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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  September 30, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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doug, how cold is it going to get? >> it's not going to get that cold but it is going to be the first real significant cool shot, cool shot that we have seen. yes, you are going to need the coats. you mentioned snow that is only out to the west in west virginia and west portions of maryland. 71 degrees out there now. we are looking at the cold front making its way through the area as we speak with the clouds around most of the region. starting to see some breaks in the clouds to the west toward leesburg and frederick where the temperature is 68. falling to the 60s there, still warm ahead of the front. 77. cam bridge 75. the frontal boundary is producing shower activity. prince george's county, king georges county and maryland you will see a light shower pass through the region. st. mary's county to the south you will see some heavier
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showers moving in. it's part of the frontal boundary moving in. temperatures down to 54. when you wake up tomorrow morning, it will be cooler. it's not the coolest we have been this season but we are going to get cooler still. i have cool numbers for you. pat? >> thanks, doug. president obama says the u.s. has dealt a major blow to al qaeda's most dangerous affiliates. it's known as al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. his name is anwar al-awlaki. the cia and u.s. military worked together to carry out the strike. today, the president outlined the justification of this target of killing. >> he directed the failed attempt to blow up an airplane on christmas day in 2009. he directed the failed attempt to blow up u.s. cargo planes in 2010. he repeated le calls on
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individuals in the united states and around the globe to kill innocent men, women and children to advance a murderous agenda. >> president obama said al qaeda has been weakened by al-awlaki's death. he has strong ties to northern virginia. we are live at a church where he served for years. >> reporter: we are here at the islamic center in falls church where the controversial cleric was nine years ago. folks here in the local muslim community say after this his message changed drastically. >> reporter: for about a year ending in 2002. is statement says during his time here, he was an advocate of outreach and tolerance.
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they go on to say after leaving here and being arrested and tortured in yemen, he began preaching violence. they do not accept violence or extremism. this man spoke of passages that allude to violence. >> for you and me to understand the verses that talk about killing, you have to go back and look at the history and what happened during the time when those verses were revealed. what is changing is maybe our experience in life and how we relate to those verses in the koran. >> reporter: the statement from this islamic center and one from the islamic relations echoes the
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nonviolence theme and speaks about the constitutional question of an assassination of an american citizen like al-awlaki. a voice of hate has been eliminated something muslims say has no place in mainstream islam. >> that's it for us. >> reporter: the message emanating from this center and other quarters in the area are most muslims are not extremists. they want to practice their faith peacefully. back to you. >> thank you, derrick. police have not decided what files to charge on a university student. their son was hurt while breaking up a fight outside a mcdonald's restaurant at 19th and m streets. today, investigators reiterated they believe he was part of the altercation. it started inside the restaurant and escalated when they went
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outside. >> the initial push came from, we believe it was mr. casey. it may have been someone that was with him. that was the initial push. >> police say someone punched patrick casey. he fell to the ground and hit his head leaving him brain dead. all the suspects have been identified and interviewed. if it was simply an altercation that went awry, only misdemeanor charges would be filed. arlington police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl as she walked home from school. it happened yesterday. a man ran up to the teen and touched her inappropriately and ran off. the high school principal sent out a letter last night warning parents about the incident. the 15-year-old was not seriously hurt.
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traffic changes coming to the inner loop of the beltway. one of two exits to i-66 westbound will close. transportation officials say it could cause a lot of confusion among drivers. john schriffen is live in fairfax tonight with more on what the change is going to mean for commuters. john? >> reporter: good evening. i want to assure viewers at home, it looks like we are standing in the middle of the beltway, we are safe. we are in the middle of the hot lanes construction project. the ramp here to 66 west is going to be closed. as you look, it's a very, very busy off ramp. about 2,000 cars take this ramp every hour during the p.m. rush. now, they have to learn a new traffic pattern. you can see, there are cones set up on the right side of the beltway here. tomorrow morning, all the cones will be taken out to open up this new lane here for the exit on the right side. for drivers used to coming
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through here, if you don't pay attention to the signs, it will be easy to miss this exit. for drivers in northern virginia, traffic is a way of life on the beltway. >> it's pretty terrible. very bad. congested. miserable. all the construction has not helped matters. i have found when i'm driving in the areas where they completed the construction they have improved it. >> reporter: it's what v-dot is hoping to do on i-45 north. starting saturday, the left exit will be shut down permanently. these signs are informing drivers to stay to the right where an extra lane will be opened up for an exit. >> this is the old ramp that will be shutting down. >> reporter: we got a private tour of the construction area so drivers know what to do. >> coming offspringfield, you notice the traffic is heavy as you approach 66. when we open this tomorrow morning, this all disappears.
