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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  July 22, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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muse. >> and i'm jim handly. we can say it. record-breaker, folks. it is very rare you see the heat index higher than 100 degrees, but today it's way above. the numbers are off the charts. >> meteorologist doug kammerer and chuck bell are following this dangerous heat today. let's start with you, doug. >> you say off the charts. we have not seen a heat index like this, i don't remember ever seeing it, and i grew up in this area. as far as the temperatures go right now, 100 degrees, we hit 102 last hour, just shy of the record of 103 degrees. but we have crushed the record towards dulles right now at 102 degrees. the old record, 98. we also beat the record in baltimore with 104 degrees there. now, the current heat index, 118 inside the beltway, and we are talking about some extreme heat across the rest of the area through saturday. of course, we do have that heat warning that is in effect, excessive heat warning in effect for today and for tomorrow. tomorrow, another extremely hot
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day. take a look at the numbers. the temperatures around the region right now. we're currently sitting at 100 degrees net airport, 102 in culpep culpeper, gaithersburg coming in at 100 degrees. but notice haegerstown, only 79s as we have had rain move in and thunderstorms. here's the heat index, 122 in la plata, 119 in culpeper, and 117 towards annapolis. i mentioned the storms and they have been strong, mostly back to the north and west and around portions of loudoun county, southern porntions of frederick county, but a strong storm right now around the winchester area into frederick county. we'll continue to watch those storms as they make their way east. and chuck, i'll tell you what, chuck outside right now in front of our studios, we could use a little bit of rain, couldn't we? >> man, we could use anything at all that makes the temperature go down. that's what we need. out here on the front lawn, our unofficial temperature gauge here reading a comfortable 104 degrees right now. and no matter how you slice it,
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it is unsafe to be outside for any length of time, especially if you're doing any kind of physical exertion. current heat index values hovering between 115 and 120 degrees in many spots. there are a few spots, hunting town and warrenton that have been reporting heat indexes in excess of 130. we're not 100% -- we can't verify those as official numbers, but no matter how you slice t it's dangerous outside. code red air quality again today, be careful for that. limit your outdoor activities, not only that, your number of car trips and things like that. use as little electricity as you can so you save the electricity you do need to use for the air conditioner. because that is priority number one. doug? >> and, of course, in this high air quality, red air quality, you want to make sure you limit your time outside. anybody with asthma, please watch out. you can quickly have asthma attacks in weather like this. jim? >> all right, doug. we'll be checking back in just a bit. well, you don't have to be outdoors for long to feel the oppressive, muggy, down right uncomfortable heat. it hits you like a wall.
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it is a code red air quality day, meaning unhealthy for most people. but as megan mcgrath shows us now, there are still some people finding ways to keep cool outdoors. >> reporter: what do you like about swimming? >> flipping. watch. >> reporter: whether you're doing underwater flips or just soaking, being in a pool is one way to keep cool on a blistering hot day. >> the pool water is pretty warm, but it helps being in the pool. >> it helps while you're in there, but you know you have to come out, so that's -- doesn't help that much. >> reporter: sitting yourself in front of a fan is another way to beat the heat. at stroe's snyders hardware in bethesda, they have seen a spike in the sale of good old fashioned fans. >> i've got to tell you, we're selling probably three to four more times in the way of fans, that is. i mean, we're -- people will buy one, now they're buying two or three, each of them.
