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tv   Today  NBC  August 17, 2011 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning. in your face. the tea party puts its confro confrontational style on display during a stop on president obama's bus tour. while the gop's newest candidate rick perry is facing some criticism from both parties. we'll tell you why. will they find her? aruban officials holding a massive search for robyn gardner. but how long can the main suspect in the case be held for custody without linking him to the crime. and real tragedy. the estranged husband of one of the "real housewives of beverly hills" found dead by an apparent suicide. why did he do it?
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we'll talk to his friend and attorney today, wednesday, we'll talk to his friend and attorney today, wednesday, august 17th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning. welcome to today on a wednesday morning, i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie. ann is on assignment once again this morning. and texas governor rick perry has only been in the race a couple of days and already controversy. >> a lot of cameras around him. we'll tell you what he said during a campaign stop in eye this week that has drawn some criticism. and normally wishing someone happy birthday doesn't get you into trouble but that's what happened during michelle bachmann during one of her campaign stops. we'll get the latest on that. and the 18-year-old australian who spent ten hours with what she thought was a real bomb strapped to her neck is
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speaking out this morning. we'll be live with what she had to say about the arrest of a suspect in this country, and new details on that man's connection to her family. on a much lighter note, were you a fan of the monkeys growing up? you may have been too young for their original debut. >> i wasn't too young. i was a fan. i don't know if i was as big a fan as al roker, however. >> apparently al got to spend some time with that band, the monkeys, just before they announced their reunion tour. >> what we think is an unrelated, al got to perform them on stage. we'll tell you how that went. you can see, they really hit it off there. >> that can bring a reunion tour to an end right there. >> no offense, al. let us begin with the presidential race. the tea party in a controversial statement by rick per prip nbc's political director and chief white house correspondent chuck todd is in davenport, iowa, this morning. hi, chuck. >> good morning, matt. the tea party is barely two
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years old but one thing we've learned at the start of this 2012 campaign is that they are going to be the most influential part in deciding which republican takes on president obama next november. for a president not only feeling a lot of love in the polls these days, this listening tour has had its uplifting moments. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> reporter: but mr. obama has also been getting a bitter taste of the energy and confrontational style of the tea party. for their part the leading republican presidential candidates are going out of their way to defend the tea party in your face tactics. >> i have heard people say, tea party types, y'all are angry. we're not angry. >> rather than dissing the tea
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party we should be praising the tea party. >> reporter: analysts believe they have to in both substance and style. >> the republican primary electorate of 2011 and 2012 want a candidate who is willing to fight president obama on all sides at all times. they want confrontation. >> reporter: this week rick perry went after ben bernanke, suggesting his policy bordered on treason. >> if this guy prints more money between now and the election, i don't know what y'all would do to him in iowa, but we would -- we would treat him pretty ugly down in texas. i mean, printing morme money to play politics at this particular time in american history is almost treason. >> reporter: so rick perry went after federal reserve chairman ben bernanke suggesting his policy bordered on treason, and rick perry this week questioned
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president obama's lack of military experience. >> the president had the opportunity to serve his country. i'm sure at some time. he made a decision that that wasn't what he wanted to do. >> reporter: in an interview on cnn mr. obama decided not to fight back. >> i'll cut him some slack. he's only been at it for a few days. >> reporter: twil 25% of all americans consider themselves tea party supporters, they make up nearly half of all republican primary voters. that presents a dilemma for republican front-runner mitt romn romney. while he does not call himself a member of the tea party he doesn't want to alienate them either. >> the tea party has helped change the agenda in washington. that's a good thing. >> reporter: still, tea party republican michelle bachmann has tried to soften her image somewhat. but on tuesday it backfired when she tried to showcase her love for elvis presley whose music she uses to exit a campaign rally. >> before we get started, let's all say happy birthday to elvis
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presley today. happy birthday! >> reporter: well, the problem yesterday was elvis' death day. later on michelle bachmann's campaign, hey, elvis lives on in spirit. no word, matt, if she's going to start leaving tickets for elvis at campaign rallies like a former football coach used to do for football games. >> exactly. chuck todd in iowa today. thank you. let's get a check of the day's other top stories from natalie morales. >> good morning, everyone. a new report from the defense department finds 5 million pieces of critical battlefield equipment may not provide proper protection for u.s. troops. the pentagon founded the army improperly tested the new bullet-blocking body armor built on contracts between 2004 and 2006. due to the incomplete testing the report says it is not sure if the $2.5 billion worth of armor is defective or not. a lone wolf terror attack is now more likely in the u.s. than
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a major coordinated al qaeda strike, the president said tuesday. president obama said he is more concerned about a wide-scale massacre carried out by one person than another attack on the scale of 9/11. new doubts today about the testimony that media tycoon rupert murdoch and his son gave to british parliament saying they were unaware of phone hacking at one of the british tabloids. a letter from a former "news of the world" reporter has surfaced claiming illegal phone hacking was widely discussed in a top-level at that paper. we're going to have more on this in a live report coming up. now, let's head to wall street. cnbc's melissa francis is at the new york stock exchange again today. >> we're watching european markets. word of attack on european banks is a possibility that is dragging down european financials and markets there. that's important because yesterday europe led the way lower here in the u.s. here though it's all about the economy. we're watching producer prices out today which will give us a hint of inflation, the federal
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reserve hands might be tied if besaw inflation. that's important. also watching retail earnings from staples and abercrombie. back to you. >> thank you. police in ken net, missouri, found the remains of breeann rodriguez, the 3-year-old girl who disappeared last week as she rode her pink bike outside her home. a neighbor is suspected in her murder. and a wayward penguin will be heading home, happy feet an emperor penguin was found on a beach me had to be hoppizspital at a zoo for eating sand. the doctors think he mistook the sand for the snow. he is now bound for the arctic and this time they are keep an eye on the bird sending him off with a gps tag. you can now track him apparently online so you know his whereabouts all the time. >> does he have a twitter feed yet. >> i'm sure that will be up next.
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i'll monitor that. >> i don't use my gps in my own car. i'm not going to track a penguin. mr. roker is here with a first check of the weather. al? >> thanks, matt, savannah. as we show you what's happening for today, we've got a risk of strong storms through the northern plains from gardethe northern plains from garden city up to rapid city. we could see heavier showers and thunderstorms, can't rule out an isolated tornado or two. beautiful weather in the northeast. plenty of sunshine. temperatures comfortable. northwest fabulous as well. hit or misthunderstorms. houston, texas, yesterday 16 days in a row of 100-plus readings. probably reach it again today. that's what's going on around the country here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> get your sunglasses ready. a lot of sunshine today. 71 now. we're going to be pushing into toasty, warm air later on. at least it's not going to be all that humid. calm winds.
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temperatures in neighborhoods up to the north 61 degrees, frederick. and also montgomery county. gaithersburg and damascus 61, one of our cooler spots. hi >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks. authorities in aruba has announced plans for an extensive search connected to the mysterious disappearance of an american woman robyn gardner as prosecutors build their case against the maryland man being held now as a suspect. here's nbc's janet shamlian with the latest. >> reporter: a long way from his million dollar home in maryland, this aruban prison is gary giordano's bed and breakfast for at least the next two weeks. seen here with a shirt over his head after judge held him in the disappearance of robyn gardner. it's vam lock you where joran van der sloot was held. now it's the case of another missing american woman that has put aruba's legal system back in
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the spotlight. >> people might think aruba is a perfect place or a perfect crime because twice people disappear and they don't solve the crime. >> reporter: he covers the holloway case and is reporting on this one for aruba's largest newspaper. he said giordano could leave the island a free man. >> how much does the prosecution have to come up with to bind him over the next time? >> they will have to be able to come up with something new, something extra, but in my experience in the other case, natalie holloway, they kept 60 days, also, and without really something extra, something big. >> reporter: the fact giordano is an american and considered a potential flight risk could work against him. >> foreigners you can keep much easier in jail here. somebody from aruba. >> reporter: giordano's attorney has consistently said his client is not guilty, is cooperating with authorities, and should be
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released. >> if giordano gets out and returns to the united states, it's going to make it much more difficult for prosecutors in aruba to bring him back, to charge him with a crime if, in fact, new evidence comes to light. >> reporter: as legal process continues, so does the search. police are still combing through parts of the island. so where do you hide something on a small island like aruba, 19 miles long and 6 miles wide? just driving around, we found abandoned wells and mines like this one. it is at least 25 feet deep and it's pitch-black down there. you can't see the bottom. another a. number of areas are uninhabited, desert like, and a road less traveled. and out to sea, an ocean of possibilities. sometime next week they will launch a more extensive recovery search, but that will be three weeks after robyn gardner went missing and it is going to be considered a recovery. savannah, they will be looking for a body. back to you.
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>> janet shamlian in aruba this morning. thank you. judge is a former district attorney about county judge. good morning to you. it's nice to have you here. let's start with that big ultimate question. there is no body here. aruban authorities believe robb begin gardner has passed away. you have at most it would seem conflicting statements, perhaps a questionable story from mr. gardner, is that enough to charge him with murder? >> the fact that they haven't charged him with murder is an indication, given the new search today, they are scrambling for evidence. make no mistake, savannah, they truly believe they have their man. the question is do they have the evidence? and so what they're going to do is they're going to use the whole period that the aruban law allows to get more evidenced. and amazingly, the judge gave them double the time they requested. what does that tell you? it tells you that judge was part of the investigation, believes that there is a solid case here. you've got a guy who clearly was the last one to see her, he's
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making statements that, according to the locals, don't make sense, and you've got a guy who has a history of violence toward women. orders of protection, not one woman, two, four or five women. >> you layout a circumstantial case. as you know, the aruban legal can only hold this person a certain period of days after the initial detention. maybe up to 60 days before charging him with something. >> right. >> if he is released and he goes back to the united states, how difficult would it be for aruban authorities to bring him back to aruba to ultimately face a murder charge if they get more evidence later? >> right. it will not be difficult at all because we have an extradition treaty with aruba. and understand that this case involves the fbi almost right at the beginning. so the united states is basically saying to the aruban government, we will do whatever we can to assist you. aruba needs the united states, also, because they don't want to be known as the island where american women or tourists disappear. so it will not be difficult to
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get him back. i don't think he's ever going to leave. they just got 16 days. they can ask for another 60-day hold. the evidence is there. everything coming out of the prosecutor's mouth indicates they're trying to decide the degree of the crime, not to whether to charge him with a crime. >> the judge ordered to give a dna sample. as far as we know there is no forensic evidence for them to match that dna evidence with yet. you think the prosecutor's is feeling about the strength of their case? >> i think that what they're doing now is they requested dna because they're hoping to find some evidence with this late es renewed launch for evidence. more than that, i think they know they're charging him and the prosecutor says, we'll use it down the line if we don't try something to match it up to. this is clearly a loud signal, we're charging this guy. give us a few more days. >> they've got their guy. all right. good to have you here. thank you. it's now 7:0015. here's matt. >> savannah, thank you. fresh allegations tied to the
7:16 am
british phone hacking scandal. new evidence suggests senior editors at the "news of the world" knew that illegal eavesdropping was wide spread at that tabloid. nbc's michelle kosinksi is in london. michelle, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, matt. rupert murdoch and his son told lawmakers they had no indication hacking could have been wide spread at "the news of the world." nobody told them, they say, even though out comes an old letter from a former reporter saying hacking was common knowledge, discussed as part of daily meetings. >> the most humble day of my life. >> reporter: rupert murdoch and son james denied knowing anything at the top about phone hacking practices at "news of the world," allegedly celebrities, royal, murder victims, despite private investigators being on the payroll, despite paying out huge settlements to people suing over it.
7:17 am
whatever they knew or didn't, a letter has now surfaced from their former royal reporter to the company's hr department. clyde goodman who spent months in pri or for the hacking, released in 2007 that hacking was widely discussed in the daily editorial conference. he told them editor andy colton who has since been arrested banned mentioning it. that it had the full knowledge and support of senior staff and that the editor promised on many occasions that i could come back to a job at the newspaper if i didn't implicate the paper or any of its staff. that editor told parliament this two years ago. >> i never condoned the phone hacking nor do i have any recollection of where phone hacking took place. >> deliberate decision by the company to mislead parliament, then the substantial question has to be asked, that sounds like a deliberate cover-up. >> reporter: and now there's talk of calling james murdoch back to parliament. he explained why his company
7:18 am
didn't push further in internal investigation. >> opinion based upon that review with issues with the company with respected law firm and the opinion was clear, and the company rested on that. >> reporter: well, that law firm is calling james' testimony inaccurate, misleading, and self-serving. the company's response? that it understands how important this all is and will continue to cooperate. the murdochs say, look, both police and law firm told us there was no reason to believe this was anything bigger, although the lawyers say, wait a minute, what we asked to look at was very, very limited. so is there any evidence that the murdochs knew that hacking could have been extensive? no. and the investigation goes on. matt? >> michelle kosinksi in london this morning. thank you. it's 18 after the hour. once again, here's savannah. we're learning more today about the man arrested in kentucky for allegedly strapping a fake bomb to a teenager's neck
7:19 am
in australia. and this morn that young woman is speaking out for the first time since the arrest. nbc sara james is in sydney with the latest. sara, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. peters faced a judge in louisville on tuesday, new court documents reveal frightening details of the alleged plot and the clues that led police to make an arrest. >> how are you feeling? >> very relieved. >> reporter: in sydney, madeleine pulver spoke for the first time since suspect paul doug peters was arrested as the alleged mastermind of a fake bomb extortion attack. >> i think we've got him. >> we're feeling good. >> no doubt. >> reporter: shackled at the wrists and ankles, the 50-year-old peters was led into federal court in louisville, kentucky, tuesday. >> any word for madeleine? >> reporter: a judge ordered peters held without bail, as peters wait for an extradition
7:20 am
hear that could send him back to australia to face criminal charges. investigators say peters is the man who terrorized 18-year-old madeleine pulver two weeks ago at her family's luxurious home in sydney. she is the daughter of a multi-millionaire australian businessman. on august 3rd, police say peters broke into the pulver's home where madeleine was alone studying. according to court documents, peters carrying a bag and a backpack told madeleine, sit down and no one needs to get hurt. then chained a black box around her neck, attached to the back, a usb stick and a handwritten note saying the box contained powerful new technology plastic explosives. madeleine telephoned for help. it took ten hours for bomb experts to remove the device and determine it was a sophisticated fake. according to the complaint, a notice is seen provided instructions for delivering a defined sum once the pulvers contacted an e-mail account
7:21 am
registered to dirk strong, the main character in james korvel's novel "thai pai-pan." it was traced from the sydney area to the u.s. police say they found peters at the home of his ex-wife debra who has not been charged. court documents say peters once worked for a company with stis to the pulver family. >> i'm not going to share with you or anyone else anything that he told me. i will tell you that he will contest this charge. >> reporter: the pulvers say they don't know peters and have no idea why their daughter would have been targeted. meantime, peters' lawyer says he's not sure whether or not he will be fighting extradition. that hearing is scheduled for october. savannah? >> sara james, thank you. just ahead, what caused the estranged husband of one of the housewives of beverly hills to apparently take his own life.
