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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  June 8, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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river road. so it will affect folks from northern virginia. really unfortunately because of the location there's not a lot of good alternates. go up the 270 spur, turn around democracy boulevard, head south and exit the outer loop to inbound. the ramp from outer loop is open. of course stay with the beltway. come wisconsin avenue. here's a live picture of the ramp from the inner loop to go in on river road. the ramp is closed. it will make for a tough morning. we will keep you updated all morning long. back to you. >> jerry, thanks so much. >> thank now to the heat wave. we are going to chase some record temperatures today. there is a code orange air quality alert which means if you have a heart or upper respiratory ailment you should stay inside because of the dangerous air quality. also be sure to drink plenty of water and try to stay cool.
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picking up trash earlier than usual to avoid the extreme heat. tomorrow morning they will begin at 6:00 a.m. you can put it out 6:00 p.m. the night before. department of public works says it wants to protect the health of its workers. and this is dangerous heat. >> and it's going to feel even hotter later today. >> yeah. for construction workers, anybody who has to work outside, you definitely need to take great care, respect the heat, take frequent breaks. drink plenty of water. it's a cool start. again, a cool morning like we had yesterday morning. low to mid-60s rural areas to the nearby suburbs. but in washington now, 73. it's in the mid-70s around the bay. we have had more humidity around. a few high clouds drifting over us now. and we will have lots of sunshine today and a seering heat that will be developing. by 9:00, 80.
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by noon, 90. by midafternoon, upper 90s. the record high today is 98 set on this date back in 1999. it will feel like 100 to 105 when you factor in the humidity. so dangerous heat. middle to latter part of the afternoon. then by late afternoon we should be in the mid-90s. so still hot. in fact, even hot into early this evening. a look at night planner coming up at 4:41. joe? >> thanks very much, tom. a major traffic alert for drivers taking the 14th street bridge. i-395 north from have have north into d.c. the district department of transportation is starting its final phase of the major rehabilitation project on the bridge. you can see this new traffic pattern for the next eight weeks. the construction zone shifted to the right center lane. three lanes of traffic back to the left. and one will get by to the
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right. ddot says it should complete this project by the fall. this morning more than 100 people are displaced after this massive fire in prince george's county. firefighters rescued a woman and baby from the top floor of this apartment building as flames shot through the roof of the complex. it started in new carrollton late last night. jackie benson reports on amazing stories of those inside and those who ran to help. >> reporter: the stairwell was quickly filling up with heat and smoke. one resident chose to jump and broke his leg in the fall. >> it was impossible to escape. there was entirely too much heat and smoke in that stairwell. they retreated to their balconies. at some point they made the decision they couldn't wait any longer and they jumped. >> i heard people screaming. and i was looking on the balcony
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to see if somebody was jumping out or something. the neighbors went around front to help people come out. >> a number of elderly and infirmed residents were in there. >> my mother was in there and heard glass. by the time she came out, fire was coming through the ceiling. a massive wildfire threatens thousands of homes. the fire near the arizona/new mexico border charred 500 square miles. strong winds are fanning those flames. 2,000 people evacuated the town of eager. investigators are trying to figure out what caused this mill fire in rhode island. it collapsed in the eight-alarm fire. the fire forced families in the area to evacuate and left 1,000 people without power overnight. at least one firefighter was taken to the hospital. the mill was vacant at the time
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and hasn't been used since 2009. >> this morning there is mounting pressure for anthony weiner to resign. this comes two days after he admitted he lied about sending a lewd picture to a woman on twitter. he confessed to having a number of inappropriate relationships on line. house leader nancy pelosi asked for an ethics investigation to see whether weiner broke any rules. >> we have to follow. >> they are calling for a dozen house democrats to return campaign contributions from weiner. new yorkers are weighing in app a poll by new york one said 51% said he should keep his seat. 30% said he should step down. 18% are not sure. but should not run for mayor of
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narc city while 25% said he should. here's a live look at capitol hill this morning. the faceoff over so-called swipe fees which retailers are forced to pay every time you use your debit card. the proposal being voted on today would cap fees at 12 cents a swipe, down from an average of 44 cents. without the cap they may have to raise prices. while banks oppose the cap arguing they will have to raise other fees if the insure passes. educating the workforce. he will push for efforts to prepare americans to enter into the manufacturing industries. the white house is pulling out all the stops for the first official visit during president obama's term. the president and first lady welcomed hundreds of a-listers for a state dinner for angela
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merkel. they enjoyed the warm weather, dining al tpres coand were treated to entertainment from the national symphony orchestra and grammy award-winning james taylor. and the menu was first class in honor of the chancellor. four-course meal of tuna tartare, vegetables from the white house gardens and petite filet and apple strudel for dessert. are we hungry? oh, man >> 4:37. tiger break the hearts of local golf fans. the unusual tip that led to a search for bodies. a search for bodies. why police are looking for the
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discover land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil. good morning. time for weather and traffic early on this wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. right now it's pleasant. 73, reagan national. a little more humidity. mostly clear sky. we're in the 60s in the suburbs and rural areas. there's the jefferson memorial under this mostly clear sky this wednesday morning. we will have heat rapidly building. by 9:00, near 80. hazy sunshine. near 90 by noon time.
