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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  June 28, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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knew about al qaeda's potential plan to attack large group of people gathering specifically on u.s. independence day. it goes on to say there is no specific credible information, but d.c. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton says the district is always on alert for surprises. >> they won't tell you how much security there is out here, but you can bet your bottom dollar, having uncovered what bin laden had in mind, there will be security in keeping with what we learned. >> reporter: for fourth of july, met owe officials expect anywhere from 500,000 to 600,000 customers. they're ramping up staff with an all hands on deck situation. >> so customers coming onto the metro rail system on the fourth of july will be reminded, if you're bringing packages, you may be asked to submit your packages to random bag an inspection. >> reporter: with the added layers of security, some we spoke to on the national mall are taking the latest warning
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more serious than others. >> if we tried to focus on this too much, it's like we'd constantly be in a worry. while we're here, we want to enjoy everything we can. >> reporter: a warning like this, do you take this seriously? >> very seriously. i probably would think about a fourth of july crowd. maybe stay back from the crowd, not in the thick of things. >> reporter: authorities say they don't want the latest warning to deter people from coming out. it will be safe and secure with 19 different checkpoints around the national mall area. they do want to take people more aware, saying if you see something suspicious, say something immediately. at the same time, you're asked to not leave your bags unattended. here on the national mall, i'm john schriffen, "news 4 today." >> security people always say we are the first line of defense. you have to be vigilant and report anything suspicious. 4:31. time for weather and traffic on the ones. tom, a little muggy out there, but not too bad. it's going to be humid today.
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a chance of storms but not too much. shenandoah valley, a little rumble of thunder to your west. it's coming in out of west virginia. a line of diminishing thunder showers. most of the thunder is gone, just some scattered showers from the panhandle of west virginia to the northern shenandoah valley. that stretches all the way down to near harrisonburg. it looks like it's breaking up as it's drifting east. to the east, we have temperatures under a mostly cloudy sky in the low 70s to mid-70s. right now reagan national's at 75. near 70 around the bay and the eastern shore and throughout much of the region. we have a lot of cloudiness. this is all out ahead of a cool front. between now and then, might have a shower between now and 9:00 or so. then after that, partly sunny and getting hot and humid this afternoon. up around 90 degrees by midafternoon. late afternoon and into the evening is when we could have scattered storms. there's only a very small chance
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that any of the storms this afternoon or this evening would be severe with damaging winds or hail. i'll have your night planner. that will be coming up in about ten minutes. now we welcome back danella sealock. how's the traffic? danella, welcome back. >> thanks so much. it's looking great so far. i'm checking the roadways. local roads look good as well as the beltway. let's take a live look at american legion bridge. we're moving nicely as we head to virginia. 395 south of edsall road, no accidents to report. joe and eun, back to you. a 19-year-old is in jail this morning, accused of killing a man during the caribbean festival parade this past weekend. police charged terry jimenez with the murder of 43-year-old robert foster jr. police say the violence in columbia heights stemmed from a dispute between rival gangs. foster was one of three people shot. the others survived.
