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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  October 6, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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he changed the way we communicate on a daily basis. this afternoon, people around the world are using the technology steve jobs invented to pay their respects. good afternoon, i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm jim handly. breaking news, a few moments ago, a fairfax county jury reached a verdict in the murder trial of a 2-year-old girl. carmella dela rosa was found guilty of killing her 2-year-old granddaughter. >> she tossed the girl off a walking bridge in tyson's corner. the jury found her guilty of first degree murder. now the sentencing phase has begun. more live, coming up at 5:00. steve jobs saw the digital future and took us there. the apple co-founder is
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remembered today as one of the world's greatest innovators whose technology changed our lives. >> after a 7 year battle with cancer, he was 56 years old. jay gray joins us where flags are flying at half staff. jay? >> reporter: you don't go through a single day without seeing his things at work. perhaps that's the most enduring part of his amazing legacy. steve jobs captured the imagination of so many living out his dream which was the epitome of the american dream. >> he started in his garage with a friend and built this thing into a multibillion dollar business. >> reporter: a college drop out, he started apple computers in 1976. >> today, apple is going to
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reinvent the phone. >> reporter: a visionary who altered the way the world communicates, gathers and uses data. >> he was a genius. he was a great mind. he saw what wasn't there. >> reporter: worked to change and improve what was. jobs was a perfectionist guarding his ideas and technology until he was certain they were the best they could be. >> we heard stories of him pulling products back last minute because he wasn't satisfied. he looked at it as a consumer, did it have the right technology and as thetic appeal. >> reporter: more often than not, it did. millions are pausing to remember and say thanks. >> if anything, it's a true gift to our world. i'm glad he was a dreamer that brought us along. >> reporter: a dream he worked to share with graduates during this commencement address in
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2005. >> your time is limited. don't waste it living someone else's life. >> reporter: it's a message that like his voice will continue to resinate and influence the future, a future steve jobs did so much to shape. it now continues without it. a future that will no doubt include the marks of his fingerprints for generations to come. live in cupertino, california. >> jay, we have all known for quite awhile that steve jobs has been ill with pancreatic cancer. what is the mood today? >> reporter: very come ber. we have seen a lot of people mourning the passing of steve jobs as a bit of a questioning attitude. wherever we go from here, what comes next. steve jobs set this place up to continue innovating and creating for decades to come. >> a quick question, this
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forecast that came out days ago, no connection there, right? this is the rumor running around there today. it was named after him? >> reporter: no. no connection at all that we have been able to establish. nothing official from apple. indeed, little other than to say they are mourning his loss. >> jay gray, thanks so much. steve jobs impact is being felt and remembers here in our area. >> we continue with melissa who got reaction from people outside the apple store in bethesda. >> reporter: lots of folks have been putting things down. you can read notes. there was a candle burning overnight and an apple that reads thank you, steve. it wauz similar scene outside the georgetown store. this one reads thank you for making my life better. passing by the store, texting on
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his iphone, henry says he credits jobs with getting his mother excited about technology. >> she's 86. she had a phone, couldn't handle it. i said get an iphone. now she texts and everything. it really changed her life. >> reporter: some are stopping to take photos. others putting down flowers on their way to work. >> i think steve jobs was an inspiration. he's the greatest inventor in our modern day. he changed the way we think about technology and design. i think he made an incredible impact. it's so sad cancer took him so early. >> apple has so many fans. i think people, you know, look up to him. you know, when they think of apple, i'm sure they think of their products and think of him as well. >> from a business perspective, i'm curious how the company continues to innovate without
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such a visionary leader guiding the way. >> tributes are popping up outside stores and online. this is the apple website now. you have been keeping an eye on facebook as well as twitter. one of the comments on facebook, without you, apple is just a fruit. if you check out twitter, lots of comments. steve jobs was born out of wedlock, put up for adoption, dropped out of college, what is your excuse. if you can imagine facebook and twitter are abuzz. the most t word was i sadness. >> which product do you think had the biggest impact on the way we pod changed the way we listen to music. >> the original mac. without it, the idea steve jobs
