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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  June 7, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara haurson. it's tuesday, june 7th, 2011. a congressman's confession. anthony weiner admits he sent a number of lewd pictures online. the admission and apology come after weiner denied he had any connection to a suggestive
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photo. some question now if the congressman can keep his job. >> the picture was of me and i sent it. i'm deeply sorry for the pain this has caused my wife, huma, and our family. >> new york congressman anthony weiner admits no one hacked his twitter account. he sent a lewd photo of himself to a college student. then panicked and lied when he realized he accidentally posted it publicly. turns out, it wasn't his first time sexting. >> for the past few years i have engaged in several inappropriate conversations conducted over facebook, twitter and occasionally on the phone with women i have met online. >> reporter: andrew brightbart has broke the story and has more photos he claims are weiner. nbc have not verified them. >> only after a sitting congressman had claimed that his computer system was invaded by a
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hack. >> reporter: how damaging is this to democrats? >> an embarrassment level that is hard for him to maintain public trust. >> are yif you are a donor, are jumping to write him a check. >> reporter: weiner says he will cooperate, but won't step down. the conservative blogger who broke the story about congressman weiner says he has an x-rated picture of the lawmaker. he was accused of hacking weiner's twitter account, he spoke on "today" show just hours ago. >> if anthony weiner decides to make this a jihad against me for his interpretation for him putting me into the situation, you know what, i'll take that as, you said an insurance policy. i don't think i want to put his family through that type of thing. i certainly have it in my possession and i guarantee you
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he would use this against me and the people on the left side of the blogosphere would use this against me. i could have put that out there and his career would have been over today. >> congressman weiner acknowledged me had appropriate contact with six women over three years through twitter and facebook and over the phone. and new today a burning car with a body inside has led police to shut down a ramp to i-95 this morning as they investigate. the car was found early this morning on the exit ramp from mile 198 west to i-95 south in laurel. that's where megan mcgrath joins us live this morning on the investigation. >> this investigation has been going on since about 4:00 this morning. you can see state troopers still here on the scene. the accident itself is just around this curve down a little ways. now, we're seeing a big problem in terms of traffic here. these are the oversize trucks that are not able to make the detour.
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the detour sends everybody going into the northbound direction on 995 and then loop around at the next exit. problem is these oversized trucks, these heavy trucks, there's a restricted bridge in the northbound direction. they can't go that way. here they sit until the scene is clean. now, the big question here is exactly what happened. they found a body inside a burning car. was this some sort of an accident or did something else happen and they just don't know at this point. a burning car near the woods along the side of the ramp. a passing motorist called 911. when emergency crews put out the fire, they found a dead body inside. the question, did that person die in some sort of a crash or did something more sinister happen? investigators spent the morning trying to figure that out. >> we're not sure. we're not sure at this point. we have to handle it as something a little more suspicious than perhaps a standard vehicle fire. we don't know all the circumstances that led up to the
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car crash and vehicle fire. >> reporter: the ramp from west 198 to southbound 195 was closed for the morning rush hour. commuters were forced to go north on the interstate and then loop back around. >> it's going to make me late, so, i'm not happy, but, what can you do? >> reporter: what is this doing for your morning? >> it's wrecking it. it's making it very bad. i need to get to a conference, i'm going to be late. but, you know, it is what it is. so, here i am. >> reporter: now, this investigation is being handled by maryland state police. the force, the team that is going to ultimately look into this here, although they have had some assistance from prince george's county. now, in terms of what's going to happen with the traffic. how long this ramp is going to be closed. what we're being told is that they're waiting on the medical examiner's van to arrive here on the scene and they're also waiting on a tow truck. they hope to have things cleared up within the hour so that they
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can start moving some of these heavy trucks out here. but that remains to be seen. all they will say at this point is that this is a death investigation. they won't go beyond that. they're certainly trying to piece together what happened and until they do that, this ramp will remain closed. barbara, back to you. >> thank you, megan. and now to the start of another heat wave out there. the sun is out this morning and the first of several days in the 90s. tom keirien joins us with the forecast. >> yeah, particularly this time of year is tough on the human body to accept this big heat this early in the season. you do have to respect this big heat, if you have to spend much time outside, take frequent breaks and stay as cool as you can. right now we're into the mid-80s in washington. 84 degrees now the nearby suburbs and also low to mid-80s most locations and around the shenandoah valley and into the mountains, there's quite a bit more cloudiness there as a result. temperatures are not quite as
