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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  September 30, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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be incognito, but there's no denying those signature target red carts." so true. you can gelt anything at target. >> you can fill it up with everything. >> you go in to buy a bottle of shampoo and $200 later. >> target is loving it. and nike is loving it too. free ad for them. triple stabbing, who police are talking to in connection with a violent altercation overnight. plus neighborhood on alert. a violent attack has police urging caution this morning. good morning, everyone. i'm jim handly. joe krebs has this friday off. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" for the last day of september, september 30th, 2011. we're going to take a live look outside at 5:00 a.m. 62 degrees, just in time for october. fall-like weather moves in. >> a beaut of a start to the weekend.
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>> sunrise at 7:03. when it comes up, it will be filling the sky with lots of rays of sunshine, something we haven't seen. we've seen so many clouds all through the day. >> so pat collins can put his sun lamp away. >> that said, we're going to have a few clouds tomorrow. all in all, we're breaking the pattern we've been in, stuck for so long. as we round out the month, national wraps up with almost nine inches of rain for the month. dulles, almost eight inches of rain. it's nice that we're starting to dry out more and more. boy, we're going to have wind to help dry us out today. 63 the temperature. winds out of the southwest at 8 miles an hour. an increase in winds. we could see gusts today up to around 20 miles per hour. some of the temperatures throughout the area, takoma park and tinnily town now at 63 degrees. mt. aerie to the north. mitchellville at 61 degrees. here's a look at today, going up to 74 to 75 degrees.
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breezy with an increase in clouds. >> starting out to be a great friday. sun's in the air. so far no delays on the rails. our roadways, they look good as well. let's take a look at i-66 at fairfax county. i see some commuters getting on the roadways. hey, you're still making excellent time. as you continue east through the rosslyn tunnel, look at this, nice and clear. and local roadways in maryland, no problems either. this is east west highway at colesville road. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. jim and eun, back to you. >> thank you, danella. breaking news right now. a major blow in the war on terror. a report just out that an american born radical imam linked to al qaeda has been killed in yemen. news 4's melissa mollet is live in the news room working the story for us. melissa? >> good morning. reuters now reporting that anwar al alaki has been killed.
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they say he built a substantial following in the u.s. because of his english language postings on the internet. major nadal hassan, the u.s. army psychologist charged with killing 12 people at a shooting spree in the ft. hood military base in texas back in 2009 was an al alaki admirer. as soon as we get any information about his death, we'll pass that along. >> melissa mollet, thank you. new from overnight, d.c. police are questioning two people possibly involved in a triple stabbing. this happened in the 200 block of "h" street northwest outside the judiciary house apartment building. three people were taken to the hospital. we don't know their conditions. police tell news 4 thissed can be a case of self defense, but they are not sure yet. now to decision 2012. the gop presidential field could be expanding again. new jersey governor chris christie says he is now considering a run for the white house. christie has repeatedly denied any interest in running, but sources tell our nbc news sister
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station in new york that christie may have a change of heart after the outpouring of support he received during a cross country speaking tour this week. sources say a decision could come as early as next week. a longtime capital staple, hawk 'n dove is closing after 44 years. the popular tavern has been sold and will be turned into a bistro. hawk 'n dove will auction off memorabilia. starting october 7th, you too can own bar stools and neon signs from d.c.'s oldest irish bar. a word for people who like shopping on craigslist. people in northern virginia are saying someone is using fake ads to score quick cash. police say it's happened twice in newington and another time in clifton. the suspected car buyers turned up to look at the vehicle, and they were approached by two men demanding money. in one case a gun was shown.
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police say you need to be careful buying off craigslist. they suggest meeting during the day in a public place and try to bring someone with you. students at payne elementary in southeast washington are temporarily relocated today so utility crews can work to restore power to the school. buses will take students to the school along "h" street along east capitol street in northeast. the student will be returned back to payne elementary for dismissal at 3:15 this afternoon. all after school programming is cancelled today. officials expect the power to be restored by monday. today in arlington, a change of command for the military's top brass. admiral michael mullen is stepping down as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. army chief of staff, general martin dempsey, is replacing him. president obama will speak at the change of command ceremony this morning at ft. meyer. general dempsey will be the first military officer in years
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to hold the post.