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stole from xerox would have never been. no mac osx or anything for that matter including the web as we know it. >> sue loved the way the iphone changed cellar technology to try to catch up causing a growth spirit in the industry. thanks to everyone who posted on our facebook page today. president obama said the economy is weaker now than it was at the beginning of the year. he urged congress to pass his jobs plan and he referred now to the big antibank protest that began on wall street to help make his point. steve handelsman has the latest. >> reporter: president obama says he saw the wall street protests. >> i think it expresses the frustrations the american people feel. >> reporter: today, the demonstrations spread. this was houston and washington. >> occupy! >> reporter: to protest the roll
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of big bank. at the white house, there was sympathy and support for the demonstrators. >> giving voice to a broad based and how our financial system works. >> reporter: he focused that frustration on republicans. they are the ones who let wall street run amok and opposed the bill he passed to regulate the banks. he says it's the same republicans blocking the jobs proposal. >> do they have a plan that would have a similar impact? >> reporter: the president wants to impact the 2012 elections said house speaker boehner. >> the president of the united states give up on governing, give up on leading and spend full time campaigning. >> reporter: senate gop leader mcconnell charged obama planned to pay for the jobs bill with a tax increase. >> pull it.
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proposing a partisan tax hike 13 months before an election won't create one single job. >> reporter: it's game on. the president demanding a jobs bill paid for by the wealthy, trying to tap into the antiestablishment anger. this week's protests and the fight against republicans. the latest tweet to the obama jobs plan fits the theme, a tax hike only on americans making more than $1 million a year. i'm steve handelsman, news 4 at the white house. the wall street protests in washington marched from freedom plaza to the white house this afternoon. like in new york city, the group began protesting over the weekend has grown. corporate bail outs an greed for the wealthiest 1% of the population leaving the other 99% to suffer in a bad economy. they plan to keep rallying downtown throughout weekend. mortgage rates fell to a historic low making it a great
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time to buy or refinance. freddie mac says a 30-year fixed mortgage dipped to 3.94. that's the lowest every. a 15-year fell to 3.26%. the low rates are not boosting home sales or refinancing. most people don't have the cash to get a loan or willing to take a risk in this market. boy, what a gorgeous day we have had today. >> we are getting used to it. doug kammerer has the first forecast now. doug, how about it? >> how much more do you want? >> through sunday, at least. >> okay. i can do that. i can do through sunday. i can probably do through monday and then you'll have the pay me extra. 68 degrees with plenty of sunshine. it's a beautiful, beautiful day out there now. really, just gorgeous for this time of year. the average high temperature, 72
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degrees. yes, we are below average but not bad. 68 in gaithersburg, 70 in leesburg, 70 in culpeper. satellite radar showing clear skies, not just clear, but there are no clouds from new york back toward columbus, ohio to roanoke and richland. it is gorgeous out there. temperatures to the northeast, cooler. 64 degrees toward is state college. charleston and west virginia at 77. we are going to stay in the cooler temperatures one more day. then the warmer air settles in here. we are looking at a fantastic weekend. this evening, nice and cool. 67 degrees around 5:00. going down fairly quickly. you will probably need the jacket. my complete forecast coming up in a few minutes. news 4 at 4:00 is just getting started. are you ready for football?
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espn decides the fate of hank williams jr. after his controversial comments about the president. >> on star can get you where you want. it did more than that for a family in need. ♪ >> plus is eddie myrrh fi's feud with "saturday night live" over?
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are you ready for some football? monday night. >> don't look for hank williams jr. and his monday night football song to return to espn. me, my song and all my rowdy friends are out of here. he came under fire where he compared speaker john boehner golfing with president obama to hitler and benjamin netanyahu. both sides have agreed to part ways for good. williams earlier issued a statement saying his remarks were misunderstood. an oklahoma couple could not
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be happier their new pick-up truck came with on-star service. >> their baby decided to come three weeks early. they were racing to the hospital on the interstate. they were talking to on star, the dispatcher, hoping to get a police escort to the hospital when they ran out of time. brad pulled over and the dispatcher became a coach. >> she was breathing with me. we were doing the breathing thing. >> calming me down. >> it happened quick. >> parra medics arrived on the scene after baby lily was born. they are doing great. baby on-star would not work for a name. >> it may be a nickname. >> yeah. >> rapper snoop dogg has a tv deal.