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i think a lot of ac units may be going down out there, may be overworked. >> . >> reporter: the university of the district of columbia is a virtual ghost town today, although air conditioned, with temperatures expected to be 100 degrees or higher, the cooling system just can't keep up. so the university went ahead and cancelled classes at the main campus. >> you know, the good news for us is there's not a whole lot of activity going on on a friday in the summertime, anyway. so out of concern for our employees who might have some sensitivity to hot weather, we decided to go ahead and cancel activities on campus today, just the van necessary campus. >> reporter: but some folks are willing to break a sweat. exercise boot camp went on as scheduled this morning, despite the heat. although they did take some precautions. >> well, just standing here stretching, we're already sweating. so we're taking more water breaks and trying not to run as much. just kind of keep us going and so we're around our water so we
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can grab our break if we need it. >> reporter: this excessive heat warning isn't going away when the sun sets tonight. it stays with us until 10:00 p.m. in silver spring, megan mcgrath, news 4. the weather is also affecting special events at the manassas national battlefield park in northern virginia. reenactors are commemorating the 150th anniversary of the civil war this week. but because of today's blistering heat, all outdoor programs scheduled between 2:00 and 6:00 this afternoon have been cancelled. however, the visitors center, museums and exhibits all remain open. and for now, all weekend events are on as scheduled. military academy officials are trying to figure out how an apparently healthy and athletic west point candidate died during training. cadet jacob bauer of fairmont, west virginia was found unresponsive in the woods near the school yesterday. he had been taking part in a navigational exercise. school officials say temperatures were in the 90s, but it's not clear if heat
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played a part. bauer's dad said he had had surgery last year, but recently passed all his physical tests for the academy. authorities in norway are on high alert today after a bomb blast at the prime minister's office followed a terrible shooting spree at a youth camp. the bombing happened in oslo. the prime minister was not in the building at the time. oslo police say seven people are dead, and at least seven have been injured. soon afterward, a man dressed in a police uniform opened fire at a youth camp that is sponsored by norway's ruling political party. it's not clear yet how many people were injured in that attack, but one witness says he saw bodies on the beach and in the water. police arrested the suspected gunman, and they say he is linked to the oslo bombing, but further details aren't available yet. well, we're coming down to the wire, and the potential crisis over the debt limit. and president obama went to the university of maryland today to talk about it, while the senate killed a republican bill that
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contains some painful cuts to popular programs. in the meantime, the clock ticks. here's steve handelsman. >> reporter: he doesn't have a deal yet, but president obama went out to sell it at university of maryland, saying americans will suffer if the debt ceiling is not raised. >> so we can pass a balanced plan like this. it's not going to make everybody happy. >> reporter: he said any deal will have to wipe taxes and slash programs like medicare. >> we've got to cut back on what you're getting, and you've got to pay a little more. that's never fun. >> reporter: house speaker boehner denied he and the president agreed to cut spending now and raise revenue later. >> there was no agreement, publicly, privately, never an agreement. and frankly, not close to an agreement. >> reporter: boehner wanted today's focus on the house balanced budget amendment. backed by the tea party. >> by a vote of 51 to 46 -- >> reporter: that seventh
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democrat this morning defeated and insulted. >> the stupidist amendment i have ever seen. >> reporter: temper's flaerd like the heatwave. >> those of us who worked our tails off are told this is a piece of [ bleep ], piece of junk. >> reporter: liberal democrats too are angry by any obama/boehner deal to cut entitlements. >> no, i don't want there to be a default, but inflicting pain on the most vulnerable people in our society -- >> reporter: the president is not happy about cuts. >> and frankly, i wouldn't make them if money wasn't so tight. >> reporter: but time too is tight, with no deal finalized. >> it's going to be a hot weekend here in washington, d.c. >> 11 days left. besides the obama/boehner so-called grand bargain, the gang of six senate plan is still in play, but the reid/mcconnell short term debt ceiling deal is losing support. i'm steve handlesman, news4, capitol him. president obama and pentagon
