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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  October 3, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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we start with breaking news this afternoon. a verdict in the amanda knox murder appeals trial. good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. high drama moments ago in an italian courtroom for american student amanda knox. her murder conviction has been overturned. knox was appealing her 2009 conviction for the murder of her british roommate, meredith kercher. she broke down earlier, overjoyed when the judge announced the decision moments ago. [ speaking foreign language ] >> knox was whisked away by security to a secured room in the courthouse. we are going to bring live pictures outside the courtroom. this is outside the courtroom
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right now. the parents of the victim were also in the courtroom as well. this was a moment that has been building for weeks and weeks. this appeal process has gone on and on. >> here are live pictures right now from outside the courtroom in italy. we have seen a very emotional knox. this is a look now at family members outside the courtroom. let's take a listen to what they have to say. >> we are thankful that amanda's nightmare is over. she suffered for four years for a crime she did not commit. we are thankful for our lawyers and their assistants. not only did they defend her brilliantly, but they also loved her. we are thankful for the support we are received all over the
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world. people who took the time to review the case to see amanda was innocent. we are thankful to the court for having the courage to look for the truth and overturn this conviction. we now resprektly ask you to give amanda and the rest of the family our privacy we need to recover from this horrible ordeal. thank you. [ speaking foreign language ] >> again, this live reaction from overjoyed family members. they have been watching this case for the past four years. she has served the past four years, serving a 26-year sentence. this was basically a redo. they went back on appeal ant got to do the whole case over again from scratch. that's how it works there. she could have been facing life
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in prison. this, again, the murder conviction was overturned. her boyfriend was still, of course, found guilty as well as another man, too. the british student who died in this, her parents were also inside the courtroom as well. we have yet to hear from them. amanda knox overjoyed. you could see the emotional welling up before the verdict was read and just really a breakdown in tears as she was whisked out of the courtroom. these live pictures outside the courthouse. months of drama there. >> accused her of slander. it's not clear how the verdict will affect those other cases. >> that's right. let's get the word on the weather now. we have a big shift in temperatures. wow, it has been cold out there. much colder than we are used to this time of year. definitely needed to bundle up as you left the house this
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morning. folks wearing sweaters. some of them, their winter coats. it is still just the first week of october. first weekend. let's get the word from chuck bell. >> chuck, we are getting a little taste of winter early. >> no kidding. yesterday, the high temperature 52. the coldest high for yesterday and today, so far 53 is all we have been able to muster. that ties the coldest high temperature on record for october 3rd as well. how unusual is it to be this cold this time of year? 52 to 53 degrees. we are about eight weeks ahead of schedule where the chill is concerned. 53 with mist and drizzle coming down. still a lot of locations up to the north hovering in the upper 40s now. germantown, gaithersburg, frederick, maryland in the 40s now.
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bay water temperatures are well up into the 70s. it's not helping the bayside neighborhoods too much. light areas of mist and drizzle and light showers around the area. it's going to continue. not a soggy, wet commute, just a lot of lingering dampness out there. the area of low pressure is starting to move out on the eastern shore and eventually leave us alone allowing, believe it or not, sunshine to come back our way. it's going to be cold, cloudy and damp for the rest of the evening. sunshine comes back tomorrow. a wonderful midweek trend coming our way. for now, let's go back to the delightful studio. >> thanks, chuck. engineers are back to work at the top of the washington monument with minor adjustments to the safety plan. they have been checking for more damage after the 5.8 magnitude
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quake that hit in late august. the work was suspended in late august because of the rain. friday, a wind gust blew one engineer off the monument. he's okay, though. the national park service says it monument is still structurally sound. october is breast cancer awareness month. there's a change in the color scheme in the white house. at 5:30, it will turn pink. lots of groups are thinking pink this month. yesterday, washington's football team joined the other nfl team who is added pink cleats and skull caps to their uniforms. as the food and drug administration decides to approve a breast cancer drug. blue cross of california says they will no longer pay for it for new patients as of october 17th.
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people already on the drug will continue to be covered. they recommended taking back the approval saying it did not appear to help breast cancer patients. it's used to treat other cancers, it would remain on the list. very bumpy skies injured two dozen passengers on two different flights last night forcing one to make an emergency landing. a flight on the way from north carolina to germany, it was diverted to boston after at least 11 passengers were hurt and heavy turbulence. the flight hit a sudden batch of turbulence. >> it was scary. i was never awake during a flight before. i stayed awake on this one. i was praying. it was like a roller coaster ride. i'm serious. >> no one was seriously injured.