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the duke and duchess of cambridge made an official visit to the royal marsden hospital in sutton, england, to mark the grand opening of a special children's cancer treatment ward. it is the first of -- one of the first public appearances in weeks for the newlyweds. kate is still deciding what charity she will work on behalf of. prince william was appointed the president of the royal marsden in 2007, a position his mother diana also had. it really looks like the couple is trying to follow in diana's footsteps, by making charity a priority in their lives, which is a wonderful thing. >> what a thrill for those kids and their families to get to see them. >> setting an example. let's check in with meteorologist veronica johnson.
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we saw some twinkling up in the sky, and jim and i weren't sure exactly what that was. >> i think they were stars, and we're going to see something like a really big star later on today, right? >> that's right. a really big one. the sunshine will be a very bright sky today for sure, guys. 63 degrees the temperature. it's cool and crisp out there right now. today's air, the kind of air that's going to rejuvenate us, make us feel a little better than the warm sticky stuff we've had around and humid stuff this week. 63 the temperature. winds are starting to pick up at 8 miles per hour. right now they'll be gusting today, i think, to about 20 miles per hour. here's your day planner forecast. 9:00 a.m., 76. noontime, 74. we'll hold up at 75 degrees for much of the afternoon. in terms of sunshine, we're going to see more and more clouds by the time we get through the afternoon. all in all, it's going to look pretty nice. it's during the overnight period where the cloud cover is going
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to pick up. we could have a shower or two coming through by 11:00 p.m. or midnight. better chance for just some light showers coming our way tomorrow. for the big story for this weekend is that it will be noticeably cooler. are you guys ready for the big chill? high on saturday, 58 on sunday. 60. danella? >> good morning. if you're taking the drive along 270, still checking it for you. i'm not seeing any issues all the way from urbanna passing clarksburg, heading down towards that spur. still clear at this time. this is what clarksburg is looking like right now. let's go live to the view. you can see we're clear in both directions. i am seeing a truck that just appeared over in your shoulder lane as you are heading north. it's not slowing you down at all. local roadways in washington, d.c., new york avenue and 14th street, no problems there. these cars are at a light. again, d.c. streets, your roads are looking good as well as the rails. no delays on the metro, marc, or the vre. now back to you both. >> thanks, danella.
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looking good. it's now 5:11. 62 degrees. ahead on "news 4 today," more damaging testimony in the trial of michael jackson's personal doctor. what he reportedly did moments after the pop star died.
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welcome back at 5:15. this year marion berry's ward "a" turkey giveaway will be a little different, this time with strings attached. berry is requiring people to preregister. to get a turkey, you have to commit to attending three community meetings or every pta meeting from october to november if you are the parent of a school age child. berry says preregistration should avoid last year's turkey
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distribution mess, where some people were left turkey-less after a billing dispute. the giveaway is november 22nd. it's a sign of the times. pretty soon it's going to cost a lot more to use your debit card. bank of america released plans to start charging a $5 a month debit card fee. customers will be charged if they use their debit card for a purchase in any given month. customers will not be charged if they only use their debit card at an atm. the new fee is set to begin next year while the outrage among customers has already gone viral. the fee can't come soon enough for bank of america. >> the issue for bank of america and most banks is that they're now going to lose a lot of revenue. they used to be able to charge 44 cents every time you swiped to make a purchase with your debit card. now they can only charge 24 cents. for bank of america, that's going to mean a $2 billion loss in fees. >> chase and wells fargo are
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also testing $3 monthly debit card fees in select markets. neither bank has said when they will make a final decision on whether to roll out the fee more broadly. prosecutors are suggesting a cover-up in the manslaughter trial against dr. conrad murray, michael jackson's personal physician. a bodyguard for jackson testified that murray told him to hide vials of propofol, the powerful anesthetic to led to jackson's death. alberto alvarez did not question the orders because he assumed murray would take the vials to the hospital. >> he reached over and grabbed a handful of vials, and then he reached out to me and said, here, put these in a bag. at the bottom of the bag, there was what appeared to me like a milky white substance. >> prosecutors say that substance was propofol. the defense is expected to argue that jackson gave himself the last fatal dose of the powerful anesthetic. this morning we have a warning for women. be on alert.
