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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  August 11, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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technology companies, as well. also on the economic front, wendy, good news on the labor market. fewer americans are joining the unemployment line, and also mortgage rates are also declining to record lows. the 30-year fixed, for example, falling to 4.32% this week. the average on a 15-year mortgage hit a record low of 3.5%, so we're hoping that will help the housing market as well. >> yesterday, europe and france seemed to send it, you know -- everybody running for cover. that doesn't matter today now? >> yeah. that's a really good question. and that's why i said, it's not that anything is fundamentally changed from yesterday. but i think you've hit the nail on the head when you say a lot of the problems we're experiencing here are emanating from europe. and the debt problems there, and good or bad developments on that front have really had a big influence on our market. with the announcement today of a crisis meeting next week between france's president and germany's angela merkel, that helped our u.s. stock market open positive.
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essentially we're hoping they're going to come to some kind of conclusion on what to do about the debt situation over there. it helped their banking sector recover from steep losses. it helped our financial sector recover from some steep losses. our world banking system is so intertwined that this kind of thing does have a big impact on our market here. >> okay. is it safe to loosen our seat belts at this point? is the turbulence over? >> is it over? well, you know what, no one really knows. everyone is searching for a bottom here. i guess the thing i could say is it takes nerves of steel, but there are a lot of people, as we saw today, wading back in and buying bargains out there, and there are bargains because the s&p 500 is now down as much as 17% since july 22nd, but tomorrow the mood could change and we could be back down. we just can't call a bottom just yet. >> all right. mandy drury from cnbc headquarters. thanks so much. president obama was in michigan today to talk about job
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creation in a state where the unemployment rate is above the national average. he visited a plant that makes batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles. it recently received a federal grant that will help create 150 new jobs. the president told a crowd at a factory he knows they're frustrated with lawmakers. >> you've got to tell them, you've had enough of the theater thee at tricks, enough of the politics, stop sending out press releases. let's pass some bills we know will help our economy right now. >> meanwhile a "washington post" poll shows thee quarter of americans have little or no confidence in washington's ability to if i can fix our economy. the driver of a pickup truck slams into other vehicle, leaving three people dead. and tonight the man's driving record indicates he probably shouldn't have been behind the wheel at all. turns out that driver responsible for the wreck in springfield, virginia has a history of drunk driving offenses and his license was
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recently revoked. news4's julie carey has more on tonight's story. >> reporter: family and friends of three victims are in mourning after this horrific crash on backlick road near the fairfax county parkway left two men and a fairfax county mother of two dead. witnesses described a frightening sight during wednesday evening's rush hour. a pickup truck crossing the median, flipping, cart wheeling into the jeep cherokee and another vehicle. >> just big explosion. and then i looked at the side, and what i saw, it was a pickup truck, two people in it. and it's just running about three, four times. and the guy flew out of the vehicle. >> reporter: today, fairfax county police identified two of the victims, james cetto ii was driving the pickup that lost control. his passenger's name has not yet been released. in the jeep, 52-year-old kathryn miller, who was just a few miles away from home. while investigators haven't determined what caused the pickup to lose control, they are
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exploring whether speed or alcohol were factors. news4 learned last night's accident was not the first time james cetto had trouble on the road. an online search shows just in the last two years he has been convicted at least ten times of traffic offenses. cetto's convictions include a january drunk driving charge and refusal to take a breath test. he has been found guilty four times of driving on a revoked or suspended license, including as recently as may and guilty of running a stop sign. because he didn't have a valid license in may, it was likely he was never suppose to be behind the wheel. no one answered the door at his home. and friends of kathryn mill e the victim in the jeep, told us her family was too grief-stricken to comment. that was julie carey reporting. police haven't released the name of the driver in the other vehicle involved. the 47-year-old man, the sole survivor, walked away with no
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injuries. a rude awakening for residents in sterling, virginia after an explosion at an apartment complex. the blast happened around 8:00 this morning in the 46,000 block of engel mar terrace. a gas leak sparked the blast. many residents were unaware of the fire but definitely felt the explosion. >> initially, we didn't know what really was going on. there were a lot of sirens. a lot of people standing outside of the building. and we could actually smell smoke. so i think it was a miracle nobody was hurt. >> but 21 people were displaced. damage to the building is estimated at $300,000. a home depot truck and a d.c. department of transportation van collided this afternoon off rhode island avenue in northwest. this happened just before 2:00 at the intersection of rhode island and north capital street. nine people taken to area hospitals, including a woman with a serious leg injury.