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all the traffic should follow the signs and be as hugging, as you say, to the walls to start picking up that new two ramps over there. >> reporter: what happens if they miss this exit? >> if they miss the exit, they go up to 7, turn around and come back on 495 south. take the ramp to 66 west. >> reporter: v-dot says it's being closed down to make room for the hot lanes project currently being built. most drivers had no idea about the change and needed explaining. >> you have to funnel with traffic going east on 66. you think it's easy enough? >> you know, it's one of those where that's the only way. really it is the only way for me to get home so it's horrible but what can you do? it may seem like a horrible idea for some drivers but others said they think it will be easier and safer. they hope within two to three
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weeks drivers will be adjusted. once the hot lanes are finished, they really think this beltway will be a breeze to get through. we are live in northern virginia, john schriffen, back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you, john. only one public library in washington is open on sundays. that would be the martin luther king building. due to budget issues, it's slated to join the other city libraries and close. a last minute reprieve brought good news for readers. tom sherwood has the news. >> they were planning to protest this sunday afternoon. now, they say, that protest will be a celebration. the martin luther king library in downtown washington is a distinctive stark black modern building opened in 1972. it's on the register of historic places. d.c. resident and teacher likes to come to the library to check
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out books for her students. >> there's nothing like holding a book in your hand. also, i work with kids, so i can't purchase every book i would like. >> reporter: budget cuts were going to force the library to close sunday afternoons, a time that draws 50,000 patrons a year to books, computers and research materials. >> it's a cost cutting deal. it's a budget thing. people from across the city came out to say please, please, please, do not shut the last library that's open on sunday. >> reporter: late friday, there was good news for the king library. the mayor and d.c. council library said the city found the $300,000 necessary to keep the sunday hours for the king library. it won't be closing after all. >> at least this library is open. it's a great first step. we are pleased. >> reporter: the teacher agrees
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it's a good sign for more library branches in the future. good for the children? >> yes. it would be nice if they were all open. but, times are hard. >> the city is spending millions of dollars to rebuild the whole library system. that's the good news. >> that is good news. thank you, tom sherwood reporting. still ahead on news 4 at 5:00. the task of inspecting the washington monument for cracks continue today. coming up, pat collins brings us the colorful history of what used to be the tallest building in america. >> paramedics take the stand in the manslaughter fril. the information they were given when they reached michael jackson didn't add up. i'm liz crenshaw. what's the deal with the new debit car [ rock playing ]
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the first paramedic to reach michael jackson testified today that dr. conrad murray's story didn't add up. he described the chaotic scene in jackson's bedroom on the day he died. murray said he only gave jackson a mild sedative. he never mentioned propofol. murray's attorneys said the
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doctor was multitasking and forgot. he's pleading not guilty to negligent homicide. what is the deal with new debit card fees? >> why do red, orange and yellow peppers tend to be more expensive than green peppers? it's friday. liz crenshaw joins us on ask liz. the next question comes from several viewers. they all want to know, what's the deal with the new debit card fees. >> it came out of nowhere. some banks are thinking of posing new fees. it's because of new rules that give banks less money per swipe when you pay with your debit card. bank of america is the first. they will impose a $5 month
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every month you decide to use your debit card for purchases. chase and wells fargo have been testing the $3 monthly fee in select markets. it's true. it is frustrating. the banks say they are losing money so they are adding them in other areas. >> we don't like this. >> no. >> the next question is from betty. why do green peppers tend to be cheaper than red, orange and yellow peppers. >> safeway said while overly ripe green peppers change color, they are still green. red, orange and yellow are a different variety. they are hot house peppers raised in a controlled temperature environment. this produces fewer red, orange and yellow and are more expensiexpens expensi expensive. green peppers are grown in a field at a higher volume and
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lower cost so it's less expensive to sell to you in the store. they are not the same pepper. they are different. >> now we know. martha says she's tired. we are all tired, of loud commercials on tv. we all want to know when they are going to start regulating the volume of the ads? >> the commercial advertisement loudness act or c.a.l.m. was passed december 15th, 2010. it's true. it prevents commercials from being louder than the show. they have a year to adopt the ruleses. it's not fully in effect until december 15th. >> thanks goodness. >> the c.a.l.m. act. >> how appropriate. doreen. >> tv stations never admit they do that. >> they don't have to admit it.