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jimenez was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. officers arrested him on monday. mark and amanda roe and their two young sons were inside their suv when a pickup truck slammed into the vehicle in winchester, virginia, on sunday morning. it happened on route 11 on interstate 81. the suv ruptured the jeep's gas tank, and it burst into tanks. the driver of the pickup, 20-year-old steven boyce, had a bottle of rum and several beer cans in the truck. >> they were a good, decent family. they never did nobody wrong. right now i feel it's a great loss. >> boyce is facing dui and involuntary manslaughter charges. investigators say his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. his bond hearing is expected to start at noon today. breastfeeding cops are finding new practices by the d.c. police department. the union representing officers
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says the department created lactation rooms that are unfit for the female officers. the union says the rooms lack privacy, and in some cases are not sanitary. they also issued an order to make sure that healthy officers are out on the streets, and the union is challenging that order, saying it has forced new mothers off desk jobs and out on patrol, which has caused them discomfort and inconvenience. >> you have to wear a bulletproof vest, which is extremely painful and can cause some physical damage. in addition to that, because when you're lactating, there are time requirements when you have to pump for breast milk, the officers in the field are forced to come back into the stations and use their breast pumps there. >> police chief kathy lanier says the department is trying to accommodate breastfeeding mothers however they can. 4:35. he went from the governor's
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office to being donald trump's pren 'ti apprentice, and now he is heading to jail. a jury convicted rod blagojevich of 17 corruption charges against them. 11 of those are trying to sell president obama's vacant senate seat. jurors this time around had no doubt about the prosecution's case. >> proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty. it was very difficult. i really tried to find everything i could to be not guilty, but the proof was there. >> patti and i obviously are very disappointed in the outcome. i frankly am stunned. there's not much left to say. >> the convictions carry a sentence of up to 300 years, but most legal experts believe blagojevich will get between 10 and 15 years. a sentencing hearing is set for august 1st. the man who found the remains of 2-year-old caylee anthony has been summoned to court today. this after defense attorneys questioned the lead detective in the case.
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they suggested that his investigation was sloppy after he failed to subpoena phone records from the meter reader who found the girl's remains. a judge also revealed that a requested competency hearing was the reason for this weekend's delay of court. he revealed notes of the state psychologist who examined casey anthony and found she was competent to remain on trial for the death of her daughter. president obama is taking charge of derailed negotiations over federal spending and the national debt. monday the president met with senate leaders on both sides of the aisle. the economy and debt remain issue number one for gop presidential candidates already campaigning in early contest states. the white house says president obama insists on increased tax revenues as part of any agreement to raise the national debt. republicans have said they won't consider tax increases. later today, the man tapped to take over the top commander's spot will be on capitol hill for a confirmation hearing. marine lieutenant general john allen will testify before the
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armed services committee. the hearing comes after president obama announced last week that 30,000 u.s. troops will leave afghanistan by next year. allen says he supports that plan. army general david petraeus, whom allen is replacing, has said the withdrawal plan is riskier and more aggressive than he would have liked. today a peaceful protest is expected in silver spring, maryland, as federal health officials consider approving a controversial breast cancer drug. the food and drug administration is holding a two day hearing on avastin. the drug maker is challenging a hearing from last december that revoked avastin's federal approval. drug regulators said the drug was not effective for the 17,000 men and women taking it. they argue avastin can prolong a terminal patient's life. the rally is expected to begin at 7:00. the field for women in wimbledon is wide open after a monday full of upsets. both serena and venus williams are out after both fell in straight sets. and the number one seed,
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caroline wo caroline wozniacki is also gone. all the men's favorites are remaining, including rafael nadal, roger federer, and andy murray. you can watch the women's finals, including maria sharapova, who is now favored to win it all, today beginning at 10:00. ahead on "news 4 today," new controversy surrounding the pat-downs. what one grandmother says the tsa asked her to do that some say is unsettling.
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good morning. time for weather and traffic on this tuesday morning around the region. we have some showers coming into the shenandoah valley. they did produce thunder and lightning in west virginia, but that's breaking up. as it crosses the blue ridge, a lot is going to break up. we do have a chance of a passing shower around the metro area. perhaps another couple of hours. we're mid-70s downtown and near the bay. here's the washington monument under a mostly cloudy sky. by 9:00, maybe a passing light shower. otherwise, partly sunny and around 80.
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noontime, partly sunny by late afternoon. midafternoon, likely thunderstorms popping up from west to east, and there's only a small chance any of the storms would be severe. and the storm activity actually may continue all the way until midnight tonight. here's your night planner. temperature by midnight, upper 70s. tomorrow a fresh change moving in. we'll be in the 60s with lower humidity. a look at the weekend and the fourth of july coming up in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? so far looking good. i'm checking the roadways. d.c. looking good. maryland, virginia. let's start in virginia. 66 at sully road. 66 east and west, no accidents to report. this is a great time to be traveling right now. here's the 270 spur in maryland at democracy boulevard. you're looking excellent as well. this is a great time to be on the road. if only we didn't have to sacrifice our sleep, right? joe and eun, back to you. >> sure, right. 4:43 is the time. the time is the time, oddly
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enough. >> it is. still to come, airport pat-downs, what a grandmother says she had to do to make it through security.
