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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  June 7, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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again. there's a heat advisory in effect for our area. doug, how hot are we talking about? >> very close to what we caw last week and close to record numbers during the day tomorrow. the record high tomorrow, 98 degrees set back in 1999. outside right now, 88 degrees with plenty of sunshine. winds out of the southwest at 9 miles an hour. we've dealt with high clouds today. that has helped those temperatures stay below the 90-degree mark, although i wouldn't be surprised to see our actual high around 90 degrees. the good news today, the humidity has not been that much of a factor. look at the temperatures around the region. 84 in manassas. 82347 clinton, maryland. anap sis at around 88 degrees. the heat advisory is in effect for tomorrow. starts around noon and goes through 8:00 tomorrow night. the heat index over 100 to 105 degrees. it is going to be incredibly hot again during the day tomorrow and then again during the day on thursday. we are in for some big time heat. overnight tonight, 76 degrees. by around 11:00.
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tomorrow morning, starting off with temperatures around 70 degrees. dew points will be up. the heat will be up and you'll feel it as you step out the door tomorrow morning. i'll be back to show you just how long i think our second heat wave of the year will last. >> all right. doug, thank you. emotions were running high today at d.c. superior court as the trial began against jarida davidson. she's accused of hitting and killing a woman with her car last year in the dupont circle area. pat collins joins us live outside the courthouse with today's dramatic developments. pat? >> reporter: jim, they saw the pictures. they heard the graphic details of death. imagine what it was like in th keila ryan. >> it was her birthday. she was 24. she just started her life. >> reporter: her mother, her father, her sister, brother and best friend all here at superior
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court seeking justice for kila ryan. she was killed on her 24th birthday by a hit and run driver. >> she was my best friend. she started out my little sister and she was my best friend. there's no words to describe that she's not with us. and this whole scenario is like brought everything right back to exactly how it felt. >> reporter: it happened last october on a service road just south of dupont circle. she was getting out of the back passenger seat of a car when she was hit by a lexus suv and knocked 20 feet into the air. >> people come and go in your life all the time, but she was something that was always constant. and just to not have her here, i mean, a part of me is dead honestly. >> reporter: jarida davidson found hours later in the garage of her chevy chase apartment asleep in the front of that suv,
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the keys still in her hands. >> it's very difficult for a human being not to take any sort of responsibility or accountability for their actions. and, you know, make a mockery of the courtroom and plead innocent to something that they know they've done. >> reporter: the accused jorida davidson charged with volunteer manslaughter, leaving the scene of an accident and driving under the influence. davidson is from albania. her attorney mike hanan says in her youth, she experienced a lot of trauma and said she suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome. he says that could be the reason for all of this. but keila's father says he's not buying that story at all. her father has a lot to say about that theory. we'll hear from him coming up at 6:00. >> pat collins, we'll check back then.
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thank you. new york congressman anthony weiner is facing an ethics probe now after admitting that he sent a number of lewd pictures of himself to women online. and now we have learned there could be more pictures out there. the scandal escalated yesterday when photos of the democrat were posted on the website it's run by conservative blogger andrew breitbart. on the "today" show this morning, he says he also has any x-rated picture of the lawmaker and hinted he would release it if weiner retaliates. >> if he decides to make this a jihad against me for his interpretation of putting me into this situation, you know what? i'll take that as a, you know you said an insurance policy. maybe. i can't foresee a circumstance in which i would release that. i don't think i want to put his family through that type of thing. but i certainly have it in my possession, and i guarantee you he would use this against me.