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leaders are set to end the military's ban on openly gay service members. this afternoon, they're expected to certify the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. defense officials have determined that getting rid of the policy will not hurt military readiness. after the certification, the repeal will take effect in 60 days, meaning all service members could be open about their sexual orientation by the end of september. in new york, hundreds of couples are anxiously waiting to see who will get to tie the knot this weekend. sunday is the first day that same-sex marriage will be legal in new york. couples who want to say their "i-dos" had to enter a lottery for marriage licenses. 764 winners will be announced tomorrow. today, maryland governor martin o'malley says he wants to pass a same-sex marriage law similar to new york's. a bill passed maryland's senate this past year, but stalled in the house of delegates. a day after nfl owners approved the new collective bargaining agreement, there is
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still no end to the lockout. the players are still looking over the new agreement, and have yet to vote on it. as kristen dahlgren reports, players have only a few more days before losing preseason games. >> reporter: as the nfl owners and some players gathered in boston for the funeral of myra kraft, wife of patriots' owner, david. they would have no further news today. owners have given them until tuesday to ratify the collective bargaining agreement, and recertify the players' union. clearing the way for training camps to start wednesday. but while owners were optimistic after their approval thursday -- >> we have done what we were supposed to do. we have done our half. so to speak, you know, it's their choice now. >> players apparently aren't yet ready to punt, saying they haven't had enough time to read the agreement. while others called it a power
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play. steelers' ryan clark, tweeting, it is deception, paints a picture of bargaining to the public when there wasn't. as the almost 2,000 players and their reps now examine the deal, some of the issues they voiced concern over are a supplemental revenue sharing agreement, and ten years with no opt-out clause. but no deal could be a big deal when it comes to lost money for both sides. >> the real losses will start in the next couple days if they can't get this deal done. >> reporter: while fans say for every day this goes on, they're the ones who are really paying. >> oh, yeah. ready for some football. >> all right, the first preseason game, the august 7th exhibition hall of fame game, has been cancelled. if the two sides do reach a deal by tuesday, no other game should be affected. on capitol hill, kristen dahlgren, news4. when news4 at 4:00 continues, imagine dropping 1 million bucks worth of wine. a beg big mess. we'll tell you about it, coming
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up. ♪ and singer brian mcknight has a new album out. he's actually performing live here tonight. i had a chance to talk to him today. we'll hear from him next. plus, comedian and host of "the marriage ref" tom papa joins us next. kate middleton's dress will
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♪ this is me ♪ i write the songs i try to be be right ♪ the album is called "just me" and joining us today is brian mcknight, a familiar face and voice, of course. welcome, great to see you, welcome to washington. we apologize for our heat. >> that's all right. just don't talk about it. if you don't talk about it, then we can continue to move on. >> you just stay cool. this is your 14th. what is it like to keep it fresh? this is really four cds in one.
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>> i don't know. you know, i've been -- people have been asking me that. i don't know if i keep it fresh. i write what's in my head and heart at the time. obviously, we can produce the records any way we want. but, you know, if folks are out there getting it, which they have been, and i thank you so much, by the way, hopefully it's because they love great music. and not because, well, it's the trend of today or that it's, you know, something that has some -- nothing to do with great music. so i just do what i do, man. >> the title track number one on itunes. strong start. this is a family affair. your sons are involved in putting this together, too. and your brother is here. >> my brother is here for the show. this is how it works in the house. we have a studio in the house. my sons are working on several projects of their own. when i can get in, usually in the morning, because they work all night, i leave what i have done up on the hard drive and they come in and tweak it. because i really trust them. i love what they're doing. and i wanted it to be a joint effort. because they view things a
4:17 pm
little differently than i do. ♪ one ♪ you're like a dream come true ♪ >> that's great. so 40 tracks in had this. you've got one cd that's essentially all live, right? >> yeah, 30 tracks are live. i filmed a live dvd back in march that will come out for thanksgivi thanksgiving. this is the audio. and it's completely unplagd the way i wrote the songs, so all of the hits people that have loved before, i put them on this cd the way i wrote them, so just with me, just a piano, just a guitar and telling the stories behind the songs, as well. >> you're performing tonight at the strathmore. >> strathmore. >> not the. >> no the. strathmore. >> it needs a the, because apparently the sound is supposed to be phenomenal. >> the. >> the, yeah, let me put it in there. what are you looking forward to about tonight's performance and what should fans expect? >> it's a family affair. my boys are with me. my brother says come out and show people what it's like when
