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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  September 9, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> reporter: the same creek threatened along the park where crews had to evacuate. crews had to come in for a women who had medical problems. >> she's my mother-in-law. but everything's going to be all right. >> reporter: everyone is cared for by the county and the red cross running an evacuee shelter. >> we're going to get sleeping arrangements, in this case, kots and things like that. >> that was aaron gilchrist reporting. the flooding in our area is responsible for two deaths, including a 12-year-old boy. he was swept away by overflowing waters at piney branch creek in vienna. his body was found at the 9800 block of marcliff road. shortly after a man was found
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swept away in the great falls area. >> at this point, it's too early to say exactly what we have. there may be other cases that we're not aware of where people may be unaccounted for. there's still a lot of calls that are being followed up on. >> police are also warning that these flood waters are going to cause massive traffic problems because many roads are still closed this morning. >> a heads up for parents. several schools are closed today because of the flooding conditions. in d.c., georgetown prep is closed today. in maryland, four schools are closed. they are the archdiocese of washington school, st. mary's assumption school parish, calvary gospel daycare. all charles county schools are closed. in maryland, the congressional schools of virginia, fairfax county schools are closed today. montessori school ofern virginia. prince william county schools. reston montessori school and the st. bernadette catholic school in springfield.
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also, a heads upederal government employees. federal government agencies are open today. employees have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. the prince george's county circuit court is closed as well as the prince george's district court in upper marlboro. the court in hyattsville is open, and the alexandria government employees can take unscheduled leave today. as for ft. belvoir, essential personnel report on time today. >> tom is here now to talk about whether we're going to get any kind of a respite to clean up and get back together now. it did settle down yesterday midday just when it looked like things were going to settle down. then the storms flared up over fairfax and montgomery county. this morning we've settled down again. this should not lull us into a sense that it's over because we could have it flaring up again later this morning and into this afternoon. for now thankfully we're dealing with residual flooding from yesterday's rains. we still have the creeks and streams out of their banks.
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they are slowly receding in prince william and fairfax and southern loudoun and montgomery and frederick counties in maryland as well as prince george's, anne arundel, calvert, charles, and st. mary's. king george's county as well. the radar showing a few light showers. a few breaks in the clouds. i saw jupiter when i came in about an hour or two ago. there are a few breaks in the clouds but also a few light showers scattered across northern virginia right now in fauquier county. there's one shower just to the south of warrenton, but it's a light shower. a few light sprinkles now in southern prince george's county as well as central county. northern loudoun county getting a few showers. look at the rain we've had in the last two days. over a foot in southern fairfax county. much of that fell yesterday, seven, eight, nine inches fell yesterday. extremely high amounts just to the east of washington over the last two days. sunrise 6:44. by 9:00 we may have an isolated
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shower and maybe a little sun in and out as well. and perhaps a little sun in and out during the afternoon but also a threat of more heavy downpours with thunder and lightning through the afternoon with highs in the upper 70s to near 80. let's have a check on traffic this morning. filling in for danella is stephanie stallworth. good morning, stephanie. >> good morning, tom. still lots of flooded road conditions out there, but a far cry from yesterday's rush hour with the beltway closed. everything is open this morning. let's take a look at a problem with flooding in the fair oaks area right on route 50, arlington boulevard. that's closed in front of fair oaks mall. you're going to be diverted through the mall parking lot. a little bit of flooding in prince george's county. and in montgomery county, bradley boulevard, you're shut down there between seven locks and kentsdale. quick look at the camera, live shot at route 270, 121 near clarksburg.
