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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  September 16, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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we fast forwarded a couple of months. around our region, we've had our sky clearing out from yesterday's chilly rains that came through as the front came by. right now we have a few clouds drifting over. temperatures now down into the 40s throughout most of the region, except right near the chesapeake bay and at reagan national and the potomac. some of the neighborhoods in northwest and southeast washington, it's down into the upper 40s. it's only 41 right now in gaithersburg. temperatures down to 37 in stanton, virginia, central shenandoah valley. many locations in western maryland or west virginia are just in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees. elsewhere across west virginia and western maryland are in the mid-40s on this chilly morning. it's not going to warm us up much today.
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temperatures by 9:00 still in the low to mid-50s. we'll have sunshine, though. clouds around for a time during the afternoon. partly sunny. by noontime should be low 60s. maybe briefly upper 60s by midafternoon. does look like another chilly evening coming up. >> let's start in virginia. crash eastbound route 50 in between pershing drive. let's shoot over to maryland. i have 210 closed between farmington road and livingston road. this is closed in all directions. again, this is going to affect your morning commute. i'm going to track this for you all morning long. traveling in d.c. good morning, d.c. i'm checking for accidents for you. so far, you are clear. this is the view at new york avenue and bladensburg. no problems in this area. now back to you both.
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>> thanks very much, danella. a deadly stabbing has put an you unfortunate back drop on homecoming celebrations at bowie state university. police say a woman was stabbed in an apartment in prince george's county. jackie bensen has the latest. >> reporter: we're told the stabbing happened inside the dormitory on campus. a comedy show was going on inside christa mcauliffe hall at bowie state university when a woman was stabbed at 8:00 p.m. >> it's scary here. people getting stabbed and dying. it's like ridiculous. >> reporter: police arrived to a chaotic scene. they began questioning witnesses. students who live in the dormitory were told to leave and go to another location on campus and await further instructions. the university is celebrating homecoming this week. the event now marred by an act of violence. >> it's a safe place, and it's just sad to hear something like this. i know the parents are going to be very, very, very heartbroken
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to hear something happen like this in her dorm on campus. >> reporter: numerous prince george's county homicide detectives are here on the scene. they say this investigation is in its very early stages. jackie bensen, news 4. >> we now know police do have somebody in custody why next can with that stabbing. police in aruba will reenact the disappearance of a maryland woman. gary giordano was the last person to see robyn gardner before she disappeared on august 22nd. the gaithersburg man said gardner never returned from a snorkeling trip. police plan to play the roles of gardner and giordano but won't say when it will happen. giordano denies any wrongdoing. her body has not been found. a 16-year-old is in a juvenile detention center this morning accused of breaking into a neighbor's home and sexually
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assaulting a 5-year-old girl. this happened on august the 27th in a townhouse on brockton court in springfield, virginia. police say the teen got into the home through an unlocked door and took the girl from her bed. somehow the girl was able to escape and find a way back home. police charged the teen with several counts, including malicious wounding. police in georgia have arrested a man in connection to a murder that happened four years ago in howard county, maryland. 23-year-old wayel ali was arrested yesterday and charged with killing his twin brother wassel. they believe wayel killed his brother after being accused of stealing at the mall of columbia. police found the body two miles from the mall after five days of searching. former d.c. mayoral candidate suleiman brown has until monday to turn over his financial records to a special d.c. council committee. the panel is looking at claims that current mayor vincent gray promised brown a job in exchange
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for nonstop attacks on adrian fenty during the mayoral campaign. brown says he cannot turn over his files because he gave them to the fbi for a similar investigation. brown's attorney says the district attorney can copy the documents. new regulations could force the shutdown of all abortion clinics in virginia. yesterday they approved strict regulations for the state's 22 clinics, including regulating the width of hallways and the number of parking spaces. regulations, if approved by governor bob mcdonnell, will go into effect december 31st. pro choice advocates are furious, saying this has nothing to do with women's health but everything to do with a political battle that's been going on for years. the "h" street corridor has come alive now with new bars and restaurants over the past few years. now some neighborhood leaders want to put a limit on any new liquor licenses. more and more people who live along "h" street say it's harder to find parking for them, and they say it's gotten a whole lot noisier. adams morgan and dupont circle already have liquor license caps to curb their bar crowds.
