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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  June 6, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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meteorologist tom kierein is back with us to tell us more about the changes in the forecast. yes, indeed. big heat building mid week. today should be another pleasant late spring day. right now we're off to a clear start. sunrise is just about 45 minutes away. good morning. right now 67 at reagan national. prince george's county is just near 60. so is much of montgomery county. arlington, upper 60s. fairfax now, mid-60s. much of virginia and maryland in the rural areas. we have patchy fog. watch out for that. otherwise, off to a pleasant start weather-wise. high pressure has been pushing in on northwesterly wind overnight and it will be with us here today giving us plenty of sunshine. again, not a lot of humidity around. right now there's a live picture from our city cam. we don't see a lot of haze in the air. there's capitol hill in the distance. by 9:00 we should be making it into the mid-70s. and then by noon time up around 80 degrees.
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a few clouds popping up. a beautiful spring day on the way. by midafternoon ought to peak in the low to mid-80s. by late afternoon, 80 degrees by just before sunset. sunset this evening is 8:30. that's getting later and later. of course our sunrise is getting earlier and earlier. we're coming up on the solstice in just about another week, two weeks away. now let's check on our traffic for this monday morning. jerry edwards is with us. how is it looking, jerry? >> looking good so far as we hit the 5:00 hour along i-270 southbound beginning the commute south as you come down out of frederick, headed toward germantown, gaithersburg. good news there. 395 northbound through landmark, shirlington. wide open to and across the 14th street bridge. we'll keep a watch on the change overnight into tomorrow morning. new lane configuration.
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roosevelt bridge, light volume of traffic. no worries there headed into town. and headed out to catch a train, in good shape as we start off monday morning. metro, vre, mark, no delays. 5:01 now. a boy shot in the leg in southeast in what appears to be a drive-by shooting. it happened around 11:30 in the 3400 block of minnesota avenue southeast. police say the victim's friend carried him home. a crew on the scene found out the victim is just 13 years old. he is expected to be okay. police are looking for suspects. also in southeast washington, a fire that damaged an apartment building is being investigated as a possible case of arson in the 5100 block of f street tw sometime between 10:00 and 11:00 last night. a firefighter was injured burning his face. he went to the hospital and is already out this morning. a former d.c. mayor. >> ally: candidate will finally break his silence.
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brown is expected to testify before a d.c. council committee investigating the gray administration's hiring practices. news 4's derrick ward is live outside the wilson building downtown to break it down for us. derrick, good morning. >> reporter: well, this is pretty much in the rear-view mirror for us. this controversy has endured. today a major development. it took some court intervention to get brown, the man at the center of this controversy, to testify. now, this election controversy is also involving federal investigators and congressional oversight committee. attorneys are also looking into this. they are looking into allegations that he was promised a job and paid by the gray campaign to keep up his attacks on gray's other opponent, then mayor adrian fenty during the
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last election. he was also a candidate in that election were he had been indeed given a six-figure position in the gray administration and summarily fired after his allegations became known. but it did open up a can of worms involving the gray administration's executive hiring practices. gray's point person on personnel has denied that there was any quid pro quo involving brown. the committee on government operations will hold its hearing on executive hiring practices at 1:00 p.m. and in an unusual move, it has been agreed that brown's testimony and his questioning won't go beyond 7:00 p.m. that happening later today here at the wilson building. that's where we're live. back to you. >> derrick, thank you. also today the district's attorney general will discuss his office's investigation of d.c. council member harry thomas. tim day, who went against him in last year's election accuses the council member of running a fake nonprofit. he claims thomas has been raising money for team thomas
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for year but never disclosed who his donors are or said how his money is spent. thomas says day is trying to run a smear campaign against him >> 5:04 is the time. the former chief of the international monetary fund will be in court for an arraignment. dominic strauss-kahn is accused of assaulting a maid at a hotel in new york city. he is expected to plead not guilty to rape, sexual abuse and other charges. he is on house arrest. he resigned from the imf after his arrest last month. more than 1,300 firefighters from across the country are in arizona battling a massive wildfire that is still burning out of control. the so-called wallow fire is considered the state's third largest ever. this the last week it scorched 285 square miles near the new mexico border. it can be seen as far as away as 150 miles away in southern california.