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police tell us a man attacked a jogger in arlington. it happened around this time yesterday morning in the 2000 block of army navy drive. news 4's megan mcgrath is live with details for us. megan? >> reporter: pretty frightening situation for a female jogger. she was out for a run yesterday morning, right around 6:30 in the morning. she was in a residential area. the 2000 block of army navy drive. she was jog, police say, on the sidewalk, when a man approached her, actually knocked her to the ground, kicked her several times to immobilize her, and then touched her in an inappropriate sexual way. she was able to get away and to seek help. police are still looking for the man, though, who's responsible. they're warning women to be on alert if at all possible. avoid going jogging alone. it's always best to go with other people if at all possible. they are looking for the suspect still. anyone with information, you're asked to call arlington county police. jim, back to you. >> all right, megan.
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thank you. a traffic alert now for beltway drivers in fairfax county. the left exit from the inner loop of i-495 to i-66 will close for good as early as today. that's exit number 49c. a right exit about a mile away will reopen or remain open. vdot tells us the closure is part of the capital beltway hot lanes project, which should be finished sometime next year. three new traffic laws will go into effect in maryland. one of them is in response in part to a deadly accident just over a year ago. natasha pettigrew was killed while riding her bike along route 202 in largo. her bike later found still attached to the cadillac escalade that hit her. at the time of pettigrew's death, maryland's vehicular manslaughter laws were considered by some to be too lenient, and drivers could end up with only a minor traffic charge. now lawmakers created a new misdemeanor offense. it's called manslaughter by
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criminal negligence, and it is punishable by a fine and jail time. >> the intent is that the person who does a hit, kill, and run, as an example, gets more than just $100 in fines, gets more than a traffic ticket or two. >> also starting tomorrow, they'll require the use of ignition interlock devices. that's when an ignition system is connected to a breathalyzer. it will impact repeat offenders and other drivers convicted of drunk driving. >> the third law says police in maryland can pull over and ticket drivers if they're caught sending or reading text messages behind the wheel. under existing law, it was a secondary offense. that meant police had to find another reason to pull a driver over in order to issue a texting citation. under the new law, anyone caught texting can be fined $70 and receive one point on their driver's license. nearly 47% of all texting adults confess to either sending or reading a text message while
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driving. starting tomorrow, you'll have to pay more at the dmv in the district. the agency is more than doubling its fees for several services. it's raising fees from $7 to $20. for duplicate driver's licenses, duplicate learner's permits, temporary driver's licenses, and i.d. cards. change of address and printing duplicate registration cards are also going up. the price for parking is heading in that direction too. a residential parking permit is currently $15 and increase to $35. unless you're a senior citizen, that will cost you $25. that's quite a hike all at auon. >> time for weather and traffic on the ones. big changes in our forecast. big changes that will have some folks breaking out their sweaters this weekend. had a conversation with someone yesterday. they said, you know, i'm ready to put my open-toed shoes away, ready to put the summer clothes
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away, and get out the turtlenecks. i'm not sure if i'm ready for that. some folks out there are. they're going to get their wish this weekend. this morning we're starting out at 63. it's not that chilly. by tomorrow morning we're going to be starting out in the mid-40s. some areas north and west in the low 40s. 63, the temperature right now. we've got a light wind at 8 miles per hour right now. 57 gaithersburg. 63 degrees in d.c. there are some of the clouds that will be coming into the area today. increasing clouds, fading sunshine. still not a bad day. the story for tomorrow, that little low pressure system will bring showers to our area. just light showers. so just nuisance type of showers for the day tomorrow. then it will be mainly during the afternoon. big story is how cold it gets. we drop to 53 degrees. 50 to 53 tonight. by the time we get to sunday morning, into the 40s, low 40s north. a lot of cold air. this is one huge air mass that will be sinking all way down to the south. temperature today getting up to 74 degrees. again, dry, fading sunshine.
