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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  June 7, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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breaking news. a police shooting early this morning at haines point. why park police say they opened fire. >> i brought pain to people i care about the most, people who believed in me. and for that i'm deeply sorry. >> new york congressman anthony wiener refuses to resign after admitting to sending lewd photos to women. good morning. welcome to news 4 today. i'm eun yang. >> good morning to you. i'm joe krebs on this tuesday, the 7th day of june. live look outside. 68 degrees now. comfortable at this hour. you can see the miss in the air. looks like the humidity may be headed our way along with some heat, right, tom? >> it's sultry. upper 50s and low 6 0s throughout much of the region. right now 69 at reagan national. near the bay, it's a bit milder.
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away from the waters, only near 60 degrees. quite a cool and comfortable start. montgomery, fairfax, arlington counties. farther west we're in the 50s in many locations of western maryland and west virginia. and right around the bay, southeastern virginia mid and upper 60s. a few high clouds streaming from the north. those will be with us into the afternoon where we will have an air quality alert for the afternoon. code orange. heart or respiratory ailment stay inside. the sun is up over washington. live picture from tower camera. by 9:00, near 80. by noon time, mid-80s. ought to peak in the upper 80s and low 90s by midafternoon. we're going to be about 10 degrees warmer than average this afternoon. a look at the night planner at 6:11. now let's check traffic for this tuesday morning. how is it looking 1234. >> following breaking news. chopper 4 over the scene of the
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accident. it will affect your commute from 198 westbound on the ramp to go southbound along had i-95. very carefully to the left side of your screen you can see the police tape. the call originally came out as a car fire. right now the ramp from 198 westbound to southbound i-95 is closed. we'll keep you updated on that. news 4 megan mcgrath is headed to the scene and she'll have details coming up shortly. i-95, though, the lanes are open. should not affect your commute. southbound what will affect your commute is the sunshine before too long. lanes open from any overnight road work. still construction going on from time to time. median strip kicking up a lot of dust. let's head over and see how we're doing. drive north of town so far so good. college park to silver spring. one more stop this go round.
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66 to roosevelt bridge, wide open. no delays. headed out to catch a train, metro, vre, marc, no delays. eun? >> breaking news from southwest washington. a u.s. park police officer opened fire early this morning shooting a man at haines point. tracee wilkins is live with more on what happened. good morning, tracee. >> reporter: haines point is shut down. know if this is where you come to work out in the morning, used to bike riding or running through the park, they have it closed as they continue their investigation here. this actually happened just up the way from where this fence is at parking lot 10. 1:00 a.m., park police were closing the park when they encountered a man sitting inside his vehicle. police say he immediately became confrontational and was bran dishing a weapon. police fired, shooting the suspect. he survived. at this point there's still lots of questions. why was this man inside the
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park? police say he was there by himself. why did he have a weapon? all of these questions will be part of the investigation. tracee wilkins live at haines point. back to you all in the studio. >> tracee, thanks very much. congressman anthony weiner's political future is in question. calls for an ethics investigation after he knitted he took sexually suggestive pictures and sent them online to a women. kimberly suiters joins us with the new revelations. >> reporter: good morning, the congressman said he never met them in person but reached out and touched them personally through social media. his tweets suddenly stopped last wednesday. that's one of the days he said those lewd pictures did not belong to him. >> i made it very clear i did not send pictures and my twitter account had been hacked. >> it was a regrettable and
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shameful lie to hide what he had done. he served as democrat in congress the last 12 years and with an eye on running for mayor of new york city one day he's making two things clear now. he will not step down from office. those photos belong to no one else. >> i haven't told the truth. and i've done things i deeply regret. i've brought pain to people i care about the most and people who believed in me. and for that i'm deeply sorry. >> the tearful confession doesn't necessarily end it. even though the congressman wants to frame this as a
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personal failing that doesn't impact his personal work, democratic house speaker nancy pelosi called for an ethics investigation which will likely include talking to the women who received those sexually explicit e-mails and photos. >> we'll see you then. thank you, kimberly. >> 6:06 is the time. president obama will meet with angela merkel today. the chancellor will get a red carpet welcome, including a 19-gun salute. they are expected to discuss unrest in the middle east, the war in afghanistan, and the global economy. she will also be awarded the presidential medal of freedom later tonight. this is the first official visit by a german chancellor since 1995. the public opinion that the president has been riding since the death of osama bin laden has been crashing down because of poor economic news. president obama's approval rating is back down to 47%.