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i think it's a question -- >> it's going to be measured. >> scientifically. sounds good. doug is here with more about the weather. we have big changes coming. >> yes. a lot of people are excited. is it cold enough for a fire in the fireplace? that depends on you, i don't know. temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s. yeah, you may have the fire going. some of you may turn on your heat for the first time this winter, this fall, rather. if you do turn on your heat, remember you will most likely smell the dust burning off. everybody does the first time and you get a lot of phone calls about what the smell might be. 71 degrees is the current temperature now. cloudy, winds out of the west-northwest at 9 miles per hour. the temperatures are coming down. 66 now in leesburg. 68 in frederick. 61 in cumberland, maryland.
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the front is still pushing that way. it's why we have shower activity. the showers associated with the frontal boundary. the krofton area and close to andrews air force base. heaviest shower now to the extreme southeast of st. mary's county moving into the chesapeake. that had lightning associated with it. all of those move to the east. watch that around mechanicsville and the honeytown area. light showers moving through over the next half hour to hour. the cool air, it is right behind this frontal boundary. 53 in elkins. 55 in morgantown. it will begin to invade the region overnight tonight and the next few hours. you are going to go to dinner tonight. by the time you are done, you will need the jacket. take it with you if you head
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out. there's the cold front off the coast. cool and windy conditions. we'll see winds tomorrow gusting 15 to 25 miles an hour and higher with a chance of showers tomorrow. not the best saturday to get out and about. i wouldn't cancel plans, dress according to. cool and windy conditions on your sunday. chance of showers on sunday. a 30% chance. best chance to the west. we'll stay back toward the mountains. this evening, cloudy, breezy and cooler. 65 to 70 early. then the numbers dip down. tomorrow morning, upper 40s to 54 in the city with breezy conditions. the breezy conditions stick around tomorrow with mostly cloudy skies and showers out there. 55 to 59 degrees. that is cool. a lot of you are going to the football game tomorrow. 58 degrees. mostly cloudy. i would bring the poncho, just in case. you may need it out there.
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we'll warm up. little cool but not the coldest, yet. >> okay. all right. we'll be ready for it. thanks, doug. still to come, having a car in the district will cost you more. the fee hike that takes effect tomorrow. positive role models in the
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president obama is calling the killing of anwar al ali ki. >> i think it's important. after bin laden was killed, there was a recognition that it was a time to strike others. al qaeda's franchise operation moved beyond pakistan and afghanistan into yemen where there's been a big focus. al-awlaki was somebody who was feared. he was active, born in america. he had a role in ft. hood and other plots. this is a big kill. this is a robust campaign against these figures. i think the president stressed that in terms of future plots. >> will it help him politically? >> i don't know. frankly, terrorism is a big election issue. it's been neutralized.
5:25 pm
i don't think republicans are going to have much to say other than good job president obama. he's accelerating where president bush was in terms of targeting. in terms of what they are not yet doing, it's about war policy. i think this is a more neutral issue. >> it's the only thing. republicans are crazy. >> that's right. >> we know you will be talking about that on "meet the press." lots of action with the gop. >> there's big questions for president obama and republicans. is chris gordochristie going to into the race? what is it going to take? one of his advisers said, as we look at mitt romney who is steadying as a front-runner, but not breaking through in a lot of ways. he faces a struggle to win a second term.
5:26 pm
how does he get over that. we are going to talk to governor mcdonlds and governor patrick as well. that will be a big focus for us. decision 2012. we are a year away from the fall campaign, but we are really in the heat of it now. >> you think christie is going to get in? >> i think there's a good chance now. he's got former president bush telling him to do it. i don't see a lot of downside for him. if he waits, he may have waited this thing out. if he gets in and loses, he still gets a campaign under his belt. i think it does candidates a lot of good. >> we want to talk about what's coming up after "meet the press" tomorrow. "press pass." >> yes, we have bill richardson. a very interesting conversation about immigration and the presidential strategy. it makes for a good base. i's right after "meet the press" on sunday. >> as we do know. david gregory, thank you.
