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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 17, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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[ cheers and applause ] this morning on "early today," fighting words. president obama and republican presidential hopefuls trade barbs over the economy. trickle down effect. a new military report charges millions of u.s. taxpayer dollars are ending up in the hands of afghan crooks. and wild ride. a couple of thrill seekers get more than they bargained for at the iowa state fair. captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, and good morning. i'm lynn berry. today we begin with it's all
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about the economy. as the president prepares to make the final stop on his economic bus tour today, his republican rivals are on the road and on the attack over the nation's economic slump. nbc's brian mooar is in washington with those details. good morning. >> reporter: the president's bus tour is being called a listening tour, but it looks like a campaign. obama wraps up his three-day bus tour today in illinois and before rolling out of iowa he saluted the midwestern work ethic. >> having a chance to meet with some of the men and women in this room has only made me feel more confident. >> reporter: he was literally traveling the same road as one of the gop candidates, texas governor rick perry who also expressed confidence in the nation, but not the president. >> i really believe that we can create jobs in america again. you know, his idea is to kind of study this thing. >> reporter: today perry is in new hampshire and so is mitt
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romney. >> you're seeing the republican party united in a way i haven't seen before. >> reporter: michelle bachmann was on the attack in a key primary state of south carolina. >> we are the broken nation in the world. that hasn't happened in our lifetime. can you possibly believe that's the united states of america? >> reporter: the run up to 2012. many roads, but only one path to the white house. tomorrow the president heads off on his vacation in upscale martha's vineyard. he is ignoring critic who's say that's the wrong message to send in these tough economic times. brian, thank you. well, during the president's trip to iowa, he was asked in a television interview about the nation's security situation ahead of next month's ten-year anniversary of the september 11th attacks. he said the biggest concern right now is not an attack like 9/11, but what he calls a lone
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wolf terrorist, similar to the massacre carried out by a single confessed assassin in norway. the president did note that ahead of next month's 9/11 anniversary, the government is monitoring all potential terror possibilities. china is rejecting reports pakistan gave it access to the stealth helicopter that crashed during the u.s. raid that killed osama bin laden. this weekend "the financial times" reported that pakistan let chinese military engineers photograph and take samples from the radar evading chopper before giving it back to the u.s. in its first response to the accusation china's defense ministry said, "this report is baseless and prepost russ." it comes just ahead of vice president joe biden's five-day trip to china. he is due to arrive there this morning. english media is reporting news corp. boss james murdock is likely to be called to parliament again over his testimony in the phone hacking scandal at "news of the world."
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documents released by english lawmakers has former murdock lieutenants poking holes in the testimony delivered by rupert and james murdoch last month. the files suggest reporters and top editors at "news of the world" approved of the interception of voice mails. the revelations contradict claims the murdochs have been kept in the dark by subort nants about the hacking. well, now here's a look at other stories making news early today in america. a crew of brazen thieves use their get-away car to execute an atm heist early monday morning. the suspects gained entry by walking their truck into a gas station storefront. they strug the with the approximately 500 pound machine, but eventually manage to escape with it. no arrests have been made. a traffic stop in texas has left one driver with the burden of answering some questions valued at close to half a
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million dollars. police discovered rolls of money stuffed in a propane tank and television after a canine alerted officers to the stash. charges against the driver are pending. a pair of siblings dangling 90 feet in the air became the biggest attraction at an iowa fair monday. unfortunately, this was no act. the brother and sister were left suspended in the air on a malfunctioning ride. after two hours emergency crews used a crane to pull both from the ride. once safely on the ground, the relieved pair even started in their own news conference. and, finally, also in iowa food trucks and vendors are churning out another year of fun times and fried food at the state fair. this is a keeper. attendes have all smiles and they're guilt-free as they pile on the pounds eating fried candy bars, fried mac and cheese, and the state fair staple, fried
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twinkies. diet starts on monday. well, now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with your weather channel forecast. eat your veggies. >> why not fried corn on the cob. >> i grew up in ohio. they can make anything fried. if it's edible, we can fry it. >> they call it the state fair. >> exactly. >> good morning around the nation. weather is quiet. tropics, amazingly quiet for this time of year. let's get into it. in one spot we are dealing with our drought and the heat. texas yesterday 104 in dallas. while much of the rest of the country is cooling off, i mean, we are seeing 80s widespread from minneapolis to chicago and all through new england and the mid-atlantic. the heat is really concentrated over oklahoma and texas. right where it's been all summer long. one big storm after another kicking through canada, and that's brought down some cooler air to the northern half of the country, and even this last front has brought dryer air all the way to the southeast. that stationary front is hung up over florida.
