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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  October 6, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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innovators and most creative minds is no longer with us. steve jobs changed the way we live. this morning, we look back on his life and how washingtonians are paying their respects to his memory. good morning. welcome to news 4 today. >> it is thursday, october 6th and it is a wonderfully cool and crisp thursday morning in the nation's capital. we're looking at a pretty good day. >> that we are. it's going to be a tasty day like yesterday. if it were a drik, you wouldn't want to spill any of it today. 54, on the cool side right now, but really nice for fall. a light wind out there. temperatures throughout the area, mid 40s up in montgomery county right now. we've got almost mid 50s inside the beltway. temperature right now, running in annapolis at 55 degrees. one of our warm spots all morning long. we've got an east wind off the
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water in that location. by 9:00 a.m. today, we're close to 60 degrees. by 9:00 a.m., a lot of feex will be losing that jacket that they'll be wearing this morning. lunchtime, mid 60s. but another nice sunny bright day and another starry night coming our way. dropping from the low 60s at 7:00 to the mid 60s by around midnight. coming up, we'll take a look at your four-day forecast and talk about the next chance of rain. right now on the roadways, congestion is building outer loop on the beltway. you can see a lot of headlights, a lot of crowding. so far, inner loop and outer loop, you're clear of accidents. that's a good thing. seeing a slowdown just a bit out of dell city as you pass over the aqua pond and make your way towards 395, those delays continue. and taking i-66, getting busy
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heading east from selly road, i can tell you you'll see the majority of your delays aus pass nuttily and head inside of the beltway. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at your rails. now back to you both. >> thanks, danella. remember ago visionary, this morning, the world is waking up and reacting to the death of steve jobs. >> apple co-founder and former ceo steve jobs died at the age of 56 surrounded by his family after a battle with pancreatic cancer. job's legacy will be how he changed the world of technology. this is awesome technology. >> the college dropout unveils the first apple computer on april fool anticipates day in 1976. jobs was behind a series of technological breakthroughs including the ipod, the iphone and the ipad. his final public appearance was the unveiling of apple's ipad two.
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jobs stepped down after taking an extended medical leave of absence. jobs is survived by his wife and four children. reaction to his death is pouring in this morning. the apple co-founder issued a statement saying, quote, we've lost something we won't get back. he added that the way people love the products that he put so much into creating means he brought a lot of life to the world. microsoft chairman bill gates issued a statement saying, quote, the world rarely sees someone who has had the profound impact steve has had, the effects of which will be felt for generations to come pop. and this morning, apple stores across the country are becoming places of mourning. melissa is live outside the apple stores in bethesda where people have been paying their respects. melissa. >> good morning to you, joe. folks are coming by and taking a look at what other people have put down. we have some apples that have been written on them. we have candles, flowers, let's
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of nice ways for people to pay their regions yesterday. at apple headquarters, a pilgrimage of sorts there. one fan paying a bag pipe. flowers sat outside the dallas store. fans saddened by his death but inspired by him. we soak with one of those fans just a few moments ago. >> it's very upsetting when anybody passes away. you never know when your last day is going to be. so i think the world needs to really take every minute and reflect on life in a positive way. >> as you mentioned, jobs made his final appearance in june when he introduced the ipad. he stepped down at ceo two months later and that was about six months ago.
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you can look, the apple page here just changed. they removed his picture and says, apple has lost a visionary and creative genius. if you would like to share your thoughts and memories, they have a website set up where you can do that. tonight the world lost great innovators and changed our way of life. taking a look at twitter this morning, one of my favorite comments, apple changed the world, the one that steve made. we expect lots of this throughout the day and we know something similar to this with flowers and candles and so forth is taking place in arlington. and apple stockholders are keeping a close eye on the markets today. stocks dropped 0.25% after the news of his death was announced last night. experts of wall street say we
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won't know the long-term effects for quite some time. today, hundreds of renters in prince georges county will find out who owns their homes. 87 foreclosed town homes will be auctioned off in district heights. tenants fear the new owner will force them to move because the building has failed safety inspections. even if the owner does make repairs to meet local and state codes, he or she could raise the rent. also today, the holly acres mobile home park was destroyed by remnants of tropical storm lee last month. earlier this week, county officials obtained a permit to destroy the 40 mobile homes in
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the park that had been condemned. the case involving the horribly violent death of a 2-year-old is now in the hands of a jury. c carmella delarosa is accuseded of throwing her granddaughter off a skylight. prosecutors say she made an evil choice motivated by revenge and hate. the defense says she is not guilty because of intansy. a woman is in serious condition after being hit by an unmarked d.c. police car. it's not known if the officer was on duty at the time or how the accident happened. that block of wisconsin was closed for a few hours while investigators stayed at the scene to try to figure it out. why congresswoman gabrielle giffords is back in washington this morning. and the health concerns from one county coming from a nearby
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country clubl. president obama is getting ready to embark on a new tour and why he won't travel very far at first. we'll let you know how long this picture perfect weather will last. and chopper 4 is live on the baltimore washington parkway.