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a rough ride on wall street. stocks began the new month with triple digit losses with concern about the economy in greece. the dow plunged 258 points. nasdaq shot down 79. the s&p 500 closed down 32 points. in an era of debt and unemployment, financial planning can be crucial. teenagers are given the tools to handle their finances. they are bringing the bank to the students. we explain from riverdale, maryland. >> reporter: jennifer is an associate teller at capitol one
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bank. the bank branch is inside her school. >> we learn about budgeting and credit card debt and how not to get yourself into a deficit. they give us scenarios, you are a dentist and work here and here. we have to find out everything. we have to get our own medical insurance. a savings plan. how much do you pay for movie tickets. >> this is open three and a half hours a day three days a week. they manage and oversee the bank. itis only open to students, teachers and administrators. it adheres to other regulations. >> how many students who go off to college have no idea how to manage their money. it's the first account they have had. they don't understand how to manage their money. >> this is the first student run high school branch.
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they have three other offices in new york and new jersey. >> they learn how to make a budget and learn the difference between a savings account and checking account. check history. >> reporter: students like jennifer, savings and numbers make sense. in prince george's county, maryland, elaine reyes, news 4. well, the redskins have a week off to rest up but the defense doesn't need it. six sacks against the running back. the redskins won 17-10 and are now 3-1 for the first time since '08. quarterback rex grossman struggled and fans are sounding off if there should be a quarterback change. >> teresa says how about giving rex a chance to prove himself?
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leave things alone for now. >> michelle posted yesterday i would have said yes. today, i eem glad shanny is the coach and he doesn't hit the panic button quickly. >> the reason we have the one loss is rex grossman and the reason we aren't blowing teams away is because of rex grossman. we have 3-1. we haven't played any elite teams. we were lucky to win games because of the mistakes from grossman. >> take that. four weeks would e quake 12-4. after 16 games. sounds like a positive season if the skins can keep up that pace. why change now? >> dan hellie is live at the park. he's going to have more coming up here at 5:00. when we continue, michaele salahi gets a surprise present.
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>> she's blushing. kanye west goes on stage to the runway. look at his new fashion line for women. the clue to a woman's age is her hair. simple and cheap ways for your
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kanye west debuted his much anticipated women's wear over the weekend at a paris fashion show. models took to the stage from the dw collection named after kanye's late mother, donna west. lindsay lohan and the olsen twins were there. kanye west repeated to reporters he was scared and nervous. there were mixed reviews. some tweeted it was more flesh than substance. "celebrity apprentice" winner bret michaels is coming out with a line of pet products. the former front man for poison is launching bret michaels pets rock. it should be in the stores by next summer. he knows his own pets rock. he wants to design a line of
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products as fun and cool as they are. fashion to dog food, i guess. >> i guess. >> okay. michaele salahi received a big birthday surprise from journey guitarist kneel shawn. >> during a journey concert in denver saturday night, he played a solo performance of happy birthday. there is the happy couple. he walked to the side of the stage and gave michaele a kiss. >> she left the stage. she left the spotlight. she's in the middle of a high profile divorce. he filed after he reported to police michaele might be kidnapped. she was actually with shawn. she's smiling for now. rocker gene simmons married his long time girlfriend over the weekend.
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it only took them 28 years to go down the aisle. 400 people watched them exchange vows according to "people" magazine. kiss performed three songs, including "rock and roll all night." yesterday, show create or mitchell her wits said a movie is in the works. the business aspects aren't nailed down, yet. there are tentative plans to shoot a new season starting next summer. "arrested development" aired six seasons. >> i love that show. >> it is funny. there are a lot of things we can't change about the way we
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look, especially as the years pass by. is your hair giving away your age? >> or worse yet, making you look older than your age? as dawn reports, when it comes to looking younger, hair can be an easy fix. >> reporter: we dry it. we spray it. we flatten it into submission, why? >> i ask my husband, do i look cute today? >> reporter: any woman says a good hair day is worth a million bucks. keeping it in shape gets harder and harder. just ask these women. >> it's not the shiny, pretty hair you had when you were in your teens and 20s. >> the fact it's thinning so much. >> the grays keep coming and coming. >> reporter: the owner of this salon in new jersey says most women just need an updated do. >> a lot of women get stuck in
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their hair style from high school. in reality, that hair style is making you look 20 to 30 years older. >> reporter: the older clients who take biotin seem to have healthier hair. there's no research to back that up. if your hair is thinning, long hair makes it look worse. >> if your hair is too dark and you have fine or thinning hair, it's going to look more see-through at the scalp. find a color that almost blends it. not skin tone. >> reporter: women who are losing their hair may want to consider having their iron level checked by a doctor. they can help women with low iron levels. recent research finds heavy drinking, divorce and stress can cause hair loss in women. color helps hair that lost their shine. another tip -- >> stay away from a mousse or
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gel. >> reporter: a recent cut and color gives her attention. >> just because you are ageing doesn't mean you don't want somebody to check you out. >> as for men, stylists say nothing ages a man faster than a comb over. >> nobody wants to see that. the baseball cap can rescue you in a pinch. itis always there. >> it cover as host of things. >> coming up, the costumes you can expect to see a lot of this halloween. >> that's another way out, a mask. mask. just got her flu shot, like a champ -- mom! taking on the master of disaster, the flu! it's the fight of the season!