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hot. look at pittsburgh, they had some rain there, it's only 66. hague haguerstown mostly cloudy and so is most of west virginia. that is because of cloudiness of a cluster rolling through pennsylvania this morning and that's heading off to the south. looks like that's going to move into western maryland shortly and then perhaps into west virginia, maybe holding together a few passing showers there and farther east some showers may make it as far east as the blue ridge and shenandoah valley as that system moves through. for the rest of the afternoon around the metro area, high clouds and farther to our west, maybe mountain showers as well as around the shenandoah valley. highs around 90 degrees, maybe a little hotter than that in southern maryland and on the eastern shore. we'll take a look at this heat wave, how much longer it will last and look at the rest of the week and the weekend coming up right up, barbara. >> all right, tom, thank you. police are trying to figure out why a man was armed with a gun in his car in southwest washington. officers were forced to open
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fire early this morning shooting the man at hains point. tracee wilkins reports. >> reporter: they had hains point closed off only allowing official vehicles to go inside. that meant for bikers and runners to turn around at the gates as they try to investigate what led to this confrontation at parking lot ten. at 1:00 a.m. this all unfolded as they were closing the park, yet, and still at this moment, more questions than answers. but what we do know is that u.s. park police say this suspect was armed. do we know why he had the weapon. why he was here by himself? >> that is part of the investigation to determine just what transpired to brought him here to the park and hains point closes at 1:00 in the morning and the routine is to go through the park after locking the gate and making sure everyone is out. when they went through the park, they found a car parked with one occupant in it. nobody else around.
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this person was holding a gun when the officers approached. he requested some assistance and several other officers arrived. the person got out of the car, still holding on to the gun. he refused several commands to drop the gun and ultimately he was shot by the u.s. park police. >> so, you would say that this man was confconfrontational. did he point the gun at the officers? >> i'm not sure what happened as far as the interchanges between the officers on the scene and this person when it happened, but he was armed when the officer shot him. >> and did he fire at any of the officers or any officers injured in this incident? >> i don't know whether he fired or not, but none of our officers were injured. >> the suspect was transported by helicopter to medstar. he is in stable condition and expected to survive. from hains point, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. we'll check the mid-day traffic now and let's say hello to tanya hutchins who is watching the roads for us.
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>> two accidents on the inner loop 66 and the other on the toll road. video of a plane being transported on the highway. going through maryland today. it's been on i-70. there you see it. what a sight to see. we have drivers that are actually following the progress of this plane that landed on the hudson in 2009. it will be on 70 west to west virginia this afternoon. so, this is just quite a sight to see as it is on its way to a museum in north carolina. sully was the pilot there. let's take a look back in our neck of the woods. 95 north of van dorn street, we have some construction going on. on the loop at telegraph road and the traffic pattern is changing. only the center lane has access to the local toll road. so, be aware of that. also, 495 at 50, we have some interloop activity there on the right shoulder. stay to the left, if you can. back to you guys. >> okay. thank you. a traffic alert, if you take the 14th street bridge, you'll
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soon see more construction changes. the final phase of the two-year construction project is about to begin. crews will begin setting up for the new configuration tonight. you'll city the changes when you travel on the bridge tomorrow morning. the construction zone will shift to the right center lane of the d.c. side of the bridge. three lanes will be routed to the left and one lane to the right. this final phase is expected to last about four weeks. and today don't be surprised to see extra police out on the roads in virginia. for the next three days state police will make unannounced safety checks of trucks and buses as part of its annual road check program. this year's safety checks come a week after four people were killed in a bus crash. the federal transportation department shut down the bus company, sky express, because of the accident and a number of safety violations. our time is now 11 minutes after 11:00. coming up, president obama is welcoming the german chancellor
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to the white house for a visit that combines both pomp and policy. we'll explain. and beautiful pictures, but is this volcano causing some problems,
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right now german chancellor angela merkel is meeting with president obama at the white house. just about two hours ago the chancellor was given a red carpet welcome complete with a 19-gun salute. merkel and the president are
