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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  October 3, 2011 2:05am-3:05am EDT

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>> we leaf you now with thelma
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new beauty secret. xwb everybody. >> think of yourself in 10 years. >>reporter: she's helping women do just that with affor affordable beauty line. 10 years in the making. it's in expired by exotic ingredient and grandma butte secret. just as granted may liked to improvise the product so does she. >> look at the table and there was honey negligence to the shu sugar. the honey and then orange juice. and made myself a mask. >>reporter: fabulous at 45 is he hopes to keep things natural. never had any plastic surgery. >> i'm trying to stay away from it as long as i can. i'm not saying i will never do it but unless i feel in desperate that i need to do it. tivb able to unless i feel in desperate that i need to do it. tivb able to hold off of it
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>> this is the season premiere of "open house." we're on the hunt for new digs on the upper west side of manhattan. >> this is the master suite area. >> this is the size of my entire apartment now. >> redesigning of living room and day foyer in one day. >> they can enjoy the fireplace
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and also capitalize on the beautiful water view. >> find out how to be a successful current -- first-time home buyer. behind the doors of russia, go home and a legendary zsa zsa gvbor's manchin. [captioning made possible by nbc universal] >> welcome to "open house." we have you covered. i am coming to from the accord juststown house of nba superstar. this home is 5000 square feet and to be used doors to rent for just under $40,000 a month. -- can be yours to run for just under $40,000 a month. let's go to new york. amy is looking for under $900,000. she wants to stay on the upper west side. let's see if he can fulfill her
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west side wish list. >> i was born and raised on the upper west side and currently preside there and am looking something below 90th that is under $900,000. i need a place that has character, like, with low maintenance. >> i am mark friedman, senior vice president. today, we're going to takeamy to look at apartments that are perfect for her. the first is a condo, completely done but it's priced at 7700. the second apartment is a town house, right on the same street she lives now. she is used to the neighborhood and loves it there. >> i would like something that is not cookie cover. i grew up in this area. i am and upper side girl.
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mark is going to show me something today. we will see. it is my home. i have to really loved it. >> ok, here we go. we enter into the kitchen in this apartment. >> gorgeous. it is matching. >> that is the dishwasher. it is all brand new. it opens up into the living room-dining area. >> i like the openness. >> they have made it into a beautiful living room. >> you're on the first floor, so that can be weird or good. i had a friend who live in a place like this and hurt everyone's conversation walking by. -- heard everyone's conversation walking by. >> if you have a pet, it has a great short walking out to the
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street. >> it is like, get me out of here. >> beautiful, high ceilings. it because it over here. >> nice closet space. i like it. >> amy, i have to show you this beautiful bathroom. >> i feel like touching everything. he had this beautiful marble floor. >> this is amazing. >> the washer and dryer. >> heaven. >> amy, what did you think? >> it is so close to the streets. i need my privacy. it reminds me of a therapist office, frankly. >> i thought it might not work because the minutes charges are high. $1,600 including the taxes. let's see the other place and see how you like that one.
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>> ooh. i like the brick. >> so here we have this great north to south apartment flow through. >> interesting layout. i love the hallway. >> it has two bathrooms. this one is the hallway bathroom. it has a full shower and wash and dry air. >> it could be a laundry room. >> amy, this is a great kitchen. washer and dryer, the great appliances. >> this is so rare. you have the living room. >> you are facing south. be of great light. the neighborhood is what you're
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used to. >> from a year. i feel at home here, you know? >> we go into the master suite area. yes storage base here and here. >> this is so cool. >> i love this. >> back into the right. >> this is the size of the entire apartment have now. >> we have the beautiful bedroom. it is quiet. you still get light. >> i really like it. >> you have seen two great apartments. the first one was a condo on the first floor. high taxes. the second apartment, more to your liking, around the same price. right in the neighborhood you know and love. >> the other one is pretty, but not where i feel like i can live. i feel like i can live here.
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i've loved it. >> maybe we should talk about it. cool. >> i moved in and bought the place. i love it here. i knew i liked it. it had wood floors, brick, i love that. it is still a little chaotic because i do not have all of my furniture here. i am still finding where i am putting stuff. it is fun. it is new. it is very exciting. i just knew this was the place. it is the kind of thing you know it when you walk again. you just feel it. >> stay right here for more design tips, style, and
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>> welcome back to "open house." we go to illinois, a posh suburb north of chicago.