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>> we don't want to be the next adams morgan. there's a little bit of that in people's minds, looking at 18th street and wanting to make sure that "h" street doesn't develop so quickly and so fast that you become something like an adams morgan. >> the "h" street neighborhood commission will hold three public meetings on the matter. that first meeting is on tuesday. >> not that there's anything wrong with that. it's now 5:06. 50 degrees. police need your help finding this missing boy. why they say they're particularly concerned about his
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good morning. welcome back. new from overnight. an update to the deadly stabbing
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at bowie state university we've been telling you about. maryland state police now tell us they do have a student in custody. investigators identified the victim as 18-year-old dominique frazier. we'll have much more on this story in our next half hour. it's now 5:10. 50 degrees out there. beautiful day in the nation's capital if you like this nice fall chilly air. we know joe is happy about this. >> beautiful day. >> let's check in with tom kierein to see how long this cool spell is going to last. tom, good morning. >> good day for a hike in the woods, tom. >> the only thing it doesn't look like fall is that the leaves are still all green. it's still september the 16th, but it does feel more like it's a november morning. as we look at what's been happening over the last 12 hours, we had that front come through yesterday triggering those showers. now this morning, it's partly cloudy to mostly clear across virginia, maryland, the eastern shore, and into west virginia. there are some more clouds as well as out of western maryland. the moon and jupiter are
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together in the sky this morning. look at the current temperatures. right now 51 at reagan national. near the bay waters, low 50s. just a little ways inland, it's in the 40s throughout much of southern maryland, most of virginia, and most of maryland. in the 40s. gaithersburg down to 41 now. manassas, 45. it's down in the upper 30s in the central shenandoah valley. out in the mountains of west virginia and western maryland, many locations in the upper 30s. quite a chilly start on this friday morning. sunrise 6:50. by 9:00 low 50s. sunshine this morning but clouds in and out this afternoon and a cool day. by noontime low 60s. by briefly touch the mid and upper 60s by midafternoon. by late afternoon right back down into the low 60s. here's your evening planner for all of the high school games tonight or for heading up on friday evening. you'll need to bundle up. you'll need to find your fleece. we'll be right back down into
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the 50s this evening. sunset at 7:15. another chilly start tomorrow morning. we'll look at the weekend and next week in ten minutes. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> let's start out in accokeek, maryland, a fatal crash there, shutting down indian head highway in both directions. this is between farmington road and livingston road. going to last through your morning rush hour. taking a live look at the beltway at bradley boulevard. so far, inner loop and outer loop of the beltway in maryland, we're clear. no accidents to report and no major delays at this time. over to virginia traveling eastbound route 50 in arlington. i have a closure between pershing drive and courthouse road due to a fatal crash here. again, it's going to affect your morning commute. let's shoot over to d.c. d.c. checking local streets for you. this is "h" and seventh. no accidents to report. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. 5:12 now. 50 degrees.
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ahead on "news 4 today," another strange twist of the missing mother in utah. why the remains officials found earlier this week may not have
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breaking news in norng virginia. a fatal crash that will impact the morning rush hour. this is at route 50 at courthouse road. we'll check in with megan mcgrath. >> reporter: good morning. this is certainly going to affect rush hour. it doesn't look like it's going to be cleared up any time soon.