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the whole family is together. it's a night of mcnight music. and it's -- we have been having so much fun on the road. i have done things by myself. my brother, they do their thing, but we've had the most fun. it's the first time we have sung together since we were kids. >> really? >> so we get a lot -- a lot of it is in impromptu, because i'm playing. anything can happen. every show has been different and every audience has seen a different show. >> all right. we look forward to it. >> very smooth, very -- >> oh, yeah. >> very romantic music. >> you've liked him for years. >> he's got a lot of fans out there. >> did you know that he plays nine instruments? i can't even name nine instruments. >> i did not know. >> i didn't either, until today. >> sure you could. once again, brian mcknight's just-me tour comes to rockville tonight. show it was time 8:00. we understand it's sold out. >> sold out, sorry. cee lo green performed on the plaza on the "today" show, sang several songs including
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"bigger city." see low will be back for season two of "the voice." today hundreds of people lined up to audition in east rutherford, new jersey. there are more auditions to take place tomorrow. but people had to register ahead of time. you know, sometimes it's just the little things that grate on your last nerve, quirks that some couples just can't agree on can be pretty funny, if you're on the outside looking in. >> and that's the whole premise of "the marriage ref" sunday nights here on nbc 4. and look who we've got in our studio today, tom papa, host, he joins us now. welcome to washington. you're escaping from new york where it's cooking, too. >> yeah, this is actually pleasant compared to new york. >> oh, wow. >> yeah. >> must be really hot there. >> yeah. not as smelly. >> here -- yeah, not as smelly. what do you hear out on the streets from people? the streets of new york, wherever you go, couples. >> yeah, that's start to go happen more and more. i was at yankee stadium a couple weeks ago, and a guy yelled out,
4:20 pm
hey, marriage ref, tell my wife she's wrong. >> you get a lot of that. i do. more and more. it's what people like about the show, if you're married, it's such a satisfying thing to have someone from are the outside come in and say you're right, you're wrong, end of story. >> so what's the most outrageous thing you have seen on the show with couples. >> the most outrageous this year is this guy who chews on his remote controls. like, nervously, like when he is watching tv. >> like your nails? >> yeah, so much so that the cable company sends him a new one every two weeks, because they're convinced he must live with a pit bull. >> no. >> yes. >> that would drive a wife crazy. that would. >> the wife is like, please, stop it. i won't tell you which way we voted. because they come into the studio this year, and they sit right in front of the celebrities. and so a lot of people blow the argument when they come in. like we'll think, oh, this one is right and that one is wrong. and then they walk out there and just the way they fight can kind of blow it. >> thinking of celebrities, you've had a whole host of big names.
4:21 pm
but jerry seinfeld has been a driving force behind this. tell us day to day and what kind of contact you have with him and what is his role? >> he's -- he's a great friend of mine, and, you know, we do stand-up together all of the time. and he produces the show. he's out there, you know -- he's always standing in the back with a headset objen which is a lot pressure as a comedian, because if you blow a joke, you hear seinfeld yell, no, that's not the way you do it! >> you do stand-up yourself. has the show affected your stand-up routine? >> sure, yeah. i always talk a lot about family life and about raising my kids and all that kind of stuff. and -- but it's changed it that more people are coming to the shows now. you know, this weekend i'm at the d.c.improv. and you can see o-- you can tel the old fans and fans of the show, because it's couples, and tell my we've she is wrong. >> you're doubling exposure.
4:22 pm
so tonight and tomorrow night at the improv. >> and the air conditioning is going to be cranked. >> got to be. >> put it on 50. for some cooling off. >> "the marriage ref" airs sunday night at 10:00 here on nbc 4. thanks for coming by. nice to meet you. >> you too. coming up on news4, maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegg schwarzenegger's son is in the news. we'll have the latest on his injuries. plus, the extreme heat is so dangerous, it feels like 115 degrees. doug's forecast heading your way
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wow, when you guys said hot, you meant really, really hot today. >> you can't figure out enough words to see dangerous heat. this is so hot, this is something we really have not seen around our area before. and i don't know if we'll see it again. i mean, that's just how hot it is with a heat index right now of over 120 in many locations.