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the cause of the crash is still under investigation. there is new information tonight in the search for that maryland woman missing in aruba. the fbi says it's now playing a critical role in the investigation that surrounds robyn gardner's disappearance. aaron gilchrist is with us now to tell us what all this new information is. hey, aaron. wendy, an fbi spokesman says aruban police have asked the bureau owe to help. we also learned the fbi has interviewed several people here, including robyn gardner's boyfriend. >> reporter: richard forester spent more than an hour with fbi agents thursday morning after the agency was asked to gather information by the aruban police. >> i don't know the -- the reason for the questioning. i mean, there was just a lot of questions about her, about me, about our relationship. things like that. >> reporter: forester has known robyn gardner since march of 2009. they dated exclusively, he says, since the beginning of the year. forester says he can't discuss in detail his conversation with authorities, but he knows they're trying to piece together a picture of robyn gardner's
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life. >> the first facebook message i got from her was at 2:05:00 a.m. tuesday morning on august 2nd. and it said "this sucks." >> reporter: that was two days after she left with a man she met on gary giordano. he has been arrested by aruban police as a suspect is to murder. he told authorities he and gardener went snorkeling, but he claims she never came back to shore. >> going snorkeling? i don't see it. >> reporter: forester says gardener would be too concerned about her hair and makeup to snorkel at that time of time. he believes gary made the story up. aruban investigators say his story had too many inconsistencies to let him leave the island. >> giordano is alleged to have had a history of violence with past girlfriends. the authorities have to both look at that, as well as look at any evidence that's going to suggest they left a hotel together or he left by himself. >> reporter: meanwhile, robyn gardner's mother released a statement today, saying, in
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part, we are confident and grateful to the aruban authorities and volunteers who are working above and beyond all our expectations. i hope you understand that we are being quiet as not to jeopardize the investigation. >> i try to be strong and positive and, you know, and say a prayer every day for her. >> late today, aruban officials said if gardener had drowned, her body would have washed up by now. investigators have to decide by next week whether there is any evidence to charge gary giordano in robyn gardner disappearance. his attorney says his client is innocent and should not be considered a suspect. thanks, aaron. customs and border protection agents found more than a half million dollars worth of cocaine being smuggled into dulles airport yesterday. of the drugs were in taped packages, hidden inside a cargo hold panel on an airlines flight coming from columbia. a narcotics dog sniffed out the drugs during a plane inspection.
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there were 18 pounds of coke with an estimated street value of $580,000. agents are still investigating to find out who put the drugs on the plane. now to the weather. the sun is out, the humidity is gone. and it's just plain beautiful all the way around. yeah, let's get the latest from doug. >> just a few fair weather cumulus clouds out there right now. simply gorgeous across the region, even though our temperature is now at 8 degrees. take a look at this shot, a beautiful picture of the national cathedral there in the foreground, city of washington back in the background there, as far as temperatures go today. we are sitting at 87 degrees. 88 degrees, as i mentioned, with plenty of sunshine. winds out of the north-northeast at 8 miles per hour. as far as the radar is concerned, we're not going to see anything on the radar picture, so things will remain dry this evening. current temperature, 82 in gaithersburg, 90 in manassas. and culpeper at 86 degrees. as mentioned, no rain out there
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to talk about now, but we are going to see some rain over the next couple days. we'll talk about that coming up, but first tomorrow morning, waking up to some very nice temperatures, many of us in the 60s. but i think those of you in some of the cooler suburbs could be down into the low to mid 50s. what a difference it's going to be just from a couple days ago. my complete forecast coming up as far as when the rain moves in just a few minutes. >> all right. >> thanks, doug. next and new at 5:00, targeted at tgi friday's? a waiter is indicted for stealing from unsuspected customers but his crime unraveled after he messed with the wrong guy. >> numb. and then one minute you would be numb and the next minute it will just hit you. >> remembering the fallen. tonight the tributes keep pouring in as investigators identify the 30 u.s. troops killed in many cop combat. catch cashing in on your old stuff. the percent of a pawn shop, but you can do it from home. news4 at 5:00 is just
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getting started.