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from the top of the master suite to its private screening room and batting cages, this a thousand square-foot estate has it all. the-8000 square-foot estate has it all. >> welcome. today, i will be showing you around. it took a long time to design the foyer. i thought it was one of the most important rooms in the house. we designed a floating staircrce, all handmade. another thing i love about the foyer is the hand-painted silk we have on the walls. from here we entered the great room. i love the light that comes in here. i think it is such a beautiful room. welcome to my kitchen. i got to design it exactly the
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way i wanted to. these ovens came from a bakery i own. i could literally baked five turkeys in these ovens. we have a beautiful fireplace i liked every single night in the wintertime. when i have parties, and everybody comes right to this area. i could, we drink wine, it is great. this is the master suite of the house. it was designed to be romantic. i picked soft colors and just put it all together to make it comfortable. the master suite is also equipped with a fireplace. there is access to the outdoors. i open up by french doors and a to a gorgeous body that overlooks the whole property. there's an acre property. i wanted to be a to utilize as much as we possibly could.
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i was able to put in a koi pond i got for mother's day. we were able to install batting cages and included a sport court. we have a patio area for entertaining. amazing. amazing what you can do with 1 acre property. i had such a great time showing you my home today. i hope you enjoyed the tour. >> coming up, expert tips for first-time home buyers. a one day makeover you have to see to believe.
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>> welcome back to "open house." first-time homebuyers, listen up. caldwell banker experts to the inside scoop on making your home buying experience and success. >> i am diane of coldwell banker. i remember when i purchased my first starter home. and so many questions. i want to share some tips and tools to make your first experience a great one. believe it or not, right now there are better and more options available for home
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>> coming up, we will visit the home of actress zsa zsa gabor and a makeover with libby langdon. >> "open house" is brought to by coldwell banker. [ mom ] hey guys. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea.
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nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. in 15 minutes, [ female announcer ] you call that bread? you can serve some warmth with your bread. and some flavor with your bread. and some layers with your bread. if you're serving bread honey, then serve it. grands! dinner ideas made easy. >> welcome back to "open house." rica to los angeles for exclusive tour inside the home of actress zsa zsa gabor. this estate sits in a private 1 acre lot overlooking bellaire canyon. >> i am zsa zsa gabor's real- estate agent. today, we're at her famous home here and los angeles.
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here we are inside this exquisite bel-air mansion. this is a clamor home. 1950's hollywood french agency style. it has a lot of hollywood history. of as presley lived here in the 1970's and howard hughes also lived here, apparently used to hide out in secret rooms off the entrance. the beautifully bettina copper french roof on the downside is just an inkling of the french details in the interior of this beautiful home. you'd expect zsa zsa gabor to have a bold entryway. you walk in and have direct access to all the principal rooms in this exquisite home. from the foyer, we enter the grand reception room, the heart of the house. i love this because you look at
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downtown los angeles, a pop-up window from the floor to ceiling into the roof. i imagine with the bleach wood paneling, i think of the keene's and queens and celebrities that have enjoyed a drink at this amazing are. we've entered her favorite room, the grand salon. february look, there is history. there's a desk given to her. we have an amazing oil portrait gallery of zsa zsa and some of her family. any great home has to have a fabulous and elegant dining room. this one fits the bill. we of prince frederick here. i want him to tell us the history of the table and the amazing, notable guests. >> we have had a lot of people here like ronald reagan and nancy reagan, kings and queens.
