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tv   Today  NBC  September 8, 2011 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning. a second punch. torrential rains from tropical storm wlee bring more flood to go the already soaked northeast. at least two deaths now being blamed on the rising waters and overnight, 10,000 people in just one new york town ordered to evacuate. squaring off. gop presidential hopefuls take jabs at each other in a fiery debate with frontrunners rick perry and mitt romney tank blink over their records. >> michael dukakis created jobs three times faster than you did. grnlg bush and his presented sore created jobs at a faster rate than you can did, governor. tonight president obama addresses the nation to can he restore america's confidence in his ability to boost the economy? and calling all cheeseheads. is the hometown team actually
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owned by the hometown? where football is a religion and their storied franchises drenched in history. we're in green bay at the home of the packers, legendary lambeau field. we kick off the nfl season today, thursday, september 8th, we kick off the nfl season today, thursday, september 8th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television welcome edition of "today." matt has made his way to the famed frozen tundra of lambeau field. hey, matt, good morning. >> frozen at good 50 degrees this morning. so it's not so bad. but, yeah, if you are a football fan, this is a shrine. this is the cathedral in title
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town usa, home to the green bay packers. take a look at how empty it looks right now. but let me tell you something, tonight it will look a lot different. bobby, take a look over here. when 70,000 fans pack will stadium, some of them joining us here this morning. some here since 8:00 last night. al roker over here. we have the saints and packers tonight, the last betwetwo supel champions. and there's more than just sports. there's history and culture. and we'll tell you about that, too. we'll also have new questions on the serious topic in the death of russell armstrong. the coroner called it a suicide, but now armstrong's sister is speaking out for the first time about why she believes her brother did not take his own life. we'll hear from her.
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but let's begin with the threat of record flooding and the emergency evacuations oweded overnight in new york state. chris warren is in binghamton, new york with more. hey, chris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we've been watching the arrive rise steadily. in the past seven hours, we limit about four to five feet. binghamton is protected partially by a floodwall and we've been watching the waters come up. in fact some of these buildings here in downtown binghamton are below the water line right now. there's people up here in the distance and the wall coming up to about their waist. and so it's just a matter of time before we'll see some of the brown water making its way into the city. now, just five years ago, the city had record flooding. and later on today, it's expected to get even higher than that, which would top these floodwalls. so it looks like we could see a historic flooding event here in binghamton.
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>> all right, chris warren, thank you so much. it's not good to see those images. let's bring in al for more on this flooding and what we can expect today. tell us some good news. >> this flooding is from the mid-atlantic states all the way into the northeast. let's, is that right in capital heights. they picked up about six inches of rain over the last 24 hours and it continues to rain. we see more flooding there. in fact state closed nearly a dozen roads because of high water. pennsylvania, leb ban noncounty officials have declared a state of emergency, county commissioners saying they're looking for flooding to kin. the susquehanna river will be flooding, as well. look at some of these rainfall amounts in the last 24 hours. some areas picking up a foot of rain. harrisburg, p.a., 12 1/# in3 in of rain.
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the remnants of lee. nothing to kick it out. we have flash flood warnings, flash watches in effect stretching into upstate new york and parts of new england. we're looking at anywhere from another three to five inches of rain throughout central pennsylvania, new jersey, new york and on into new england. so the flooding will continue for at least another 72 hours. those flood levels are going to continue to rise on those rivers. let's turn to politics now. the president addresses the nation tonight talking about creating jock be as the gop presidential hopefuls took shots at the president and each other in a heated debate last night. nbc's political director chuck todd is in los angeles this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. just like with the nfl and the republican primary race, the preseason is over. rick perry and mitt romney in
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their first debate clash of the campaign to fight and tray bashes over job creation and health care. but it was one issue that no republican six months ago thought would become divisive that did. social security. >> all of us are committed as a team. whoever the nominee is we are all for defeating barack obama. >> reporter: there is no question about the goal. but inside the ronald reagan presidential library with nancy reagan looking on, the former president's 11th commandment to never speak ill of a fellow republican was quickly thrown aside by the two leading candida candidates. rick perry and mitt romney disagree on on who created more jobs. >> michael dukakis created jobs three times faster than you you did, mitt. >> well, as a matter of fact, george bush and his predecessor than you did, governor. >> that's not correct. >> reporter: but the issue most likely to separate the two for
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this phase of the campaign, social security. perry maintained the view expressed in his book fed up that it's a ponzi scheme. >> it is a ponzi scheme to tell our kids that are 25 or 30 years old today you're paying in to a program that will be there. anybody that's for the sat tuesday company with social security today is involved with a monstrous lie to our kids. it's not right. >> in the book fed up, governor, as you say, by any measure social security is a failure. you can't say that to tens of millions of americans who live on social security and those who have. our nominee has to be someone who isn't committed to abolishing stoesabolish ing social security, bru to saving social security. >> reporter: one more issue massachusetts health care plan which he had previously called a great opportunity for the country. >> it was a great opportunity for us as a people to see what will not work and that is an individual mandate in this cup. >> i understand health care pretty darn well having been through what i went through as a
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governor. >> reporter: michelle bachmann rarely chose to engage the two and instead stuck to familiar talking points. >> if we fail to appeal obama care in 2012, it will be with us forever and it will be socialized medicine. >> reporter: jon huntsman, who has yet to catch fire in the polls, tried to insert himself more aggressively, challenging the conservative candidates on climate change and evolution. >> all i'm saying is that in order for the republican party to win, we can't run from science. >> reporter: perry disagreed with huntsman, but did offer up a surprising pat on the back to the president. >> one thing that i want to say that he did do that i agree with, that we took out a very bad man in the for him of bin laden. and i might add that he kept gitmo open against the will of his base. and i'm glad he did that.
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america is safer for it. >> one more point on the economy. we already knew rick perry was no fan of federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. but mitt romney and a couple of other candidates also agreed that in 2014, if any of them become president, they will not ask ben bernanke to stick around, matt. >> all right, chuck todd, thank you very much. the president of course will address the joints session of congress tonight and unveil his new jobs plan for the nation. bill daley is the president's cheefr of staff. good morning. >> good morning, matt. >> so let's talk about what is critical in this jobs proposal tonight, what will the president say that he hasn't said in the years past or that he couldn't have proposed in the last year or so as unemployment was hovering at around 9.1%. >> matt, the president tonight will announce his very innovative programs both for job creation and a way to grow the economy.
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the american job act which will be introduced next would he be which the president will speak to tonight, are a series of enknow straight testify ideas that have shown almost all of them to have bipartisan support. many of these programs, matt, are innovative, creative, new ideas, put together at a time where the american people believe something must be done by congress. these ideas some people may say, oh, these ideas some of them have been thought about, talked about, but they are as a package, as an act, a way if congress will act now, a way to help people. that's what the president is committed to do. if congress will act. >> you have just thrown out and the president has said in the last couple of days these are ideas with a history of bipartisan support. and yet mitch mcconnell said that while they will listen politely, they don't want to hear ideas from the past. they don't want more spending and more bore re irowborrowing. >> matt, no one is talking about
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borrowing. these will all be paid for and the president will state right up front that these are all going to be paid for. this is not about creating more debt. those of us like you and i who have done quite well over the economy the last couple years out to pay a little more. but the american people are tired of the rhetoric and pay a little more. but the american people are tired of the rhetoric and inaction. it's time to get back for the american people and not continue this sort of political rhetoric that we hear too often. the american people are sick and tired of it. so the president tonight will continue to be firm about action now. >> ten days after the president was sworn in back in 2009, i sat down with him at the white house. we talked about jobs and the economy. at that time unemployment was 8.1%. i want you to listen to what he he had to say and i'll get your creation reaction on the other side. >> at some point will you say, wait a minute, we've spent this
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money, we're not seeing results, we have to change course? >> i'm at the start of my administration. one nice thing about the situation i find myself in is that i have be held accountable. i have four years. >> you'll know quickly how people feel. >> that's right. a year from now i think people will see that we're starting to make some progress, but there will still be some pain out there. if i don't have this done in three years, then there's going to be a one term proposition. >> as i said, 8.1% unemployment when he said those words. it's 9.1% now. are those words going to prove prophetic? >> every person in government has a responsibility and they will be held accountable. the president said it, he knows it every day. no one at that time of that interview had any idea of the depth of the economic crisis we would stumble into. we had already lost 4 million jobs before he even became president of the united states. it has been much worse than anyone thought.
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that's not an excuse for anyone. that's not an excuse for congress. it's time for action. this american jobs act that the president will introduce can help the american people if congress acts. they have to do that for the american people. not for the politics that may be going on in america today. >> when you say chief of staff bill daley. mr. daley, thank you for your time. if more on the president's speech and the gop debate, we have joe scarborough. hey, joe, good morning. so who could the president possibly say to turn around the direction of the country and his poll number sths. >> the president is in a very difficult spot. people have heard jobs speeches before. but most americans don't think the president or republicans are focused on it. the first two years, there was a huge debate about health care. this past year, we've been talking about the deficit. this president is going to have to say something that jolts america into action, that jolts congress into action, and he'll have to be seen as strong. this is a president whose own
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base believes is far too weak. and he was preempted by the republican debate last night and preempted by the packers tonight. because of that, this is going to be showing at 4:00 on the west coast. >> meantime no matter what he says, at least three republicans are not going to be in the audience including jim dement. and one of these is actually saying that he'll opt to hold a twitter town hall during the speech. is this disrespectful to the office of the president? >> i don't know if it's dis ful. quonk it's smart. it's not like the president has gained much traction in the past. i think the republicans just like the president have an american people waiting to see them work together. you look at poll after poll, americans have lost confidence in the president and republicans in congress and americans want to see these two sides working together. now, that may not excite the base, but that's sxat exactly w
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middle america is. >> last night at the gop debate, did rick perry say what he needed to say to maintain his momentum as he's now currently the leading candidate s? >> i don't think so. i think his biggest problem is the social security issue. he keeps calling it a ponzi scheme. if you want to say social security is a ponzi scheme and this is what we need to do to fix it, that's fine. but he doesn't. he says it's a ponzi scheme, it's a lie. he wrote in his book last year that it does violence to american values. i don't care what primary you're running in, i don't care how powerful the tea party is, that will spell problems. >> and it's clear mitt romney is making hay of that already. but i guess the other question is what about the other candidates. so many of the focus was really on these two and on twitter, romney and perry were the trending topic. is this a two-man race at this point? >> it's a two-man race right now, but just a few weeks ago, michele bachmann was the hot candidate. earlier this spring, remember
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who was at the top of the list? trump. and then apprentice comes along. this past fall, it was sarah palin. there's always mitt romney and somebody else. the question is does rick perry survive a month or two. i don't know that he does. i think mitt romney's people are very happy with where they are right now. >> meantime i want to mention that you've got a very personal project or working on involving 9/11. >> right. our show, like every show, we are trying to figure out how to honor 9/11. wroi a song and we decided to put to video and it's called reason to believe. we're working with willie geist an operation man to try to help soldiers coming home. >> a personal project. thank you so much for putting your heart into it as you did this interview. and of course you can watch president obama's address to congress tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern here on nbc. and now to that deadly shooting at an ihop restaurant
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in nevada. authorities have released the chilling 911 calls. kristen call gasolidahlgren is city. >> reporter: this morning we still don't know a lot about the gunman, how somebody with a history of mental problems could have gotten his hands on two assault rifles. but we are learning who are about his victims. the nevada national guard troops here and we're learning some incredible stories of heroism. days after the deadly shooting, new details that almost take us there. sounds captured in chilling 911 calls. and images of some who died. three national guard troops trained to defend our country gunned down having breakfast near home. they leave behind will families, co-workers, and questions.
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authorities still have no idea why 32 idea eduardo sencion went on his deadly rampage. >> i've known him to be a very gentle, kind, giving person. unfortunately, it involved military during 9/11 which is very until fortunate timing that we're all scratching our head. >> reporter: whatever the motive, it turns out the moments that unveiled such evil in others inspired incredible acts. >> now she knowns it's guns. >> reporter: the cheney family was just a few feet from the shooting until a good a mayor take showed them the way out. >> how can you thank somebody for saving your children's lives. >> reporter: but quick thinking kevin kerrik insists he did nothing out of the ordinary. >> no, to me a hero is somebody that can rebel bullets and jump tall buildings. >> reporter: or perhaps stay calm, guiding a family away from a gunman instead of running himself. >> i wanted to, but it wasn't the right thing to do.
