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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  October 4, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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the charismatic conservative decided not to run. he says it is just not the right time for him. so who benefits from christie's decision? steve handelsman is live on capitol hill now with a look at how things are shaping up in the race for the white house. steve? >> thanks. this is good news for all the republicans who are running. christie was courted as an alternative to them but he wasn't convinced. chris christie said he decided last night to stick to his decision and not run for president. >> so new jersey, whether you like it or not, you are stuck with me. >> reporter: its loyalty to his state the governor said, finishing his first term that mattered most. >> for me the answer was never anything but no. >> reporter: but republican donors had begged christie to reconsider. so he says he got a green light from his wife and kids and did look into running in iowa and new hampshire. >> listened to so many people. and considered whether this was something i needed to take on. but in the end, while what i
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always felt 'twas right decision remains the right decision today. now is not my time. >> reporter: it is mitt romney's time. moderate is alone now. top of the gop field. rick perry suffered a spectacular fall losing half of his support. herman cain, spectacular rise. in today's "washington post"/abc news poll, romney is at 25%. perry and cain tied at 16 after perry's tumble and cain's craw drup -- quadrupling is back. >> he is a straight talker. that's what people like. that's what they are looking for. >> reporter: but rick perry is not finished. >> the republican race pauses here and everybody re-evaluates and perry has an opportunity to relaunch. >> reporter: now that chris christie's reconsidered and is out for sure. but not forever. christie didn't rule out a race
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important the white house next time in 2016. doreen? >> steve handelsman on capitol hill. thank you, steve. following a story now in arlington, virginia, where a pedestrian was killed along i-395 into glebe road. it happened just about two hours ago. police say a pedestrian was walking along i-395 when he was hit. the victim is said to be a male in his late 50s. police say they are not sure why he was out on the highway. >> he crossed the southbound lanes of travel and managed to cross the hov lanes and was three-fourths of the way crossing the northbound lanes when he was struck by a vehicle in the right-hand lane. >> reporter: that accident caused major traffic problems. two northbound lanes are still open. all the southbound lanes are open. but the streets in this area are congested now with drivers planning to avoid the interstate. one person killed, four others seriously injured today when a tourist helicopter
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crashed into the east river up in new york city. it happened just before 3:30 this afternoon. police say the helicopter went down while taking off from a heliport on the east side of manhattan. there were five people onboard, four of them including the pilot were rescued and told they all suffered serious injuries. police say that divers found the body of a fifth passenger and it was a woman from england. she was inside the helicopter that sunk. four people including two u.s. army corps of engineer employees are in jail. they are accused of taking more than $20 million in bribes and kickbacks. federal authorities rrgs calling it one of the most brazen bribery schemes in the u.s. history. jane watrel in our newsroom now with more on this. >> jim, prosecutors aren't saying exactly how they were tipped to this massive scam but clearly there were signs. according to court documents, the defendants lived the high life for the past four years. studded behind luxury cars,
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rolex watches, clothes from neiman marcus and other signs of conspicuous consumption. federal agents raid the woodbridge home of michael alexander noun under arrest with three others in a $20 million government bribe ry scheme. called the largest and most brazen act of its kind in u.s. history. >> this scheme is staggering in scope. and i think that it surprised all of us. i think it took tremendous teamwork to get to the depths of this and our investigation continues. >> reporter: the complex scam began four years ago and centers around an alaska native corporation called eyak in this complex in dulles. according to a federal indictment, alexander and kerry khan of alexandria, both employees of the u.s. army corps of engineers helped follow more than 45 million to an unidentified company to a no-bid
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contract. using false invoices, the feds alleged that they helped steal $20 million for themselves along with two others. lee kahn who helped his father run the fraudulent company out of his home in alexandria and harold babb whose neighbors watched the raid go down. >> approximately 15 at were rushing down the driveway with guns out approaching our neighbor's house. >> surreal. you don't expect this. you live in great neighborhood. >> a 26-year employee, michael alexander was arrested at his office on northwest g street. more than 100 agents raided seven other locations and arresting the remaining three at their holmes. while seizing luxury vehicles, flat screen tvs and discovering millions in bank accounts. according to the indictment kerry kahn and his son were promised more than $18 million.