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we have a chance for four more nice weekends in october. the early lean we are about to get this week, looking good. you would never guess it after the ugly stretch we had. only two of three days of september would qualify for mostly sunny. the rest, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. we started october on an ugly shade of cold and wet. 53 at national airport. not much of a breeze. there's no windchill factor to worry about. man, is it chilly. medium to heavyweight coats. 54 in waldorf. upper 50s down into st. mary's county. most of the temperatures in the low to mid-50s. this is snow shoe, west virginia. a coating of snow on the windshield. as much as eight inches of snow
4:25 pm
in the mountains of west virginia. deep creek lake reported a few wet snow flakes in far western maryland. these are light rain drops on intern at a time 75. it's where the wettest of the roadways are now. showers around the city of baltimore. light rain toward the blue ridge. it's on the backside of this low pressure which is showing signs of leaving us alone. cloudy and damp. evening temperatures dropping from low 50s to upper 40s by 10:00 or 11:00. record high temperatures in the dakotas. the warm, dry air mass is coming here. it works into tomorrow and arrives in full force for wednesday, thursday and friday and the upcoming weekend as well. for now, the clouds, cold and moisture out there. the low pressure is working tauf new jersey coastline late tonight. it will drag the last of the cold, damp weather with it. the milder weather comes in
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tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow, we make it to the mid-60s. the high pressure builds in and a nice warming trend for the second half of the week. this evening, cloudy, chilly. evening temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. should dry to get you off to school in the morning. wake up temperatures mid to upper 40s. morning clouds and afternoon clearing. a little bit milder. turning breezy as well. winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. the clouds, good riddance to them. look at that pat and jim. if you feel like sending me money, go ahead. look at that, five days in a row of sunshine and 70s for high temperatures. overnight lows, 40s and 50s. perfect october weather. 24 hours away. >> we'll take it. >> check is in the mail. >> i like to hear that. still to come, an emergency person returned to the stand in the trial of michael jackson's doctor.
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we go to california for week two of the conrad murray trial. >> she's 29 years old and just heard her voice for the very first time. the video that million
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welcome back to news 4 at
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4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly on this busy thai, we continue to follow that breaking news of the amanda knox appeals trial. an appeals court tossed out the murder conviction against the seattle student. she's expected to be freed immedia immediately. she served four years for the murder of her british roommate, meredith kercher. he'll have a live report on the new developments. engineers are back to work on the washington document after weather related delays. they are checking further for damage caused by the earthquake. minor adjustments made after a worker got blown 30 feet off the monument today. he's okay today. stocks took a tumble on this first trading day of the month and the start of a new quarter. the dow jones fell 258 points.
4:31 pm
nasdaq was off 78 points. s&p 500 was 32 points lower. the conrad murray trial is in the second week now. >> an emergency room doctor who saw michael jackson when he arrived at the hospital took the stand. we have the latest from los angeles. >> that's correct. >> reporter: emergency room doctor was the first physician to see michael jackson other than conrad murray. by the time she saw jackson in the e.r., there was nothing she could do to save him. >> my assessment when he arrived was that he was clinically dead. murray never mentioned giving jackson propofol. she explained jackson's children as being hysterical. >> they were crying. they were fairly hysterical.