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today the pentagon released the names in the service branches of the 30 americans killed when their helicopter was shot down in afghanistan over the weekend. 17 navy s.e.a.l.s were killed along with five sailors assigned
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to work with them. the victims also included the five soldiers of the helicopter crew, and three airmen who served as forward air controllers. one of the fallen sailors was first class michael strange of philadelphia. he had a special connection to cheryl of woodbridge, virginia. she served as his god mother. she told us she was driving to baltimore last weekend when she got a call from his mother, betsy. >> i couldn't understand what she was saying at first. and then i stopped and i said, "but is michael okay?" because that would be the only reason she would be hysterical on the phone. she is pretty strong. >> reporter: michael strange's mother was informed saturday morning as she returned home from work as a philadelphia police officer. >> and the gentleman approached her when she was getting out of her car. and she looked at them and said "are you guys from the navy?" and they said "yes we are,
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ma'am." and she said "i don't want to talk to you." she just knew. >> reporter: mac that me says the family saw strange the last time in june when he came home to philadelphia to celebrate his 25th birthday. >> one minute you'll be numb and the next minute it will just hit you, you know, this little boy, this man, that you watched grow is not going to grow anymore. he's gone. you know, that's it. he'll be 25 forever. a hero, but you can't tell his mom that, because she doesn't want to hear that. >> reporter: michael strange had recently gotten engaged and just purchased a house in virginia beach. macnahme says he was always on the right path. >> he was always really smart, always top of his class. he was a great kid. of always the right thing. i mean, yeah, he grew up in philadelphia with the rest of the rough guys, but, you know what, he always did the right thing. >> reporter: strange enlisted in the navy right out of high
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school, and he quickly worked his way up the ranks. >> he loved the job. he loved the guys. he loved to be fit and he just loved what he did. i mean, he was always happy. proud to do what he was doing. he was trained to do it, he wanted to do it. that's him. he did the right thing. >> petty officer michael strange was assigned to work with the s.e.a.l.s and had served in iraq. this was his third deployment to afghanistan. he told s family he would be home for thanksgiving. a movie chronicling the hunt for osama bin laden has come under fire. new york congressman peter king says hollywood filmmakers have gotten too much sensitive information regarding the raid on the terror leader's compound in may. the republican lawmaker is now calling on the cia and the defense department to investiga investigate. the white house claims all of
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the information released focused on the president's role and is available to anyone writing about that specific topic. let's turn to a hot topic, which is our weather. which has finally -- >> nice, huh? >> final,ly, yeah. we can throw up the windows and turn off the ac and go frolic outside. >> go frolic as many people will be doing later today, wendy. you got a haircut, i can see that. looks fantastic. >> yeah, in celebration of the weather. >> i wanted to roll my windows down today and i said got to get a hair-cut. let's take a look and show you what's going on out there right now, because the weather is fantastic. it looks good, wendy. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. plenty of sunshine out there right now, bright blue skies. temperatures today held down by that cooler air that's made its way in here. we are not 90 degrees, but 8 degrees. 81 in gaithersburg. 84 in leesburg. 86 in fredericksburg and easton
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coming in at 84 degrees. what are we seeing, satellite and radar together, shows almost nothing around the region from richmond all the way back to pittsburgh and columbus, ohio, a few cumulus clouds. that is it out there. this fantastic weather brought to us by an area of high pressure and it's going to stick around for one more day. plenty of sunshine today. that area of high pressure starts to shift off to the east tomorrow. so still going to be fantastic on our friday. but then we'll watch an area of low pressure make its way out of the central portion of the country. it's going to draw in a lot of moisture with it out ahead of it, and by saturday afternoon, we'll start to see our chances for rain and thunderstorms actually increase. i do think we'll see a pretty good chance of rain late in the day saturday. but most of saturday on the dry side. don't cancel any plans for saturday. sunday, however, if you're thinking about doing something outdoors, well, i do think we're going to see the rain on sunday as that area of low pressure sits across our region. i think the bulls-eye for rain is going to be right around the washington, d.c. area, up up through baltimore and the northern portions of the
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chesapeake bay. some locations, maybe 1 to 2 inches of rain through the south from washington down to richmond, maybe a half inch to an inch. so some much-needed rain. and, again w he need to see that rain and we'll get it sunday. clear skies, a great evening. sunset tonight at 8:08. 78 to 84 degrees. as we make our way through the day tomorrow, tomorrow morning, starting off very nice. clear skies, just fantastic. cool in the suburbs. 54 in some of the cooler suburbs. and you walk out around 6:00, 7:00, you may think about the jacket for just a second. but remember, the temperatures will climb very, very quickly tomorrow. back into the 80s. 83 to about 87. another just perfect afternoon. wind out of the north at 5 to 10%. as we make our way through the next 4 days, temperatures remain about the same. but if you're thinking about going down to the beaches, first off, the water temperature off ocean city, 77. of that is just awesome as far as the water is concerned. but look what happens as far as saturday and sunday are concerned. sun to clouds saturday, looking