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good morning. the angel award recognizes people who have made lives better for adopted children. news 4's own barbara harrison accepted the work last night at the reagan building. hundreds of other unsung heros from around the country were recognized, as well. they included adoptive parents, judges and lawyers who have taken extra steps to find loving families for children. >> congratulations to barbara. >> absolutely. a lot of work over a lot of years. turning now to the weather, veronica is in the storm center. >> good morning, pat. yeah, we are on a roll and, boy, don't we deserve this? we deserve this in a big way. the back to back weather with clear skies pep we're a little less than an hour away from
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sunrise. we're at 54 degrees currently with a light wind. the skies starry, filled with nothing but clear skies. there will be a few empty skies coming in during the early part of the day, around mid morning or so. around 60 by 9:00 a.m., we're going up to a high around 70 degrees today. feeling like fall for the rest of the week. good morning. we have breaking news. traveling bw parkway northbound, just prior to route 198, choppers over the scenes there. now we have a crash, fire department on the scene. police are there directing traffic right now. you're only able to pass in the right shoulder lane. we are seeing significant delays as you make your way towards route 198, slowing you down this morning. i'm going to keep watching this all morning long and let you know of any updates as they come. now, right now on the beltway, outer loop, the report of an accident at wisconsin avenue. seeing delays here. your delays actually start as you make your way past 95 and head towards georgia avenue.
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as for georgia avenue, you're traveling below speed at about 41 miles per hour. and outer loop and inner loop on the beltway in virginia, not seeing any issues there. still, all reporting on or close to schedule with no delays. now, back to you both. >> thank you very much, danella. the rare disease which is norsing a well known historic beach hotel in maryland to shutdown. shutdown. sarah palin talksture,
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president obama will hit the road in virginia and north carolina later this month to push his jobs plan. the bus tour will be similar to the three-day trip through minnesota, iowa and illinois. this past august, there's no word on exactly where the president will be stopping on this tour. it is scheduled for october 17th
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through the 19th. now to the race for the white house where all the talk is about who is not running for office this time around. sarah palin says she will not seek the republican nomination. the former lfk governor and vice presidential candidate says that she can better serve the gop from outside the white house. palin says is she's still committed to landing a republican in the white house next year. >> i'm thankful, but i believe i -- not being a candidate, really you're unshackled and you're allowed to be even more active. and i look forward to helping coordinate the strategies that will assist in replacing our president and retaking the senate, maintaining the house, healthy, good constitutional conservatives to be elected to the governor seats around this nation. >> palin shot down rumors that she would consider running for president as a third party candidate. jurors will get a bit of a science lesson today in the man absoluter trial of dr. conrad
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murray, michael jackson's daughter. a toxicologist is scheduled to talk about the drugs found in his bedroom. the doctor apparently recorded this conversation on his iphone just six weeks before the king of pop died. jackson was slurring his words as he talked about his pending comeback tour. >> when people leave my show -- when people leave my show, i want them to say i haven't seen anything like that in my life. prosecutors say the recordings prove that murray knew for weeks that the dangerous impact -- about the dangerous impact of the drugs he was giving jackson and that they were having quite an impact on the performer. police and fbi agents say they still have no leads in their search for a missing
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toddler in kansas city, actually an infant. 10-month-old lisa irwin has been missing for more three three days. she was last seen monday night when her mother says she put her in her crib. his father says he discovered her missing five hours later when he returned from a late night shift at work. police say her parents are not suspects in her disappearance. today, congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be back if washington for a special ceremony for her husband. the bhous is hold ago military retirement ceremony for her husband, astronaut mark kelly. astronaut joe biden will be on hand to host. after the ceremony, giffords is expected to return to houston where she is expected to go underneath rehabilitation. a nearby golf course is