4:32 pm
>> murray doesn't talk about propofol because it probably wore off by then. this testimony could play a role when murray's former girlfriend's take the stand as they are expected to do soon. murray was talking on the phone, not monitoring jackson when the singer died. a cardiologist said murray failed to talk about propofol when asked about the drugs. murray was desperate to revise the singer. >> we could not find a pulse. given the situation, dr. murray did ask me one thing. he repeated the same request to another doctor, that we not give up easily and try to save mr. michael jackson's life. >> reporter: defense maintains michael jackson was an addict. if con dikted, murray faces up
4:33 pm
to four years in prison and the loss of his medical license. they expect to continue the case for the rest of the week. the upcoming physicians is a pharmacist who sold propofol to dr. murray. young people upset about cut backs with education clashed in athens today. hundreds of students were protesting it outside the greek parliament. scuffle broke out when they tried to stage a sit in. the students say they were angry that schools are being merged to save money. classroom sizes will increase and the quality of education won't improve. the cutbacks are part of greece's efforts to cut their debt. legendary tv commentator rooney said farewell. he had been with the show since 1978. he began his career in 1949. >> a lot of you have sent me
4:34 pm
wonderful letters and said good things to me when you meet me in the street. i wasn't always gracious about it. it's hard to accept being liked. i don't say this often, but thank you. all though, if you do see me in a restaurant, please, just let me eat my dinner. >> last night's commentary was his 1097th essay on the show. apples highly anticipated announcement is set for tomorrow. they will talk about iphone five and when it will be out. 28 days until halloween. the store shelves are stocked with the hottest costumes. superheroes will be popular. expect to see a lot of captain america's and fours turning up at your door. monsters are hot this year. characters from '50s and '80s
4:35 pm
are popular. adults will be winning if they go as charlie sheen for halloween. anthony weaner outfits are expects to be a hit. >> i don't think we want to see that, either. adults only costumes. this week is week two of news 4's fandemonium. >> fandemonium. every day, we are giving out a great prize to somebody who visited our facebook page. friday, roger won an ipad 2. >> that's the biggest so far. today, you can win a gift card to starbucks. i'll take that. go to nbc washington facebook page and go to fandemonium and like us. we'll pick a winner during the 6:00 p.m. newscast and announce it at news 4 at 11:00. there's a lot more to come
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when we come back on news 4, the makers agree to change the label of a controversial alcoholic beverage.
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brand-new tonight on nbc washington nonstop at 9:00, catch nonstop foodies d.c.
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we introduce you to a local chef you saw on top chef. now, liz crenshaw is giving him a challenge of her own. the dish with apples, bourbon and ice cream thachlt sounds good. >> it does. then on nonstop scene, the place that is celebrating 30 years of music history. it's tonight on nbc washington, nonstop. >> might be a good night to stay indoors. >> a book reading, fire lit kind of night. >> put a blanket on the bed. >> then we start to turn the corner tomorrow. we are going to get milder days. for those of us who like october for the cool nights, we keep the cool nights around for the upcoming week. ugly shade of gray and cold. there's not much of a windchill to concern yourself with. it's flat out chilly.
4:45 pm
53 now. that's the average low temperature for this time of year. it's been our high for the day, so far. it will equal the coolest high temperature on record for october 3rd. yet, we equalled the highest temperature on october 2nd at 52. here is a look at it on doppler. the steadier rainshowers are over the city of baltimore. they are not bothering us. you might get a little more in the way of rainfall. shady side around d.c., a little bit of spritzes and drizzles for now. rainshowers west of martinsburg, west virginia. the good news for all of us, this low pressure is starting to run out of moisture a little bit. we'll have an improving weather trend for the next couple days. as you make your plans to get outside, bundle up, have your umbrella ready to go. it's not going to rain that hard. you may get the occasional
4:46 pm
drizzles. evening temperatures dropping down to the upper 40s. a cloudy sky is in place for awhile. cloudy, chilly. evening temperatures in the 40s. overnight lows, not going to drop too much. then tomorrow, sunshine starts to break out. high temperatures in the low to mid-60s tomorrow. further west and south you go tomorrow, the warmer it will be. might be warmer in martinsburg than washington tomorrow. the sun will come out there sooner. for us, everybody, great weather. chamber of commerce weather. follow the forecast online and on twitter. >> chamber of commerce weather? >> it's what i call it. call your friends and say come to washington, it's beautiful this time of year. >> what are we talking about? >> anywhere. >> thanks. a furry family took up residents in a neighborhoods. >> hold your nose. skunks are everywhere in the
4:47 pm
streets, bushes and on porches. people are hesitant to go outside especially after what happened to one curious cat. >> reporter: her cat, sugar, was sprayed bay neighborhood skunk. it took a tomato juice bath to wash off the smell. >> it was traumatic. my neighbor and i were both in the bathtub with him. he was moaning the whole time. he clawed me, he was hissing. >> reporter: her sterling neighborhood has been taken over by stinky creatures like these. there's five to ten skunks in the area that roam around on decks, yards and common areas. >> there's so many. it's coming up on winter. when they start hibernating and having babies, it's going to be worse. >> reporter: they can't open their windows or let out their pets for fear they will end up like sugar. >> if we are taking the trash
4:48 pm
out, they could spray us or our kids. >> reporter: the neighbors are getting desperate. some are resorting to animal repellent to scare away the skunks. >> i have driven up at 9:00 at night and there's one in my parking spot. it's too much. >> reporter: residents say the homeowners association told them to secure their trash cans and put ammonia soaked rags out. they want 20 bucks a day just to check the traps. >> we don't see as homeowners or tenants we should pay the free. >> reporter: darcy space center, news 4. coming up, people drinking four loco will know how much alcohol is in each drink. >> do we have want to know? plus, a massive blaze at a chemical plant.