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michael alexander was promised to be paid more than $1 million. $700,000 was promised or paid to harold babb. federal regulators promised to find out how this massive fraud went undetected. >> we seek to make the government and american people whole. >> the four defendants made their first appearance in court today and pleaded not guilty and are being held without bond. they are facing anywhere from 25 to 40 years in prison if convicted. >> jane watrel. thank you, jane. amanda knox is on her way back home to seattle less than 24 hours after an italian appeals court overturned her appeal conviction. a plane carrying knox and her familiar sly expected to arrive in seattle tacoma airport. the prosecutors plan to appeal the decision to italy's highest court. >> reporter: amanda knox exonerated of murder in a
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stunning successful appeal in italy now nearing a return home. in rome, ushered by security to her first flight leg, the transition begins with the now 24-year-old dubbed angel face by italian media. spending nearly 1,000 days behind bars, knox has been shielded by the notoriety of her case and impact expected to be immense. but it is her first step closer to home. her first step on a journey to a new forever changed life. knox planned for this day today. she also planned for the alternative. a life behind bars. as noted in a journal she kept. nathanial rich of "rolling stone" interviewed knox's close friend madison paxton. >> one of the most poignant and
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disturb i disturbing list in the journal, her goals if she were to stay in prison and goals if she were to be release d. >> she's on a flight knox's dreamed of but for four long years could never count on. knox captured in a single photograph as she leaves for the final leg back to american soil with heavy financial and emotional burdens in tow. >> i don't even look how deep the hole, financial hole, is. i can't. >> reporter: financial pitfalls and emotional scars. they remain. for the knox family, for amanda knox herself, it is one step at a time and that first step here this evening at the tarmac at seatac. >> meanwhile, prosecutors back >> lawyers continued to argue an insanity defense for a trial after woman from fairfax county. she is accused of killing her
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granddaughter. a psychologist was on the stand today. at issue is whether carmela dela rosa knew what she was doing. was she sane when she dropped the child off a sky walk in tysons corner? julie carey is outside the courthouse in fairfax with more on this story. >> reporter: an expert says dela rosa says she knows who she was and where stheefs and she had her grand daughter in her arms that tysons night and says what she didn't understand was the consequence of dropping the 2-year-old to the ground below. clinical psychologist michael hendricks didn't come out and say carmela dela rosa was insane. but he did conclude that she couldn't distinguish between right and wrong when she threw her 2-year-old daughter off the tysons walkway. that meets one of the definitions of insanity under virginia law. hired by the defense to evaluate dela rosa hendricks said she suffered from major depressive disorder with psychotic features and says her deteriorating mental health, including two suicide attempts, left dela rosa
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to experience a type of psychosis that night. forensic psychiatrist ryan sugarman examined many defendants for the courts. >> those that successfully pleaded insanity are found to have psychotic symptoms at the time of the crime, that being said it is not a prerequisite. >> reporter: hendricks says she believed her family was isolating and secretly communicating with special eye gestures. hendricks says she became hyper focus order her son-in-law, james, whom she long blamed for getting her daughter pregnant out of wedlock. said hendricks, she was getting more and more focused on her anger towards james. and began thinking about angela and as looking more like james. saw hurting angela as a way of getting back at him. hendricks says he was surprised when he asked dela rosa what she intended to happen to angelaing and replied she hadn't intended to hert her at all. hendricks was asked about dela
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rosa's videotaped confession in which she describes the crime to detectives. hendricks says her demeanor tells him dela rosa was still in a delusional state. in cross-examination prosecutor ray morrell suggested hendricks changed his diagnosis since he wrote his original report. delusions were never mentioned in the report. when hendricks agreed, moreau asked you are not saying she had delusions on november 29? hendricks replied, no overdelusions. no hallucinations? no. the expert witness is the final witness for the defense. carmela will not take the stand in this case. tomorrow there will be a final rebuttal witness for the approximate and closing arguments. high winds forced workers to stop their inspections of the washington monument this afternoon and engineers have been repelling down the side of the monument since last week. checking for damage caused during that earthquake we had here in august. the national parks service says they were able to finish