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>> when i got down in there, another sheriff came pulling up and said i had to get out. i said i have an escort. he said you have to leave now because the fire was right there. so we had to turn around and leave. >> smoke rising from this fire can be seen from more than 150 miles away in southern colorado. the wallow fire is the third largest in arizona history. also today, german officials expect to get test results on the results of that deadly e. coli outbreak. vegetable sprouts caused the deadly outbreak in europe. they came from an organic farm in northern germany. it has been since shut down. at least 22 deaths are blamed on the e. coli. 2,200 people have gotten sick, including four americans. those americans got sick after traveling to germany. death toll stands at 16 in a series of u.s. missile strikes
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targeting expected insurgents in pakistan. the first two missiles struck minutes apart in the tribal district of south waziristan. one was a compound where a top al qaeda leader was killed in another attack three days earlier. another was along the border of north and south waziristan. at least four people were killed in that strike. 5:07. defense secretary robert gates is in afghanistan visiting u.s. troops just days before he retir retires. he got emotional thanking men and women for their service. he said the u.s. will withdraw combat troops slowly and responsibly. he is retiring at the end of the month. he has served as secretary of defense four and a half years. today marks the anniversary of d-day. 67 years ago today, allied forces stormed the beaches of normandy, france to free nazi-occupied europe. general dwight eisenhower gave the go ahead for d-day, the largest military amphibious
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mission in history. the operation was a success but hundreds of brave men lost their lives in the battle to free europe. 5:07 is our time. the scandal ahead has the royal newlywed couple changing their plans for their trip to the u.s. why the cost of suits is about to sky rocket. beautiful start to the week. weather and traffic on the 1s weat[ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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good morning. time for weather and traffic early on this monday morning. off to a pleasant start this morning. temperatures fresh and cool, not too humid. patchy fog in low-lying areas in the rural regions. mid-60s throughout much of the area. 67, reagan national. capitol hill under a brightening sky on this monday modern. sunrise 5:43. by 9:00, mid-70s with lots of sunshine. and then during the afternoon, we should peak in the low, maybe briefly mid-80s but not very humid. a few clouds popping up. overnight tonight, here's your night planner. upper 60s by early evening. by midnight, near 70. by this time tomorrow morning, back down into the low 60s again. a little bit hotter tomorrow. a look at that, the rest of the week and the weekend 5,:21. >> clear, dry road surfaces as
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monday morning gets under way. we're in pretty fair shape. good morning. the overnight road work that actually had lanes closed on the capital beltway has picked up. so right now if there is any construction going on it's in in the median strip. let's head over and see how we're doing downtown. southeast-southwest freeway moving along under a very light volume of traffic. as a matter of fact, all the major roadways very light. headed out to catch a train, good to go. metro, vre, marc, no delays. eun. >> 5:12. 66 degrees. a local recall keeping children out of the water. the nully royal couple will not be meeting when they come to the united states. a string of crimes on a ♪
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welcome back. 5:15. prosecutors say richmond phillips wild juan net ta wright. she was found dead thursday night in prince george's county. her daughter, who would have turned 1-year-old today, was found dead in a her nearby suv. prosecutors are awaiting autopsy results before deciding whether to charge phillips with the baby's death. this morning police are looking for the motive behind the murder of a local football recruiter. ralph thomas of temple hills was shot and killed friday night in mckinley tech high school's parking lot in northeast washington. crawford from landover is charged with his death. thomas helped recruit players for the d.c. falcons, a semi pro football team that often plays at mckinley tech.
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>> whatever it may be, it really wasn't worth taking a life, especially not in this fashion and the way it happened. he's a young guy. it seems like he was doing a lot of good things with the team. whatever the reason was, it's definitely not worth it. >> thomas's mother said her son was a father of four and ex-marine. police are investigating several incidents of assault on a hiking/biking/jogging trail in northeast washington. a mile and a half stretch of the metro branch has been the scene of attacks and one woman says she was tased. good morning, megan. >> reporter: well, you can see we're here at one of the many entrances to the metropolitan branch trail. we're at the entrance by catholic university. you can rent a bike, hop on the trail and make your way all the way to union station from silver spring down to union station. now, they're having an issue,
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however, along a mile and a half stretch of this trail. they've had a number of different incidents over the last several weeks, assaults and robberies in one incident the victim says someone used a taser on her as she was trying to go down the trail on her bicycle. another victim claims of being robbed and having her wrist broken. obviously something that is a concern to police. they're trying to figure out whether or not these incidents are in any way connected. they're still trying to get a handle on that. they're not sure whether they have one person operating in this area or a number of people operating in the area. now, keep in mind this is off a secluded trail. parts are not near anything else. the trail itself rather runs along the railroad tracks along the b&o railroad tracks. it can be quite isolated. there's a lot of brush, a lot of trees in some spots, locations where people can hide and not be seen until the last minute.