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it's even worse when it comes to the economy. 40% of americans approve of the way he is handling the economy, economic recovery and only a third of the nation approves of his approach to the deficit. on top of that, more than 50% say an economic recovery has not begun and two-thirds of all americans say the country is on the wrong track. and the bad economic news doesn't stop there for the president. the white house top economist goolsby is stepping down. he says he plans to return to his teaching job at the university of chicago. today don't be surprised to see extra police out on the roads in virginia for the next three days state police will be making unannounced safety checks of trucks and buses as part of the annual road check program. this year's safety checks come a week after four people were killed in a bus crash on i-95 in caroline county. state police say driver fatigue caused that accident. the transportation department
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shut down the bus company sky express from because of the accident and a number of other safety violations. a traffic alert. if you take the 14th street bridge, you'll soon see more construction phases. crews will begin setting up for the new configuration tonight. you will see the changes tomorrow morning. the construction zone will shift to the right center lane of the bridge. three will be routed to the left. this is the final phase. it's expected to last four weeks. 6:08 the time. 68 degrees right now. looks like a scene out of a movie about the end of the world. the rare sight caught on camera. the changes the redskins are making to fedex field. why fewer seats will be available the next time you try to buy a ticket. >> temperatures are starting to heat up.
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time for weather and traffic on the 1s. 6:11 on this tuesday morning. good morning. we have temperatures pleasant and comfortable now. but it's going to warm up about 30 degrees in many locations right now it's near 60. but it will be warm to go near 90 or higher by later this afternoon. right now sun's up on a mostly clear sky. live picture from sky watcher tower camera overlooking northeast washington in the
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distance. by 9:00, upper 70s. quite a bit of sun. a few high clouds as we peak in the low 90s. average high is 82. poor air quality this afternoon. then overnight tonight a warm evening under a clear sky. by dawn, near 70. more heat and humidity tomorrow. we'll take a look at that end of the week and the weekend at 6:21. how is traffic, jerry? >> continuing following breaking news in laurel, maryland. chopper 4 over the scene. vehicle fire on the ramp from 198 westbound to go south on i-95 in laurel. when authorities arrived on the scene they discovered a body inside the vehicle. right now the investigation is just getting under way. the ramp from westbound 198 to go south on 195 is closed off. take eastbound ramp. this is not affecting traffic itself. just the ramp from westbound 198
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to southbound i-95. again, the investigation just getting under way. megan mcgrath is headed to the scene will they will be with us with some additional details on the incident here. let's head over and take a live look and see how the commute is going. remnants of an accident 95 northbound. still squeezing that right lane. they're just about ready to wrap it up. unfortunately because the accident has been there a couple minutes it is jamming things up early out of dale city. after that, usual delays. one more stop this go round. loaded up through southeast this morning. branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue. sousa bridge seem to be doing okay once you get there. head out and check your trains so far. still a good morning. metro, vre, marc, no delays. joe, eun. >> jerry, thanks. 6:13, 68 degrees. out of this world experience for local school students. why they will be part of the final shuttle mission. and the anything changes
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you'll notice the next time you he
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6:15, we are following two developing stories right now. thousands are evacuating their homes from a pair of natural disasters. a growing wildfire is burning out of control. it scorched 360 square miles many rugged terrain, high winds, lightning and hot temperatures only making conditions worst. this is the third largest wildfire. smoke and haze in five states, including iowa. in iowa, the army corps of engineers is scrambling to reinforce a levy. the levy protecting hamburg, iowa is not holding up. it is trying to raise it five feet now and they are erecting a secondary barrier in case the levy is, in fact, breached. . german officials still do not know the source of a deadly
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e. coli outbreak. so far the outbreak has killed 22 people and have made 2300 others sick. european union will hold emergency meetings today. they are assessing whether to warn soldiers from eatinging local produce from german commissaries. court documents reveal what happened in the hours before a mother and her baby were found dead in prince george's county. 39-year-old richmond phillips is charged with the death of wright and manslaughter for the death of her baby. a surveillance video captured phillips talking with wright at a park bench for seven hours. she was found shot to death in the woods nearby. the two were scheduleded to be in court for a child support hearing just hours after their meeting. after the murder police say phillips moved wright's suv. they later found it with wright's baby inside who died of heat exposure.