7:22 am
we'll talk to that man's friend and attorney. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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[ dad ] no. pudding face! i'm sorry. you don't look sorry. you're right i'm not. [ male announcer ] get your pudding face on with irresistible jell-o pudding. good morning. it's 7:26 on this wednesday, august 17th. i'm joe krebs. in the news4 today. breaking news out of montgomery county. firefighters are responded to a report of smoke on butter wick way. they found someone on the ground outside. chopper 4's over the scene now. we're waiting to hear from police or firefighters to get more information on exactly what did happen there. stay with us for more updates. we'll take a break now and come back and look at weather and traffic.
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good wednesday morning. welcome back. as we take a look outside. ready to hit the road today, the sun is likely to be in your face. bright sunshine throughout the area, 71 degrees now. going up to a high temperature, you can see other locations, low to mid-60s to 88 degrees. rain back tomorrow. >> jammed interer loop of the
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beltway in virginia from robinson terminal to i-66. inner loop, you have sun glare. outer loop in maryland jammed from new hampshire avenue to georgia avenue. joe, back to you. >> thanks very much.
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♪ 7:30 now on this wednesday morning, august 17th, 2011. a little sinatra to start our day. sun, by the way, a welcome sight after several day of rain here in the northeast. and that's the shot from the top of the rock. down on the plaza, nice crowd gathering to usher in this beautiful wednesday morning. we'll go outside and say hi to them soon. meanwhile, inside studio 1-a, i'm matt lauer alongside savannah guthrie. just ahead, the good deed of the san diego police officer moments
7:31 am
before he was killed by a suicidal ga suicidal gunman. >> minutes before he died in the line of duty he may have did something to save a boy's life forever. why more and more teenagers are elected to have weight loss surgery. how risky is it at that age? are they using it as a quick fix or a last resort? we're going to hear from two teens who decided to go under the knife. and a follow-up to a story we brought to you on tuesday. a minnesota family get that $50,000 prize for a remarkable charity hockey long shot even though the wrong twin took the shot? coming up, what the event organizers are now saying and what our "today" viewers said on our poll, as well. okay. let us begin this half hour with a real life tragedy for a reality tv show. estranged husband of one of the "real housewives of beverly hills" was found dead at home on monday. aditi roy is in beverly hills with details on that.
7:32 am
aditi, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. russell armstrong's death comes three weeks before the scheduled premier of the new season of "the real housewives of beverly hills." a season that was such a focus on the armstrong's crumbling marriage. >> just eat, russell. >> reporter: russell and taylor armstrong's frequent bickering enintensifies throughout the first season of "the real housewives of beverly hills" which airs on bravo, owned by nbc universal. >> we're working on things. we've been through so much psychotherapy i'm sick of myself. >> reporter: it's clear that season two was set to begin next month with taylor's efforts to save her deteriorating marriage. >> my husband is in therapy. i mean, i don't know. that hurt my feelings really bad. that wasn't nice. i don't care what they do in england because i'm trying to keep my family together werer the couple had a 5-year-old
7:33 am
daughter frequently seen on the tv show. in june, tabloid photos show the couple out in public and seemingly happy. but last month 40-year-old taylor filed for divorce to end their six-year marriage and there was reportedly more bad news for russell, a venture capitalist who was reportedly swimming in debt. >> he was in financial trouble, like a lot of people are in l.a. they live beyond their means and they live month to month. and they try to keep up a lifestyle that is fictitious and imaginary. >> reporter: on monday night los angeles police were called out to this upscale home where russell had been staying with a friend. police say he was found hanged in the bedroom. a statement released on taylor's behalf reads, taylor armstrong the is devastated by the tragic events that have unfolded. she requests privacy at this time so that she may comfort her young daughter. her thoughts and prayers are also with russell's 11- and 13-year-old sons. >> he was a nice person, you
7:34 am
know, and i think that he was not ready for how evil hollywood can be on these reality show star railroads sadly this is just the most recent suicide involving a reality tv star. there is julianne hough, matt from "storm chasers," "kitchen nightmare"'s cook and ryan jenkins, contestant on a vh-1 show killed himself after being accuse of killing his wife. it's still unclear how the producers of the "real housewives of beverly hills" will deal with this real life tragedy. >> this is something they haven't encountered before. will they re-edit, will they postpone it, will they actually acknowledge his death in the season premier? >> reporter: for its part, bravo issued a statement which says, all of us at bravo are deeply saddened by this tragic news. our sympathy and thoughts are with the armstrong family at this difficult time.
7:35 am
the coroner is expected to confirm the cause of death later today. no suicide note has been found. >> aditi roy, thank you very much. ronald richards was russell armstrong's attorney, debra is editor and chief of ""tv guid guide"." good morning to both of you. ronald, let me starts with you. the easiest headline is that this guy took his life because of pressures of reality tv. that was an easy headline. was there something more going on here? >> there was a combination of things. i think he spent his entire marriage building up his wife to this sort of creshendo of success and then all of a sudden as the apex of this all, she filed for divorce and he sort of left out. financing the show through her, but not getting any of the future benefits. and i think it hurt him. >> how much financial pressure was he under? >> he was under a lot of financial pressure because he spent so much time getting distracted from reports about
7:36 am
what was going to be coming on the show that he ended up spending a lot more than he made every month and didn't have any savings left. and it became a very big burden on him to keep this august going. >> this collapse of a marriage, the financial pressures all playing out in front of the cameras. he said to "people" magazine in july, quote, this show has literally pushed us to the limit. what did he tell you about the show itself? >> well, he was very concerned about what the other housewives were going to say about him and possible domestic abuse and taking normal marital disagreements out of context. and he did not have the stomach or the skin to deal with some of the vicious comments that people make about reality tv stars and their spouses. >> debra, i mean, let's be clear here. no producer can force anybody to participate in one of these reality shows. these individuals sign their name on a dotted line. but do you think this is a case, and there have been many others
7:37 am
as were mentioned in aditi's piece, where people don't understand how their lives will change once they allow cameras in? >> i think so. and i think they see themselves on tv and put the spotlight on flaws in a way they didn't expect. but i also think that people who watch the shows before they sign up for them to get a full understanding of what they're going to experience what it's going to be like. >> i'm not in any way trying to say i know anything about his mental stability or lack thereof prior to this situation. however, it does seem to me that when you watch these shows, it is the less stable people that get the most attention because they tend to do the things that are most awe-inspiring. >> true. but are they doing the most awe-inspiring things to get the most attention? the producers have shrinks on staff though that are monitoring these situations. they do counseling and they try to keep an eye out for people who look like they're going to be in trouble. >> ronald, let me go back to you. and you're not a television producer. do you think, though, there
7:38 am
needs to be a re-evaluation of the way these shows are cast? in other words, the types of people they approach to be on them? >> well, these are not professional actors. this show they couldn't have watched before. i mean, he was warned before this show started this was going to affect his marriage. but i mean, i think that they need to be more proactive in letting the non-professional potential actors know that this is going to be a very invasive exercise into their personal lives and they need to be prepared. i tried to prepare him before the show this was going to happen. unfortunately he really didn't accept all of my warnings from someone that's lived in this town his whole life. >> quickly, debra, how does bravo, part of nbc universal, deal with this? >> i think they've got a tough divisi division. there is precedent, one of the housewives' ex-fiance died and they kept the show intact but in this case it's a different situation, you've got children. i think they've got a hard
7:39 am
decision ahead of them. >> i appreciate your time. thank you very much. >> thank you. let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> matt, as we go up to our western north, dismark, they had a lot of rain in the last 24 hours. more four to five inches, closing a lot of streets, to five inches causing street flooding. big problems throughout the area. turn to the tropics and show you out in the pacific, tropical storm fernada moving west 7 miles per hour, shouldn't be a big problem for hawaii, mostly a lot of rain for the southern parts of the island. heat, though, is a big problem for texas. 106 in laredo. houston, 16 consecutive days of 100-plus. oklahoma city, temperatures well above 100 as well. 60s and 70s in the pacific northwest. 70 and 80s in the northeast. 80s in the great lakes. that's what's going on around the country.
7:40 am
here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. it's a good morning. sunshine throughout the area. 71 the temperature. comfortable here for early part of the day. expecting warmth today. going up to close to 90. 71 here. 6le in prince georges county. 65 in rockville. gaithersburg, high 88, close to 90 >> don't forget you can track your weather all day long weather on weather channel on cable or online. matt? coming up, the message that your bad habits are sending to friends and co-workers. i guess most importantly, how to break those bad habits. but up next, the touching story of a police officer's final acts of generosity just minutes before he was killed in the line of duty. that's right after this.light. you know that comes with a private island. really? no. it comes with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights
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with the san diego police officer's final good deed moments before he was shot in cold blood by a suicidaal gunma. nbc's lee cowan has this story. good morning. >> that officer's name was
7:44 am
jeremy henwood and he had no idea when he walked into mcdonald's to get a bite to eat it would be his last. it's what he did with those final moments that may have changed a teenage boy's life forever. ♪ the sound mourned the loss of san diego police officer jeremy henwood last weekend. the quiet story of kidness began to emerge, one that helped drown out at least parts of the grief. >> jeremy was a great man, a hero to our country. >> reporter: henwood, a marine had just returned from a tour of duty in afghanistan, two tours in iraq. only to be killed, police say, by a petty thief named white. pulled up alongside him and his cruiser, aimed a shotgun through the window. >> there's been an officer shot. >> reporter: the suspect was later chased and killed by police. exactly what he seemed to want.
7:45 am
he left behind a two-page suicide note. but the investigation continued and the eulogies were being written, this surveillance video surfaced to show just how officer henwood spent his final moments on earth. >> three minutes before he was killed he was buying lunch for some other kid he didn't even know. >> reporter: officer henwood had gone to mcdonald's to grab a bite. behind him in line was a 13-year-old boy named damien tinsly. >> i asked him for ten cents. he said what is the ten cents for? i said cookies. he said, i can buy the three cookies for you. >> reporter: henwood opened his wallet without a second thought. >> you see this little boy with giant grand sin saying thank yo. thank you, officers. >> reporter: parting words for damian, just a littled a vase. >> he said what do you want to do when you grow up? i said nba star. he said, well, you've got to work hard for that. i said, thank you. >> reporter: with that, he was gone. moments later, damian heard the
7:46 am
sirens. >> ied to him he was a good guy and two seconds later he died. just crazy. >> reporter: a few extra minutes out of a police officer's day that left an impression that will last a lifetime. savannah, it was one of the largest memorials that san diego has seen for a slain police officer in quite some time. while there were certainly a host of reasons that officer henwood stood out they say it was those final moments right before his death that summed up the way he lived. >> lee cowan this morning in los angeles, that says so much that simple kindness. thank you. just ahead, the growing number of teens undergoing risky weight loss surgery. the pros and cons that parents need to consider. but first, these messages.
7:47 am
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dove body wash. myeah, what airline were you on i'm almosagain?e. ♪ we're back now at 7:49 with that mess in minnesota, over $50,000 hockey shot that we told you about on tuesday. one boy was actually chosen to take the shot but it was his twin brother who actually did. nbc jeff rossen is in minnesota with the latest on this. explain it to us. >> reporter: yeah, it's going to take a little bit. matt, good morning. look, you're a dad, i'm a dad. we make split-second decisions all the time. that's a this father did. sitting right here in the stands of this arena during a charity hockey game. between periods, they had a cool contest. a raffle. you paid money for a ticket. about $10. you make a shot, and you can win $50,000. well, they called his son's
7:50 am
name. the thing is, matt, he sends his other son down to the ice. and, guess what, he made the shot. so should he get the prize money? turns out there is more to this story. did that just happen? it's the new miracle on ice, this 11-year-old boy made a shot that would make the pros blush. from 89 feet away, he sent the three-inch puck into a 3 1/2-inch net. >> looking at this, how does that happen? how does something like that happen? >> reporter: under that little helmet was supposed to be nick smith. his name was called in the raffle. that's his name on the ticket. when he came down to take the shot, he even came face to face with the event organizer. >> i asked him, are you nick smith? yes, i am. >> reporter: one little problem, the boy who took the $50,000 shot wasn't nick smith. it was his identical twin brother nate.
7:51 am
you see, nick was outside. so their dad sent nate to the ice. >> i went in the arena and my friend, he was like, nathan just won $50,000. i'm like, yeah, right. >> reporter: what a moment. and the boys had big plans for the $50,000. >> put most of it in our bank accounts. >> reporter: hold on. they may not get paid. the next day their dad came clean to organizers about the switch. now this minnesota mess is all over the. >> well, i would just give them the money. >> reporter: and online, including this new website supporting the twins. >> i think they should get the money. kid deserves it. >> reward him forgetting up there and firing it through. >> reporter: the father told the "star tribune" he told the truth because the boys weren't feeling right about it and my wife and i weren't either. we just decided that's not how we raised them but it's not that simple. the company responsible for paying the prize money won't even consider it until the family fills out this insurance paperwork confirming nick smith
7:52 am
took the shot. the boy's name on the ticket. if anyone lies on the form, it says they prosecute any attempted insurance fraud. >> at this point everyone is wanting, are the boys going to get paid, are they going to get paid, are they going to get paid. the ball is in their court. they can't get paid until they sign that affidavit. >> reporter: the family still hasn't filed the papers. if if they do, when they do, legal experts say it could take weeks to investigate. >> the insurance company will argue there was a material false misrepresentation made by that family, and, therefore, they should be precluded from collecting the $50,000. prosecution, i think that's a long shot. >> reporter: well, we tried reaching the dad and this family for comment but could not reach him late last night. looks like most of you still think the boys should get the money. we posted a poll on the website and the results are in this morning. matt and savannah, 76% of you
7:53 am
said they should get the money, 24% say no. savannah, i don't know if you have changed your opinion after watching this story. you were vocal yesterday. >> thanks, jeff. even though the event organizers looked right at the kid and said are you nick and he said yes. >> he's not entitled to it but in the spirit of it, give him the money! ♪ [ recorded voice ] onstar. we're looking for city hall. i'm sending directions to your car. [ recorded voice #2 ] turn right on hill street. go north for two miles. ♪ [ man ] this is onstar. i got a signal there's been a crash. do you need help? yes, please. i've got your gps location. i'm sending help. [ female announcer ] introducing onstar fmv. get it installed on your car at best buy or visit for more stores. ♪ why settle for a one-note cereal? get more with honey bunches of oats. four nutritious grains come together for more taste, more texture, more healthy satisfaction. have a bowl of happy.