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checking out the south and east walls before it got too windy for them today. they plan to wrap up the entire monument survey tomorrow, weather permitting. the national cathedral, which has been closed for repair since that earthquake, is set to reopen on november 12. the quake caused damage to several spires. the repairs will continue once it reopens. the work could take up to ten years and $25 million to complete. coming up on our broadcast tonight, report on why some travelers are being allowed to go through airport checkpoints for more. >> more testimony and more questions surrounding the death of michael jackson. tonight the doctor's mistresses take stand for the prosecution. >> our speed cameras capable of making mistakes? this one did. i'm chris gordon in prince george's county. i will have the story ahead. >> apple revealed its new iphone but not everybody is thrilled. >> are we going to be thrilled about the forecast? >> i think everybody is going to
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be thrilled. at least 90% of you with great weather coming in with plenty of sunshine. i will explain why you may still need a jacket coming up. >> the redskins atop the division and feeling good going into the bye week.
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getting through airport security will get easier for
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some travelers under a pilot program that kicked off today. transportation security administration agents will assess passengers who volunteer more information about themselves before a flight. those passengers won't have to take off their shoes or belts when passing through security. they would also be sent to security lanes for expedited screening. the pilot program takes place at airports in atlanta and detroit and dallas, ft. worth and miami. jury selection got under way today in the trial after man accused of trying to blow up a plane with a bomb in his underwear. it happened back on christmas day in 2009. the man's name is umar farouk abdul kn abdulmutallab. he claims anwar al awlaki is still alive. he's the man the u.s. officials say was killed last week in a drone attack in yemen. opening arguments in that trial are expected to start next week.
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if convicted the man faces life in prison. day six of the dr. conrad murray trial is shedding light on the doctor's extracurricular activities. on the witness stand three of his mistresses all of whom he had contact with on the day michael jackson died. nbc's gina kim has the latest developments in the michael jackson trial. stay tuned. >> good morning. >> the prosecution today sought to establish that while dr. conrad murray was being paid to care for the king of pop, his mind was elsewhere. not one but three of dr. conrad murray's mistresses are called to the stand today. a houston waitress with whom murray was talk when he noticed something had gone horribly wrong. >> i was just talking.
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the next thing it was like i said hello, hello. i didn't hear anything. that's when i pressed the phone against my ear and i heard mumbling of voices. it sounded like the phone was maybe in his pocket or something. i heard coughing. >> at the time the married doctor was living with nicole alvarez the mother of his child, who signed for murray's drug deliverys and relied on him financially. >> back when your relationship with conrad murray became more serious, certainly before the birth of your son, was conrad murray living at your residence? >> yes. >> was he also providing financial support to you? >> yes. >> reporter: the prosecution may be suggesting that murray may have been desperate to keep his $150,000 a month job with jackson to afford his affairs and extramarital children. his former employees and patients have also testified that they would regularly have
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contact with murray during the time he was supposed to be caring for jackson. the defense maintains that jackson was the desperate one an addict that gay himself the fatal dose of propofol. if convicted of the involuntary manslaughter charge, dr. murray faces up to four years in prison. gina kim, nbc news, los angeles. here is doug with a check on the weather. this is more like. >> it isn't it though? >> yes. >> i think this is going to continue. not only continue but probably going to get better next couple of days. if a lot of you have been putting things off in the yard, well, you probably can't put them off anymore because the weather is not going to give you any excuses anymore. this weekend is really looking fantastic. out there right now, pretty nice evening. we have a few clouds out there right now. sun still shining in parts of the area. for the record we saw high temperature of 70 degrees. not too bad with some of that sunshine. low this morning, 51. yeah, we are still a little bit below average but over the next couple of days, i think we will go right back above average ask looking much, much better as we head towards the end of the week and the weekend. 66 degrees out there right now. partly cloudy, dew point right
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now is 51 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 16 miles an hour. still gusting over 20 miles an hour. and that breeze will continue. a little breezy this evening. with temperatures in the low 60s right now dropping into the upper 50s over the next few hours, it is going to be a little bit on the cool side. you may still need the jacket. 61 in winchester and over towards gaithersburg, baltimore coming in at 64 degrees. my friends in annapolis coming in at 66. waldorf coming in at 66 degrees, too. doppler radar is all clear. we are going to stay dry. not only over the next couple of days but i think we will stay dry for the next week and that's going to give us all a little bit of time to dry out. we had all of this rain as a result of that upper level pressure area. and that area of low pressure still making its way off the coast into the atlantic. we still have h some of its effects during the day today with cloudiness that did come through area. not completely cloudy day. we saw a lot of sunshine in comparison where we have been the past couple of days. rather breezy today with those partly cloudy skies.