4:26 pm
you go outside, and you just feel the heat as soon as you step out there. it is hard to breathe. that's why we have a red air quality day today. people sensitive groups don't even go outside, if you don't have to. 100 degrees, the current temperature out there right now. a heat index of 118 with plenty of sunshine. again, temperatures are over 100 in many locations. 105 in baltimore, shattering their record. 102 in manassas, 102 in culpeper, 102 in la plata. look at leesburg. look back to the west. that is because of rain, much cooler temperatures back here, as we have been cool offering. 102 in leesburg last hour, now down to 93. easton at 122 degrees, so extremely hot day. we do have some rain making its way in here, even a couple storms developing closer to the metro area. this is a stronger storm here. this has a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for jefferson county, as well as frederick county into virginia right around winchester, right around berryville. very strong storms here.
4:27 pm
we'll go down to the south into loudoun county, just to the south of percentville. this has lightning associated too. another strong storm. these storms will provide very, very heavy rainfall. we had another one around daplace can you say earlier, that one starting to dissipate. but yet another one closing in on the washington, d.c. metro area. extremely hot and uncomfortable this evening. scattered strong thunderstorms. 90 to 97 degrees. that temperature will be around 8:00 tonight. that's how hot it's going to be. the heat index upwards of 100 to 115 through the 9:00, 10:00 hour tonight. tomorrow, very humid and incredibly uncomfortable. no relief. 78 to 83 degrees as we make our way into tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, another one. extremely hot, a heat index of 110 to 120 with another round of potential strong storms out there. 97 to 102. and as we move on through the next couple days, we're going to get cooler. that's the good news. sunday, a high of 97 degrees. i still think 101 tomorrow, but
4:28 pm
then 97 on sunday. 93 on monday. and then everybody cools off to a beautiful 90 degrees coming up next tuesday. so we're going to stay hot. but at least it's not going to be as hot. >> we'll need sweaters that day. >> exactly. >> bundle up. >> thanks, doug. still to come on news4 at 4:00, kate middleton's iconic wedding dress is now on display for visitors to see. plus, a serious surfing accident landed arnold schwarzenegger and
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and welcome back, everybody, i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. and here's what's happening at this hour. a severe weather warning. let's get to doug now in the storm center to get details. doug? >> yeah, brand-new severe thunderstorm warning, including parts of the district as well as northern portions of fairfax county and montgomery county, as
4:32 pm
well. let's go right to the radar and show you what i'm talking about here. this is a storm that is just now developed right around the potomac river, right along the border between fairfax and montgomery county. you can see the storm just to the north and east of reston, starting to put out lightning and moving toward the east. it's not moving very fast, but once again, it is very strong. let's go ahead and zoom in here and show you some of the roads associated with this area, right around potomac falls, faucet farms, river bend road, right along the river and as we move up route 90, river road in towards montgomery county. so, again, river road seeing some very heavy rain from this storm. and that's what you're going to get from this storm, extremely heavy rain, with dew points near 80 degrees, any storms that develop will have the potential to put out some very heavy rainfall. this storm or this severe thunderstorm warning going until about 5:15. it also does include portions of the district, as well as northwest portions of the district, including areas around the friendship heights region and towards the american legion bridge. also included within that severe
4:33 pm
thunderstorm warning, yet another warning back towards the west, another strong storm just to the south of perciville, but here's another strong storm around berriville right around route 81. we're going to continue to watch these storms for you, so it's not just the heat today, it is the chance for some severe thunderstorms, once again, any of these storms will have the biggest potential to drop some very heavy rain, and n a very short amount of time. so watch out if you're on the roads. it should be making its way closer to the beltway in about the next 20 to 30 minutes. we'll keep you updated right here on news4. buckingham palace will open its doors tomorrow for a rare show. >> speaking of record, a record number of visitors are expected to attend an exhibition, most drawn in by the royal wedding dress. michelle kosinski has the story from london. ♪ >> reporter: oh, yes. you remember it well. but you haven't seen it like