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our time right now is 7:56. 70 degrees outside. hazy sunshine. beautiful day ahead according to veronica johnson. let's go to her right now to find out what it's going to look like. >> beautiful and comfortable for a summer day there, joe. take a look around the area see where we sit on temperatures. 63 up in montgomery county. 68 to 67. fairfax, around palms church, 67 the current reading. toasty warm but not humid. 88 to 90 degrees down through our southern most counties rain returns tomorrow. returns tomorrow. >> man: my employer had been putting together a program for executive education,
7:57 am
grooming the leadership abilities of their top 5%. a requirement to be accepted in the program was an undergraduate degree, which i did not have. that was the wake-up call i needed. ♪ don't want to miss a thing strayer university has afforded me the opportunity to progress to the level that i am now, which is chief information officer at the largest teaching hospital in southern new jersey. i'm michael sinno, and i earned my bachelor of science degree from strayer university.
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7:59 am
good morning. right now i have a report of a car fire, this is on the inner loop of the beltway, georgia avenue block two right lanes. significant days. you're delayed from the 270 spur april live look right now on connecticut avenue. you can see you are bumper-to-bumper. again, inner loop of the beltway, right two lanes blocked at georgia avenue. 14th street bridge, slow crossing here. delays star at 395 and continue as you make your way across the 14th street bridge. joe, back to you. >> looks rough out there. thanks, danella. another news update in 25 minutes. back to the "today" show after we first of all take a short break.
8:00 am
we're back now, 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it is the 17th day of august, 2011. it's a beauty here in the northeast after a few days of rain we've got a big crowd outside. we're going to give them a little face time as they soak up the sun here in new york city. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie, here while ann is on assignment. and al roker joins us, as well. and coming up, we're going to talk about what seems to be a rise in the number of teenagers, talking about high schoolers, getting what is called bariatric surgery. we're talking about the stomach stapling, that sort of thing,
8:01 am
the weight loss surgeries. some people think this is a problem because at 14 or 15 years of age, how can this be a last resort? we're going to be dealing with that and talking about it coming up in just a couple of minutes. also coming up, bad habits. are you a nail biter, maybe a gum smacker, chronically late? we're going to find out what those bad habits mean about you, present company excluded, and most importantly, how to kick them. here's music tribute. did you know that in 1967 the group the monkees outsewed told beatles and the rolling stones? >> i did not know that. >> they did in my house. >> i caught up with the guys recently on their reunion tour. they let me join in on their tour. of course, the tour that was cancel canceled. >> no relation. >> i don't know if one has anything to do with the other. >> we had a little experiment going here.
8:02 am
al was singing, if the microphone was jammed down in his pocket. >> actually, it slipped down. >> poor microphone. >> can you hear me now. >> we're going to have to have that sanitized. >> getting back to it, al takes a place with the monkees. let's go inside right now. natalie is standing by at the news desk. natalie, take it away. >> good morning, matt, savannah, mal. good morning, everyone. president obama is wrapping up his three-day bus tour in the midwest today with town meetings in his home state of illinois. the president has been dogged throughout the trip by tea party protesters. meantime, the newest republican hopeful rick perry is facing criticism from both sides for suggest that fed chairman ben bernanke's policies border on treason. there are new doubts today about the testimony given by media tycoon rupert murdoch and his son that they were unaware of the phone hacking at a british tabloid. in written testimony released
8:03 am
tuesday, murdoch's lawyers and former executives contradicted the statements before parliament last month. a four-year-old letter has surfaced in which a former murdoch reporter jailed for hacking says the technique was widely discussed at editorial meeting. australian man charged with putting a fake bomb on a teen teenager's neck as part of an extortion plot was held monday night. officials say peters once worked for a company with ties to the victim's wealthy father. how poverty is on the rise. according to a national study it shows 20% of children in america lived in low-income homes after 2009. and a number of children living in poverty increased in 38 states over the last decade. eight people were injured by a lightning strike tuesday at seaworld's discovery cove water park in orlando, florida. officials say none of the victims was hit directly and that all of them had been
8:04 am
treated and released by this morning. now here's brian williams with a look a what's coming up tonight on nbc "nightly news." >> coming up tonight, a simple blood test for women over 50 that could potentially save their lives. dr. nancy snyderman will be with us and have the story. we'll look for you then, natalie. for now, back to you. >> thank you, brian. and now for a look at what's trending today. a quick round-up of what people are talking about online. fans are googling the tragedy surrounding the "real housewives of beverly hills" star taylor armstrong. police say her estranged husband russell armstrong was found dead monday in an apparent suicide. he was facing financial and legal troubles. the blogs are on fire with news that abercrombie and fitch is offering "jersey shore" star a financial sum to stop wearing its clothing in public. they say his antics could damage abercrombie's image. and this is your hair on
8:05 am
40,000 watts of base. pob ploor ploor youtube video shows what happens when a car's mega bass creates a wild wind tunnel effect. i hate when it does that. 8:05 right now. let's go back to al outside with a check of your weather. >> narrator: today's weather is brought to you by chevy. every model is backed by 100,000-mile, five-year power it is train limited warranty. >> my birthday buddies are back. you've been coming here how long? >> 10 out of 12 years. >> it's your birthday on the 20th. >> no, the 15th. >> right. >> mine is the 20th. i get confused. happy birthday, young man. and no more homeless vets? >> yes, rescuing in new york. we are proposing a ban on this in the u.s., we have too many. too many. >> we appreciate that thought. thank you very much. let's check your weather. see what's going on. saginaw, michigan, nbc 25. afternoon thunderstorms. 83 degrees.
8:06 am
and as we check the radar, satellite, you can see showers down in florida. we've got wet weather down through the mid mississippi river valley. we'll be looking at strong storms through the plains. sunshine in the pacif storms through the plains. sunshine in the pacific northwest down to southern california. george outous day in l.a., 88. beautiful in the northeast into the mid-atlantic states as well. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> today we get a break, a short break, from clouds and rain. we're at 75 degrees in tinley town and mclean coming in at 66. wheaton now at 65. we'll see a high temperature of 88, close to 90. high clouds will start moving in. then cloud cover and showers and storms on tap for thursday, mainly during the afternoon. friday as well, upper 80s. threat of 12k34r and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you so much. coming up next, a quick fix or a last resort?
8:07 am
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8:11 am
>> reporter: for as long as she can remember she lived with a heavy burden. >> i would walk in the hallways with my head down. >> reporter: always overweight, by 17 she weighed almost 340 pounds. >> i thought that people were really looking at me, they were kind of looking at everything around me, i guess. so, yeah. >> reporter: she says she tried to lose weight. >> i've been to so many programs, so many weight loss programs. i've been to the gym. it's just like -- it was just like i was -- i would never see any results. >> reporter: but finally, turned to surgery. >> i was just kind of freaked out because i'm 17 years old and here i am i've never had a single operation in my whole life. >> how is everything? >> good. >> reporter: four years after gastric bypass she weighs 150 pounds less. one of a growing number of teens choosing so-called bariatric surgery for weight loss. some as young as 14. >> the bottom line is when these
8:12 am
patients reach 300 pounds and they're adolescent and they have full bone maturity they really act like adults. >> reporter: the increase in surgeries come as childhood obesity reaches epidemic proportions. according to the center for disease control, 12.5 million kids ages 2 to 19 are now considered obese. almost triple the number from 19 eight. the doctors say that weight loss surgery is no magic bullet at any age and should only be used as a last resort. warning, some teens could face a lifetime of complications. >> it's not a quick fix. and even long term, many of these children need to maintain themselves on vitamins and nutritional supplements because of the surgery. so it's a big deal. >> reporter: at child health care of atlanta, teens have to go through a month-long program, including psychological counseling before even being considered for surgery. >> this isn't to make you pretty for the prom. the children that we see are going to die young if we don't
8:13 am
do something. >> reporter: for evonia it was that life and death decision that she just finally gave her a life. >> i think that i took the interest of my life and it came out to be a blessing in disgu e disguise. and, you know, i'm here and i'm happy, i'm enjoying life to the fullest. >> reporter: now lighter in so many ways. ♪ for "today," kristen dahlgren, nbc news, atlanta. >> had gastric band surgery two years ago at the age of 16-piece doctor is the medical director at new york university's weight management program. good to see you both. good morning. >> good morning. >> doctor, i think people are going to watch this and they probably watched her story there and have mixed emotions. on the one hand, great that she's getting health yes, and losing weight, great that she's got some of the emotional baggage lifted. on the other hand, they're probably saying she's too young to take this kind of a step.
8:14 am
are they both right? >> i think to some degree the kids that go through the surgery have tried many things, as she had and as matthew can tell you that he has had. i think the impact of carrying over 100 pounds on your frame, societal biased that comes with that and just sort of the trapped feeling that people have and kids also have really kind of go forward and then make it so that this is not something that they -- like, it's not cosmetic procedure. it's actually quite necessary. >> you had this two years ago. and i would imagine you had tried a lot of other things first. how did you come to the decision? >> well, kind of spent a lot of my life overweight. after a long time of trying different kinds of diets, things like weight watchers and things like that which just wasn't for me i heard about the whole lap band procedure and stuff because my mother. she told me about it. she went to a whole seminar
8:15 am
about it and we were educated. >> did you ask all the right questions? did someone counsel you on the risks? >> of course. we were given huge packets full of information, telling us what the risks were, the fact that it's not the kind of quick fix thing, it's a tool to help you lose weight. and you actually -- you were given a lot of information before you even started to consider it. >> when we're talking about a 16 - or 17-year-old, doctor, are there any physical risks that are different than operating on an adult? and then what about emotional? >> the one, we always make sure the kids are fully grown. one part of that is assessing bone maturity. generally we check, but 13-year-old girls will be fully mature if they're considered morbidly obese and 15-year-old boys. but having said that we do assess that. and just at nyu we do have a program that is a research protocol for the adolescents. it's not just done as regular surgery in terms of the you came in to have any kind of surgery and we put it through your insurance. this is under a strict protocol.
8:16 am
it's done with counseling, as well. >> i want to mention that operating on people under the age of 21, you just told me still makes up only about 1% of your overall practice. so it's not happening all that often. >> true. >> and in terms of it, you have to give matthew advice to some other teenager out there who may have struggled the way you struggled and may be now considering a procedure like this, what would you say? >> i think first of all you have to be very educated on what you're doing. you have to understand that this isn't something that, no, i promised in three months i have to look good, surgery and drop away fast. i've been losing weight for two years now and lost 150 pounds and i'm still going. it's a process. people need to understand that the most important thing is to know that it's okay to mess up and it's okay to kind of have setbacks as long as you keep going. if you get the surgery done and you feel like you aren't losing weight fast enough there are things you can do to help you out. essentially with the team be hind you, nutritionists and doctors. >> seems to be working for you.
8:17 am
that's most important. matthew, it's great to have you here. doctor, thank you so much. and up next, from being late to smacking your gum, what bad habits say about you. that's right after this. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top safety pick by the iihs.
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and when it comes to your family's health, you want the best. now you can have it without paying the most. new petarmor plus flea and tick protection. it has the same active ingredients as frontline plus, so it's just as effective against fleas and ticks, but costs about half as much. sure our dogs may be called pets, but we all know they're family. new petarmor plus. same protection as frontline at about half the cost. only at walmart and sam's club. back now at 8:20. everyone has at least one bad habit but what do those annoying and sometimes inappropriate behaviors say about us and what can we do to change it? harriet is a "today" contributor and philip is a social question columnist for the "new york times." good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm going to admit it this is one of my top pet peeves, people who are always late. you say, philip, i mean, this is truly the height of rudeness. >> it's totally the height of rudeness but i think if you look beyond it, those people are
8:21 am
saying i want to be in control. we may have set a date for 12:30 but i'm not showing up until 1:00. so maybe give them a little more control in making the plans. >> harriet, some people think with the advent of technology why not call or text someone, it's okay that i'm a little bit late. >> i think people have gotten busier but they think that texting, even calling a restaurant and saying, oh, i'll be there in a few minutes, is okay. that doesn't absolve you of the reality that you are late and you're making somebody else wait for you. >> what do you think the source of this bad habit is? >> i think part of it is people are not managing their time well and not recognizing they should respect others as much as they want to be respected. lots of self awareness. >> it can really impact relationships. >> it can ruin it. so if someone runs late all the time, say, when do you want to meet? what restaurant do you like? don't be shy about saying, remember, this is your plan so don't keep me hanging. >> let's move on to a couple of
8:22 am
habits. people that bite their nails. i confess. crack their knuckles, i confess. twirl their hair. harriet, what do you think this is demonstrating? >> insecurity. i think when people do those things, fires st of all, they dt realize they're doing it. developed over time when they were unsure about something. you can stop it. i actually teach a lesson on stopping it. every time you realize you're doing it, take a breath instead. pause and empower yourself. >> do you advocate telling somebody you're doing this? >> absolutely but not saying stop it because the guy is still nervous. that's not going to go to the underlying thing. identify can help. say, you know what, i do the same thing when i'm nervous. do you know what helps me? just saith sitting back and tak breath. >> virginia says, my mother smacks her gum while talking to others, especially when she's on the cell phone. what do you do address that? >> if it's your mother, i think it's the kindest thing in the world to say, mom, stop.