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always good to see you. "press pass" tomorrow at 11:30. >> thank you. coming up, 47% of drivers admit to texting behind the wheel. starting tomorrow, a new law could bring hefty fines to folks who send messages while they are driving. >> reporter: sure, you are paying attention to the monument now. where were you when the guy caught the baseball thrown from the top. when the guy walked down the monument steps on his hands? those stories and more, coming up. news 4. food on wheels. the two recent college grads who came up with a way to keep
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and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. hello, i'm doug kammerer. here in storm center 4, we saw sunshine and the clouds moved in. now the sun trying to make its way to the west of the
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washington, d.c. area. a nice shot at tyson's corner. on the radar, we have rain. around annapolis and waldorf, just to the east, prince george's, charles and st. mary's county. watch out there. you will see the showers over the next couple hours. colder air. temperatures only 53 in elkins, west virginia. the cooler air is moving our way. >> thanks, doug. engineers inspecting the washington monument are making progress. they finished examining the pyramid top. they removed several large loose stones. the team is scanning every inch of the landmark looking for loose debris and damage. they have become d.c.s newest tourist attraction. it's a role they are not quite accustomed to.
5:32 pm
>> the acrobatics we do to get out the window. >> it's a tight squeeze with the ropes and weight. trying not to make a fool of yourself. >> the inspections will continue over the weekend and wrap up on tuesday, weather permitting. >> the washington monument has a long history. pat collins joins us from the national mall with more on a landmark that has seen its share of stunts. pat? >> reporter: the washington monument. you can see they are still up there surveying that earthquake damage. boy, if these walls could talk. the stories. why those stories would crack you up. the washington monument. unless something happens here, we sort of take it for granted. it gives me great pleasure to reintroduce you to your
5:33 pm
washington monument. it's 555 feet, 5.9 inches tall. for years, it was the tallest manmade object in the world. it served as a centerpiece for publicity stunts, athletic challenges and acts of public protest. strike one. in 1908, a catcher for the washington senators baseball team caught a ball tossed from the top of the monument. it was a costly catch for his two buddies who bet him $500 he'd drop the ball. high school. 1957. on the eve of their big game with their rival, students from gonzaga hung a batter from the monument saying beat st. johns. the owner, he was one of the batter hangers. >> it was a good, innocent, fun
5:34 pm
stunt that didn't hurt anybody. didn't damage any property. we didn't use spray paint and we got across our point. everybody in the world thought. >> athletic endeavors. >> 898 steps straight up. it's an achievement for anyone. >> reporter: that's jim. he knows the monument top to bottom. he's written a book about it. that's where we got these stories. 1933, paul conrad climbed the monuments 898 steps carrying -- carrying a 145 pound man. it took him 16.5 minutes. not to be outdone in 1950, an acrobat went down the stairs on his hands. now coming up at 6:00, the stone
5:35 pm
color controversy and what the washington monument could have looked like. pat, back to you. >> all right. a lot of neat tricks there. thanks, pat. tomorrow, d.c. residents will be paying more at the dmv. fees are jumping from $17 to $20. they include duplicate drivers license, temporary licenses, identification cards, change of address and duplicate registration cards. it's going up to $35 if you are a senior citizen it will cost $25. this is important. a new texting law goes into effect tomorrow for drivers in maryland. police will be able to pull over those sending or reading messages from their cell phones and anyone caught texting can get a $70 fine and a point on
5:36 pm
their driver's license. right now, police have to have another reason to pull you over. a concerned son and daughter take it upon themselves to find their missing dad. >> i thought i heard a voice. i said hello. i screamed down there. then someone said help. >> coming up, how they managed to track him down nearly a week after he disappeared. positive role models in the classroom. classroom. the local school
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in tonight's education nation segment, we are featuring heroes in the hallway. a group of dads who went back to school not just for their own kids but those who don't have a male role model in their lives. we have the local watchdogs. >> there you go buddy. have a good one. >> reporter: for some kids, 7:30 in the morning is too early. >> wake up. >> reporter: a group of dads who volunteer in ash burn make the students feel like superstars. >> good morning, guys. >> reporter: it's part of a new program at school called watchdogs that stands for dads of great students.