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. a fairfax county elementary school will be closing its tkaorg according to the washington examiner. fairfax county schools had planned to shut down clifton elementary at the end of the year due to declining enrollment and the high cost of renovations. parents upset sued to keep the school open. parents of clifton students are urged to check boundary maps for new school assignment. high school students are flying high after their science experiment will head out of this world. they will start with five seeds in oasis material and find out whether it will germinate fastener space. >> future possible space
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colonization. what do you have to manipulate. what do you need to have it be a good crop in a microgravity environment. >> it is expected to launch next month. the experiment will come back for analysis and their final report. there's a good chance their graduate level paper will get published. tailgaters at redskins games will soon be able to take the party inside. according to the "washington post", s the team is adding two party decks to the upper level end zones to fedex field. some fans noticed thousands of seats being removed the last few weeks. an official announcement is expected soon. >> pitchers took the top five spots. one of them a local star. bethesda native and stand-out pitcher danny holdson with the number two pick. no local player has ever been
6:20 am
taken as number one pick. posted 11 wins this year in uva's all-time leader in wins and strikeouts. nationals were hoping he would fall to their pick at number six but gladly took the top third baseman instead. rendon was projected to be first at one point. he has power at the plate and a future gold glove winner. last year's number one pick is stirring the pot in the minor leagues. he hit a solo home run. he slowed rounded the bases. harper blew a kiss to the pitcher of the grass hoppers. and there it it was. probably means he will get smacked on the kisser next time he gets into the batter's box. >> too much too often do you think? >> there have been issues like that in his career before.
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a volcano is causing a mess in south america. check this out. the ash plume explodes with beautiful lightning making for a very color sight. now all that ash is settling down from the streets and the resorts in the area. snowplows, ash plows. >> wow. amazing photos. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. some changes we may not like, tom. >> summer lovers are rejoicing. temperatures will be getting way above average by later this afternoon. right now it's pleasant. upper 60s in washington. right near the bay. elsewhere, away from the waters, near 60. nearby counties of prince joran's, arlington, fairfax, near 60 degrees. there's the setup. as we're looking toward the left corner of the horizon, rosslyn.
6:22 am
just a few high clouds overhead. temperatures by 9:00 near 80 by noon time. mid-80s midafternoon. mid to rather upper 80s to low 90s. and then mid and upper 90s on wednesday and thursday with increased humidity and haze. and then on friday, a bit cooler. could get showers and storms into the weekend, passing showers and thunderstorms are possible. cooler, though. highs 80s to near 90. chopper 4 remains over the scene. this is happening on the ramp from route 198 to go south on i-95 in laurel. a vehicle fire. they discovered a body inside the car. now, according to state police the investigation just getting under way right now. what this means traffic-wise, no access on the ramp from route 198 westbound to go on to 95 southbound. you have to use the eastbound
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ramp. it is not affecting traffic on i-95. just the ramp right now. news 4 megan mcgrath is headed to the scene. she will be joining news just a short time with additional details on the police investigation there. head over to other cameras and other problems. i-95 northbound in virginia. remnants of the accident over to the shoulder here near the prince william parkway. pretty hefty backup even with the travel lanes open. good news there. after that, some usual delays up towards springfield. maryland side, had i-270, pretty much the same story. relatively minor slowdowns. sporadic delays. northbound looking good. travel lanes open. checking the trains this morning. good to go all the way around with no delays metro, vre or marc. joe, eun. >> 6:23, 69 degrees. the new plan for metro to get all of those broken down escalators back up and running. scenic route through the
6:24 am
area for the miracle on the hudson plane. how you can get a glimpse of it or avoid getting stuck behind it, whatever you want to do.
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in it is. the world's biggest passenger airplane. the air france a-380. the largest commercial aircraft flies daily from dulles to paris. the plane is huge, needless to say. nearly a football field in length and includes two passenger decks with four cabin classes. luxury first class offers full beds and changing rooms. >> wow. >> the plane requires a staff of 22 flight attendants. and it has a basement. >> nice. that is a huge plane. the plane that landed in the hudson river is on its way to an
6:28 am
aviation museum in charlotte, north carolina. it's travelinging on a massive flatbed tractor trailer truck and trying to avoid overpasses. once it reaches the baltimore area, it will head west on interstate 70 and 68 into west virginia and onto interstate 79. >> wonder if it still has seats in it? >> that would be a different view from the windows, right? good seat, though. >> probably the same snacks. >> 6:28, 68 degrees. the local church that changed allegiance from the archbishop canter bury to rome. when temperatures will be in the 90s again.
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breaking news. right now haines point is closed for the investigation of a police shooting early this morning. why park police say they opened fire. new york congressman anthony weiner said he did, in fact, send a lewd photo to a woman and said he did it more than once. one woman is coming forward talking about her sex sting relationship with the congressman. good morning. i'm joe krebs. i'm eun yang for this tuesday, june 7th, 2011. 68 degrees.