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the breeze is going to continue, i think, tomorrow. warmer air, though, moves on in as we will see mostly sunny skies during the day tomorrow. high pressure really starting to get an anchor on itself over our region. mid atlantic, northeast, all looking spectacular. we are going to see our winds, though, shift more out of the north during the day thursday. so a little cooler thursday than we are on wednesday. but we are still talking about a temperature of abe rounds 70 degrees. nice and mild thursday. high pressure dominating on friday. plenty of sunshine. friday looking fantastic and why not just keep it going right on through the weekend. this evening, a few clouds, breezy, cool, but nice. 62 to 65 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow morning, it will be cool once again. when you wake up and walk out the door, make sure you have the jacket and the clids need the jaekts when they step outside. by recess, those jackets can come off. winds out of the northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. little breezy tomorrow afternoon. northwest winds 15 to 20 miles
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april hour 37 nice and warm. high temperatures 71 to 75 degrees. that's right around the average for this time of year. we will see plenty of sunshine tomorrow. and you know what? the entire 7-day forecast, 74 saturday, 77 sunday, 78 on monday. and that's columbus day. we are talking about some -- lot of people taking off with fantastic weather. >> it is about time we got a streak that looks like that. >> it will stick around. >> thank you, doug. >> coming up tonight, yet another problem for d.c. mayor vincent gray. this time it is about who is cutting the city's grass. >> country singer compared president obama to adolf hitler. tonight he clarifi
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after months of anticipation, apple today finally unveiled its latest model of the iphone. we take a look at the new and improved features. >> i'm really pleased to tell you today about the brand-new iphone 4s. >> reporter: it is an update but not an overhaul. apple unveiled the newest version of its top selling iphone this afternoon. >> really radical stuff or the new stuff about the new iphone is more under the hood. >> reporter: faster dual core processor will among other things enhance graphics for gaming.
6:26 pm
the camera has gotten an upgrade to 8 mega-fix -- pixels. the new operating system will also allow wireless sinking of don't. >> that's one of the things that sounds doesn't sound sekszy but practical. once people get used to having their stuff always available in the cloud there is no going back. >> i'm a humble personal assistant. >> reporter: also new to the iphone 4s is a personal assistant application. >> will i need an umbrella today. >> reporter: the application responds to spoken questions and commands. >> it sure looks like rain today. >> definitely the most ambitious version we have seen in consumer device ever. at the same time, it may be a little too out there for a lot of people to use. especially they are happy clicking on stuff with their fingers. >> reporter: new apple ceo tim cook led today's announce chmt included word of the iphone's availability on sprint. >> i don't see any real competition in the holiday season in terms of hot gadgets for the iphone 4 right now.