4:34 pm
this. catherine's dress still looks like a dream come true, even if she is not there to bring it to life. what you can do is stick your face right up and see the delicate lace, every stitch made by hand. >> that's so much work. so much wonderful craftsmanship that people can appreciate when they come and see it here, quite a revelation. >> reporter: you see the cascading nine-foot train, how fine the veil is, all 188 diamonds. and another revelation, what did kate wear under her gown? hand-made shoes, of course. high heels. you can see the couple's cake, yes, the actual cake, with only the top three small tiers replaced and a replica of the bouquet. >> so look at this. it cost $28.53 to get in there. so if they sell out this show,
4:35 pm
that's $18.3 million that will go toward renovating the palaces, including this one, which reportedly pretty much needs it. so the royal family can say "thank you, young kathryn" for that huge wedding we threw you. back to you. >> michelle kosinski reporting. the 13-year-old son of arnold schwarzenegger and maria this river is expected to make a full recovery after a scary surfing accident. christopher schwarzenegger was boogie boarding on a malibu beach on sunday. something went wrong and he suffered several broken bones, as well as broken ribs, and a collapsed lung. he was in the icu after the accident. it's unclear what his condition is tonight. arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver issued a joint statement earlier this afternoon saying, "chris is a brave boy and he is expected to make a full recovery." when you handle $1 million worth of wine, you become extra careful. well, maybe not. >> you sure do.
4:36 pm
but this bottle of 2010 velvet glove shiraz sells for $185. a worker in australia dropped more than 5,000 bottles, thanks to a malfunctioning forklift. the wine maker says he's devastating at losing a full third of his annual production. he noted, however, the scene of the spill smelled fantastic. boy, he needs a drink after that one. >> wonderful. >> a tall one. >> wonder if it was insured. >> let's hope. >> a lot of good stuff. it's been two years since the so-called balloon boy hoax. now a colorado businessman is turning the infamous flying saucer into a tourist attraction. >> the man's name is michael fruitman. he paid $250,000 for the balloon that had us glued to our tv sets when we thought a little boy was inside the home-made flying machine. it's now hanging inside fruitman's store, where people are stopping by to take pictures. he says he'll cut up the rest of the balloon and sell the pieces
4:37 pm
as souvenirs. >> a story that won't go away. there is more to come on news4 at 4:00. how an injured tortoise continues to roll on. plus, a special performance under water. and tonight at 7:00, tune into nbc washington nonstop for the final "daily connection." we'll have a look back at our favorite moments, the hundreds of guests that passed through the studio and all of the
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an aging tortoise with a life-threatening leg wound is getting around fine now, thanks to the creative use of prosthetics. the tortoise was brought into the washington state university veterinary hospital with a severe burn to his left front leg. caused an accident with a heat lamp. doctors quickly realized amputating the leg was the only way to save the tortoise. they implanted a caster wheel in his shell. they say the wheel doesn't speed him up any, but it does help him get around a little bit. he'll be used at the university as a teaching tool for the next few years. put him to work. >> yeah. well, now to today's daily
4:41 pm
deal in it our washington area. if you're up for adventure, groupon has a deal for you. for $59, two friends get a day of paint ball at pev's paint ballpark. it normally costs about $118. they also have a sunday-only deal. >> i'm sorry. i sort of messed that up there. you didn't see it. but let's see this. living social's deal of the day. and if you're looking to eat out, zengo is the featured restaurant. you can get $50 worth of food for $25, and more than 4,300 people have bought this deal already. they're hungry. 4,324, to be exact. >> they know how to sniff out a deal. when we come back, a mystery death in a mansion. why police are so confused as to exactly what happened. i'm liz crenshaw. how long do unopened canned goods last in the pantry? that's the question.
