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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  October 3, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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in fact, this ruling comes nearly four years after knox was arrested on suspicion and charged with killing her british room meat in italy. we have the report. >> reporter: it was an emotional moment for amanda knox, freed after almost four years in a prison. knox collapsed in tears after the verdict was read. >> her co-defendant and boyfriend was cleared of the 2007 murder of knox's roommate. both were hustled from the court after the verdict. knox's sister spoke of the family's relief outside the courthouse. >> we are thankful her nightmare is over. she suffered for four years for a crime she did not commit. >> reporter: earlier, knox made an appeal to the court stating her innocence. after the verdict was read, the kercher family stayed seated in
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the court stunned at the news. another man is still in prison serving a 16 year sentence after his trial was fast tracked at his request. >> supporters got together in seattle, her hometown to watch the verdict. [ cheers and applause ] >> there were cheers and hugs from family and friends as the verdict was read. the group chanted she's free and we did it. members of the group said they were overjoyed by the verdict, but saddened by the occasion. >> this is what we were waiting for. we are very happy. we will take her any way we can get her. >> vicinindication? >> i think that would have been exoneration. they both deserved it. there was a lot of corruption
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going on there. but, you know what? they are out. that's what we want. >> the u.s. embassy in rome says it will continue to support the knox family. in fairfax county, a woman says two men tried to abduct her while she was out walking her dog. it happened around 4:30 on scott drive in fairfax. a woman was out with her dog when they approached her and grabbed her clothing. police searched the area. they couldn't find suspects. the woman was not seriously hurt. federal safety inspectors are going to a virginia power plant that has been shut down since the august quake. the shaking turned off the two plants reactors. this wednesday, inspectors will evaluate the plant. after that process, it will be determined when the plant can be
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reopened. some residents want it to be retro fitted to with stand stronger quakes. engineers began repelling down the monument last week to look at the damage. on friday, a gust of wind caught one of the engineers, sent him swinging away from if monument 30 feet. he was not injured. the monument remains closed. tourists are looking for alternatives. tom sherwood is on the mall with more on this. tom? >> reporter: the park service says this unusual inspection should be wrapped up in a couple of days. there's no schedule, yet, for the monument to reopen. there's been drama here at the washington monument when one inspector was blown 30 feet by high winds. the search from the quake has the monument shut down to tourists. >> i heard they had a small, tiny cracks in it. now, with the rain it's a bit
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more trouble. >> reporter: there's a tourist alternative a few blocks away. at 12th and pennsylvania avenue, the old post office building clock tower. >> can't make it up to the other monument. this is what i was told is the second highest point in town. it's great views. beautiful. >> reporter: at 270 feet high, half the height of the washington monument, the old postoffice tower. it's free. run by the same u.s. parks service and is open daily. a lot of people don't know this exists. how did you hear of it? >> we ran into it. we saw the signs. >> reporter: what do you think of the views up here? >> awesome. impressive city. >> reporter: what do you like the most? >> i think the washington monument. that's sweet, like you said. just the view is amazing.
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>> reporter: it's a great city. the glass enclosed elevator ride is a bonus for kids and adults alike. again, that old post office tower is over there, a few blocks away. it's open and free. jim, i have to tell you, i have been here for a few decades and i have never been there until a month ago. it's quite a place. it's a nice alternative to the washington monument. >> thank you for the suggestion. i have been here a little while, too, and i have never been up there. >> reporter: i used to think it cost something. once i found out it was free, i was there in a heart beat. >> i'll be there in two. >> the price is right for tom. occupy wall street movement. protesters dressed up like zombies. they ate monopoly money to make their point. over the weekend, 700 protesters
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were -- thigh gained support in other cities. similar protests popped up. members of congress just returned to washington from a ten-day recess. president obama was waiting for them, urging lawmakers to pass the jobs plan this monlt. steve handelsman has the latest. >> reporter: construction spending rose in september. factory output increased more than expected. vehicle sales were up. buyers were still wary says the head of sales at gm. >> i characterize it as being volatile. a little bit up, a little bit down depending on what's happening in washington. >> reporter: at the white house today -- >> i am pulling my cabinet together to talk about putting america back to work. >> reporter: he says it's up to congress to pass his $447 billion jobs plan this month. >> pass it. get it to my desk.