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and hitting the upper 90s. it will feel like 100 to 105 with the humidity. by 5:00, back down to the mid-90s. by 7:00, near 90. by 11:00, it will still be warm. around 80 degrees. by dawn tomorrow, low and mid-70s starting off thursday morning. another very hot day coming tomorrow. we'll talk about that. a break from the heat on friday and into the weekend coming up at 4:55. a look at next week as well. let's check traffic this wednesday morning. jerry, any problems? >> authorities are on the scene of a motorcycle accident that occurred early this morning. you're looking at live pictures. closed the that would take you from the inner loop to go on to river road. as a result the ramp from the inner loop is closed. off the beltway, if you miss those exits go up to the 270
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spur. turn around to democracy boulevard. come old georgetown or wisconsin avenue. quickly let me tell you about a truck pfeiffer. that too could be with us for some time to come. if you're downtown, again, new construction pattern. one lane on the right. a couple to the left. right there is the jersey barrier. again, we'll watch that throughout the morning for potential delays. >> thanks a lot. 4:42. 77 degrees. the so-called honey business. busted in northern virginia. the newly married royal couple is doing some hiring. what positions they're hoping to fill and spectacular solar stor
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take a good look at this video. a woman beating another woman and stealing her purse. this happened memorial weekend at second chance saloon in columbia. a security guard hired by the private party appeared to, well, just get out of the way. the woman did not know her attacker. she was treated at the bar and did not go to the hospital >> federal authorities shut down a fairfax county business for illegal activity at night and its owner is headed to jail. the 37-year-old from south korea admitted to hiring women to work as companions for male customers. much generated out of a karaoke bar called honey. he would recruit the woman online and house them in his own
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home and a nearby apartment. it was actually he himself who tipped them off. >> he came to us almost a year ago with the intent of wanting to have us work investigations against his competitors. >> he faces up to 10 years in prison when he is sentenced. he could be deported because investigators say he is here illegally. >> we'll find out what's next for a d.c. council member accused of corruption. they met behind closed doors to talk about harry thomas jr.'s situation. he's accused of spending more than $300,000 in district money on lavish trips and an expensive suv. that chairmanship could be stripped from him. they filed a lawsuit to try to get the money back. montgomery county police are investigating the stabbing of a
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12-year-old honor student. she was found dead last week inside her family's townhome. they're not sure if the girl was killed by someone she knew or a stranger. wen was a sixth grader and was a straight a student. florida prosecutors are using a novel forensics technique in the casey anthony trial. she is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter in 2008. he smelled a can containing an air sample of the car and described it as an overwhelmingly strong small of human decomposition. this is the first time smell has been introduced in a u.s. criminal case. this method is too experimental to be used in court. a safe self-proclaimed psychic has some explaining to do. the person called about dismembered bodies in texas.
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investigators want to talk to the tipster. >> a major fallout. farmers have been hit with huge losses. farmers are angry price for their crops have collapsed after being erroneously blamed by german health officials for an outbreak that affected 2,400. the source of the contamination has not been traced and in fact, it may never be known. more students in our area are graduating high school than any other part of the country. graduation rate in montgomery county is at the top of the class. this is the third straight year the magazine recognized montgomery county as number one in the nation. here's the list. fairfax is number 2, followed by baltimore. arundel comes in at number six. if you were hoping for a tiger woods sighting when the u.s. open comes to town, you're out of luck.