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that's the focus of showers and storms later on this afternoon. this is the dewpoint, the amount of moisture in the air. the green shows you whether it's humidity out there. the high humidity is down along the gulf. much of the country is a very comfortable air mass, too. the forecast for today, beautiful weather returns to new england today, the mid-atlantic. minneapolis looks good. mostly florida will deal with the wettest weather. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. sunshine in birmingham, alabama. also austin, texas. we are seeing thunderstorms in albuquerque and st. louis. as we mentioned, miami. even those storms around st. louis are just going to be isolated. most of your day should be dry. finally some nice weather to d.c., all into boston. looking at a great one. >> well deserved. bill, thanks so much. the euro summit disappoints. earnings somewhat make up for it, and endorsements for slacking off at work. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead.
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plus, just when you think you've heard it all and she's done it all, she's got another surprise up her sleeve. a walk-off grand slam, and yep, another triple play. you're watching "early today."
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good morning, and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry, and here are some of your top headlines this morning. an estimate by the u.s. military of combat support and reconstruction contracts given to afghanistan says about $360 million in u.s.axpayer money has ended up in the hands of the enemy. the analysis found only a small percentage went to the taliban and insurgents. the bulk was lost to profiteering, bribery, and extortion by criminals and power brokers. 48 people were injured yesterday by a lightning strike at a sea world water park in orlando. a spokesman says none of the injuries were life-threatening. a man who scaled a tulsa,
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oklahoma, tv tower last week has finally surrendered to police after a six-day standoff. the 25-year-old who authorities say has a history of mental illness was treated for dehydration. no word on whether he will be brought up on charges. and a rare handwritten letter personally signed by president obama has sold at auction for a record $8,600. the note, a response to a letter in which the president assures a constituent he is doing all he can to quell the 2009 financial crisis, had been previously sold by its recipient to pay for a medical procedure. now here's an early look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opened at 11,405 after falling 76 points yesterday. the s&p stayed 11 points. the nasdaq dropped 31. taking a look at overseas trading this morning. in tokyo the nikkei lost 50 points, but in hong kong the hang seng was up 76.
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a familiar wave of worries hit wall street tuesday as europe's debt problems undid a three-day winning streak. in paris yesterday a long-term debt reduction plan from jrman chancellor angela merkel and french president nicolas sarkozy did little to calm worries about europe's economic problems. investors had hoped for the introduction of a single euro bond. instead, the two leaders proposed a new tax on financial transactions. that took a toll on bank stocks here at home and dragged down shares of new york's stock exchange parent nyse euro next. meanwhile, an upticking global manufacturing offset concerns over the still sluggish housing market as investors sold off oil in fears of weak demand. some surprisingly upbeat earnings limited some of the day's losses. wal-mart shot up 4% on its rising income and higher full year forecast.
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likewise, home depot rose on the heels of healthy earnings and a boosted year end outlook. that retail optimism may fade this morning after dell's late day earnings failed to impress investors. google shares took a hit after standard & poor's downgraded its stock from buy to sell after its decision to buy motorola mobility. bank of america is reportedly in talks to sell off some real estate assets to the blackstone group to the tune of $1 billion. and, finally, cyber loafers rejoice. according to a new study out of singapore, a moderate amount of mindless web surfing actually boosts productivity later in the work day. i knew it all along. well, coming up, the night of the walk-off. walk-off single, a walk-off homer, and a walk-off grand slam. plus, the odds of a triple play occurring are high enough, but how about one happening two
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nights in a row? your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. in weather we're still dealing with intense heat in texas and florida thunderstorms this afternoon. your forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today."
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good morning. if you are just waking up, this is "early today."
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in sports in baseball's dog days of august, there's at least one thing you can usually count on. a first place battle betweenth yankees and the red sox. here's nbc's fred roggin with an early look at all your sports headlines. good morning. as september approaches, it appears the yankees and red sox will go down to the wire for first place of the al east. here we go to kansas city. yanks and royals. robinson is heating up at just the right time. home run derby champ belted his first in the last six games. gave new york the lead in the fourth. they go on to win it. double-header for the red sox and rays. jacoby ellsbury. three-run shot. they won it 3-1. defense took center stage in the nightcap. sean rodriguez, a shot to left. on to first for a triple play. around the horn and the second triple play in as many days. unfortunately, not enough. rays won it 6-2. yanks lead the east by a half game. walk-off, anyone? how about five?