4:49 pm
coming up on news 4 at 5:00, a surprise arrest. police didn't have to look far to find a man that broke into an apartment. pat collins with the story. a push to fix the flaws in a court system. one group is demanding something to help protect victims of violence. still ahead on news 4 at 6:00, zombies take over from coast to [ female announcer ] at, you can choose your channel package.
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another change is coming to the alcohol drink four loco. the maker, fusion projects agreed to new labeling after they charged it with deceptive advertising. they will make the alcohol content drinks easier to figure out. a 23.5 ounce can is equal to four and a half beers. the new labels will give consumers more information to make their decisions. last november, they were forced to take the caffeine out of their drinks. a massive blaze broke out. these large plumes of smoke are coming from the megan blend of
4:53 pm
chemical processing plant in waxahatchie. a nearby elementary school had to be evacuated. meanwhile, the clear skies over new mexico where they are setting a new world record. take a look. organizers of the albuquerque balloon festival said they had 345 balloons in the sky saturday. that breaks the most in the air for one hour. the old record was set back in 2000 with 329 balloons. creative ones up there. >> it ought to make a nice halloween costume. still ahead, a viral video shows a deaf woman hearing her own voice for the first time. for all your news, follow news 4 online. search nbc washington and we're on
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aw, i could've gotten a falcon. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. [ falcon screeches ] now the emotional story of a woman who has heard her own voice for the first time. 29-year-old sarah truman of texas was born with a rare deformity in her ears. she received a new device called an esteemed hearing implant. her husband was video taping when she tried it out. >> now, your device is on.
4:57 pm
can you tell? it's exciting. you can put it down for a second. get used to the sound. what does it sound like? >> my laughter sounds loud. >> you'll get used to that over time. >> the video was posted to youtube. millions of people have seen it. today, she and her husband appeared on the "today" show. >> half of me was scared it was going to come on and i wasn't going to like it just because, this is all i have known for 29 years. the fear of the unknown and not knowing what it was going to sound like. was it going to be overwhelming. >> i can't get over the fact i nearly did not video it. if it wasn't for my mother
4:58 pm
saying you are going to video this, i wouldn't have done it. this was intimate for us, like getting married of having a child. >> you have two children. to hear their voices and their sounds for the first time, what was that like? >> amazing. my older is 4 years old. she's quite the talker. she sounds so grown up and articulate. my youngest, i can hear the texas accent on her voice. >> yeah. she hadn't heard for 29 years and has developed a texas accent herself. it quickly surprised her. an amazing story. that's news 4 at 4:00. news 4 at 5:00 starts now. you are watching nbc 4, washington's news leader. now, live in hd, this is news 4 at 5:00. first on news 4 at 5:00, week two of the michael jackson trial is under way. tonight, the witness list begins with those who came into the picture after the pop star was
4:59 pm
dead. it's back to work. engineers are once again searching for damage days after the midair scare at the washington monument. caught in the act. police are called to the scene of a home break in and find the suspect sleeping on the couch. first, we have a verdict in the amanda knox appeal. good evening, i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. emotions are running high. amanda knox is going free. an appeals court threw out her murder conviction. aaron is live in the news room working the developments for us. >> after 11 hours of deliberations by an eight-person jury and plea for freedom, they decided the young woman who went to identitily to study was wrongly convicted. she's about to be released from prison. me


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