5:19 am
that's obviously the situation that's going on here, is someone is taking advantage of the isolated nature of the trail and they've been victimizing people. anyone using this trail you're asked to use extreme caution to bike or hike or jog with other people and not alone until they can figure out exactly who is doing this and catch those people. joe, back to you. >> thanks, megan. >> a group of hackers is targeting an fbi partner investigation. it psychological and leaked 180 passwords belonging to ifnaguard. the fbi says it's doing what it can to control the damage. the hackers also claim responsibility for hacking pbs and sony. video game giant nintendo is trying to figure out how hackers got into their system. no personal or company information was lost. no word on who or what group was behind that attack.
5:20 am
a massachusetts family is reunited after last week's massive tornado. this is shad tkoerbgs a char pay puppy. he was inside his munson home when the tornado hit wednesday. he didn't make it down the stairs in time. neighbors found shadow hiding in the rubble days later no worse for the wear. >> she said he's unhammered. my husband and i broke down crying. we were so happy. we got here. he jumped all over us. and we gave him hugs and kisses and lots of water and food. and he seems pretty okay. >> amazingly, shadow came out of
5:21 am
the rubble with just a scratch. well, this volcano eruption that you're looking at here is the ron thousands of people have evacuated their homes in chile. wow. pretty frightening. 3,500 families are staying in shelters this morning. authorities are also shut down a heavily traveled border into argentina because of the falling ash. chile's chain of 2,000 volcanos is the second largest after indonesia. >> summer bummer for children. four kiddy pools in the district will be closed because of a pool drain recall. those kiddy pools are harry thomas, ramly, upshur while officials wait for new drains to arrive. there's a recall due to a risk that swimmers could possibly get trapped in the drain covers. kiddy pools cannot open until these new lid covers are installed. but the regular pools will remain open. all right.
5:22 am
pool weather approaching very soon. we had some beautiful weather. now the humidity is creeping back up. hi, tom. >> yeah. but not not going to be too humid. good morning on this monday morning. that's a live picture there from the city camera. temperatures are pleasant as we start off this monday. right now in the upper 60s in washington and near the bay. prince george's, low 60s to near 60 there, as well as montgomery and fairfax counties. arlington, upper 60s. parts of southern maryland, lower eastern shore in the 60s. away from the waters. and there is that hazy sky on this monday morning. just a few clouds around to our east. and here's your day planner. we'll have our sunrise in about 20 minutes. by 9:00, should be in the mid-70s. by noon time, mid-80s. midafternoon, mid-80s. lots of sun. not too heavy. 60s by dawn tomorrow. here's how the rest of the week is looking. highs reaching near 90. lots of sun but not very humid.
5:23 am
the humidity does build on wednesday and thursday. steamy days both days. highs reaching the upper 90s by midafternoon. and hazy sunshine. then the end of the week we'll get a break from the heat as well as over the weekend as we'll get a front coming in that's going to sort of stall out, as it does giving us passing showers each day friday, saturday, and sunday with highs in the 80s to near 90. morning lows in the 60s to near 70. now let's check traffic on this monday morning. how are we doing now, jerry? >> tom, doing pretty well. drive along canal, fox hall road, g.w. parkway, clear. everything that side of town very quiet so far. moving along very nicely. light volume of traffic there. we are picking up some volume top side of the beltway as you travel between college park and silver spring. road work on the outer loop. should be wrapped up. there's the outer loop from new hampshire to university boulevard and beyond. inner loop of the beltway moving
5:24 am
along pretty well so far. if you're headed out to catch a train, good news all the way around with no delays metro, vre or marc. joe, eun. >> thank you, jerry. up to nowitski. nowitski spins. fake. shot won't go. and miami pulls on and takes game 3. >> if you missed game 3 of the nba finals last night, you missed another exciting finish. the miami heat edged the dallas mavericks, 88-86. now they hold a 2-1 lead in the best of seven series. game 4 is tomorrow night in dallas. that game was exciting, but it may not have been quite as crazy as yesterday's nationals/diamondbacks game. jason marquis and the manager were thrown out of the game after marquis hit an arizona batter. then the diamondbacks manager and one of their relief pitcher were also ejected for the same thing. consider the game's ending, first career grand slam home run