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>> nbc correspondent luke russert joins us now with more on this. anthony weiner is -- an ethics probe. is this just routine up on the hill? it seems like an ethics probe is routine these days. what exactly are they looking for? >> he's not being charged with any crime. what he's being charged with is possibly an ethical issue within the house representatives, within their rules. and specifically in this case, there are questions about when he was contacting up to six women over the last three years, electronically, through twitter, facebook, cell phones, telephones, whether he used any government-issued communication devices. if he did use that, that would be essentially on the taxpayer's dime and could prove to be an ethical problem for anthony weiner which is a whole range. he could be censured which is having to go to the well of the house and being read you are a terrible person or expelled from the house of representatives which is the biggest thing that could happen to him. however, what's interesting is he only subjects himself to this type of investigation if he
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stays in congress. if he resigns, there is no longer jurisdiction for this type of ethical investigation. these are lawyers that dig through files and files and files. oftentimes through months and produce a lot of damaging results. charlie rangel last year. >> republicans calling for him to resign. does he have any support? >> not much right now. nancy pelosi, the house democratic leader who he lied to last week by saying this was a tweeter hoax if you will. his twitter account was hacked, actually called for the ethics investigation yesterday. she said that he needs to answer for what he has done. so you are not seeing a lot of support within his own party. republicans are happy for this story to continue on and the mainstream media lexicon because we're not discussing the main things of the day. >> as soon as a big story comes along, he could get kicked to the curb. >> chris lee also sent a picture of himself over craigslist.
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the egyptian uprising happened. this doesn't look like it's happening right now for weiner. >> he is -- there are other people, other colleagues of his up there on both sides of the aisle that have done things. some of them actually illegal with prostitutes and they are still up there. >> absolutely. >> does that help him at all? >> if he wants to gut it out -- if he wants to gut it out, he comes from a fairly safe democratic district. if he wants to gut it out and go through the process he most likely will be okay if it stops with what we know now. there are all sorts of allegations rolling around on the internet. there's talk he may have had contact with a porn star ginger lee. >> if he instructed his staff to tell her how to lie in a public relations message and that was his congressionally paid staff, that would be illegal. legally he's not being charged with anything, but in the house ethic laws he's facing some problems. >> technology and pictures can keep this alive, you know? >> they absolutely can. and what's interesting about
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this is the house has no set law for how to deal with ethical transgressions that deal with social media. they have updated their ethics manual when it came to e-mail. i think they'll have to do it again for social media. >> all right, luke. luke russert, thanks. >> good to see you. >> you, too. and that brings us to our facebook question of the day. is congressman weiner's political career over? anne writes anyone who does not understand the concept of the potential consequences of his or her actions should not absolutely be in a position ta to make decisions that affect the entire u.s. brandon agrees it's over. weiner needs to step aside for someone who will take the office and themselves more seriously. and beth left this comment. it's never the stupid act that sinks these guys. it's the denial and the cover-up. once the truth comes out, they're sunk because they lied about it. tonight, president obama and the first lady are hosting a state dinner for german chancellor angela merkel. the first guest should be arriving any minute now at the white house. merkel and her husband are
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expected to arrive about 6:00. earlier today, the president and merkel held a joint news conference. tonight, the president is expected to present her with the presidential medal of freedom. the honor was announced earlier this year, but merkel was not able to attend the presentation ceremony. and we have a developing story in our backyard. tiger woods tweeted today he is out of the u.s. open. lind za is live in the newsroom with more on what this means for the tournament and the fans so eager to see him. lindsay? >> yes, obviously, this is not the news that sports fans were hoping for. tiger woods announced he will not play next week at the u.s. open. he adds the injuries to his knees and achilles tendon have not improved enough for him to be able to play. this is when tiger aggravated his left knee and achilles. this was back in april. his second shot on the 17th hole of his third round saturday at the masters. he did not play again until a month later.
