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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight, a man saved his
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daughter when their car exploded in flames, we'll hear from him. >> a new warning for women heading to a local metro station and the man who may be waiting. >> and as protests explode all over the country, we'll tell you what organizers of occupied dc say about the days ahead. good evening. >> we begin with a guilty verdict for a local grandmother facing 35 years in prip for throwing her grand daughter off of a sky walk in tyson's corner. the deliberations took just five hours. prosecutors say her actions were deliberate and spiteful and the motive was revenge for her daughter getting pregnant before marriage. shamari joins us live from tyson's tonight. >> that was devastating for all of them. prosecutors were surprised that the jury came back to the
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courtroom and recommended that the judge sentence her to 35 years behind bars. carmelo de la rosa showed no emotion when they announced her guilty for killing her 2-year-old grand daughter. family members were distraught outside of the courthouse. >> what effect does this have on your family? >> it's sad for everything. >> she threw her off of the six-level tyson corner mall walkway last november, the toddler died hours later. the defense was surprised. >> disappointed. >> they tried to prove chef mentally ill, depressed, didn't know right from wrong. >> you tried to say she was insame. do you think she is? >> absolutely? >> why did the jury reach that decision? >> you'll have to ask them. >> they said she coldly planned to kill the girl because she hated her son-in-law for getting her daughter pregnant before
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marriage and taking her away from the family. some of you might say 35 years is a relatively light sentence for first degree murder. >> she'll be alive for 35 years but a young child is gone. >> sure, i did ask the jury to impose the maximum sentence of life given the heinousness of this crime and the effects of not only on the child but on her parents. >> but i learned you have to respect the jury. >> we asked the family members. they didn't have much to say. >> 35 years, do you feel that's a just punishment? as you can see, they were pretty quiet. a live picture of nbc washington. if i scroll down, there are a lot of mixed messages on here. one person says justice has been served. another one says 35 years isn't enough. the judge will make the ultimate decision on january 6. he can reduce the 35-year sentence if he wants to, but he
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cannot add more time to it. we'll stay on top of the story. we'd love to hear from you here on nbc live in tyson's corner, shamar ri stone. back to you, jim, dorene. >> police are looking for an suv that hit and killed a man this afternoon in the petworth area of the city. two groups of men were fighting when one sent a pitbull to the attack. a man ran into the street to get away from a dog. that's when he was hit by the suv. a late model maroon jeep liberty with significant damage to the front end. a father sprang quickly into action after the car burst into flames in fairfax. he started his car and seconds later the engyp caught fire. he got out quickly and rushed to get his daughter out. we talked to him through his niece who translated. >> he's okay because he saved his daughter, but he's okay.
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>> father and daughter are both expected to be just fine. last night we reported about a man who had attacked two women on the way to a metro station. tonight, police believe they found a third case involving the same guy. now, women who live near or commute to the suitland metro station are told to be really on guard. jackie ben sop has more on the story. jack jackie? oh. >> this is all anybody is talking about around here. >> fear is growing as word spreads that a man with a gun is preying on women in the suitland metro station in the early morning hours. two women were attacked on silver hill road in one week's time, detectives started looking at the crimes. a robbery at the 7-eleven in the 5400 block of silver hill road, a crime that now appears to have more sinister overtones.
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>> a man comes to her on the street, comes up behind her. he goes through her pockets, through her bag, realizes he has an atm card. he tells her go inside the 7-eleven, take out money, come back to me. >> at that point, the victim did something that may have saved her from harm. >> the woman, wisely goes to the 7-e lech, doesn't come back out, calls police. >> it's unnerved the women who use the busy street to go to and from the metro station. >> i stay with my fiance at all times. >> i belong to the suitland civic association. and nothing has gone out on our telephone tree. >> victims tell police the suspect is a dark complected man, 5'6", 25 to 30 years old with close cropped hair and thin facial hair. make no mistake about it, this is a brazen suspect. in one case, he forced a woman
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at gun point across six lanes of the road and behind the building where he raped her. jim, dorene, back to you. >> jackie benson reporting from suitland. thank you, jackie. protesters packed freedom plaza as part of the occupy wall street movement that is growing nationwide. today's group called for the end to the wars and to corporate influence on our government. streets were shut down for part of the afternoon as demonstrators marched down k street and held a sit-in at the commerce department. more acts of civil disobedience are planned. >> sit-ins in front of their doors, takeovers of their lobbies, crime tape on their doors, various tactics. >> i'm out here standing up for people who are like us. we've been through three layoffs in our lifetime. >> protesters have a permit to stay at freedom plaza until sunday. protests continue to grow in size in other big cities today. the police in riot gear were called to the streets of los