5:23 am
for the evening, 70 to 65. your four-day forecast right here going up to a high of 60 on sunday, 58 on saturday. definitely a fall-like weekend. danella? >> good morning. so far your commute looking really good. happy friday to you. if you're taking the drive along 50, not seeing any problems for you heading out of annapolis as you make your way all the way towards the beltway and even inside the beltway. clear for you in both directions. speaking of the beltway, this is the view at bradley boulevard. inner loop and outer loop are clear here. looping around to robinson terminal. inner loop and outer loop really good. you still have a great travel speed right now, and nothing standing in the roadways for you. taking 95 at the franconia-springfield parkway clear as well and even continuing onto 395 in both directions, not seeing any problems for you. another look at the rails. hey, they're all still on time with no reported delays. now back to you both. >> thanks, danella. 5:23 now. the redskins are off to st.
5:24 am
louis this sunday for a matchup against the rams. st. louis is 0-3 this season, but the skins now they will come out strong after losing big last week to the ravens. redskins players and coaches are not taking this game lightly, especially because it will set the tone for next week. after this game is the team's bye week, and head coach mike shanahan knows there's a big difference between going into the off week 3-1 versus 2-2. >> you don't want to go into a bye week at 2-2. you want to go into a bye week 3-1. our football team also knows we're playing a football team that was embarrassed the week before. it's a very talented football team, probably the best young quarterback that comes in the league in a long time. they've got a lot of talent, and they beat us here last year. we've got to put our best shot forward and go out there and get the job done. >> the redskins are in a three-way tie atop the nfc east. they kick off against the rams at 1:00 p.m. on sunday. go skins. >> of course, he said embarrassed rams. we were a little embarrassed too
5:25 am
monday night. we should be hungry. >> i would say so. this week we have been giving our facebook fans some great stuff. today we are kicking it up a notch, folks. >> the prize today is an apple ipad 2. all you have to do is go to nbc washington's facebook page, like us, and you will be able to sign up. we'll choose a winner during our 6:00 p.m. newscast and announce the winner tonight at 11:00. tune in next week for more great prizes. we have fandemonium and handly-monium. >> okay. i don't think that's going to catch. >> we'll talk more about that. coming up, it is 5:25 now on this friday morning. breaking news. a terror mastermind is reportedly killed. repoit's about building cars in america.
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5:28 is your time now. we are following breaking news. a major blow dealt to the terror organization al qaeda. one of the organization's top terror masterminds reportedly killed. let's go right to melissa mollet live in our news room for the latest now. melissa, good morning. >> good morning, eun. anwar al awlaki led al qaeda in yemen. the country's defense ministry reporting he has been killed along with some of his companions. the information has not yet been independently verified. we do know that yemeni security officials says there was a fire strike in the country's east targeting a convoy there. they would not say if there were any casualties. al qaeda in yemen was responsible for the underwear bomber who tried to blow up a plane over detroit and a plot to send printer cartridges packed with explosives to the u.s. awlaki built a following in the u.s. because of his english language postings on the
5:30 am
internet. major nadal hassan, the army psychologist charged with killings at ft. hood, was an al awlaki admirer. >> melissa, thanks for that update. we'll check in with you in just a bit. >> veronica johnson joins us now. we've got the feel of fall to take us out of september. >> just stay warm during the month of november, that's what you'll want to wear this weekend. we're talking about real november-like temperatures especially early in the day. let's see what's going on right now. we are under a mostly clear sky. talking about the stars we saw coming in. nice and sparkly. 63 the temperature. 58 degrees the dewpoint right now. so the air is pretty dry. we've got a light wind at 8 miles per hour, but that wind will be picking up. sunrise today at 7:03. temperature right now in georgetown 63. largo at 60. college park, you're at 55, one of the cooler spots.