8:23 am
just so you know you're doing this, i hear that gum really loudly. >> okay. >> a lot of times people will not chew the gum when they're in public but they don't realize what's happening on the phone. >> why do people slurp their food? i didn't know it was possible to slurp rice. my pet peeve, people who slurp their food and loudly lick their fingers. it's rude and obnoxious. >> it's an important thing to assess your relationship. can i tell harriet, yes? i know her well. can i tell you? i'm just meeting you today, probably wouldn't. >> teach your children how to eat. if you teach them, later they will do it the right way. >> thank you so much. and now here's matt. >> savannah, thank you. let's head down to washington, d.c. say hi to mr. willard scott. hey, willard. >> ah, a little ice cream, a little strawberry jam. put that on top of that ice cream, make a little short cake.
8:24 am
summertime and living is easy. happy birthday from smuckers. take a look, our birthday buddies are here. this is alfred strong. hazard, kentucky, 100 years old. proud world war ii veteran. still drives and enjoys gardening and loves to feed the birdies and squirrels. i like to do that. i don't do much for people but i do that for birds. bertha, beautiful bertha evans. battle creek, michigan. 10 44. loves to travel, especially to foreign places and loves her family very much. let's switch the jam jars and look at emilie krause, fairview park, ohio. 104. loves to garden and takes care of her 200 rosebushes in her backyard. reads her bible every day. people who garden live forever. and if you will watch this,
8:25 am
please. we have from willard, wisconsin, we have carl gerold. 100 years old today. lives independently and loves to fish. enjoys going out to the happy hour. happy, happy, happy hour. and molla rosen from fairfield, connecticut. she's 103 years old today. former miss connecticut. 1926. and still looks fantastic. she loves to cook. happy birthday to you. and we have a happy birthday wish to margaret. i like that name. margaret palmer west palm beach, florida. 102. enjoying gardening and playing all kinds of card games. amazing people so active. now, back to no, new york. >> all right, willard, thank you very much. when we come back, will we make you a believer? al catches up with the monkees
8:26 am
after your latest news. 8:26 is your time now. 72 degrees on this wednesday, august 17th. good morning. i'm eun yang. following breaking news in prince georges county. one person arrested in connection with a murder in beltsville. the woman found dead inside her home along cherriville drive around 4:00. w: have a crew on the scene.
8:27 am
8:28 am
monuments are beaming with sunshine today. lots of sunshine all through the day. 75 is the current temperature. a northeast wind at 3. southerly wind later on, that will push temperatures. 68, gaithersburg, 66 rockville. ft. belvoir, up to 88, close to
8:29 am
90 later today. earlier car fire on the beltway at georgia avenue is clear. but we're seeing massive delays. you're also delayed on 270. a live look at tuckerman lane. you are slow as you make your way from the spur on to the [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money? meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a calendar that shows you all your finances at once. it lets you know when your money's going out. and when it's coming in. it even tells you when you're running low. we call that danger days. it's built to help you see your money in a whole new light. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. ♪
8:30 am
we're back, 8:30 on a wednesday morning, 17th day of august, 2011. picture perfect start to the day. picture perfect crowd gathered here on rockefeller plaza. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie in while ann is on assignment.
8:31 am
natalie morales and al roker, as well. coming up, i have to look forward to something like this in a long time. al joins the monkeyday monkees. >> you had the monkees. they hit the road, 45th anniversary tour. unfortunately it was cut short. did i have anything do to do with it? well, we'll let you know. i got a chance to talk with the monkees and even performed with them on stage. >> they were never the same after that. >> when you did the a wetambour like that do you have to have your mouth open? also coming up, inspirational story we brought you last week. 61-year-old diana nyad was forced to end her second bid to swim from cuba to the florida keys. she's here to tell us what happened and if she has any plans to try just one more time. third try, diana, maybe? we'll see.
8:32 am
we'll talk to her in a little bit. and we've also got great makeovers to show you some really cute puppies and older dogs, too. we'll get to that. >> a lot to get to. first, mr. roker, how about a check of the weather sdm. >> let's see >> let's see what's happening. taking the last train to clarksville, sunshine in the pacific northiest. strong storms in the plains. beautiful weather up and down the eastern seaboard. showers in the upper mississippi river valley. tomorrow from the northern mississippi river valley into the central mississippi strong storms. heat out west into the pacific northwest. showers in the northeast. heat continues from texas into the gulf. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> right here, embrace the great outdoors. it's going to be quiet, dry throughout the day. 75, comfortable right now. 75 in the district. 71 in fairfax city. 73 in college park and sandy spring. the high today 88, close to 90.
8:33 am
toasty warm. humidity, though, staying in a range farley comfortable. by friday, it's going to be humid and >> don't forget, you can check your weather any time of the day or night on weather channel on channel coming up next, al takes the stage with the monkees. but first, this is "today" on nbc. woman: day care can be expensive.
8:34 am
so to save some money, i found one that uses robots instead of real people. 'cuz robots work for free. robot 1:good morning... robot 1:...female child. sfx: modem dial-up noise woman: flaws? yeah, um, maybe. anncr: there's an easier way to save. anncr: get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
8:35 am
when the monkees debuted in the 1950s they were touted as america's answer to the beatles. they kicked off a 45th anniversary tour. and our own al got to spend some time with them. al? >> i sure did, matt. i hopped on the atlantic train to clarksville and caught up with the band in bakers field, california, fortunately my timing was impeccable. while they came and then they
8:36 am
went. ♪ >> 56 episodes. show was incountries around the world. sold millions of records. why are we doing it again? because we had the best song together. >> reporter: 45 years after the monkees exploded on both the music and television scenes, three of the original band members, micky, david, and peter, now in their 60s, recently reunited for a multi-city tour. >> are there any monkeys fans here tonight? >> reporter: they made it through 47 dates and 37 u.s. cities, abruptly canceling the tour. citing internal business affairs. fortunately i caught up with them before the wheels came off the tour bus. does it seem like it's been 45 years since you guys got started doing this? >> yeah. >> yes. >> are you surprised at all at
8:37 am
the fervor, the excitement the people have had for this tour? >> we haven't even talked about it, no publicity, press agent. no. >> the songs stand up over and over, from year to year to year. a has a lot to do with it. >> four mondkees. why isn't mike touring with you? >> mike didn't like to tour. he hardly liked to come to the set when we were filming. but, you know, very talented man. >> he's always been invited. i want to say that, make that clear. he's always welcome and always been invited. >> reporter: the monkees, america's original boy band was assembled in los angeles in 1966 for the tv series of the same name. at the time of the group's formation the producers saw the monkees as america's answer to the beatles. although the tv show only lasted for two years, the group sold more than 50 million records.
8:38 am
'66-'67, you guys exploded, what was it like? you guys were david and the beatles at that point? >> i don't think we were bigger than the beatles. everyone claims that. >> fans got it. actually it was john lennon that said they're the marx brothers. that's true. that's much closer than a comparison to the beatles. >> you were saying that you get things tossed at you now a little differently than before. >> well, you know, that's a joke in a sense that they used to throw, you know, little briefs and things like that and now they're throwing depends. that's a joke. >> he used to be a heartthrob. >> and now i'm a coronary. join us tonight. >> you're a monkee. >> you need a wool hat. >> they need a fourth monkee. i'm going? >> very special guest. ladies and gentlemen, a big hand, from the "today" show, mr. al roker! all right.
8:39 am
>> the hair we all wish we had. >> no pets were killed in the making of that shirt? >> no, there is not one natural fiber on my body right now. >> well, there could be if you play your cards right. >> hit it. ♪ take the last train to clarksville and i'll meet you at the station ♪ >> reporter: and just like that, my childhood dreams became a reality. ♪ because i made your reservation ♪ ♪ and i'll be waiting at the station ♪ ♪ oh no no no no
8:40 am
>> mr. al roker! let's do another one. >> let's rock on. ♪ monkee arounder ♪ doing any singing will bring everybody down ♪ >> thank you, al roker! good night! >> more than amazing that i could still into my jeans, was that these guys are 70 years old, played almost three hours without a break. we wish they could have made it through the end of the tour with just six weeks to go. >> come on. you broke them up. >> oh, wow. the best part about that is that footage of us in spandex. it will never be seen again. this is what we'll now see every time their name is mentioned. >> we have a version of "i'm a believer" coming up in the 9:00 hour. >> really? >> yeah. >> remarkably good. you really were. >> i'm just shaking a tambourine. >> come on, you had the dance moves down. perfect.
8:41 am
you had the hair. most importantly. >> i see a tour next year for you. al, thank you very much. still ahead, money 911, but first, this is 911 in particular. this is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
back at 8:43. diana nyad first captivated in world in 1978 when she attempted the swim of a lifetime. the 103-mile journey from havana to key west. but she had to quit when wind and bad weather pushed her off course. last week at the age of 61 diana tackled the shark-infested waters for a second time. and 29 hours into that swim, the weather, once again, forced her to abandon her dream. diana, good morning. great to see you here. >> natalie, my pleasure. >> a little over a week ago today that you set off on that journey from cuba.
8:44 am
and what happened in the course of those 29 hours, because if conditions at the time were perfe perfect. >> starting it off, like glass. i said to my best friend, bonnie, as i went, i said, you know, this is my time. we have done it right and now look, there's like angels at the waters for us. it got choppy. that wasn't it. the right shoulder, that wasn't it. but some 17 hours into it, i started with an extreme asthma attack. never happened to me in my life before. i don't know if it was painkiller i took, jellyfish things, marathoners say you never know what the day is going to bring you. and in a million years i imagined being eaten by a shark, i did. i was ready for that. >> no way. >> i managed a hurricane sweeping through. but i never imagined this. it was 11 hours of asthma. >> and when i met you over a week ago before you took off for your swim you said you would have to be in a state of complete unconsciousness before getting out of the water. >> yeah. >> when you had to make that decision, 29 hours into this
8:45 am
swim, what was that moment like for you? >> you know, it was such a shame, natalie, because i was so ready. i wasn't even sore after almost 30 hours of swimming, no soreness. i was in shape for this thing. >> wow. >> ready to do it with a team, 50 people, all of their expertise. the shark people, nutrition people. but the asthma, have you ever had asthma? >> i haven't. i know it's -- you can't function. >> it's 11 hours, i just gasping and wheezing. it just took everything. >> you're doing extreme activity. >> yes. >> the exertion, yeah. i know the feeling of swimming on top of the water and gliding across. and at least i had that until the 17th hour. it was magical. >> you mentioned your team. you had a team of 22 incredible people there rooting for you throughout the way. >> yeah. >> responsible for your nutrition, managing, keeping the sharks at bay. >> yeah. >> how disappointed were you to come out of the water and not be able to see it happen? >> i have to admit, you know, in some ways in all of those thousands of people who respond
8:46 am
and say it's just the effort and it was herculean, my team and i can look back at the whole two years, including the swim itself. we were high on life. it was an adventure. it was worth doing. no regrets. how else can we look back at anything we do in our lives? if you can look at it that way, you're okay. >> will you try it again? >> you know, it's like asking your best friend who just goes through a horrible divorce, you know, and loses custody of the kids. hey, are you going to get married again? >> right. >> it's a tough time to ask because it's a huge thing to put to the. all i can say is as a human being, i feel very proud of what we did, what we accomplished. i stand tall and i feel inspired to live my life like this. as an athlete, and that's good. disappointment is crushing. >> that's really, you said you were inspired. and you inspired so many. and isn't that really, diana, a journey, it's not so much the destination? >> primarily. primarily. i think this is the way i want to live life. it's not look back with regrets
8:47 am
and i can look at this swim and say, you know, we went to the max for it. and i went to the max for it. nobody can -- nobody can feel the we didn't put every ounce of what we had into it. and that's a good feeling. >> you keep keeping on, keep inspiring us. diana nyad, thank you so much. we loved your story. coming up next, a makeover. but first, this is "today" on nbc. okay, you're the good cop. i'm the bad cop. look, it's still a great time to refinance. listen up, buster! we're not gonna pay any closing fees. i'd do what she says, friend. i can't control her. well, it's the "no closing fee refinance," so we pick up the closing fees. oh, you're gonna pick up the closing fees? yes. on average, that's $3,300 at closing. [ both ] thirty-three hundred?! that's a lot of donuts. [ male announcer ] visit capital one bank today to refinance your mortgage, and we'll pick up, on average, $3,300 at closing. what's in your wallet? i'm good.
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>> narrator: today is brought to you by new pet armor plus the the same flee and pet protection as frontline and half the cost. >> back now from bow to wow, where we take shelter dogs, give them a makeover and give them a new home. 100% success record so far. "today's" animal advocate is here. >> you will be happy to know that last month our adorable three-legged maltese, while we had the most requests for her, even more than the yellow lab puppy that you love so much, isn't that wonderful? she got a wonderful home, they all do. we're proud of that. today we have four more great gals. we're calling today's segment is girl power pooches. the dog days of summer are coming to an end, but sadly the cages are still filled to
8:50 am
capacity at animal care and control of new york city. beautiful breeds including little zoe. a 1-year-old beagle mix. >> every month i always say if there's one that gets to me, this little zoe is such an angel. she's so sweet and very scared and timid because of what happened to her. >> exactly. she came to us because her family fell on hard times and they're actually having to go into a shelter themselves. now she's here and they're hope that we can find her a good home and get her a new start in life. >> from the subdued to the spunky. >> that's an understatement. meet this jumping jessie. >> 11 months old. she's going to need a little training yet. she's very energetic and loves to play. actually she doesn't want to sit in your lap. she wants to be out playing with a ball or running around being explorato
8:51 am
exploratory. >> she came in as a stray. she's in very good condition. >> reporter: on to our golden gal, roxie mae. a siberian husky mix. >> she's not camera shy. >> she's in really great condition. >> beautiful coat. >> yeah. she was a stray. >> hi there, sweetheart. and she doesn't seem to be too afraid. >> no. >> just enough energy. >> she's confident. she's very relaxed. just very curious. >> reporter: and finally, our la one, a little less fur, say hi to zelda. >> zelda 5-year-old shitzou mix. came in as a stray. >> beautiful markings. >> beautiful. >> sweet. these dogs obviously so popular. great with other dogs, children, wonderful family pets, right? >> you can see that she's sitting really well in our lap. she loves to take little walks. >> reporter: four more fabulous dogs waiting for a place to call
8:52 am
home. all right. richard is with animal protection here in new york city. and so we have a lot of young dogs, all girls. >> all girls. >> on the young side. >> on the young side. we have a couple of puppies less than a year old but this is a great time of year to adopt. we have a great success rate. there are so many other dog, hundreds and thousands of dogs that need good homes. >> a long road. >> let's get to our first pooch. this is zoe. let's show her picture at the shelter before we do the big reveal. she's a beagle. zoe, come on out. natalie's got her. show us your stuff. >> zoe's a little shy. she's a little more comfortable. >> come on, sweetie. >> she's a little timid in walking around. >> her family left her but they fell on hard times and had to give her up. >> yes. >> best suited in a home without other animals because she is a little timid and needs a lot of love. >> love and patience. bring her along slowly and
8:53 am
she'll acclimate. >> we know beagles like to howl. >> she's howled a little bit before. >> okay, natalie. thank you so much. >> she is adorable. >> okay. all right. let's go on to jessie. let's show what jessie looked like at the shelter before we gave her an extreme makeover. she's a puppy. oh, my gosh. she has a ton of energy. >> she's 11 months old. you have to have lots of toys. from one toy to another. when we groomed her up you can see how black and shiny her coat is. she's a really, really good condition. >> everyone loves puppies but what do you need to know to be prepared for if you get a puppy like this? >> a lot of vitamins. >> and make sure that you can give them a lot of exercise because she really -- she's being mellow right now. she has a ton of energy. she has to be occupied. >> thank you for showing us jessie. next pooch is roxie mae.