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expected to discuss unrest in the middle east, the war in afghanistan and the global economy. she will also be awarded the medal of freedom during the state dinner tonight. the first official visit by a german chancellor since 1995. a new poll out this morning in "washington post" shows president obama's numbers are retreating. the president's approval rating is back down to 47%, but it's even worse when it comes to the economy. only 40% of americans approve of the way he's handling the economic recovery and only a third of the nation approves of his approach to the deficit. on top of that, more than 50% say an economic recovery has not begun and nearly two-thirds of all americans say the country is on the wrong track. and the bad economic news doesn't stop there for the president. the white house top economist austan goolsbee says he's stepping down. goolsbee says he plans to return to his teaching job at the
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university of chicago. well, the weather is not helping this developing situation in arizona. firefighters are battling a massive wildfire. the state's third largest ever. winds are expected to pick up again today. the wallow fire in eastern arizona has grown to 365 square miles. roughly 2,500 firefighters from across the country are now there trying to contain the flames. and parts of iowa could be under ten feet of water for weeks if levees fail which is trying to shore up barriers against the bulging missouri river. melting snow and rain is giving all the water no where to go. hundreds of people are now evacuating their homes. water levels for the missouri river haven't been predicted to crest this high since the 1950s. and right now, a volcano eruption in chile is causing a mess across south america. airlines grounded many flights
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in southern argentina because of the ash from the volcano. lightning bolts illuminate the sky. the ash plume explodes with the lightning making for a colorful sight out there, really beautiful. now, all that ash is settling down on the streets of the cities and resort areas, as well, which would be quite a mess to contend with. that's a lot of ash they were just pushing there. >> those volcanoes are awesome to see. but certainly do affect those plumes can go up into the 50,000 feet into the atmosphere and the stratospher stratosphere. showers to our north and west and we're close enough, high cloudiness and there's the illumeinous sky over washington and sun shining through that high cloudiness and it's up to 8 4 at reagan national and still not very humid. dew point at 62 and tomorrow the dew point up around 70 and that means that is sweltering humidity and that is with us here tomorrow. in addition to the heat today, we've got some stagnant air in
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place. we have a poor air quality alert. unhealthy air alert this afternoon. best thing to do is stay inside. look at the temperatures now. else where we're into the low 80s in southern maryland and right near the bay, it's hit the mid-80s and ocean city now 86 degrees. a beautiful day at the beaches and around the bay we're in the low 80s there and farther to our west where the cloud cover is thicker, it's in the 70s. hagerstown at 74. and it's raining up around western pennsylvania. many locations are only near 70 right now. so, quite a difference in the elevation change as you head off to the west. now, here's that cluster of rain giving us this high cloudiness. looks like to our west down to the south and it it holds another, maybe some showers into the shenandoah valley over the next few hours and then that system will be exiting and we have, in general, a large area of low pressure just drifting
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off the coast now. a southwesterly flow around that and as a result more increased humidity and the heat as we get into tomorrow. futurecast going forward over the next 48 hours showing just a few showers in the afternoon and evening hours and by dawn tomorrow, off to a clear start as we start off wednesday morning and then during the day on wednesday maybe a few scattered thundershowers to our west and perhaps to our south and otherwise we'll have hazy sunshine and sweltering humidity and increased heat. that's going to last all the way into thursday. so, for the rest of this tuesday afternoon, those high clouds with us and a few showers in the mountains, as well as the shenandoah valley and then later this evening we'll have high cloudiness beginning to clear out and overnight, a warm evening we'll be in the upper 70s by late evening and then by dawn tomorrow, it will be down to near 70 degrees as we start off wednesday morning and then during the day tomorrow, the heat will be on all the way into the upper 90s during the afternoon and that humidity will
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be oppressive, as well. not only tomorrow, but on thursday, too. morning lows thursday mid-70s afternoon highs, hazy sunshine and upper 90s and then on friday, partly sunny, up around 90. might get a morning shower or maybe an afternoon thundershower and then over the weekend, still looking rather wet from time to time. might get a passing shower or thundershower on saturday, as well as on sunday and sunday may actually be a bit cooler with highs in the low 80s and on monday partly cloudy and a nice, brief break from the heat, right? and last may 27th, a couple weeks ago i talked to the students at the school in montgomery county, the watkins mill elementary school. i want to thank bernadette for the invitation and they loved my weather book that i authored for the national geographic society. i showed the map and they loved the pop ups in that book and we had a lot of fun the watkins mill elementary school.