5:25 am
went extra innings to help washington win, 9-4. nice ending. >> attention, men, how are your suits holding up? may want to hold on to them a bit longer because they're about to cost more. the reason of all things, bad weather in australia. australia is the world's largest wool producer. flooding, followed by droughts there, have caused wool price to double there. the impact is already being felt at retailers. hugo boss may have to adjust prices. price may go up by the end of the year because of wool price. may have to go back to the old polyester. sweet. really nice. would you like to have lunch with billionaire investor warren buffett? >> could you afford to have lunch with him? an on-line charity auction to have lunch with mr. buffett. glide is an anti-poverty group
5:26 am
in san francisco that was the favorite of his late wife susan. this auction kicked off last night. minimum bid, $25,000. you had to be prequalified to bid. you have to dig very deep for the cash. the auction had four bidders but the high bid was over a million dollars. >> wow. >> last year's winner paid over $2 million for the honors. the auction ends friday night. but if you get some good tips from warren buffett, it may be well worth it. >> i'm out of the bidding, that's for sure. >> the newly weds canceled a meeting with arnold tphald schwarzenegg schwarzenegger. they were going to meet with the former governor during their visit to los angeles last month. once word got out about his affair with the housekeeper, they canceled the plans. schwarzenegger said there was never a meeting scheduled. 5:26 is the time. the announcement that's big enough to bring steve jobs back to the stage.
5:27 am
plus, revising history. how sarah palin is explaining a confusing comment about paul revere. >> a firefight. >> a [ male announcer ] washington, d.c.
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in the line of fire. this morning a growing number of people are keeping a close eye on a fast-moving wildfire. plus, the man at the center of a d.c. hiring probe will testify today about the serious allegations he made against mayor vincent gray. good morning. i'm eun yang. good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. welcome to news 4 today. it's monday, the 6th of june. as we take a live look outside, we have 65 degrees in the nation's capital. still a little hazy out there. going to start to feel more like summer later this week but a nice day today, tom >> so far this year i have not used the "o" word, oppressive. >> are you going to break it out? >> i'm about to break it out. by mid week, big heat and big humidity. enjoy this break of high heat and humidity. 67 at reagan national. prince george's county, low 60s. arlington county is in the upper
5:31 am
60s. fairfax county now most locations mid-60s. montgomery county, near 60 degrees. upper 50s to near 60 in the north. around the bay, around the waters, upper 50s to near 60. right on the waters, mid-60s. off to a mostly clear start. clouds to the easement a little bit of haze in the air. patchy fog in some of the rural areas. and we'll have our sunrise here in about 12 minutes. and we'll have by noon time, 80 degrees. by midafternoon it will be in the low to mid-80s. not very humid today. and it looks like we'll keep the humidity at bay here at least for another day. we'll take a look at your night planner. that will be coming up in about 10 minutes at 5:41. let's check traffic now on this monday morning. jerry, how are we doing now? >> picking up a little volume well into the 5:00 hour as we head out over on the beltway. through the work zone, inner loop leaving springfield. sharp curve headed to and beyond
5:32 am
braddock, up to i-66. volume only. through lanes are open. outer loop, pretty much the same situation. nothing blocking. lanes are open both ways. south of town to the woodrow wilson bridge between alexandria and oxen hill. into town or out of the district through southeast, along the sousa, both directions looking okay. out to catch a train, good news all the way around. metro, vre, marc, no delays >> out in arizona, firefighters are battling one of the state's largest wildfires ever. crews from across the country are there to help. the fire scorched more than 144,000 acres since it began last week. rising smoke can be seen from more than 150 miles away in southern colorado. the fire is continuing -- contributing to changing the weather conditions in the area. >> the air the last few days has been in excess of 30,000 feet. when you have something that large with that much heat it kind of generates its own weather.