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when my wife gave a party, they had to come. when i look at this table, it is a lucky son of a gun. >> i had a great time showing you zsa zsa gabor's hundred a piece of hollywood history here and bellaire. thank you for stopping by. >> after the break, a dramatic living room and foyer
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>> welcome back to "open house." next, libby langdon texas on a dramatic living room day-keover. how to get the most use of your space. take a look. >> today i am in new jersey and a client living room that is not quite as lovable as it should be. they love to entertain family and friends. i have some great ideas how to make this room really work for them. as you can see, this is a great
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sized living room. sectional are fantastic and a family room when you want to lounge and hang out, but sometimes were you want to entertain, you might be a little find a better way than using just one sectional. oftentimes when buying an area rug, it is only so large. we have a big room, sometimes it forces you to lay your furniture out just on the rug. maybe you're not utilizing all the space in the room. as usual, the fireplace is always the focal point in a room. you can see they have arranged the sofa so it is only about the fireplace. if you turn around and looked outside those windows, you can see the gorgeous view they have. i am going to give them a layout or they can enjoy the fireplace, but also capitalize on the beautiful water view. you can see this is a really large room, but we so happened have only two lamps. at a game plan on how to get
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light and bright. this is a perfect antidote to when you just have a regular area rug that is too small. but some brought them carpeting. have some cut and bind it to the size you want for your large room. it would give you a custom look and expansive feel too large space. we have a high cabinet or tall piece of furniture in a room, don't go without putting a lamp on it. also be sure you do not put a lamp that is too tall. when you walk by, you'll be staring at a bare light bulb. this is short in size and it is nice and low. perfect coverage. final touches. the most fun part, we are almost
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done. finally, the day's work is done. you can see how many new pieces be brought in. i am incredibly excited. i think this is one of my most dramatic day-keovers ever. you'll see how much larger the room seems. also, cribbing a great play out that would function while entertaining. -- creating a great play out that would function while entertaining. this area capitalizes on the view and this faces the fireplace. not every chair has to face each other. it is just important everyone has a seat. if you have two sofas, get to the different styles. you could do different arm styles or leg styles. break it up. you don't want to look like he bought a said. we started with two plans and
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now we have seven. it is a large room. lamp light and all four corners of the space is the thing that makes a comfortable and feel inviting. at the end of the day like this, it is so much fun to think about what this room looked like this morning and what it looks like right now. i think the family is going to like it an awful lot. >> that is all for this week's episode of "open house." join us next week. if you missed something on today show or want to see more of the amazing homes, go to thank you for stopping in, i am sara gore.
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this sunday, the big question in the race for the white house. is the gop nomination between romney and perry? or is new jersey governor chris christie about to reshape the field yet again? >> what happened to state senator obama? when did he decide to become a divider who spoke so eloquently in 2004. >> governor perry stumbles in the debates and raises questions about his viability. romney stays.
2:36 am
and is kane suddenly able? who will pose the biggest threat to the obama re-election effort. the big question for the president, the weak economy can he rally his base, get a jobs bill passed, and overcome what one adviser calls a titanic struggle to win a second term? >> i need you to help finish what we started in 2008. back then we started this campaign not because we thought it would be a cake walk. >> a debate this morning between governor bob mcdonnell, republican of the important swing state virginia, and chair of the republican governor's association. and governor deval patrick, democrat of massachusetts. then, from our roundtable the political primary calendar in flux. as is the political map. and the road to 270. how does the president hold states like ohio, with so many americans out of work? plus, the political unknowns, christie and sarah palin, in or
2:37 am
out? with us, republican strategist, "time" magazine columnist mike murphy. wj columnist peggy noonan. democratic congressman from california, and deficit cutting super committee member, javier becerra. and "washington post" columnist e.j. dionne. good morning, it's been a full weekend of political positioning. last night, president obama, in a speech to the human rights campaign, rallied his base and pushed again for a jobs bill. >> i'm counting on you to have my back. go out there. >> and fresh off another national security victory, the killing of a u.s.-born cleric anwar al awlaki, the president challenged after a gay soldier was heckled at a gop debate. >> -- it's okay for a stage full
2:38 am
of political leaders, one of whom could end up being t president the united states, being silenced when an american soldier is booed. >> meantime, republican candidates texas governor rick perry campaigned at five events in new hampshire this weekend and trying to deflect criticism over his more moderate immigration stance, suggested that u.s. troops might actually be sent to mexico to help fight the drug war there. and the political left mobilized against wall street over the weend, more than 700 protesters from the occupied wall street movement were arrested on the brooklyn bridge. joining me now to talk about it all, governor bob mcdonnell, republican of virginia, and governor deval patrick, democrat of massachusetts. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> a lot to talk about on the political landscape right now. governor patrick, let me start with you. the president seems to be against the wall here as we begins this campaign for re-election. a top adviser, david axelrod, now outside the white house, but he was his communications viser, gave a speech in manchester, new hampshire, on
2:39 am
tuesday. this is what he said. >> we have the wind in our face because the american people have the wind in their faces. and so this is going to be a titanic struggle. but i firmly believe we're on the right side of the struggle. >> a titanic struggle. so what's the president have? what does he have as a message? has he found his voice to overcome that struggle? >> well, first of all, i think it's important to point out the president's not taking this election for granted. and candidates shouldn't. i hope democrats are nervous. i think that that's more consistent with how people are feeling in the general population. and i think the question is, do we want a government that is the side of helping people help themselves? or do we want a philosophy which the national republican party has been pushing anyway, which says that everybody's on his or her own? i think at the end of the day, the american people are going to choose a partnership with leadership in the form of president obama, which is about helping people help themselves.