6:32 am
still pleasant right now but temperatures are going to heat up later today. a heat wave is on the way. being outside will become both uncomfortable and dangerous. >> tom has joined us. a little hazy already. >> early heat waves. we're not used to it yet. the human body have not adapted to this kind of heat. usually by mid summer we do get adapted but not this early in the season. it's pleasant. it's near 60 in the suburbs and rural areas. closer to washington, mid and upper 60s as well as near the chesapeake bay. parts of shenandoah, we're in the 50s this morning. a few high clouds streaming from the north. it will be with us from time to time. a cluster of rain coming into northern pennsylvania. in addition, poor air consult this afternoon. there's some of the high clouds
6:33 am
passing over the region. sky watcher, virginia, arlington in the middle distance. by 9:00, near 80. by noon time, mid-80s. a look at the night planner at 6:41. how is traffic now, jerry? >> we continue to follow breaking news in laurel, maryland. may gran just arrived to the scene. what's the latest on i-95 near 198. >> this is a problem for folks trying to go southbound on 95 from the laurel area. here you can see the roadblocked. this is from westbound 198, the ramp lead to go southbound 195. it is completely closed with police activity. the reason, we have a car here on the ramp a little further down the road here. you can see the police vehicles. they're there underneath the overpass. just a little bit beyond that point there is a vehicle that was on fire this morning. when police responded to check
6:34 am
things out, that's when they discovered a body inside that vehicle. now, exactly what happened very unclear. still a lot of unanswereded questions. not sure whether the person was killed in the fire, whether they were already dead and the car was set on fire afterwards. all of that is unclear. what we can tell you, though, is there is a person inside that vehicle. the investigation ongoing. until they wrap up that investigation this ramp is going to be closed. so certainly it's going to have an impact on traffic. with more on that, back to you. >> chopper 4 over the scene from 198 to go west on i-95 southbound. does remain closed. top side of your screen you can see the burned out car. the ramp from 198 to go south on 95. east auto bound is accessible. very easy workaround. and the lanes on 95 both directions open. not affecting i-95 traffic.
6:35 am
we will keep you updated throughout the morning. northern virginia, 95, northbound, prince william parkway, remnants of an accident in the left lane completely over to the shoulder. pretty hefty backup to dale city. one more stop. head over and take a look. 270 bogging down in a couple spots. hyattstown, germantown. out on the rails, good news all the way around. metro, vre, marc, no delays. jerry, thanks so much. 6:35. breaking news in southwest washington. a u.s. park police officer opened fire early this morning shooting a man at haines point. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. u.s. park police say this man was armed. that's what led to the shooting. you can see they have the gate closed. only police officers are allowed through the gate right now.
6:36 am
anyone who comes to work out, know they have this park closed off for now as they continue the investigation. it's happening just around the corner at parking lot 10:00. they were closing this park as they routinely do when they encountered a man sitting inside a vehicle. police say he immediately became confrontational. he was transported by helicopter to medstar. they say he was in the vehicle alone. tracee wilkins live at haines point. >> tracee, thank you. police are going door to door in herndon to warn people about a sexual assault. several his panic people live there and don't speak english.
6:37 am
investigators say she woke up to find a man in her bedroom. police are asking anyone with any information on this incident to call them immediately. >> this morning d.c. council member harry thomas jr. denies allegations he used money meant for children to finance a lavish lifestyle. according to the suit, thomas secretly diverted $300,000 in city money meant for youth baseball programs. he's used of spending cash on golf outings at pebble beach and los angeles and an audi suv. former d.c. candidate suleman brown has a week to provide documents against current mayor vincent gray. brown testified under oath for the first time now gray paid him to attack mayor fenty during the 2010 election. despite the seriousness the
6:38 am
hearing was somewhat chaotic. he was combative while answering questions. >> you're an attorney. this is june of 2010. this is june 2011. and i started the race in may or june of 2009. >> that's correct. >> you're asking me to remember something like it was yesterday is disingenuous on your part. >> however, a week ago, a week ago from that date you remember that conversation apparently very vividly. >> i remember when i was born as well. >> some council members broke out into laughter at times. and marion berry said it's unlike any hearing ease been a part of. metro is preparing its budget proposal and wants to attack the problems with escalators and elevators. it's planning to assign 10 additional employees to work in its maintenance division. the transit agency said it could use 55 more workers, which would cost $7 million.