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using a toxic chemical with potentially harmful side effects according to residents. the chevy chase club golf center says they were using methel bromide. the epa says it contributes to the destruction of the ozone layer. hundreds of homeowners signed a petition to get them to stop using that chemical. >> the scientists we talked to say how serious the effects would be on our residents, especially children and pregnant women. the epa phased out the chemical in 2005, but golf courses are still allowed to use it on greens until 2013. many golf courses around the country do still use the chemicals. an ocean city hotel is closing a week early for the winter after three guests
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developed legionair's design. the plim plaza hotel made the announcement yesterday. legioneres disease is potentially deadly. the health department says preliminary testing of water samples from the hotel show the bacteria, but final results aren't expected until next week. today, the national hockey league will drop the puck on the 2012-2011 season. the capitals begin their season on saturday at home against the carolina hurricanes. >> all right. let's turn to the weather. >> the weather today will get a perfect 10 today, a perfect ten tomorrow. we'll continue with a string of
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tens through the weekend. it's this type of weather that we really need to get the brilliant array of color around here. the cool nights, that's what we had during the overnight dropped down to the 40s. 54 degrees in town. we need the nice, sunny day, the warm day, it will be just that today. 50 in culpepper. fredericks berg, it's 54 degrees right now. we've got that same area of high pressure over the area. so no problems at all weatherwise around here. meanwhile, we'll start to see southwest winds, too, by the time we get to the end of the week and that means temperatures will be even higher for the weekend. today, 70 going up to a high of 73 on friday. after dropping down to the 40s. and for saturday, 78 is the high temperature. sunday, up to 80 degrees. feeling a lot like mid-september. columbus day is dry. we've got clouds going for tuesday and what looks like a wet weather system, a soggy one
6:22 am
for midweek. kind of those tropical rains will return. good morning. right now we have been breaking news off of dw parkway. if you're traveling northbound, you'll see the accident. right now, you're only able to pass in the right shoulder lane. it's a two-vehicle crash. one of the cars, i'm being told, is actually in the grass there. as i step in, you can see the tow truck here trying to get that other car out. we are seeing a lot of delays. their backup is about three miles. this is on bw parkway just north of route 197. very slow commute for you as you make your way in the shoulder lane past the accident there. big delay starting at new hampshire avenue. you are making your way towards the morning temple. here is a look right now, you can see these cars heavy on the brakes. travel time in this area, roughly about r50 minutes as you get from i-95 to i-70, and it's
6:23 am
stop and go on the way. >> danella, thanks very much. where two women were attacked near a metro station. >> and what happened when a train crashes into a dump truck at full speed?
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good morning opinion we're getting a look at a crash between a dump truck and a train in houston, texas. the skurtd camera video shows passengers being tossed to the floor after the truck ran a red light. the truckdriver was cited tuesday for the collision. 15 people were injured. everybody involved in the crash was taken to the hospital and are expected to fully recover from their injuries. one hot dogging driver is now in hot water after distracting driver at dizzying speeds. check out this cell phone video. it shows the driver ner geneva,
6:27 am
switzerland, driving 325 kilometers per hour. that is 201 miles an hour and three times the legal speed limit. police discovered the video. the driver told police another person was behind the wheel, but forensic evidence proves that he was alone. the driver has been fined now, $69,000 and has had his drrns revoked. coming up next, an alert for women following two attacks near the metro station. >> we'll go l
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this morning, the world is remembering the life of a great visionary. steve jobs changed the way we use pcs, listen to music and make telephone calls and use cameras. much more, too. how everyone from world leaders to his fans are paying tribute this morning. good morning. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm joe krebbs. >> and it's october 6. take a look at the sky as the sun gets ready to rise over the
6:31 am
nation's capital. it's going to be a really nice day again, veronica. >> a golden glow coming our way. 7:08. the sun will rise today. and i heard yesterday there was a sale -- a rise in the sale of sunglasses around here as bright as it was. 54, the temperatures right now. feels nice and cool. then sunglasses and for later, the sun will be bright coming through your window. 48 degrees in bellvoir. 48 degrees. your day planner forecast, here is union station, getting up to 60 degrees at 9:00 a.m. today. but lunchtime, 66 and is going for a high today of 70 degrees. 70 and then into the upper 60s for the evening. but absolutely perfect and a really nice evening, too. good morning. breaking news. off the dw parkway, traveling northbound, seeing significant delays due to the accident here.