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angeles. they arrested nearly a dozen people there. in new york, meantime, where it all started, 23 people were arrested last night. otherwise, the protests have remained largely peaceful. >> coming up tonight, video released of an autistic child being beaten by adults on a school bus. the family is suing a school district for $20 million. the memorial for steve jobs continue to grow as people from all walks of life talk about the way he changed his life. >> the bizarre accident, a fire engine knocked a man to the ground. another cool night and a cool start to your day tomorrow. then, nice weather. but will it hold out for the
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the memorial service tonight at george washington university for a graduate student and army veteran. patrick casey was killed last month after a late-night altercation at an mcdonald's restaurant on m street northwest. the police believe casey may have starred the fight. he had just begun work on his master's degree at international affairs on gw. he serve in the army in afghanistan. one family sued a school district for $20 million. the suit claims two former employees at bedford county virginia attacked a 12-year-old
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autistic school boy on a school bus in 2009. surveillance video shows the alleged attack in the video. you can see a woman strapping a boy in the seat before hitting him in the head. the former bus driver said the child was consistently disruptive. a freak accident sent a 7-year-old man in massachusetts to the hospital. he was knocked to the ground by a hose that was dragging behind a fire truck. this all happened last week north of boston. the video was released. the fire truck hit a pothole that caused the hose to unravel. the fire crew had no idea what was going on. bystanders finally flagged him down. the man who was hit is still in the hospital but is expected to be okay. visitors to capitol hill can now see the faces of the heroes who lost their lives in the september 11 attacks. individual oil portraits of 343 first responders from new york wept on display at the ray burne
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house building. the angels of fire fighters of 9/11. it marks national fire prevention week. >> coming up, a moment of warmth between gabrielle giffords and her husband. how homemade videos are allowing people to quit their jobs. jobs. >> we'll show you an ture, you're always looking ahead... to what's next... to what's possible confident... that taking action now, is the way to create... a better tomorrow. that's why we're announcing, that with the planned merger with t-mobile, at&t will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas.
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across the world and here in washington, people are honoring steve jobs for his brilliance and his vision. outside apple stores in georgetown and bethesda, people are leaving everything from candy to apples to flowers. some left notes thanking jobs for, in their view, changing the modern world. among the things for which jobs will be remembered is the way he revolutionized communication and the flow of information. jay gray has more on the apple co-founder's worldwide impact.
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>> in a lifetime of innovation that included the mcintosh computer in 2004. the ipod in 2001, the iphone in 2007 and the irk pad in 2010, steve jobs also created a culture. >> a lifestyle of hough apple represents the people, theirologytheir ideologies and the creative of a person. >> none more creative than jobs, and today those who work with him. a growing respect in a memorial here outside of apple headquarters. >> and if anything, a gift to our world and i'm glad he was a dreamer. >> the brilliant genius visionary side of him that burned very, very bright. and there was a terrible dark side to him too. >> darkest in 1985 when after losing out in a corporate power play, jobs left apple for 11
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years, turning his attention instead -- >> to infinity and beyond. >> jobs acquired pixar studios and became the force behind a string of hit movies bringing some of that flare back with him when he returned to apple in 1996up dating the mac with color and cool. >> they were beautiful, sleek, touchable. >> millions did become part of the apple nation, waiting anxiously for his next big idea. he rarely disappointed. >> all of these things one after another after another, home run, home run, home run. only one babe. >> who sadly now has taken his final swing. jay gray, nbc news, cupertino, california. the popularity of youtube has soared and so has the opportunity for entrepreneurs to make money off of that website. a lot of them have started to put homemade videos.
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one guy does sports talk, another woman does a cooking show in her kitchen. the key is to attract a new following off of the video. >> i'm making enough money off of youtube to support myself and build the brand out. >> hello. >> my money is more than my old job. isn't it fantastic! >> the way it works is once you get a following, you apply to a program called youtube partners, youtube starts running ads on your videos and you get the majority share of the revenue. >> hmm. >> interesting. i don't think a cooking show is in my future, but who know what is the possibilities are. what spectacular weather out there today. continuing tonight. >> it's really just some of the best weather we've had in quite sometime. it's only going to continue. over the next couple of days, a lot of you said we like it a lit built warmer, those of you, i can help. those of you who said we'd like
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it a little cooler -- i can help you in a month. they are cool right now with temperatures falling down to the upper 40s already in some locations. but right now inside the district, 55, 56, and 57 degrees. that's the current temperature out there at the airport right now. the high today got up to 69 degrees, a little below average. a bit cooler than it was yesterday. but still, just a spectacular afternoon with plenty of sunshine. right now, we're on the cooler side of things. you walkout side. off know what i'm talking about. 57, not too bad this time of the year, the winds are calm. the temperatures will dip down more. 45 degrees up to frederick, 50 in culpepper, 49 in la plata. 56 in annapolis. could be areas of fog tonight. not a big problem. a bigger concern along the pennsylvania-maryland border, that's going to be a potential for frost. a frost advisory in effect over the mason dixon line. watch out in portions of