2:40 am
and the jobs bill is just the most recent. and i think very important -- >> what is he doing now? is this a base strategy? sp that where you think the president finds his voice? >> you might be asking the wrong person. because i don't do all the strategies and all that stuff. i thinkhe president is about trying to make sure that every american, regardless of party, those who see themselves democrats or republicans, or don't see themselves as aligned at all, understand that he is on their side, and with this jobs bill, he can help. we can help. >> governor mcdonnell, rhetoric matters. and the president is in a new phase in terms of how he takes on republicans. earlier last month he sat down with our own brian williams, and when it came to responding to republicans, this is what he had to say. >> i'm not going to start reacting to republican rhetoric in a presidential campaign. let them decide who it is that is going to be their standard bearernd we'll have more than ample time to have a debate with them. >> he was at 35,000 feet. now he's down to the tree line, right? this is what he said just this
2:41 am
past week at a fund-raiser out west. the president saying, i mean, has anybody been watching the debaits lately? you've got a governor, he's talking about perry here, whose state is on fire denying climate change. he's engaging republicans. he's calling them out by name. he must like the comparison. >> well, all eyes, of course, are on the republicans. there's no competition on the democratic side. let's not -- for now, there may be if things don't get a little bit better. but look, this election is about three things. and the democrats are on the wrong side of it. it's about jobs and economic development, sustained 31 months now over 8%. president promised to get us under 8. we're at 9.1 now. it's about spending and debts and deficit. we're at 14 trillion with the approval of the debt limit increase, it's going to be over 16. greatest increase in the national debt in history. and it's about leadership. it's about what party believes in the american dream and american exceptionalism. and i think we're getting back in a period of malaise like
2:42 am
jimmy carter. that's not what's going to -- >> we're going to talk about the economy in just a moment. but as a comparison do you worry, as a sitting governor, as chair of the governor's association, that the national republican party is fielding candidates who are ultimately have to be too extreme, and will lose the opportunity to retake the political center, which is ho presidential campaigns are won? >> no. because they're talking about jobs, spending, leadership, energy, they're talking about the kitchen table issues that people really care about. and so after this inner squad scrimmage is done over six, seven, eight months. of course there will be people beating each other up a little bit. but republicans have a great desire to win and they will rally around the candidate big time. >> let's talk about jobs. for both of you i want to point out a "wall street journal" survey that was done from the business round table about hiring. i'll put it up on the screen. top business executives are less confident now about the u.s. economic outlook and their ability to hire new workers than in previous quarters this year. only 36% of ceos thought their company's u.s. employment would increase in the next six months, 24% thought it would increase --
2:43 am
would decrease, rather. and that's according to a survey of 140 ceos done by the business roundtable. this goes on to point out that in the second quarter the numbers were different. 51% thought they'd be hiring more. only 11% thought it would decrease. the outlook is bleaker. what can, and what should government do? >> well, let me just say that at home in the commonwealth of massachusetts, we're greing jobs faster than 44 other states. our unemployment rate is well below the national average. as it is in virginia. and going down. we've moved up. we're chasing virginia, which is first in the tionin the best places to do business. we've moved up to fifth or sixth at this point. that's because we have a strategy. it's a strategy about investing in education. in innovation. and in infrastructure. and frankly, that's exactly what the president's been talking about at the national level. that's what the stimulus bill has been about. and that's what the jobs bill accelerates. so i don't think that simply, you know, this notion that you hear sometimes from national
2:44 am