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>> reporter: the humble hero who sir vifed a massacre still left wishing he could have done more. >> that's what hurts the most. for goodness and kindness to show up in such an evil act. >> reporter: at least three of the seven wounded have now been released from the hospital, including one of the other national guard troops who was wounded. she is expected to make a full recovery. >> that's at least good news. kristen dahlgren, thank you so much. and now let's get a check of the other top stories of the morning. savannah guthrie is at the news desk. and some progress to report over the night in the fight against one of the most destructive wildfires in texas history. firefighters in bastrop county say flames are at least 30% contained now after three days of uncontrolled burning. the fire has destroyed nearly 800 homes and left at least two people dead. more than 170 other fires have broken out in texas in the last week making this the state's
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costliest wildfire season on record. overseas, top spelled libya leader gadhafi is speaking out from hiding. a new audio message purporting to be gadhafi was released this morning. in it, gadhafi denies reports that he fled to neighboring niger and claims to be still in libya. his whereabouts remain up known. gary giordano, the maryland businessman suspected in the disappearance of robyn gardner, will remain in jail through the end of his 60 day detention period. a higher court in aruba rejected his appeal of the detention order. his lawyer spoke outside court saying giordano is, quote, disappointed and sad. let's get to wall street. mandy drury at the new york stock exchange this morning. >> good morning. the market had its biggest jump in two weeks yesterday, but today there are some who are taking a wait and see approach ahead of the central bank chairman's speech on just how the economy is doing and when or not they need to do more to stimulate it. and then of course you have the
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big speech tonight by the president on how he'll give people more jobs through the $300 billion package. what are gas prices? they're still higher than they were this time last week. back over to you. > and reese witherspoon is recovering at home this morning after she was hit by a car while going for a run in santa monica on wednesday. the 35-year-old actress was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and later released. the driver was cite for failure to yield for a pedestrian. >> we hope she feels better soon. she's a guest often here. and now let's head to green bay where we'll get the rest of al's forecast. hey, al. >> we have a busy day in the tropics right now. we've got katia, maria and nate. katia, n ann. we've got a busy day in the
7:22 am
tropics right now. we've got katia, maria and nate. katia is going to swing out and continue into the atlantic. we're watching maria right now. maria's path will bring it near the leeward islands. 50-mile-per-hour winds moving at 23 miles per hour to the west. should keep it offshore. then nate down in the gulf. that's going to be a little procedure problematic. it's moving very, very slowly. and the models are not really in concurrence about which way it's going to go. anywhere from new orleans all the way into mexico. we'll have to continue to watch that as well. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> heavy rains causing flooding. all these areas in green, including the nearby suburbs around washington, and the district of columbia. heaviest rains and the most flooding has been into our east where we've got this corridor of moderate to heavy rain that continues to advance south to north from the northern neck of virginia into
7:23 am
and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you so much. and just ahead you can russell armstrong's sister speaks out about why she says the husband of a real housewife of beverly hills did not commit suicide, but she says was murdered. we'll hear from her. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, the mysterious disorder that causes people to fly into a range at the sound. and what it's leak to be a fan of the green pay backers.
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sound. >> and what it's like to be a fan of the green bay packers. this is a news 4 news break. >> good morning. it is 7:26 on this thursday, the 8th of september. i'm joe krebs. much of the area is deal with some severe flooding. news 4's megan mcgrath is live in upper marlboro to tell us what it looks like out there. what do you see? >> oh, joe, it is an absolute mess here en route 301. this is the ron bortnik ford. you can see the entire dealership is under water. this one is on a little higher ground. we have the water coming up to the wheels of this truck. but over a little closer to the building, some of those cars are pretty much halfway under water. i mean, there is definitely water inside the cars themselves. and they have got to be a wash at this point. they have to be totaled. we've heard some car alarms going off. i guess the electronics have
7:27 am
gotten wet. some of the lights in the cars are on. but it is just tremendous the damage that has happened at that dealership. here's the reason. look at this. this is route 301 if you can believe this. it looks like a swift, raging river here. we've got all kinds of debris literally floating down the middle of this street. apparently there's a stream nearby, kind of over by the county administration building and the circuit court. that area, what i was told by a sheriff's deputy is here in the overnight hours when this started to happen was those -- that stream, that creek began to swell. and it just spread. the water began to travel on to route 301. and once it hit the road it just rolled on down the line. we've got 301 closed in both directions here. at route 4. this is a major commuter route. so it's just going to be a tough go for folks this morning. it's impacting services in upper marlboro, the county administration building is closed. so is the circuit court. water street, i should mention,
7:28 am
just a little bit down the road here, that is completely under water. that's been washed out as well. that is closed as well. so access to downtown upper marlboro very, very limited. and you can just see all the water that we have got here in the area. it's going to be awhile before this recedes. we still have rain coming down. it's, i would say, light rain at this point, but i'm not sure that we're finished yet with the heavier rain. we'll check in with tom here in a moment to find out about that. but even when this water does recede, i was talking to a highway official, and he said they are going to have quite a job in terms of cleaning up the debris. they'll not be able to -- they're not going to be able to open up the road until they get all the logs and the like out of the roadway. so it's going to be awhile. >> what was stunning to me watching that is the swiftness of the current of that water flowing down route 301. and do you have any idea how long -- what the length of 301 is covered by that water? is it a question of miles or do
7:29 am
we know? >> let me -- i can walk a little and see if i can get a better vantage point. i know the flooding starts around marlboro pike, which is a little further down. if you are familiar with the area, there's a mcdonald's in that area. that's where the flooding starts. just looking down the roadway here, and i can't go too terribly far it goes beyond this intersection where the a&w and the kfc and the entrance for the giant food store is. it's beyond that. and that's basically where my visibility ends. so i'm not sure how much further it goes. in that intersection where all of the shopping centers kind of come together, there's a stalled out car that's right practically in the intersection itself. obviously, someone who tried to get out there on the roadway. i don't know if you can see this. we have some folks who just waved to us over by the kfc. if you look across all of these flooded out cars, there are two people who are standing on the -- in the front yard if you
7:30 am
will, of the kfc and the a&w. they are waving to us here. looks like they are pretty much stuck. i'll tell you, i wouldn't walk in this water. it's pretty swift running. and that's the kind of thing that can sweep you off your feet and you can get yourself into some trouble. you can see the debris coming down at a pretty good clip. some large pieces of wood. so you don't want to mess with this sort of thing. just leave it alone. we'll see how long it takes them to get out of here. >> okay. thanks. i hope those folks don't have to eat kentucky flooded chicken there today. thanks so much. let's check in with tom kierein. he's looking at the forecast for us. there's going to be continuing rain coming in. >> more on the rain there. where megan was, they had almost nine inches of rain in the last 12 hours. that's why there's so much devastating flooding in prince george's county. right now all these areas in green have flooding under way in some areas. eastern montgomery county, eastern fairfax including
7:31 am
alexandria and arlington and the district and most of southern maryland. charles, calvert, st. mary's, anne arundel. many roads are closed to high water and swift water as well. into eastern howard county and around baltimore, too, they've had heavy flooding from this corridor of rain that is continuing to advance from south to north and repeatedly going over the same areas. and unfortunately there is yet another area of very heavy rain. now some thunder and lightning just showing up there in eastern charles county. that is associated with a very heavy downpour that's now just to the east of waldorf. that's just now coming into southern prince george's county. that very heavy downpour with thunder and lightning will be tracking right along the eastern border of prince george's county with anne arundel county. so that zone is going to get perhaps another quick inch of ra rain, just from that one heavy downpour cell with thunder and lightning. also heavy downpours on the eastern shore. flooding in delaware.
7:32 am
farther to the west of washington, only just a few scattered showers in montgomery county and fairfax and loudoun, prince william and fauquier. just light rain there but all of the heavy rain will continue to be east of the i-90 corridor throughout the rest of the day today. with highs just reaching the upper 70s to around 80 degrees. and i am happy to report it does look like things will be gradually improving by later tonight and into friday. only a small chance of a morning shower or afternoon storm on friday. partly sunny. and a much smaller chance. only a very slight chance of any rain over the weekend and into next week. finally an extended period of dry weather and should be turning cooler midweek next week as well. danella has been dealing with all the road closures and delays. how is it looking now? >> in addition to the high standing water, a couple of accidents affecting your commute this morning. inner loop of the beltway at wisconsin avenue, this has been a problem all morning. you are jammed as you make your way past the spur and head towards wisconsin avenue.
7:33 am
also, i want to show you the outer loop of the beltway. bumper to bumper. the delays start at college park and continue as you make your way towards georgia avenue. then on 66, seeing a lot of delays on 66 east. but i have an accident on 66 west at sully road and also an accident at 66 east. i want to show you right now this is the view from sully road. you can see we have a lot of congestion and heading east. that volume increases as you make your way towards the beltway. joe, back to you. >> danella, thanks. >> we'll have another news update in about 25 minutes. now we'll go back to the "today" show in progress after we take a short may have been in. >> i don't know if it was something within the marriage. i don't know if it was business. or the show. who knows. >> reporter: russell was said to be in deep debt before he died. the couple's glitzy glamorous lifestyle, more show than reality. >> i would say our marriage is about 80% business and 20%
7:34 am
romance. >> reporter: according to an autopsy report released wednesday, russell was depressed due to financial and relationship problems. the coroner's report says there was no sign of foul play. and orange extension cord was found wrapped twice between, hia bench. the founder of the website called the fix says he was trying to broker a deal with his company just days before he tied. >> that's not the attitude of a man who is thinking of killing himself in a week. >> reporter: today for russell armstrong's family, shock and grief have turned it questions. they say if the death wasn't suicide, it must have been murder. this morning the lapd says they have no new information that would make them reopen this case, but that's exactly what russell armstrong's family wants. they say they'll hire a private detective to help dig up new information about what they call, quote, the truth behind
7:35 am
his death. >> sounds like a story that will continue. thank you so much. meantime, in italy, amanda knox has scored another key victory in her quest to overturn her murder conviction. lester holt is in perugia this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, ann. this appeals trial has been going on about ten months, but there have been key victories along the way. the next time we see amanda knox in court will be two weeks from tomorrow. her lawyers are hoping the scientific evidence they were able to challenge will carry the day. her composure in court this week hasn't revealed any sense that amanda knox sees freedom is near. but after three days of scientific testimony, much of it poking holes in the process caution's case and a key ruling in her favor, her family is beginning to see the end in sight. >> there's a number of people that want to be here when the decision is actually rendered, the verdict is rendered. so there will be some plane
7:36 am
tickets being purchased today and the rest of the family will be coming over towards the middle of the month. >> reporter: with its case severely weakened by experts who testified to sloppy evidence collection and who discredited the dna evidence, the prosecution made a bold and last minute request for a new independent analysis. the judge said no. and when we caught up with him later, he said the case is nearly over. we should be finished by the end of september, early october he said. this is the apartment that amanda knox shared with three other room hates and it was from here police found some of the most compelling evidence in the case. evidence that now may be working against the prosecution. after wednesday's ruling, the prosecutor acknowledged she'll have to live with the existing expert finding. but she was much more candid about the state of her case with british journalist nick piza.
7:37 am
>> she said to me that an ill wind was blowing in the case and i certainly got the impression that she thinks she'll be acquitted. >> reporter: trial watchers brief it is looking better for knox and her former boyfriend. but the knox family is holding its breath. >> two times we have been hopeful pretrial and the first trial. and both of those we got kicked in the teeth as a result of it. >> reporter: did you get a chance to talk to amanda? >> very shortly. i told her that we're hopefully almost there. and to say strong and we'll see her on friday when we get to visit her. >> reporter: amanda's dad told me he fully expects his daughter to make a declaration to the court when it resumes, a declaration is the right of any defendant under the system here to speak their mind. and he says she's got plenty to say. >> i bet she does. lester, thank you so much. now let's get a check of the
7:38 am
weather from al in green bay. >> that' lester, thank you. now a check of the weather from al. he's back in green bay. hey, al. >> that's right. with some of the packer fans hanging out. you can't argue with that. what's with the belt? >> championship belt. the a-rod belt from the super bowl. >> let's check your weather and see what's going on. look at some of these temperatures and see what's going on. chilly conditions in the new england area. 60s and 70s there. 80s as you get into the plains. the heat continues in texas, although not as bad as it's been. if we could just get some rain there, that would be awfully helpful. no relief in sight for the doubt drought. the heat continues in the pacific northwest. 91 degrees in portland. almost as warm as it is in los angeles where they'll see a high today of 95 degrees. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your
7:39 am
neck of the woods. >> flooding, high water in much of this area in green. the heaviest flooding right now is in northern charles county, into prince george's county, up through northwestern anne arundel to eastern howard county. all of this coming from this corridor of moderate to heavy rain with some thunder and lightning that repeatedly keeps passing over the same region from the central northern neck and into prince george's and that's your latest weather. >> and ann, i know you're joining us from new york, as well. and we just wanted to say something. our colleague and dear friend, andrea mitchell, announced on the air yesterday that she is battling breast cancer and i know that that's something you know all about, as well. and we just wanted to tell andrea that we love her. this is the lady who has the biggest heart i think i've ever seen and also the toughest side i've ever seen. so we know she'll come through with flying colors. >> we've heard it's been caught early and her prognosis is terrific. >> in fact we wanted to let people hear fro andrea herself how she made this announcement
7:40 am
on her msnbc show that she has wres cancer. let's take a look. >> i had planned to be hiking in wyoming last week, but instead discovered that i am now among the 1 in 8 women in this country incredibly 1 in 8 who have had breast cancer. mine was discovered during my am screening just a short time ago. luckily for me, i'm one of the fortunate ones who discovered it in the earliest stage. it had not ved. and i'm already back at work with a terrific prognosis. >> it's really a moment of great courage for her to say that, guys. she also said for you women out there and for the men who love you, screening matters. do it. and you know, you guys, there are a lot of comments on twitter as a result from people from all different kinds of networks, including from susan at cbs who said andrea mitchell is a hero for her work ethic and drive. cancer should be afraid of her. it's met its match. i think that's pretty much the feeling we all have.
7:41 am
>> absolutely. >> absolutely true. and our best to andrea and we love you and talk to you soon. >> we'll be right back after this. ññ ú/ú)ú)ú$$÷
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
welcome back to lambeau field in green bay, wisconsin as we get ready to kick off the nfl season here on nbc. you look up the word brave in the dictionary, you'll see this guy's picture right here. we have a saints man in the middle of packer country. on game days around here, there is only one show in town and that is the packers. there is an unmatched connection between this city and this team.