8:54 am
here's her before picture. i love her name. she was a stray but she might have had some training? >> she had some training. she has a fox look. when she walk on a leash, we'll have to work on that a little bit, she pulls like she's a sled dog, like she's pull you down the street. she knows her commands but she does have energy and you're going to run with her and play with her a lot. >> beautiful coat. >> she's gorgeous. >> thank you. >> okay, mark. thank you. bye. and finally we have zelda. zelda needed a hair cut. look at her now. >> you can actually see her eyes now. she's very playful. small dog, 5-year-old dog.
8:55 am
playful. just go up in your lap and hang out with you. she just loves the attention. >> she's a shitzou mix and has been with the foster family. what do we learn ability her? >> that she gets along with other dogs. she's really, really loving. >> i have to tell you, she is the most loveable, affectionate dog. >> let's bring all our dogs out one more time. take another look. show them. we have to remember, 100%. >> keep it going. go to your local shelter. the most wonderful dogs you can get. >> we're having a party down here. >> she's coming alive now. thank you so much. we'll be back a little bit more on "today" on nbc.
8:56 am
8:56 is your time now. it is 74 degree on wednesday, august 17th, 2011. good morning, i'm eun yang. veronica johnson with a look at the lovely forecast. >> heading out the door, on your way to work, take your time getting to work, and soak this all up. a pleasant morning. 69 in montgomery county. rockville, 75. mt. pleasant and pet worth and shaw, great falls temperatures in upper 60s. 88 our high today. expect high clouds. some neighborhoods south could hit 90 degrees today. and back to the wet stuff thursday and friday. >> thank, veronica.
8:57 am
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good morning. traveling on 270 south in the main lanes an accident involving three vehicles, and you can see them here in your left lane at montgomery avenue. taking commute on 359 north, you're going to see delays, they start at duke, and continue past the pentagon as you make your way to the 14th street bridge. here, slow crossing the bridge as well. eu nuchlt? >> thanks so much. more news, weather, traffic in 25 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show.
9:00 am
we are back now with more of "today" on a wednesday morning. 17th of august, 2011. these people have stuck around for a long time just to check out savannah guthrie as we spend time with them in the morning. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie and al roker. how would you like it if you go to the doctor and the doctor says, okay, here's what i want you to do. i want you to have more sex and drink more wine. >> i feel like i'm -- no, no, nothing. what would you say? >> apparently that could be some of the recommendations you get if you're battling heart
9:01 am
disease. other things like flossing, getting enough sleep, getting enough exercise. we're going to fill you in on the seven things you can do to reduce your risk of heart disease. >> that's the deal i'm not getting a second opinion. i tell you that. also ahead, money 911 team is here. this week we are answering all your questions via twitter. help you sort out your financial emergency, especially with all the ups and downs in the market lately. wondering how much you should be putting away for your child's education. also advice if you're pay for a divorce or buying real estate as an investment. >> we actually have an idea to make a little bit of money. how about cleaning out your closet? jill martin is here to tell us why whether it's a vintage first or bridesmaid's dress or old jewelry. you can make it a big seller and make some fast cash and clean out your closet because get rid of 75% of our closet. >> make sure it's your closet. >> we cleaned out 75% of your closet, let's go inside. natalie morales has a check of
9:02 am
the headlines. >> good morning again. today president obama is wrapping up his three-state bus tour of the mwest where he's mo holding two town meetings in illinois. the president will give what's described as a major address on jobs and the deficit next month. meantime, the newest republican in the race, texas governor rick perry is facing criticism after suggesting that ben bernanke's policies border on treason. britain is saying there are doubts about the testimony in phone hacking scandal. lawmakers say a letter from a news of the world reporter claims that it was in the t tabloi tabloids. they told parliament they had been unaware of phone hacking at one of their british papers. today in australian teenager who spent ten hours with a fake bomb strapped around her neck said she's relieved to know a suspect has been arrested. paul peters is being held in
9:03 am
kentucky. if he is sent back to australia he's expected to face charges of kidnapping and extortion. and this morning 18-year-old t madeleine pulver is wondering why she was targeted. largest tobacco company required within two years. tobacco giant say the label which include pictures of diseased lungs and smokers unfairly urges adults to avoid a legal product and will cost mulls of dollars to produce. and new sign of recovery and hope in joplin, missouri, three months after the single deadliest tornado the u.s. has seen there in more than 60 years. st. john's mercy officials have now announced plans to build a new hospital to replace the one that was destroyed in the may tornado and it is expected to open in 2014. the price tag for the hospital and additional facilities almost a billion dollars. today's schools in joplin also reopened for the first time since the tornado hit. and the border collie named
9:04 am
petey has become an internet sensation with his volleyball skills. returning the ball, an amazing 32 times. petey goes got the talent paws down if only he could spike it. i bet he could do that, too. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> that is one talented the weather. >> one talented pup. >> cute, too. >> let's check it out. show you what's happening for your weather today. we have strong storms possible today in the upper plains. otherwise, looking at monsoonal moisture through the southwest. heat continues in texas. houston will see its 17th day in a row of 100-plus readings. gorgeous in the pacific northwest. temperatures in upper 70s, low 80s. sunny throughout new england. expecting showers and thunderstorms down through central and southern florida. heat continues throughout texas. beautiful day in the ohio river valley as well. that's what's go on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> it be beautiful here. seize the last couple of days of
9:05 am
summer. after today the sun will set before 8:00. get going. 78 degrees is the temperature. a light breeze out of the northwest at 7 miles per hour. a high of 88 degrees. it's going to be toasty warm. humidity not too bad. for thursday and friday, 88, 87, but return of showers and storms. humidity time now for "today's" "money 911." today jean chatzky is here, author of "money 911 ". colin is a personal finance editor and john is a president of consumer education at hey, guys. >> good morning. >> doing something different today. all the questions are coming off of twitter. so let's get started right now. our first one comes from jendca. jennifer smith hicks. she wants to know, what is the best type of savings plan to
9:06 am
start for a 7-year-old that will grow and be accessible in approximately ten years? >> sounds like she wants money for college. >> right. >> right. so we want to put that money in a 529 college savings plan. the trick is pick the best plan for you. go to a website and look for your state plan because then you may be able to get a tax deduction or some other perk for putting the money there. that's a good way to go. >> next up, wife of a dairy man. farm in california. want to know, having two kids, ages 5 and 7. how much should i plan on saving on a monthly busineasis for a g education? >> i want to say depends, are you okay with your retirement? are you on track for that first? make sure, take care of yourself first and then plan for school. we have a saying we use a lot, you don't have to save for it all. that's almost impossible for almost everybody. here's what you do. save up for a third of it,
9:07 am
borrow a third of your college education, and look for scholarships and grants for a third. you're planning on a much smaller amount than the full tuition, room and board bill. you have a 5 and 7-year-old. 529 is fantastic. transferrable between siblings. that money can be used for the other sibling. >> there's also work. >> work is always good. >> work. >> we did it, work. >> absolutely. same here. all right. next, let's move now, any suggestions for student loans in this economy? how to save/spend/pay off debt? >> what a beautiful dovetail. in addition to save, how about choosing a school that doesn't necessarily require so much tuition. look, students loans, you're limited to a pretty popular choices. the federal and the private. federal, you're going to get a better interest rate. private, you're not. i'm going to go off the reservation and suggest something alternative. exhaust all your options for financial aid, grants, and
9:08 am
scholarships. remember, right now, we are in more student loan debt, in the united states than credit card debt. $0 $800 billion. >> the tweets have to be 140 characters or less. you guys are staying close to that. >> we're working on it. >> kelly decker, to pay necessary attorney fees in a divorce is it better to put it on a credit card or cash in a 401(k)? >> i don't like either of these answers. bad, bad choice. but here's what i want you to do first. talk to your lawyer, because if your spouse is without the money, your ex, soon to be ex-spouse, is actually fork over the money for the legal fees and then maybe you can do neither one of these. the other thing is to do is look at the interest rate on the credit card and compare it to the penalties and taxes you will have to pay on the 401(k). whichever one is lower, it will probably be the credit card.
9:09 am
>> this is one. i'm a recent college grad. a small loan to pay back. what should i be investing in to save for the future. >> you're in great shape. i want you to know, don't just save for the future? what are you saving for exactly? that's going to determine how you save? down payment for a house or if you're going to want to rent to get your own place, short-term, keep it in cash. longer term, retirement, make sure you have a roth ira. also, you can stock money away in there. after five years, pull out your principle, say, for a down payment on a home. have goals for where your money is going to go and build tohose goals appropriately. >> just because it's cheap, doesn't mean it's a good investment. >> lt is probably long-term investment. >> insider. >> here you go. home prices are down. interest rates are way down the seems like a great time to buy a house, right? maybe not necessarily. because think about this. the you borrow $100,000 at 4%
9:10 am
you're still in $100,000 of debt. we don't know what property values are going to be in the next 12 to 24 months. buy a house because you want a house. buy a house because it's in a good school district. don't buy a house because of a 4% interest rate. >> if you're going to live there for five years. >> and stay put. >> jean, how do you get your finances organized with a baby on the way. >> pregnancy is a great time to plan. what you need to do, quick things. know where your money is going. if you know where it's going then you can make the changes to save 10% which you absolutely need to do year in and year outed. and figure out what those big baby items coming your way happen to be. if you're thinking of staying home after the baby comes and we couldn't really tell that, use pregnancy as a road test. bank one income and live on the other during that nine months. >> real quickly. 30 seconds or left. is it better to file bankruptcy or default and stop paying credit card bills all together? drowning in debt. >> don't default. they can sue you and garnish your wages.
9:11 am
go to, talk to a non-profit credit counselor and get in shape. >> all right. there you go. we knocked them all out. je thank you so much. still to come, from hitting the gym to hitting the sack. what you need to be doing every day to keep your heart healthy. and later on, turning your rags into riches. jill martin helps you clear out the clutter and make some hard cash to boot. the clutter and make some hard cash to boot. after these messages. gne. the clutter and make some hard cash to boot. afwow! the best in the world. ...some chocolates swiss! ah...the best in the world. oikos greek yogurt from dannon. really? wait until you try it. so creamy thick and fresh tasting dannon oikos berry flavors beat chobani 2:1 in a national taste test. mmmm... this may be the best in the world. oikos greek yogurt possibly the best yogurt in the world.
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9:15 am
jill martin is going to help us. she's out with her second book "i have nothing to wear." good morning. >> good morning. >> we had a huge number of viewers who responded yesterday because you told them to get rid of 75% of their clothing, clean out their closets. this is follow up because you can make money doing that. >> we all say we stand in front of our closets and say i have nothing to wear. this are secrets in this book to start. start with a closet cleanse. 75%? i'm going to have nothing left. but hen you go in your closet and you take those first ten items, for example, you realize you don't wear most of what's in your closet. it's always your favorites, from the top of the pile items. here's what i'm saying. start your closet cleanse and make two piles with the 75%. one is a donation pile, which is so nice because you can give to other people. the other pile you're going to make money on. i'm going to show you six ways how to do it. >> let's start off with denim to dollars. how many of us have, you know, a couple dozen pair of jeans that we never wear, right? how many pairs do you own?
9:16 am
>> now i only own three because i've done the closet cleanse. we all said this around the office. people save jeans from college that don't fit and that are a mess and have 15 to 20 pairs. i'm saying going down to your two to three pairs. i'm wearing one of my favorite now. i love those. go on ebay and then they have this thing called, light pair. these six pairs of jeans that were on ebay that went for $60. >> do they have to be the same size? >> it's better because you're appealing to a person that need this many pair of jeans or they have a family that sort of needs that many pair. you go to the lot and then you sell them this tl. so you have less cluter in your closet and $60 in your closet. >> not a bad deal. >> it winds up being fun because you get into it and it's free. >> see how much your clothes go for. next, selling your shoes. now, ladies, admit it, a lot of us have way too many shoes, as
9:17 am
well. we like to just keep buying more and more. you've got to get rid of some and you can make money. >> post them again on-sites like ebay because these went for $50. nine west shoes were more money for that but we all go into the stores, buy shoes and say they will be more comfortable once i wear them. that is never the case. sort through your closet. they don't have to be new. they can be barely used or worn a few times like these. they can go from anywhere between $20 and $100 for most shoes from department stores. >> a really good pair of designer shoes are going to go for more than that. in the book you have a story about your louis vuittons that you never wore. >> if you don't wear them, they don't belong in your closet so consign them. >> from shoes to purses we buy the it bag of the moment and then forget it until the next bag replaces it. >> so many people invest in that one designer brand and that one
9:18 am
item that they have to have. and then never wear it. >> we get tired of it. >> right. i consign a lot of things. what happens is they take -- it's not necessarily what the retail price was, it's what is current and what's in. so they'll sell bags that were originally maybe $150 or $125 and then you get 50% in most places of what they sell it for. >> they can be used. >> they can be used. then in places around the country that don't have stores like h and m and forever 21. if you have those and bring them in that's what people want. it's all about what people want. you have to be creative. but you can make money that way. >> important to know consignment shops are higher end consignment shops, right? >> yes. and one where's you can bring that forever 21. it's what other people want. >> okay. next over here, cash for gold. now, you hear a lot about people now taking their gold jewelry and trying to sell it and get some money for it. so i think the question is, it has -- you have to know what you're doing here. you don't want to walk out
9:19 am
feeling like you were taken for a ride. >> well, gold is so high right now. gold is so high. this is what my family did. my mom and i took old jewelry tangled up. for this whole lot right here, just this ring and -- >> two tangled. >> earrings. >> we went to three places. $270 to $280 for this grouping. okay? this is a single earring. we can't find the other one so what are we going to do with it. they give you the stones back. you have to do research. this single gold bracelet, $599, $627. >> gold. >> but we all have that one piece from when we were younger. this lot which is a charm, another single earring, $387 to $433. you see there's nothing -- this is all by itself. you've got it in your drawer with nowhere to go. that's a great -- >> perfect. >> great option. great way to make money and a lot of money. >> jacket jackpot. >> okay. we all have many jackets.