6:32 am
you can see that it is now in your left shoulder lane. i'll at the step in and make sure you can see that we have a tow truck on the scene. police are still on the scene. they're trying to tow an additional car out of the grass here. this is where the accident is, north of route 197 prior to route 198. again, significant delays traveling north on dw parkway. now, this time, outer loop of the beltway jammed from 95 as you make your way towards route 29. have an accident further along at wisconsin avenue on the outer loop on the beltway. and i'm seeing big delays on i-270. these cars are coming to a complete stop. your delays start at hurley and continue as you head south towards the spur. i-66, seeing delays and crowding. on the fairfax county parkway, you make your way towards the beltway, traveling at roughly 44 miles per hour. now back to you both.
6:33 am
>> danella, thanks very much. police in prince georges county are warning women to be careful when walking to the metro this morning. they say two women have been attacked in a week, both within a block of the metro station. one of the attacks was captured by security cameras. police say about a week ago, around 5:00 in the morning, a man forced a woman across the road behind an empty building and raped her there. then just two days ago, they believe the same man attacked another woman about a block away but she was able to get away. >> be aware and alert whenever possible have somebody with you or being on the phone talking to someone. stay in populated areas, stay where you can see people if at all possible and stay in the light. >> police say they are switching around their patrol routes and beefing up security around the metro station. remembering a visionary, this morning, the world is waking up and reacting to the death of steve jobs. and ceo, jobs died at the age of 56 yesterday,
6:34 am
surrounded business hi family after long battle with pancreatic cancer. jobs help changed the world of technology. the college dropout unveiled the first apple computer on april fools' day in 1976. jobs was behind a series of tech logical breakthroughs, including the ipod, iphone and i pad. jobs was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer in 2004. he had a liver transplant in 2009. his final public appearance was the unveiling of the ipad 2 this past june. jobs took an extended medical leave of absence and then stepped down. he is survived by his wife and is four children. reaction to his death is pouring in this morning. app apple's co-founder issued a statement saying, quote, we've lost something we won't get back. he added that the way people love the products that he put so much into creating means he brought a lot of life to the
6:35 am
world. president obama issued a statement saying, quote, the world has lost a visionary and there may be no greater tribute to steve's success than the fact that much of the world learned of his passing on a device he invented. the white house sent out a number of tweets about jobs. one reads, brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world and talented enough to do it. ahead at 5:30 this morning, we go live to the california headquarter of apple. >> this morning, apple stores around the country are becoming places of mourning. this is a greg memorial taking place outside the store in bethesda. people are bringing flowers, apples and placing them on the ground outside the stores. fans left flowers, candles and apples in california. today, the house that jobs built is in mourning and know el
6:36 am
walker is live from apple's headquarters with more on this. noel, good morning. >> good morning, joe. are you a pc or are you a mac? >> pc so far, but everybody around me is using mac and i feel i'll probably have to go in that direction at some point. >> oh, the pressure, the pressure. i'm a mac. so in a sense, steve jobs has helped define who i am. i'm a woman, i'm a blond and i'm a mac. when you say i'm a mac, it tells you about the person who is using the products. you mentioned earlier that there was a memorial here at mac's headquarters and we've seen people going up to take ta visit. also at stores across the country, those have been turned into makeshift shrines. industry insiders are saying it's going to be quite some time before we see a leader the likes of steve jobs again, joe. >> let me ask you this. they made that announcement on tuesday about the new phone that was coming out. the iphone 4s. there's rumors circulating on social media today that perhaps
6:37 am
it was actually named iphone 4s for iphone 4 steve. have you heard anything about something like that? >> no, that's the first i'm hearing of that and i'm wondering if that's going to be one of those rumors about the beatles abby road thing where a lot of things start stemming from unsubstantiated rumors. but it's a good rumor if that was true. no, the iphone 4s is named iphone 4 because they didn't changed the shape of the iphone. for it to be an iphone 5, they would need to change the shape and the look for the phone. so as far as i know, it's an iphone 4s because it looks the same, but it has add features. >> on the other hand, people at apple and people close to apple on tuesday certainly must have known that the end was very near for steve jobs. >> i'm sure that people in that inner circle knew.