5:31 am
and it's 58 right now in shan tilly, virginia. good morning to you. going up to 66 by 9:00 a.m. a very bright sky. by lunchtime today, partly sunny. 74 degrees the temperature. by 5:00, the evening rush, mostly cloudy sky, around 73. for much of the afternoon, we'll at least be in the low to mid-70s throughout the area. going to be a little breezy. you might want to get the jacket out early today. as far as the overnight goes, your evening planner forecast, the cloud cover thickens up, and i think we might see a few light showers east of i-95. by 11:00 p.m. we're down to 59 degrees, and you'll want to hold on because we're going down to the low and mid-40s by saturday morning. danella, you ready? >> yes. i have my sweater on right now anticipating the cold this weekend. right now friday's here, and let's live in the moment. we're looking good on our roadways. i want to show you 66, if this is your commute this morning. still very clear as you make
5:32 am
your way towards the beltway in both directions. i'm not seeing any problems for you. a live look at sully road, picking up a little bit of momentum, but, hey, guess what? these cars are traveling at a good speed. from fairfax county parkway all the way to the beltway, your travel speed is 58 miles an hour. not so bad. here's the view at 395 on duke street. passing duke street, making your way to the 14th vestreet bridge it's clear. not seeing any issues for you there either. on the rails, eun, no delays at this time. >> thank you so much, danella. it is now 5:32. final rebuttals are under way in italy as amanda knox's appeals trial enters its final stages. both prosecutors and the defense are expected to speak one last time today. knox may also read a statement, something that had been expected yesterday but was delayed. knox was convicted of the murder of her roommate, a verdict is expected monday. new from overnight, d.c. police investigating a triple stabbing. it happened in the 400 block of
5:33 am
"h" street northwest, outside the judiciary house apartment building. three people were taken to the hospital. we do not know their conditions at this time. police are questioning two people who may be connected with the stabbings. this could be a case of self defense. new facebook changes are not just causing an uproar among users. we told you about this on wednesday, new privacy complaints about the site tracking users even when they're not logged in. now it has gotten the attention of privacy groups and some lawmakers. tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill with developments. >> reporter: eun, good morning. first reaction from facebook. they say it was an unintentional side effect of its security system, making sure that people can't log in from other locations as you. so like many other websites, they put cookies on your computer that track your movements. in this case, some of those cookies were reporting back to facebook what sites you visited even after you logged out of
5:34 am
facebook. privacy experts do not like that, and neither do some lawmakers on capitol hill. the co-chairs, republican and democratic co-chairs of the privacy caucus, are asking the federal trade commission to investigate. their point, they think users should have a reasonable expectation of privacy after they log out of facebook, that they should not be tracked online. no word whether the ftc will investigate, but we do know that in ireland, where facebook's european headquarters is located, irish authorities have decided to launch an audit there because of privacy groups there and over here explessing concern about this. facebook says the data collected from logged out users was not kept. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us this morning. tracie, thank you. the satirical newspaper, the onion, may have gone a little too far with its latest story. capitol park police launching an
5:35 am
investigation. yesterday they tweeted that congressmen were holding children hostage. the satirical site posted fake video of the hostage situation and continued to post fake updates throughout the day. capitol police tell us they understand the onion's satire, but this was not funny. now to decision 2012. the gop presidential field could grow once again. new jersey governor chris christie says he is now considering a run for president. christie has repeatedly denied any interest in running. sources tell our nbc sister station in new york that christie may have a change of heart after the outpouring of support he received during a cross country speaking tour this week. sources say a decision from the governor could come as early as next week. meanwhile presidential hopeful jon huntsman is on the move. he is closing campaign headquarters in florida and moving it all up to new hampshire. "the new york times" reports today the campaign is trying to
5:36 am
score an upset win in the nation's first primary. it appears there may be a new roadblock for presidential hopeful michelle bachmann. several news reports claim the congresswoman is running low on cash as she tries to revive her slumping poll numbers. the new york post even claims a computer vendor threatened to shut off the power at her campaign headquarters because of unpaid bills. politico blames her problems on a lack of big name donors. board members overseeing ford's lincoln theater says it's unsure how long it can stay open without money. they have just $50,000 cash on hand, but the theater's operating costs are $60,000. the board wants mayor vincent gray to approve funding from the city's surplus tax revenue. the board is also asking donors to help the theater stay open. there is no if. the famed hawk 'n dove on capitol hill is closing this weekend after 44 years.