5:33 am
>> that's mazing. authorities ordered neighboring evacuations in neighboring communities. melting snow and rain have crews trying to keep back massive flood anything iowa. reservoiring are nearly full, so the army corps of engineers is opening flood gates to release excess flow. many homeowners are trying to protect their property with sandbags. others are getting evacuation orders to leave. several midwest states are under a flood emergency. a former d.c. mayor. >> ally: candidate will testify before the d.c. council about his allegations against mayor vincent gray's administration. derrick, good morning. >> reporter: well, he's been hired and fired and remained elusive. and now his silence may end, at least his local silence, about the hiring and campaign
5:34 am
practices of the gray administration. suleman brown may end his silence about allegations he was paid by the gray administration to keep up attacks on then incumbent mayor adrian fenty. many orders have surfaced. earlier on brown talked about having dna evidence that proves he was, indeed, paid by the gray administration. there's a three-way race between brown, fenty and gray. brown said the gray campaign paid him to keep up attacks on the incumbent. then, after gray's victory, gave him a six-figure job for his troubles. the point person on hiring saying brown got a job in the health care finance agency because of his qualifications but he was let go after further vetting. it's raised enough of a dust up to get a u.s. attorney involved. so far the city council has been out of that equation as far as brown is concerned that. changed last week when he was
5:35 am
called before a judge and agreed to appear today before mary khaeu's committee on government operations. that committee will be looking into executive hiring practices of the gray administration starting at 1:00 p.m. in an interesting aspect of this there has been an agreement brown will not be kept past 7:00 p.m. live at the wilson building. now back to you. >> derrick, thanks very much. also today, the district's attorney general will discuss his office's investigation into harry thomas. tim day, who ran against thomas in last year's election, accused the council member of running a fake non-profit organization. he claims thomas has been raising money for team thomas for years but that he has never disclosed who his donors are or said how the money is being spent. the group isn't registered as a nonprofit with the irs. day is trying to run a smear campaign against him, he says. in the day ahead, the former chief of the international monetary fund will be in court. dominic strauss-kahn is accused of sexually assaulting a hotel
5:36 am
maid in new york city. he is expected to plead not to attempted rape, sexual abuse and other charges. strauss-kahn is on house arrest. he resigned from the imf after his arrest last month. a man is in jail charged with drunk driving on route 210 in fort washington. it killed three people. police say a black gmc yukon hit the back of a gray mazda. the impact of the crash threw two women from the car, killing both of them. investigators identified them as 55-year-old jean johnson skp 55-year-old gwendolyn denvy. the driver could face additional charges. this morning divers will be back in the water looking for a 21-year-old swimmer. he disappeared friday night. he presumably drowned in the reservoir. he was swimming with two others near route 97 when the water got really deep pretty fast.
5:37 am
rescuers say he panicked and another swimmer tried to save him but couldn't. officials remind everyone that swimming is not allowed in the reservoir in that area. an announcement from apple later today that could turn out to be their next big thing. so big that they are bringing out the big guy to make the announcement. apple ceo steve jobs has been on medical leave for months but today he will return to center stage to take the wraps off what could be apple's next big seller. analysts expect the new product to be called the i-cloud that will let's people stream music they bought to any apple device. it is seen as a service from cloud from amazon to google. 5:37, 64 degrees. the critter that is to blame for knocking out power to more than 1,000 people. >> from the hudson to the highway. where the miracle plane hit a bump in the road and will it
5:38 am
will swing through our area
5:39 am
5:40 am
our time right now is 5:40. we have 66 degrees here in the nation's capital with some hazy skies out there this morning. welcome back to news 4 today. that's right. although we are going to enjoy a couple more days before the humidity starts coming in. meteorologist tom kierein has the latest on our forecast. good morning to you, tom. >> enjoy the break while you can.
5:41 am
good morning. we are starting off with a little bit of summer-like haze in the air. live picture from sky watcher showing haze over northeast washington in the foreground off in the distance is prince george's county. over that haze we have a mostly clear sky as we start off this monday morning. temperatures around much of the region in the low and mid-60s. and in some of the rural areas, a little bit of patchy fog, near 60 degrees. mid morning, mid-70s with lots of sunshine. by noon time up around 80 degrees. we'll have a few clouds in and out during the afternoon. highs reaching the low and mid-80s. not a humid day. still fairly pleasant. sunset 8:30. that's getting later and later as we approach the summer solstice. overnight, mostly clear. by this time tomorrow morning, back down into the low and mid-60s as we start off tuesday morning. big heat building later this week. a look at that and the weekend at 5:51. jerry, how's traffic?