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good. sunday, rain likely. some of that could be heavy. and i think the winds would be gusty, too. so maybe not the best beach weekend. next couple days, 87 on saturday, 83 sunday, monday at 84 degrees. and, of course, tomorrow a great day for our backyard weather. you have to tune in to see where we will be tomorrow afternoon. >> all right. can't wait to find out. >> it's going to be a fun one. after the break, a flash mob fury. find out where the demonstrations took a violent turn. not making the grade. why most virginia schools are falling behind when it comes to no child left behind. on the road to recovery. a woman attacked by a chimp shows her
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three teens have been arrested in philadelphia in an increasingly violent rash of so-called flash mobs across the country. the teens turned themselves in yesterday. we were allegedly seen on surveillance video, attacking a man on the street last month. in a separate incident. one woman says she fell victim to a recent flash mob attack in philly. >> a few people in the mob started yelling, better run, we're a flash mob. got punched in the face, and i tried to run -- i fell down. and i got hit and kicked a few more times. >> the victim's leg was broken and she spent ten days in the hospital after that.
5:24 pm
philadelphia may are michael nutter denounced the violence earlier this week. the city's police commissioner and former d.c. police chief, charles ramsey, is putting more officers on the streets, and he's extending the curfew for minors. a woman whose face was mauled by a chimpanzee was released the first images of her herself after a face transplant. for the first time, the world is getting a look at the new charla nash. two-and-a-half years ago, you may recall, she was over at a friend's house when she was attacked by a pet chimpanzee. nash's face and hands were basically ripped off. doctors say it was a miracle she survived the attack, but living has been difficult for nash, who covered her face in public. and now following this rare face transplant, there is new hope for her and for her family. >> for her to make an expression, something that we've had to take from her words before is just nice that her body language can express how she feels. >> in a written statement, nash expressed her gratitude saying
5:25 pm
in part, i will be able to kiss and hug loved ones. she won't be able to see again, but she has regained the ability to smell. still to come tonight, a credit card scam unravels. how some secret service agents who were off the clock helped crack the case. your old stuff could bring in some big money. but before you trade in your jewelry and electronics for cash, you want to see this upcoming report. smartphones keep you connected to your family and friends. but the tiny gadgets could be taking a
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a fast forward through the headlines. fairfax police are trying to determine if speed and alcohol were a factor in wednesday's deadly crash that claimed three lives in springfield near backs lick road. james cetto ii recently had his license revoked and it be charged with several dwis. he died along with his passenger and another driver. the fbi has been interviewing several people as it investigates the disappearance of a maryland woman. the travel companion of robyn gardner of frederick says she was last seen while snorkeling in aruba last tuesday. that man, gary giordano of gaithersburg is being held by authorities in aruba during the investigation. but also being interviewed by the fbi is gardener's current boyfriend, richard forester. and there was another big swing on wall street. the dow rose 423 points, closing
5:29 pm
above the 11,000 mark, and recouping some of what was lost yesterday. the nasdaq and s&p also saw gains. now let's fast forward to the weather and doug. >> it looks like the weather out there today is going to stick around for tomorrow. temperatures out there right now, 88 degrees, a gorgeous afternoon. current dew point, 50 degrees, so our humidity only 27%. winds out of the north-northeast right now at 8%. temperatures will remain about where they are for the day tomorrow. so i think a carbon copy of where we are today. but then the rain moves in. i'll show you when in a few minutes. >> thanks, doug. two secret service agents helped uncover a credit card skimming operation. >> but they weren't really looking to crack the case. they were actually the victims. derrick ward is live in upper moral borough now with this story. derek? >> reporter: paper or plastic? each has its advantages and disadvantages. but a local man who tried to exploit some of the vulnerabilities of paying with plastic could soon be paying
5:30 pm
back some victims and paying with some time in jail. the scheme started here, and this is also where it began to unravel. now our prince george's county grand jury has found there is enough to go forward with charges against 21-year-old brian keith adams of elk ridge, maryland. the alleged crime, identity theft. adams worked as a server at the tgi friday's on route 1 in laurel. authorities say between december of 2009 and april of last year, adams served himself the credit card numbers of friday's customers, using a device like this, a card reader or skimmer. swipe a card through the slot and it stores the account information. >> the scheme involved about 73 credit cards, about $42,000, we believe, was taken as well. >> reporter: investigators say some of the stolen numbers were used at a cvs in baltimore county and at other establishments in virginia, d.c., and as far away as florida. and also outside the u.s. but the scheme's undoing came from customers who fell victim