5:37 am
sunday, october 2nd, will be last call. the popular tavern has been sold. it will be turned into a bistro. hawk 'n dove will auction off memorabilia. starting october 7th, you can own bar stools and napkins from d.c.'s oldest irish bar. >> pretty school stuff. students at payne elementary in southeast washington are temporarily relocated today so utility crews can work to restore power to the school. buses will take students from the school along "c" street and eastern senior high on capital street northeast. the students will be returned back to payne elementary for dismissal at 3:15 this afternoon. all after school programs are cancelled today. officials expect the power to be restored by monday. it is now 5:37. 62 degrees. 62 degrees. the first lady proving she's
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this amazing and scary video comes from mt. rainier, maryland.
5:41 am
an ambulance caught fire and exploded. this happened around 2:30 yesterday afternoon at 38th street and rhode island avenue while the crew was responding to a call. luckily no one was inside at the time. a volunteer fire crew from bladensburg put out the fire. investigators are looking into what caused the ambulance to catch fire. >> that's pretty impressive. if you look it cool, folks, you are in luck. meteorologist veronica johnson says we've got it on the way for the weekend. >> that's right. pretty chilly, in fact, for the weekend. especially the early part of each day saturday and sunday. out there right now the air is very fresh. that's real positive for a lot of people after being stuck in a gloomy, gray month. 63 the current temperature. the wind light right now at 8 miles per hour. the wind picking up today. we could have some gusts later today around 20 miles per hour. that during the afternoon. the other thing about the afternoon, as you can see in your day planner forecast, we start with sunshine and get the clouds by afternoon. partly sunny at lunchtime. by 5:00 we're mostly cloudy. i do think it will be dry.
5:42 am
66 at 9:00 a.m. going up to a high today of 74 degrees. we'll take a look at your seven-day forecast, danella, in just a couple of minutes. let's get a look at traffic. >> good morning. i am starting to see congestion in our area, especially along 270 coming out of urbanna, slow as you make your way towards clarksburg. then you're going to have some relief. this is what west montgomery looks like. no problems here. in fact, along 270, no accidents to report. and as you make your way towards the spur, you're traveling at 55 miles per hour. shooting over to 95, starting to be slow crossing the occoquan, making your way towards lorton. but in both directions on 95, not seeing any incidents to report for you. and a brief delay on the fredericksburg line of five minutes, train number 302. back to you both. >> thanks, danella. time now 5:43 on this final day of september. the first lady giving new meaning to the term mystery shopper. >> she's like regular people. >> the incognito trip to a local
5:43 am
target that is generating big
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5:45 am
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welcome back at 5:46. a crime alert to tell you about. police warning anyone out this early morning in one arlington neighborhood. police say a man attacked a jogger along army navy drive. news 4's megan mcgrath joins us live with what happened. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. this happened in the 2000 block of army navy drive around 6:30 in the morning yesterday morning. police say a female jogger was running through the area. she was actually up on the sidewalk when the man approached her. he actually knocked her to the ground, kicked her several times to immobilize her, and then he sexually assaulted -- he groped her. now, she was able to get away. she is going to be okay.