5:42 am
. increase in volume on i-270. usual spots as you head south route 80, continue to go 109. volume only. pockets, congestion. no accidents or incidents to report. very good use there. good news continues as we head over into the district along connecticut avenue. calvert street bridge. light volume of traffic. light volume this morning. over on 95, virginia, loading up rapidly as you begin the commute north from dunnfries. even the hovs picking up a little volume along the way. however, it is just that, just volume. out to catch a train, good to go with one minor exception, medical emergency on frederick 300. other than that, metro, marc, no delays. joe, eun. >> thank you, jerry. >> thanks, jerry. 5:42. ahead, a crime alert. criminals preying on people using a new trail. why 911 operators are having a
5:43 am
hard time helping the victims. >> you know, he who warned of the -- the british they weren't going to be taking away our arms. also, revere. the explanation from sarah palin about her head scratching history lesson. and what is believed to be the source of the deadly
5:44 am
today is not about finding the time to do your homework. it's not about logging on to this week's class. today is a celebration, a triumph of dedication, a victory for that little voice that urges us on. today is a day to recognize that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, and to prove that not all heroes wear a cape.
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good morning. welcome back. german officials expect to get test results back on the deadly e. coli outbreak. vegetable sprouts caused the deadly outbreak in europe. they came from an organic farm in northern germany. it has been since shut down. at least 22 deaths are blamed on the e. coli. 2,200 people have gotten sick, including four americans. those americans got sick after traveling to germany.
5:47 am
in decision 2012, the field of republican presidential contenders will likely grow today. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum is expected to announce he's running for president. the 52-year-old opposition to abortion, gay marriage and embryonic stem cell research makes him a favorite among conservatives. he used to be the senate number 3 republican but he's been out of office since 2007. he's expected to be in a republican debate in new hampshire next week. sarah palin insists she did not mess up american history when she recounted the famous ride of paul revere. >> you know, he warned the british they weren't going to be taking away our arms by ringing those bells and making sure as he was riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be secure and we were going to
5:48 am
be free. >> that was palin last week on her east coast bus tour. the historical paul revere house website tells a different story. it said the famous ride was a secret mission that british troops were marching to arrest them. palin told chris wallace sunday, quote part of his ride was to warn the british that were already there, that, hey, you're not going to succeed, you're not going to take american arms, you are not going to beat our own well-armed persons, individual, private militia we had. she went on to say, he did warn the british. this morning we're learning how much closer john edwards came to a plea deal in the allegations that he illegally used campaign money. he pleaded not guilty. federal prosecutors say he used campaign money to hide his affair with staffer rielle
5:49 am
hunter, a rip that resulted tphpb out of-wedlock child. in plea negotiations, sources say he wanted the case to have minimal impact on his two younger children. the justice department offered a deal only if he agreed to serve six months in prison but edwards would not agree to any time behind bars. get ready for more police are looking into a string of assaults along the metro branch hiking/biking trail in northeast washington. specifically in a mile and a half stretch in d.c. megan mcgrath has more on these incidents. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, there are a number of different locations where you hop on the met branch trail. we're near catholic university. you can rent a bike, hop on the trail and go all the way to union station on this location. if you do that, though, police are warning you to be extra careful, to go out with other
5:50 am
people. perhaps don't use the trail by yourself. that's because of a string of incidents that occurred the last several weeks along the trail. a number of people have been assaulted and robbed in a mile and a half stretch of the trail that runs between new york avenue and rhode island avenue. police are not sure whether the same person is responsible for whether we have a number of individuals who are taking advantage of the isolated nature of this trail. the trail is eight miles long, running from silver spring to union station. it runs along the b&o railroad tracks. there are areas rather isolated. wooded areas, areas with high brush and spots with just not a lot of activity. these are areas where the assaults have been occurring. police not sure if they have more than one individual involved. one of the victims was tased by their a taerbg. another victim claims she was robbed and her arm was reason, her wrist broken in that attack. certainly a disturbing situation. this has been going on the last
5:51 am
couple weeks. police are working on it. they're asking people in the meantime to be very careful. >> megan, thank you. 5:50 our time. today air france begins a new daily service from washington to paris using the largest passenger airplane in the world. the airbus a-380. the first flight of the super jumbo a-380 will arrives at dulles from paris. it features two passenger decks and 538 seats. air france says it is combining two flights into one with the larger jet saving 20% in operating costs. a former inaugural celebration of the flights is planned for june 16th. today the plane that made the emergency landing in the hudson river will make its way through maryland to its final destination. at 10:00 this morning, the miracle on the hudson plane will cross the delaware memorial bridge. the plane has hit one bump in the road. the flat-bed truck hauling it became stuck. it took out streetlights and
5:52 am
part of a fence so the truck could move through. that was in new jersey. it will head west on interstate 70 and 68 into west virginia. the plane is on its way to north carolina where it will be on display at an aviation museum. that would be quite a sight to see for sure. >> and you don't want to take too many corners. >> no. it's not going to go on any major highways as you can imagine. >> it will go on major highways. it will stay off major streets. >> got you. all right. >> the interstates, it will go 70, 68 through the western maryland notice. >> can you imagine, though? traffic will build up just so people can stop and see the plane. >> i would want to get out there and see it. here's tom with a look at the forecast. >> good morning. we've got a beautiful sunrise under way right now. it's not sweltering humidity. wait for that. that's coming mid week. right now radar scanning the sky. no precipitation around.