5:31 pm
at the laurel friday's. two customers, in particular. >> mr. adams had the misfortune of skimming the credit cards of secret service agents who were dining at the friday's in laurel, and pursuant to an investigation, these -- the indictment today was brought with 16 counts. >> reporter: they noticed unsupported charges on their card statements and got the investigation going. adams was first questioned in baltimore county, but the case moved to prince george's county since the first known victims were here. there's also surveillance video of someone other than adams using the bogus card information, leading investigators to believe the info was sold or that the accused had accomplices and possibly more victims than those who have come forward. >> we want our residents to be extremely vigilant in handing over your credit cards, to regularly check your bank statements, to be sure and check your credit report and be ever so careful in how you use the credit cards. >> reporter: now, authorities at the state's attorneys office say if convicted on all charges, he faces dozens of years and at
5:32 pm
least $25,000 in fines. could also be required to pay back some of his victims. and the u.s. attorneys office says if you think you are the victim of identity theft, either in this case or any case, for that matter, you should contact police, your credit card company and you should also contact the federal trade commission. because that will make it easier to straighten out your credit rating. live in upper marlboro. back to you. more than 3/5 of virginia's public schools failed to reach the no child left behind challenge last year. numbers show just 697 of virginia's nearly 2,000 schools made adequate progress based on standardized tests. that's 38% last year compared to 61% the year before. state officials say it's because the law hasn't been updated since it was passed in 2002, and they say it doesn't accommodate today's realities. half the schools in fairfax county made the standard. 11 of 30 schools in arlington
5:33 pm
passed and just one in alexandria made it. in loudoun county, 36 schools passed, and prince william had 20 of 82 schools making the grade. the number of same-sex couples in maryland has increased by 51%. the 2010 census shows there are almost 17,000 same-sex households in maryland of the that's up from about 11,000 in the 2000 census. experts say more people are willing to come forward as same-sex couples, and that's part of the reason for the increase. governor martin o'malley says he will sponsor a bill legalizing same-sex marriage next year. a retail giant is setting its sights on the nation's capitol. walmart wants to open four stores in the district over the next year-and-a-half. as part of its effort, the giant corporation today was pledging millions of dollars to help train the city's retail work force. tom sherwood has the story. >> reporter: rolando young lives in southeast washington, east of
5:34 pm
the anacostia river. but like many d.c. citizens, she is shopping on route 1 in alexandria at a suburban walmart. you're out here in virginia shopping at walmart, why? >> because we don't have a walmart in d.c. >> reporter: walmart is trying to change all that, working the last two years to open a total of four wal-marts in the district, including 58th and east capital street northeast, before the end of 2012. just over a year away. >> that would be nice. i won't have to come out route 1 and wait until after 7:00 for traffic to die down and all that. >> reporter: to help win city approval and overcome some objections to walmart effect on wages and smaller stores, walmart announced the corporation would spend $3 million over the next three years to help train 2,000 potential retail workers through local d.c. nonprofits. >> we're beginning the program, still developing the curriculum and hope to begin to train people this fall. this is not just for walmart. they could be at cvs, anywhere within the city that is a
5:35 pm
customer service position. >> keep those jobs here, keep that income here. and so that's what we're trying to do. so we're encouraging other retail outlets not in the district to actually come in to do the same. we'll prepare the work force for you. >> reporter: mayor vincent gray and business leaders say a better-trained work force is key to real job growth in the city. >> at walmart, more than 70% of our store managers, of our store managers, began as hourly associates. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4, washington. a group of nonprofits called respect d.c. has complained that walmart is not reaching out to more of the city with its job plans. mayor gray says he is working with walmart to come up with a community benefits plan to address concerns. metro is getting rid of four benches to help ease congestion. the benches are in an area where riders catch the red line in the direction of shady grove and a spokesperson for the transit agency says this move will give riders an extra two feet on that
5:36 pm
platform to wait for the train. there are no plans to remove benches from other stations. coming up next, a new tool to avoid traffic. >> as of 11:39 a.m., there's a slow down on interstate 270, northbound in north bethesda between -- >> how your cell phone can help you bail out of backups. the cross-country manhunt is over. tonight, the dougherty gang appears in court. the surprising reaction from their mother moments after she found out their wild crime spree had come to an end.