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welcome back, i'm meteorologist doug kammerer with chuck bell, watching not only the heat but very strong storms out there right now with some very intense rainfall. 100 degrees, the current temperature out there at the airport. a heat index of 118. it is incredible how hot we are today with that heat index. but the good news is, we are starting to see some storms move through parts of the area right now. and they are definitely helping to cool things down. leesburg was 102 earlier, now
4:45 pm
down to 93 degrees. let's take a look at these storms, and we'll put this into live motion for you, and you can actually see our live radar and you can see where the storms are. we'll zoom into the strongest storm, this making its way in towards northern portions of fairfax county and southern portions of montgomery county, wildwood hills, right around the great falls region, just to the west of 495. so it's going to be crossing over 495 and the american legion bridge, coming up here in the next about half hour or so. it is right now right along river road. we'll zoom in more here and you can see along mccarthur boulevard, 189, potomac falls seeing rain and right around piney meeting house road continue to watch as it moves right along river road towards the south and east now over towards the washington, d.c. area. a new storm just popped up right around oakton, just to the west of oakton. you can see around fox mill road and lawyers road. and we're going to continue to watch that storm, too, as it will most likely continue to develop. more storms back towards the west. these are some severe storms, too, back towards millwood into
4:46 pm
frederick county, virginia. those have a severe thunderstorm warning associated with that until 5:00 -- until 5:00. we're going to continue to watch those storms as we move on through the day. 102 in manassas, 105 in baltimore, and 100 in fredericksburg. temperatures combined with the humidity gives us a heat index right now of about 123 degrees, and we are talking about some extreme heat out there. and that heat will only continue over the next couple of days. i think tomorrow will be another very, very hot day. temperatures upwards of 101 during our day tomorrow. we will see around 97 degrees on our sunday. 93 on monday. 90 degrees coming up on tuesday. so a couple more days of this heat, and a better chance for storms the next few days, as well. so what's the best way to stay hydrated in the brutal heat? how do you get rid of old compact discs, and how long do
4:47 pm
unopened canned foods last in the pantry? it's friday, and liz crenshaw joins us now. >> hi, pat. >> so let's "ask liz." our first question is about staying cool in this blifterring summer heat. and liz, if i'm required to be outdoors for extended periods of time during the brutal weather, what's the best way to stay hydrated? >> good question. we turned to the centers for disease control to answer this question. it says to limit your outdoor activity to morning and evening hours, if at all possible. to stay hydrated, the cdc says drink two to four glasses of nonalcoholic fluid every hour. nonviewing re sports drinks can replace the salt and minerals that you lose in sweat. and avoid very cold drinks, as they could cause stomach cramps. but it's really important to drink every hour. >> all right. our next question comes through e-mail from a viewer whose name is olivia. olivia says, in the age of ipods and other mp3 players, how do you properly get rid of old cds. >> good for you for asking.
4:48 pm
the national wildlife federation helped us with this answer. it says that every year, millions of cds are thrown away, and sent to landfills. but all of them can be recycled or reused. first, you can donate your cds in good condition to local libraries and schools. don't forget about that. also, websites such as green and let's you send your old cds and dvds and computer disks, they will recycle for free. and if you have sensitive, personal information on those disks, of course, remember to shred them before sending them off for recycling. >> all right. last question comes from janice in stafford, virginia. janice wants to know how long unopened canned goods like green beans and soups last in the pantry? >> we turned to the u.s. department of agriculture to get your answer. it says that it all has to do with the canned food's acidity. for example, canned foods like tomatoes, grapefruit, pineapple
4:49 pm
will last between 12 and 18 months. low-acid canned foods such as meat and poultry and vegetables will last on the shelf for two to five years. and these date ranges assume that you have stored the food in a cool, dry place. if you've got a question you would like us to consider for ask liz, do send it to ask you can also connect with me on twitter. just search liz crenshaw. and on facebook by searching liz crenshaw's consumer watch. coming up on news4 tonight, ask liz at 5:00, as well. >> thanks, liz. jim? >> thank you both. coming up, swimming with the fish is becoming an all too-real experience. i'm wendy rieger. tonight at 5:00, we'll have team coverage of the sweltering heat and the storms now moving through our region. plus, a diamond swap. a local jeweler accused of taking people high-priced baubles and give them fakes. how he got caught. it's called deals for deeds.