7:45 am
take a look. >> it is a gorgeous night at lambeau field this green bay. >> reporter: on any given sun y sunday, the passion is palpable. >> he's going all the way! 98 yards! >> reporter: here in green bay, wisconsin, football is king and their be loved packers are second to none. >> it's unlike any other place in any other sport. it's amazing how the following is so strong. >> reporter: the smallest city with an nfl team has arguably the biggest fans. on game days, nothing keeps these diehards away. not rain, not snow, not subzero temperatures. the packers have responded time and time again winning more titles than any other nfl team, 13 in all. >> the green bay packers are world champions of football! >> if the packers are winning, we all feel better.
7:46 am
>> they play games on sunday for a reason in this town and it is the church of latter day football fans. >> reporter: if football here is a religion, then it cathedral is lambeau field. in in city without a skyscraper, it rises up leak a beacon. the oldest operating stadium in football, every year scores of faithful make the about pilgrimage to see this hallowed ground up close. >> takes your breath away. >> one of a kind. >> reporter: the packers share a unique bond with this community. there is no billionaire owner. instead the fans own the team. $112,000 shareholders to be exact. who can proudly say they own a piece of their be loved packerss. 71-year-old bea is one of them. >> i have this little piece of paper that says i own part of it. i get no money. i get nothing in return. just that i can say i own part of that super bowl team. >> reporter: a long time season ticket holder, she lives across the street from the field and
7:47 am
has missed just one game in the past 54 seasons. a replica of the super bowl trophy is in her front yard. >> go pack, go! >> reporter: all star linebacker clay mathews was part of the historic super bowl run last season. >> you say green bay and football and it means something. it means something to the average fan. clayer. what does it mean to you? >> it's fantastic the dynamic you have with the community, a publicly opened team. everything is done on the basis of winning. 13 championship, it's approach to proven to be successful. >> i'm a yankee fan. so is putting ones green and gold for a player the same as in baseball? i'll make a lot of enemies around the country, but the same as the football player who gets to put the pinstripes on? >> we represent a different part of america, being a home grown team and the players and fans interact on a daily basis being that the city is so small and
7:48 am
what the team means to them. so it's truly fantastic. >> it's really quite a town and quite a story. for the last 50 years, the packers players have participated in something called the bike brigade. kids get to lean up for a chance to have a member of the team actually ride their bike to are a. and you can catch the game between the packerss and saents tonight right here on nbc, football night in america kicks off with a special at 7:30, 6:30 central time right here on nbc. we'll have more from green bay just ahead. >> that's right. and from here in new york, a rare condition that causes people to fly into a rage, matt, at the quietest sounds. we'll get to the bottom of that. but first, these messages.
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
here where he are, these fans are so shy. >> that's right. we're feeling the need for a slice. >> that's right, i'll show you how they make cheese in wisconsin about. >> that's perfect. .
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
this is a news 4 news break.
7:56 am
>> good morning. we have 71 degrees at 7:56 on this thursday, september the 8th. look at this. flooding is a big problem across the washington metro area today. she's are pictures of ron bortnick ford in upper marlboro. trucks and cars sitting in several feet of water. a lot of vehicles damaged. a heads up for parents this morning because of all this weather. all charles county public schools are closed today. one school in howard county is also closed. that's the worthington elementary school because it does not have any power. the charles county government will have a two-hour delay this morning but it's also operating under a liberal leave policy if you need to take a leave. and the prince george's county government is open but the county administration building, the county courthouse remain closed today. let's get a look at our forecast and see whether this rain is going to end any time soon today. here's tom. >> unfortunately no. we have a corridor of moderate to heavy rain that continues to advance south to north. and this is just the residual of
7:57 am
what's fallen already. these are flood warnings. all these areas in green have flooding of many creeks and streams out of their banks. it includes eastern montgomery county, eastern fairfax as well as alexandria, arlington, the district of columbia and all of southern maryland and prince george's county. and the heaviest rains have been in charles and prince george's county over the last 12 hours. here's the radar over the last hour. and you can see we've got yet another batch of some moderate to heavy rain moving south to north. coming from the northern neck of virginia, about to move into southern maryland. the pockets of red are areas of where it's raining hardest and we just have some scattered lighter showers generally west of the i-95 corridor. however, we do have some pockets of some moderate to heavy rain now into the eastern charles county as well as east central prince george's county, right along route 50 between the beltway and anne arundel county. right there near crofton they are getting heavy rain. there was some thunder and
7:58 am
lightning associated with that but that is beginning to break down a little bit. but still produce something torrential rain there. just exacerbating the flooding problems in prince george's county where many roads are closed. we've got high standing water throughout much of prince george's county and charles county. and the -- thankfully later today, though, that should taper off. by noon time, much of the really heavy rain should be ending. we might have an additional passing shower or thundershower this afternoon or this evening. and then some sun back tomorrow. only a small chance for a morning shower. afternoon storm. over the weekend, partly sunny saturday and sunday. slight chance of an afternoon thundershower. and looks like it will be dry into midweek next week. that's the way it looks right now. wyle be back with frequent updates throughout the morning. updates throughout the morning. >> as tom indicated, dozens of man: my employer had been putting together a program for executive education, grooming the leadership abilities of their top 5%.
7:59 am
a requirement to be accepted in the program was an undergraduate degree, which i did not have. that was the wake-up call i needed. ♪ don't want to miss a thing strayer university has afforded me the opportunity to progress to the level that i am now, which is chief information officer at the largest teaching hospital in southern new jersey. i'm michael sinno, and i earned my bachelor of science degree from strayer university.
8:00 am
[ female announcer ] have you ever seen a glacier while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall in the middle of the ocean? or tried something really wild? why not? it's all possible in the n. royal caribbean's floating nation. where you are free to do anything you want. which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. why not cruise from baltimore? visit today.
8:01 am
good morning. defendant commu difficult commute facing you. wisconsin avenue, this has been a problem all morning. only the right lane gets by. you can see that you are jammed passing the spur towards this accident. i also want to go back to the outer loop of the beltway. seeing delays past i-95. jammed new hampshire avenue as you make your way towards georgia avenue. also have an accident on 395. and this is just before the 14th street bridge. and i am seeing significant delays all along 395. in fact, leading back towards the beltway. here's a live look right now. you can see that at duke street, we are jammed. in fact, jammed from etsel to the 14th street bridge traveling on 395. here's the view at 270. again, bumper to bumper at shady grove as you travel south towards the spur. and this is the scene at new york avenue and north capitol.
8:02 am
starting all the way back. this is definitely a tough commute. please give yourself extra time. >> rough out there this morning. we'll have another news update in 25 minutes.nging another round of flooding to the already soaked northeast. the storm's remnants are swamping roads from maryland to new england and overnight, some 10,000 people were ordered to evacuate one new york town. at least two deaths are being blamed on those rising waters. the gloves were off at last night's republican presidential debate in simi valley. and the hot topic was job
8:03 am
creation. texas governor rick perry and former massachusetts governor mitt romney got into a war of words over who created the most jobs in their home states. all of the republican hopefuls took shots at president obama on various hot button issues including health care reform and social security. and tonight it's president obama's turn to address the nation on jobs. he's expected to offer a more than $300 billion package of tax cuts, infrastructure spending and other ideas. and a plan to pay for it all. you can catch his speech before congress here on nbc 7:00 eastern time. the hockey world and russian people are mourning the loss of 43 people killed when their plane crashed as it struggled to take off from an airport northeast of moscow. members of a top russian hockey team were on board at the time, including some former nhl players. a former high school classmate has been arrested in the disappearance of a nursing student from northern california three months ago.
8:04 am
police arrested her on suspicion of murder in the death of 26-year-old michelle le. police say they found lche's bld in her suv and on her shoes. police have issued a warrant for 40-year-old johnny guillen pemental who they believe slashed the buttocks of nine women as they were shopping. he was identified through sur y surveillance video. and now for a look at what's trending today, our quick round up of what has you talking to line. reese witherspoon is all the talk after she was struck by a car while jogging. the actress was treated for minor injuries at a santa monday any came hospital and sent home. the 84-year-old driver who failed to stop as reese crossed the street was cited and released. rock and roll pioneer buddy holly is a popular search on yahoo! after being honored with a star on hollywood's walk of fame on what would have been his
8:05 am
75th birthday. and these pictures of an inebriated elk in sweden is getting face time. the animal ate too many fermented apples, got drunk and basically passed out. the neighbors tried to pull him down, but the efforts were fruitless. and the fire department finally got the moose removed. it's now 8:05. back to al for a check of the weather in green bay. >> al's pick city of the day is brought to you by the capital one venture card. what's in your wallet? and before we get to the pick city, it's of course going to be green bay, wisconsin, we have green bay royalty. this is the all-time leader rusher and champion. good to see you. thanks for being here. the nfl kickoff, lots been going on. tell us about the play 60 youth
8:06 am
program. >> the nfl is trying to get america's youth active because everybody has video games, facebook and twitter. which is good. but still get out, go ride a bike, shoot shall hoops, play a little baseball. of course football out there. it's getting the kids motivated to go do that. >> why is it so important? >> our kids are our future. so anytime you can spend time with them and educate them on the qualities of life, working hard, studying hard, and being obedient to their parents and teachers, we just want to prepare them for the future and the real life. a lot of fictitious things about what life is about. we want to show them what life is really about because we both have lived it. >> and speaking of being owe bead yents to the parts, could you tell me kids to do that? i could use some help there. and a big concert tonight. >> yes. >> who is playing? >> kid rock, maroon 5 and lady antebellum. actually have them on my ipod. >> nice. guys, thank you so much. we appreciate it. and the peck city today happens
8:07 am
to be green bay, wisconsin. yes, we all know about the cheeseheads, but here's a little fact you might not know. this happens to be known as the toilet paper capital of the world. it was the first -- they created the first splinter free toilet paper here in green bay. and let me tell you, that's a lot more important than cheeseheads. let's deck your weatseheads. okay. let's check your weather. see what's happening. we'll show you for today. we've got those strong storms in the northeast. we cannot get rifd this wet weather. more flooding coming up. flood watches in effect. we're expecting anywhere from two to six inches of rain from new england all the way down into the delmarva peninsula. that's what's going on around the country. >> in the last 12 hours, we have had eight to ten inches of rain in parts of prince george's and charles counties this morning. that is the center of where we have the most flooding now.
8:08 am
but there is flooding elsewhere as well. all those areas in green, nearby suburbs around washington. and in washington, creeks and streams are running higher out of their banks. lots of standing water and more rain coming in from the south over the next couple of hours with heavy downpours now just east of washington. and then tomorrow, we'll and that's your latest weather. still to come, much more ahead from green bay and morning including a story about sounds. what happened if the slightest sound like a ticking clock or your spouse's breathing drove you into a fit of rage some we'll hear from some people who suffer from a rare and mysterious condition. but first, these messages. you know that comes with a private island. really? no. it comes with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,000 miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for 25,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. you can book any airline anytime. hey, i just said that. after all, isn't traveling hard enough? ow. [ male announcer ] to get the flights you want,
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8:12 am
to enjoy every one of their days. ♪ prudential. bring your challenges. back at 8:12. we all have certain things that drive us up a wall, 2000 some, the sleetest noise can cause major anxiety and a lifetime of isolation. they suffer from a mysterious condition that was profiled in this week's "new york times." >> reporter: listen to this. a leaky faucet. ticking clock. hungry dog. every day sounds that most people can i go authorize. but for people who suffer from misophonia, subtle sounds trigger intense rage and nerve-racking anxiety that is hard to dial down. >> the fear is that i won't control the rage. it's huge, it's physical, it's
8:13 am
everything i have turns this to a boiling pot of rage. and i have to talk myself down because this isn't the way you're supposed to live. >> reporter: for ada, it all started at the dinner table when she was a girl. the sound of her family eating would trigger very adult anger. >> when i was nine, i remember i wanted so desperately to be close with my mother. but i couldn't stand to be near her physically. because of the sounds that she made. >> reporter: no matter how loud ada's hatred for certain noises expanded. few in the medical community recognize the condition outright and doctors thought she had post-traumatic stress disorder. she spent years in therapy. >> what they experience is a mount saint helen eruption of emotions and feelings associated with these sounds. >> reporter: dr. johnson is an audiologist will portland. she runs and online support forum for i'm who think they have misophonia. nearly 2,000 have joined.