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that's when he played only nine holes at the players championship on thursday and then pulled himself from the tournament after reinjuring himself on his opening tee shot. since that time, tiger has been in a walking boot. he's been on crutches. he's been unable to practice or work on his game. tiger did sweet shortly after 2:30 today on his website. he said not playing in the u.s. open. very disappointed. short-term frustration for long-term gain. so again, tiger woods out of the u.s. open. we'll have much more coming up in sports. >> thank you lindsay. it will be another day before we learn the fate of a d.c. council member accused of spending more than $300,000 in city money for his personal use. >> i am not going to speak to it. >> your remarks earlier still appropriate? >> harry thomas jr. remained tight lipd as he left a closed door meet with other council members. a majority of the council is urging the ward five council
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member to step down from the leading the powerful economic development committee. until the allegations against him are resolved. council chair kwame brown said he would announce his decision about thomas tomorrow. if thomas doesn't step down voluntarily, the council could vote to remove him. on monday, d.c. attorney general irving nathan issued a scathing report on thomas' spending. the attorney general is filing a civil suit in an effort to collect those funds and damages that could total $1 million. police investigating the death of a 12-year-old honor student in montgomery county. they say she was stabbed to death. jessica newan was found dead last tuesday night inside her family's town home. detectives have not announced a motive in the case and still haven't made an arrest. she was a sixth grader. she was a straight-a student. clark police are investigating a police-involved shooting of a man at hains
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point. they say they encountered a man in a vehicle and he was holding a gun. >> he got out of the car still holding on to the gun. he refused several commands to drop the gun. and ultimately, he was shot by the u.s. park police. police are not saying if the man was confrontational or whether he pointed the gun at them. the suspect is expected to survive. no officers were injured. and police are trying to figure out what lead to a deadly car fire in prince george's county. they found it early this morning off the road of the exit ramp from west i-98 to i-95. after putting out the fire, they discovered a body inside. that exit ramp was closed for most -- much of the morning commute and investigators say they're not sure whether the car had crashed and caught fire or if someone intentionally set it ablaze. police have not identified the victim. when we come right back, disturbing video of a woman beaten down by a stranger in an area bar. police think they know why she was attacked.
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now they are looking for the woman responsible. julie? i'm julie carey in spri springfield, virginia. i'll tell you why state police inspections are limited, though, when it comes to passenger buses. and a consumer warning. shards of plastic found in pizza dough. now there's a warning to stop eating this
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today is not about finding the time to do your homework. it's not about logging on to this week's class. today is a celebration, a triumph of dedication, a victory for that little voice that urges us on. today is a day to recognize that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, and to prove that not all heroes wear a cape. some wear a cap and gown. congratulations to the strayer university graduates of 2011.
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just days after the deadly bus accident on i-95, virginia state police are out in full force conducting safety checks on commercial vehicles. julie carey joins us from springfield with more on how they are making sure the vehicles on the road are safe. julie? >> reporter: it's just a coincidence this annual crackdown comes only a week after the fatal bus crash that killed four women along i-95. but safety officials and state police are using that to spotlight a loophole in inspection laws. >> turn off your four-ways. okay. good. >> reporter: a truck pulled over for a safety inspection. the virginia motor carrier safety troopers can sideline commercial trucks for random safety checks any time.
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but not passenger buss. federal rules prohibit it. and after last week's fatal bus crash on i-95, that restriction worries safety officials more than ever. >> there are too many lives lost to the careless and reckless actions and behaviors of some drivers. there's no room on our highways today with the volumes of traffic for equipment failures or fatigued drivers or careless and reckless behaviors. evidence gathered after the crash showed the driver's log was two days out of date. something a random inspection would have revealed. so safety officials plan to use the accident to support their call for new federal standards. >> we're not prohibited to do that for trucks. so we've put more of an emphasis on cargo than people. and we think that that's an oversight that's been made that needs to be corrected. the most precious cargo we have are the people. >> they can conduct inspections if they pull a bus over for a violation like speeding or if a
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taillight is out. they demonstrated the thorough check that would be conducted. this is from a local company that puts a premium on safety. >> all buss have to have emergency exits in case -- for a crash. >> still, police say the biggest problem they've seen recently is with bus drivers, not faulty equipment. lately they found many drivers lack up to date d.o.t. medical cards. something that shows they are fit to operate the bus. >> a lot of the drivers it seems, they have high blood pressure. they have diabetes and the physician will not give them a two-year -- might not give them one at all. >> reporter: coming up on news 4 at 6:00 -- state police are also using some high-tech tools now in their safety inspections. we'll show you how a thermal imaging couldn't helps them pinpoint trouble with commercial vehicles. reporting live, i'm julie carey. >> thank you, julie. doug joins us now. we had a scorcher today but nothing compared to what we're going to see tomorrow, right? >> nothing compared to what we're going to see out there.