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>> reporter: iphone 4s is available beginning october 14. >> you can still make a phone call. the company also unveiled new versions of its nano ipod with multitouch display and updated versions of its ipod touch. >> if you can figure out how. right? coming up next, glitch in the system. how local drivers ended up getting ticketed for speeding by mistake. >> investigators have a new tool in their search for a woman from maryland who is missing while on vacation in aruba. >> done deal. donald trump sets his sights on virginia to kick off his latest business venture. >> coming up in sports, capitals anxious to get the regular season started. and the redskins going into bye
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new jersey governor chris christie announced today he is not going to run for the republican nomination for the 2012 presidential race. christie said the time is not right and he's not ready to walk out on new jersey when he was elected governor there two years ago. four people including two u.s. army corps of engineers employees are behind bars tonight in what authorities are calling one of the most brazen
6:31 pm
bribery schemes in u.s. history. investigators say that they pocketed $20 million in kickbacks. eight separate sites in northern virginia and the district were raided today. >> the plane carrying main did a knox and her family is expected to arrive in their hometown, seattle, washington, around 8:00 tonight our time. just yesterday an appeals court in italy overturned knox's murder conviction in the death of her roommate four years ago. they released her from prison there. drivers caught speeding in prince george's county may be getting a refund. that's because of a mistake on one camera on high ridge road near a school in bowie. >> it was operating at a time when it should not have been turned on. chris gordon reports now the mistake is raising questions about the accuracy of all the speed cameras. >> reporter: this speed camera located along high bridge road in bowie near an elementary school by law operates monday through friday, 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. a week ago sunday this camera
6:32 pm
was mistakenly programmed to monitor traffic resulting in 18 citations for speeding. prince george's county police were notified of the mistake and waived the fines and rectified the problem. calling it an isolated incident involving only one speed camera. but aaa mid atlantic questions the reliability in speed cameras throughout prince george's county. >> i think most would be shocked to find out that in many jurisdictions, the county governments, local governments, have turned over the internal adjudication process to the vendor, same vendor that gets 40% of the revenue and profits of the cameras. >> reporter: rich says that he has three citations and challenges the accuracy of speed cameras using this car chip that records his speed along a timeline. >> first ticket said i was doing 49 miles an hour in a 35-mile-an-hour zone. i was not doing over 35 miles an
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hour. >> reporter: how do you know that? >> the car chip told me that the black box in my car. >> reporter: after this speed cam was activated on sunday, september 25, the prince george's county police department sent out teams to measure the accuracy of every speed camera in its jurisdiction. >> they tested them using both laser and radar and they found them to be accurate within one mile to the hour of that set speed. we are very comfortable with how these cameras are operating. >> reporter: some county residents like having a speed camera in their neighborhood. >> i think it helps keep our areas safer. we take our kids to the park sometimes. it is nice to know this -- already know that people are driving much slower. >> reporter: in prince george's county, chris gordon, news4. >> keep of those citations carries a fine of $40. but no points. >> police departments that operate speed cameras say they are more interested in promoting safety than in generating revenue and fines.
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d.c. strict handgun regulations will stay in place after a new federal appeals court ruling today. the city requires all gun owners to go through background checks, vision tests and limits the amount of guns that can be registered per month. today judges said those rules do not violate the second amendment but they want the city to explain why the rules are necessary. security guard dick hellor filed a challenge to the handgun requirements and is the same person that successfully got the supreme court to overturn d.c.'s handgun band in 2008. lot of grass to cut in the district. the city is paying one firm twice as much as it pays another to do that job. now the mayor and the d.c. council are emerged in a dispute over who gets paid and how much. tom sherwood is here with more on the story. >> you know grass cutting is a small part of government but this contract mess could be a big problem.