5:40 pm
fathers take the day off to be part of the learning process. >> good morning. >> lots of our children don't have necessarily a man in their life full time. it's important for them to have that role model and see what a professional man acts like, looks like and how to respond to them and work with them. >> reporter: the program started in 1998 after two middle school students went on a shooting rampage at a school in arkansas. it's now grown to more than 2,000 schools participating in 40 states. virginia is the third largest state. this parent volunteers with the program. >> this is a vehicle for the dads to take a whole day off and volunteer the same, make the same commitment as the moms do. >> it's really fun. i like my dad here because usually he doesn't get to come here. >> reporter: in this first year of the program, the goal was to have at least one father come into the classroom for every day
5:41 pm
of the school year. it's 180 days. right now, the program has about 90 fathers signed up covering half the number. with the early success, the school is confidence more fathers will sign up soon. ♪ >> reporter: the close interaction has become an eye-opening experience for the fathers. >> my dad doesn't spend that much time with me especially on school nights and stuff so i'm like, like wow, this is really, really, really an honor. >> reporter: was it tough hearing your son say he didn't think you spent too much time together? >> you know, yes it was but it's kind of a check to make sure that i am going to spend enough time with him. i pick him up after school, help him with homework and put him to bed. it makes me think about the
5:42 pm
quality time i spend with him. >> what a good idea. i think there are a lot of dads who would like to participate in their child's school. there are opportunities for it. >> a lot who should. >> right. coming up, food on wheels. food trucks are setting up shop in d.c. every day. sometimes finding the one you want can be a bit of a challenge. not to worry. two recent college grads are tracking your favorite truck. coming up, a star on the
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how about 100 energetic volunteers kicked off in the district today. city years sponsors adults. core members range from 17 to 24 years old. their goal is to help children stay in school and on track to graduate. officials attended the kick off at freedom plaza. >> community and education. they are two very important ideals for washington and what better organization to support. >> we want to make sure we are addressing the drop out crisis.
5:46 pm
they provide that. they are a positive presence. >> washington, d.c., will partner with 14 d.c. public schools this year. >> food trucks are a huge craze in the d.c. metro area. figuring out where they are parked can be tricky. two local business students at gorge washington university came up with an app for that. >> i run the we track the suburbs of m m.d. and west virginia, you name it. it started out in a funny way. dan, the co-founder and i were roommates since freshmen year. both business students and bouncing ideas back and forth. >> i don't know how it came up. it was like wouldn't this be cool. it's viable, let's do it. we had a friend that pushed us to go for it. we did it. cranked it on the weekend. didn't do a lot of sleeping.
5:47 pm
the thought process was just because it's on wheels doesn't mean it can't be mapped. >> we love food trucks. we put it on a map so it's one place. you look for it every day. we want to expand in other cities, but we want to do a whole city at a time. the concept is to solidify it in d.c., then come out everywhere. we are coming out with an iphone app. >> we are both 22 years old. to have a venture a lot of people haven't heard of is the exciting part. >> cool. >> good idea. >> very good idea. don't forget to like the nbc washington page on facebook for your chance to win prizes. we are calling this fandemonium. you can fine up on the left side of our facebook page screen. yesterday's winner got a $250 itunes gift card. that's a lot of music.
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there's a new prize every day to sign up for. everything from gift cards to ipads and a tv. today, you can win an ipad 2. we are going to choose the winner during the 6:00 newscast and announce the winner tonight at 11:00. doug has the forecast. you are not eligible for the contest. >> i'm not eligible? >> nope. >> shouldn't it be something like fandemonium? >> i elect you to read about it every night. you do that so well. >> i will do that, if i become eligible. it's never going to happen. as far as the rain is concerned, we have shower activity as the cold front moves through. prince george's county, charles and st. mary's county. right around the dunkirk area, ferry landing road, we are seeing light showers now. right along route four you will see the showers. as we make our way through the
5:49 pm
night, look at the cool air to the west. 46 in hagerstown. 54 in the district. tomorrow, a high temperature of only 58 degrees and yes, we could see shower activity, too. you need the umbrellas and the coats. >> thank you, doug. well, it's time for friday night football. the game of the week features churchhill. that's where we find hakeem. you have football weather tonight or almost. >> reporter: yes, we do. it's a phenomenal night for football. we are in potomac. 3-1 churchill taking on gaithersburg. this year, they look like a contender and the trojans are led by a senior from zimbabwe. his name is simba. >> simba.