6:39 am
about one in five are broken. poor maintenance led to so many down escalators and elevators. a bladensburg church is reversing 500 years of history. st. luke's is the first episcopal parrish to accept an unprecedented invitation by pope benedict. the entire congregation of 100 members voted to convert to catholicism. the vatican encouraged an cans to retain their heritage. u.s. click leaders will create an equivalent of a national diocese for anglo-catholics. a black-tie affair at the white house. first, i more relaxing setting. the d.c. restaurant where president obama took angela merkel out to eat. sony unveils its newest innovation. the biggest announcement since playstation 3.
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good morning. comfortably cool. mid-60s with high clouds over
6:43 am
the region. by noon time, mid-80s. sunshine in and out this afternoon. but highs reaching the low 90s. the beginning of a heat wave. night planner, temperatures warm through the evening. near 70 by dawn tomorrow. even hotter tomorrow. how is traffic, jerry? >> miserable. jammed from dale city to the prince william parkly. still on the right shoulder. lanes open. drawing an awful lot of attention. after that, just the usual volumement south of this point really a mess. elsewhere, the trip along i-66 jammed big time into the sunshine out of manassas most of the way to vienna. all travel lanes are open there. sunshine will definitely get you in maryland on the beltway. rockville pike headed east to 95. out on the rails, no delays, metro, vre or marc. good news there. >> 6:43, 68 degrees. the plan to hold a giant dance
6:44 am
party on the national mall. gets your shoes out. the woman on the other end of the con
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6:46 am
i brought pain to people i care about the most and the people who believed in me. and for that i'm deeply sorry. >> it was a tearful public apology congressman anthony
6:47 am
weiner says he takes full responsibility for lying about pictures he posted online. that admission came after a week of heated exchange. after he repeatedly claimed he was the target of hackers. now he admits he did send sally charged photographs to several women. one woman is giving more details about the depth of their relationship. >> they never met in person. this was an online relationship. when he denied the photos were his, a lot of people rolled their eyes. to them it was not surprising that the hacked account excuse was a lie. the more shocking information that the congressman offered in his public confession yesterday is he has e-mailed photos like that and sexed with six women over several years. now, the congressman married a top hillary clinton aide last summer. he confesses the online relationships have overlapped
6:48 am
his marriage. one woman has gone public claiming she shared hundreds of messages and pictures with congressman weiner. the single mom from texas said she told a friend with exchanges and he encouraged her to share the information with the conservative blogger who first published the photos. she also talked with abc news. >> when does the beefcake come? >> i'm not sure when that came, the exact date. >> why did this come? >> i have no idea when that one came. i guess to show me, hey, that's really me. >> megan said she commented hot on one of his speeches on april 20th. she said the congressman immediately reached out to her on facebook. when he lied publicly about the photos she simply chuckled and thought he would have faired better if he said so what. broussard and the other women may be questioned as part of the ethics investigation that house democratic leader nancy pelosi and others are now calling for.
6:49 am
weiner would like to frame the whole thing as a personal failing not a violation of the public trust. >> kimberly, thank you. today president obama will meet with german chancellor angela merkel. she will get a red carpet welcome, including a 19-gun salute. they will talk about the unrest in the middle east, war in afghanistan, and the global economy and she will be awarded the president tkepl medal of freedom during a state dinner later tonight. last night they went to dinner at 1789 in georgetown. the president's approval rating is down to 47%. it's even worse when it comes to the economy. 40% of americans approve of the way he's handling the economic recovery. and only a third of the nation approves of his approach to the deficit. on top of that, 50% say the
6:50 am
economic recovery has not yet begun. two-thirds of all americans say the country is on the wrong track. a key member to president obama's economic team says he is leaving the white house. bertha coombs joins us live with more on this story. good morning. >> reporter: hi. good morning. top white house economist goolsby is stepping down. he is going back to teaching at the university of chicago this fall. it leaves tim geithner as the only original member of the economic team. goolsby has been one of the more visible spokesman on the academy. he thinks the recovery remains on track even after friday's dismal number. sony taking the wraps off its portable gaming device, playstation vita. it will be available by the
6:51 am
holiday shopping season. wi-fi only is $249. it seems like there's nothing this thing can't do. front and back cameras, touch screen, touch pad, motion sensors and gps capability. seeny, meantime, is apologizing for the hacker attacks that took down its online gaming network. about 90% of folks have come back. so they're back to 90% of the prelevels. if that does windows i'm buying two of them. >> can't keep up with all the different gaming devices. main it helps with homework too. >> that would be good. >> if it does windows you can't use your ipad. get ready for a royal visit today. prince henrick will be at the milltech company. it is a waste management and
6:52 am
recycling company that recently made ashburn its american headquarters. speaking of royalty, millions of people around the world saw her wedding gown on tv. well, now you'll have the chance to see it in person. it will go on display in buckingham palace from july 23rd to october 3rd. the dress has a nine foot train and features individual flowers hand cut from lace. if you can make it to the london exhibit, it will also include the veil, tiara, wedding shoes and diamond earrings. should be beautiful. >> it is a beautiful dress. >> what guy would not want to see a train? >> it's not that kind, just for clarification. >> eleanor holmes-norton is working on a national dance day. >> the congresswoman says dancing flashmobs at the jefferson memorial this past month show people want more events down on the mall. she plans to meet with the national park service to talk about bringing more people-related activities to the mall.