6:35 pm
the d.c. government has dozens of acres of grassy fields and rec centers that must be cut. a disputed $2 million contract to do that is now raising serious ethical questions about who gets paid what and why. in the long lead editorial in the "washington post" tuesday, the paper questioned one of the mayor's office had higher marks. while allowing a smaller and more expensive company to keep working. mary chase says she is worried about the handling of the city money while gray's administration and would discuss it friday. >> there are a lot of allegation a round. i want to hold a hearing to find out what the facts are and to clear the air. >> there are two companies. the lorenz company cut grass at $60 an acre. even though the public works department praised the firm and sought to renew its contract, the mayor's office moved to end it. meanwhile a smaller company,
6:36 pm
community bridge incorporated, responsible for two of eight wards, charged about $120 an acre. twice as much. and continued working. community bridge has a small office on upper 14th street. when news4 stopped by mid morning, there was no indication of anyone there. council member chase says one complaint is community may not qualify as a truly local d.c. based company. council member harry thomas who had strongly backed community bridge earlier this year did not speak at the council session tuesday. warner session who represents community bridge declined comment on the dispute. the mauer's office stung by the criticism told "the post" ending the cheaper lorenz contract was a misunderstanding and both companies would be continued until the city decides what to do next. the mayor's office so far will not release internal e-mails on this grass cutting controversy. the council says the e-mail could shine light on which what really happened. jim, back to you. >> what a mess. thanks, tom. a judge has dem aid sentencing for former prince
6:37 pm
george's county councilwoman leslie johnson. johnson pleaded guilty to evidence tampering in a federal corruption probe back in june ask was supposed to be sentenced this month. according to the gazette johnson's lawyer asked a judge to delay because of schedule conflicts. johnson will now be sentenced on december 6. her husband, former county executive jack johnson, will be seng tensed that same day. a team of cadaver dogs arrived in the island nation of aruba to help search for the remains of a woman from maryland who has been missing there. 35-year-old robyn gardner was reported missing two months ago by her travel companion. that's a man named gary gierodano. he's still in custody in aruba. he's a suspect in gardner's death. he denies any wrongdoing. he says gardner drowned when the two went snorkeling. after the break, a second chance for some puppies who were dumped in a landfill and left
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good owning, everybody. right here in storm center 4, current temperature outside is
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66 degrees. the sun going down in about 7 minutes. it is going to cool off a little bit tonight. that cooler air leading to some changes in the leaves. take a look at this. out towards sterling earlier. you can see some fall color out there. by will continue to see the fall color over the next couple of days and next couple of weeks, our typical peak happens the end of the month. out there right now take a look. we want to show you what it is looking like around our region. fall foliage, low color around our area, portions of new york, up towards vermont and new hampshire, moderate and high color. even peak around the adirondacks towards new york. for our area along the blue ridge, just to the west and portions of west virginia, we are talking about moderate color there. for most of us still low color and we will continue to see that around our region. overnight tonight, we are looking at cool temperatures. down to about 45 degrees in frederick, maryland. 52 in the district. 50 towards la plata. a little bit on the cool side. tomorrow warming right back up into the low to mid 70s with a high of 74 in the washington
6:42 pm
area. and that comes with plenty of sunshine. i will have the four-day and extended forecast one more time coming up at the end of the show. >> thank you, doug. three streets in our area have earned the distinction as being among the best streets in america. king street in old town, alexandria, made the list for historic buildings, trolley line and beautiful views at the potomac river. u street in northwest washington was also ranked thanks to its culture and history. also on the list, davis street in culpeper, virginia. to earn the title cities had to go through an application process through the american planning association. donald trump has a new business venture and it is in virginia. an hour ago it opened. the trump vineyard estates, it is called. donald trump paid more than $6 million for the property. it is in charlottesville, virginia. he did that deal last april. the property was once owned by socialite patricia clootey but
6:43 pm
lost in foreclosure. trump hired her as the vice president of operations. trump's son, eric, will run the business. we have a new place to buy some wine. what's up? >> talking baseball, guys. major league baseball playoffs are in full swing. we have a record-setting day for one player. coming off of a very disain't pointing postseason, the capitals ready for a fresh start, wiping the slate clean. hockey
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6:45 pm
6:46 pm
i can only imagine how welcomed it must be for those guys from the skins to get a couple of days where they can actually -- >> recovery time. >> heal. >> we think that it is so early, right, because they have only played four games. but it is really ten weeks of your body taking a beating when you can throw in the preseason and preseason games and all that practice. the redskins on the field today for one last practice before the bye week officially started. some guys going to be hitting the road to see their family. others staying in town and will be regular visitors at redskins park to get treatment for various injuries. all of them feeling good about the state of the team. also reason to feel good, statement of cornerback philip buchanan who returned to redskins park after serving a four-game suspension for violating the nfl's policy on performance enhancing substances. healthwise there haven't been any major injuries to speak of during the regular season. and the redskins have positioned themselves to be considered contenders in the nfc east.