5:50 pm
simba. wide receiver, gaithersburg. >> reporter: his name means power. born in zimbabwe his power is over speed. he's won a scholarship to delaware. he's the first to play football for the blue hens. more passionate. watch videos. all about football. he wasn't about football. growing up, he played rug by, cricket and soccer. his father is a diplomat. his family lived allver the world. after similar baa was born, they moved to china. they later returned to zimbabwe before coming to the u.s. he discovered his passion for football telling his mother ruth, he would be good enough to profit from a game he just learned. >> i promised her in sixth grade
5:51 pm
that i would get a similarship. i told her don't save money for me. i'm going to get a scholarship and pay everything for you. me getting a similarship and committing early is satisfying. i know where i'm going to be in the next year at delaware university. >> he's a fantastic athlete. he possesses many intangibles others don't have. he's focused. he's strong. he's a leader. he understands what his role is both on the field and off the field. he tries to show proper examples. >> reporter: simba is a captain at gaithersburg. a high school team that represents 17 different nations. having experience living in three countries helped him develop a deep bond with his teammates. >> i can be friends with anybody and be around all kinds of
5:52 pm
people. i i'm proud because you would think nationalities are opposite. we are all one big family. we come together as one. on and off the field. >> reporter: simba, a very talented young man. they are trying to improve to 5-0 tonight. when i did the interview, i said does anyone call you the lion king. i went and saw the movie. he said back in the day when he was little, they did call him the lion king. i said i'm going to try to bring it back. i'm going to bring it back at 11:00 when we have highlights. he had a big smile about that. a fun kid to be around. helping gaithersburg. tonight, the game of the week. churchill taking on
5:53 pm
gaithersburg. >> we were thinking they would be playing the theme music after he scores the touchdown. suggest that while you are out there if they haven't thought of it already. thanks. here is what we are working on. bank of america backlash. customers take action after they announce a monthly fee to use debit cards. a charge dropped on a bus driver after a deadly crash. folks in the windy city spent the morning getting wet. we'll have more on that at 6:00. after the break, a daring rescue a week after a serious car crash. [ speaking french ] [ speaking french ] movie buffs! this film is tres bien, but the interest rate on your checking account is le pew.
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a california man is recovering in the hospital today. he owes his life to his own children. he drove off a ravine a week ago. his son and daughter knew something terrible happened. they set out to find him and miraculously they did. we have the rest of the story. >> i thought i heard a voice. i screamed down there. >> that don was david. rescuers pulled him 150 feet to safety after his son and daughter heard his cries for help. >> if anybody can find our dad,
5:57 pm
it's us. we stopped at every ravine. we kept screaming. i thought, oh my god, this is my dad. we ran to the top and i saw my dad's car. i finally got to him. of course i hugged him. we both cried. i said how did you make it. he said i ate leaves and bugs and drank the water in the river. he asked for a chocolate milk shake. >> family members retraced his route in hopes of uncovering a trail. they found him nearly 50 miles away. >> we narrowed it down to he had to of had an accident off a cliff. we were driving through and heard someone yelling for help. >> i said dad we're going to be there. hang on. >> he was crying and crying. i slid down. >> at the bottom, the grim
5:58 pm
future their father could be faced. he was next to a silver car from a separate accident. the driver of the other car wasn't so lucky. his decomposing body was still in the vehicle. >> my dad crashed there, survived. now the family that wanted their father, now they have piece. >> reporter: he was air lifted to henry mayo hospital suffering broken bones and dehydration. he's in stable condition and expected to recover. >> i don't think his life is in danger. he's in a great deal of pain. he didn't have a lot of resources. he suffered through it. >> reporter: family and friends w whose search paid off. >> we found him, no one else did. we did. >> that was kristen reporting. that's news 4 at 5:00. news 4 at 6:00 starts now.
5:59 pm
it may be the biggest victory on the war on terror since osama bin laden. anwar al-awlaki was on the list to be killed. tonight, he is dead. there's a new food contamination scare. one company isn't taking chances. >> the humid days are gone. a dramatic change in weather is here. i'm wendy rieger in for jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. we begin with information on the conrad murray trial. the first paramedic on the scene said dr. murray's comments didn't add up. defense tried to point out holes in the prosecution's indication. stephanie joins us live from


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