6:38 am
there were rumors that he was going to show up at the meeting and when he didn't, i wondered if he was doing well. >> very sad news. the real loss of a genius. thanks very much. the "today" show will pick up our coverage of steve jobs' death. now to ann curry for a preview of the "today" show this morning. >> good morning to you, pat. coming up on a thursday morning on "today," the world reacting to the loss of this true visionary, steve jobs. the pioneer behind the iphone, the ipad and the ipad died on wednesday at the age of 56. we'll be taking a look back at his life and talk to his apple co-founder and friend, steve wozniak. also ahead this morning, the latest on the search for 10-month-old lisa irwin. her parents speak out in an emotional interview. plus, a 16-year-old georgia boy captures a 368 pound bull
6:39 am
shark in his local fresh water swimming hole. and here's some questions. have you ever considered a divorce or you fight with your spouse, we're going to take a look at the sprietsing results of a new survey on marriage when we get started here on a thursday morning on "today." pat, back to you. >> make it a good thursday. >> you, too, dear. 6:38 is our time. they are occupying wall street. now a large group of demonstrator are coming to d.c. today. when and where they'll be making their voices heard. the new local project for a team of engineers who have spent the last few weeks hanging off the side of washington monument. meteorologist veronica washington will let us know whether we're in for a pictu
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we've got a cool start this morning at 54 degrees. so you'll need the jacket. welcome back, everybody. 54 going up to a high temperature today. day planner forecast of 70 degrees by noon time already into the mid 60s. we welcome this kind of weather with open arms, but maybe zinnty eyes. grab the eye protection today. the sunglasses, you're going to need it today. friday, saturday and even sunday. moving into the upper 70s to
6:43 am
around 80 degrees this upcoming weekend. danella. >> good morning. traveling on dw parkway north, just north of route 197. still have a tow truck on the scene there taking away your left lane. you're able to pass on the right lane, but i am seeing some difficult delays, in fact, probably motor of the dw parkway, your delays continue as you make your way towards route 197. outer loop on the beltway, jammed from college park as you make your way towards colder road. further ahead, still seeing the accident on wisconsin avenue. also seeing red traveling to 70 north. back to you both. >> thanks, danella. how amanda knox is spending her time back in washington state right now. >> we'll talk to
6:44 am
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6:47 am
good morning and welcome back. the anti-wall street protests in new york are entering their 20th day and are gaining momentum this morning. labor unions have now joined the massive crowd, now the largest in the three-week long protest. despite the fact that protesters concerns covered a wide range of issues, labor leaders say they support their efforts. now, protesters are getting ready to bring their message and big crowds to washington. several hundred took the protests to the steps of the capital yesterday. more than 100 local activists groups are expected to make their way to freedom plaza this morning. organizers are expected to rally at 9:00 this morning with a rally and concert scheduled for noon. protesters say they will stay as long as they need to to make their needs and demands known. >> we have a lot to accomplish. we want to build a foundation that can unravel this mess of corporate controlled government. >> protesters are looking for
6:48 am
everything from an end to the war in afghanistan to more focus on climate change. to see how wall street is shaping up this morning and how the business world is reacting to the death of steve jobs, let's go live to cnbc's brian schactman. that apple stock has taken a dip this morning, hasn't it? >> yeah. and there's a lot of talk about what it means for the company moving forward. stock futures are moving higher on the back of gains. european markets are higher this morning. we can weekly jobless claims today. the dow rose 139 points to 1099 yesterday. the fact that steve jobs tribute pouring in from all over the world, apple co-founder steve
6:49 am
wozniak said, quote, we've lost something we won't bet back. of bill gates, we rarely see someone with such a profound impact. >> his death that may likely have a pretty big impact on the company of apple, giving rivals a chance to catch up with the tech giant. he was heralded as an ip know va innovative genius, knowing what we wanted before we knew we wanted it. it races questions about the company's ability to keep their product line running at the current base. people are comparing him to thomas edison or henry ford. i'm not a huge techie guy, but there is a sense that we're losing an american icon with the passing of steve jobs.