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drivers in maryland can now get up to the minute traffic information through their phones, even before they leave home. starting today, you can dial 511 to learn about traffic jams, work zones, weather conditions, as well as connections to transit systems and airports. the service is free, and it's available 24 hours a day. you can use your mobile phone or your landline phone. the information is also available online at md virginia has already launched a 511 traffic service. millions of people use mobile devices every day, but reading and watching movies and playing games on those small handheld screens can cause eye problems. what can you do? elizabeth temple went to an expert to find out. >> call -- >> hello?
5:40 pm
>> reporter: click and play. on mobile devices and with more than three quarters of america plugged into the internet, 09% 90% of users are experiencing eye strain. >> spend a lot of time on computers. sometimes i go home with high strain myself. >> reporter: a new study from the optometrist and vision science recommends eye doctors like dr. hankin change the way they prescribe to adjust for reading small text at shorter distances. >> some people need glasses specifically to work on computers and iphones and smartphones. others do not. sometimes you can get bye-bye taking your glasses off if you're myopic or near-sided. >> but how close are we getting? doctors say people are pulling their smartphones four inches closer, and it could cause this. >> almost a headache across the front of your eyes, feel tired, maybe trouble focusing. sometimes your blink rate will slow down and you'll get that
5:41 pm
dry eye kind of feeling. and if you are really having a bad day, you can get that thin cry and watery tear to come down your cheek? >> reporter: it's all about focus. he says we are born with perfect focus that detier it's a starting day one. so the older you are, oftentimes the harder it is. but young people aren't off the hook. >> especially low, far-sighted people, the people that typically don't wear glasses until they hit their 40s, they'll get some eye strain as they use their eyes more and more on a smartphone, especially, very close. >> reporter: and he recommends increasing the font size on your device, and holding the device further away to allow your eyes to focus. >> research also shows that using proper lighting and making a point to blink often can reduce the strain on your eyes. coming up next, desperate times call for desperate measures. what people down on their luck are doing to get thousands of dollars in quick cash. in sports, dan will introduce us to a new member of
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having trouble making ends meet? well instead of going to pawn shops some people are logging online to sell their high-end stuff. >> as kimberly king reports, it's easy to do, but there are some drawbacks. ♪ >> reporter: from this yellow diamond wedding ring to this beautiful diamond pave watch. this wind rider to this cartier roadster worth thousands. customers are choosing to sit at home and hock their worldly
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belongings online. >> first of all, there is no place where you can get $100,000 in less than 24 hours. >> reporter: is the newestin carration of pawn stores online. the website just launched june 7th. >> a totally different audience than your typical brick and mortar store. we're seeing middle to high-income people, about 15% of our customers earn over $100,000. >> i needed the money to pay the bills. >> reporter: mark lancaster of dallas never pawned anything before. he mailed pawngo his staleless and gold row election for a $1,000 loan. >> three days later i had the money in my account. you need the money to keep yourself going. you've got to do things that you wouldn't think you would have to do. >> reporter: the online lender make it easy to sign up. but the company also buys goods. one customer got $150 for this mickey mantle signed photograph. another signed these "playboys"
5:46 pm