9:20 am
i mean, that closet is jam pa packed with yours, your kids. you go on craigslist free. you join. free to post. you go into your city. and then you put up your jackets. and jackets, these are three jackets like these going between $40 and $100. you can also group them together. go into your city so everybody has the same environment. >> takeictures and put the description up. but if you're not wearing them, again, they don't belong in your closet. >> okay. and speaking of things that don't belong in our closet, how many of you have bridesmaids dresses that you're never going to wear again or sometimes you actually have a wedding gown. no offense to all of my college friends but i have so many -- or had so many bridesmaids dresses. i do, now i don't. they will take your bridesmaids dresses. send them in. they put them online and then people will bid for them. and then wedding dresses. i know a lot of people save their wedding dresses. it's so sentimental. i don't want to get involved there. but they stay in boxes.
9:21 am
and then nobody ever wears them again. why not let somebody else have memories from them. so i do now i don't. you can put your wedding dress up as well and make money. a lot of dresses retail for $225 you can get almost $100 for. >> that's great. >> you never -- you never wear bridesmaids dresses again unless you really revamp it. >> i see a lot of closet cleaning in my future today. >> everyone is running home. >> i know. the things to do today. again, it's called "i have nothing to wear." if you need help clearing the clutter, submit your photos and questions and jill may actually come and help you out. yes, she will. coming up, the seven things you should be doing all the time to keep your heart healthy. later, hey, hey, it's the monkees. al hits the stage with the icons on their reunion tour. we'll have more on that coming up right after these messages. f . but we don't make stuff. we make ovens. dual fuel double ovens. and they bake so evenly,
9:22 am
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9:23 am
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9:24 am
nominee anne hathaway and jim sturgis. >> a lifelong friendship with a working class girl. >> based on one day, best-selling novel. good seeing you. >> thank you. >> this is very interesting concept, looking at a couple's growth even though they're not technically a couple, over 20 years. >> yeah, you really get to spend a lot of time with the two characters and you get to know them as they develop and learn about themselves and about life in general and about their sort of relationship. >> is this a traditional romance, romantic comedy, but then a little bit of love story with a twist? >> yeah. classic kind of love story in that sense but it's got extra layers. these are sort of complicated characters and you really kind of go through their journey as they work out the complications of love. it's not a love story of hollywood kind of film. >> natalie advises bringing the kleenex.
9:25 am
beloved character in a book that intimidating to have to play a character that so many people knew. >> it wasn't intimidating at the time. i didn't really think about it. it wasn't until after we finished the film that i seen the book everywhere. especially in london. the book is huge in london. i'm starting to get more and more into it, people keep asking me that question. >> is it true that anne hathaway mooned you? >> actually, it was, yes. i forgot all about that. >> how do you forget anne hathaway moon you? >> i try to block it out of my memory. yeah, we were filming inneden borred beenburg at the time and i come around the corner and she was there and she wasn't there, behind me. >> and we've got more after your behind me. >> and we've got more after your local news and weather. the world's best yogurtspirm for activia selects in paris we discovered the inspiration for a totally new yogurt. activia selects french so silky and smooth with lots of juicy fruit. then our search took us to beautiful greece
9:26 am
and this thick and creamy greek yogurt, so rich and full of flavor. it was a grueling trip! try new activia french and greek yogurt. a world of great new tastes. >> 9:26 is your time now on this wednesday, august 17th, 2011. good morning, i'm eun yang. right to meteorologist veronica johnson with the forecast. i think you're going to like what she has to say. >> the best day of the workweek i think. low humidity, sunshine, 78 temperature. light win. it's going to be light wind throughout the day. 88 the high. toasty warm but low humidity. and showers and storms a chance for thursday and friday afternoon. next cold front moves in. for the weekend, 87 saturday.
9:27 am
and on sunday expecting a high of 89. but, boy, humidity, second half of the weekend, will start pushing upward. state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny.
9:28 am
it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm. good morning. traveling in d.c., a report of an accident, 295 north bound at bening road. the beltway in maryland still seeing delays, outer loop slow from 95 towards georgia avenue. you can see that we are moving at a very slow pace.
9:29 am
495 in virginia looks good in both directions. no accidents slowing you down. traveling at an excellent speed in both directions at the beltway in virginia. eun? >> thank you. more news, weather, traffic for you in 25 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show.
9:30 am
♪ enrique iglesias, he made a public screen debut in a school production. hello, dolly! >> really? >> yeah. hard to believe. now he's a best-selling musician, english in spanish. and, of course, he will be heating things up on the plaza on our summer concert show, doing a little dirty dancing with savannah. >> we can only hope.
9:31 am
>> on "today." >> you know who i love. >> who? >> julio iglesias. >> yeah. >> but we love our enrique. and every time he comes, a fan bets pulled up on the stage and her life is changed forever. al takes the stage with the iconic '60s band the monkees. >> i mean, 1966-1967, the show was on. i was a big fan. we were talking earlier, nbc tuesday nights followed by "i dream of jeannie." >> wow. good times. >> yeah. >> good times. >> all right. well, also ahead, reducing your risk for heart disease, whether it's cutting back on flossing every day, salt, hitting the jil. we're going the el you what you should be doing and how often to keep your heart in shape. also, drink more wine and have more sex. that's what the doctor says. >> i think your spouse, your husbands want that all the time. so anyway --
9:32 am
>> og. >> and ladies. >> okay. >> more about natalie again. we know way too much about you, savannah. the first family of italian cooking is here. they're ripping up a seafood feast. can't wait for that. right after this. okay. we'll be cooking with them. >> we'll get a check of the weather from al, the nice al. >> that's right. >> so nice. >> let's see what's going on. first of all, for tomorrow, for today we've got a r for tomorro today, a risk of strong storms in the central plains. beautiful weather out west. 88 in last. 82 portland, oregon. sunshine along the eastern seaboard. shows in the up ohioiver valley. heat continues from the gulf in texas. southwest as well. strong storms into the upper mississippi river valley. warming up in the pacific northwest with plenty of sunshine. that's what's go on around the country.
9:33 am
here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> getting around today it will be beautiful. 78 degrees is where we are right now. we've got sunshine throughout the area, expecting high clouds later today. 88, close to 90, the high. close to 92 tomorrow. but tomorrow increasing cloud cover, even the threat for afternoon showers and thunderstorms. friday as well as the same cold front hangs out in the area. your within is split wit >> and that's your latest weather. coming up next, drink to good health. that's just one of the things you can be doing to cut your risk of heart disease. ♪ so, i'm interviewing lots of candidates for this position. why should i choose you? oh, um... well, i'm your wife, and your car's in the shop, and you need a ride to chili's. hey, you're good. who will you take to chili's $20 dinner for two? there are 16 entrees to choose from, like our new chicken club quesadillas,
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your favorites, in pieces. . i know, i never wanted it to end. well, hey, at least the pasta's never ending. really? yeah, you choose your pasta, choose your sauce, as many times as you want! a dish i create and it's never ending. i'm in! i'm in! the never ending pasta bowl is back. for just $8.95 try new sauces like roasted mushroom parmesan and hearty pizzaiola meat. enjoy any sauce and pasta combination, then try others. have all you want along with our unlimited fresh salad
9:37 am
and warm breadsticks all for just $8.95. try it tonight at your olive garden. when you're here, you're family. this morning on "today's" health, cutting your risk for heart disease. about 80% are preventable, but despite that it's still the number one killer of both men and women in the u.s. so what should we be doing to keep our heart's healthy? dr. kerry peterson is an internist and contribute to "women's health" magazine. a lot of us have heart disease in our families. is genetics the whole ball game? is that true or can we really change our behaviors and make a difference? >> genetics play a role but of
9:38 am
course there are things you can do. if you're a child of a parent who has heart disease you're more at risk, especially if your dad had heart disease before age 55 or mom, before age 65. >> the first thing we recommend is people people have heard before, exercise. the single most important lifestyle change you can make. >> that's correct. for both men and women, regular exercise, first off, work out the heart muscles so it works more efficiently and it reduces the likelihood of developing all the specters for heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes. >> how much do you have to do? >> the american heart association says do 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise, risk walking or psychecycling. >> some of these items are less obvio obvious. flossing, i was surprised. why does this have anything to do with your heart? >> a surprise for a lot of people. gum disease not only causes bad breath but heart disease as well
9:39 am
because bacteria that lives between the gums can enter the bloodstream and deposit on the lining of the arteries. this can induce plaque formation which narrows the blood vessels and prevents heart flow to the heart. floss every day. >> floss every day. salt intake is a huge contributor contribute er to heart disease. >> it causes retention of water which elevates the blood pressure. we recommend following the american heart association's guidelines, which are no more than 1500 milligrams a day. less than a teaspoon a day. most americans get more than double of that a day. so you really want to try to make an effort there. >> happy to hear that drinking wine can be good for your heart. >> it can, so in moderation. alcohol can reduce the likelihood of heart disease by elevating your good cholesterol and by preventing clot formation. >> doctor, define moderation. >> five ounces of wine per day, which is one glass per day.
9:40 am
and it can reduce the likelihood of dieing from heart disease by 25%. >> why is that? >> again, by reason, preventing plaque formation. >> sleep, another important factor. why does sleep matter so much? >> if you are chronically sleep deprived it's been found that you're more likely to develop high pressure. there was a study done in europe in the "european heart journal" that people that consistently got less than six hours a day were 48% more likely to develop a stroke. >> wow. okay. and we love this one on the list. you're supposed to have more sex. and that can help your heart. why is that? >> i know. twice a week at least. you have to do it twice a week. it can reduce stress and it can lower your blood pressure. and it's thought to be because the hormones that are created during sex mayhem with circulation. >> it's not just a matter that your heart is beating but it's also these hormones. >> that's correct. >> and lastly, with know this one. you've got to reduce your stress. >> yes, stress and heart disease go hand in hand.
9:41 am
when you are frazzled, you raise your heart rate, blood pressure, and you can damage the interior lining. >> anything in particular you recommend people to do to calm themselves even when they're in stressful situations? >> absolutely. yoga has been found to be effective for this. in fact, one study found that three months of twice a week yoga not only reduced cortisol levels but also helped with irregular heart rates. >> it's good exercise, too. >> thank you very much. coming up next, al takes a trip back to the '60s when he hits the stage with the monkees. that's right after this. ♪ [ female announcer ] there are theories that color holds power over us. well, those theories... are now fact. connect to the truest, richest paint we've ever created. color at its most electric. valspar hi-def advanced color system. connect to the power in color. valspar. rated number one among national paint brands.
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♪ why settle for a one-note cereal? get more with honey bunches of oats. four nutritious grains come together for more taste, more texture, more healthy satisfaction. have a bowl of happy. who didn't love the monkees? they're songs were and still are infectious. >> this kicks off their 45th anniversary tour. al caught up with the '60s icons in bakersfield, california. >> that's right, although the band was missing one monkee i got the opportunity to step in for the missing one. ♪ i thought love was only true in fairytales ♪ ♪ meant for someone else but not for me ♪
9:46 am
♪ love was out to get me ♪ that's the way it seemed ♪ disappointment haunted all my dreams ♪ ♪ then i saw her face ♪ now i'm a believer ♪ not a trace of doubt in my mind ♪ ♪ i'm in love ♪ i'm a believer ♪ i couldn't leave her if i tried ♪ ♪ and i saw her face ♪ now i'm a believer ♪ not a trace of doubt in my mind ♪ ♪ i'm a believer ♪ i'm a believer ♪ i'm a believer ♪ i'm a believer ♪ i'm a believer ♪ i'm a believer ♪ and i saw her face
9:47 am
♪ i'm a believer ♪ i couldn't leave her if i tried tried tried ♪ >> i want to thank peter, mickey, davy jones. we've been talking off camera. one of the reasons he probably doesn't tour, his mother invented whiteout, liquid paper. >> no need. >> he's doing okay. >> let's see. let's recreate the look. oh, yes. >> there you go. >> al, thank you so much. >> you wear it well. all right, coming up next, seafood, but first, this is "today" on nbc. try to get this image out of your mind. ♪
9:48 am
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9:50 am
this morning on cooking with the scotto family, fresh summer seafo seafood. >> here with the catch of the day, the new york restaurant, if only you can hold him back. >> yeah. >> familia. let's all take our station. >> hut, hut. >> starting off with my two favorites here. >> pasta. it's best. it's the best. so we have some regular flour here. onion powder, garlic powder. of course, garlic powder. mix. mix it all in. okay. and then output. fish, the whole day. >> i'll let you handle it. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. and we're going to lightly put it into the oil and fry it.
9:51 am
>> it doesn't want to let go. >> that's all right. we'll put it in. and then i'm turning you over to john. >> and next? >> i have some garlic and olive oil cooking. i'm going to add some butter. >> very good. >> some red pepper. a little parsley. >> very good. >> a little lemon juice. i'm going to let it cook for about a minute. >> lemon juice. >> juice. >> juice. >> we have cooked the pasta already. al dente. throw it in. and a little of the pasta water. let it cook for a minute. >> pasta water thickens it up a little bit? >> right. we're then going to add the calamari that my mom has cooked. and this is how it looks. amore.
9:52 am
>> let's do some of this. this is local. this is an envelope for a package. let's do a little fennel, carrots, leeks, olive oil, a little garlic. then we're just going to add a little bit of butter. just a tad bit. just a little flavor. we're going to cook that off for about a minute. crunchy. then we're going to start that envelope we talked about. >> okay. >> you can help me. please. ♪ >> do a little monkees song? ♪ >> a little pepper. >> pepper. >> all right. olive oil. >> uh-huh. >> and we're going to make that package now. fennel, thyme, parsley.