5:47 am
but police are still looking for that suspect, and they're encouraging women not to jog or walk alone, to team up, go inna. first of all, your reaction to the fact that this happened. >> i think that, you know, we're aware of incidents happening. i mean, we live in northern virginia, and i aware. we know other of our neighbors are aware. we tackle it as a team. >> reporter: so you're out this morning. you've got a dog. there are two of you together. >> we usually walk in pairs just for safety reasons because we know it is dark and not a lot of people are out at this time of the morning. >> reporter: we'll let you get back to your walk. thanks for joining us. now anyone with information about this crime, you're asked to call arlington county police. they don't have a whole lot to go on here. they also say they do not believe that this is in any way associated with any other attacks that have happened in the area. they believe this is an isolated
5:48 am
incident or at least that this is just one incident involving this particular suspect. again, women encouraged to go out in pairs, to wait until the sun fully comes up. bring a dog if you have one as well. and certainly bring a cell phone if you see anything suspicious. contact police. back to you. >> megan mcgrath live in arlington this morning. megan, thanks so much. another crime alert this morning for people in the market for a car. police in northern virginia tell us someone is using fake craigslist ads to score some quick cash. fairfax county police tell us they know about three incidents so far, two in newington and another in clifton. they say the prospective buyers were approached by two men needing money. in one case, they showed the victim a gun. if you do buy anything off of craigslist, police suggest meeting during the day in a public space. also try to bring someone else with you. today the tour bus driver involved in a deadly crash in virginia is expected to face a judge. ken yu chung admitted he fell
5:49 am
asleep behind the wheel of a sky express bus back in may. the bus swerved off of i-95 in richmond and rolled over. four people were killed. the government shut down sky express after that crash. chung is scheduled to stand trial in january on four felony counts of involuntary manslaughter. more produce is being recalled because of listeria. a california farm is recalling bags of chopped row main lettuce because of possible contamination. a random test from the farm tested positive for listeria. at this time, no one has become ill. the lettuce was distributed in up to three western states. cantaloupes contaminated with listeria are being blamed for at least 16 deaths across the country. new clues in the disappearance of a missing man from alexandria. police released these surveillance photos of a person of interest linked to the disappearance. the man in the white dodge caravan used a credit card that belonged to 53-year-old lenny harris. harris disappeared september
5:50 am
21st. the van was seen the next morning in prince george's county one hour before the man in the van tried to use the card at an atm in alexandria. a man accused of impersonating nfl quarterback vince young could soon be extradited to texas. authorities in texas are trying to decide if stefan pittman violated his probation in connection with a sexual assault charge in 2009. pittman was charged with first degree felony fraud when he swindled thousands of dollars from a woman who thought he was actually the philadelphia eagles quarterback. if texas does not extradite pittman, he faces a hearing next wednesday in d.c. superior court. want a new pet? it will be cheaper to adopt a dog in prince george's county next month. the county is lowering adoption fees to celebrate national adopt a dog month. adoption fees will be discounted by $80 for all dogs adopted from the animal services facility. officials tell us the county has a variety of dogs available, small and large. get them homes.
5:51 am
there's a growing problem in this country, if you haven't heard. it's ipad envy. i have it. i don't have one. >> i do too. if you have the symptoms, we've got the solutions right here at nbc 4. today we are giving away a new ipad 2. all you have to do is log on to facebook, search for our page, nbc washington, then sign up for fandemonium on the left side of that screen. we choose a winner every day during the 6:00 p.m. newscast. and tonight the winner will be announced during news 4 at 11:00. more great stuff coming next week too every day. >> just in time for christmas. you can wrap it and give it away for a gift. after you use it a couple months. >> exactly. charge it up. they'll never know. >> i'm testing it. >> got to make sure it works okay. >> load it up with a couple of apps, and that makes it that much more special. >> now we know what you're getting, a used ipad 2.