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>> reporter: no talk of compromise. that's the new obama approach. >> we are not negotiating a piece of legislation here. we have a piece of legislation. >> reporter: republicans will not vote the bill in one piece. >> now is the time for liberals and the president to change course. >> reporter: the house might okay a payroll tax cut, $240 billion. might okay road repairs, $60 billion. they say no to repairing schools and paying local and no to tax hikes. no republican compromise. >> the more the white house escalates the rhetoric and picks a fight with them, the more difficult it is for them to compromise. the odds are good right now you might not have anything pass the congress. >> reporter: possibly through october 2012. 13 more months of finger pointing. just when companies say what consumers ought to be seeing from here, this problem solving and stability. steve handelsman, news 4, capitol hill. it is the first monday in
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october. the day the supreme court begins a new term. in the coming weeks, the justices will consider whether to take on a number of disputes including whether the new health care law is constitutional. other high profile law cases are immigration and cases involving gay marriage. the high court's decision on whether to consider those issues are at least a month away. meanwhile, the high court refused to consider whether an individual's right to own guns includes carrying a firearm outside the home. the governor is keeping his pledge to push for same-sex marriage in his state. >> plan to introduce the 2012 legislative session. protect religious freedom and the quality of marital rights under the law. >> he appears in a video series.
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it's maryland for marriage equality. it's compared to videos that air in new york before that state passed their same-sex marriage law. he's been approximating to make sake sex marriage a priority. a bill earlier this year passed the state senate but it failed in the house of delegates. still ahead, heavy black smoke and blames out of a plant in texas. firefighters are not being called in to help. passengers thrown out of their seats after a turbulent flight. you are hearing firsthand accounts about a scary ride. >> it's been cold enough to snow in some places. there are more weather changes this week, right? >> there are huge weather changes. most of us are going to love them. i'll explain what they are. now, it's good outside for football. dan? >> reporter: the redskins are going to enjoy that weather. they are up 3-1. we'll have more on how the defense is destroying the competition. the skins go to a surprising
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it is the second week of the manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray. earlier the court heard from the doctors who tried to save jackson.
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he never mentioned propofol bolstering the prosecution's claim he was aware he should not have given jackson that medicine. >> the emergency room doctor was the first to see michael jackson other than conrad murray. by the time she saw jackson in the e.r., there was nothing she could do to save him. >> my assessment was he was clinically dead. murray never mentioned giving propofol and described jackson's children as being hysterical. >> they were crying. they were fairly hysterical. >> reporter: murray didn't bring up the propofol because it had worn off by then. this testimony could play a role when murray's former girlfriend's take the stand as they are expected to do soon. murray was talking on the phone,
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not monitoring jackson when the singer died. a cardiologist in the emergency room says murray failed to mention propofol when asked about the drugs given to jackson. she said murray was desperate to revive the singer. >> nether dr. cruz nor i could find a pulse. given the situation, dr. murray did ask me one thing. he repeated the same request to dr. cruz, that we not give up easily and try to save mr. michael jackson's life. >> reporter: the defense maintains jackson was an addict whose own actions led to his death. if convicted, murray faces up to four years in prison and the loss of his medical license. among the upcoming witnesses is a pharmacist who sold propofol to dr. murray. in los angeles, gina kim, news
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4. firefighters decided to let a huge fire burn itself out. it's in a plant south of dallas, texas. it broke out at this chemical plant at 10:30 this morning. officials at the plant said everybody was able to get out safely. a nearby elementary school and college were evacuated. they found no reason to institute any further precautions. >> wow. it's an ugly fire. wow, it's cold here. >> wow! >> tell us it will not be this for the rest of the month. it's too soon. >> what does this mean for the winter? nothing. it does not mean anything for the winter that we started off with the coldest october so far in history. how about that? we have a long way to go. today is october 3rd.