8:14 am
many of them self diagnosed. >> when they go around the communities looking for help, they're turned down left and right by the medical providers. they've never seen anything case like this, they don't know what to make of it. >> reporter: ada found her best treatment is on which avoidance, eating continuener a separate room from her husband, or making her own noise and screaming to release tension. as more people hear about this little studied condition, ada hopes her story will let others with similar experiences know that they are not crazy. >> it's almost like the underground is coming out. the community is growing. the truth is i didn't choose this. i can't think my way out of it. and we need help. and it's happening. >> heidi says she suffers from misophonia and dr. raj is a "today" contributor. good morning to both of you. your condition you say is when
8:15 am
you hear someone chewing, it just causes what in you? >> it's ban panic, it's rage. you really just want the person to stop. and it's not just chewing, it's loud mouth, open mouth, chewing, chomping, slurping. gum chewing is really difficult. snap, crackle, pop, popcorn, going to a movie theater. but what happens is you just want to stop and you really get an instantaneous fight or flight. so either you want to knock the person's teeth out so they can't chew anymore, which is pretty intense, or run. run as fast as you can. >> i don't know which has been worse for you, the pain of this, the struggle with this, or the idea that people thought you were crazy. so how relieved are people when they finally realize that there is a family for this, it's a condition, you're not alone? >> it's just a weight is lifted off you you. because i've had this since i was about eight or ten. most people get it when they're
8:16 am
between 8 and 13. and we've lived our lives completely isolated believing we're the only person with this issue and not knowing that other people have had it. thank goodness for the enter threat. but just the feeling that, my god, i'm crazy, why complaint i be like everybody else, why can't i brush it off. it's really trouble zchl. >> how can people know that they are 00 not just being annoyed by sounds, but actually have this condition? and what can they do about it? >> we have toic matt distinction. as understand, just getting slightly distracted or annoyed by a noise which can happen to many of us is different. what heidi is feeling is a really visceral, really strong physical revulsion from a noise where she wants to run away, she might feel rage or anger. and we don't know exactly what's causing it, but there's probably something going on in the way the brain is processing the sound that's affecting the emotional system in our brain. what with k. they can they do, ,
8:17 am
we don't have a lot of treatments. we're learning who are about every day, but someone needs to study the patients and find out what's going on. >> and there have been generations of women who have had this. >> there probably is a genetic component to it. the first step is knowing there are other people that have this, there are support groups on line. heidi has talked about coping strategies that she's employed. it's really about learnin how t live with the disease. >> i think this is just the beginning on reporting on this. thank you so much for your information. coming up next, we'll head back to green bay and matt will talk about vince lombardi junior. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. if you have painful, swollen joints, i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on p of the world... the next i'm saying... i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain.
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something new. with every fiber of my being, i'm going to make you the best football team i can make you. and i'll try. and i'll try again. an if i don't succeed the first time, i will try again. and you have got to give everything that's in you in order to stop the play on defense or make the play go if you're on offense. because this may be the one play in the whole ball game that could cause the winning or the losing of the entire season. this is a cruel and tough business. we have to -- >> that's repricing his role from broadway. vince lombardi, some say the man who changed the game of football forever. >> reporter: his name, synonymous with perfection. his words, timeless and
8:22 am
inspiring. >> battles are won primarily in the hearts of men. >> reporter: vince lombardi, a towering figure in sport, remains the heart and soul of pro football. he's arguably the greatest coach there ever was. >> he became the iconic figure of a sport that was emerging as america's new national pastime. and he did it in a way that was so overpowering. >> reporter: lombardi stood for old fashioned virtues, hard work, discipline, loyalty. >> winning isn't everything, but it's the only thing. >> reporter: his image, iconic, the hat, the overcoat, the horn rimmed glasses. >> what the hell's going on out here? >> reporter: the consummate teacher, he produce the out tbrt in his player, solidifying his ledggend in a town that bleeds football. bart starr playing under lombardi. >> i learned a tremendous amount about leadership, about demanding more of yourself than you probably ever had done
8:23 am
before in your lives because could you sense it, feel it, know it. that's what he was pushing for. and so as a result, i was able to go a great deal. >> reporter: i owe almost everything to football, lombardi once said. every year the sport he loved so dearly awards the winner of the super bowl the aptly named vince lombardi trophy. >> we're only hear because we want to win. and when we lose, we're gone.he want to win. and when we lose, we're gone. >> reporter: dan lauria played the larger than life lombardi so broadway. >> if we were successful with the play, it would be if the audience left wanting to be better at whatever endeavor in life they were pursuing. >> reporter: single handedly, coach lombardi changed the world of sports forever. his spirit continues to motivate a new generation. >> it is a great game. it's a game of leaders.
8:24 am
>> really is amazing to look back. we're joined by vince lombardi are jr. and dan loria. good to see you guys. for all that's been said about your dad, you knew him as a father and you saw the family side of him. a little more complicated. >> yes, it was. my dad had great qualities to be a coach. he was a perfectionist and he had a temper. great qualities for a coach. not so great as a father. >> you actually say you were happy you were away at college when he was really building the legendary status. you didn't have to be around it every day. >> i think it would be tough to keep your feet on the ground with all the hoopla and success. and again, i was pleased to watch it from afar. >> did you see the show on broadway? >> oh, yes. did a great job. my dad did other things besides yell, but, no, dan did a great i don't think. >> and what kind of pressure is that as an actor recreating somebody who everybody knows or at least thinks they have a
8:25 am
pretty good idea who he he is? >> i'd like to give you one of those actor answers about how hard it was, but this was one of the ease yers roles for two reasons. one, the nfl, roger goodell was so generous with all the information we needed and actual footage. and the players. all the players. especially big dave robin so that son. they had great stories and wanted to talk about it. >> this is not typical broadway fare and it was a huge hit. >> we ran nine months and it was the pipe's play. the best thing for me was about 0% of the people we played for had never seen a play. as a matter of fact, the miami dolphins came and no one told them it was assigned seat and they all sat in the first three rows and nobody wanted to tell them to move. >> got the packers and saints tonight. might sound like a weird question, about you who are you rooting for? >> i'm rooting for the saints. my son is a coach. >> you say that in the packers
8:26 am
question. i'm rooting for the saints. my son is a coach for the saints. >> vince lombardi jr. this is a news 4 news break. 8:26 is your time now on this thursday, september 8th, 2011. i'm eun yang. flooding is a big problem across the d.c. metro area today. this is brand new video of flooding at the brighton dam in brookville. and this is at the ron bortnick ford dealership in upper marlboro where you can see the cars are sitting in lots of water. let's go to meteorologist tom kierein who has been following the path of this rain. what's next? >> that part of prince george's county had as much as 7 to 9 inches of rain in the last 12 hours. that's where we have the worst flooding. all the areas in green under flood warnings now. we still have more rain to come through. over the next couple of hours, we'll probably see the last of the rain. does look like the heavy rains
8:27 am
8:28 am
tomorrow and into the weekend. we'll be back right after this. good morning. in addition to congestion in our area, high standing water is also causing you a problem in southern maryland.
8:29 am
southern maryland. taking route 4, also ro in one day, i could have three auditions. and, it's really important that you go in looking like the role. i go straight to t.j.maxx. i find what i'm looking for. done. it's amazing to find so many gorgeous designer clothes. i'm like dut, dut, dut... yes, yes, yes. and, it also works with my somewhat unpredictable paycheck. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. this fashionista... is a one-to-watch maxxinista. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you.
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8:30 on a thursday morning. 8th day of september, 2011. it looks like it's rainy there in new york city, rockefeller city. doesn't matter, because it's beautiful here this green way at lambeau field where the temperature is about 55 degrees. by game time tonight, with the former two super bowl champion teams going head to head, should be about 60 degrees. fe perfect weather to watch football.
8:31 am
ladies, good morning again. >> good morning to you guys. >> he said it looks a little rainy for you guys. it is in fact. looks a little cold for you. >> we're glad the weather is good there for the football game. but anyway, let's talk about what's coming up here in this half hour. we'll be talking to janet bush hager coming up. she actually did a wonderful profile with the children of 9/11 and essentially the bond that has grown between them. we'll have that coming up. >> also we have the actor hugh laurie here. actually he's here as a musician. he has a new blues album. we've been really talented. really sounds good. >> and he's getting a lot of buzz about it because it's really good music. but real get to listen to that. before that, let's go back to green bay and look at that beautiful weather you have out there, matt. >> yeah, eitherit's perfect. we're saying welcome back to
8:32 am
football night here on nbc. and we're joined by some of the gang from that broadcast. we have rodney harrison, tone any dungy, michelle, guy, lady, nice to see you. long season. but this is a big first game.due to see you. long season. but this is a big first game. who needs the game more? >> i think the saenints need th game because the last playoff game didn't have a good taste in their mouth. they want to erase that . >> rodney, you've been in this position. what advice would you give for the players on the packers side of the field in terms of starting it off right? >> just understand belichick used to tell us last year what happened last year was last year, focus on this year. don't believe all the hype, all the media attention you get. you have to come out here and you have to prove yourself. don't worry about about what happened last year. >> michelle, you're the newcomer, but you're no stranger
8:33 am
to football. you're from this region. what is so special about lambeau field? >> we were driving over here. there's the small town buffalo and then there is the big jerry world down at dallas. this iis quintessential thfl football. there are homes around here where they're setting up already. and the crowds are great. they just understand the game. this is a really special place. >> you're right, you could be in someone's front yard looking right across the street at lambeau. good luck tonight, guys. we know it will be a great game. always nice to have you. this is a tradition for us now. >> it is. >> thanks verymuch. all right, mr. roker. >> that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. unfortunately, we still have pockets of moderate to heavy rain. some with thunder and lightning still coming through. all these areas in green under flood warnings here until midmorning. and most of the flooding is in
8:34 am
charles and prince george's and anne arundel and howard county. where you see the pockets of yellow and orange is where it's coming down hardest. moderate to heavy rain in fairfax county, prince george's and charles, calvert, st. mary's and anne arundel. much of the heavy and that's your latest weather. >> all right, mr. roker, thanks very much. when we come back, what it is really like to be a cheesehead. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
welcome back to green bay for the start of the nfl season. wisconsin is known as america's dairy land. one quarter of all the cheese consumed in the united states is
8:37 am
produced right here, so that's why the people around here are proud to be called cheeseheads. kevin tibbles joins us with more. >> if you walk around this town long enough, you're bound to run into someone with a chunk of cheese on their head. and for those who come from these parts, that's nothing out of the ordinary. ♪ >> reporter: hours before kickoff and the packer pandemonium is well under way. you can smell it in the air. literally. you can see it, too. packer pride pre-carry yusly perched atop the noggins of the faithful. they are the cheeseheads. are you proud to be a cheesehead in. >> i'm absolutely proud to be a cheesehead and a green bay packer fan. yay! >> say cheesehead. >> cheesehead! >> reporter: sometimes the adoration for the green and gold even gets a little, well, cheesy. i'm supposed to be interviewing
8:38 am
people with cheeseheads, but how am i going to interview that? >> you got have a cheese accessory. >> reporter: the original triangular cheesehead was that out of that orange foam stuff 25 years ago. these days there are as many as different hat varietieses as there are cheeses in the supermarket. and ralph bruno makes them all. he does not, however, make cheese back sides. >> if you have a cheesehead on and you're sitting next to your buddy, you got a beer, he's got a beer, it can't get any better. >> reporter: here in america's dairy land, wisconsinites love where their cheese comes from, too. >> this is baby dol. >> reporter: how can you tell from this angle? >> they're all different. >> reporter: tom's milk goes to make cheese. naturally he uses a milk machine. otherwise he's stuck with me p and a milk maid i ain't.
8:39 am
>> is baby dol a packers fan? >> we all are. >> reporter: this is hardcore. >> do you have a clees head? >> yes, i do. my wife won't let me wear it, but i have one. >> reporter: martha's coffee club has been meeting since 1947 to talk nothing but football. >> we cannot talk religion, politics or business. >> reporter: that's right, only packers. anyone who breaks the rules is fined a quarter. and all the money raised goes to charity. >> here they are members of the community when they play for this team. >> players are so accessible and that makes it different. i grew up about a mile from here. and i delivered newspapers. i went to high school with vince lombardi's son. >> reporter: and that packers community is spread far and wide. cheesehead tv is the largest fan run website and it's based in new york of all places. >> we have people who contact us from australia, the far east, from russia, from germany, all
8:40 am
over the world. >> reporter: for home games, the local airport turns into a parking lot for private jets filled with cheeseheads from across the country. back in 1995, frank was even saved by his cheesehead in a plane crash. >> the cheese kind of instead of putting it on the top, i stuck it on the front so it would be a sash my whole face and i held on to it 230i78 pact. >> reporter: yes, those cheeseheads are a hearty bunch. >> go pack, go! all rig >> reporter: but it's inside lambeau field where they get their cheese on, pride, tradition and the super bowl champs. >> what do you feel like? >> it's a great team. >> there is a certain amount of pride fp reps where you come from and who you believe and that you love the green bay packers. >> reporter: love is wildly putting it mildly. this is cheese-normus.
8:41 am
>> you know, i could have gone way over the top with that script and put a bunch of cheesy stuff. but i didn't want to milk it. >> oh! >> out of time here, kevin. >> it would have been udderly ridiculous. people are so welcoming, this is a community, so you guys -- >> thank you very much. >> honorary cheeseheads for a day. and i understand even back in new york they're getting their cheese on. p. >> that's right. we're trying to figure out whether you can get a cheese hat head. >> ann and i are rocking the cheese today. >> thanks so much. much more coming up, including more from the legendary lambeau field. and new york. but first, this iis "today" on
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
as the tenth anniversary of september 11th approach, we can't to get about the children, the kids of 9/11. today jenna bush hager spent a day with some of them at a very special camp. good morning. >> good morning, ann. these kids are incredible and with the help of the camp, they've grown up and groan stronger together. and they're proving to be heros in their own right. >> reporter: faces of youth. radiant, hopeful, resilient. but behind these optimistic smiles lie recommend nabmnants loss when the twin towers fell, more than 2700 children had participantses w s w part parents who would never come home. ten years later, they're
8:45 am
learning to heal but remember those they loved. >> his personality would change the way you think of anything. >> reporter: at america's camp, a free nonprofit camp that started ten years ago for those who lost a parent on 9/11. they come to reflect and have some fun. a place of laughter. joy. and dancing. the father of 20-year-old caitlin, 17-year-old brittany, and 13-year-old timmy died on that fateful die. >> this was my father. >> reporter: but like many other camper, timmy was so young, that he only remembers his father by his family's stories. >> you were three on september 11th. so do you have memories of that day? >> not really. i don't have memories of him either. i just kind of know him by like
8:46 am
pictures and videos. >> is that hard? >> yeah. it's kind of hard because they always tell like stories and i don't have stories like that. >> reporter: their mom, stacey, was skeptical about sending her children away that first summer after their father's death. >> caitlin wanted to stay home, caitlin wanted to stay close it me. >> reporter: but caitlin's hesitation and fear didn't last long. >> you got off the bus and your counselors immediately swooped you you up and said come on, let's go have fun. that was the first time in a really long time that i actually felt comfortable, my local body got warm chills. that was the first week that i don't remember crying. >> reporter: a relief from the tears as these lost children met others just like them. >> they were not just the 9/11 kid. they were all the 9/11 kids. so they stood together as a group. brittany when she was seven cried and said but seven year olds aren't supposed to lose their daddy.