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this is a deadly accident. it's at eastbound route 50 just prior to the road street exit, the ft. meyer exit. not a lot of information is being provided by police at this point. what i can tell you is there was some sort of an accident, a deadly accident. we have one person who is dead here on the scene. the only description we have is that the individual who died is an adult. we don't know whether it was a man or a woman. we don't know if they were a pedestrian or whether or not they were in a car and perhaps were ejected from that vehicle. all of those details have yet to be provided by police. we do have crash investigators here on the scene. they've begun their work. we still have the person who died on the scene. that means it's going to take a while before this road reopens as they try to piece together exactly what happened. this is going to be a big mess for folks who travel through arlington using route 50. again, we're talking about the eastbound direction. all lanes are shut down for the rush hour here. it looks like it's going to be
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some time before they reopen. certainly keep that in mind as you make your way into work this morning. we're no doubt going to see some pretty serious tie-ups in this area. back to you in the studio. >> megan mcgrath live there along route 50. megan, thank you so much for that update. 5:18 is the time. the search for a missing mother has taken a strange turn. police first announced they found human remains at a remote location in utah. after a day of digging, they didn't find anything. cadaver dogs alerted on the location in the desert this week during a renewed search for susan powell. powell has been missing since september of 2009. her husband josh told police he left his wife at home one night to go camping with their two sons in the middle of a snowstorm. right now he's the only person of interest in the case. he has not been arrested nor charged in the case. lying to authorities will cost casey anthony almost $100,000. the judge ordered her to repay law enforcement officers for the cost they incurred looking for
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her supposedly missing 2-year-old daughter caylee. in july anthony was acquitted of killing her daughter but convicted of lying to authorities. in 2008 anthony told officers that a baby sitter took her child. authorities later learned and she admitted the baby sitter never existed. anthony has appealed her conviction. a 23-year-old is now the youngest recipient of the military's highest honor for valor. president obama presented former marine dakota meyer with the medal of honor at the white house yesterday. in 2009 his unit got caught in a taliban ambush in afghanistan. meyer ignored orders and rushed into the battle zone and saved 13 of his comrades and 23 afghan soldiers. after returning home, meyer says he never expected to make it out of that rescue alive. >> a lot of people asked, well, did you think you were going to die? no, i didn't think i was going to die. i knew i was. >> meyer is now the third living recipient in 41 years to receive
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these prestigious honor. congratulations. president obama is expected to sign a funding bill to keep the federal aviation administration up and running. according to a shutdown, avoiding a shutdown, at least until next year. the senate passed a bill last night temporarily extending aviation and highway programs until january. the extension keeps thousands of faa employees and construction workers on the job. the programs would have run out of money at midnight. the long term faa funding plan still has not even been drafted, though. residents in ocean city, maryland, have had quite the past month. they've experienced a hurricane, an earthquake, and now it seems a tornado touched down there. >> reporter: officials say there were no weather warnings or alerts issued prior to the storm. they say the skies darkened quickly, then that funnel cloud appeared. kevin seceda took this amazing
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video from the balancony of his ocean city condo, a thunder cloud hanging in the sky over the bay. >> i heard thunder. so i looked north. i saw a dark cloud. when i looked west, i saw what i thought was a tornado. >> reporter: can you tell us what it looked like? >> clouds and rain and then the bay started to kind of spin. >> reporter: viewers sent in these pictures showing what appeared to be a large funnel. the national weather service is looking into numerous reports that a possible tornado may have hit this beach front resort around 3:40 in the afternoon. >> it's almost surreal in the moment. you're kind of watching it from a distance. you're not even thinking about what if it turns our way? it's more just get the camera. i mean, we've had an earthquake. we've had a hurricane. now we've had a tornado in like three weeks. >> reporter: fierce winds sheared the roof off a condo building on 75th and oceanside, forcing the evacuation of a building. the winds damaged buildings and cars and knocked down trees. officials say the cloud formed