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still pretty quiet heading southbound getting toward the capital beltway. joe and eun, back to you. a woman is alive after she was rescued from high water she admits she was foolish to drive through. this happened on bradley boulevard in potomac, maryland. the force of the water pushed her mercedes car into a nearby creek and against a log. susan eisen was trapped inside for 45 minutes until firefighters could pull her to safety. >> i had foolishly and stupidly went through a flash flood. then i said, how are they going to get to me? i could see my car, the water was gushing and gushing and gushing. it was a surreal experience. i just don't know how i'm alive. >> firefighters used an inflatable raft to reach her and pull her out through her sun roof. she was cold and wet and shaken up but otherwise okay. dozens of roads remain closed this morning in prince george's county. the flooding is so severe firefighters had to use rafts and rescue dozens of people and two dogs in upper marlboro. the flash flooding left many
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homes and businesses under water, including a ford dealership along route 301. the owner estimates the damage is going to be in the millions of dollars. in charles county, maryland, residents are dealing with sinkholes now. at least two sinkholes have wreaked havoc on route 301, including one where the entire shoulder of the southbound lane was swept away. traffic is being diverted to the northbound side, which is now down to one lane. maryland state highways association says 301 is one of just 30 state maintained highways which are shut down right now because of high floodwaters. >> as we enter a weekend filled with commemorations of the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. security officials are on high alert because of what they're calling a, quote, credible but unconfirmed threat against washington and new york. officials say it could involve three people who entered the united states last month. they may have been plotting to use car or truck bombs to destroy bridges or tunnels.
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a federal official who spoke with nbc said the threat is linked to al qaeda and information may have come from intelligence sources in pakistan. the threat comes as people plan to mark the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. tracie pottss live in new york city this morning with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. mayor bloomberg came out with the fbi and the secret service last night to talk about this threat and its impact, if any, on the weekend events. the mayor says they are taking this very seriously. they are already in a heightened state of alert here in new york because of the tenth anniversary. now they are beefing up security even more. the security that you can see and the security that you can't see. there will be thousands, literally thousands of officers patrolling this area. there will be checkpoints. there will be extra baggage checks on trains and throughout the city. people are being warned they will be inconvenienced. people who live in this area
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near ground zero are being told it might be a good idea to stay in on sunday. what we do know is that the mayor are saying, even though they're in a heightened state of alert here, he doesn't want residents to be in a heightened state of fear. in fact, he says lower manhattan may be one of the safest places in the country at this point because of all of the extra security. he pointed out, eun, that he'll be riding the subway this morning, and he wants residents to go about their daily activities. >> tracie, what's planned today down there at ground zero? >> reporter: a lot of what we're going to see, in addition to tourists, those who can get through because there is a lot of extra security here, they are preparing for weekend events. along the river here, there's going to be a sort of hand in hand event on saturday commemorating the moment the plane hit the first tower, and then of course the moments of silence and the readings of the names in the big ceremony on t
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zero for us this morning. it is now 4:38. ahead, generating jobs. the details of the president's plan to put millions back to work. and taking a look
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good morning. we still have flood warnings throughout much of the region
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due to the residual runoff from the heavy rains we had yesterday, and it includes most of southern maryland, eastern and western suburbs and northern suburbs, and this is in effect at least for another hour or so as the creeks are beginning to recede. now over the last hour or so, we've had just a few scattered light showers breaking out. calvert county, northern charles, parts of southern prince george's into prince william and fauquier and loudoun and out into the panhandle of west virginia, just a few sprinkles there. also, a few breaks in the cloud cover too. we may see a little sunshine this morning and through the rest of the day. also, a passing shower is possible this morning. again, we could get a flare-up of more heavy downpours this afternoon with thunder and lightning. into this evening, there is still a chance of a passing heavy downpour, thunder and lightning early evening. also, a little sun may be out early sunset at 7:26. after that, we should settle down. partly to mostly cloudy through the rest of the evening and looking much better through the weekend. we'll take a look at that and
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into next week in ten minutes. let's check traffic. stephanie stallworth is with us this morning. good morning, stephanie. we have an accident to report in maryland, eastbound route 50 right on the seven river bridge. the two left lanes taken out with that one. over in montgomery county, river road is closed with flooding conditions. actually, some debris washed into the roadway from the flooding. that's closed river road between pilots loch road. and route 108 closed at rock road. and we're looking at the camera really quickly. down in virginia, early look at i-95 right near the occoquan, still moving at a really nice place. joe and eun. >> thank you very much, stephanie. it is now 4:43. 71 degrees. think the flooding is bad here? wait until you see what other cities on the eastern seaboard
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welcome back at 4:46. it is going to be tough getting to and from work in virginia today. the virginia rail service cancelled service. a smokesman for the vre said both rail lines were under water, and there was an area where a track bed had washed out from under the tracks. they expect it to be fully operational on monday. a few restrictions for the marc train. the overflow station at the american legion will be closed today because of flooding. marc says two trains on the brunswick line are cancelled as well. the train 876 from brunswick at 6:33 this morning and the train 892 from frederick at 6:05 tonight are cancelled because of a crew shortage. all this flooding is not just in our area. at least four people are dead up in pennsylvania from overwhelming floodwaters there. more than 100,000 people have
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been evacuated as floodwaters have simply overtaken many roads and bridges. the susquehanna river has overflowed, decimating parts of southeastern pennsylvania. the state's governor says there's also a public health emergency because sewage plants are under water and no longer working. in binghamton, new york, people have been evacuated, and every bridge in the town has been closed. president obama has declared a state of emergency for the area, and things are expected to get even worse. they're predicting rivers in binghamton have already gone over their flood walls. fortunately, no deaths reported from the flooding so far. in connecticut, residents are seeing water as high as four feet now. officials are ordereded a mandatory evacuation for those who live in low lying areas. at the university of hartford, the floodwaters were high and strong enough to move cars. the national weather service has issued a flood warning as rivers were approaching their breaking point. earthquake damage.