9:53 am
>> hold on. let me get my package real quick. we're going to make that foil. hold on. hold on. >> okay. >> hot. be careful. >> it's delicious. >> that's amore! >> we did it. >> very good. now we have the sweet stuff. this is peach cobbler. >> what better way to use the freshest fruits of the season. start with some peaches, butter, sugar. >> canned peach snes? >> no, fresh stuff. cornstarch. lemon juice. you can do this either way, on the stove or actually put this in your baking dish and bake it in the oven, all these ingredients. >> skip this whole step. >> exactly. this way you have one less pot to clean. we mix it all around. it's going to thicken. okay. and then we put it in our pan.
9:54 am
>> looks good. >> and then we put our lovely topping which has sugar, flour, butter, almonds. and we bake this -- >> cinnamon. >> we bake this -- >> i was just asking. >> we bake this in the oven at 425. the nice thing is you can time this recipe for when your guests are ready to eat it and then it smells wonderful. it's just sitting there. >> we have to have ice cream with it, right? >> yes, we have it. we have it. beautiful. top it with some nice cinnamon ice cream. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we're ready to eat. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
9:55 am
9:56 am
fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
9:57 am
the 9:56 is your time august 17th. i'm eun yang. breaking news out of fairfax coun county. police on the scene of a bank robbery in spring feel. this happened at the sun trust bank. no reported injury no arrests made. let's get a check on the forecast. eight i beautiful day. so far 78 degrees out there. veronica, we better enjoy this while it lasts. >> that's right. already with all of the sunshine, sunshine around the area, mercury making its way upward. now at 82 reagan national. wind's been very light today. now three miles per hour east-northeast. wind from the south will carry us up to near 90. it's going to be toasty warm. humidity returns toward the end of the week. it's going to be very sticky
9:58 am
sun. but know for thursday and friday, as well as sunday and monday, showers and thunderstorms, back in the forecast. >> thanks so much. how about traffic? >> traffic right now's looking good if you're traveling on 270 south. an earlier accident here on west montgomery avenue. you are clear as you make your way towards the spur. 270 both directions, clear. however, 66, we are seeing volume here at nutley as you head towards the beltway east. 395 significant delays at duke street and they continue toward the 14th street bridge. >> on news4 midday, an easy way to add more dark, leafy greens to your diet. to your diet. see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's wines day wednesday, august 17th. hope you're havi a great day. i have to say a little birthday shoutout, not just yours and mine, but andy medina who lives at our house and the gentleman who brings me all of those jokes, the friday funnies, he's 85 today. >> it never ended. >> we went to lunch after, me, you, frank, christine and taem.
10:01 am
we twont milos, and oh, i forgot my $2 bill. there was a nice guy who gave you and frankie a $2 bill. >> he was a sweet, sweet man who apparently has money to burn. when you look at the $2 bill, don't you feel like it's not real? >> like monopoly. >> it doesn't look real. >> by the way, our facebook page is full of love. >> thank you. >> i mean, so many great -- >> there we were. >> look at you two. >> know. >> the thing is everybody makes a big fuss and everybody is so sweet and you appreciate it so much, but at the same time it's, like, come on. >> yeah. yeah. yeah. >> at the end of the day i felt bad about that and i was pooh-poohing it, as long as you have a breath you have purpose and be grateful for every year god gives you. especially frank. we said it this morning on the deck. we're alive, we're healthy.
10:02 am
blood is flowing through the veins. >> i agree. i agree. we have a controversy to talk about. abercrombie & fitch is having a situation. >> really. >> here's the deal. the situation has been wearing from "jersey shore" has been wearing their clothes and abercrombie & fitch said they don't want him to wear their clothes anymore. they say they will pay him. make a substantial. >> substantial. >> for him and his posse to please stop wearing their brand on the air. okay? >> they wear the sweat pants. >> but they said it's tarnishing their image. >> we are deeply concerned with the association with our brand could cause significant damage to our image. we understand the show is for entertainment purposes, but -- this is the funny part of it to me, with the aspirational nature of our brand and may be distressing to many of our fans. and they urge the other cast
10:03 am
members to do the same. i want to get paid to not do something. >> have you ever walked by a abercrombie & fitch store and you're with a young child and you ask them to close their eyes because their ads are all like this. >> yes! >> yes! >> their image did is going to be ruined by the jersey shore. >> that's all the jersey shore people do. they're in sync. tanning and laundering. >> this is the place where they have the push-up bikinis for girls that are 7. >> we protest it too much, but we also think it's very funny and probably very smart. what i didn't show you yesterday. >> yeah. >> you know there's an issue when you get two separate birthday cards from two separate friends and it's the exact same card. >> this is a guy named bill whitehead. >> can you get a close-up. can you read it, hoda. >> excuse me, you dropped something. >> yes, it's the running theme. see what she dropped? >> that's it. >> dropped almost everything and
10:04 am
have a happy birthday. i thought it was funny. you can't win them all. >> there's a sad story in the reality tv world. if you guys are fans of "the house wives of beverly hills" you know taylor armstrong's husband was found dead. he was found hanging in their house and the cops came after and there was a 911 call. if you're a fan of the show you sort of know, you would have watched their dynamic. if you don't know the show -- >> which was dissolving pretty quickly. >> it was dissolving on air. >> let's watch a little clip of how she describes her relationship. >> we're working on things. we're knee-deep into so much psycho therapy that i'm sick of myself. >> my husband is in therapy and that's weak? i don't know. that hurt my feelings really bad. >> i don't blame you. >> that wasn't nice and i don't care, because i'm trying to keep my family together. >> he committed suicide and they had just -- she had just filed --
10:05 am
>> they'd just filed for divorce. she had just filed for divorce last month. >> it's hard to get people to explain what they think may be ng. his attorney was on the air earlier today and somehow said that there was a reality tv component to his apparent suicide. i mean, basically saying he was trying to pump so much money into their house to keep up this image that it was stressful, this tv image. >> it's just hard to know what the truth is because they call it reality television. we talked about this an awful lot, but so much of it is set-up situations. i can't say which are and which aren't. so obviously the man was deeply troubled if he indeed committed suicide. they have not found a suicide and that doesn't mean one doesn't exist. an autopsy will be done tomorrow. >> it's tragic all around. they have a 5-year-old little girl. i don't like seeing the kids in these shows anyway, when they're that age especially before they
10:06 am
have a chance to have a childhood. >> it's big news on the front page in new york. >> it's the most successful of the franchise, right? >> yeah. >> this is something hoda's done a lot, and i know you have, too. >> let's pretend here comes that person who gets on your last nerve and you can see them approaching and you don't know what to do because you're trapped and here they come. >> so i'm coming up to you. >> exactly. and then i gingerly reach for my cell phone. hello? nobody's on the line, but it's something to do to distract me from incoming. do you do things like that just to get away? faking a cell phone call. one in eight people do this. >> one in eight people are liars and cheaters. >> okay. someone's approaching you and you know it's going to be a long conversation and trouble. >> yeah. >> what do you do to get out of it? >> i just tell the truth. i'm rung because i always am.
10:07 am
what's up? and you let them than you're stuck for time and you can leave because i'm always stuck for time. you know that. >> you always are. >> i'm never saying i'm going home to take a nap. that doesn't happen. >> i'm on a plane and i'm sitting next to a chatter box and i'm thinking to myself, oh, my gosh, the whole flight this, guy will be talking nonstop so i reach for the airplane headphones and i plug them into the arm thing and i put them in and there's no music because the plane hasn't started, but i'm pretending like this so the guy starts looking for his headph e headphones and i look over and he reaches around and he plugs his in and nothing's working and he's doing the volume. >> now you're getting nervous. >> and i'm still pretending. well, he calls the flight attendant and she says the system is not turned on yet, and i am so busted that i don't know what to do that i keep -- i'm, like, mine's on. i was so red handed.
10:08 am
>> do you have an inner rhythm, hodi, you dance to your own drummer, baby. >> am the worst at getting bust busted. >> why? >> i couldn't take it. you can't be impolite and you're stuck for hours and hours next to him. anyway on. >> did he ever say a word to you? >> i kept them plugged in and i hardly went to the bathroom. i guess i better just sit here. i felt bad for my lie. >> you feel like you're very happily in a dynamic, exciting relationship. it wasn't that way in the beginning. you didn't have a great first date. >> well, he thought he we did. i didn't think so, but it got progressively better. >> new survey, well, these things happen. one in five men compared to half as many women say for them it was love at first sight. >> when do you know it's the right guy? how many dates did it take to know it was the right person for
10:09 am
you? it took for sure, for sure, four months to know for sure. they say men know in three dates. >> men are so visual. it's all about the on. >> the chemistry. >> yeah. yeah. yeah. >> women say they knew in six dates if he was the right one for them. that seems quick. what about for you and frank? >> we were friends for four years before we went on a date. four years to really know. look at you, two. >> and your bra strap, the three of you. >> i think you have to go through a cycle of a year. you like the four seasons rule, and i think it's smart, hoda, because you think things through sometimes. you go through four seasons with somebody to see them in the ups and downs in life with the ebb and flow. >> you have a job and lose a job and see them on the worst and best day. >> think you judge everything in the first six dates you're
10:10 am
doomed. >> it's all physical about that. >> and then you have the hot thing happening that hodi still has. >> i like it! >> would you be happy if this happens? >> in canada, colleen lippord thought she was going to her friend's engagement party. >> not only did he propose to her on the spot. that moment was also their wedding day. watch this thing. >> will you marry me? >> right now? [ bleep ]. >> is she happy? i don't know. >> look, if someone proposed to me and everybody was -- i -- who wants that, really? it looks joyous there. apparently colleen's happy. >> he had asked her all along for, like a year. >> what kind of a dress would you want? what's the shoes you would want? and they're in the wedding party? what music would you want? >> who is doing that?
10:11 am
i don't know one single guy who would ever be able to plan a wedding with the shoes and the bridesmaids dresses. >> what do you think? >> i know a few who could. let's just hope it lasts, okay? we wish them a lot of happiness because after 25 years everything drops and you start dragging it around on the street. you better love what's inside of her. you better like somebody. you better like them because you'll be dragging it along for a long time. >> here's the question. would you -- would you wednesday, there's joanne. if you were walking and someone was behind you and your tag was sticking out would you want someone to tell you, hey, by the way, your tag's sticking out on the back. >> i would so appreciate that. i have done that so many times for people. >> joanne took this picture of someone walking down the street.
10:12 am
>> that's rude to take her picture and show it on national television. to walk up to someone and say your tag. that is so nice. i met brooke shields and she said i'm sorry, but your label's showing on your back. she was 15 years old. what about spinach in your teeth. >> i don't care. >> what if it says your size. >> it depends on the day and the article of clothing. >> one time, i have to be honest. one time there was a woman in los angeles, and i did not care for her. you know what i mean? she was not my favorite person and we were in the ladies room together and that was back when everyone wore pantyhose and we were both in the stall and it was a black tie event and she was finished in the stall and walked out and her entire skirt was tucked in her pantyhose and on. >> what happened? >> and there was also toilet paper. we're standing there getting the hands washed and i'm thinking --
10:13 am
>> did you tell her? >> i so wanted to let her go out, and i didn't. i said oh, by the way, you you've got -- oh, my gosh, isn't that awful? >> your such a nice person. >> there is a place in hell for people that do that. >> indeed. >> coming up, working moms versus stay-at-home moms. which do you think is better for your kids? we'll have some discussion about it coming up. >> yeah. >> that's a tricky one. ♪ ♪ >> we'll find out after this. f. they agreed. [ experimenter 1 ] relax, take some nice deep breaths. [ experimenter 2 ] what do you smell? lilac. clean. there's something that's really fresh. a little bit beach-y. like children's blankets. smells like home. [ experimenter 1 ] okay. take your blindfolds off. ♪ hello? [ male announcer ] and now new and improved febreze fabric refresher with up to two times the odor elimination so you can breathe happy, guaranteed. with aveeno nourish plus moisturize.
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almost every mother knows the stress of should i stay or should i go back to work? there's no reason to feel guilty. not quite sure about this. >> stacy auis author of "how toe a grown up." >> true stories of kids, career and the conflicts of modern motherhood. she's a stay-at-home mom. >> the moms who go to work feel guilty because they're not with their kids and some of the moms who stay at home feel like they should be doing else. it's an interesting stud pep i wasn't surprised by it. with the economy as it is now, families are stressed when both parents aren't work, most families are anyway, what i'm finding is across the board, it doesn't matter, if the parents are suffering, the kids suffer. if both of you working makes your family happier then you guys are better off.
10:17 am
>> then you should do it. >> doesn't something have to give at some point? if both parents are working, who's there with the children? >> i would say something definitely does have to give and that was certainly my situation. the logistical planning alone was enough to make me crazier than i already was. >> think it's important to than every stay at home mother is really a working mother. >> good point. >> that is the hardest work in the whole world raising children and keeping a home. >> every day for my kids is go to work with your mom day. >> isn't that what feminism all about? isn't that what it was supposed to be about was choice? and then when a woman makes a choice we condemn her for it. that seems wrong. some women don't want to work, have to work. some of them want to stay home and be there with their children and i think that's a beautiful choice to make. what's wrong with that choice? >> i don't think there's anything wrong with the choice. i think you have to do what's right for you and the family. they're pining to go back to
10:18 am
work and they have the guilt that you guys were talking about and so i encourage people ton that this study is actually correct. it is okay to work, that if your kids are with other caregivers they actually learn more social skills and their cognitive abilities can be increased and they can learn to be more responsible and independent. some moms may leave for work they feel so guilty that the child doesn't understand that part of life is home and mommy doesn't want to leave, she wants to stay, she wants to stay and the child automatically thinks that working is not a great thing. it's something that they wouldn't want to do later. >> i think my kids definitely know that work, whatever kind of work you do, whether it's paid or unpaid is important work. being an active member in the community, for instance or a soccer coach. >> sure. >> is important work, but that being said i think stay-at-home moms and working moms have a lot to work from one another. >> what about when kids get older and sometimes they need more parenting and sometimes
10:19 am
when kids are teenagers their parents think they're fine and that's when they need you more. >> that's 100% correct. i think the kids need us all of the time and definitely teenagers need to be watched. i have two teenagers and even though i'm a working mom, i make sure that my relationship with them is good. z we have good, open communication. >> and quality of time and not the quantity. >> will say this, as a working mother it's taught me that quality time is important, and a lot of moms that are stay at home and i don't know if this happens to you, they feel like they're not taking the moments and taking the special time because they're with them so often. >> that's definitely true. >> for each person. >> i think for me that's why i started writing a little bit that i did. i might have to do it after midnight some days, but whatever works. >> carve out some time. >> a way to make some money while being at home through the internet and all -- there are lots of things that you have
10:20 am
access to instead of just sitting there crying the blues like, i wish i could work. >> you could work. >> encourage women, whether you're work or not to look into other resources. >> so if you're working and you need to have health care activities with your kids, go and talk to other people and figure out a good way to do that. if you're an at home mom and want to make a few dollars, talk to people and research. do something that will make you feel satisfied in your area. >> don't feel guilty about the choice that you make. >> if you do feel guilty make a change. it's never too late. >> thanks, ladies! >> up next! >> the photos that make you say what the what? >> right after this. you could use a vacation... ...from cleaning. [ male announcer ] the extended family of scrubbing bubbles extend-a-clean. designed to keep your bathroom cleaner...longer. try it in new active scrub cream cleanser or in foamer. simply remove dirt and soap scum, then watch as the water-activated formula continues to clean for up to 4 days.