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he announced via twitter he will not play at the open at congressional next week. this is the shot where tiger actually hurt himself at april during the third round of the masters. he tweaked his achilles tendon. there he made it only nine holes before dropping out of that. woods voiced frustration but admitted his injuries have not healed enough to play. >> finds wade. wade lost the ball. back put. gets it to miller. miller puts it up. air ball. and that's it. the mavericks have evened the series. >> the mavericks played the comeback kids once again in the nba finals. dallas overcame a high fever that plagued dirk nowitski to win over the miami heat. dwyane wade led the heat in scoring with 32 points. the mavs will try to get one
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more at home thursday before heading back to south beach. a massive solar flair peaked the interest of nasa scientists and now they released a picture of it. you may have heard the thunder. the actual flair extended over a three-hour period. this player is classified as a medium class storm. so there will be no danger on satellites or communications here on earth. >> just looking at that. can you imagine? what it could do. >> we complain about your heat. >> that reminds us what we'll be feeling today, tom. >> yeah. here it comes. we'll only have a couple days of excessive heat. thankfully this is not an extended heat wave. but you have to respect the heat. if you don't have to be outside, stay in the cool. # and if you have to be outside, definitely take precautions, frequent breaks, drink plenty of water.
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73. pleasant in washington. prince george's county, upper six. mid-60s in montgomery and fairfax. arlington near 70. right near the bay, it's in the low 70s. away from the waters it's tphts 60s in most locations. it's dipped into the upper 50s parts of western maryland and west virginia this morning. go to higher elevations if you want to escape the heat. that will certainly make it cooler. right now around the region we've got a mostly clear sky. a few high clouds drifting off to our south and east this morning. we will have lots of sunshine today. and unfortunately with generally stagnant air around with the air pollution building this afternoon in addition to the heat you will need to stay inside this afternoon. well, there is the jefferson memorial under a clear sky. it's turned more humid. by 9:00, near 80. by midafternoon, mid-90s. record high is 98.
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the will feel like 100, 105. by 11:00, near 80 this evening. and by dawn tomorrow, low to mid-70s. another hot day. in fact, maybe a little bit hotter tomorrow. near 100 degrees tomorrow afternoon. the heat index will exceed 100. a small chance of a passing thunderstorm perhaps thursday evening. a greater chance on friday. maybe a morning shower, afternoon thundershower. much cooler over the weekend. saturday and sunday. chance of passing showers and thundershowers. into the 80s monday and tuesday with sunshine back. so the heat wave ending tomorrow by friday. jerry, how is traffic? we continue to follow breaking news that will certainly affect your commute in maryland on the inner loop. you're looking at live pictures. authorities are investigating a fatal motorcycle accident that occurred just a couple hours ago
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on the inner loop to go inbound river road. unfortunately what will happen with time is the ramp will begin to back up onto the capital beltway. go up to the 270 purr to democracy boulevard, turn around, come on back. georgetown road, wisconsin avenue also viable options that side of town. let's head over and see how we're doing south of town, woodrow wilson bridge, inner and outer loop looking good so far >> thanks very much. 4:53. frequent flyers are satisfied with just about everything associated with flying with one big exception. tales of their disgust from nbc chris clackem. >> reporter: for the second year in a row they have more satisfied with virtually every aspect of airline travel with two glaring exceptions.
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cost and fees. not surprising says j.d. power. airfares have gone up as business and leisure travel picked up. but it's the fees for everything from priority seat to go extra baggage that consumers really seem to resent. >> so while different airlines may have had different levels of declines with the base father the real difference or slippage came with additional fees within the cost and fee category. >> jetblue narrowly beat out southwest for the top ranking. alaska came out on top among traditional carriers. overall, the low cost airlines received a higher average ranking. ironic but not unexpected. >> now, cost and fees is certainly a part of that. but there are a lot of ditcheses across the board in terms of the scores. >> the survey indicated price
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doesn't not beget loyalty or commitment but people and the process do. >> well, one thing that could keep flyers happier, long tarmac delays are down dramaticly due at least in part to fine them big time if they have long delays but the delays have not totally disappeared yet. there have been 20 tarmac delays of three hours or more >> 4:55, 77 degrees. the side effect that could make you reconsider reaching for the coffee pot this morning. too late for us, joe. >> yes, indeed. also at 5:00, fallout from the charlie sheen police escort. there's been a department
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welcome back at 4:58. you can work for the royal newly woods. they are looking for a housekeeper and dresser. they posted an ad at buckingham palace. >> a dresser? >> someone who can -- >> someone to put your shoes on? i need one of those. we all know there are certain
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side effects that come with your morning cup of coffee. >> jittery this morning? >> are you drinking so much caffeine that you are starting to hallucinate. stressed coffee lovers are three times more likely to see or hear imaginary things. 92 people with varied stress and caffeine intake were forced to listen to bing crosby's white christmas. and then static and asked to press a buzzer if they heard the song. 15% reported delusional experiences. no wonder. some i want to know who thinks up these experiments. boss, i've got an idea. here's what we do. we feed all these people heavy coffee, make them sit in a room and play white christmas. >> how about lady gaga. >> wait a minute. i'm hearing something.


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