6:50 am
>> we have lost an icon, a giant. thank you, brian. >> you're welcome. >> this morning, there's growing speculation about what amanda knox will do now that she is back home in seattle. right now, she is at an undisclosed location. the former american exchange student could get a book deal that could easily pay seven figures. speaking fees could earn her from $50,000 apiece. plus, there are possible movie rights. but right now, her family says they just want her to get reacquainted with normal life. >> amanda is very strong throughout this whole process. we're going to kind of have to see what happens with her. and new this morning, knox could soon be reuniting with her former boyfriend. raffaele sollecito could be
6:51 am
reunited with her. he's expected to fly to washington state to spend time with her soon. >> for the very first time in more than a week, he won't see anyone repelling down the side of the washington monument. engineers repelled down yesterday and removed their climbing gear from the top of the monument. they have to finish their report before crews can give their report. that inspect could come later this month. 6:51 is our time now. time again to loot our weather. >> and it's looking good. >> we're stuck in sunny. we've got a clear sky out there right now. some folks will need a jacket, a little on the cool side here this morning. we're in the 40s to low and mid 50s with a light one that's out of the north. just 8 miles per hour. let's take a look at some of the conditions elsewhere where today it feels like a burly fall morning.
6:52 am
chilly. then over in annapolis, maryland, 54 in fredericksburg, virginia, and around alexandria, too. a nice, clear sky. that's the point of you sticking around our area for days. feeling like, again, fall here for today as well as friday. and then by the weekend, the weekend is going to feel a lot like mid summer around the area. but just perfect weather, upper 60s to around 70 degrees. you're going to need your sunglasses once again today. here is a look at your good night wake-up forecast. we'll drop to the mid 50s under a clear sky. by 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. by tomorrow morning, 50 to 49 degrees, that will feel cool once again. four-day forecast, 73 for a high temperature tomorrow. that will be just about a degree above average. and for the weekend, nice, dry and sunny, almost wall to wall sunshine still this upcoming weekend. it's a good weekend to get out and enjoy yourself. 78 degrees, we're at 81 on
6:53 am
columbus day. next chance of rain looks like wednesday of next week as another big low comes right up the coast. we'll keep at least the warm temperatures around or the high temperatures at 80 for wednesday. danella. >> good morning. traveling in northeast washington, d.c., we have a water main break that's slowing down this morning. south dakota avenue is blocked both directions and in between 18th street to 20th street. and a lot of congestion in our area, especially on the outer loop on the beltway. this is at new hampshire avenue. i have a report of a disabled vehicle outer loop at university farther up. delays are from new hampshire avenue as you make your way towards the more ma'am temple. on 325, busy, as well. it is a slow commute as you cross over. president obama will hit the road later this month to push his jobs plan. the bus tour will be similar to the three-day jobs trip. there is no word on exactly
6:54 am
where the president will stop, though. and your children can help break a world record this week. >> first lady obama is trying to set the record for the most people doing jumping jacks in a 24 hour period. more than 20,000 people around the world will have to participate to make it into the guinness book of world records. >> if you do enough of those jumping jacks, you can burn enough calories to eat flap jacks. today's nbc 4 pandaemonium prize is a polaroid printer and
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a printer. log on and sign up every day to win prizes. we pick winners at 6/o'clock and announce those winners during the 11:00 news cast. 6:54. this morning, the world is mourning the death of steve jobs. apple co-founder and former ceo steve jobs died at the age of 56 yesterday, surrounded by his family after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. jobs is survived by his wife and four children. the case of carmella delarosa is now in the hands of a jury. she's accused of throwing her 2-year-old granddaughter over a skylight. prosecutors say she made an evil choice. sarah palin is not running for ptd. she says she is still committed, though, to defeating president obama next november. she also says she will not run as a third party candidate. what kind of day is this going to be?
6:56 am
we'll find out in a minute. >> we will. first of all, we have breaking news. south carolina avenue is closed between 18th and 20th street because of a water main break. megan mcgrath joins us from the scene. >> they have been able to shut off the water here at the water main break. you can see all the gravel that was brought up when this was gushing. now, what we have is a situation with south dakota closed in both directioner here. the break is actually at perry street, but the detours are between 18th and 20th street. south dakota, a big cut through for a lot of folks. this is going to cause tie-ups here this morning. we don't have any word on how long it's going to take them to repair this pooim pipe. don't know the size of the pipe. at least they've been able to make progress. they're going to have to get in there, see what kind of a break it is and go ahead and repair that pipe. be aware of this big detour here. >> megan, thanks very much. >> and veronica, lat word on the
6:57 am
weather? >> another sunny day. this will be the first time we've had back to back days with sunshine since late july. 70 degrees today, close to 80 this weekend. >> sounds good. thanks, veronica. >> that's wonderful. that's news 4 today. >> the "today" show is up next with weather, traffic and breaking news.
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