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over the bay, crossed coastal highway, and broke up over the ocean. >> there are some damages to other properties. some of them have been deemed uninhabitable until engineering can get back out. we've turned the property over to the owners. they know what they can and can't do tonight, and they're very fortunate. >> reporter: while we're approaching the off-season, it is bike week. there's still plenty of people in town. fortunately, no one was hurt. in ocean city, darcy spencer, news 4. >> bizarre down there. >> we've had some really crazy weather in our area this year. it's hard to think about the hot summer and all the hurricanes and the flooding. now this. tom, it is 50 degrees out there at reagan national. >> is that crazy? >> it's like the clash of the tita titans. we had this enormous area of cold, dry high pressure slam into the heat and humidity on the eastern shore, and it did trigger strong storms yesterday. this is what it looked like 5:00 yesterday afternoon. this was the remnant storm that
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did produce that tornado and quickly dissipated as it headed off to the east. we had light showers yesterday afternoon, but after 5:00 we cleared out quickly. now this morning it's partly cloudy. we do have clouds coming in from the midwest. it looks like we'll be going partly to mostly cloudy by late afternoon and overnight tonight. the big story, these temperatures. this canadian high temperature brought the chill in. low 40s in much of montgomery county and fairfax and prince george's county. mid-40s. right now just near 50 in washington. low to mid-50s near the bay waters and tidal potomac. away from the waters and inland, we're in the 40s. it's even dipped into the upper 30s. stanton, virginia, is upper 30s, and much of western virginia is upper 30s, as is western maryland. for today, sunrise at 6:50. by 9:00 low to mid-50s. by midafternoon climbing into the 60s. friday evening, good weather for the high school games. going to feel like football weather. we'll be in the 50s this evening and mostly cloudy. tomorrow we'll have sunshine in and out.
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partly sunny is highs near 70. not quite as chilly in the morning. a bit of a warming trend as we get into next week. a small chance of showers perhaps on wednesday and thursday. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. let's start in virginia. eastbound route 50 shut down between pershing drive and courthouse road due to a fatal accident there. a live look at 66. no problems at sully road. if you're continuing to head east through the rosslyn tunnel, you're clear at this time. let's shoot over to maryland and have another fatal crash. this one is accokeek, shutting down indian head highway between farmington road and livingston road in both directions this morning. giving you another live camera. this one's in maryland, the beltway at 193 university boulevard, inner loop and outer loop. we're clear in maryland. getting just a little bit busy. joe? >> thank you very much, danella. we now know when the maryland transportation authority board will vote on a revised set of toll increases for the bay bridge. according to the washington
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times, the vote is set for next thursday, september 22nd. the initial plan would have increased eastbound tolls across the bay bridge from the existing $2.50 rate to $5, and $8 in 2013. the revised plan would instead raise the rate to $4 this year and $6 by 2013. if the measure passes, toll increases would begin this coming november. 4 of the 5 metro lines will have delays this weekend because of track work on the yellow line. trains will be operating between huntington and stadium armory via the blue line. blue line trains will share a track between stadium armory and addison road. on the orange line, trains will share a track between vienna and west falls church. red line trains will share between shady grove and twinbrook. everything will be back to normal before your monday morning commute. a local shelter full of dogs and cats is offering a special deal this weekend in the hopes
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of finding pets new homes. the humane society is waiving all adoption fees on saturday and sunday. they have two locations on georgia avenue northwest and the second on new york avenue in northeast. customers who adopt a new pet this weekend will get a free case of vitamin water zero. >> there you go. >> good for the pets. >> yes. >> get out there and help the pet. our time is 5:26. coming up, not exactly as planned. why there were some scary moments right before this russian
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temperatures dropped into the 40s in some areas around town. we'll find out whether this
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chilly weather is going to stay. good morning. i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" for this friday, september 16th, 2011. let's take a live look outside. let's go to tom and find out more about this chill in the air. tom? >> it really is. you're going to be in for a shock when you step out to walk the dog this morning. so is the dog. dog's going to want to come right back in. it's really chilled. we have a big area of canadian high pressure that brought subfreezing temperatures to the midwest yesterday morning. it's not freezing here, but it certainly does feel like it. right now it is down into the low 40s in montgomery county. mid-40s in fairfax and arlington counties. and in prince george's county, it's in the mid and upper 40s most locations. near 50 in washington. and right near the bay. but most locations we're in the 40s, even parts of the central shenandoah valley and out in west virginia and western maryland many reports the upper 30s there right now. don't have any reports of