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this is how it looked in pennsylvania. a little bit of snow there. the very cold air there made its way into pennsylvania through our area. we saw a light dusting there. also, closer to home in portions of west virginia. take a look at this picture. this is snow shoe, west virginia in the mountains to the west. they saw a dusting of snow on saturday. over nine inches of snow since saturday. now, dealing with snow there. good news for the mountains. they will start skiing anytime soon. to the south and north carolina, this is boone, north carolina, a mountain area. the trees covered in snow. just amazing. this storm system that moved on in here and brought us the cold, cold air. not just cold. high temperature was 53 degrees. that was the coolest afternoon temperature, ever. there's only one other time we hit 53 for a high temperature. that was back in the 70s. it is very cold out there with
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an average high of 73. this time of year, 21 degrees below average. you may need to pull out the coats early this year. you may be able to put them away for a little while. 51 in martinsburg. 48 in gaithersburg. 54 in fredericksburg. the river coming in at 56 degrees. that's the average low temperatures in the region now. doppler radar showing showers back toward the west. they are going to continue to stream on through. a few showers here and a few up i-95 toward baltimore. don't be surprised to see a few showers continuing through the evening. if you are driving on 66 or route 50, you will see the showers off to the west. here is why. it's an upper level low that continues to sit and spin. it has not been moving much. just now, starting to move a little bit. here was the center earlier. the center moving in toward new
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jersey. it's getting its act together and move away from the region. we start cool tomorrow and breezy conditions tomorrow afternoon. i think we'll see sunshine coming out. most likely in the afternoon. so, we'll start off with cloud cover. then we see sunshine and things improve greatly over the next couple days as high pressure works in here for wednesday. finally nice. not just nice for a day or two. i'm talking an extended period. we are talking very nice temperatures and warmth. the chilly air moves out. behind it, a terrific weather pattern through next weekend. there is not only light at the end of the tunnel, but a heck of a lot of sunshine at the end of this tunnel. forecast for this evening, cloudy and chilly. light rain and drizzle. 49 to 45 degrees. winds out of the west 10 miles per hour. tomorrow, starting off mostly cloudy. rain ending overnight with
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chilly conditions. 44 to 49 degrees tomorrow. clouds early. then afternoon clearing. breezy or mild temperatures. 62 to 68 degrees. winds at 10 to 20 miles per hour. a little bit on the cool side. nothing compared to what we have seen the past couple days. 72 on wednesday. 70 on thursday. 71 on friday. this is all with sunshine. we are going to keep the sunshine going through the weekend. this weekend, as of right now, is looking absolutely fantastic with highs in the mid to upper 70s and lots of sun. a lot of people are waiting to see that. >> excellent. looks good. we need it. after what, like a year and a half of clouds? >> i did the numbers, 21 of the last 33 days had clouds. 64%. i don't like that number. >> feels like a year. >> it does. >> yes, it does. coming up, fans of ben's chili bowl are sad to hear they
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are shutting down. who is that sleeping on my sofa? two maryland students found themselves asking ♪
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police have recovered the
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body of a woman who died after a small plane crash yesterday afternoon near smith island. police say a man was piloting the plane when it lost power and went down. he and his mother escaped the plane before it sank. he was able to swim to shore. his mother could not make it. her body was recovered today. a flight from north carolina to germany was diverted after hitting a strong patch of turbulence. more than a dozen people were examined. none of the injuries considered serious. earlier in the night, seven people in a jetblue flight also were hit by turbulence. passengers on that plane say it was a jarring experience. >> i never stayed awake during a flight before.
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i stayed awake praying. >> i experienced long periods of turbulence going through a storm. this was out of the blue. a huge drop. >> 128 people were on board that jetblue flight. none of them was seriously injured, either. a ride in d.c. in a d.c. cab may soon cost you more. today, officials decided to remove the $19 cap on fares. that means that meter is going to keep running until you reach your destination. darcy spencer reports. >> reporter: if you catch a cab in the district, you could soon pay more if you take a lengthy trip. they plan to lift the cap on fares within d.c. borders. >> i guess i'll be on foot from now on. i can't afford to pay more than i am. >> if it's legal to pay more by how much road they are
6:25 pm
traveling, i guess, yeah. >> reporter: this is the third time to keep the cap. >> we lifted it. we didn't think it was a fair cap. >> by having the $19 cap, they were shortchanged by people who took taxis for a long drive. >> many cabbies say most fares don't add up to $19, so lifting the cap really won't have a big impact. >> i have been driving 23 years, i have never had someone hit the cap. >> reporter: some say it's not fair to set a ceiling on the rate. >> it's ridiculous. they are not doing us a favor, really. really, they should have never came on the books. >> reporter: it's unclear when conta exactly these changes are going to take effect but it could happen later this month. >> there will be a period of public comment, then the cap