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good morning. welcome back. the supreme court says a law prohibiting the sale of violent video games to minors is unconstitutional. the court voted 7-2 to strike down the law, saying the ban went too far, and the governments do not have the power to restrict the ideas to which children may be exposed. tough new federal standards
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for cribs go into effect today. the consumer products safety commission is banning retailers from banning drop-side cribs. the cribs that have a side rail that parents can lift and lower have been blamed in several infant deaths since the year 2000. they are requiring that crib hardware is more durable and crib safety testing is more rigorous. republican michelle bachmann announced she is running for president. the three-term congresswoman from minnesota made her announcement in waterloo, iowa, which she considers her first hometown. >> it's these wa roots and my faith in god that guide me today. >> the 55-year-old is known for her conservative style. she is also a tea party favorite. a recent poll showed her in a virtual tie with mitt romney among republican voters in iowa. this morning the tsa is denying reports they asked a
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95-year-old woman who is battling leukemia to remove her adult diaper during a pat-down. it happened last week at northwest florida regional airport. le na's family says the screener saw something suspicious in the woman's adult diaper and asked her to remove it in order to board the plane. a statement from the tsa said the agents acted according to procedure and, quote, did not require this passenger to remove an adult diaper. while her family is still frustrated, slena, may be the least irate of all. >> i'm sorry. i've got to do this. it's the only way you're going to be on the plane. i felt, just, i don't know, so helpless. >> her daughter has filed an official complaint with the transportation security agency. the uso is launching a $100 million campaign to support
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wounded warriors and their families. operation enduring care kicked off yesterday with the groundbreaking ceremony for the new wounded warrior and family care center at ft. belvoir. the facility will be a noncritical care center. it will help bridge the gap between recover jie and civilian life. >> this is not going to be another building. this is going to be a home, where families can retreat and have some tranquillity. >> we stress jobs. i think that's what we need to do more of, that veterans do have a lot to offer. >> the ft. belvoir facility is slated to open in 2012. a similar facility is also planned at the new walter reed national medical center in bethesda, maryland. new military is coming to anacostia waterfront at the baseball stadium. the revedevelopment plan was pu out. developers plan to build a half
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dozen restaurants, a harris teeter grocery store, and other stores over the next one to two years. >> you come down here at lunch time in the park, you'll see lots of people eating a brown bag lunch, and now maybe they'll have a restaurant they can go to as well. there's over 30,000 daytime workers here, 3,000 new residents, and the area's changed over the last few years. >> it will also featuring housing for lower and middle income residents. a raging wildfire in new mexico is creeping dangerously close to the los alamos nuclear laboratory, forcing it to close. officials at the facility say all radioactive materials at the lab are safe from the flames. thousands of nearby residents have been forced to evacuate as the fire has burned more than 34,000 acres and claimed more than 40 buildings. the waters surrounding minot, north dakota, are slowly receding this morning, but it's
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still a long road ahead. president obama called north dakota governor last night. the souris river peaked on sunday four feet above the previous flooding record. since then it's dropped nearly a foot. sources say it could be mid-july before the river is back to normal levels and the cleanup process can really begin. wow, what a mess. >> and it's going to be a long cleanup at that. 4:51. time for weather and traffic on the ones. tom, how is our weather? it's a little humid. showers coming out of west virginia now coming into the shenandoah valley and into western maryland. that is beginning to diminish in activity. we don't see nearly as much lightning associated with that. right now we are getting the showers across the shenandoah valley from harrisonburg up to winchester and across the west virginia border up near charlestown. they're getting a few showers there. farther to the north and western washington county, these are drifting to the east. closer to washington, no rain is falling.
