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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. tonight amanda knox set free and preparing to return to the u.s. >> she was extremely worried and i think now she is relieved. >> we'll hear from the knox family and the first reaction from relatives of meredith kercher. record cold in washington. what awaits you in the morning. >> and the community's concern after findings of a multiyear study of a cancer cluster in maryland. >> i'm jim vance. >> and iwendy rieger. amanda knox has been released after four years in prison. tonight it is still not clear what happened inside that the house that knox shared with roommate meredith kercher while
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they studied abroad. aaron gilchrist joins us with the latest. >> reporter: amanda knox is believed to be in rome tonight with her family a hundred miles from the prison cell she called home for four years. a jury overturned her murder conviction saying that knox and her boyfriend simply did not commit the crime a flood of emotions from amanda knox, a jury deciding to overturn her murder conviction. she had to be helped from the courtroom as the judge ordered her freed immediately. her family hugging and crying too. >> we're thankful that amanda's nightmare is over. she suffered four years for a crime she didn't commit. >> reporter: knox and her boyfriend were convicted of killing their roommate in 2007. but from the beginning she proclaimed her innocence.
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on appeal experts declared that dna evidence used to convict the pair was unreliable and the jury agreed. free, knox was rushed from the court in a chaotic scene. two hours later she was in the back of a mercedes where her freedom was cheered headed for rome and a tuesday flight back to the u.s. >> we are thankful for the support we have received from all over the world, people who took the time to research the case and could say that they were innocent. >> reporter: in seattle, washington, friends gathered to watch and then to celebrate the end of the 24-year-old's nightmare in italy. >> this is what we were waiting for. we're very happy. we'll take her any way we can get her. >> this is primarily a sad occasion. a young woman lost her life and two innocent young people had a portion of their lives stolen from them. >> reporter: meredith kercher's
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family released a statement that said we respect the decision of the judges but we don't understand how the decision of the first trial could be so radically overturned. >> rudy is in jail for kercher's death. amanda knox is expected to board a commercial flight home in a few hours. >> thank you, aaron. the man accused of plotting to fly model airplanes filled with explosives into the pentagon and the u.s. capitol pleaded not guilty in court. he name is rezwan further its. he was in a courtroom in massachusetts for a bail hearing. his lawyer asked that be delayed to give her time to prepare. he was arrested after undercover agents posing as al qaeda operatives delivered him explosives. the lawyer says the case was ocr straited and facilitated by the government.
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people who live near a suspected cancer cluster in maryland learned there may be reason for concern. residents have wondered if experiments a it the army base may be causing them to get sick. jackie bensen has details on a multiyear study that was revealed tonight. >> there was a slight increase in lymphoma noted in the period from 1992 to 2008 in the three census tracks of the area a mile around fort deitrick and the state. we don't know why this is. >> reporter: years of research and still no definitive link between experiments with chemical weapons in fort deitrick military base and a cancer cluster in the surrounding community. >> the data that they have is not consistent and they don't have enough systems in place to evaluate it properly.
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>> reporter: the testimony of cancer survivors is a great value. >> i have to add that we live in a farming community where a lot of things have been put down over the years. it's jumping the gun to say we are looking at fort deitrick before we can see where the cluster was. >> reporter: at the meeting the department of health reinforced what the public is already coming to know about this, that getting answers will take time. reporting from frederick, maryland, jackie bensen, news4. decision 2012 and we should know whether chris christie will run for president in 24 hours. at an event today he dodged reporter's questions about that. but he is a day or two from a final decision. christie asked some prominent republicans to hold off on endorsing any current candidates. the vote in south carolina today
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to move its primary to january 21st, means an earlier start to the primary season. texas governor rick perry is on the defense about a racist sign that sat on a ranch leased by his family. his father painted over a rock that displayed the n word when they started leasing that land in 1983. an article questioned how long the family let the slur remain visible. herman contain initially blasted perry but backed off that criticism. >> they painted over it. end of story. i think it happened -- i accept governor perry's response on that and am ready to talk about something important. >> contain says it has taken the focus off of the economy. you know there has been a lot of snow out in west virginia. 9 inches up at snow shoe, the
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ski resort over the weekend. doug kammerer is out front now where it is cold. >> it is a bit chilly. and i tell you what they hope for 9 inches when the ski resort opens in a month. but are a month and a half early and as far as the cold temperatures are corn concerned. the high was 53 degrees. it was the coldest high temperature that we've ever seen on october 3rd. outside the current temperature at 52 in the d.c. area. gaithersburg, frederick in the mid-40s. that is pretty much where we're going to stay tonight. we'll drop down a couple degrees. when you wake up in the morning yao you will need the coat and maybe the umbrella. but tomorrow afternoon everything changes. i'll show you in the full forecast. ahead tonight a woman is attacked in her kitchen.