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dodgers and brewers. marcq at the plate. all he needed do was hit one in the outfield, and he did just that. milwaukee won it 2-1. the braves have won more games in extra innings than any other team this year. that didn't bode well for the giants. an rbi single in the 11th. atlanta increased their lead for the wild card with a 2-1 win. white sox and indians needed 14 innings. all they needed was one. juan pierre with an rbi single. white sox walked off with an 8-7 win. pirates and cards after pittsburgh tied it in the ninth. they won it in the 11th. jones, walk-off home run. pirates 5-4 in 11. >> the astros have had a forgettable season. they'll remember this for a while. down three to the cubs. pinch hitter, brian stepped in and stepped out. a walk-off grand slam. just his second home run of his career, and first gatorade shower as a pro. the astros won a wild one 6-5.
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that's your early look at sports on "early today." i'm fred roggin. >> "early today" sports is brought to you by just for men hair color. live forward. most girls would love a shot at acting. one on primetime tv says she's going to quit forever. your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. plus, what would you do if you were suddenly in charge of city hall? we'll tell you about one 11-year-old's choice as mayor for a day. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back on this wednesday. low humidity from the mid-atlantic all the way up through new england. just a slight chance of storms today around chicago, st. louis, illinois. no showers after this morning in wisconsin. beautiful weather, minneapolis to montana. denver, a little warm, and the hot weather continues from oklahoma southward. especially in texas. it should be another 100 degree day for you in houston. well, if you are watching us on wavy tv 10 on your side in norfolk, virginia, spend your night with the family. grab a remote control at family gaming night at the norfolk public library. that's your early today event of the day. >> or fight for the remote control. thanks so much. now here's an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. if you haven't seen 18-year-old taylor monson in an acting role yet, chances are you never will. despite reports the producers of
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cw's "gossip girl" forced her off the show, she claims she quit the show and has quit acting forever to concentrate on her band pretty reckless. they say when you got it, flaunt it. selma hyak flaunts it all. married to a billionaire, she says she's happy her daughter will be privileged. she says she's proud of her chest, and she's never had any treatment of any kind on her face. finally, there will definitely be something different this christmas about new york's holiday window displays. starting in mid-november the iconic men's clothing store barney's will feature gaga's workshop throughout its fifth floor and madison avenue windows. lady gaga will be head decorator, and she'll design gift items in the workshop with 25% of the sales going to charity. >> absolute genius. >> did you notice that lady gaga
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is popping up at every -- >> everyone wants to see now what she does. now they have somewhere to go to see it in a window. >> what about the little nutcracker and little elf? now it's going to be with all this freaky stuff. this comes to us from kxas in dallas, texas, where in nearby forney one point-sized positive politician is giving her town a makeover. caroline gonzalez won the mayor for a day contest. the 11-year-old's experience doing community service made her a natural fit. she used her political power as wisely as any preteen might setting aside partisan politics for more important city business, which included temporarily renaming one street justin bieber way. >> bring back the lindsay lohan story. >> true story. i'm lynn berry. this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. ♪
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4:28 is our time right now. we have 70 degrees. we're warmer this morning as we begin this wednesday morning in the nation's capital. good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" on this wednesday, august 17th, 2011. we have breaking news in northwest washington, where two people are in custody in connection with a deadly shooting. one man was shot and killed on the 2600 block of university northwest. melissa mollet is live on the
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scene right now with the latest. melissa, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, eun. as you can see behind me, this entire area wrapped in crime tape. several blocks shut down. homicide detectives still out here on the scene. just spoke with the police. this happened after 1:30 this morning. an officer who was patrolling this area called in a report of shor shots fired. when he arrived, he found one male shot to death at the corner of university and euclid. police officers got backup and chased two suspects through the park until they were caught at 15th and fuller. officers did recover several weapons. they won't say exactly what those weapons were. police do tell us charges are pending against the two men they chased north here. as we get more information this morning, we'll pass that around. live in northwest washington, melissa mollet, news 4. >> thank you, melissa. also happening today, a return to normal routine somewhat


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