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could eddie murphy's feud with "saturday night live" be over? >> we are joined by georgia, co-host of the moing show heard weekdays on 93.9. let's start off with this whole deal that has been inked between snoop dogg and nbc. it's a sitcom, right? >> who would figure. he's from "two and a half men." they pitched it and snoop is going to star in it. it should be interesting to see if he can pull this off. when he's in shows and movies, he plays like snoop. this should be interesting. is he going to be snoop or a character? it should be funny. >> we have only seen him like that. >> yeah, exactly. a long running dispute between eddie murphy and "saturday night live" may be
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coming to an end. >> david spade, back in 1989, he was doing the news entertainment thing that "snl" is popular for. put images up of eddie murphy. he said quick, make a wish. he said look how much he's done. he's so upset he called "saturday night live" but ben stiller is hosting this weekend, a movie called "the tower heist" plus, hosting the oscars. maybe he wants to get back out there. i would love to see him on "saturday night live." 25 years. >> he looks just the same. >> he does. he does. >> i'm looking forward to ben stiller coming up. >> she said what? kristen stewart spilled some beans. >> like we don't know she and
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robert pattinson are dating? she was doing a photo shoot and she was saying i would really like to explore the uk because my boyfriend is from new england. >> if i had known it was an interview i would have never said that. she said we know we are not fooling anybody. my life can be googled. we are not crazy. we see them together all the time. >> we seem to always be reading about how much money celebrities are making. >> why aren't we on the list? >> especially this list. how much money women are make ing nobody had to tell us oprah made a lot. lady ga ta, $90 million. one of the housewives, bethenny frankel, $55 million. skinny girl margarita. it's where she made all the
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money. number four is a three way tie. giselle, ellen and judge judy. taylor swift, also. katy perry made $44 million. hard to believe bethenny frankel made more than beyonce. are you kidding me, she's a housewife. >> what do you have coming up tomorrow? >> diggy simmons. we are giving listeners tickets to see him. he's rap royalty. he's going to knock on a lucky winners door with the tickets. it's exciting. go to it's run dmc, come on. >> tag along. >> wow. great to see you. >> good to see y'all. >> coming up next, investigator
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says she found a farm si in michael jackson's bedroom. the latest on the big developments at 4:30. a teenage boys
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a lot of folks turn to youtube for the hottest videos. it can be a source of entertainment ott home or when taking a break at work. >> it can pay enough for some people to quit their day jobs. how videos are making people a lot of money. from hundreds of views to millions of views a month. what you can do to cash in tonight at 11:00 after "prime suspect." >> tries to get this doug dance to go viral he did on tuesday. >> the dance was great. it's like you have to continue to do it. it's just so nice out there. the weather is fantastic. >> you are responsible for that with your doug dance? >> no. no.