8:47 am
and she's right. but there were meaplenty of oth at this camp who also lost their daddy. >> reporter: a decade later, a place rooted in fun has led to a new kind of family. >> to see campers our very first summer, they were angry, terrified to be living home. but to see the kids just lighting up an just grow and n. to these unbelievable adults who are caring and loving and passionate and all they want to do now is help other kids. >> reporter: 60 of the original campers are now counselors and mentors. >> you can really relate to them. my camper s are like us when i first came here, so it's looking at them, seeing how brave and strong that they are. >> reporter: labeled the kids of 9/11, they are so much more. and they carry on their parents' legacy with the hope of making the world a better place. >> i truly have no idea where i
8:48 am
would be without it because you're forced to grow up so fast and you get to come here and you get to kind of let loose. and you don't have to be uptight and you don't have to shut the world out. >> america's camp was a gift they were given -- sorry. as a parent, you want to fix everything. and there were so many aspects of 9/11 that i couldn't fix. >> reporter: tile by tile, they're rebuilding. with loss and hope, together forming a bond for brighter days ahead. >> like friends until the end. from something bad came something great. >> and we should mention that the america's camp foundation is a legacy much the twin towers fund. many of the kids are now in college or have graduated and have jobs. so the camp has decided that with the ten year anniversary, its doors will be closing. the kids say they have bitter sweet feeling, but they will of course always stay close like a family. >> the camp has done its job and
8:49 am
these kids can now go on and the relationships will likely last a long time to come. thanks so much, jenna. coming up, much more, but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] can a health insurance company be ahead of the curve and still completely behind you? dave thinks so. he's putting two kids through college. ♪ and aetna's payment estimator lets him compare in-network specialists and out-of-pocket costs. ♪ so he knows what to expect before getting the bill. money saved. ♪ see the savings. aetna. know more. get better.
8:50 am
the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. he is best known for his golden globe winning performance
8:51 am
as the angst ridden and obnoxious d. gregory house, and now hugh laurie is showing a different side of himself with the release of his debut blues album called let them talk. good morning to you. >> very good to be here. >> great to have you. where does this can team passion for jazz come from? >> i can't really explain it. it's been with me all my life. i was about ten years old, i had blues on the radio and it was like a thunderbolt. i knew that this music would be with me all my life. but i can't explain it what it is about this music. i know that i come from thousands of miles away, a whole other time, a whole other musical tradition. all kinds of traditions. it's not my music. and yet the first time i heard it, i knew that it was for me. it just spoke to me. >> it's often jazz comes out of suffering and freedom, the idea of freedom. so something that resonates between all kinds of people. but people sort of resist seeing
8:52 am
an artist who is established in one art form move into another. and yet your album has debuted at number two. >> is it? wow. >> yes, in britain. are you pinching yourself? >> i'm on another plan either. i'm playing with these wonderful musicians who live and breathe this stuff. if me, i'm on another planet. i can't believe it's happening. >> i can't believe i got to meet you and now we'll hear you sink. ladies and gentlemen, hugh laurie. ♪ ♪ ♪ walking down the levee with my head hanging low, looking for my mama, but she ain't here no more ♪ baby you don't know, you don't know my mind ♪ ♪ when you see me halving, laughing just to keep from
8:53 am
crying ♪ she won't cook my dinner, won't wash my clothes, won't do nothing but walk the road ♪ ♪ baby, you don't know, you don't know my mind, when you see me laughing, laughing just to keep from crying ♪ ♪ my breakfast on on on the table, and my coffee getting cold, mama's in the kitchen getting sweet, baby, you don't know, you don't though my mind ♪ ♪ when you see my laughing, laughing just to keep from crying ♪ ♪
8:54 am
♪ ♪ sometimes i think my baby's too good to die sometimesic she should be buried alive, baby, you don't though my mind ♪ ♪ when you see me laughing, laughing just to keep from crying ♪my mind ♪ when you see me laughing, laughing just to keep from crying ♪ i wish i had a nickel, i wish i had a dime, i wish i hadn't given myself a bad old time ♪ ♪ baby you don't know, you don't know my mind, when you see my laughing, laughing just to keep from crying ♪ ♪
8:55 am
♪ look at your mom madama, see you gotten dur, you took my money, know you broke and run, baby you don't know, you don't know my mind ♪ ♪ when you see me laughing, laughing just to keep from crying ♪ ♪ when you see me laughing, laughing just to keep from crying ♪ see me laughing laughing just to keep from
8:56 am
crying ♪ this is a news 4 news break. >> 8:55 is your time now on this thursday, september 8th, 2011. i'm eun yang. flooding is a huge problem across the d.c. area today. let's go live to megan mcgrath in upper marlboro. good morning. how is it looking out there? >> reporter: we haven't seen really any change at all. the water seems to be holding steady here. it's not receding. ron bortnick ford en route 301. the entire parking lot is under water. talked to the owner a little while ago. he thinks he's lost about $5 million worth of cars. he said these cannot be salvaged. they are going to have to be scrapped at this point. take a look at route 301. this is 301. it looks like a swift-moving river. we see all kinds of debris floating downstream. some of it rather large. huge chunks of wood being carried down the middle of the road by the water. as i mentioned, we are not seeing the water recede. at the moment, we don't have any
8:57 am
rain coming down, so that's good news. but it's going to take awhile for all of this water to work its way out of the area. and even when that happens, they are going to have to come in here, get all of this junk that floated off of the roadway and actually take a look at the road itself. we've seen some bubbling up coming from the asphalt here on this ramp, making me wonder whether there's some erosion that's occurred. if that's happened you v to do some repairs before you can let traffic back on to the roadway. we won't know until the water recedes. as you can see, just a huge mess here. we have a number of businesses impacted. the giant is cut off. suntrust bank is cut off. they don't have any actual flooding but there's absolutely no way to get into their parking lot. so they can't open. the kfc is also voursurrounded water. obviously, it's going to be a big mess for people trying to get to work, trying to get to school. downtown upper marlboro. water street is closed.
8:58 am
that's not a big surprise. that's a low-lying area. it often floods, and that's the case today. so that forced them to close the circuit court and also the county administration building because people just couldn't get in to downtown upper marlboro. so a real mess. going to be frustrating for a lot of folks. obviously, a sad situation for some of these businesses here who were so impacted. $5 million worth of cars lost here. that's a lot of money. >> that is a huge loss. very devastating. megan mcgrath, thank you. let's get to tom kierein in the storm center for an update on the forecast. tom, give us some good news. >> it does look like the heaviest rains will be tapering off and ending by around noontime today. only a small chance of an additional heavy downpour this afternoon. but between now and about 11:00 or so this morning is when we'll have a few more waves of some heavy rains. still deal with the residual of the overnight rain. so many counties near green in flood warnings. does include prince george's
8:59 am
county. that seems to be the epicenter of the flooding. also calvert and anne arundel and st. mary's have had a lot of flooding. not as much in montgomery and fairfax county. they still are under a flood warning. so is the district of columbia and arlington and alexandria. now here's what's been happening over the last hour. we have seen the last of the really heavy rain now beginning to pull into southern maryland. but these pockets of red where it is still coming down very hard. we do have some heavy downpours now along the beltway in montgomery county as well as across the border, the potomac river into fairfax county. they, too, are getting moderate to heavy downpours. southern prince william county. and one pocket of very heavy rain in extreme southwestern prince george's county. that is advancing north. it's now right near indian head like that's going to move toward alexand riamt. vernon and on the maryland side of the potomac and head into northeast washington
9:00 am
here in the next perhaps five or ten minutes. expect some heavy downpours there. elsewhere, the eastern shore has been pounded with heavy rain. dorchester county. really heavy downpours there moving up toward denton and heading into delaware. so for the rest of the day, expect this heavy rain to taper off here by noontime. just a small chance after that of an additional shower or thundershower this afternoon. and should stay cloudy throughout most of the area. then friday, partly sunny and just a small chance of an afternoon shower or thundershower. partly sunny, less humid. both days, high mid-80s. only a slight chance of a mainly afternoon thundershower. monday, tuesday, wednesday looking dry as well. we certainly need it. looks like it will cool down
9:01 am
9:02 am
9:03 am
good morning. still a very difficult commute for you. i'm tracking accidents. in addition, we still have high standing water and lots of congestion. i want to show you this accident on the beltway at wisconsin avenue. this is the inner loop still very slow as you approach the accident. on the outer loop, still seeing delays as you make your way past new hampshire avenue and head towards georgia avenue. very jammed. this is the scene at coalsville road. the rain is coming down pretty hard. shooting over to 395 at duke. still jammed. your delays start from the beltway and continue to the 14th street bridge. once you get to the 14th street bridge, some delays here. earlier i had an accident just as you approach the bridge. that's still there and blocking your two center lanes prior to the 14th street bridge. some of the roadways are closed, i-66, the ramp to 110, that's
9:04 am
shut down. in fact, 110 around the memorial bridge is closed due to high standing water. also big problems all along 301. you might want to just avoid that altogether. problems at 301 and central avenue. also between route 4 and marlboro pike on 301. and then also en route 4, you are shut down at wood yard road. please be careful as you make your way about. eun, back to you. >> danella, thanks. for well, this is your rin.
9:05 am
this is for 15 straight years and over 820 weeks as number one. we have a championship ring for you. it has the "today" show on top. >> are you kidding me? >> your name on the side. the year that you started. >> that's fantastic. >> tim, thank you so much. >> congratulations. >> that is really great. we appreciate that. >> and we have one for ann, as well. >> absolutely. >> my gosh, i was just handed this ring. woah. take a look at that, you guys. we're talking some serious bling. that's something. thank you so much. wow, that's terrific. this is a weapon.t's a weapon. >> it is a weapon. we have a lot more coming up. thanks for the great gift. we're now going to go inside for a check of the top stories of the day. in for natalie, we have savannah guthrie. >> good morning, everyone. in the news today, more evidence this morning that the job market is grim for millions of americans. the number of people seeking unemployment benefits last week
9:06 am
went up, according to the labor department. meantime, at last night's debate, republican presidentiol hopefuls sparred over social security and attacked president obama's health care legislation. tonight it is president obama's turn to outline his plan for getting the economy going and getting americans back to work. it's tonight on nbc, 7:00 eastern. a one-two punch for flood weary residents along the northeast who are bracing for another round of possible flooding. remnants of tropical storm lee are flooding roads from maryland to new england. at least three deaths have already been reported in central pennsylvania. and in parts of new jersey, where folks are still trying to dry out from hurricane irene, rivers are rising again to dangerously high levels. >> police are still seeking a motive in the deadly rampage that took four lives at a carson city, nevada, ihop restaurant. the gunman, 32-year-old eduardo sencion also took his own life shortly after that attack. back in april of 2000, police
9:07 am
say sencion was taken into protective custody while committed for mental problems. well, san francisco nudists may be feeling the chill today as a lawmaker there introduces legislation to restrict public nakedness. turns out it is perfectly legal to be naked in the city by the bay as long as you aren't bothering anyone. but the new bill would require people to kourch at restaurants and, yes, provide a buffer for their bottoms in public seating areas. sounds like a good law. 9:07. back to the guys in green bay. hey, al. how is the weather? >> completely clothed. great nudist weather. a little chilly right now. jerry, tell her about the shrinkage. let's show you what's happening. we're talking about, unfortunately, this horrific flooding. look at these rainfall totals. so far almosta -- a little more than a foot in harrisburg. a little more than 4.5 inches in
9:08 am
central park. here's what's going on. the remnants of lee spinning around. nothing to kick it out. this rain is sitting on top, training up and through western -- eastern pennsylvania into interior new york and new england. we've got flash flood watches, flood watches and flood warnings in effect stretching all the way from d.c. on up into new england. rainfalliments of 1 to 3 inches per hour where these bands just sit on top. anywhere from 4 to 6 inches more of rain from richmond, virginia, all the way up to just west of boston. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> in the last 12 hours, parts of prince george's county and charles county have had anywhere from about 7 inches to as much as 10 inches of rain just in the last 12 hours alone. as a result, that's the epicenter for the flooding. all these areas in green under flood warnings. it does include washington and the nearby suburbs. here is the radar. over the last hour we've seen -- really the last of the heavy
9:09 am
downpours advancing south to north. they'll still be around the and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> today's money is brought to you by bank of america. this morning on today's money, a lesson in numbers. what should 0%, 5% or ev30% mea this your daily life? vera gibsons is here to help us. let's start with your few nums. with 0%, what should that number mean to us? >> this is the amount of your take home pay that you should ideally owe to your credit card numbers. so in other words, nothing. unfortunately, the amp household has about $16,000 in credit card debt right now. so you really want to make a concerted effort to try to pay that off. >> and you are not saying don't use your credit card, you're saying don't carry a balance.