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>> that's right. i'm shomari stone. a man comes in and attacks her. i'm shomari stone and i'll bring you the story coming up. the epa arrives on the scene of a chemical and and a change t
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football with controversial comments about the president.
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firefighters continue to battle this huge chemical fire at a plant in texas tonight. the u.s. environmental protection agency is now on the scene testing the air quality. the nearby homes and schools had to be evacuated this morning because of the smoke. nothing has been found that requires additional precautions. all of the workers inside the plant got out safely. the defense is expected to call final witnesses tomorrow in the trial of a woman accused of killing her granddaughter. her name is carmela de la rosa. her lawyers argued she was insane when she threw the girl off a skywalk last november. her therapist testified in court today saying she suffered from depression but financial hardship and her daughter's pregnancy pushed her over the edge. park rangers testified that dela rosa tried to take her life in a
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car crash two months before the incident at tyson's corner. i ask you to join us as we try to pass major equality in the state of maryland. >> reporter: the governor of maryland appears in a campaign organized by the group marylanders for marriage equality. they plan to introduce a bill next year to allow same-sex marriages while protecting the religious institution that oppose them. the bill faile ♪ ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪
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you can even choose to chat with a live person. ♪ and you're always guaranteed the lowest prices online. so don't wait... try, compare and buy at today. because there's never been a better time to build the perfect fios bundle. a driver hits the brakes thinking a log is in the road. no it was an alligator. your kitchen is not the place where many homeowners feel vulnerable at dinner time but that is where a woman was attacked today in a neighborhood along saybrook avenue in silver spring, maryland. shomari stone has the report. >> reporter: we are on the 9400 block of saybrook avenue.
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a man walked through the backdoor and startled the homeowner. he grabbed her. they started struggling and she fell to the ground. the woman is home and upset about what happened. she doesn't want to talk about it. but a want us to warn viewers to be careful. now the community is concerned. the 56-year-old told the police detectives she heard the sliding glass door open. a man grabbed her from behind, threw her to the floor and tried to take off her clothes. the woman fought back and they struggled. the suspect ran away. the neighbors told them what happened and warned them to be careful. >> i'm offended. i'm offended by the -- degradation of public behavior in this town. >> disappointed. shocked. my wife is a little bit scared. but i know it's a safe neighborhood.
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i looked on the crime reports in the neighborhood and haven't seen this1 do hap >> reporter:] lea tod tátnv th because they say anything out of the ordinary and that this doesn't happen in silver spring leading them to think that crime can happen anywhere. police recommend you keep your windows locked and windows locked and doors locked. srmation j(m+gomerysáfebit mo swiyou. hank you. the outrage that".!=3ica'so% customers fed that how.[a? monthly for swiping their debit card.