5:31 am
freezing temperatures, but it certainly does feel that way on this friday morning. sunrise is still quite a ways away. here's your day planner. it will only be in the low 50s by 9:00. it's going to take a while to warm up as this enormous area of high pressure is dominating the weather from the midwest all the way into new england and the mid-atlantic states, including us. highs today just in the low to mid-60s. maybe a few isolated spots briefly touching upper 60s midafternoon with some clouds. i'll show you the evening planner. let's start with the morning commute. i have a fatal crash in accokeek, virginia, shutting down indian head highway in both directions, between farmington road and livingston road. and also traveling westbound route 50 the ramp to get onto the inner loop of the beltway, i have a crash there possibly
5:32 am
involving a metro bus. shooting over to virginia, eastbound route 50, and this is in arlington, shut down between pershing drive and courthouse road. this is due to a fatal accident there. that is going to last through your morning commute. traveling 95 getting very busy at lorton road. as you continue to head eastbound through the franconia springfield parkway, gets a little better for you. that's where you're going to see relief. traveling maryland 270 picking up steam at falls road. good news is on 270 in both directions, you are clear. however, as you head towards that spur, that's where you're going to see your volume increase. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. back to you both. >> danella, thank you. a three vehicle crash has left at least one person dead in prince george's county. this happened at 1:30 this morning on indian head highway and livingston road in accokeek. our news 4 crew was there. the crash involved a tractor trailer and two cars. one person was pronounced dead at the scene.
5:33 am
another person was taken to the hospital. today a congressional committee will hold a hearing to determine if the government's money put into homeland security is worth the effort. airports have added several layers of security, including body scanning machines, luggage checks, and terrorist watch lists. tsa estimates it screens and safeguards 26 million passengers a year. the hearing will examine if airport security still leaves too many openings for terrorists to strike. new from overnight, after rattling some nerves during a communication breakdown, a russian spacecraft, carrying three astronauts, including one american, landed safely in kazakhstan. repeated calls to the soyuz capsule went unanswered for several minutes after the capsule left orbit. communication was eventually reestablished between the crew and aircraft when it started circling the landing site.
5:34 am
after spending 164 days in space, american ron guerin and two russians are now finally back on earth. a california company that just declared bankruptcy is causing big problems for president obama and his new jobs proposal. solyndra, a solar panel company, laid off 1,100 workers despite getting more than $500 million from the first obama stimulus plan. administration officials are privately worried this will hurt the chances of the president's second stimulus bill, one that he says will spend $450 billion in the hopes of adding more jobs. but republicans see solyndra's problems as proof that spending does not equal job growth. about 12,000 tax cheats have come forward. the irs wrapped its second amnesty program. offenders must still pay back taxes, but they will get a reduced penalty and escape jail time. in all 30,000 people have taken part in both tax disclosure programs. as president obama travels the country trying to drum up
5:35 am
support for his jobs proposal. house speaker john boehner has unveiled his own jobs plan and has once again drawn a line in the sand. he says he will not accept any tax hikes in any proposal. however, boehner clarified that. he's actually okay with raising some taxes by closing loopholes used by companies in wealthy families to shield their income from taxes. both sides agree the loopholes need to stop. >> closing loopholes not for the purpose of bringing more money to the government but because it's the right thing to do, and it's the fair thing to do. >> this process can work for the betterment of the country. that's what we're here for. >> go big, be bold. let's really address the problem. >> boehner says he's happy he has the job of house speaker, but he's certainly not having fun, he says, trying to wrangle votes on both sides of the aisle. 5:35 now. working mother magazine released its 100 best companies list and
5:36 am
a local company made the top ten. bank of america, deloitte, ernst and young, and general mills. kp&g, price waterhouse cooper, prudential, trihealth, and health star. congratulations to those companies. 5:36 is the time. 50 degrees out there. still to come, betting with bachmann. the $10,000 wager one scientist wants to make with
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our time is 5:39. 49 degrees. dipped a degree in the last few minutes. we look at a picture of the washington, d.c. skyline. welcome back to "news 4 today." >> i guess it feels like summer is really over. meteorologist tom kierein is in the stormcenter to tell us about the cooling trend.
