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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  October 7, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday. it's friday october 7th 2011. occupy d.c. protesters are currently on the move and could be shutting down streets as they go. megan is right in the middle of it right now. what's out there in the middle? >> reporter: barbara we are seeing activity with protesters leaving freedom plaza including the white house and the world bank. it's not just one group.
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it's a coalition of groups. smaller action political action social action groups. a short time ago, a group trying to stop the wars, they left freedom plaza, walked up 15th street to the white house, and they chanted, stop the war now. police blocked traffic so that they could pass. they he looked on but did not intervene. no arrests were made. it was a very peaceful demonstration again with them stopping in front of the white house and chanted. this is day two of occupy b.d.c. they are talking about how to change your home from economy and foreclosure. those are big issues among those who are participating, many who come say that they are suffering yet corporate america keeps getting richer. >> every one i know has a personal story.
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i retired two years before the crash and my life savings was in real estate. >> people around the world deserve. >> reporter: and some of the demonstrators are literally sleeping in freedom plaza. a very chilly night and damp as well we're told by the folks who actually stayed overnight. the organizers have a right to be in freedom plaza before sunday but talking to organizers before sunday say they indeed will stay longer. in terms of the protesters causing street closures we never know exactly when they are going to happen or when the
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demonstrators are going to walk. they went up to 15th street and then over to the world bank. it's possible that we could see similar demonstrations later on in the afternoon. again, to stress here everything has been peaceful. police have are been facilitating things to the extent that they have blocked off traffic so that the demonstrators can walk safely in the streets and when they pass by they reopen to traffic. no arrests that we've heard of, as of yet. barbara, back to you. >> all right. thank you, megan. jobs are one concern of the protesters and the september jobs report is out. employers added 103,000 jobs last month. most of the gains in construction retail temporary health services and health care. it's still not enough though to boost unemployment numbers. the unemployment rate stayed at 9.1% for the third straight month. president obama is using the nationwide protest to reignite a bush for his jobs bill. the president told the press
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that the demonstrations give a voice to broader frustration over how the is run and the lack of jobs. his plan to tax the more wealthy americans can even the playing field. >> mr. president, why have you given up on the country and decided to campaign full time instead of doing what the american people sent us all here to do? >> proposing a partisan tax hike 13 months before an election won't create one single job. >> the senate plans to vote on a revised version of the plt's $450 billion plan next week which includes a surcharge on millionaires. and turning to our beautiful weather out there, the weekend forecast can make everyone happy, veronica. there's a little bit of fog out there, is that right? >> there is. particularly down to the south and west around culpepper.
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it burned off and now we've gotten more sunshine today. and we're right in the middle of this sunny and dry stretch. so three more days after today. we're at 62 degrees right now. we've got wall to wall sunshine. 56 is the temperature right now in rockville, maryland in montgomery county. now at 57, and it's 63 degrees currently around mcclaine and you have to pan all the way back and lean back to see the clouds. up in the midwest and to the west of the great lakes and clouds building down in florida. it's going to be key in the type of weather that we have coming up next week. high temperatures 74 to 75 degrees. a good looking day and a very
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nice evening, too. the temperature drops to 54 degrees tonight. all right. to a developing story in vienna a boy found unresponsive has died. he passed away at children's hospital last night. the boy's caregiver drove the boy to restin where his mother was, after the boy became unresponsive. he was then flown to the hospital. police searched the home but have not released any details. it's now being investigated as a suspicious death. three people were injured after a fight broke out at prince george's county in the 2300 block of dallas drive in marlow heights. it broke out inside of a family restaurant. one person was shot and two people cut. police arrested two people in
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connection with the fight. no word on why this fight broke out. police believe the man who attacked two women near the metro station has struck again. this makes three attacks in the past two weeks and all three women were attacked going to or from the metro station. on september 19th near a 7-eleven, a suspect grabbed a woman and forced her inside the store to withdraw cash for him. instead, she called police and he ran off. police are warning women to be very careful when traveling around the station and to call 911 if you see anything suspicious. well, he's linked to the disappearance of a maryland woman. now gary giordano is speaking out. cadaver dogs have been searching for any signs of robyn gardner. he claims she drowned while
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snorkeling. the elaborate reenactment proves that giordano is lying. but his attorney says he's standing by his statement. >> do all of his statements match up? >> absolutely. gary has been consistent and truthful from the very beginning and he's going to continue to be truthful. and he's doing his best to get through this. >> giordano's attorney says that he's paying for the mistakes made in the natalee holloway case. the teenager's body was never found in that case and police have not charged anyone in that case. today the d.c. council will examine the grass cutting rates. they appear to be pushing for a company that submitted a more expensive bid to mow grass. they say they are trying to promote local businesses. two companies are under contract, each working in
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different areas of the district. the hearing is intended to clarify how those contracts were actually awarded. drivers in virginia will not be able to get in or review their licenses this weekend. the state's dmv is going to be closed. they say they can't issue those licenses this weekend because the social security administration is planning annual maintenance of its computer system. cause of columbus day, dmv offices will not issue licenses again until tuesday. now, you're going to notice major changes on d.c.'s i-295 today, too. d-dot will carry a ramp from southbound traffic to a new interchange being built for the 11th street build project. southbound lanes will be switched over to the flyover ramp gradually between tonight and tomorrow afternoon. to do that, they will close
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pennsylvania avenue and the 11th street bridge to southbound 295 starting at 10:00 tonight. there will also be 20 minute stop pages between midnight tonight and tomorrow morning. coming up, his poll numbers are climbing. republican herman cain. the campaigning presidential candidate is due in our area today. plus, the football legends are making an appearance today at the white house. and we talked to reverend run's son.