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it has nothing to do with it. ♪ >> don't encourage it. >> you know you want to do it. here it comes. >> it's the dougy. >> i was told yesterday no more dancing on the set. let's see what is going on as far as the weather is concerned. we have plenty of sunshine. this is what is great about the weather. you can have fun. you can go outdoors and eat outside. do whatever you want outside. that's how nice it is. 68 degrees with the sunshine. wind is at 6 miles per hour. temperatures around the rest of the region looking very, very nice. 68 in martinsburg. 70 down toward fredericksburg. nothing on the radar. no rain for the next couple of days. maybe not for almost a week. so, we are in quite a drying trend after being so wet for the last month, month and a half or so. satellite and radar show no clouds around the area from pittsburgh and richmond. a little bit of fog earlier. you can see it pick up in the
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first frame right there in portions of new jersey. we could see fog in our area tonight. i'm not expecting much. high pressure is dominating the mild air today. we have a northeasterly flow. that cools temperatures down from where they were yesterday by five or six degrees. tomorrow, we warm up a little bit as the high slides to the east. still on the mild side with an average high around 72. i think we'll be around 72 degrees. abundant sunshine. a fantastic afternoon. a fantastic friday. saturday and sunday, this area of high pressure settling over the area. that eegs going to allow the temperatures to warm up even more. i think we'll be near 80 degrees by sunday. this weekend is really, really looking nice. if you have plans this coming weekend it is really looking good. clear skies, a perfect fall evening. tomorrow morning, you are going to start off cool again. you most likely need the jacket again. 51 in the city. once that sun comes up, we are
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going to warm up very, very quickly. temperatures 71 to 75 degrees. some areas to the south warmer down around fredericksburg and charlottesville, 76 to 77 degrees. then everybody warms up. 80 on sunday. 81 on monday. i would love to tell you it gets better from there, but that's as good as it gets. >> four straight days. >> four straight days of great weather. then i'll show you the extended look. you may need to bring something out of the closet. >> does it rhyme with rum umbrella la? >> yes, it does. much more ahead in the news. jurors could hear from dr. conrad murray. we go to california with the developments. deveit's about building cars in america.
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welcome back at 4:30. i'm jim handly. >> i'm barbara harrison in for pat lawson muse. less than an hour ago, a jury came back with a guilty
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verdict or carmelo dela rosa. she tossed the toddler off an elevated bridge at tyson's corner. julie carey will have more in a live report coming up at 5:00. makeshift memorials are growing outside apple stores here in our area and around the world in memory of steve jobs. he died yesterday after a long battle with cancer. he created innovative products such as the iphone and ipad. we'll have more on the local reaction here at 5:00. today, president obama called out republicans and urged them to pass his jobs plan or come up with something better. the team is calling for a tax hike for americans who make $1 million a year or more. republicans accuse him of playing campaign politics. retail sales from last month and the debt crisis in europe help stocks make their third
4:32 pm
gain in a row. they closed at 11,023. the nasdaq shot up 46 points and the s&p was up 20 points. both gains of more than 1.8%. the worker in the coroner's office who looked at michael jackson was grilled on the stand today. >> she questioned her notes and said she made mistakes in the case. we have more on the dramatic day in court. >> you took a lot of photos. >> reporter: dr. conrad's murray pointing out mistakes an l.a. county investigator made. >> would you agree with me that you made a substantial number of mistakes in your investigation of this case? >> no. >> reporter: prosecutors went into damage control.
4:33 pm
>> did you conduct a perfect investigation in this case? >> no. >> have you ever conducted a perfect crime scene investigation? >> no. >> the question is, did any mistakes or a combination of mistakes rise to a significant level. that remains to be seen. >> may that be marked people's 96 for identification. >> jurors heard a troubling recording of michael jackson. i had no childhood. i feel their pain. i feel their hurt. i can deal with it. >> reporter: a recording legal experts say raises serious questions about dr. murray. >> why would the doctor tape record the patient under and an sthetic? it's highly shocking to me. >> reporter: evidence
4:34 pm
prosecutors hope prove dr. murray played a role in michael jackson's death. the king of pop has become the king of smartphone applications. the number one news app on itunes is the michael jackson doctor trial. live coverage is given by a local news station. it was introduced last week. it's 29th in overall smartphone apps down loaded more than a million times by people all over the world. a 6.01 karat blue diamond ring sold for $10 million yesterday in hong kong. >> a mandarin orange nearly 4.2 karat sold for $2.9 million. that set a record per karat for an orange diamond. a rare 9.2 pink diamond sold. it was well below the estimate
4:35 pm
of $19 million. an early main cobalt vase fetched $21.6 million. what kind of flowers do you put in that? incredible. a retired sheriff deputy who lost his sight in an accident. >> yestery, he got behind the wheel of a restored chevy camaro and took it for a spin. the former deputy is an avid racing fan who used to race on dirt tracks before the accident. they weren't shy about flooring it. >> he wanted to do a burn out really bad. he lit her up. he put her in first gear and we did two burn outs. was that exhilarating? it was for me? >> well i had never done it before in this car. i just wanted to do it one time.