5:40 am
we call this weather whiplash. what a change. earlier in the week, we were in the 80s. now we're down in the 40s throughout most of the region. it's 51 at reagan national and right near the bay waters and the tidal potomac it's 50 or so. away from the waters in most locations, we're in the 40s. right now just near 40 in much of northern montgomery county and parts of frederick and howard counties in maryland. even northern loudoun county. closer to washington, southern montgomery into arlington and prince george's county we're in the low to mid-40s. low 40s western fairfax county into prince william and fauquier. weather watchers around the blue ridge reporting only around 40 degrees as well as much of the sho shenandoah valley and west virginia and western maryland, many locations just near the upper 30s to 40. by 9:00 we'll just be in the low 50 gs through much of the region, even with the bright sun. sunrise at 6:50. by noontime low 60s and briefly touching mid and upper 60s by midafternoon with clouds coming
5:41 am
in and out. now for your friday evening, for the high school football games and friday night festivities, you need to layer up. we'll be down in the 50s through much of the evening. by midnight mid-50s. quite a bit of cloudiness around this evening. a look at saturday, sunday, forecast for the skins game and a look into next week too at 5:51. danella, how's traffic? let's start in arlington, virginia. i have a fatal crash taking away your eastbound lanes of route 50. your closures between pershing drive and courthouse road. traveling in accokeek, we have an accident here. this is involving three vehicles taking away indian head highway in both directions. this is between farmington road and livingston road. and traveling westbound route 50 in maryland as you're getting onto the ramp to the inner loop of the beltway. i have report of a crash there. it's possibly involving a metro bus. and taking a live look right now at the american legion bridge getting a little busy.
5:42 am
especially the outer loop. you can see where the tail lights are getting pretty busy. good news here. no accidents to report in either direction. here's a live look, 95 heading to the springfield interchange. again, getting busy but no accidents to report. shooting over to the key bridge, it's clear at this time. now back to you both. >> danella, thank you. our time is 5:42. 49 degrees. a bit happier about happy meals. why you may now be more willing to take your kids to
5:43 am
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5:45 am
this morning a college student is dead and another in custody after a stabbing in prince george's county. maryland police identified the victim as 18-year-old dominique frazier. maryland state police say they were called to a dorm at 8:00 p.m. last night and found a victim bleeding in the highway.