republans of cutting spending, shrinking government, crushing unions and waiting is a strategy that's going to get us anywhere. what we have to be about is a wise partnership, public and private, investing in our future -- >> all right, but as the governor of massachusetts, what are consequences of inaction? because reality is the president's campaigning for a jobs bill. theoutlook is not very strong. so what are the consequences of doing nothing at the federal level? >> david, if i just say i think the consequences are dire. and i think they reflect terribly on the folks who say, no to whatever the president puts forward. you kw, we in both of our respective states, if i may say of governor mcdonnell, we have worked in partnership with people who differ from us politically, because we understand that people look to us to help, not to solve every problem in everybody's life. but to help people help themselves. and we are all looking to the federal government that way. i think the president has shown over and over and over again, sometimes to t dismay of his supporters, that he's willing to
2:45 am
reach across -- >> you hear governor mcdonnell from the president's advisers that the presidents nationally have been diabolically successful in blaming all dysfunction in the government on the president, and basically saying no to effectively everything. what are the consequences of inaction by the federal government to do somethingo jump-srt hiring? >> well, i don't buy that argument in the first place. i think that's a lack of leadership. deval is right, when you're a governor, you've got to balance budgets, get stuff done on time, you can't make excuses, you're held directly responsible for outcomes in your state. we can't do what the president is doing, whi is blaming the house, blaming the tea party, calling the american people soft. i'd say we need stronger leadership. that's what's -- that's what's wrong. and so, i think what you've got here is a administration that's very much anti-business. look at this week. the president of coke saying it's easier to do business in china than it is in america. the president of google saying that all of this regulation from washington is stifling innovation. i don't think this is the right
2:46 am
approach to be able to recapture the american dream. we ought to be more positive about what a great nation we've got. and i don't hear that. >> i completely agree about the importance of being positive. i think this president's patriotism and enthusiasm about this country is beyond question. i think that we've been asking the president to fixhe economy with one hand tied behind his back. we've been saying, in effect, make it so the government has no role in regulating excesses on wall street, in trying to assure that multiple bottom lines that government is responsible for are adequately balanced. and that should you make investment, but not -- we're not going to give you any funds to do so. >> they did regulate wall street. look at dodd-frank that was passed on the president's watch and now you've got ceos around the country saying that's one of the things that's killing our ability to invest. that's why there's capital and jobs on the sideline. >> we've been talking about health care. we're not going to have this fight, supreme court is likely to look at this now, and in the heat of the campaign year.
2:47 am
>> yes. >> governor, you've been forceful in saying that you want to see the federal government over this. you don't want this to become the law -- >> we've already done that. >> excuse me. what's going to happen here. what's the impact of this look going to be? >> the virginia case, of course, we got bumped out on standing so we're appealing to the united states supreme court just this week on standing. the florida case will probably be the likely one, i think, of all that will get to the supreme court on the merits. and the fundamental question is can the united states congress force a individual in a state to buy a product or a good, and if not, to get fined? so regardless of what you think about health care, and i know they've got a plan in massachusetts, all the merits which the states can do. this is about whether the federal government can make an individual do it. i think there's broad agreement in the country that we need more access at less cost. but doing it through this one size fits all federal mandate from washington is not the way to go. and that's why the majority of the american people are against it. and why it's going to be a big campaign issue. >> the question that we've -- the national reform is based on what we've been doing in massachusetts for the last five years.