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the bank want that fee to compensate for federal regs thas businesses mos accepting the cards. america. .s to due high >> bank of america's website was down customers have been unable to access it since friday. but the problem is due to high traffic volume and not to do with ees. 6d di andñ pawareness .o jennifer aniston joined inside kathleen sebelius in octobereyf they touredridicul it offers diagnostic and the17i÷
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mammographies. glad hi be is÷- am. degree. still cold out there. looking at the white house all in pink as a result of breast cancer awareness month. will the be pink all month lock. we saw a high temperature of 5 p third and degrees. the low was 46 degrees. that is where we will start out tomorrow morning. and yes the coldest afternoon ever. we saw one other at 53 in the '70s. but very cold throughout and chilly outside right now. 52 is the current temperature. the winds on the calm side. tomorrow it will be a factor. look at the numbers, 46 in gaithersburg and winchester at 50 degrees. the temperatures not going down all that much more but we are down to where we -- below where we should be this time of year and we are dealing with shower
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activity. light showers from dulles and quantico and in winchester and portions of west virginia and we'll see those because of that area of low pressure that continues to sit and spin and it is starting to move off to the east. as it does so things will increase for the sunshine and the nicer weather. there is that area of low pressure and the wind behind it with that northwesterly cool flow. the breezy conditions and still cool early and cloudy early. but here comes the sunshine. i think just about everybody will see some sunshine during the day tomorrow. most of it will be late in the afternoon and then high pressure sets in and we finally see some very nice weather. a lot of you are saying i love the cool weather. but the other half of us starting to see we want warmer weather. mostly cloudy overnight, a few showers, chilly, 44 to 47
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degrees. tomorrow morning -- tomorrow afternoon, 64 to 68. we'll see afternoon clearing. will the be breezy but milder. expect the winds to be 20 to 30 miles per hour through the day. and here comes the great weather. 72 on wednesday, 70 on thursday, abundant sunshine all week long. a fantastic friday. and we'll stretch into the the weekend. get the shorts back out. i hope you didn't pack them up. it looks like this weekend is really looking nice. >> nice. >> thanks, doug. down in texas, cowboys fans can not be feeling good these days. but rangers' fans can.
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we got to be happeny about this, don't you think? 3-1 going into the break. not bad. >> i don't know who can't possibly be happy about this. >> you can quibble though. >> nothing is perfect. >> when a defense. >> and you know what just to win games is a victory in itself in the nfl. 12 teams are 3-1 or better and the redskins are one of them. not bad for a team is with some of the worst super bowl odds in the informal. but mike shanahan needs his offense not to screw up. the d allowing just under 16 points a game, third the informal. rex grossman has regressed but they have got a boost from ryan terrain running for 135 yards. mike shanahan has three solid running backs to choose from and
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shanahan seems pleased with his team's performance going into the bye week. >> i think we made some strides not that we're there but i think we're improving. that's what you want to do, improve each day, each week and give yourself an opportunity to do something special. i think we have that type of football team. we're not there yet. but hopefully we can keep on getting better each week. once you start listening to how great you are or how good the defense is going or the offense is doing week by week it is easy to get lulled into a trap. tampa bay's cinderella season could be nearing an end. the rays one loss away from elimination after falling to the rangers today. colby lose its perfect for the first three innings. but in the fourth that is a solo home run to left and the rays
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take a 1-0 lead. same score in the seventh. mike napoli takes david price out of the yard. this a two-run shot and price just wanted that one back. that puts texas up 2-1 and they have played welton road in the divisional series the last couple years. bottom nine, rangers closing, feliz in with a 4-3 lead and one out but the hot shot to third ain't going to do anything there. 5-4-3 double play. the rangers win the game and can wrap up the series tomorrow afternoon. game three, verlander and the tigers hosting the yankees. detroit leads 4-2. brett gardner at the plate. he doubles to left field. in comes posada and martin to tie the game at four apiece. fast forward to the bottom of
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the seventh. rafael soriano pitching for new york and delmon young gets a hold of this one. detroit say that is going to be the game. 5-4 the score right now in that one. ovechkin back in moscow after the death of his uncle. the caps are hopeful he will be back for the start of the regular season. let's hit the hellie pad. ben roethlisberger in a walking boot after being pummelled in a loss to houston. it is just a sprain. his status is undecided. madonna will provide the halftime entertainment at super bowl xlvi. >> that will be fun. >> in the nhl, sydney crosby will start the season on injured reserve.
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unusual opening to monday night football tonight. it began without the familiar hank williams jr. are you ready for some football. espn dropped it because of controversial comments he made on fox in which he compared president obama to adolf hitler. will yals said he was misunderstood. you think traffic is bad here. look what slows you down in st. petersburg, florida. an algaiter in the middle of the
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