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i'm going to another school today in falls church, virginia. i'll be there and we'll talk to the students there and i'll show you those photos in a couple days. >> everyone likes that book. >> a lot of fun. >> i've never seen one like it before. national geographic. >> right, right. it was an honor. >> thank you very much, tom. check on the midday traffic, again. tanya, how is it looking out there? >> we have problems in virginia. accident on 66 now over to the shoulder and before the dulles toll road and only the right lane is getting by. let's look at the back up at arlington boulevard. it's been this way for a while. very slow going on the inner loop. as you can see, stop and go traffic here. we had an earlier accident on the right shoulder there. on the outer loop here we also had the left lane construction. moving along to 95 just north of van dorn street looking at telegraph road we have outer loop construction at the outer lane split. only the center lane has access
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to the center lanes here. it's slow going, as well. >> okay, thank you, tanya. 11:21 is our time. sensitivity to touch. it's a serious problem for some children. but an author and designer are helping make life a lot easier for kids with that problem. what bryce harper the number one pick in the mlb draft did to make him a target for opposing pitchers. first, here's a look at what's hot on
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this is pretty neat. check this out. we're getting an inside look at the air france air bus a-380. the world's largest commercial aircraft now flies daily from dulles to paris. the plane is huge. it's nearly a football field in length and includes two passenger decks with four cabin classes. luxury first class offers full beds and changing rooms. the plane requires a staff of 22 flight attendants. some maryland high school students are flying high after their science experiment with head out of this world to outer space. the project from lackey high in charles county will join others from schools across the nation aboard the space shuttle "atlantis." the students will start with five seeds in oasis material and figure out if it will germinate
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faster in space. she explains the reason for this experiment. >> it's for future, like possible space colonization. what do you have to manipulate? what is the best to use to have it be a good crop in a microgravity environment. >> "atlantis" is set to launch next month. the experiment will come back for the analysis and the students will write their final report and there's a good chance their graduate level paper will get published. red skin fans may soon be able to take the party from the parking lot right into the stands. sources with the red skins say the team is adding two party decks to the upper level and zones of fedex field. some fans have noticed thousands of seats being removed from the upper deck over the past few weeks. the decks will reduce the stadium's capacity from more than 91,000 to about 85,000. an official announcement is expected soon. pitchers took the top five spots in the first round of last
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night's major league baseball draft and one of them was a local star. the seattle mariners took besthesda native danny holestone with the number two pick. no local player has ever been taken higher than that. the graduate posted 11 wins this year and uva's all-time leader in wins and strikeouts. the nationals were hoping they would fall to their pick at number six, but gladly took the nation's top third baseman, instead. anthony renden from rice universy. he was predicted to gefirst in the draft at one point. he has power at the plate and future gold glove winner, they think. and last year's number one pick for the nationals is stirring the pot in the minor leagues. hit a solo home run last night in the bottom of the sixth for the hagerstown suns. he slowly rounded the bases and then blew the pitcher of the
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greensboro grasshoppers a little kiss. harper's homer and kiss, though, couldn't give the suns the win. they lost 3-2. it's now, 11:27. coming up in the next half hour of news 4 midday. after a bizarre d.c. council hearing, what is next for suleman brown. he is accusing the campaign of paying to bash their opponent? tom kierein looks when the worst conditions will arrive. we're following a developing story out of new york state. a police officer is killed on what should have been one of the
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post a picture on twitter. the new york democrat also said he shared a number of pictures and conversations with six women in recent years.