5:53 am
a little bit of patchy fog in rural areas. off to a cool and pleasant start. right now at reagan national airport, 67 degrees. prince george's, low six. a little bit of patchy fog in maryland, virginia. montgomery near 60. fairfax county, most locations in the mid-60s. shenandoah, points west, in the 50s. much of western maryland and into west virginia. while around the bay, eastern shore, most locations in the 60s now. over the last 12 hours, upper level flow out of the north and west, bringing in high pressure that's going to be over us giving us sunshine for the next couple days with only a bit of humidity in the air. not very humid. and then, though, that humidity is going to be building as the day progresses. there is the view from tower camera. that sun beginning to flood the eastern sky with sunlight. by 9:00, mid-70s. mid-80s by afternoon. tonight mostly clear.
5:54 am
70s in the evening. by dawn tomorrow, low 60s. it's going to heat up tuesday. not very humid, up around 90. it will get very humid, oppressive humidity. both days into the upper 90s. but then by the end of the week and into the weekend, a break from the high heat. passing showers and thunderstorms each day friday, saturday, sunday. >> tom, certainly increasing volume. that's bit. no major accidents. any overnight road work that could cause you some issues. as far as we can tell, it's been picked up. north from the beltway en route to shirlington, a little bit of volume. minimal traffic light delays to bladensburg road and sluggish through the work zone, florida avenue third street tunnel. see how we're progressing eastbound route 50, toll boothe. westbound toward annapolis,
5:55 am
smooth saling all the way around. still have one problem on vre, fredericksburg 300. slightly delayed. they delays marc or metro. >> thanks, jerry. 5:54. a group of hackers is targeting a fbi partner organization. ill stole and leaked 180 passwords belonging to infraguard, it shares information about physical and online threats to the united states. the fbi is doing what it can to control the damage. they claimed responsibility for hacking pbs and sony. nintendo is trying to figure out how someone got into its system. there's no word on who or what group was behind that attack. transportation secretary ray lahood will join department employees who bike to work. the agency funds major bicycle and pedestrian friendly projects across the country. last year his agency offered a
5:56 am
new bicycle commuting benefit to its employees. heads-up if you take the 14th street bridge to work. your commute could get trickier this week. crews will begin setting up for the new configuration late tomorrow night. the project should be completed this fall. the construction zone will shift to the right center lane of the north half of the bridge. through lanes routed to the left. and one lane to the right. you will also want to plan extra time if you're taking the inner loop of the beltway late at night through alexandria. all northbound lanes will be closed near i-95 intersection because of work on the hot lanes project. traffic will be detoured on edsell road. the lanes will be closed every night from 11:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. >> pepco's continued work on repairing underground cables in northeast washington means some road closures this morning. 1st street between l and m will be closed as the pier street between north capital and 1st
5:57 am
street. a section of curb lane at the intersection of l will also be closed through the morning rush hour. crews are working to repair cables that lost power last week. a little squirrel caused big problems in bethesda, knocking out power to more than 1,200 customers yesterday morning. officials say just after 11:00 yesterday, a squirrel found its way into one of pepco's substations and knocked a feeder line off-line. probably misinterpreted the line that said feeder line. the outage was brief. pepco restored power about 20 minutes later. the squirrel is still at large but still has a lot of questions. what did i bite into? >> a little thing causing that many problems. who knew? all right. it is now 5:57. coming up next at 6:00 a.m., the new gig for katie couric. and the recall that will prevent some pools in the area from completely opening today. let's take a live look outside right now. 65 degrees.
5:58 am
sun in the skies. hazy skies. but a couple more nice days before the humidity sets in. we'll be right back with weather and traffic on the 1s. stay with us.
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