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the washington national cathedral is forcing officials to move friday and sunday night's 9/11 concerts to the kennedy center. sunday morning's interfaith prayer service is also moving. it will be held at the washington hebrew congregation in northwest. at the cathedral, a second crane accident. two workers were injured while trying to dismantle the giant crane that collapsed wednesday. it's unclear how the men were injured or how serious their injuries are. president obama says now is the time to put americans back to work. the president unveiled his american jobs act before a joint session of congress last night. the plan includes spending more than $440 billion to help expand highway and school improvement projects. it also creates incentives for businesses that hire people who are unemployed for more than six months. throughout the speech, the president urged congress to stop engaging in partisan politics and pass the bill immediately. >> the next election is 14 months away, and the people who sent us here, the people who hired us to work for them, they
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don't have the luxury of waiting 14 months. >> after the address, house speaker john boehner said the president's proposals, quote, merited consideration. he said he hoped the president would listen to some republican proposals as well. in light of president obama's plan, some career experts said there are surprisingly more jobs out there than people think. online employment agency said their job listings were up 20% this august compared to the same time last year. the company says the biggest demand lies in information technology and demands in industrial or electrical engineering. one economist says the only way to change the direction of unemployment is for job seekers to be open minded. >> they have to go through some retraining. that takes time, but it also takes a lot of willpower on the part of the individual to understand or to be willing to change careers and start basically sometimes all over again. >> job analysts say education,
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help, and hospitality are also growing areas showing a growing job demand. cooler temperatures are helping firefighters as they battle those massive wildfires down in texas. right now crews have 30% of the fire contained. it's already damaged or destroyed more than 35,000 acres. 1,400 homes have been destroyed. unfortunately, it does not seem the state will be getting any mete meteorological help any time soon. forecasts show texas won't get significant rainfall for weeks. utilities say more than 500,000 customers have power back in california, arizona, and new mexico after a massive power outage knocked out electricity for nearly 6 million people in that region. san diego gas and electric believes the outage was caused by a system breakdown. it extends from san clemente, california, to yuma, arizona. two reactors were offline after losing electricity, but officials said there was no danger to the public or to workers. >> always the way it is. some people are so parched
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they're on fire, and we're drowning in flooding. >> and not that long ago we said we needed rain. i guess the rain gods heard us. >> whoever said that needs to move. move to texas. >> yeah, right. we have had this unprecedented -- really, some flooding in some areas is the worst since agnes back in 1972. here locally, we're still dealing with the residual runoff from the rain from yesterday. as a result we have flood warnings. creeks and streams are out of their banks in many locations in these counties in green, including fairfax, prince william, montgomery, frederick, and maryland. prince george's, anne arundel, calvert, charles, and st. mary's. we don't have really any heavy rain falling right now, i'm happy to report. we do have some scattered showers that have popped up here over just the last hour. they extend from calvert county there through northern charles into southern prince george's county. right here in northwest getting a little sprinkle there. these are just light showers
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near great falls in virginia and fairfax county. and then a few scattered showers here across central loudoun county into the panhandle of west virginia. they have heavy downpours near baltimore. that's going to be staying away from our metro area. look at the rainfall totals we've had just in the last 48 hours. of course, much of our eastern suburbs in southern maryland had the heaviest rains. yesterday we had that big flare-up of those heavy downpours from southern fairfax county all the way into southern loudoun and into northern montgomery and southern montgomery county. that area got anywhere from 7 to as much as 12 inches of rain, and a lot of that happened just in a matter of a few hours. well, all of this is coming -- we can blame it still on the remnants of tropical storm lee. it is locked in place. it's a stacked low pressure system from the surface up into the higher levels of the atmosphere, and it's not moving. as a result, we'll have this continual flow here. this still tropical moisture in the area as a result here going forward over the next several