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not just tomorrow but into the day on thursday as well. a little heat wave last week. we'll see another heat wave this week. what i mean by little -- >> just a couple of days. >> we're not talking about an extended streak of temperatures above 90 degrees. it is going to be a very warm day tomorrow. and even warmer still on thursday. take a look out there right now. you can see, we are dealing with high clouds. but a fairly nice afternoon. humidity on the low side. temperatures may be up there to around that 90-degree mark in some locations. but it's really not all that bad. current temperature outside right now at the airport, 88 degrees with that dew point of 59. humidity only 38%. so it's really not a factor during the day today. it will become a factor tomorrow, however. winds out of the southwest at about 9 miles per hour. currently 90 in frederick. 82 in hagerstown. 84 manassas. really not much of a heat index to talk about today. but there is going to be one over the next couple of days. that humidity continues to increase and ramp up over the next few days. weather as far as the rain is
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concerned, off to the west. look at this big time rain making its way through portions of west virginia. it looked like earlier it was trying to move into our area. just can't make it. just too dry. and most of it stayed well to our west. we did see a few showers in western maryland. that was about it. heat advisory is in effect for tomorrow for that heat index. possibly 100 to 105 degrees. especially right along the i-95 corridor in and around the district. so watch out out there. make sure you take plenty of time and just something to remember. check on the elderly. and you may want to start making those plans now. bring them over to your house if you have ac and they don't. or if you know somewhere they can go. bring the pets inside. if you are outside, make sure you are drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated. warm during the day today. here comes that area of high pressure. that's going to sit right on top of us and allow us to really heat up during the day tomorrow. and into the day on thursday. so let's go through our evening tonight. a few high clouds. nice and warm. 79 to 87 degrees. i think a very nice evening to get out and about tonight. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny. a warm start, but tomorrow
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morning is not going to be all that bad. once you step outside. things should be okay. by around the noon hour, that's when things really start to heat up. hot and humid with that heat advisory in effect. 96 to 100 degrees. that's the forecasted temperature. as we look at the next couple of days. temperatures even warmer on thursday. a high of 99 degrees. humidity throughout the next couple of days. 93 on friday. best chance of rain comes late friday and into the day on saturday. and speaking of friday, of course, we've got our backyard weather. you guys like this graphic a little better? >> it's going to be hot. talk about cooking. >> the flames just emulate it. no coal in there. it's just burning. >> it's a devilish grin there with the flames. >> because there's food coming. if you want us to come to your backyard, >> margaritas? >> if they serve them. hey, i can't -- i can't ask for anything. >> thank you, doug. fewer seats but more room to
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party? still to come, the new plan in place at fedex field that the redskins hope will make their games more accessible to fans. i'm liz crenshaw. consumer reports asked americans how satisfied they are with customer service. and a bitter sweet toend the school year for teachers and school year for teachers and students at one
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many homeowners with second mortgages are finding themselves under water. and decept customer service, hello, is it out there? >> plus, a mairmg recall tonight involving frozen pizzas. liz crenshaw is here now with the latest on all these stories. hi, liz. we begin with consumers who are fed up with poor customer service. today, consumer reports magazine released a new survey that shows americans most annoying gripes. the findings are based on a phone survey of more than 1,000 adults. it found 64% of consumers walked out of stores due to poor assistance. and 67% hung up on a phone call before anyone addressed their problems. the survey also ranked walmart and sam's club warehouse stores as the worst in customer service when buying small appliances,
5:26 pm
electronics, cell phones and groceries. the survey did show apple stores and micro centers having the most knowledgeable staff when it came to buying computers. a little good news there. there's a major recall tonight involving frozen pizza. the food and drug administration, along with kashi, is recalling 11,000 cases of kashi frozen pizza. the company says there may be plastic fragments in an ingredient in the pizza crust. the pizza is being recalled include the mediterranean thin crust pizza with a best if used before date of may 10th, may 18th or may 19th. also, its roasted vegetable thin crust pays with a best if used before date of may 9th or may 14th and kashi's mushroom trio and spinach thin crust pizza with a best if used before date of may 17th. the pizzas were distributed and sold nationwide through grocery stores. kashi says no other products have been affected. finally, no one likes to see the value of one's home
5:27 pm
depreciate, but today new real estate data shows many homeowners who took out a second mortgage now owe more than their home is worth. "the wall street journal" reports nearly 40% of homeowners who took out second mortgages are under water on their homes. the second mortgages are taken for everything from vacations to education. homeowners took out more than $2.5 trillion from their homes at the height of the housing boom. economists say borrowers with second mortgages greater than the worth of their homes are more likely to stop making payments and simply walk away from their homes. so not very good news for the folks that have home equity loans or second mortgages. >> all right. thank you liz. still ahead, a woman attacks another woman and now maryland authorities are hoping the video of the attack will help them track down the attacker. plus, thousands of seats removed from fedex field. why the redskins say it will
5:28 pm
actually improve the fan experience. and new security measures are in place as the u.s. open comes to town.