6:26 pm
could be lifted by the 20th of this month. a woman heard her own voice for the first time. there was new testimony in the trial of a grandmother accused of murdering her grandchild. park rangers were the defense. a marine ended up getting busted. >> reporter: it's football, football, football. the redskins come away with a big win. two division rivals do not. we'll have more on the second collapses. how about jim haslet's d
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an american woman named amanda knox collapsed in tears today when an appeals court in italy threw out her murder conviction. it happened this afternoon. she left prison an hour later. knox served four years of a 26-year sentence for the murder of her british roommate. the court also acquitted her former boyfriend. another man still remains in prison. president obama is
6:30 pm
challenging lawmakers to pass his jobs bill this month. it's not scheduled for debate, yet. republicans say they will not vote on it in one piece. the stage may be set for a partisan stalemate. engineers went to work on the washington monument today of weather related delays. making minor adjustments to the safety. a worker was blown 30 feet off the monument on friday. that man was not injured. testimony continued today in the trial of a fairfax woman accused of killing her granddaught granddaughter. she was insane when she threw her 2-year-old granddaughter of the the sky walk last year. we have the report. >> reporter: two national park rangers carried pictures to the stand of her van lodged in the
6:31 pm
trees down an embankment off skyline drive. she tried to commit suicide there in late september, 2010. a note found near the crash scene said i'm so sorry for the wrong i have done. i love you all from the bottom of my heart. it's before she threw her granddaughter off a walk way. prosecutors contend she killed the little girl to get even with her son-in-law who she resented for getting her daughter pregnant out of wedlock. they are trying to show her worsening mind. >> the best way to explain it is that she was insane at the time of the offense. we don't live in a world where a grandmother would do something like this out of diabolical
6:32 pm
evil. we live in a world where she was suffering from a depressive disorder. she was not sane at the time she did this. >> her psychotherapist said she suffered bouts of depression. a job loss and family financial troubles sent her into a tail spin last year. they asked her long time therapist what did the second suicide attempt tell you? it told me she continued to be severely depressed. she was spiraling down. she testified while he client had continuing anger, she spoke lovingly about her granddaughter. she called her granddaughter lovie. the final witnesses, mental health experts for both sides are expected to conclude the testimony tomorrow. julie carey, news 4. >> the case is expected to go to
6:33 pm
the jury on wednesday. a 12-year-old girl in st. mary's county died after a pick-up truck collided with the amish horse-drawn carriage she was in. the sheriff's office says they were in the middle of the intersection when the traffic light turned red. the truck driver didn't see the buggy, but did see the green light. three people were ejected on impact. two people survived. no evidence speed or alcohol were involved. no one has been charged. an autopsy is going to be performed on a man from prince george's county. the 37-year-old was arrested one week ago for a minor traffic violation and transferred to i.c.e. custody when they found he was an illegal immigrant. he was found unconscious in his
6:34 pm
cell. the family is demanding more information. his uncle released this statement. we need to know the truth. we are sad and confused. we can't believe he died under those circumstances. we would expect i.c.e. to take care of their detainees. who is sleeping on my sofa. two students discovered somebody snoozing on their couch. >> reporter: once upon a time -- >> make it last weekend. >> reporter: in the knox boxes. >> on the edge of maryland. >> reporter: these two students found someone sleeping on their couch. >> it wasn't goldie locks. >> reporter: this is dan and allen. they are brothers. they were coming back from a trip when they had one of those, who's that in my bed kind of moments. allen went through the door first.
6:35 pm
he got up the stairs. when he got to about here, he saw someone sleeping on his couch. someone he didn't know. someone he never seen before. >> i was nervous. i was scared. i thought there might have been more people in the apartment. i got out as fast as i could. >> reporter: backed away like this? >> yeah. >> reporter: got outside? >> yeah. >> reporter: then you called your brother. >> yeah. >> reporter: what did you say? >> said there's a guy on our couch. >> reporter: and you ran? >> yeah. >> reporter: you called 911. >> yeah. >> reporter: how many cops showed up? >> six. >> reporter: he's a marine stationed downtown. he told police it was his birthday weekend, he was celebrating in college park. he was tired and lost. now there was some breaking and some entering, but nothing was taken. nothing ransacked. these clothes on this sofa,
6:36 pm
laundry the brothers haven't gotten around to folding, yet. i did say they were in college, didn't i? now the brothers say they bare no ill-will toward the invader. they call it a minor sleep violation. that marine's commanding officer may not be as forgiving when he hears this goldilocks story. i'm pat collins, news 4, college park. >> so far, he's charged with breaking and entering and destruction of property. coming up, gas prices changing in a way that drivers haven't seen in quite some
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sxz welcome back, i'm doug kammerer. here in storm center 4, showers, we have seen them across the area. we have the clouds and cool air. a few breaks in the clouds. the city cam across the skyline. the temperature is 52 degrees. a very cold afternoon.