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hours and through the dayed today. we still have the possibility of heavy downpours, especially this afternoon. in some areas here of northern virginia. unfortunately, fairfax county, there could be another flare-up late this afternoon, right there in the zone that already had the terrible flooding from yesterday. things should be improving tonight and as we get into the weekend. for the rest of the day, we'll have our temperatures in the 70s to near 80. a little sun may break out from time to time. passing showers this morning. some of the heavier downpours are possible this afternoon as well as some thunder and lightning and into early this evening. after that, things should settle down later this evening. by dawn tomorrow, we should have temperatures down to the upper 60s and mid-80s tomorrow. there's a slight chance of an afternoon storm on saturday and again sunday. partly sunny both days with highs in the mid-80s. as we get into monday. looks like it will be a bit cooler and looks like a settled dry pattern into next week. only a small chance of an additional thunder shower on wednesday but much cooler
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towards the end of the week. it will feel like autumn. afternoon highs 70s thursday, friday, and into next week. i'm back with frequent updates this morning. it's very important you stay tuned and watch what's going on because we'll have changeable situations throughout the day today. let's check traffic. stephanie stallworth, how is it looking? tom, we're still looking at lots of areas with road closures with all the flooding out there. we'll start out in maryland, central avenue. that's shut down right near beards point road. we're going to head that way and have to go around that one. beach drive in maryland is closed between knolls and stone brook. i-66 at sudley road in manassas. just some early volume out there. nothing reported in the roadway. all your travelings are open. route 50, arlington boulevard near the fair oaks mall is closed right in front of the mall way. so you are going to have to go through the parking lot there. joe, eun, back to you. >> stephanie, thanks very much. a programming note. today we will air a half hour of
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"news 4 midday" at 11:00 a.m. followed by a special "9/11 washington remembers" hosted by jim vance. you can watch that on news 4 at 11:30 a.m. >> and a news 4 special on sunday morning from 6:00 until 8:00 in the morning live from the pentagon and then again from 11:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. it is now 4:55. 71 degrees. coming up, out of service. why it may soon be more of a why it may soon be more of a headache to
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build a rail network that powers our economy. nobody moves more dirt than caterpillar. and we rely on freight rail to move us.
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welcome back. 4:58. president obama's health care overhaul has survived a challenge by the court of virginia. yesterday a high court dismissed a lawsuit filed by attorney general ken cuccinelli. he argued the law was unconstitutional because it requires americans to buy health insurance or pay a penalty. the court ruled they did not have standing to sue. the president's health care initiative will move to the supreme court for a final resolution. metro riders should be able to walk a few months.
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metro plans to close the entrance at dupont circle for up to a year. metro plans to replace three escalators on the 19th street entrance on the south side of the circle. that closure would occur sometime next year and cost an estimated $12 million. >> more problems for metro. >> that's good because they're always breaking. get some new ones in there. >> and hopefully save some people some long steps. >> long hikes. >> stay with us, "news 4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m. good morning. welcome back to "news 4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. it is friday, september 9th, 2011. happy friday to you. finally some light -- literally some light at the end of the tunnel. it appears the worst of the rain has finally moved out. >> it left quite a trail of damage in its wake. >> we have several school closings to tell you about. in maryland, charles county schools are closed, and the college of southern maryland closed as well.


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