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fast forward through the headlines today. today, house leaders formally requested an ethics probe to see if congressman anthony weiner broke any house laws. and today, the chairman of the republican party called for his resignation. weiner admits sending inappropriate pictures and
5:31 pm
comments to women online, but vows to keep his seat. the trial is under way now for a woman accused in a deadly hit and run in the dupont circle area. prosecutors say jorida davidson was driving her suv while under the influence when she struck and killed kiela ryan. ryan was out celebrating her 24th birthday. davidson is facing charges of voluntary manslaughter, driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident. and tiger woods won't be coming to maryland to play in the u.s. open. the golfer pulled out late today because of lingering issues with his left leg. he says he's disappointed he won't be playing. it will be the first time since 1994 he's missed the open. now let's fast forward to the weather. doug? >> that weather over the next couple of days is going to get on the hot side. right now, 88 degrees the current temperature. humidity not really a factor. winds out of the southwest at 9 miles an hour. we're looking at a pretty good evening. we have that heat advisory that is in effect for the day tomorrow as that heat index will
5:32 pm
creep up to be between 100 and 105 degrees during the afternoon tomorrow and then again during the day on thursday. it's going to get quite hot out there. coming up, i'll show you the extended forecast as well and show you just how long this heat is going to stick around. >> thank you, doug. well, this was an attack that was caught on tape. police are looking for a woman who punched another woman in the face at a bar and then took off with the victim's purse. jane watrel is live in columbia, maryland, with more on what police are doing to catch the woman behind this robbery. jane? >> and you can call this a strong-armed robbery because that's exactly what happened, minus the gun. now howard county police have been pursuing this case since may 30th. that's when it happened but it wasn't until today when they released the videotape that you could see the story unfold exactly how it happened. >> the bar beatdown happened in the blink of an eye. the victim smacked so violently in the face by an unidentified woman, she falls to the ground.
5:33 pm
owner deck lan wood says he spoke to the victim after the attack. >> bleeding a little bit in the face and just unbelievable chooken up. >> the smackdown happened memorial day weekend in the early morning hours. inside the second chance saloon in columbia. the victim was part of a group of 35 people who rentd this room for a party. they had a dj. they had a security guard. the owner believes that the security guard stood by while the victim was attacked. >> the security video shows a man sitting in a chair, then running away. but police say they have no problem with that behavior. >> it's a tough situation when you see an assault in progress like that. we don't want anyone to endanger themselves and put themselves, you know, their safety at risk. but we do want people to call 911 immediately. and that did happen in this case. >> the 230-pound suspect stole the victim's purse and ran. police have been looking for her for over a week. finally releasing the security video in the hopes that someone will turn her in. >> looking at the tape, it kind looks like she was waiting.