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meanwhile, conservative blogger said he has an x-rated picture that weiner posted online but does not have plans now to make it public. d.c. council member said he used money meant for children for a lavish lifestyle. he used his nonprofit as a personal bank account. according to the suit, thomasly secretly diverted $300,000 in city money meant for youth baseball programs. he is accused of spending cash on golf outings at pebble beach and in las vegas and for a $60,000 audi suv. the city is suing thomas for $1 million to recoup that money. meanwhile, former d.c. mayoral candidate suleman brown has a week to provide documents against mayor vincent gray. brown testified undernoeth for the first time how gray paid him
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during the 2010 election. despite the seriousness of the accusations, the hearing was somewhat chaotic. brown refused to remove his sunglasses and was combative while answering questions. >> you're an attorney. this is june of 2010. this is june of 2011 and i started racing in may of june of 2009. ask me to remember something as if it was yesterday is disengenwise on your part. >> a week ago from that date you remember that conversation very vividly. >> i wreremember when i was bor as well. >> marion barry said it is unlike any hearing he has ever been a part of. we're going to check in with tom kierein now and look at our weather out there. a hot day, tom. >> already now into the 80s. good morning. just past 11:30 our temperatures are beginning to climb into the mid-80s in most locations and that milky sky over northwest
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washington. off in the distance you can see boston, virginia, there on the horizon. yes, we are the into the low and mid-80s flout the region and 84 at reagan national and we have some high cloudiness coming from a cluster of showers and thundershowers that have been rolling across pennsylvania, now just about to come into western maryland and west virginia in the next few hours. a shower as far east as the shenandoah valley and only a small chance of a shower around the metro area later this afternoon. otherwise, high clouds and highs up around 90 and even hotter on wednesday and thursday with more humidity, afternoon highs reaching the upper 90s and may feel like more than 100 degrees when you factor in the humidity. then on friday, should be partly sunny with afternoon highs a bit cooler and also an increased chance of showers and thundershowers mainly in the afternoon and that's going to be the story over the weekend, as well. and a bit cooler, too. sunday's high only low 80s and low 80s on monday and partly cloudy. that's the way it looks right
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now, barbara? >> thank you very much, tom. now to a developing story out of central new york. that's where a sheriff deputy was shot and killed overnight in oneida county. he was at a standoff overnight. authorities say he was killed after a shootout with 41-year-old gunman. when authorities went to tell his wife about the news, she went into labor with their second child. oneida county is 30 miles southeast of syracuse. court documents revealed what happened hours before a mother and baby were found dead in prince george's county. richmond philips is charged with the death and manslaughter for the death of her baby. court documents show a surveillance camera captured philips talking with wright at a park bench. the two were scheduled to be in court for a child support hearing just hours after their meeting. after the murder, philips say
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wright moved her suv. it later found it with wright's baby inside who died of heat exposu exposure. fairfax county police are trying to get out the word of a sexual assault in hernden. the trevor run apartments. several hispanic people live there who don't speak english. police are showing residents sketch of a man who attacked a 23-year-old woman over the weekend. she woke up to find the man in her bedroom. police ask anyone with any information on this incident to call them immediately. a fairfax county elementary school is going to be closed, permanently, at the end of the school year thanks to a ruling by virginia supreme court. that's according to the washington examiner. fairfax public county schools planned to shut down at the end of the year due to declining enrollment. parents upset with the decision sued to keep the school open but
11:37 am
friday the supreme court of virginia decided to shut down the school down anyway. parents of clifton students are to check boundary maps for new school assignments. let's see what tanya hutchins has to tell us. >> in terms of accidents, it's getting better. right now mostly looking at construction, barbara. i'll start out on 14th street northwest after constitution. the two right lanes are blocked, but it's not causing too much of a delay. the oncoming traffic is staying to the left. that is good news. 66 eastbound just outside of the beltway in virginia. we do have some slow traffic here on 66 east. it's also going to be slow through falls church. so, be aware of that. also, 95 just north of the aquaquan we have slow traffic due to left lane construction. barbara, back to you. >> okay, thank you so much, tanya. have a great day. >> you, too.
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the miracle plane that landed in the hudson river is on the move to an aviation museum in charlotte, north carolina. the plane spent the night in maryland. here's a live view from chopper 4 it's traveling on a massive flat bed tractor trailer truck. it's trying to avoid overpasses so the crew cannot drive straight down interstate 95. once it reaches the baltimore area, it will head west on interstate 70 and then 68 into west virginia and then on interstate 79 as it makes its way down to the aviation museum in north carolina. the world health organization says time is running out to solve that e. coli outbreak. german officials still don't know the source of it. they say tests found no link between sprouts from an organic farm to the suspected strain. so far the outbreak has killed 22 people and sickened 2,300 others. the european union will hold emergency meetings today.