dating back to 1979. >> they're willing to send in something as precious as their wedding ring, row lex watch passed down along the generations and really need money quickly. >> i would be concerned if i inherited a ring from my grandmother and shipped them that diamond ring and how do i know i'm getting that same diamondback? they could replace it with a less quality diamond with a cubic zirconia. >> reporter: greg morris may be skeptical, but pawngo says they keep their secure goods in vaults. they're competing with banks on loans, but morris feels the interest rate is high. >> i think that's a lot of money to pay for a turn-around. >> reporter: morris says customers can get a $2,000 loan from a bank at 10% a year, rather than month-to-month interest rates, but there's criteria. >> they need to pay their loans on time, their bills on time, rent on time, mortgage on time. >> reporter: for customers like kevin, pawning an old rolex was the fastest way to go. the online lender, filling a
5:47 pm
niche for those with bobbles and blipg put up as collateral for cash. >> that was kimberly king reporting and on average pawngo customers do three-month loans. >> pawngo only deals in high-end goods. the company is creating another website to sell customers' items when they default on their loans. let's look at the weather and find out how nice it's going to be. >> it's been very nice today. a couple big events. first off out there right now, gorgeous, 88 degrees, the current temperatures winds at 8 miles per hour. the temperatures on the warm side but humidity of only 27%. so really no heat index to talk about today. 80 up towards hagerstown, 8 in fredericksburg. towards an oppose list, current temperature at 82 degrees. i mentioned those big ye veents coming up. first let's go towards gaithersburg, the montgomery county fair starts tomorrow and goes through august 20th. going to be a good couple days tomorrow and saturday. i think saturday a chance for
5:48 pm
late showers. temperature there around 86 degrees. but saturday is not a washout. sunday we see the most rain. and then let's head over towards fed ege fedex. you can see the game against the steelers here on nbc. tomorrow's game at 7:30. 83 degrees, but just perfect, 15 minutes ahead of the game at 7:15. also perfect. but kickoff time looking good at 7:30. once again, you see that game right here on nbc 4. >> thanks, doug. we have some breaking news. it's from the district. a man's body was found floating near haynes point. dc harbor patrol made the discovery around 4:00. no word yet on the victim's identity or the cause of death. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. football fans are ready for action. tomorrow washington faces pittsburgh in their first preseason game. >> and hellie is here with a preview. >> they're taking on the steelers tomorrow. and for one of their players,
5:49 pm
it's going to be exciting and the whole training camp experience at the same time has been kind of heartbreaking for new redskins steven bowen. being in washington has been a blessing. he says he has been exercised after five years with the cowboys. but it's also very tough being away from home. bowen's wife tiffany gave birth to twin boys in june. and they were both extremely premature, born four months early, and barely surviving. steven iii is still in the hospital and making progress. but skylar died after ten days. bowen has trudged through training camp with a heavy heart, but the affable big man still manages to have a positive outlook. >> reporter: you're from new york, you played for the cowboys. >> yep. >> now you're playing for the redskins. >> yep. >> i mean, this is strange. where do your allegiances lie here? >> you know, growing up, i was just a giants fan. >> jets and giants. >> yeah. i like both. just new york teams, period.
5:50 pm
and got to dallas, you know, my family supported me, because i played out here. but they're very happy that i'm back on the east coast. and playing in washington. and everybody is happy they can see me play. and they are happy for more opportunity. >> you started nine games last year in dallas. now you have an opportunity to be an everyday starter, assuming you stay healthy, start 16 games, if not more for the redskins. how does that change your approach to come into camp and be the guy at the position? >> you have to be conditioned and ready to play a lot of plays. and i started doing that last year when i had my opportunity to start, and, you know, that i'm going to get most of the work load, and be ready to just concentrate and gear into each play. take it play by play and try to dominate every play. >> how hard has it been for you to concentrate on football with what you went through in the off season? >> it's been real hard, you know, but i just try to use it as inspiration.