5:52 am
one thing i'm loving, i'm loving the forecast. i'm loving the fact that it's looking dry for the most part. as you'll see in just a moment. outside right now, it's 63 degrees. oh, the air is cool, it's crisp, it's fresh. just the way i like my vegetables too. 63 under some stars there. sun's up today at 7:03. a light wind at 8 miles per hour. some of our cooler spots just north. look at frederick and mt. aerie at 54. same thing around culpepper, 63 right in the district. the wind, that's going to be picking up today. we've got an area of low pressure to our north and west. there will be some clouds moving in too. so fading sunshine. all in all, still not a bad day. this next upper level low will bring showers throughout the area. don't worry, these are very light showers for tomorrow. not going to amount to a whole lot. just nuisance, might be able to
5:53 am
go without the umbrella. but chilly conditions. can't go without the coat or jacket tomorrow. very chilly conditions, especially to start each day saturday and sunday. last time we dropped down this low was about five months back the early part of may. we'll be heading down to 53 degrees early tomorrow morning. 40s just to the north. look how far down that cold air goes. this is one huge cool air mass, all the way down to the deep south. 42 in charlotte. here we'll be starting out about 45 to 48 degrees early sunday morning. so the core of the cold air over a sunday morning. right now for today, early sunshine. a few clouds building. cool and breezy, 70 to 75 degrees. for your evening, it will be a very nice evening again. staying dry. 65 degrees is where we're going to drop after 70 degrees by around 5:00. chilly and breezy. four-day forecast for the weekend, chance of rain. a few passing light showers on saturday. again, feeling like
5:54 am
mid-november. look at next week. it's dry for a change. danella? >> good morning. on our roadways, starting to see some congestion, especially along 95 at the occoquan. camera's getting a little blurry here. you can see, as the cars head north, you're starting to slow as you make your way towards lort lorton. no accidents to report in this area. looking at the beltway, getting a little busy, outer loop at university boulevard. travel time right now, you're driving at about 54 miles per hour. it's not so bad, but, again, congestion is starting to build but still making good time. on the rails, seeing the minor delays still on the fredericksburg line of the vre. train number 302, your delay is just five minutes. metro and marc both look good, eun. >> danella, thanks so much. 5:54 now. this weekend the chesapeake bay bridge will see a lot more traffic because of nascar. the aaa 400 is on sunday, and the maryland transportation authority says there will be delays because of the incoming glut of cars. the mta will monitor traffic
5:55 am
conditions and allow two-way traffic on the westbound side to cut down on delays. drivers should travel off-peak hours before 7:00 in the morning and after 5:00 p.m. 4 of the 5 metro lines will see minor delays starting tonight at 10:00 because of track work. the red line will see delays at twin brook, takoma, and forest glen. crews will be working at eastern market, stadium armory on the orange line. trains will also operate between largo town center and van dorn street on the blue line with a special shutting train taking people to franconia and springfield. things will be back to normal monday morning. we all get that craving for pizza every once in a while, or if you're like me, all the time. but one visitor at a canadian pizza parlor caught everyone off guard. >> go away. >> yes way. take a look at this scene.
5:56 am
it's in whistler, british columbia. a black bear helping himself to a slice or two or six of pizza. onlookers watched safely from outside, good idea, as the bear quickly helped himself to fresh pizza pie. workers were eventually able to scare the bear off but not before he got a much needed meal. at this time, the pizza bandit remains at large. >> he wants to wash it down with wine, he should come to virginia. the donald is rolling out a new business venture in virginia. next week businessman donald trump will open trump vineyard estates in albemarle county. virginia governor bob mcdonald and trump's son eric will be on hand for the invitation only reception. eric trump will serve as the winery's president. trump bought the operation in april from socialite virginia klug and her husband. it's about 2 1/2 hours away in
5:57 am
the charlottesville area. coming up, attention target shoppers. you could have been standing in line -- can you imagine? next to the first lady and not even know it because she was incognito in a big way. >> she stopped in at the target on route 1 in potomac yard yesterday. she dressed incognito, wearing a nike baseball hat, sunglasses, and a button down floral shirt. secret service agents arrived about 30 minutes before mrs. obama. she walked in the main entrance with an assistant and shopped for 30 to 40 minutes. there's no word on what she ended up buying, but no one seemed to notice the first lady at first until she got to the register. >> why wouldn't she shop at target? where else is there to get shampoo and toilet paper and bras and cat food and bananas all in one place? >> target's corporate headquarters did not issue a formal statement about the shopping trip. however, the compa did tweet, "first lady michelle obama may be incognito, but there's no denying those target red carts."
5:58 am
i think that's why a lot of people identify with mrs. obama. fashion, but she also shops in target, gap. that's
5:59 am
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