11:39 am
u.s. military officials are assessing whether to warn soldiers about eating local produce from commissaries in germany. tennessee is also investigating eight cases of e. coli here in this country, but it's too early to tell if that's related to the same superstrain that they're fighting in germany. today in news 4 your health, new treatments being used by dermatologists that have been recently approved by the fda. dr. cheryl burgess joins us to discuss the new treatment for excessive sweating and also new things to tell us about. some things that are going to be in competition with botox, as well. let's begin with this. this is a day that folks will deal with sweating because it's so hot out there. is this a big problem for many people? it's a very big problem. it's called hyperhidrosis. we think of underarms, the palms or the soles and currently there
11:40 am
are topical that can be used and botox was approved back in 2007 or so for the treatment of excessive sweating. so, now there is a new system that was recently fda approved called miradry and it's by a company called miramar and it's used in the office and it's used to treat the hyperhidrosis and it's comparable to the effects of botox. it does require several sessions and that should be available later on this year. >> so, when, is it injected? >> no, it is not. that's the difference between the toxin or the botox. that requires 20 to 30 injections say under the arms where this is a flat device that's laid against the skin and it's more of a machine or device that's in the physician's office. it does require several treatments and it can be heat
11:41 am
experienced with it because it is a microwave technology. but the success, the efficacy of it can last anywhere from nine months or longer. which is a little longer than currently that the botox will take effect. >> let's talk a little bit about how helpful, i guess if fda approved it, it must be okay. there was a time when there were questions about using antipersperants because they thought not sweating was not a good thing. >> they thought it was classified as compensatory sweating. if you don't sweat in one area, you'll overly sweat in another area. that's not really the case in most people. you sweat to release body heat. and it cools the body down. so, if we're over heated, we're going to sweatp it's not going to prevent us from sweating. >> this new treatment is done like laser? >> it looks like a laser device and most people are familiar with a laser machine or device.
11:42 am
but it's a plate that's set against the skin and it treats the sweat glands and the technology or the heat wave actually alters the pumping of the sweat gland and, therefore, less perspiration or wetness. >> is this treatment just for underarms? >> currently, that's the thing about the fda. they approve devices for specific indications. and that's what it was studied. if you use it for other reasons, which physicians have that right and option, once it's in their office to treat like palms or soles, then, yes. sometimes your insurance won't cover it if it's an off-label use. >> what about people who are just sweating from their faces and their heads? >> we do use that device. we possibly could use that device for that type of sweating and we currently use the botox for that, as well. so, again, in the physician's office, they will treat a
11:43 am
patient, they make their own decisions. exactly. >> treat the person and not necessarily the sweat. >> yes. >> there are people who will look for this treatment over the next few days. a heat wave under way. always good to see you. >> good to see you, as well. it's 11:42. still ahead, sensitivity to touch. a serious problem for some children. we'll tell you how an author and a deswiner are helping make life a little easier for kids with this problem. plus, why we could soon see a whole lot more dancing on the national maul. stay with us. we'll be back. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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businesses advertised fewer jobs in april than the previous month. we're going to check in with cnbc hamptonpearson who joins us with that and the rest of the business headlines. >> we have stocks trading higher after four straight days of losses. traders hoping ben bernanke will signal later today any increase in interest rates is a long way off. right now we see the dow up 51 points and the nasdaq up 7 and the s&p is up 6. as we said, traders anticipating a policy speech this afternoon by the federal reserve chairman looking for any clues as to whether the fed will extend its $600 billion bond buying program in light of recent economic data showing a slow down in the pace of the recovery. meanwhile, prices on the new york mercantile exchange hovering around $40 a barrel.
11:47 am
they might actually increase oil production. which if that happens, could ease pressure on prices. meanwhile, international spaper launched a $3.3 million unsolicited offer in what analysts say could be a prolonged battle for the packaging business. that's boxes for you and me. it was up 43% prior to the market's opening. its top executives say they're not interested. that's a look at business headlines. also going on at this hour right now, barbara, president barack obama and german chancellor angela merkel at the white house talking the relationship here. germany a key economic player for the u.s., not only in terms of exports, but the role that the german banks play in stabilizing the european debt crisis. >> okay, hampton, thank you very much. >> you got it. children with touch
11:48 am
sensitivity struggle to find clothes that are comfortable. it creates significant problems, especially when children head off to school because many of them feel very uncomfortable in the clothes that they're wearing. it starts when they're babies, we understand. the author of a book called "i'll tell you why i can't wear those clothes" noreven o'sulliv o'sullivan, along with a designer of soft clothes, jessica raleigh, join us now this morning to talk about the problem and the solution. this is not unusual, to me. i heard this from other parents that my kids are always ripping their clothes off. they don't want their clothes on. they don't like the way it feels. you two decided to do something about it. you realized the problem was real. you wrote a book about it. tell us about it. >> i wrote the book because i have two children who had severe sensitivity to clothing, but it went even beyond clothing. it was, it started out with particularness of certain clothing, not those socks, mom. not those pants. >> did you think this was a