4:50 pm
the local brain child's behind this website that offers discounts to you, but supports charities in our area. and then later at 6:00, the heat may be going to people's heads. like our own aaron gilchrist. but he wasn't the only one sporting some unique fashions during this heatwave.
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they have the moves to dance with fish. >> those fish are earning their living. >> they are. someone made a very generous donation to the red cross in denmark, and they don't even want to take credit for it. volunteers were sorting through clothing that had been dropped off when they found a bag full of money. inside, ten envelopes, the equivalent of $193,000, and the secret donor left a note saying or she had been collecting the money over the past 40 years. the note was signed anonymous donor. coming up, a mystery
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
a new severe thunderstorm warning for northwestern fauquier county and warn county and another thunderstorm in fairfax county. while have the latest developments in just about four minutes right here. >> all right. thank you, doug. detectives in southern california are working around the clock trying to unravel two mysterious deaths in a maximnsi. miguel almaguer has more. >>. >> reporter: the county sheriff says 15 detectives are now working this case, and
4:57 pm
investigators will soon recreate rebecca sfla za how's death. her nude body was found in the courtyard of her boyfriend's mansion. investigators say her feet were tied together, her hands bound behind her back. and despite describing the death scene as, quote, violent and suspicious, police here say they don't know if this was a homicide or a suicide. >> we have had cases where people have secured their hands behind their back or secured their legs. it's not unusual to see cases like that. >> reporter: retired homicide detective john that zairean says that doesn't make sense to him. >> i just can't see how this girl did this by herself. >> reporter: nazarian isn't involved in this case but spent 16 years in law enforcement. >> would you put 15 detectives on something you thought was a suicide? >> no. no, i wouldn't. >> reporter: investigators say forensic evidence from the home and dna samples from the victim
4:58 pm
will help solve the mystery. zahau had been staying in the mansion for the summer with her millionaire boyfriend, pharmaceutical mogul jonah shacknai. police say he was not at home at the time, and is cooperating with investigators. zahau's sister says rebecca would have never committed suicide. she tells nbc news, rebecca was full of life, vibrant and fun-loving. hopefully justice will be done for her. but two days before zahau's body was discovered, shacknai's son, 6-year-old max, fell down a flight of stairs. he died almost a week later in what police say was a tragic accident. zahau was at the mansion when max fell, and later dropped off her dog at a boarding company. >> very nice, but very quiet and mellow. she wanted to go to the hospital and not have to worry about her dog. >> reporter: a death investigation now nine days old, and still a complete mystery. >> that was miguel almaguer reporting. that does it for news4 at 4:00. i'll be back at 6:00.
4:59 pm
news4 at 5:00 starts right now. shattering records here in our area. the temperatures have already soared into the triple digits and it's not over yet. welcome. i am wendy rieger. >> i'm pat lawson muse sitting in for jim handly. well, you know it, the heat is on today and it's making life miserable for anybody who has to go outdoors and venture away from that ac. tonight, we have team coverage, and we begin with chief meteorologist doug kammerer, who is tracking the heat and the severe storms that are now moving in on us. doug? >> normally you say severe storms and that's going to least our newscast. but fortunately for us, we need those storms to help cool us down from this very intense heat. outside right now, let's show you live doppler radar. you can see where the rain is, and the


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