5:34 pm
never seen her before. and none of our employees recognized her. so we're asking the whole community if anybody recognized her to come let us know. >> howard county police say they have no motive in this case and the suspect and the victim didn't know one another. they are offering $500 for anyone with information that could lead to an arrest in this bar brawl. reporting live in howard county, i'm jane watrel. >> thank you jane. crews are removing thousands of seats at fedex stadium in preparation for a major upgrade. the redskins announced the seats are being removed to create party declaration on either side of the stadium. once complete, fans will be allowed to buy standing room only tickets to watch games. the decks will also be home to pre and postgame festivities. the team says fedex will remain one of the largest nfl stadiums in the country able to hold about 85,000 fans. the new party decks should be ready in time for the 2012 season. virginia's department of
5:35 pm
transportation is testing out a new blend of pavement that's supposedly better at absorbing sound. the new blend called a porous friction course was demonstrated on the prince william county parkway today. the material is a mixture of asphalt and concrete. it's supposed to reduce tire noise while maintaining surface integrity. vdot is planning on testing the pavement on three more roads later this summer. a trash bag was the focus today at the casey anthony murder trial in orlando. anthony is the florida mother charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter. today, a crime scene investigator took the stand to testify about a garbage bag found in anthony's car after the little girl disappeared. the bag is a key piece of evidence. defense lawyers say the foul odor in the car came from that garbage bag. prosecutors argue the odor came from a dead body. prosecutors believe anthony put her toddler's body in the car after suffocating her three years ago. the search continues for a
5:36 pm
missing indiana university student. her name is lauren s pi erer. bloomington police say she was last seen walking to her apartment at 4:30 friday morning after a night out at a nearby bar. her keys were found a block away from her building. police say they don't think spierer ran away and no suspects have been named. vandals spray painting the number 68 on cars all over loudoun county appear have to have struck again. the loudoun county sheriff's office tells us roughly a dozen cars in sterling were vandalized late monday night and early this morning. some of the previous incidents took place in ashburn. police say more than 40 cars 4 have been spray painted with the mysterious number, but they still don't know what it means or who is responsible. when school is out later this month at clifton elementary in virginia, the doors will shut for good. the state supreme court has upheld last summer's decision to close the building. the county says enrollment is dropping and it would require expensive repairs and safety
5:37 pm
improvements to keep it open. parents appealed the decision in court but lost. last day of july, juschool, jun. one local school system is at the top of the list when it comes to graduation rates. meet the guy behind the guy at the top of the golf world. lindsay sits down with tiger woods' caddy. he talks about their relationship and t
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you're watching news 4 at 5:00. >> there say new way for you to find out the forecast in your neighborhood any time anywhere. >> it is oh, so cool. doug kammerer is here now to show us how it works. doug is here with our -- we've got some juice in that ipad, right? >> i tell you what. we recently relaunched and revamped our weather page here at we want you to check it out. and let us know what you think about it. we think it's pretty cool. take a look at a couple of things you can do. first thing you notice, this is our home page. click on weather. first off, you're going to get the forecast on the home page. if you click on weather, a couple of new things you can do. something you will not find anywhere else. right here, the very top of the page is our severe weather alert. the first alert there, you have that heat advisory associated with that. also an air quality avert for calvert county, maryland. we've picked our zone. this is the weather for washington, d.c.
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you can either select your zone, one of five zones, including northern virginia, shenandoah valley, metro washington area or northern maryland or west virginia. or type in your zip code. i'm going to type in the zip code here at our station, hit the okay button and you'll get a forecast that is not only tailored to your location. this is not coming just from a computer model. our meteorologists right here, veronica, myself, tom, chuck, we're all looking at this data and putting in our own forecast. the forecast temperature of 98 degrees for washington. to the right, our video screen pops up. if you need a seven-day forecast, it's right there as well. and once again, we update this daily right here at you can take a look at the interactive radar. you can zoom in, put on satellites, radar, watches and warnings. you can put on so many things. we think this is cool.