2:48 am
and 98% of our residents have health insurance. 1% to state spending. it's been a wild success. there is a challenge everywhere in the country, in terms of managing health care costs down. and that's regardless whether you have a universal system, or not. we're going to crack that code in massachusetts, as we. i think that, frankly, to describe this, due respect to my friend bob, to describe this as a mandate for one size fits all is wrong. there is so much flexibility under this proposal to try different ways of accomplishing the same goal. and the goal is recognizing that health is a public good. >> let me come back to politic now. and i want to ask you about your fellow governor chris christie up in new jersey. he was out at the reagan library this week. he quoted then-senator obama in the 2004 campaign where he talked about one america, and used that against him, really, in his criticism. this is what governor christy said this week. >> well, now, seven years later,
2:49 am
president obama prepares to divide our nation to achieve re-election. this is not a leadership style. this is a re-election strategy. telling those who are scared and struggling that the only way their lives can get better is to diminish the success of others. insisting that we must tax and take and demonize those who have already achieved the american dream, that may turn out to be good re-election strategy, mr. president, but it is a demoralizing message for america. >> would you like to see him get in the race? do you think he will? >> is hard to say. i'm going to leave that up to chris christie. he's an extraordinary communicator. he's a great governor. enormous reforms and everything from the pension system to budget reform in a blue state. i just happen to be vice chairman of the republican governor's association because he's such a terrific leader. i just think whoever is going to get in needs to do it immediately. we've got 90 days until th caucuses start in iowa. i think chris is probably
2:50 am
feeling that pressure to make a decision immediately. i think that says a lot about the fact that there's optimism about winning in 2012. and there are people -- >> or does it say that there's an opening in the field, because there's concerns about who is at the top of the field? >> i don't think so. i think there's nine people on that stage in the debates that are great people and they're going to get better over time. but chris is a unique successful governor with a positive outlook. and i think would fare very well against the president. but ultimately the call is his. i'd be surprised at this point if he got in. >> you would be surprised? >> i would. >> just because of the calendar? >> and because he said for a year he's not. he's got a lot of people who are well respected in republican circles that think he'd be the right guy. >> would he be formidable, governor patrick? >> sure. i like chris. he's one of my favorites. i'm not going to -- you know, i wish him ll. not that well. >> is that an endorsement? >> no, that's not what that was. but look, he's been governor for what is it a year and a half? two years? i thk unemployment in new jersey is higher even than the
2:51 am
national average. it's some unfinished work in new jersey in order to have points for the case he wants to make. the point is that the president is not leaving the outcome of this election up to pundits, pollsters or some view of what the current or future field will be in the republican party. it's about getting out and appealing to people where they live, where they are, where they feel, and making sure that they understand he's trying to do what he can to help them out. >> quickly for each of you. governor mcdonnell, immigration. your state, as you well know, has a big increase, almost 19% since 2008 of hispanic vote who arenow voting age. this was a state that the predent carried. if you look at thearty stance, a harsh stance on immigration reform, do you see him recarrying -- carrying virginia again based in part on the reaction among hispanic voters around the country to republicans on immigration? >> no, i don't. i think the president's way under water. last poll 39% approval rating. i carried the state by 1. three new congressmen elected last year. i don't see it happening.
2:52 am
i do think that hispanic voters, while they lean towards the democratic party, are largely self-identified as conservatives. i think we've got a great chance to reach them because our message is on job creation, economic development, restoration of the american dream, is exactly why people come here in the first place. because we are this shining city on the hill. and that's going to be our message oer the next 14 mohs. >> governor patrick, as you well know, most important personnel decision in your state this morning is not about the presiden presidency, it is about this man, terry francona who is now out as manager of the boston red sox. this is a man who reversed the curse, two world championships. how do you lose this guy, even after this colossal collapse? >> i think havemy hands full -- >> you want to go back to the political questions, because those are easier? >> tse are hard enough. listen, i love this team. i love its management. i love the players a the fans are unbeatable. and that's why we have springs. >> wow. i mean, we got more from him on the president than that. governor mcdonnell --
2:53 am
>> -- back on track. >> would you consider being a candidate on the republican side? >> that's nine months away. that's somebody else's decision. i'm having a great time -- >> but you'd be open to it? >> if somebody called and said you could help our country, help our tick ed, i think any of us would think about it. right now i'm focused on making virginia more competitive with massachusetts and making it a good state. >> governors, thank you both. appreciate it. coming up, after months of defiant denials, reports that chris christie is now actively considering a candidacy. are republicans still looking for more options as rick perry fades some in the polls. plus, the sagging job market, and the weak economy, all weighing on president obama's re-election hopes as he tries to rekindle the magic of his 2008 campaign. our political roundtable weighs in on the state of the race. joining us, republican strategist mike murphy, "the wall street journal's" peggy noonan. california congressman javier becerra, and "the washington post's" e.j. dionne. coming up after this break.