9:10 am
>> try not to carry a balance. the next number 5% would be the maximum amount of your take home pay that you should owe to the credit card companies. that's it. p so you really want to try to chip away at this can debt. >> 0% we should try not to owe, but 5% is -- >> the maximum amount you should owe. so there are a couple strategy, you can consolidate your debt, do a balance transfer, but you have to make sure that the balance transfer fee isn't too high and that the conditions are reasonable. >> our nest number to remember is 15%. and this has to do with our retirement savings? >> this is the minimumnumber tos 15%. and this has to do with our retirement savings? >> this is the minimum amount of your gross that you should be allocating specifically towards your retirement. and this is the minimum because it actually presumes that you're in your 30s or have been saving for retirement since the age of 25. so for most of us, that number is actually closer to 20%. >> if you didn't start until you were in your 30s.
9:11 am
>> and some of us don't. you'll need to replace 100% of your reretirement income to live comfortably in retirement. >> so 15% about of your take home pay -- >> of your gross. >> goodness, this is difficult. next number, 25%. >> this has to do with your housing costs. 25% to 28%. the maximum amount that should be allocated to your housing which would be your mortgage, your insurance, your taxes. all of that. if you're above this mark, one way to reduce it would be to come up with a sizable down payment. with you regardless, you have to have good credit. an analysis found that if you have a score of under 620, you're unlikely to get a single loan quote even if you make that sizable down payment of 15% to 25%. so you want to make sure you hit these targets. if you're well above these, then you really need to make a concerted effort to bring that down. >> what about renters. can we spend more on our rent?
9:12 am
i hope you'll say yes because here in new york city, it's a little much. >> some people spend up to 50% of income on rent. the average ballpark is about 30% of your rent. so $1800 a month in represent assuming you're making 40 times that, which would be $72,000. >> i'm glad you're so between at math. thank you so much for the numbers that are easy to remember. appreciate it. and coming up next, you hear stick to go your diet is all about portion control, but how do you know what the right portion is? we'll find out. and later, confused by all the choices at the make skrup counter is this from the best eye liner to the hottest shade in nail polish, we'll find out which products won shape magazine's beauty awards. h rewards credit card, we earn more cash back for the things we buy most. it's 1% cash back everywhere, every time. 2% on groceries. 3% on gas. automatically. no hoops to jump through.
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9:15 am
causing discomfort. but activia has been shown in clinical studies to help with slow intestinal transit when consumed 3 times per day. 7 out of 10 doctors recommend activia. and the great taste is recommended by me! . this morning on joy's diet s.o.s., answers to your diet dilemmas. everything from which oil cuts calories to how to recognize proportion sizes. joy, good to see you. >> good to see you. we're talking about everything. >> let's get to. we have debbie in wooster, ohio, she joins us via skype. what's your question? >> good morning. i was recently diagnosed with ibs. on which after eating, i he said up in severe pain and nausea. i'm feeling so frustrated and would huff some advice.
9:16 am
what kind of diet will reduce the symptoms? >>some advice. what kind of diet will reduce the symptoms? >> i know ibs can be awful. if people who don't know what it is, it's irritable bowel syndrome and it's a condition that can cause severe abdominal pain, sometimes die re, a constipation. unfortunately, there are so many different, a constipation. unfortunately, there are so many different triggers. so i can't really throw out any specific diet advice because i'm not sure what will work for you or for somebody else. but my best advice is you need to meet with a registered diet it tesch sh diet tesch shan who specializing with ibs. and they'll start you on an elimination diet. they'll remove every single trigger under the sun and then one by one introduce them into your diet so you can figure out what foods to eat, what foods to avoid to feel more comfort shl.
9:17 am
and you will. it's an exhausting process, but so well worth it. so you have to find that registered dietitian. and if you go to the american dietetic association, eat, and you put in your zip code, you'll have a full list and you can choose from them. >> great advice. feel good and take care of yourself. thank you, debbie. ann is on the phone in san francisco. i think a lot of people can relate to your question. . >> hi, joy. my question is i like to stir fry vegetables and lean meats using a olive oil splay and i was wondering if this proper can tukt is harmful to my health. i tend to avoid oil from a bottle. >> first off, it's a smart move using the oil sprays because for every table spoon of oil that you save, you're trimming off 120 calories. so that's a huge savings. now, the fda considers those
9:18 am
commercial sprays like pamper effectually safe. but i think there's even a better option. you can pick up one of the reusable oil misters for about 15 bucks and you can add your favorite heart healthy oil, whether it's canola oil, olive oil, and then there is no additives. and the best part is because you're not consistently buying the canisters from the store and tossing them out, you save cash and it's better for the environment. >> good stuff. thank you for calling in. let's go to a vir e-mail from barbara. she says my husband has a problem with understanding portion sizes. do you have an easy visual that i can pass on to my husband to help him understand what appropriate portions look like and how much he should be eating each day. >> here is my least you need to know strategy. in terms of vegetable, the more the better. don't worry about portions. pile them on. when it comes to protein, meat, chicken and fish, you want them to be between the palm size a
9:19 am
and your extended hand. and when it comes to starch and grains, think tennis ball. so you want to be about the size of a tennis ball when it comes to rice, potatoes, and pasta. and one to two slices of bread. and if at one meal you have a starch heavy meal, just omit the starch at the next meal and you'll catch yourself up. >> so put a tennis ball and -- >> exactly. and the more vegetables you can pile on the better. >> great vicadvice. thank you, joy. still to come, the best beauty products on on the market. and more from al in green bay. but first, these messages. granola thins. cer ] something deliciously different from nature valley. thin squares of crispy granola layered with creamy peanut butter or rich dark chocolate flavor. lightly toasted for a delicate crunch. 90 calories. 100% natural.
9:20 am
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9:21 am
and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] university of phoenix is proud to sponsor education nation. because we believe an educated world is a better world. [ male announcer ] university of phoenix is proud to sponsor education nation. fresher less processed foods introducing freshpet vital recipes so fresh the only preservative we use is the fridge freshpet fresh food for fido
9:22 am
al is down at lambeau field where football fans are waiting to kickoff the football season tonight. >> al, what's the mood like there now? you have a lot of stuff with you. >> everybody's really excited. and guys, guess what, i'm in the
9:23 am
place for all things packers. we're in the packers pro shop here at lambeau field. they carry more than 2,000 individual items here. last year alone, they sold 53,000 super bowl locker room caps. you can get these great pom-pom gloves. and tamron, i know this is the accessory you need. look at that. >> that is so the it bag of the season. >> it comes with a whistle. >> oh, my gosh. >> isn't that nice? and then we've also got some cheerleader packers stuff there. even for the weatherman on your gift list, packers rain gauge and temperature gauge. how cool is that. do you know they actually sold over 11,000 cheesehead last year. you can get your own cheese helmet. if you want your competition to
9:24 am
be toast, they have their own toaster. >> i thought the toaster had pom-poms on it but those are just your gloves. >> no, don't use toast when you have your pom-poms on. that could be trouble. maybe you want to roels yoroast your competition. at least could you put barbeque sauce on it. >> that's green bay packers barbeque sauce? >> right there, baby. they have their own garden gnome. look at that. >> that's cute. >> sits right on the 50 yard line. look at me, i'm a green bay garden gnome. and we also want to mention -- he doesn't actually have a voice. that was me. but by the way, special nfl kickoff coverage at 7:00 p.m. eastern on the networks of nbc of a president obama's speech. guys, back to you. sd . we'll have have more from
9:25 am
green bay coming up next. could be working better. listen to this with occasional irregularity, things your body doesn't use could be lingering in your system, causing discomfort. but activia has been shown in clinical studies to help with slow intestinal transit when consumed 3 times per day. 7 out of 10 doctors recommend activia. and the great taste is recommended by me! gives us the most nutritious of gifts. but only when they are ready to be given. that's why we pick vegetables at their peak. ...and freeze them fast, locking in nutrients ...for you to unwrap. ♪ ho, ho, ho. green giant
9:26 am
obama's speech. this is a news 4 news break. >> 9:26 is your time on this thursday, september 8th, 2011. flooding is the big problem across the d.c. metro area today. this is video of flooding at the brighton dam in brookville. and this is the ron fortnick dealership. let's check in with meteorologist tom kierein for an update on the forecast. >> thankfully the last of the heavy rain is now moving through the area. fairfax and montgomery and the district and passing off to the north. a much smaller chance of any additional rain later this afternoo [ agent ] so your policy looks good, is there anything else? why did you buy my husband a falcon? thanks for the falcon. i didn't buy anyone a falcon. sure, you did. you saved us a lot of money on auto insurance.
9:27 am
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9:28 am
good morning. tough commute for you. still have high standing water and a lot of congestion. and in virginia on the inner loop, we're jammed as you make your way towards the spur. still very slow as you loop your way around. you can see 66 inside the beltway, heading west. as well as i-66 east outside of the beltway. you are jammed and still slow as you head inside the beltway. i'll be back in 30 minutes with another update. eun, back to you.
9:29 am
9:30 am
all i want is my daughter's high school diploma that she worked so hard for. >> but i can't -- >> that's lauren graham and another tough whom any moment, just one drama playing out on the hit showed parent hood. la lauren graham will be here tomorrow. we love her. it's a great show. everyone wants to know what will happen this season p. meanwhile, we've got a special split show today. al is still hanging out this green bay, but coming up there here, the winners of shape magazine's beauty awards. from moisturizers to lip color to the ideal waterproof makeup remover, a panel of experts, about 4,000 readers, voted and picked out that i ever favori t. i went to that list and i
9:31 am
thought if one thing is unreasonable, i'm tearing it up. but it's a good list. >> they've done all the research. and al of course has been having a great time in green bay this morning. the nfl season kicks off tonight. al, it tell us what you have coming up and give us a check of tonight. al, tell us what you have coming up and give us a check of the weather, too. >> of course, we've got it all going on here. besides the nfl and checking the weather, we've also got, i mean, look. you can't come to wisconsin without trying a little beer. this is a place about beer. and we're going to taste some of the great beers of wisconsin in just a little bit. not only the ones that made milwaukee famous but the ones that put milwaukee and wisconsin on the map. we're not in milwaukee. we're in green bay. we're also going to be talking about cheese. this is a state that produces 2.6 billion -- billion with a "b" pounds of cheese a year. some of the milk you are drink with your coffee this morning i may have used to make some
9:32 am
mozzarella and a little cheese wrapped around butter. or butter wrapped around cheese. that's right. first off, we want to meet -- we want to introduce you to a guy who bears a striking resemblance to longtime packers quarterback brett favre. kurt ementinger has gotten a lot of attention since a local affiliate spotted him in the crowd. this is amazing. have you been told a lot, all along that you look like brett? >> for the last 20 years, al. it's been remarkable. could be in an airport, a restaurant. people come up and think i'm brett favre. i tell them that i'm not. there's only one brett favre. we know that. mr. favre, you are the man. you are the legend. >> i'm sure he's probably gotten you should good tables at restaurants. you haven't probably protested too much. oh, right this way, mr. favre. >> i always tell them that i'm kirk ermentinger. some of the people believe you
9:33 am
and are okay with it. some just say, yeah, right, brett. >> has it ever gotten you in trouble? >> no, not ot all. it's always been positive. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> you look good. >> thank you very much. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> i'm happy to report the last of the really heavy rain is now in washington and in fairfax and montgomery county and advancing to the north. and behind that, we should finally get a much-needed break later this afternoon. only a small chance of an additional downpour. but it is raining pretty hard in fairfax from near reston to mcclane and across the potomac. northwest washington getting heavy rain as is that's your latest weather. of course you can't visit this great state of wisconsin without knocking back a brew ski or two and helping me sample some of them is kevin, the and you and author of the best beer diet.
9:34 am
what is it about beer and wisconsin? >> it goes back even before wisconsin was a state. we had a brewery in 1835 before we had a kindergarten. >> what kind of beer is this? >> this is johnny blood red irish al eflt. named after a paercker player i the 30s. you have the luna coffee from across the street. the roast gives it the coffee character. and this was driven down because the guy didn't deliver very far are it's black husky called spruce juice. >> very thighnice. >> oktoberfest. >> it's october somewhere. >> it's the season. >> and we're running out of time. what's the last one? >> the last one is expect the
9:35 am
worst. also from title town. wurst. it's a bratwurst flavored beer. >> just a hint of golden's mu mustard. very nice. thank you so much. i'll bring some of these back for you ladies. i know you both like to knock back a brew or two. >> especially that bratwurst beer. we know there's more coming up from green bay if he's sober enough to continue. >> and al learns the secrets of cheese making from one of wisconsin's finest right after this.
9:36 am
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9:39 am
clorox disinfecting wipes. kills germs. dries clear. with will this next story, i'll changed my neighboring to al rocford. i got a chance to go inside the oldest cheese making family here in wisconsin to find out how to cut the cheese. >> you are the man. he got me geared up and teamed up with a cheese ace. >> he will show you the secrets of molding the mozzarella. >> he taught me the fine points.
9:40 am
that's hot. >> about 175 degrees. >> first we stretch the cheese. >> just work it gently. it will eventually look like one big smooth piece . >> and then we got down to the business of making balls. >> just fold it over. see all the lines are going like this. those are the proteins. you want to go with the proteins. this is good for a first time. >> something like that? >> that's close. >> close, yeah. >> acceptable for today. >> the best part of rolling cheese, you get to eat your mistakes. you know how you'd improve this flavor? ved it and put it on a pizza. i moved on to cheese number two. my guide, bill.