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i think i could go all day. >> i think with the summer and the heat with the thunderstorms coming through. sometimes we're sitting there and the region is so large. you think, wait a minute. is it going to be coming through my neighborhood? we can go almost to our street and -- >> you can go right to the interactive radar. it has a loop on it. you can see where that rain is going. you can also right there go to doug kammerer's backyard barbecue. that's how you click on there. seengets what he's cooking. >> come out and see you. >> thanks for the tour, doug. >> coming up at 5:00 -- right after this short break, the u.s. open is less than a week away and local police have enacted strict security measures for those hoping to attend. >> now that tiger woods is not going to be attending, his caddy will have time on his hands. he sought down for lunch
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the u.s. open just around the corner. today, we are sitting -- we are learning about the security measures being taken at congressional country club in bethesda. elaine rey cess live in the newsroom with more on what you can and cannot bring. elaine? >> that's right, wendy. the list is extensive. some of it is common sense. you can't bring in any weapons or pets but some of it easier to forget. no mp3 players, cameras or cell phones. they're all banned. >> we were able to play the course, and the course is playing very, very difficult. >> reporter: longtime congressional country club member granville smith says next week's tournament can't get here fast enough. >> with all the great players out today, anybody -- it's anybody's game. let's see who hits it down in the middle and stays in the
5:46 pm
fairway. i mean, the course is in fabulous shape. >> reporter: he'll get to sell cigars to fellow members and be a marshal at the event. but he's also one of 200,000 people expected to crowd the exclusive bethesda golf course for the u.s. open. because of anticipated crowds, 300 federal, state and local law enforcement officers will keep things safe and moving. >> this is a marquee event. and it's not just a local or national event. but this has international attention. the last time the u.s. open was at congressional was 1997. the world has changed. things have changed since then. >> work is already under way. one of two main parking lots for ticket holders. before anyone can board a shuttle bus, they'll have to go through a security checkpoint. the other lot is located near dulles airport. although the open is still a few days away, the warning signs are everywhere. >> all the roads leading up to
5:47 pm
congressional country club are one lane in each direction. those roads just aren't built to handle that kind of volume. >> this is huge with the number of people. it's also big for the club because it gets great worldwide attention and it's just fantastic for everybody and for the washington area, the economy and d.c. >> there will also be a security checkpoint at the country club for ticket holders who didn't park at one of the satellite parking lots. the rules, we are telling you about come from the united states golf association, not police officials. wendy, jim, back to you. >> elaine reyes, thanks. >> the next couple of days, you'll being to hover over a sprinkler. >> if you have a tee time set up, you may want to rethink that just a little bit or at least make it really nearly the morning. temperature out there 88 degrees. it's a very warm afternoon. but the humidity is not a problem. the dew point is below 60 degrees.
5:48 pm
and as long as it's below 60, for the most part, it doesn't feel too uncomfortable out there. over the next couple of days, the dew point will climb and maybe even into the low 70s. that is going to make things feel very, very humid. 88 right now in frederick, maryland. 86 in sterling. ocean city, maryland if you have friends on vacation, 85 degrees. tonight, 6 234d washington. 64 in warrenton. here comes the heat. a high around the area, 98 degrees in the district. it's going to be a hot one. >> thanks for the warning. while we're on the golf course, lindsay had lunch with tiger woods' caddy who will have some time on his hands the next few days. >> that's exactly right. tiger woods will not be healthy enough to play at the u.s. open next week. his injuries forced him to pull out of the players championship last month have not healed enough. so that also means no u.s. open for his caddy stevie williams who has spent the last 12 years
5:49 pm
walking golf courses with tiger. i recently had the opportunity to sit down for lunch with stevie williams. >> step into my office. describe to me your role. i feel like you are in a sense tiger's protector, not just his caddy. >> i try to make a level playing field. it's not easy when you have extra people out there all the time. media people and so forth. so, you know, i've had a bad rap sometimes over some of my actions, but, you know, if someone doesn't agree with what you do, come and spend a whole week for me. it's not as easy as it looks. >> if you look at something like horse racing, a jockey may say if you get a win, then it's 20% him, 80% the horse. how do you feel about golf? how much percentage of a win goes to your credit as a caddy? >> you can't really put a finger on that. that's a very good question. i don't think you can put a
5:50 pm
valid number on that. that's a very difficult thing to answer. unlike a horse jockey, you are actually riding the horse. and you are sort of controlling it. as a caddy, you give them all the relevant information and try to provide the best information you can and the strategy to play the course. but you don't actually, aren't physically actually doing anything. it's like being the chief mechanic on a race car or the crew chief. he can put everything in place to do well but he isn't driving the car. >> you love racing. how did that start for you. tell me about the racing you are involved in. >> i race on short track, dirt tracks. and golfing and racing are my two passions. and probably two opposite ends of the spectrum. dirt track racing to the pga tour is two different things. >> does tiger come watch you race? >> he's been there a couple of times. i've had him in a stock car in new zealand. >> how did that go? >> he absolutely loved it. and he did well.