6:47 pm
however, mike shanahan has warned the players all it takes is a couple of losses and that script could be flipped. but for now with the 3-1 record it is all positive vibes at redskins park going into the bye week. >> it is huge. very positive feeling. it shows in the locker room as well. a lot of energy going on here. and we know that -- won the first quarter of the season, our next focus is the next four games. hopefully we can be on the winning side of that again. and keep carrying it over and see we can -- end up on the plus side of things at the end of the year good going into the bye week. we have philly coming up. you know. we can't really have too much fun. i think everybody knows that. i am liking the whole psyche of this whole team. and, you know, i'm feeling we are going to do special things this year. >> i mean, the atmosphere, whenever -- it is always good when you are winning. losing, not that well. but -- like i said now, it is still early. you know.
6:48 pm
still lot of football to play. and depending the situation we will be in. >> many all right. monday night football, raheem morris and bucs hosting the colts. painter, the starting quarterback for indy. filling in for kerry collins who is filling in for peyton manning. second quarter looking good here 37 painter hooks up with garson. breaks a tack and is gone. 87 yards for the touchdown. colts up 10-0. peyton manning at the game. he likes what he sees. the bucs would be back late in the third quarter. tampa down by seven. on third and seven, josh, very good quarterback, making something happen here. and find preston parker, he lungs to the pylon. that's a 13-yard touchdown. we are tied at 17. same score in the fourth. blunt, the guy at or who punched a player in the face and suspended. he was with the titans and cut him. now he's a pretty darned nfl
6:49 pm
running back. he had 127 yards. buccaneers went 24-17. they improved to 3-1. indianapolis drops to 0-4 for the first time since 1998. you know, it is not very often that one person beats an entire team. that's basically what happened in the baseball playoffs today. the rangers, adrian beltre, had three home runs sending tampa bay tumbling out of the postseason. game four of the american league divisional series. top of the first. hellickson starting for the rangers. first batter, first bomb. kinsler gets a home run of the solo variety. rangers are up 1-0. bottom of the second now. texas up 2-0. matt joyce sends the shot to center. stay with me here on this play, folks. i'm feeling there is going to be a play at the play. sean rodriguez barrelling around third and here comes the relay throw. check this out.
6:50 pm
ball comes loose. he is safe at the plate. rangers catcher mike napoli just takes a pounding. but he would stay in the game. yeah. top of the seventh. texas up 3-2. adrian beltre with two homers already. may i have another, please? a three home run day for beltre. he's one of just five players who have hit three home runs in a postseason game. list includes babe ruth and george bret. that's pretty good company. this is the play that's going to end the game. kinsler fields it cleanly. and the texas rangers heading to the american league championship series for the second year in a row. not a good feeling for the catcher mike napoli in this one. four day ace way from the start of capitals season. yes. hockey is here. team opens up at home against carolina. another southeast conference for the last year. tampa bay lightning who swept the caps in the second round of the eastern conference playoffs.