9:41 am
>> this is a provolone with butter inside. just follow what i do. squeeze it low around the butter to make sure there is no air. no air pockets in the cheese. >> yours is done. i keep having little cracks. though i struggled, my effort had an artistic bent. look,s's picasso. i pressed bill for details. have you ever put anything else in there instead of the butter, like peanut butter, wliliver? in the end, i had to go to somebody else's finished product. it's like a giant christmas ornament. >> you can eat it on new year's. >> joining me now from the cheese company, and you make 25 varieties. >> every day.
9:42 am
>> so show me some of the cheeses that you have. >> taste it on a piece of bread. >> and you also make a bread? >> yes. >> and this is like a parmesan. and you also -- [ female announcer ] don't just moisturize, improve the health of your skin with aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. the natural oatmeal formula goes beyond 24-hour moisture. it's clinically proven to improve your skin's health in one day, with significant improvement in 2 weeks.
9:43 am
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9:45 am
welcome, to the this is our plant.ur. these are our workers... and this, is upper management. but what you won't find around here is any freezing, flavoring or concentrating. which brings us to our end product. simply orange. honestly simple. (whoo, whoo, whoo) that's just the night watchman. this morning on today's beauty, shape magazine's annual beauty awards. with so many products out there,
9:46 am
the folks have done the leg work sorting through all the lotions and possessions to find their best. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> you had a lot of help from readers of the magazine and staff members. >> we did. he we did a lot of work and we wanted everyone to give us their input and weigh in on their favorite r0 pro ducts. and everything we're talking about is under $60. >> good grief, you you go to the drug store and every shelf has a beauty product on it. >> we put everything in categories. for example our first is best makeup. everyone need as tinted moisturizer. which clinique has a great one that has a hint of color so you don't have to wear makeup, police it's hydrating. this has aloe. >> and this is great for weekend wear. you don't have to cake on on
9:47 am
everything. >> exactly. >> what about the shade ranges here? >> these come in a raenk of shades and you always want to make sure that you're in natural light when finding your best color. >> and next up is eye liner. we know it can smudge and rulie even a look. >> this is stillky and it won't smudge. one of our readings tried this during a wedding. it did not smudge and comes with great colors. i wear it all the time. >> and now to lip color. this was the most expensive, you but you think it's worth it. >> absolutely. items from s it's from chanel. a gives you a sheen of a gls. and this is eye make skrup remover. this takes off everything especially waterproof makeup. and it doesn't sting. this is gentle.
9:48 am
>> and this being loo look this feels good. >> it's a bath bar, but they massage you and melts away the stress. and smells so good. it lasts for a couple hours even after you're done with your shower. >> and these bubble things, is that to help your skin feel s? t >> it helps open up your muscles. this is for anti-cellulite. we all have that issue. don't throw away your gym membership, but this has been proven to help make the appearance of cellulite go away for a couple of days. so tighter, firmer skin. >> doesn't occur tcure the prob a temporary reprieve. i'll take all of these. >> and what is a day cream? sglef >> something that has moisturizer and spf.
9:49 am
this has spf 50, so it's super protection. but this also has zink oxide. so if you have discoloration or brown spots, it helps get rid of that eventually as you use it. >> it says translucent. does it come in shades? >> it's height whwhite when you organization but it gives you a great mat finish. just let it stay for a while and put on makeup on top of it if you want. >> a lot of people take it for granted, you really need to use u sch uspf every day. >> and this has 50. you don't want the wrinkles and scan cancer. >> i just read an article that african-american women are in a fast growing group of skin cancer. i love all these little gadgets. >> this is an exfoliate toor, bt
9:50 am
also has a krecleanser. and the brush makes the process fun. this feels good on your skip, pl skin, plus it exfoliates. it's gentle enough to use every day. love that. and last but not least, the hottest color for the fall. >> this is called nice is nice. it's whimsical, feminine, really fun and all the staffers are obsessed with this color. >> and i like if because you do get color, but it's neutral nothing that it will go with just about everything. >> and it has a small apply indicator brush. we'll be back with more in a moment.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
lots of excitement this green bay this morning. don't forget nfl season kickoff tonight. saents and packers. apparently the fellows around here didn't know that it's the saints, which is new orleans, and the green bay packers. >> packers reigning super bowl champs. thought i'd impress you. >> how well they did last season. >> yes. brett favre retired. anyway, the point is, if you don't know football, you have your chance tonight. 7:30 kickoff. you can learn everything, empress your treimpress your friends. >> and fastest growing group, female football fans. coming up, kathie lee and
9:54 am
hoda also big it tbl fans. if respect [ screaming ]
9:55 am
[ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house.
9:56 am
whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. this is a news 4 news break. >> good morning, everyone. 9:56 the time on this thursday, september 8th. we've got flooding around.
9:57 am
major problem all morning long. new in the past 30 minutes, the charles county government is now closed. the prince george's county government is open today, but the county administration building and the county courthouse are closed. the sheriff's office is also closed there. let's check in with tom to see how much longer we'll have to deal with this rain. >> unfortunately, we still have the run-off from the heavy rains we had earlier this morning. all these areas in green still have flooding under way. even after the rain stops, we're going to have creeks and streams continuing to flood. we've had this rain continually advancing south to north. thankfully now the last of the heavy rain is now generally in montgomery county. they are getting one band of very heavy rain from near damascus, maryland to near gaithersburg and to where it crosses the river on the and loudoun county line. the last of the heavy rain exiting the metro area. only a smaller chance now later today into tonight and tomorrow for the -- an additional downpour.
9:58 am
over the weekend, looking a lot better. danella, how is traffic? >> still tough. a lot of congestion. look that the outer loop, i-66 as well as 395. still seeing delays. take a look at new hampshire avenue. jammed as you make your way towards georgia avenue. and on 395, those delays continue all the way from duke street to the 14th street bridge. barbara, back to you. >> we want to see your pictures. just snap a few photos or take just snap a few photos or take some video
9:59 am
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10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody, it's another soggy day here in the northeast. at least it's thirst-day, thursday, the 8th day of september. we always have something to help us through. >> we're going to6m brighten everyone's day, there's nothing that brightens everyone's day like -- >> hugh laurie. >> and the cutest baby contest. we were asking you guys to send in your pictures of your tots, zero to two. don't try to slip your 3-year-old in. look at that. from washington. >> look at this. look at the little head dress.
10:01 am
>> they're all great. >> look at jackson. just lounging on the bench. >> like forrest gump. >> look at trinity. >> okay. you could die. okay? here's the deal, you get one entry per person. >> here's me all day long. >> let's see what happens here. look at that baby. >> come on! >> oh, look at that. >> here's the hard part. everybody in the world thinks their baby is the cutest baby in the world. >> look at that. >> stop it! >> that's one of those, remember ann geddes. >> look at jackson with his hat on. >> this is going to be very, very tough. >> you go to our facebook page. and there's an icon that says cutest babies. please click on that icon.
10:02 am
>> right there, it's a circle and we made arrows so you can find it. it's and follow the instructions. >> and one entry per family. apparently another survey is out. i sort of agree with this one. most people worry. apparently 85% of what we worry about, never happens anyway. so why do we worry in the first place? >> you worry because your child is not home and they're driving and that's a legitimate worry. but here's the thing -- you worry because there are actual facts that happen out there. really, remember three years ago when the kids got in the car crash. you picture it being your child or whatever the deal is. >> i think it's the difference between a worrier and being concerned. you know. >> what's the difference? >> well i think worry is a state of being. people, they're worriers, the
10:03 am
minute they wake up until -- and people that are concerned are people more living in the moment. okay, ten minutes ago they should have been home, now i'm concerned. but unfortunately it takes a huge toll on you stresswise and everything else. >> i don't worry about myself. >> if something is happening to a family member, close friend, i worry about that. but i don't worry about, i don't think anyone is going to come get me. i don't have that, you don't believe that? >> i pray. i'm a huge believer in the power of prayer. and as a result you're not wasting your time. you're doing something positive. proactive as opposed to being reactive about the fears. be proactive about it. >> some fears are justified. reece witherspoon found that out. she was jogging along the side of a road in santa monica. and was crossing in one of those crosswalks and she got hit by a driver who was -- an 84-year-old
10:04 am
woman. and she was cited for failing to yeed yield to a pedestrian. >> even though you're not supposed to jay walk in beverly hills, but you always have to give the pedestrian the right of way. 84 years old. one of the hardest things in the world is for an elderly person to give up their independence. and i remember one of the hardest days for my daddy was when we had to take the keys away from him. it's very difficult. perhaps you know, she's, her -- >> i'm not sure what happened in that case. because it is weird. i've been driving before and someone crosses and you're not used to seeing someone walk out in front of you. even though there's a crosswalk and you're supposed to yield. but sometimes that's not what you're thinking. apparently she was going very slowly. >> the worst is someone is parked right before the crosswalk, so you don't see anybody. and the person is in front of the car and it's too late. anyway, she's fine. we want everybody to know. i love her. >> i think she's one of those
10:05 am
people that everybody likes. >> gwynneth paltrow and taylor swift. and reece "nwitherspoon. >> and sandra bullock. >> and oh, by the way, i didn't know this. >> that's not true. >> i hope it isn't. not that they're going to have a baby. but that she's with ryan reynolds. >> i heard that she said both of those things were not true. the baby and ryan reynolds. >> i read it in another publication. >> we're going to believe this one. >> and i hope it's true. they seem like they would be a great match. >> gwynneth paltrow speaking out on marriage. she's been married to her husband, chris, the singer for eight years and who everybody knows. she released this comment which has raised some people's attention. >> it was part of an interview in a magazine. >> here it is -- life is complicated. >> wrong! >> complicated and long. >> would you read it? >> go, go. >> and i know people that i respect and admire and look up to who have had extra marital
10:06 am
affairs. >> i'm a great romantic. but i also think you can be a romantic and a raelist. it's like we're flawed. we're human beings and sometimes you make choices that other people are going to judge. >> which makes us look at her life far more -- close+gñ than e would have. if she just had said, life's good. i think what she's saying is drew, monogomy is not a natural state. you have to work at that. >> you said something that i agreed with a lot. you were saying like when you, when you make a choice to get married. you are choosing to have the discipline, and there's something right about having the discipline in your life. because if we all did exactly what we wanted right this second, who knows who would be -- >> we'd all be -- >> that's exactly right. i agree with that every day. when you're 20, you think about how much you change from the time you're 18 to 20 and then think about how much you change from that to when you're 30. it better be somebody that you
10:07 am
like very much and have the same values. because once the -- woops? is gone -- >> it will never happen with you. >> i like it and i want it to stick around. >> if you're trying to lose weight, breaking news for you. the one diet they said works above all others, it's not even a diet, it's a lifestyle. they said the number one choice here is weight watchers. they say that overweight parents, i mean overweight patients were told by their doctors, weight watchers is the most consistent way to lose weight. >> you have to answer, there's an authority that you have to go to all the time. there's a buddy system. you know, people -- >> and you have to get weighed in usually. >> you know what's not on the weight watchers' diet? >> freddy bolts. i've been trying to avoid freddy bolts my entire life. but apparently -- this is not what you want to avoid. freddy balls. >> please remember the "snl"
10:08 am
spoof. there's an "snl" spoof -- >> my mother is horrified right now. >> with alec baldwin and the npr girl. schwetty -- >> can we show a little clip? >> no, we can't, even though it's our own network. anyway, i guess ben and jerry's made, they've unveiled their "snl" schwetty balls. how are they? are they juicy? >> i can't have ice cream, so i can ask, what it tastes like. how are they? >> fudge-covered rum balls and milk chocolate milk balls, how do you think it tastes? >> go out and get your schwetty balls fast. >> it's delicious? >> radiccio. >> can we just have a little drink? >> we went to lambeau field and i understand, i didn't see any
10:09 am
saints fans at all. >> world champions two years-, ago. >> no, no, no. >> so there. >> the new season, hoda, who knows what will happen. >> wow. you guys know how to mix a drink here. that's good. >> that's great. >> it is time for a little song, i think. >> it's hoda's ipod day. >> yes, it is. >> listen. it's the end of summer, and this is kind of a summer song. it's by lmsao. i can't even tell you what that stands for. because we would be bleeped off the air. >> wonderful. >> it's a good song. let's play it. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:10 am
>> wait, wait. shake that! >> do you feel that? >> no, i need to go to the ladies room. sorry. >> all right. here's the kind of music klg likes. and he's with us today, so we're really lucky. >> it's called talent. hugh laurie is here, he's not only a terrific actor, he's an amazing musician. he's a cutie. >> you don't expect this kind of bluesy country, coming out of him. but he sings it.
10:11 am
>> he heard it the first time when he was 12 years old and he said it just got into his soul. >> it's one of the number one songs in the country. >> it happened. >> back to this magazine we love so much. >> we do. >> that you dised. >> i didn't diss it. >> dating more than one person at a time. >> there was one time in my life that i did that, and it was like, i'm not made for that world. you know, it's just too, it's too complicated. >> is it okay to date more than one. >> you say dating is complicated enough without multiplying your potential disasters. >> that, by the way is a great answer. >> thank you, thank you. it's of course it's okay, as long as everyone involved knows. >> it depends on what dating is. if dating means being intimate, then you should not date multiple people at once. is dating is going out for dinner and meeting someone else, that's okay. >> but just be aware that it's going to complicate your life even more than most people's lives are already complicated.