11:49 am
medical problem or did you think this was a child that was being temperamental? >> in the beginning, that's what you think. is this a control issue? is this about attention? is it the new baby in the family? you get to the point that the meltdowns are so severe, my daughter asked me to help her. >> you wrote a book and the book is written for children. so, when parents want to figure out if their kids are actually suffering from this, maybe that book would be helpful to them. >> exactly. because it talks about how the child actually feels and how the child is not manipulating and that they would actually do anything in their power to make it go away, to make life easier for themselves, as well. >> jessica, you designed a line of clothing for children like this. what spurred you to do that? >> well, i was a special educator in new york city and i was working mostly with children with autism and sensory disorder for whom tack tile is outside
11:50 am
the range of normal. they don't like the way tags feel, but they can get through the day. with these kids it will affect their ability to sit still in circle time and socialize. i couldn't find any clothes marketed towards these kids and three years later i started soft. >> it's an interesting problem because it goes beyond autism and we know that that is one symptom of children suffering from autism. can children outgrow this sensitivity? what have you learned about that, noreveen? >> to some extent. when you find out what it is, you do a lot of therapy with them. so, it gets better with help. >> so, i want to see some of the clothes. let's have a look. we brought some models with us. i have to say that noreen came from denmark. she flew into washington just to be with us today and brought
11:51 am
some of the kids are hers. this first one is darius showing off one of the soft clothes outfits that was designed by you. tell me about it. >> i'll tell you about it. all of our models have clothing sensitivities and soft works for them. he is wearing our blazer which shows we make dressy clothes but we make them out of sweatshirt fabric and cotton jerseys so they're tolerable. they have flat seams and a nice printed t inside. >> can you turn around so we can see the back? give us a thumbs up and thumbs down and tell us how it feels. >> okay, all right, it feels all right. if you have sensitive skin. >> thank you. >> nora is our next model and nora is 9 years old and nora flew in from denmark to show off these clothes. she has a sensitivity to clothes. tell us about that one. >> nora is wearing one of our dressy party dresses. this is for upcoming holiday and we printed a collar on because a
11:52 am
lot of times collars are intolerable and then she's carrying a houndstooth coat which is made out of sweatshirt material. it looks more like regular clothing. >> our next model is una, she tripped. but you're okay, aren't you? good. why don't you turn around so we can see it. you have such a beautiful smile, too. look right into the camera. it's hard to smile when you get a booboo on your knee. but you look just gorgeous in that. tell us about that one. >> una is wearing something from our spring collection and we use lots of just very simple si silhouet silhouettes, very simple necklines so it's not irritating and we use all prints and it's vegetable dyed so it's not irritating. >> darius and nora, come on out. >> you can find everything on
11:53 am, including noreen's book. >> where can you find your book? it's also online. >> it's online through soft, but it's also on it's at i' even available in europe and australia. >> jessica grew up in washington. we're glad to have you back for the day. certainly happy that you came all the way from denmark and brought your children. kids, you guys were great. one big smile and we're so sorry that you tripped, but we're so glad you all came. thanks so much, una in the middle and darius and nora. you guys are great models. thanks for coming. our time now is 11:5. coming up, a nat
11:54 am
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we're going to take a look now at some of the stories we're following for news 4 this afternoon. pat lawson muse joins us with a preview of what's to come. >> coming up this afternoon on news 4 at 4:00, singer kanye west new music video is out today and already stirring up controversy, as you might imagine. coming up on new 4z at 5:00, disturbing video of a woman attacking another woman inside an area restaurant. the victim had never met her attacker and now police are asking for help finding the suspect. we want to know what you think about anthony weiner. do you think his career is over? weigh in on that on our facebook page and we'll share some of your responses on news 4 at 4:00 and news 4 at 5:00. >> thank you, pat. time for a final check of the forecast, here's tom. >> the heat is on. we're starting a heat wave. mid-80s and later today up around 90 or so through hazy sun and high clouds and perhaps a few showers out of the mountains and then hot and humid on wednesday and thursday. upper 90s tomorrow and, again,
11:58 am
thursday. it may actually feel like the low 100s when you factor in the humidity. friday highs up around 90 or so and a passing shower or thundershower in the afternoon and more of the same on saturday and cooler sunday with a passing shower or thundershower possible. we'll see you tomorrow morning. barbara? >> thank you, tom. that's news 4 midday. for today, we thank you for being with us and invite you to tune in for news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and tonight at 11:00. i'll be back along with tom and we have great things coming up for you tomorrow. until then, have a great day and
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