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we have a mild morning. temperatures around the region are near 70. arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties also near 70. mid-70s in washington, right by the bay. parts of the northern neck, weather watchers up very early on this tuesday morning reporting. thank you. right now in western maryland, much of west virginia in the 60s. we do have a front in the midwest. right now into ohio and indiana. that front is going to be sweeping through here later today and will likely trigger more storms as we get into the afternoon hours. right now it's mostly cloudy over the jefferson memorial. that's a live picture from our city camera. we've got a little bit of summery haze this morning. our sunrise will be at 5:45. by 9:00, we might still have a lingering light shower around. otherwise, a cloudy morning and then some sun breaking out late morning into the afternoon. late afternoon into the evening is when we will likely have some storms developing. before then, up around 90 degrees. scattered storms up around midnight. only a small chance any of these storms will produce damaging winds. by this time tomorrow morning, a
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fresh change coming in. 60s and partly cloudy. mostly sunny the rest of wednesday and into thursday and friday and low humidity. highs in the 80s wednesday, thursday. friday, 90. here's a look at the weekend and towards the fourth of july. looks like we'll have typical firecracker weather. hot and humid. 90s each day. only a small chance of storms. let's check traffic. danella, how's it looking? >> so far still looking good. i'm checking the cameras and checking the roadways. no accidents to report. i can tell you i see more commuters making their way around, but the roadways are clear. 95 north of occoquan right now, you can see the 95 north traffic is increasing. i can tell you you have no significant delays at this time. as we head over to maryland, this is the beltway and connecticut avenue. you can see we have commuters making their way. again, the lanes are open on the beltway, and you're looking good. as we make a stop to d.c., new york avenue, and bladensburg road. i'm watching new york avenue. all along it, i see we have commuters out. i'm happy to say no delays or
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accidents to report. eun and joe, back to you. >> danella, thanks very much. 4:53. the nationals may be excited to have davey johnson at the helm. the l.a. angels work to sour his debut. >> up the middle. game over. >> with the bases loaded, maicer izturis hit a walk-off single to give the angels a 4-3 win at the bottom of the tenth. nats tie the game in the top of the ninth with a solo home run by danny espinoza. it was his 16th. the most all time by a rookie before the all-star break. >> davey johnson will make things right. >> that's right. we have confidence. coming up, the countdown is on. we'll show you how nasa is preparing for the final shuttle
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liftoff of the last space shuttle mission is set for july the 8th. nasa is doing what it now calls a flight readiness review of the shuttle "atlantis." the shuttle crew arrived at the kennedy space center to get
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ready for the flight. this last mission will be a 12-day trip to the international space station to deliver parts and supplies. the duke and duchess of cambridge will be in canada later this week. this morning officials in calgary are preparing for the royal visit. will and kate will be welcomed to calgary for a rodeo called the stampede, and they'll also tour a medical research center. the couple will also visit a 19th century fort and a youth homeless shelter in quebec city and take in the first nation's drumming. they'll arrive in canada on friday. sounds like they have a full schedule. a big night on "the voice." the four remaining contestants sing tonight. >> and then america votes for the winner. nbc's marc barger has a preview. >> reporter: what started with performers seeking attention sight unseen has evolved into a finale with the attention of millions of eyes and ears.
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>> i'm definitely feeling a lot of pressure. >> reporter: each contestant gets a final performance. >> i'm just going to be myself. >> reporter: with america deciding the winner. >> so many people that would die to be in the position that i'm in. >> reporter: $100,000 and a major recording contract. >> there's some stiff competition. i'm up against some really strong women. >> reporter: as if the finale pressure was not enough, each competitor will perform a duet with their singing star coach. >> i should be stressed out, but that's actually the highlight of the show for me. >> christina sings her face off. it's quite an honor to be in front of that and doing it with her. the >> reporter: the duets are bringing out the competitive fire in the coaches. >> he's like we have to top what you did with the drums. so it's going to be big. whether you win or lose, i want our song to be a production that no one will ever forget. >> reporter: it sets the stage for a couple of memorable nights. >> go out there and perform in


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