10:12 am
>> i agree with that. i want to give a lot of love to andrea mitchell. she announced she had breast cancer yesterday. >> instead i discovered that i am now among the one in eight women in this country -- >> this andrea mitchell, if you haven't met her, because most of us have seen her on tv. she is one of the kindest -- >> you adore her. >> any time you ask her how she's doing, she asks you how you're doing. i sent her an email and she wrote back, i didn't want to bother you. i'm like, are you kidding me? she's one of the kindest, sweetest people. they caught it early. the prognosis is great. it didn't spread. so -- >> anyway. >> we send her our love. >> all right. >> one in eight now, isn't it? >> unbelievable. >> coming up next, now we're talking about how to stop needless worrying. we'll talk about that. plus, the video that scares me and we get a few laughs. ♪ ♪
10:13 am
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10:16 am
let's face it, we all, except for me, worry about some things that it's important to note. 85% of what we worry about, never happens, hoda. and those needless worries have a tremendous impact on our kids. >> what can we do to stop the insanity? author don joseph and contributor, robbie ludwig are here with more. that stat, 85% is a shocker. i didn't realize that 85% of what we sweat out isn't really going to happen. >> it points to how we have a brain that can make up all sorts of stress events, purely in our head. and -- our imagination. >> our imagination, we work ourselves up. our brain works ourself up. we get wired to worry. 40% of americans are stressed and worried every day to the extreme. and that means the
10:17 am
stress-response is activating nonstop. flooding our body and brains with stress hormones. >> people go on medication for it. >> what if you're hard-wired a certain way, robbie and that's just the way you think you are. what's the solution? >> you can certainly learn how to help yourself to worry less by being aware of what you're worrying about. whether it's based in reality or fantasy. are you responding to something that happened in the past? or your imagination? the news, or circumstances that are going on. and you can say, listen, am i really being realistic? and if not, maybe i need to shift the way i'm thinking. and/or take action. that's the best antidote for worry. >> what can you do to take action? >> living from simple principles has been shown to rewire your brain. things like having faith. people who pray, wire their brain pretty well. willingness to be more peaceful inside. trusting the process. all of those, the whole set of different values that you begin
10:18 am
to live from, begin to galvanize. >> if you could be more pragmatic. if you're worried about being stuck in traffic, then leave yourself more time. or do you -- >> there are things that you can control. >> and there are things that you have no control over and then you have to decide what kind of attitude are you going to have to help you get through your day. otherwise it robs you of your joy in life. >> there are people out there that are going, okay, so 85% -- it's that 15% that does come true. that's why i worry. >> that same study found that 79% of those people, the 15% that happen, 79% reported they handled it quite well. they resolved the issue. >> better than they thought. >> the point is, there's no percentage. there are no percentages in worrying. the reason we worry is we're locked into it. and when we worry chronically, we're flooding our body with these stress hormones.
10:19 am
and they kill brain cells, they damage our immune system and they eventually kill us. >> isn't it also the people you hang around with? i think it's contagious. you're around someone, it's like oh my god, did you hear that he died? blah blah. and suddenly in your head, you can get some of that stress from people. >> and your parents, if you're worried all the time, your children pick up on that and you're teaching your children, the world's not safe. you have no confidence in them. >> they need to have a healthy fear. feels like i think people worry is it feels like they're doing something. and it's really creativity going haywire. so if you really use your creativity in a more pragmatic way, it can be tremendously helpful. >> i think a lot of people say they're worried about you, because they want you to feel that they care about you. >> yes. >> worrying from afar. >> but in reality, it's -- it's just not practical.
10:20 am
>> it's like, oh my god, you're worried about me?
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
we're back with a special series we call web-tastic. >> this week's video features kiley, a 5-month-old baby doing crunches. >> kiley's workout faces are priceless, check it out. >> baby, p-90 x, ab workout. let's go. oh! >> you can do it, keelie -- >> three! four! arghh. dig deep, dig deep! >> squeeze, squeeze! >> that's amazing.
10:24 am
>> her parents, love it because -- >> they're goofing around on the sofa and they thought her faces were so funny. and they said, oh, it looks like she's working out. >> or crying. >> they posted it. they had over 36,000 hits. >> it's very cute. >> it's very cute. >> thank you, sara. what's coming? >> ahead, the ten things every woman should own from one season to the next. neil martin is with us, plus, is your makeup making you sick? what you should know before you apply.
10:25 am
10:26 am
apply. first these messages. this is a news 4 news break. >> new today, major flooding in several parts of our region. coming up, we are live from a car dealership where several vehicles are under water in prince george's county. good morning. i'm barbara harrison. a school has closed early because a smoke alarm went off because a smoke alarm went off and students had to
10:27 am
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i just joined extracare advantage for diabetes at cvs pharmacy. i'm taking the right steps to manage my diabetes and my budget. extracare advantage for diabetes is a program that helps me save money on the supplies i need so we can stay a step ahead of... all: our diabetes! join extracare advantage for diabetes and get special savings. visit to find out more.
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we're back on this thirst-day thursday with today's style and the ten things from your closet to your kitchen that every, put-together woman should own. >> who better to make the check list but "today" and "us weekly" contributor, jill martin. what do we have? >> this i'm very excited about. and everyone is like marking their calendars, it's a very big deal. missoni for target is debuting their home collection today, starting at $2.99. look at how beautiful these are. >> $2.99? >> yes. to $40 tops. it's only in stores from september 9th to october 22nd. so if you don't have a great serving piece, this is amazing to have in your kitchen.
10:31 am
a beautiful serving piece and a beautiful flow. they also have a beautiful -- feel this. for $39.99. if you want that option, a beautiful throw to have in your den or living room. butterscotch blankies, and these pricef40ñpoints, you can do it your baby's room. but this should be something you should have. this i know you both agree on. everybody should have personalized stationery. i'm giving you two options here, monograms off, all our names with little symbols. and if you go on the website, you'll have to call, because you can't buy it offer the website. and then, tiny prints, just affordable options, you can write handwritten cards, it's latedy-like and a classy thing to do. signature scent. it's nice to shake things up. >> you're wearing a different one today. >> you'll see why in a second.
10:32 am
i have this one, my signature scent. >> that's what aimee wore, from all of those years in the '20s. >> this is old. >> not a lot of people wear it. that's my scent. and these candles, maisson 24, beautiful candles. here's the trick to always having your scent on you. it's a new thing, take the top off your regular perfume and you take this and you just pump it. and it fills up the little guy and you can put the cap on and you have your scent with you all the time. this is great, under $20. >> you could take it!u on the plane. >> so signature scent. next thing every woman should have a facial routine. now everybody sort of gets into the trends, they hear what celebrities are doing, they think, i want my skin like that. it may not be right for you. check with your dermatologist.
10:33 am
and buy something that works for you, rather than the trend. so it's nice to have that. every woman should have a great schlep tote. something that you throw all your stuff in. that you -- you agree. >> yes. >> she's eyeballing me, because i don't have that. >> i think it should be nice, put together and instead of, this is from talbots. instead of spending on a clutch you use every once in a while, this is something you use every day and it's fun to throw a scarf around it. >> it looks fabulous. >> throw it on to spice it up a little bit. >> everybody should have a great can throw on over everything. these are under $100 from zara, you can pick your favorite color. have one that you can throw on that's cozy and comfortable. >> okay. >> fall jackets, get one great fall jacket. whether you're wearing leggings and a sweatshirt, or you're
10:34 am
dressing on. these are hqñ & m, each under $. so you don't have to spend to look fabulous. >> not bulky, either. i like that. >> you should always have a beautiful piece of lingerie on hand, whether you wear it underneath something or when you're going to bed, it's just nice to feel pretty. even if it's just under a t-shirt. >> these are great options, on gossamer starting at $16. >> and the last thing, i want champagne to toast this. every woman should have a party dress. you never when you're going to be invited to something fabulous and wear. these are -- great options. >> and where are they from? >> these are my party dresses. >> from my apartment. and this, i actually wore to your suddenly i needed a dress to wear to your charity event. and that was it. so they're great options everywhere and these are the ten things that will get you through fall. >> thank you. up next, don't put that foundation on your face until
10:35 am
you hear what we have to say. >> we're going to reveal our makeup bag. >> yes, we are.
10:36 am
10:37 am
10:38 am
it's time for today's beauty, we're about to attack your cosmetic cabinet. you know that lipstick you've had since college? beauty" health director and she has some news for you that might gross you out. nice to see you. >> how are you? >> i am looking at this makeup bag here and i'm kind of horrified already. >> whose makeup bag is this? >> mine. >> guilty. >> it's a zip-loc bag, there's nothing wrong with that. >> here's one, it looks sweet. >> i'm almost scared to open this makeup bag. >> why? >> here's -- >> careful some of the things are open. >> i see a brush just hanging
10:39 am
out in a grimy zip-loc bag. most women and most girls do not clean their makeup brushes. they let the makeup brushes hang out. >> and then you throw them away. >> some people do that. >> so i mean -- >> you didn't want to look inside this -- >> speck and span, but if you think about it, most women use their makeup brushes, they don't wash them. >> what should we wash them with? >> there's some brands that make special brush cleaners and you can use any kind of basic soap. baby sham pew is a popular one. you dip it in some water and dip it in soap and go like this and then you rinse it out. the key with makeup brushes, people put them in a big cup. and the water will drip down and separate your brush from your handle. or you go like this and you mess up your brush. leave it to dry on the side. >> how long do these things last?
10:40 am
>> it varies, i women that women and girls change their eye makeup every season. just as you toss your toothbrush every season -- >> i don't do that. >> people -- >> people toss their toothbrush every season? >> yes. >> maybe think about it. if you had an eye infection or any eye issues, you are recontaminating yourself. >> what is it i heard the other day. who shall remain nameless. >> borrowed her eyeshadow. >> it's also important to remember tovmn take your makeupf >> there are days when women are not capable of doing that. >> myo[ philosophy is as long you're taking off, i don't care how you do it, make sure you do it. keep a pop near your bed or you're a little more advanced, using the clairifiance. >> at night? >> lips? >> lip products. you should again be tossing them
10:41 am
every six months. ideally. >> if something smells, you should toss it. it's like milk. if it smells, it's ab. consisty changes -- >> it's separating, yucky, oozing something strange. >> look at this. clumpy, clumpy -- >> something like that i call it the milk rule. the same reasons you wouldn't drink milk goes to makeup. and then nail tools. the nail salon at home, you have to be so careful. >> if you get a fungi, it's something that takes three to six months to heal. they are nasty. i don't want to use the "w" word, wart word, you can get warts from contaminated tools. >> 85% of it won't happen! >> better safe than sorry. >> thank you, you're really sweet. nice to see you. miss perfect. up next, things that keep
10:42 am
you from shaken salt. >> a real-life hugh laurie plays the piano and sings and plays the guitar, too. who knew? ñpo÷ú
10:43 am
10:44 am
10:45 am
10:46 am
time for today's kitchen. we're getting saucy with chef arianne duarte. >> the editors of "prevention" magazine have come up with the salt solution diet and we're here with some recipes for that. >> hello, ladies. so, yes, we're going to make a stir-fried chicken with sweet potato and adding a lot of different ingredients so you don't need all that salt. >> you won't miss it. >> it will be so darn flavorful. >> delicious. >> and in the book, it has some wonderful recipes.
10:47 am
and healthy as well. so here, quinoa. the power of grain. >> everybody is into that now. >> it's tasty. >> very tasty. >> it's like a couscous, but when you think of it, it's like rice, or a noodle. but so much better for you. it cooks for 12, 15 minutes. and while that's cooking. you're going to boil up some sweet potatoes and we're going to start our chicken. this is a boneless, skinless breast. with no salt. >> a little bit of olive oil? >> a little bit of olive oil. and in the pan we're going to add our onions. and onion, garlic, all that. that's a flavor enhancer, that's aroma, that adds depth to the dish, right? jalapeno. >> that's a lot. >> it gives it a little tingle. i say it dances on your tongue. so your tongue almost gets
10:48 am
distracted and it doesn't miss the salt. then we're going to add -- >> not as good as schwetty balls, but it's close. >> that's a whole 'nother recipe. >> yes, it is. >> then we add cumin, which spic spices, there are so many different spices. >> no salt. >> you think salt is hidden in a lot of foods we wouldn't even know, right? >> exactly. like celery and a lot of things have natural sodium in them. this is why, the government doesn't want us to take in more than a teaspoon of salt a day. and that's about 2300 milligrams. so this recipe has about 270 milligrams of sodium. >> now that would have been cooked before. >> this is all cooked, we add vibrant. we finish with this. this is what i want to show you. this is the amount of salt we're going to add.
10:49 am
a little bit, a quarter-teaspoon. >> is there a kind of salt that's better? >> sea salt is probably one of the best. and probably fresh herbs, another way to really amp up the flavor. >> it better be good. >> it's good. >> i'm going to give up my salt. >> the recipes are in the book. the salt solution diet. it's wonderful. and again, over here, really quick quickly. another recipe. >> it's a little salty. >> braised pork loin with a corn succotash. another great recipe. coming up next, actor hugh laurie, and he's in the house and he'll sing for us.
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when you see me laughing,
10:53 am
laughing just to keep from crying. >> the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> he's best known for a golden-globe award-winning performance on "house." >> but dr. hugh laurie moonlights as a blues and jazz musician and has just released his debut album called "let them talk." >> have an awesome day, everybody, tomorrow is try-day! bye. ♪ ♪8g÷
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