5:51 pm
my son, skylar, he was here for ten days, and he fought every day. just to stay alive. and the least i can do is just work hard on the field. that's easy. so i just use it as inspiration every day. >> steven iii is still in the hospital. your wife is still down with him. has it made it may be easier because you have something to focus on with football now in terms of maybe being therapeutic? >> yeah, absolutely. football is always like my vice, you know. take out all my aggression. i've never been the type of person that if i have problems i take it to practice or to a game. i always have been able to separate the two. so it's always been a real therapeutic for me. >> i know the twins were born at 24 weeks, which is incredibly early. is there any good news with steven iii yet or are you out of
5:52 pm
the woods? >> no, we're not out of the woods yet. but he's been doing very well. and, you know, there's been ups and downs. and for the most part, it's been more good than bad. so -- we're just taking every day at a time. every day at a time. >> you have the big fat new contract, but you came out of a little tiny school. have you played in this league with a chip on your shoulder? >> absolutely. i always thought i had something to prove. you know, starting in dallas or even, you know, as a free agent, you really don't get a lot of plays when you're out there, and you have to make them count to -- let the coaches know that you're a player he needs to watch. so i always just kept my nose to the ground, working hard. and that's one thing i always prepare myself, hard work at some point always pays off. still talks to his wife every day. his baby is in the hospital, not out of the woods yet, as he said, but hopefully making progress. can't imagine having to go to work every day with that -- >> and family in dallas, wife
5:53 pm
d baby in dallas. rchs as soon as his baby gets outs of the hospital, they'll be moving up here with him. >> wish him luck. >> that we do. jim is here to tell us what they're working on for news4 at 6:00. >> hi, pat. coming up tonight at 6:00, a new name ready to enter the race for the white house. we'll tell you about that. looks like somebody put what looked like a dog collar around the neck of a deer in virginia. they're trying to figure that out. ♪ oh my love is gone ♪ i'm going to have to be strong ♪ >> and a woman from the district wants to be the next "voice." this and more coming up at 6:00. we wish her well. >> yeah, good luck. she's got a voice. coming up next, a family, a fugitive appear in court after a crime spree in three states. follow news4 online. search nbc washington on search nbc washington on
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a family of fugitives is behind bars tonight. for more than a week, the three siblings eluded police chs but that all came to a crashing end yesterday in colorado. kurt gregory has more on the cross-country crime spree. >> reporter: it ended here, a high-speed chase and nationwide manhunt for three fugitive siblings. >> i just knew these people had
5:57 pm
to be apprehended. we knew they were dangerous. >> reporter: lee grace dougherty and her brothers, dylan and ryan's multistate crime spree ended wednesday along this colorado interstate. some 1,700 miles from where it began. after tips the siblings tried to buy ammunition from this southern california walmart, police tracked the trio on to the highway. during a 20-mile high-speed chase, the three opened fire at police. >> an individual leaned out of the passenger side of the vehicle with what we believe to be a mac 10. automatic pistol. and started shooting back towards the troopers. >> reporter: a colorado state trooper up ahead deployed spiked stop sticks, to try to end the pursuit. >> they, in an attempt to be able to get around the stop sticks, lost control of the vehicle. the vehicle rolled and came to rest on top of a guardrail. >> reporter: but it wasn't over yet. >> the female ran a short distance and engaged in some gunfire. >> reporter: lee grace was shot in the leg by police. dylan surrendered.
5:58 pm
>> he turned around, saw everybody and gave up. >> reporter: but ryan ran, only to be taken down by nearby workers. the so-called dougherty gang's time on the run began after they shot at police in florida during a traffic stop. then hours later, police say the three robbed a georgia bank with an ak-47 and a machine gun. >> had an arsenal of weapons, they weren't afraid to use them. >> reporter: today the three made their first court appearance and will remain at the detention center while authorities sort out dozens of charges in three states. kurt gregory, nbc news. >> the mother of three suspects spoke to the associated press today and said, quote, thank god they're not tried by a media, they're tried in a court of law and their story will come out at that time. that's news4 at 5:00. news4 at 6:00 starts right now.
5:59 pm
the fbi now involved in the disappearance of a woman from maryland in aruba. today they talk to one of the people involved in that case. >> you came here to listen to the people! [ shouting ] system so republicans are fighting to have their voices heard as gop candidates prepare to face off tonight in a debate in iowa. a man with a history of drunk driving not supposed to be behind the wheel when he was involved in a deadly crash that killed three people. but we begin with another topsy-turvey day on wall street. stocks gained back some ground lost yesterday. good evening, i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim vance. dorene is off tonight. the dow gained more than 420 points today. it moved back above the 11,000 level. the s&p was up 51. brian mooar on capitol hill now with a look at what


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