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washington. you could see temperatures dipping down to the upper 30s tonight. doppler radar, no rain to talk about. we're not going to talk about that rain really for the next few days, probably right on through the weekend all because of this guy right here, this area of high pressure going to sit over our region, it's going to move to the east tomorrow and settle over the region for the weekend and allow temperatures with plenty of sup shooip to warm up rapidly saturday and sunday. both days could be near 80 degrees across the area. we're looking at one of the best weekends in the last couple of months as far as the dry conditions go and the temperatures go, and the amount of sunshine we're going to see because we're not going to see much in the way of cloud cover. that's one thing for sure. tomorrow morning, clear skies, a cool start. jacket again. 40 to 51 degrees with the light winds. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures will climb quickly as we warm up from 71 to 75 degrees. we will call it a fantastic friday, because that's about as good as it gets on a friday here
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in october. four-day forecast, 78 on your saturday, 80 with abundant sunshine. tuesday -- tuesday we start to see the clouds move back in. and we have to watch the system making its way up from the tropics that could give us tropical moisture. you may have to pull out the umbrellas. but they've had a week to dry out at that point. we should be fine. >> what a weekend to look forward to. thanks, doug. sports up next, the
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[ female announcer ] at, you can choose your channel package. ♪ you can choose your own internet speeds. ♪ you can even choose to chat with a live person. ♪ and you're always guaranteed the lowest prices online. so don't wait... try, compare and buy at today. because there's never been a better time to build the perfect fios bundle. . >> you know, doug is a baseball fan. he's coming around here with the
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fact that bases loaded twice or something like that. >> can't do it in baseball, you know it. you can't do it in major league baseball. you can't do it in little league. it will come back to haunt you, you know what i'm saying? throwdown thursday, the bronx started like this, knockout yankee starter after two innings. yvonne nova making the first postseason start for the new york yankees. the top of the first facing don kelly. klly takes it off-speed pitch to right, short in right. and that's what happens when you get a short porch. tigers up 1-0. yvonne nova's troubles not over. the next pitch. you so don't want to go there. up in the zone. tiger is up 2-0 on back-to-back pitches. nova allowed one home run in the last 56 1/3 innings. joe girardi's team having trouble at the plate. bottom two, mark teixeira on second.
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jorge posada batting. not anymore. fister finished with four strikeouts and five innings. bottom four now. bases loaded. fister gets him to pop up to third for the final out of the inning. tonight, they left seven runners on base. ouch. you need to pray. benoit facing teixeira with the walk. benoit walks teixeira. jeter comes home. a one-run game. next batter, nick swisher, a chance to be a hero. tigers lead it 3-2. hometown hockey now. stanley cup or bust. you heard that before. it's arguably the case for the capitals. washington has been to the playoffs four straight seasons, and the new seasons on saturday, the expectations are great. that's not the novel idea, it's
11:25 pm
the only idea. in october, the playoffs start in april. >> if we start thinking playoffs right now, we're in trouble. you've got to take it one day at a time. it's an old cliche, people are dwelling a lot on playoff successes and failures. that's april. >> you're going to get knocked back and you don't want to be focused on first round playoffs, second round playoffs. we haven't made the playoffs. for us, me personally, just game one, game two, game three. >> got to go through thanksgiving, christmas, easter, valentine's day. so many events that will happen before april comes. so we can't even begin to think that right now. >> thanksgiving, easter valentine's day. tonight, nhl season opener. boston against philadelphia.
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boston, the play. sagan. on the back hand. see that again. marshawn scores it first goal in the season. final seconds of the first, fliers on the attack. watch in front. wheels around and scores. see that again. puts it past with a 2-1 victory. i'm happy hockey is here. >> seven months before you get to the playoff. >> expectations. >> okay.
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republican presidential candidate herman cain will be in northern virginia tomorrow.
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he'll appear at the cosco in pentagon city. he won his second straw poll over the weekend and he's surging in the polls. gabrielle giffords made a rare public appearance at the white house for her husband's retirement from the navy. it was the second trip back to dc since she was shot in the head last january. she's going through rehab. giffords pinned the distinguished flying cross award on her husband, mark kelly. he was awarded the legion of merit. the prayers of seven siblings were answered in a courtroom. a woman named rosie solomon adopted all seven brothers and sisters. they have been in foster care living with separate families since 2009. the judge said it's the largest single adoption he's ever performed. solomon is looking forward to having all of the kids i'm a curious seeker.
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i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions.
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an organization that helped transform the lives of thousands of young men in dc celebrated 15 years tonight. life pieces to masterpieces provided art programs for african-american young men living to the east of the accost yeah. at tonight's ceremony, jim was given the strong men stronger award. he was recognized for years of passionate commitment to making sure boys in that organization turned their challenges to successful futures. >> that's -- >> i didn't. >> you know what >> announcer: it's "the tonight show


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