4:36 pm
>> the deputy took up restoring old chevys to keep busy. that sweet '68 camaro he was driving he restored himself. >> it's starsky and hutchish. much more ahead. day three in the desperate search for a missing 10-month-old taken from her crib. bull sharks are ♪
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today we are giving away
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you can get one appetizer. it's not coming up, but you can get one appetizer and save 50%. it's located on beverly road in mcclain. there are the two deals. >> it's good. when we return, texting while driving is now banned in most places. now, it's extending to other forms of transportation. tune into nbc washington nonstop. at 9:00, nonstop foodies, d.c. it's bringing something new to anacostia. later, inside prince george's county center. how a car showroom was transformed into an
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so, you got a string of fwreat days on the way? >> a string of great days, yeah. >> what else can you say? >> it's not like -- what are you here for? what are you here for? how is the forecasting going? i love forecasting nasty weather. that's when my job is at its best. obviously, a day like today, my forecast, fairly easy when you look at nothing but sunshine and
4:44 pm
high pressure sitting over the area. it's what we have there now. 68 degrees. today is one of the days everybody makes fun of me. look outside the window. well, today is a day you can do that and get the weather perfectly right. 68 here. 68 in leesburg. 72 in culpeper. current temperatures, this is the metro region. 69. manassas has not been reporting the last couple days. there's no number there. warrenton, 72 degrees. camp springs 68. college park coming in at 70 degrees. doppler radar, no rain to talk about. once again, we are not going to see chances for rain over the next couple of days. high pressure dominating the region bringing the mild weather today. cooler than yesterday. tomorrow will be slightly warmer than today but then it gets warmer. coming up saturday and sunday, watch the area of high pressure sit over us. it allows the sun to heat up nicely. saturday and sunday is near 80
4:45 pm
degrees across much of the area. it's looking fantastic. this is the weekend we are thinking of getting out doors, it's a good week to do it. a good weekend. clear skies this evening. a perfect fall evening. 61 to 64 degrees. tomorrow morning, it is going to be on the cool side. you'll need the jacket tomorrow. 40 degrees to 51 in the city. as you send the kids off to school, make sure they have their coats on for the next couple days. mostly sunny warming up quickly. fantastic weather for friday. 71 to 75 degrees. i told you i would show you the extended forecast. there's the first four days. that is all good. 80 on sunday. 81 on monday. then we are going to watch a system come up the coast, a tropical system making its way upbringing tropical rains once again. it's a long way off. enjoy the nice weather while you can. a great night to get out and check out dinner outside. >> sounds good.
4:46 pm
thank you, doug. >> are you paying? >> let me check my wallet. >> all the weather bribes you have been getting, you can afford it. >> i don't have anything left. >> thank you, doug. detectives are looking for any kind of leads after a 10-month-old disappeared from her crib in missouri. >> the girls participaents are an emotional plea for her return. >> reporter: as investigates re-examined the home, a plea for baby lisa. >> no questions asked. we just want to have her back. >> we just want our baby back. please. bring her home. >> reporter: mom holding on to her daughter's favorite stuffed animal begged them to return her safely. >> drop her off anywhere, we don't care. >> reporter: they shared these photos of lisa taken within the
4:47 pm
last few weeks. she was last seen sleeping in her crib late monday. when her dad got home, lisa was gone. >> the only thing we know absolutely is there should have been a 10-month-old in the house and there isn't. >> reporter: with their consent, investigators in sterile suits again searched the home. one focal point, this window without a screen. law enforcement officials appear baffled at who could have climbed in the home, walk down the hall, snatch the baby and slip out. late wednesday, i spoke to jeremy irwin's parents. >> she's a beautiful baby. she's full of life and laughter and love. >> reporter: then i asked a difficult question that haunts every missing child case. is there any way in the world your son or daughter-in-law could have had anything to do with this? >> absolutely not.