2:54 am
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conversation has already started. our roundtable is with me now. "washington post" columnist e.j. dionne. "wall street journal" columnist peggy noonan. republican strategist and "time" magazine columnist mike murphy, and democratic congressman from california and deficit cutting super committee member, xavier becerra whose district includes chavez ravine which is where dodger stadium is. more on that later. welcome to all of you. i want to start with republicans, the republican field and republican politics. chris christie, is he in or is he out? he is being covered by everyone, including your source for news and information, weekend update on "saturday night live." here it is. >> after claiming for months that he did not want to run for president, insiders are now saying that new jersey governor chris christie is reconsidering that decision. promising to do one thing, then doing the opposite? sounds pretty presidential to me.
3:01 am
>> mike murphy, christie is on record saying, short of suicide, i don't know how to tell all of you that i'm not in the race. that was then. this is now. what's he going to do? >> you know, i have no idea. i do know we don't elect a lot of president hamlets. so it's time for a decision. the most decisive guy in politics, being indecisive, cannot last. my gut is he's not going to do it. late entry. and he is a very strong candidate. and he'd get in with a big boom. but the second and third look in a very conservative republican primary might be a problem. i'll give him one piece of free advice. if i were him i would give all the new york money guys who promise big but sometimes deliver small a task. put $50 million into a supercommittee by thursday or leave me alone. because talk is cheap in politics. >> peggy noonan, the bill that could be great, the ronald reagan library speech, leadership with a capital "l." not a lot of specifics. the first look as mikeuggests could be good. but what are some of his problem areas? >> oh, well, well, first of all, presidential politics is no game
3:02 am
for the ambivalent. do you know what i mean? he's got to decide, do i really want this? my heart, my head, my soul. are they going to go forward? if he goes forward he knows he's liked by so many people, christie, what is called the party establishment. certain money people. regular republicans on the ground. but he's going to find out if he has a relationship with the republican base. >> hmm. >> which is a little restive and a little primal this year. i don't think itould necessarilbe smooth sailing. but it would be a great launch and a very interesting thing to see. >> but is it the primal nature of the republican base right now, e.j., that is leaving some room at the top? that is leaving room for somebody to, you know, come in on the white horse here? >> well, absolutely. republicans are really enjoying destroying theirresidential candidates. i mean, the half-life of the surge is about two weeks. and then comes the collapse. where i hate to use the boston red sox fan, but you know, dan baltz had a great piece in "the washington post" this morning
3:03 am
under the headline, "voters make the real decisions, not talking heads" which i took as a memo to us all today. so let's just look at what we know now. not wh we'll know later. we know that mitt romney is a better candidate than he was four years ago. running -- this is a very hard thing to do, and i think he's doing it better. and it's still getting him not very far. when perry collapsed, it didn't go to him. perry had his two weeks, and now everybody has doubts about him. and i agree with mike, that where is the impression for christie to run coming from? it's coming from big money pple in new york and a lot of conservative pundits. i am not sure that translates into -- >> but it goes to something -- >> -- boots on the ground. >> but it goes to something else. which is how much hunger there is among conservatives to take on president obama. alex castellanos, the republican strategist frequently on this program, he wrote something on thursday that caught my eye. the republican party, he writes, is white-hot. that's why when you see a sarah palin, a donald trump or a
3:04 am
herman cain, whoosh, it's like a roman candle. people want to rl a hand grenade under washington's door. at some point you stop flirting with the candidate you want and you marry the president you need. but they are white-hot. it's taking on washington. it's taking on the president, that's fueling a lot of these candidates. >> i think a lot of these candidates have heard the siren call. michele bachmann, rick perry. it wouldn't surprisee if you have governor christie say, i can hear the song really loud and clear. the difficulty is, running for president is like committing suicide. there's not a lot of good choices there. and you have to be very prepared for the outcome. and whether it's suicide, or running for president, you better be ready. >> well, the narrative is something th interests me. mike, you can take this on. look, you've got chris christie as the potential, you know, the straight shooter. hier calling kind of leadership message. understanding more of the poetry of campaigning. perry is a populist, an anti-government guy. romney still seems like more of a technocrat.


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