5:46 am
rescuers took her to the hospital, where she died. it happened during homecoming celebrations at bowie state. students attending another event on campus were shocked to hear about the murder. >> it's a safe place. it's just sad to hear something like this. i know the parents are going to be very, very, very heartbroken to hear something happen like this in her dorm on the campus. >> authorities arrested another student but did not release her name. investigators say she is 19 years old from district heights and was the victim's roommate. this morning police need your help looking for a missing 12-year-old autistic boy in the annandale area of virginia. micah may was seen last night at his home in 4600 block of logstown drive in annandale. he was wearing a red long-sleeved shirt with black str stripes and a collar. if you see him, you're asked to call police. police are on the scene of a
5:47 am
deadly crash that will impact the morning rush hour at route 50 at courthouse road in arlington. news 4's megan mcgrath is live on the scene is the latest. >> reporter: good morning, eun. the eastbound side of route 50 is closed between courthouse road and pershing drive. that's going to be t case for some time now. we have a death investigation that's occurring here. not a lot of details being provided here. what i can tell you is there is the body of a dead person in the roadway here. exactly what happened, whether this was a pedestrian who was struck, whether there was some sort of a car accident or something else that occurred, with he simply do not know. police are not providing any details of what happened at this point. we're hoping to get an update in a half hour to an hour or so. someone is here dead on the scene. they're in the roadway. police are here collecting evidence. they're continuing with their investigation, trying to piece together exactly what happened. all eastbound lanes of route 50
5:48 am
are closed. the detour is going to be at courthouse road. this looks like it's going to be quite some time starting their investigation. this certainly is going to have a very large impact on rush hour. folks want to come a different way. we're going to start seeing pretty big delays in this area pretty soon. we're going to see the volume pick up. no doubt on a road like this with a major commuter route, we're going to see delays this morning. >> it's going to be messy. megan mcgrath, thanks so much. earlier this week michelle bachmann made a controversial claim about the hpv vaccine. and now one scientist is putting up a large chunk of cash to prove it. >> she told me her little daughter took that vaccine, that injection, and she suffered from mental retardation. >> bioethicist art kaplan is offering up to $10,000 if the congress woman can produce three medical experts so verify her claim.
5:49 am
kaplan says not only is bachmann confused on the issue, but her statement on the "today" show was down right irresponsible. >> if you're going to be president, you've got to do better than, oh, someone told me maybe this has happened. about vaccines, you can't do that. it's just not right given the devastation, the problems, the headaches that women have to go through with cervical cancer. >> bachmann says her source for the comment was an unnamed mother she met at the debate. she has not addressed kaplan's challenge. students in d.c. will be the first in the nation to take a standardized test on sex education and general health. the 50-question exam will include questions about human sexuality, contraception, drugs, nutrition, and mental health. school leaders say the test will determine what students already know about risky behavior. the exam will be given in april to fifth, eighth, and tenth graders. mayor vincent gray is open to their children having the opportunity to opt out of the test. the u.s. postal service
5:50 am
outlined a survival plan that involves slashing billions of dollars from its budget. all the cuts would affect service in some way. the agency wants to stop overnight delivery while closing or consolidating 250 processing facilities. that would cut 35,000 jobs and save $3 billion. cuts also mean snail mail would get slower. first class mail from two days to three days. dropping saturday delivery is also on the table. congress still needs to sign off on that proposal. the white house is working on its own overhaul for the postal service. a new emergency shelter will open in prince william county to help the 140 people who lost their homes in last week's flooding. the new shelter at a church in dumfries will be operated by the red cross. meanwhile federal inspectors toured parts of prince george's and prince william counties on tuesday, and we're still waiting to hear whether lawmakers in
5:51 am
both jurisdictions will ask for federal disaster relief. >> it's just about 5:51. tom is here to tell us about huge changes in the forecast. we're not ready yet. i don't have sweaters out. >> you need your fleece and flannel. you need to rummage through your closet and find your fall clothing because you'll need it today as fall fell on us overnight. right now at reagan national, it's only 51 degrees. and the dewpoint down to a dry 42. it has dried out. we've got a north/northwesterly breeze around 10 to 15. we're not talking windchill quite yet. it is certainly a chilly friday morning compared to what we had earlier this week. right now as we go back in time, we had this cold air surging overnight. the moon in jupiter overhead in the sky and the south western sky. clouds may be arriving later this afternoon. the big story was the chill. in the 40s from the shenandoah