4:48 pm
they are kind, loving, wonderful parents. that baby is everything to them. >> reporter: at times wednesday, investigators were seen carrying away bags of evidence. >> the longer the time goes without a conclusion, the more difficult it becomes. it doesn't mean we are letting up. >> reporter: every minute without their baby daughter brings more anguish. >> just ask you to keep her in your thoughts and prayers and bring her home. >> reporter: i'm peter alexander for nbc news. >> that was peter alexander reporting. texting or doing anything else is distracting. a large city is cracking down. a teenager gets up close and personal with a bull shark at a place he wasn't expecting. coming up tonight on news 4 at 5:00, we are staying on top of breaking news.
4:49 pm
a jury convicts a virginia woman of murdering her 2-year-old granddaughter. we are live with the latest outside the courthouse and reaction to the verdict. a sigh of relief to homeowners in jeopardy of losing their homes. >> medical marijuana could be coming to maryland. at least more than a few people hope the movement makes it to the free state. those stories and mor
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
about 45 baby logger head sea turtles have taken over a beach in spain. this video shows the little guys and girls crawling on the sand. they spotted the turtles saturday. an environmental group makes sure they come safely. females come ashore to lay their eggs. the marine reptile is considered an endangered species. a ban on texting and talking while biking was passed in chicago. starting next month, bikers will be fine texting and talking on cell phones without using a hands free device. they passed the ordinance yet. fines range from $20 to $50. fines could go up to $500. the city official who pro posed the ban has seen people riding
4:53 pm
and texting with both hands while texting. >> wow. hold on to those handlebars. that's scary. a 16-year-old explains his shark attack [ speaking french ] [ speaking french ]
4:54 pm
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a 16-year-old boy is lucky to be alive after coming
4:56 pm
face-to-face with a bull shark. the showdown turned into a fight for his life. nbcs tom has more on the story. >> reporter: in the movie "jaws," the hunt for a killer shark took place in the open ocean. for knoll todd, his shark showdown was in his backyard. >> it was the fight of a life. >> reporter: just a few weeks ago, the 16-year-old was hanging out at this fishing dock in georgia. >> i'm always coming down to socialize every day. >> reporter: he's no stranger to this. noel says it's rare to see them spotted near land. >> you shouldn't see them this
4:57 pm
close to the dock. fast, aggressive and they can swim in fresh water. he quickly fetched the shark hook, the bait and threw it in. >> it basically came up, hit it and started carrying it up the river. when he slowed down, we started snatching. >> reporter: with help from another man, they pulled the ropes with their bare hands, dragging the bull sharks to the dock. >> a 100 pound shark. when it came to 300 pound shark, it was a doozy, that's all i can say. >> reporter: it wayed 368 pounds. >> it was 8'5". imagine eight foot in that water there. >> reporter: it's about four feet of water? >> yeah. >> reporter: they follow shrimp
4:58 pm
boats throwing unwanted fish out of the boat. no attacks on humans have been reported, so far. >> they are an aggressive feeder. if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, a tragedy like that could happen. >> reporter: they have seen them in the potomac in maryland. >> there's little kids that learn how to swim with a life jacket right in here. >> reporter: right where you caught the shark? >> right where i caught it. >> reporter: for this high school junior and his mom -- >> that's my boy. >> reporter: it was the catch of a lifetime. >> that was a doozy, all right. that's going to do it for news 4 at 4:00. news 4 at 5:00 starts now. the verdict is in. tonight, a jury convicted the
4:59 pm
virginia woman for throwing her 2-year-old granddaughter from a parking overpass. good evening, i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm doreen gentzler. it took the jury six hours to find carmella dela rosa for throwing her granddaughter of a bridge. julie carey has more. >> reporter: it was an emotional moment for the young parents who lost their 2-year-old granddaughter. the grandmother dropped the toddler off the sky bridge. the prosecutor is seeking the maximum term, life in prison. carmella sat stone faced as she has throughout the trial as the jury delivered the murder convict. the young victim's parents broke down in tears along with other family members. they rejected the contentio


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