will also mean the end to all those passwords. >> that is just too cool. why didn't we think of that? not all grandmothers quite enjoy the term grandma or granny or nana. "the new york times" reports more and more women feel they're a bit too hip these days and a bit too stylish to be associated with the blue-hair gang. today's women are more healthy and youthful looking than ever before than their own grandparents were. the antithesis of a wrinkled woman sitting in a rocking chair
4:39 pm
knitting the sweater. the times reports grandma werer have bowden in some celebrity households. she prefers to be called wolf by the kids. doesn't she have one of her grandkids named apple? the kids decided to call her lalo, whatever that means. goldie hawn's son suggested she be called glam mom. >> not a grandma by any means. >> yeah. >> sweet. >> a busy night ahead on nbc washington nonstop in hollywood. here's lindsay czarniak with a preview for us. >> hey there. a lot coming up on nbc washington nonstop. at 7:00 i will join jim handly for "daily connection" and actor william devain in our studio and how you can meet him this weekend. stay tuned for nonstop. the guys from hgtv team up to give doug kammerer's new home a
4:40 pm
new look. how about that? it all starts at 7:00 on nbc washington nonstop. i will tell you, william devain did a little shout out and talked some smack about the women on dallas, versus the women on knots landing. you'll want to stay tuned for that. he pits one against the other. >> it was interesting. next on news 4 at 4:00, a boost for your batteries. they're in so many of the products we use. liz crenshaw has some advice to save us time, money and headaches. >> and a top chef finalist stops [ male announcer ] there's a new ride coming to busch gardens williamsburg --
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so should we ask which days are going to be the washout? >> slight chance for sunday, better chance, i think, next week tuesday. we're talking about days of rain. we have to wait for that washout. >> yes. >> it's been so clear the last couple of days. sky watcher, weather watcher was able to get these cool images. the lunar crater. that's how clear it was in saturn and they're both paired nearby. isn't that cool? >> that is. >> that's why we thought we'd show that. the pollen count, 173 and that's down from yesterday, that was over 300 and tomorrow likely to be in the low 07s and those showers that are off to the west and those will be filling in a
4:44 pm
lot more and those scattered showers were from 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. and nothing tomorrow that will give us a washout. kind of a snapshot, if you will, 6:00 a.m. saturday and mostly, and we have more coming in for sunday, in fact. sunday could have thunderstorms and with the southwest wind could see a high of sunday up to 78 degrees. 72 for tomorrow, the big embassy world tour is free. it's on embassy road and just one of the streets, but the fact that it's free. that's what a lot of folks like. four-day forecast, 73, and showers and thunderstorms probably through wednesday. >> we'll be bringing it out. bringing ourselves out and probably getting on each other's nerves. >> we have to remember this week and it's just a little payback. >> cell foerngs laptops, tablets and e readers all battery powered. >> and without a charge they all die and then what? liz crenshaw is here to tell us
4:45 pm
how to make the battery life of your gadgets last longer. >> you just want to -- when the battery dice. the average american household owns 28 consumer electronics according to the consumer electronics association and most of them live on a charge. so knowing how to boost your battery is important. you can find yourself in quite a predicament when you do lose battery power. >> the worst story about my blackberry dying, i had a $2 million project on the line, and my blackberry died and when i finally called the client back it was too late. >> we were in the middle of a storm and needed a battery. >> my e reader has lost battery power because it's always searching for internet. >> it doesn't have to be that way. there are some simple ways to boost your battery. >> when your battery life s you know, about to die and it's almost the end of the world. >> reporter: end of the world because we rely on the devices
4:46 pm
for so much and batteries seem to be dying faster than ever. here's one reason why. new multi-function devices, smart foens, tablets and note books are notorious battery killers because they do so many things at the same time. make a call, send e-mail and give driving directions and download video. these devices are always searching for a satellite signal to set up for a location, plus looking for 4g networks to help you download video faster, but if you were in your home or office you may not need all of that up and running. boost your battery by shutting down the 4g, stopping the satellite search and killing the wi-fi. >> with these, just a simple click of the button for there and it will turn off my gps and turn off my wi-fi and turn off my 4g connection and just click them back on when you really
4:47 pm
need them. other ways to boost your battery, make sure you don't have a lot of hidden apps up and running. you can download free task killer apps to make sure you're not running unwanted programs. control, alt, delete will show you what's up and running and won't let you kill unnecessary programs. using the power saver mode on your laptop or tablet may help, too. you may not think it's all that important and the brighter it is, the more battery it will drain. >> so shut down what you don't fleed and let your battery keep you in touch. >> we're depend own the these too much. that's the big of the problem. >> how long do you want that battery to last? >> a year. >> okay. so some new devices are trying to optimize battery life. get this, the new kindle, if you turn the wi-fi off it will last up to 30 days. >> wow! that's a lot of books. >> but it's true. we use the phones and we're