5:52 am
valley all the way to nearly the atlantic beaches, right at the beaches and right around the bay, it's in the low to mid-50s as well as right near the tidal potomac. temperatures around 50. inland away from the waters, we're only in southern maryland, throughout most of maryland and virginia, including montgomery county, fairfax, arlington, prince george's counties only in the low 40s this morning. now as we take a look and look at our forecast here as we get into the weekend, the rest of the day today will be climbing into the mid and upper 60s. we'll have some of those clouds in and out. another cool evening coming up, we'll be in the 50s this evening and upper 40s tomorrow morning. saturday afternoon near 70 and partly sunny. should be up around 70 or so on sunday and partly sunny again, not quite as chilly in the morning. then on monday, up into the low and mid-70s, partly sunny, partly sunny upper 70s tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. quite a bit of cloudiness. there's a small chance of showers. if you're going to the skins game on sunday, looks like a great weather kickoff at 1:00 on
5:53 am
sunday afternoon. they take on the arizona cardinals. it will be in the 60s. great football weather on sunday. we also have festivals going on this weekend. we've got the "h" street festival in washington saturday, noon to 7:00. looks like great weather for that. and the bluemont virginia fair, a wonderful family fair in loudoun county saturday and sunday. should be great weather for that too. it runs 10:00 to 5:00. now let's check traffic. good morning, danella. how's it looking? >> good morning. it's going to be a tough commute. two fatal accidents in arlington, virginia. eastbound route 50 closed between pershing drive and courthouse road. all of your eastbound lanes are taken away. shooting over to maryland in accokeek, right now i have indian head highway closed in both directions between farmington road and livingston road. this accident here is involving three vehicles. it is going to affect your morning commute. i want to shoot over to 270. traveling towards the spur. you're going to start seeing delays at route 80, and they're going to continue as you make your way towards route 95.
5:54 am
going to give you a look at falls road because, after you pass route 95 you get a break. then when you get to falls road, it gets busier. then on 270 no accidents to report. showing you 66 east, delays start at route 50 and continue as you make your way towards the beltway. eun, back to you. >> danella, thanks so much. 5:54. this morning the man pulled from a burning car by a group of strangers is saying thank you from his hospital bed. >> just wanted to thank all the heroes that put their lives on the line to save mine. >> brandon wright says, when he first saw the video of the rescue, he could not believe what he was watching. just moments before a car hit his motorcycle in utah rupturing the gas tank and pinning him underneath it. he says he doesn't remember much. >> i came to for about five seconds while i was under the car. i screamed a couple times and,
5:55 am
t i threw up some blood, and it was lights out again. >> he suffered a fractured pelvis, a burned left foot and scrapes all over his body. he is expected to make a full recovery. tv host dr. oz is under fire for what the faa is calling a false alarm about apple juice. dr. oz said he had a lab test 36 brands of apple juice and that the drink had high levels of arsenic. arsenic is naturally present in water, air, food, and soil in two forms, organic and inorganic. organic arsenic passes through the body quickly and is essentially harmless. inorganic arsenic can be toxic if consumed over a long period. the fda claims that dr. oz never broke down which type of arsenic was present in the juice he tested. on top of that, the food and drug administration performed its own test and found low levels of inorganic arsenic. a local mcdonald's will be one of the first stores in the
5:56 am
country to roll out the new healthier happy meals. today the mcdonald's along the 4100 block of wisconsin avenue in northwest washington will start serving the healthier happy meal. it automatically includes apple slices and a smaller sized french fry in every meal. and new beverage choices that include low fat chocolate milk and 1% white milk. it's hispanic heritage week, and the washington redskins are getting involved in that. >> three skins fans showed their burgundy and gold spirit by writing a new fight song for the team in spanish. [ singing in spanish ] >> viva los redskins will be
5:57 am
played in place of hail to the redskins this sunday. it will also feature special on field displays. the redskins and cowboys will celebrate hispanic heritage month on september 26th when the two square off for monday night football. big rivalry there. first we have to get through this sunday. >> we do indeed. a happy ending for the autistic boy in fairfax county. >> michael may has been found. a woman found him in the annandale area on southland area about a half hour ago. he's now been reunited with his family. >> good news. ahead, why going
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