6:40 pm
the coldest high temperature, ever, on this date. only ties one other day back in the '70s. a few showers left over. they continue to move throw the area into the panhandle of west virginia, maryland and virginia. they will rotate around. the d.c. metro area may see more this evening. down to 47 in washington. 42 in frederick. 44 toward leesburg. watch out tomorrow morning, you will need the coats one more time. you'll be able to take them off. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. some areas approaching 70. i think we'll see clouds early then the sun making a return and a triumphant return at that. >> thanks, doug. an extraordinary development when the nobel prize for medicine was announced. this morning, the committee announced three scientists share the prize for research on the
6:41 pm
immune system. the committee decided an american named bruce and a french scientist would split half of the $1.5 million award. the other half would go to a canadian born scientist. a short time later they learned stineman died three days ago. they generally do not permit it to go to something like that. officials with the nobel foundation considered the matter and said the reward would still be given. a 29-year-old woman hears her own voice for the first time because of an implant. it became an internet sen vacation seen my millions. >> technically, your device is on. can you tell? it's exciting. >> sar ha was born with a rare
6:42 pm
deformity in her ears. nine weeks ago, the envoy medical implant center in texas got her a new device. it's an esteem hearing device. clearly, it was an emotional moment. she and her husband appeared on the "today" show. >> the first voice you heard was the voice of the technician. >> yes, ma'am, i believe her name was melinda. >> your voice, did it sound the way you imagined it to sound? >> the funny thing is, we live in texas and the first time we traveled outside the country, everyone talked about our accent, so i was surprised. i didn't think i had an accent. >> the processor for the device is planted behind the ear. a driver is embedded in the middle here. it works through vibrations like hearing aids. >> fascinating. >> isn't that cool?
6:43 pm
dan is out at the park where they are not working, are they? >> reporter: no, they are taking it easy. they will have one practice this week before the by week begins. ryan, the latest redskins running back to cover serious terrain.
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6:45 pm
fans of the redskins.
6:46 pm
i heard somebody this morning talking about nothing to celebrate because you beat one of the worst teams in the league by only one touchdown. it's a sorry way to look at it. a win is a win with 3-1. what, the cowboys lost. the eagles lost. we ought to be celebrating, don't you think, going into a bi week? >> there's a lot of pessimists out there. the bottom line, as we all know, the nfl is winning ball games. the redskins are doing it at a clip that we seldom see at least over the last four or five years. 3-1 going into the biweek. safe to say, the best unit on this team is the defense. they have been carrying the washington redskins. they went 31st in the nfl. it was next to last. after four games, they rank
6:47 pm
fifth in the nfl in runs allowed. much more important is points allowed. the skins gave up 15 points a game. it's third best in the game. you want more numbers, i'm giving you numbers. the skins tied with 15 sacks after ravaging the offensive line for a season high of seven sacks. >> seven? >> yeah. what was different this time for you guys? >> it was a whole team thing. good coverage in the secondary. that allows us to hold on to the ball longer. it's just not stopping as rushers. >> we were able to get up early. threw the rams up. forced the crash. defensive line. try to get pressure. >> i'm happy we have the ability to do that. regardless of the situation, we guardless of, you know, the pressure i'm getting, i know i
6:48 pm
have guys on the other side up the middle to make things happen. >> reporter: number 98, is your favorite player. he's likely headed to another probowl if he keeps playing like he's playing. you have ryan terrain, like an ejection of red bull into the redskins running game. he played for the first time all season. he posted the best game of any running back this year. he helped the redskins rush for 196 combined rushing yards. their highest output since 2008. the ground game was really going. terrain, the third running back the skins used in the game. he didn't take long for him to feel his presence felt. a 28-yard touchdown. he already rushed for 100 yards. it was his second best game of his career. 19 carries. you have to wonder, what went
6:49 pm
into his decision to finally play terrain for the first time in four games this season. >> tim was just not his normal self. he was banged up. terrain looked like he was at a different level. more fresh than the rest of the guys. i think you could see it as well. he went out there. it was like he was possessed pringing tackles and making plays. >> what was going through your head when you got the opportunity? >> take advantage of it. work hard. let the hard work pay off. the old line. the line was able to knock them guys back, open up lanes. i wanted to take advantage of it. >> no, i don't. >> 135. >> what? >> how does that make you feel? >> great. just to see terrain with that much success. he's coming off an injury. to see him bounce back with a
6:50 pm
performance like that. it makes you feel good. >> reporter: advance, i have a quick question for you? what is the only thing better during a football season than a redskins win? >> the only thing better than a redskins win? the only thing better would be for the nationals to be in the playoffs. how is that? >> that's good. >> and for the wizards to be getting ready to start the season. how is that? >> reporter: you are way ahead of me. i was thinking just football. i was thinking the only thing better than a redskins win is a redskins win when dallas loses. made better by the fact they had a 24-point lead in the second. >> didn't you love every minute of that? >> reporter: it's just delicious. this is a fun game to watch. the dallas cowboys taking on the detroit lions. dallas native, stafford and romo.