4:48 pm
inside buildings and it's sfefrpg a gps signal. hello? you know who you are. the kill-selected apps really does work. it's saving you some battery life and just don't run a bunch of stuff that you're not using. >> it makes sense. >> you're a power saver impeach. >> exactly. coming up on news 4 at 4:00, online shoppers were shocked. >> now a national retailer is apologizing for selling porn on its website. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, drivers across northern virginia breathing a sigh of relief. officials are one step closer to putting the brakes onnal xabd ria's opening of the mark center. is your cell phone aging you? plastic surgeons seem to think it is and then at 6, he's just 6 years old and he is the t
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4:52 pm
spring tradition. >> it's the biggest fund-raiser for the zoo every year and it's just a fun event and there are a lot of great chefs and a lot of great foods and it helps the organization out and for me to be a part of it is very special to me, and i try to make sure that i do it every year. >> zoofari supports many new initiatives from new and improved exhibits to research programs. tickets are still available so go to it's always a fun night. i try not to miss it. you really have to get an extra belt size for that night. you can put it away out there. >> well, a more serious story coming up ahead on news 4. the casey anthony trial can't get started until a jury is get started until a jury is picked.
4:53 pm
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sears is apologizing tonight for selling sexually explicit dvds on its website. the dvds were for sale by a third party vendor and sears says it removed them once it found out they were there. a religious group discovered the sale and told sears about it. the company says its sales policy prohibits it or anyone else from selling porn on its website. jury selection in the casey anthony murder trial is taking longer than expected. this is the fifth day of the selection process and only a handful of people have been questioned.
4:56 pm
as carrie sanders, plains, one challenge is finding people willing to put their lives on hold for two months if they're chosen. >> reporter: casey anthony was booked into a new jail, held now in a cell in panelas county, florida, in jail-issued blues, white sandals and white socks, the 25-year-old then changed into a sea foam green long-sleeved shirt. the first in-person look at her for all 110 potential jurors. >> cause the death of caylee marie anthony. as the judge read the charges against her how she allegedly killed her daughter caylee, casey, facing the potential jurors bowed her head and cried. her jury will come from florida's most densely populated county, average age, 43, average income, 42,000. >> of the 66 jurors questioned
4:57 pm
so far, of the prosecutors and defense. >> he's excused for financial hardship. >> reporter: 42 have been let go. the civic duty of sitting on a jury has run head-on into real-world responsibilities. >> there's no way i can be away from the business that long. >> despite casey's plea of not guilty, one man said he's already made up his mind. >> i know the details and i think she's guilty. >> for some, eight weeks is an impossible commitment and for other, even the restricted communications are no reason to get out of this jury duty. >> can you survive two months without having a computer, access to internet and facebook and youtube and my tube and what else or whatever? >> i probably could. >> another joked, his family might enjoy his absence. >> what about your wife? >> she might be happy to get rid of me. >> experts say getting a jury with mothers and fathers of young children benefits the prosecution. casey, after all, is accused of
4:58 pm
killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee, but most parents told the judge eight weeks is an undue hardship. >> i'm a single mother doing everything on my own. >> reporter: >> the prosecution would love to pack this jury with as many moms as possible. the defense will look for young guys and no kids who aren't going to be horrified by what they see about casey anthony. >> and that was carey sanders reporting. we have learned that seven potential jurors have been chosen in this case, four men and three women and that's news 4 at 4:00. news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. >> you're watching nbc 4, washington's news leader. sgloor tonight on news 4 at 5:00, it's the video police want you to see, the surveillance images investigators hope will lead them to the men who murdered a 711 employee. >> putting the brakes on brac,
4:59 pm
now kick it into high gear. >> the radar is lighting up as rain waeshs over parts of our region. how long are we going to be soingy? >> there's a bunch of stuff. i saw a taco, apple, yogurt. there's a bunch of stuff flying through the air. >> food fight fallout. the big, vents now on hold after local high school student goes crazy in the cafeteria. >> good evening, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> and i'm wendy rieger. justice has been delayed in the case of a grad student who was killed in a dui crash. a car struck 26-year-old julia brocklightner in d.c. last september. sentencing for the driver has been postponed. pat collins is live at d.c. superior court. pat? wendy, judge conflicts put this case on hold. this was another incident of a mother on a mission out looking for justice for her daughter. this mother came all of the way


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