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♪ ♪ ♪ we're back with our favorite segment called "what the what." sarah's here and she went through the photos you submitted and she came up with the ones that made her stop and say what? >> what fun it always is. let's get right to it. our first photo from andrea westbrook from new london, connecticut. not sure i want this coffee. it turns you off of the whole experience. >> not in the mood at all. >> unfortunate on many levels. >> our next photo is sent in by kathy in portland, oregon. would you buy pizza from this place? >> oh! >> we were just talking about that. >> don't waste anything you
10:24 am
have. >> there all you have to do is put another letter up there. >> that's the part that bothers you? >> that is. it is. >> lazy! >> next up, michael lee from the heart of new york city sent thus photo. really? >> open 25 hour snoops where did they find that last hour? that's productive right there impeach. >> take a look at this photo from colby in georgia. you would have to be super quick to pick up this pizza. >> 10 seconds. >> all right. >> kathy schaeffer from mooreville, north carolina, sent thus photo. maybe worms are the new sweet and low. >> thank you, sarah. >> we have a lot more coming up. >> we'll play "who knew." coming up. >> we can't wait. the new mascara with a conditioning formula that helps strengthen and plump lashes up to 200%... instantly.
10:25 am
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10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> we're back on this wines day wednesday with our weekly "who knew" trivia game and since it's women day. kathie lee is at the nbc experience store. she has $100 for those who answer it right and for those who don't, kathie lee's cd. always great to have you on the show. >> thank you for having me. >> let's go across the street to kathie. >> finish the liric to this landmark song of the feminist movement.
10:31 am
oh! ♪ ♪ ♪ >> take care tcb. >> tcb was a very popular phrase in the '06s. so popular that elvis had it painted on the side of his jet. the song was originally written by otis redding and it was a song about a man who was coming home from work and wanting respect from his wife. aretha changed the word and didn't say -- she actually demanded respect from the man, and it became a very popular song of the women's woman. >> tcb is take care of business. >> take care of business. >> which two famous women are tied for hollywood's best paid actresses in 2010 at $30 million
10:32 am
each. julia roberts and angelina jolie, jennifer aniston and reese witherspoon and katherine heigl and sarah jessica parker. >> i will have to say d. >> wow! >> awesome! how exciting! >> you wanted that money really badly, didn't you? >> he did. >> angelina jolie and sarah jessica parker. surprising. >> angelina jolie is not only -- she's really an international star. a lot of her movies tend to do better once they hit the international market and sarah jessica parker rings up the dollars because she's a producer and an actress. off of "the today show" and she's made money off of the movies and on top of that she makes moves. as the carrie parker character, she is a style icon. >> lovely lady from atlanta. the only female album to go 20
10:33 am
times platinum, dolly pardon, a madon madonna, shania twain or lady gaga. >> i'll ask a friend. >> no, you can't. you have to give me an answer. >> i'm going say b. >> you should have asked a friend. >> she hit it with madonna. the correct answer is surprising and i'm so happy for her. shania twain. >> she's in the graces of michael jackson and billy joel. not that many people have reached that and it's for her album 1997 "come on over." that was a great album. >> lovely lady from florida. which barbara streisand movie is the following clip from? take a look. >> you think beautiful girls will be that way forever? any minute now they're going to be out! finished! and then it will be my turn! >> one of my favorite moves of
10:34 am
all time. was it "the way we were," "funny girl," the mirror has two faces" or "hello dolly." b, funny girl. >> you think that might be generational, but it's one everybody knows. >> that was her first movie and won best actress. she is the only actress, only person really, the artist, to win the grammy, the emmy, the tony. you name it, she's won it. she's the only female director to be honored by the kennedy center. she's really, you know? >> renaissance woman. >> lovely girl from new jersey. honey, which of the following olympic medalists is the most decorated female u.s. athlete. dara torres, shannon miller, jenny thompson or misty may treanor and kelly walsh? >> i'm going to go with d. >> you just lost it for her back there. you should be ashamed! >> the correct answer is jenny
10:35 am
thompson, a swimmer. >> jenny thompson is the most decorated o liflympian and has recently been surpassed by michael phelps. she has three silver and one bronze for swimming. >> all right, coming up next when money and success come between friends. we'll talk about that controversy and kathie lee will come back from across the street right after this. [ drew ] give me volume. not clumps or gaps. the answer... it's all in the wrap. new covergirl lashperfection mascara perfectly wraps each lash
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♪ smile at me and then you take my hand ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, where delicious ingredients like toasted oats, with rich dark chocolate, sweet golden honey, or creamy peanut butter come together in the most perfect combinations. ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ ♪ yeah, i was just thinking ♪ i hope this will never end >> money and success, who
10:39 am
doesn't want it? but unfortunately in many cases it can cause friction between good friends. >> so what do you do when you and your best friend find each other on opposite ends of the financial spectrum or you get a promotion as your girlfriend gets laid off? that's a tough one. here are answers from contributor harriet coal and feature editor who is here every week. >> good to see you. >> this one can be really touchy. everyone's got a situation like this right now. >> there are the abcs, let's pretend there's a discrepancy in the amount of money you're making. what are some basics? >> there are a few areas that are particularly touchy. choosing restaurants. let's start there. >> unless you invite. >> the splitting of the dough. it's tricky. you have to talk about it. today, lack of funds is almost chic. everyone is having trouble. >> it's very common. >> it's very common, and you can't make assumptions about
10:40 am
what everybody has today. >> shouldn't the richer friend just pay for dinner? >> it's very basic. >> sometimes, but richer is questionable. what does that mean? >> if it's no burden at all to you. >> if it's no burden you pay sometimes. the relationship dynamics change if you are always the person to pay and then it creates some discomfort. >> i would rather you find common ground. you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a lot of fun. funds and fun are two different things. >> you may not be able to take a friend out for dinner, but have them over for a movie night. >> if your friend has lost a job and then absolutely you call them and you treat them and you remember because right now when people are losing work, they are often out of work for a year, year and a half. so a good friend remembers over time to call and check in and do something special. >> just because you helped one time it's all over. there's still a need. >> if you can do it do it and by the way, accept it graciously. say thank you and move on.
10:41 am
>> how about the people who are always bragging? you know those people who are always bragging about a vacation home or where they're going? >> and the big raise the husband got. >> and they don't realize that the person on the other end can't take a vacation. >> it's 2011. >> the economy is where it is and everyone needs to get their sensitivity chip in order. >> listen, it could be you next week. >> it absolutely could. and anyone's circumstances could change in an instant. the other thing to think about is you never know what the balance sheet looks like and they don't know what loans or debt they have. you have no idea. >> you could also say, it really makes me uncomfortable when you are constantly talking about these things. people don't usually say that, but when you do, the light bulb goes off. >> a lot of times people don't realize -- >> but if you did get a promotion and you did want to share with your friend. >> think a promotion is okay to say, but not a bonus. it equals money. >> if you got a promotion i
10:42 am
could say i just wanted to share this with you and you don't talk about the money. >> when they've been out of work for a year. >> i really think you've got to be really careful about where you have that news and there are people you can share it with and then people who want to do it on the dl. >> you do tell your best friend because your best friend will feel worse learning from somebody else. >> my best friend got a promotion and you didn't tell me? >> we could talk about this for a long time. >> thanks, ladies. >> thank you so much. >> good to see you both. and you're so awesome. >> up next, ice cream, yogurt, sorbet and fruit pops. which is best when you're watching your weight? >> we'll do that again? >> yes, we are. >> plus some fun ideas to help your college student spice up his brand new dorm room. say it isn't so! >> oh, yes. >> call your mother. >> first these messages. good grief mom, you gonna clean that thing or wrestle it?
10:43 am
well, it's not going to clean itself. want me to get dad? no thank you. viva's all i need. look at that! still in one piece. yeah, so's the towel. [ female announcer ] grab a roll and try it on your toughest mess. yes. but lately we've been using k-y® intense™. it stimulates arousal so the big moment is... (announcer) k-y® brand intense™ - intensifies female satisfaction. we made a miracle. and we got onesies! sometimes miracles get messy. so we use tide free. no perfumes or dyes for her delicate skin. brad. not it. not it.
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cream, but your diet isn't deleted from your plan. >> to enjoy a frozen treat here and then, here is adlynn bernstrong. hi, madeleine. >> this sour game today. >> we like to have different varieties in the summertime so we'll test your knowledge. dippin' dots. these are ice cream pellets. does this one cup serving have more or less than 350 calories? >> kathyie lee? >> more. >> it has more. it has 400. so even though it looks like teeny pebbles. >> and 20 grams of fat. a third -- >> here's something that you may be more familiar. we have vanilla ice cream and vanilla low-fat frozen yogurt. how much fat would you save with the yogurt per serving? is it 10 grams of fat, 20 or 30.
10:48 am
>> gosh, they're so loud. >> i'll say 20 because that's the last thing i heard you say. >> that's wrong. 10, 20 or 30. >> i would say 30. i would say you're right. >> 30 grams of fat. >> i am going start playing. i wasn't even in yet. >> we have sherbet and granita. >> what? >> sherbet and granita. >> it's sherbet. >> thank you. >> sorbet? >> no, sherbet. >> anyway, one of them is different and has an extra ingredient. which one would that be? >> the one with the -- >> the weird thing. >> no, is it sherbet, sorbet or granita. >> i've never heard of it before. >> she said gran ada. >> that's wrong. sniefs going say sherbet. >> one of them has milk in it. >> wait! one has milk? >> yes. >> it's sherbet. >> you both have it wrong.
10:49 am
>> my answer is sherbet. >> your answer is sherbet and you would be right. >> you're on your own, baby. >> i think you get it. >> yes, do i. >> all right. here is a hot fudge sundae. how far would you have to walk to burn off the calories here. three miles, six miles or nine miles. >> the last one. >> did you get it? >> kathie? >> six miles. >> 900 calories. >> we have a fudge sickle and a cre creamcicle. >> if you're a kid -- >> the chocolatey one. okay? does this have more calorie, the same calories or less calories than the cream -- >> the creamcicle. >> think about it. >> oh! >> i'll do it for you and you
10:50 am
can answer. >> wait a second. oh, it works. i'm going say the same. >> they are the same. 70 calories. >> because? >> just because they have chocolate doesn't mean they have more. these are the same. >> a lot of people can't tolerate dairy. here we have something called arctic zero. this is a whey protein-based product. does this have 150, 250 or 350 calories? >> 350. >> no, no, no! >> first one is 150. >> that's correct. and the last here, wait! >> hold on! >> hold on! >> kathie lee. you have an ice cream maker. >> this is nice to put on your counter. >> why is everybody clapping? >> to read more about ice cream check out her blog on >> to make him feel like he's home with his mommy!
10:51 am
but first this, is "today" on nbc.
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♪ ♪ it's just about time to head back to school today and we're doing that with dorm room decor. >> kelly morris is here to make you feel right at home when you go away. nice to have you with us. >> can't believe how many kids are off to college. it's already happened. >> and they're heavily into picking out their products in their room. this is the first time they get a chance to do their own thing. really. >> the wallpaper is an interesting touch. >> you can't paint in the dorm room so you can find these decals on and this one is $75, but you can find them and they're less expensive and you can also get custom. you can get custom colors. >> they do not damage the wall. >> so they look like this. they come like this, big, long
10:55 am
sticker thing here. >> and then you peel it. you need two people just so you know. it's pretty intense. >> this is genius. a way to hang your necklaces and jewelry. >> let's talk about that really quick. the container store for $9. these are actually kitchen supply hangers. they're for your kitchen utensils. >> this is crate & barrel. you can hang your ties. >> are you allowed to hang on the wall? >> command makes a really great product to hang that. >> okay. so now that we totally messed up the room. >> that was always a problem when you were a kid. >> this is a great do it yourself. find the directions on kelsey on the check this out. it's benjamin moore paint and we picked our favorite color of jade garden and citron on the inside and it rolls. say you want to have a party in the dorm room next door, just
10:56 am
roll it to the dorm room next door. >> tell us about the bed and how to call your mother. >> just in case cody's watching. the last thing my son would ever have on his bed. >> i know. they also have one that says go to the gym. has great products. it's a great way for kids to add personality to their bedding. west elm did the bed. so all of that bedding is inexpensive from $19 to $100 for a full set. >> that is cheap. >> right? i love the citron going that way. this is smart. you have to put something on the walls. why not -- >> okay. you can't always afford a lot of stuff. >> so this is a mix of plates from $2 to $24, and we've hung them with these command stickers that are actually a picture frame hanger, so they just stick and remove from the wall. >> i love this idea of a picnic
10:57 am
basket which then is there when you need utensils. that's smart. >> perfect storage space and guess what? if you have a hot date, you have it ready to go. >> i love this headboard. >> the headboard is really great. this is another do it yourself so it's really easy. once you get some plywood and then you get two-inch foam. don't use the camera -- so two-inch foam, some fabric and you tuft it. turn it over here, and flip it and you'll stable it around the back. this is double duty. it keeps noise from the other room and it gives you a place for your head. >> thank you very much! >> guess who's here? >> andy garcia. >> and when to let your kids to do the things that worry you. bye. -- captions by vitac --
10:58 am
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