6:51 pm
once up 24. now up 17. romo's pass kicked off. dallas can feel this one slipping away. houston returns it. 56 yards for the touchdown. it's now a 10-point game. romo had three interceptions. in the fourth, lions down by three now. stafford throwing it up. they win 34 to 30. they improve to 4-0. the cowboys previous, biggest blown lead, november, 1965 when the redskins came back from 21 down to beat them. the cowboys are now 2-2. in philadelphia, michael vick and the eagles trying to snap a two-game win. first quarter, eagles have the ball. check out michael vick doing what he does best. spinning out of a tackle and throwing on the run to clay for the touchdown. take another look at this.
6:52 pm
michael vick is just special. he had a heck of a day. two touchdown passes. 416 yards. up by 20 by the third quarter. back come the niners. 13 late in the third. smith looking for him. it's a nine-yard touch. san francisco now down 23-17. folks we have a game. same score late in the fourth. the huge dragon tacklers. they beat the eagles, 24-23. the niners, 3-1. after the bi week, it's the 1-3 eagles against the 3-1 redskins. everyone is going to talk about everyone is going to talk about the eaglesture,
6:53 pm
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prices at the pump are still falling for the first time in seven months. the national average per gallon is below $3.50. in maryland, $3.35. virginia, $3.27. some say it could go to $3 a gallon by the end of the year.
6:56 pm
the sour housing market across the country took an interesting twist. more people are renting instead of buying. chris has more. >> reporter: with unemployment this high, homes this far under water and mortgage loans this hard to get, no wonder the real estate research firm found some people skiddish about buying the american dream now. >> after the past few years, some people are certainly questioning whether home ownership is right for them. >> reporter: according to stats, the number of homeowners is at the lowest point since 1998. there's a rise in the number of people willing to rent instead of buy. >> the economic conditions are playing into it. we asked those people why they are choosing to rent instead of buy a home, they were citing things like the flexibility that comes with living in an apartment. >> reporter: sensing the rental
6:57 pm
market is getting hot, investors are snatching up homes and converting them into rentals. a quarter of existing homes in august were purchased by investors. renting is attractive because of the quick out it provides. >> sign a 12 month lease or shorter if you are looking for flexibility. >> demand for a rental is so high landlords are raising the rent by as much as 4% this year. ben's chili bowl is closed. they had to close because of the need to do plumbing repairs at that popular spot. ben said he hopes to reopen the restaurant by this weekend. if you just got to get your jones on for a chili dog, know
6:58 pm
that ben's next door will be happy to oblige you. that restaurant has been in business since 1959. while we are watching engineers repelling from the washington monument, we have videos of what it's like from up there. they released this from a helmet cam. the engineer was about 550 feet off the ground. a final check, doug. >> that is so cool. >> isn't that cool? >> let's take a look outside. we are talking about a warm up. our weather is going to get significantly better if you have been waiting for the sunshine. 72 on wednesday. 71 on friday. we stay sunny and get warmer as we make our way into the weekend. not bad out there at all. >> thanks, doug. there was a unique production of the "lion king" staged on broad way this past
6:59 pm
weekend. ♪ it's the circle of life >> that show was specially tailored for children who suffer autism and their families. children with autism are sensitive to loud music and harsh lights and find it difficult to sit still and remain quiet. the producers of the "lion king" took that into account and developed a version for families that may not normally be able to attend. >> that is something to see. so is this. we are going to leave you tonight with pictures of the white house turned pink because it is october and that means it is breast cancer awareness month. in honor of that, bringing awareness to this disease, the white house is now bathed in a soft pink glow. there you go.


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