5:51 pm
he's had a drive in my car. i didn't give him brand new tires. i thought i'm not going to waste brand new tires on you because he wouldn't give me brand new tires. but they loved it. >> absolutely loved it. absolutely loved it. as everyone knows, i am an adrenaline junkie. and to get into a stock car down there was a rush. and to get hit and to bump people, that was fun. i enjoyed that. >> what is it like when you make the perfect read? >> i try to go the whole week without making a mistake. i like to judge not only how he plays but judge myself. and by being able to say the right thing at the right time and not saying something at the right time and then being able to, you know, choose the right club and read the putts if i get asked. every bit of information for a
5:52 pm
week. i grade myself. and i know if i do a good job, it's really going to help. sometimes you aren't always right. and you cost your player strokes as well. so you kind of grade yourself. i take a lot of pride in what i do. so every week, i give it my best. >> stevie williams will not be as the u.s. open. let's be honest. he's stuck with tiger through thick and thin. i mean, let's not take for granted the stuff he's had to put up with, too. >> been a little roller coaster ride of late. >> great lunch. coming up tonight on news 4 at 6:00, an e. coli contamination has led to the death of a virginia toddler. the child may have gotten the disease at a pool. a special honor has been given to the young woman honored at the lululemon store in bethesda. and the future of airport security. it could mean breezing through checkpoints in just seconds. join jim vance and me in a few minutes for news 4 at 6:00. when we come back, after this break, a special
5:53 pm
distinction for montgomery county. why once again their class of 2011 is on the
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
you're watching news 4 at 5:00. >> you are looking at a live picture right now as they await the arrival of german chancellor angela merkel. guests are starting to arrive for tonight's big state dinner.
5:56 pm
you can see the red carpet theatfront entrance. and guests are arriving, we understand, as we speak. it's going to cost more to attend virginia tech. the university's board of visitors unanimously ratified across the board tuition and fee high hikes for the academic year that begins this fall. in-state undergrads who live on campus will pay nearly $1,500 more per semester. that's a 9.4% increase. students and other categories will also pay more. the increases are part of a $1.4 billion budget approved by the board. the high school graduation rate in montgomery county is at the top of the class. this is the third straight year education week magazine has recognized montgomery county as number one in the nation among the nation's largest public school systems. chris gordon reports from the richard montgomery high school graduation today at constitution hall. >> reporter: montgomery county public schools have the highest graduation rate in the country.
5:57 pm
85% of its students compared to 71% of all students across the country get to walk across the stage, shake hands, get photographed and throw off four years of tears and fears to reach this moment. >> when they come across that stage, i not only want them to graduate. i want them to be able to go on and do something with their life. and i want them to be inspired to reach to new heights. >> the hugs and happiness, pictures with friends and family are all part of graduation day. and the diploma is the symbol of success. >> but i've seen something and i'm growing up, hard work. definitely. but everything pays off. >> reporter: montgomery county's student population is diverse. and not all of its students are academically gifted. the student member of the board of education who attends richard montgomery says some students struggle. >> in the end, our administrators, our teachers worked with them and it's really nice to just see everyone that
5:58 pm
you know in the senior class walking down the stage and shaking their hand, watching them get their diploma and graduate, move on to bigger and better things. >> other students excel, taking advanced placement courses and the international bachaulaureate program. >> it challenged me to put myself in a program where i could work the hardest and see the benefits of all my hard work. >> the school superintendent will retire next week after shaking his last hand at a high school graduation. but the board of education feels that the record of excellence will continue because of great teachers, administrators and support staff. this is chris gordon, news 4. >> got a lot to be proud of there. that does it for news 4 at 5:00. news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. >> you're watching nbc 4, washington's news leader. now, live in hd, this is "news 4
5:59 pm
at 6:00." >> i want justice. oh, yeah, i want justice. i don't want this hocus-pocus, amnesia or whatever they want to call it. i want justice. >> the driver accused in a deadly hit and run accident may not remember what happened behind the wheel. news 4 trying to get answers about the fate of d.c. council member harry thomas jr. in the midst of a corruption investigation. and there are apparently more pictures connected to a congressman's sexting scandal. >> i could have put that out there and his career would have been over today. >> we begin tonight with more on the story of anthony weiner and the conservative blogger who uncovered the x-rated scandal tied to him. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm wendy rieger. doreen gentzler is on assi assignment. virginia congressman eric cantor a


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