6:53 am
she plans to host a national dance day down on the mall on july the 30th. get your boogey shoes on. >> are you going to do tap or more of a salsa kind of guy? >> we'll wait and see. >> tom, this forecast heating up. >> yeah, indeed. this is the beginning of a heat wave. today we'll get about 10 degrees above the average high by later this afternoon. right now it's pleasant to walk the dog and get ready for work and school. right now we're just in the upper 50s in the rural areas of maryland and virginia. closer to washington, nearby suburbs in prince george's county in the low to mid-60s there. meanwhile, montgomery, arlg, 60s. shenandoah valley and parts of western maryland it's in the 50s. a cool 52 at some of the higher elevations. the last 12 hours a few streaks of high cloudiness from the north. a cluster of rain coming into northern pennsylvania.
6:54 am
that's going to be dissipating as the day progresses. here this afternoon, air quality will diminish. code orange for this afternoon. anyone with a heart or respiratory illness, stay inside. it's a live view from sky watcher looking into fairfax county on the horizon is tysons corner. by 9:00, upper 70s. mid-80s by noon time. low 90s by midafternoon. high clouds coming through. then overnight tonight we'll be mostly clear. a warm evening. by dawn tomorrow, near 70. higher heat and higher humidity on wednesday and thursday. with hazy sunshine. friday, though, could get showers and storms in the afternoon with high near 90. more of the same on saturday. bit cooler sunday. chance of showers and storms in the low and mid-80s. eun and joe. >> thanks very much, tom. >> breaking news in laurel, prince george's county where one ramp to 95 is closed due the a deadly car fire. >> this happened on the ramp from westbound 198 to southbound i-95 where news 4's megan
6:55 am
mcgrath joins us. >> reporter: good morning. just a few minutes ago i got an update. new information to give you here. you can still see we have an active investigation. what i'm told is the car involved in this accident is actually off the roadway here on the ramp alongside a wooded area. it burst into flames. a person's body was found inside that vehicle. because state police are not exactly sure what happened, whether there was some sort of an accident that caused the death and the fire or there's something else happened, whether a crime occurred before that then caused the crash, all those answers still unknown. because they don't know the answers to those questions they are treating this as a crime scene. this ramp to southbound 95 is closed and will be for some time. >> very easy work around. eastbound ramp is open. east bound 198. still jammed with the remnants of the accident on the shoulder
6:56 am
at prince william parkway. delays solid. chopper 4, route 50, inside the beltway. no big deals. just volume there. inner loop and outer loop between river road and tysons corner no accidents to report. if you're headed out to catch a train this morning, good news all the way around. metro, vre, marc, no delays. joe, eun. breaking news in southwest washington now. a u.s. park police officer opened fire early this morning shooting a man at haines point. tracee wilkins is live with more on what happened. good morning. >> good morning, eun. u.s. park police say that man was armed and that led to this confrontation that escalated into a shooting. as you can see behind me haines point is closed off. this happened in lot 10, which is just around the corner there. 1:00 a.m., police say they were e closing the park as they
6:57 am
routinely do when they especially countered a man sitting in the vehicle. police fired, shooting the suspect. he survived and was transported by helicopter to medstar. police are still investigating to figure out exactly what he was doing inside this park. they say he was in the vehicle alone. haines point, tracee wilkins live this morning. eun, back to you in the studio. >> tracee, thanks for the update. >> that is news 4 for you. thank you for starting your tuesday with us. >> the the "today" show is next. we'll be right back here tomorrow morning at 4:30. we hope you will join us then. see you tomorrow. >> bye. ♪ i thought it was over here...
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