6:51 pm
another premature exit from the postseason. for a team considered to be a stanley cup favorite. this year, bruce boudreau will try to advance past the second round for the first time as the capitals head coach. he will look to deal with some old faces like nick backstrom. new faces like troy bauer and some kind of old new faces like captain jeff halperin who returns to d.c. after stints with tampa and dallas and l.a. and montreal. the teammates are looking to move on and learn from last year's disappointments. >> don't sweep interest under the rug and go home and say okay, it didn't work out this year. you can't do that. at the same time, you can't play out of frustration. you know. i think if anything use it as motivation. you learn from it and it drives you to be better. you know, obviously we are a little tee'd off. it shows we have a lot of work to do. i think -- we still have that
6:52 pm
attitude. guys aren't -- they are not mad. they are determined. they are focused and they are ready for a better result. >> i don't think you can be angry. obviously it was upsetting at the time. but you just have to think that you have a lot of unfinished business to take care of now. every year, your goal is to be at the top of the season. be at the top of the playoffs when they are over. that's the only thing we can focus on, one little step at a time to go towards that goal and leave what's in the past in the past. >> matt hendricks, you know, looks like he took a pounding and jeff halperin, sat down with him as well. his face was bruised and battered. >> didn't bruce like my man? anyone after they lost, devastating loss, save the woman in a car? >> on the way home. >> two years ago. >> devastating loss. >> on the bridge. >> thanks, dan. coming up next, country singer fires back after make something controversial comments about the president. >> we invite to you follow news4 online.
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6:55 pm
for the first time in 20 years, monday night football opened last night without hank williams jr. singing his famous football anthem. espn pulled the song because of controversial comments williams made on the fox news channel monday morning. >> the golf game, one of the biggest political mistakes ever.
6:56 pm
>> you mean when john boehner played golf with president obama? >> that would be like hitler playing golf with netanyahu. okay? >> williams has released two statements since then. the most recent one in part, i have always been a very passionate about politics and sports and this time it got the best or worst of me. williams went on to say i am very sorry if it offended anyone. espn has not said yet whether they will pull williams song from future broadcast. coming up, some declared war on the new york stock exchange. sesame street going to view a new poverty stricken muppet. and massive mountain lions camped out in front of somebody's front yard. those stories and more coming up at 11:00. >> that gets your attention. >> i would say so. >> doug is here with one more check on the weather. >> check it all day long and continue to see the same thing. sunshine over the next five, six, even seven days, i think. 74 degrees tomorrow. little bit on the breezy side. high of 74.
6:57 pm
70 on your thursday. look at all of the sunshine in the entire 7-day forecast. temperatures this weekend climbing into the mid to upper 70s and monday may be getting close to 80. that would be above average. tuesday, temperature there of 76 degrees. and i will not include the eight-day forecast. the 7-day forecast right now looks good. >> you are the bearer of good news for a change. >> yes, finally. >> thank you, dan. investigators in king george county in virginia are trying to figure out who is behind a disturbing incident. somebody dumped a bag of puppies into landfill last month and left them there to die. things are getting better, though, for the ones that survived that ordeal. pat collins. >> reporter: three little puppies rescued from death's door. found a trash bag dropped in
6:58 pm
this dumpster at the king george county landfill. six of their brothers and sisters didn't make it. >> that's mike. he heard crying noise coming from the dumpster and discovered the puppies. >> there was the nine puppies in the water. >> reporter: virginia works for the county and came to the rescue. she had to act fast. >> when i picked them up, they were wet and cold. and my daughter and i just dried them off and put the heater on in the car and sat with them until we could have the police come up and do a report. >> reporter: the story of the pups in this act of animal cruelty, something the people here will not soon forget. >> people who put puppies in plastic bag and landfill, somebody should put them in a plastic bag and put them in the
6:59 pm
landfill. see how they like it. >> no one has to like dogs or cats. but if you don't like them, don't have them. >> reporter: what kind of person could do something like this? >> a monster. somebody that has no heart. >> reporter: what happened here was no accident. what happened it was no mistake. what happened here was a crime, a jail time, crime and other animal control officers are out to find the suspect. do you think you can get them? >> we will do our absolute best. >> reporter: i'm pat collins, news4, king george. >> there is information on our website for anyone interested in adopting those puppies or in helping out the king georgian m -- king george animal rescue. and look under puppies. >> you better hurry, though.


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