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three women won the nobel peace prize the winners are tawakkul karman and ellen johnson sirleaf and leymah leymah gbowee. ten years ago today, american forces invaded afghanistan. about 98,000 u.s. troops remain there although they are handing over security duties to afghan forces now. the war's former top commander
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mcchrystal says that the war has gone on because of the slightly sim plastic understanding of afghanistan when we invaded it. decision 2012 coverage now. today, herman cain will spend time in northern virginia. he will appear at a book signing. he won his second straw poll over the weekend and is surging in the polls. house speaker john boehner will speak at the value voter summit here in the district. it's an annual event for conservative voters. others include mitt romney, rick perry, herman cain, michele bachmann and newt gingrich. prince hairy will arrive in the u.s. to begin a two-month training course. he will take a helicopter training course for combat. he will start at the naval air facility at el centro,
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california and the training ends in arizona where he will learn to fire choppers. he will be one of 20 students taking that course. the 16-month training british pilots undergo to prepare for deployment. legendary director woody allen has worked with some of the greatest actors ever but he's shooting for an even bigger name now. allen admitted to a british tv show that he's working on casting first lady michelle obama and working on writing the perfect role for her and would not hesitate asking the first lady. this isn't the first time he's counted on the wife of a president to be in one of his movies. his last film, "midnight in paris" featured the french first lady. today the 1985 chicago bears
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will finally get their white house visit. bears' fan president obama, will welcome the '85 super bowl champs who never got to visit the president. two days after their win at super bowl xx, the and the team will be present at the ceremony and they should have it in the rose garden because it's so fabulous. >> and dance like that. >> they have something to dance here in washington for. >> by the way, i love that team. i don't think there's been a team that crazy or showmanship to do a video like that. >> now, speaking of dancing -- >> oh, i know. >> maybe he takes responsibility for this weather. >> now, i've seen you dance, and i think you might have had something to do with it. >> with showing him those moves? no i didn't have anything to do with that.
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>> you'll have to show us some of your moves. >> maybe folks will be doing the itching kind of dance. because it's another pristine day under way. we're going to be warming up very nicely. as a matter of fact, when you look at the weekend, you know it's been a long time and we'll see if it does catch up -- now, those were just high clouds off to the west that are drifting on through. but we are going to have lots of sunshine around this area today. and we have sunshine with both saturday and sunday but we will have that this weekend. the last time that we had something like that was back at the end of the july. but you can thank this area of high pressure moving east. today, there are calm winds across the area. the high pressure will take the
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time heading off to the east. making its way south and eastward. we'll have more clear nights over the weekend and more sunshine by day. very nice even columbus day is looking great. this high pressure system is not sticking armed sticking around forever. we have to see this area of high pressure make its way eastward and down the coast. with that, a big area of east wind set up for the coast of florida and georgia and the possibility of an area of low pressure developing down here. so there could be tropical-type air moving northward. right now it looks like we'll get that moisture around midweek, tuesday night, wednesday, early in the day and will stick around for thursday and maybe friday and we could get two inches of rain. for the sunshine state, not good at all. they are looking at a wet weekend. they are looking at windy
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conditions and very rough surf down there. let's talk about the forecast. what you can expect here this afternoon, sunshine. and we're going to be warming up very rapidly. 70 to 75 degrees. we're right in the middle of these dry conditions. clear skies. we've got the fall festivals taking place. okay to be better fest is still going on. i understand there is a steeple chase. 78 on saturday and 80 on sunday and no record highs for this area but it will be several degrees above the average high of 71. and on saturday we've got the meteor showers. i'll talk about that and more in a couple of minutes. we'll have showers of another kind this weekend. columbus day is dry with a high of 81 degrees. as you look at the extended
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forecast drop to the mid-70s and get the cloud cover for mid-weeblg. thursday is hanging on, too. pretty good rain is is making its way back to the area. you know it was going to happen but really love this stretch of dry weather. >> if you get your dancing going again, we will keep that rain away. can we get people to stick around for the end of the day? >> oh, absolutely. sure. >> veronica thanks. still ahead on news 4 midday now is the time if you want to have flowers this spring to get planting. ex expert advice on things to do and not to do. first, here's a look at what is hot on
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fall is the best time for planting in our area and this weekend's perfect weather forecast will give everyone a chance to get out in their yards. david martin is here to show us how to get started in the dirt this weekend. a lot of folks ready to roll-up their sleeves and be out there. >> finally, a nice weekend. >> tell us why is this the best time to plant? >> well, you have the cooler days and cooler nights. >> we should be working on the
11:24 am
bulbs? >> yes. bulbs are out and it's the best selection for them and wait a week or two and start to put them in the ground. they like to be cooler. >> how deep should we plan on putting those bulbs? >> most bulbs, it depends on the size and you go six inches into the ground. >> and there should be chutes coming out of the bulb or no? >> no. the pointy end is what points up from the hole. >> and they come in big packages like this? >> yes. there are 100 bulbs in this. you have 100 daffodils and a mix here. >> and you can find them in one color, if that's what you prefer? >> yes. everything. >> okay. show us what you brought today. >> okay. perfect time for planting trees and shrubs. this is known as a lilly of the valley shrub. it's a perfect time for getting
11:25 am
things into the ground. over here, we have the snap dragon. it's a great plant. it really likes the cool weather. >> and they do well in the cool weather? >> they really do. you can cut and take that inside. this is a nice mix down here. it's just a mix of lots of different stuff. you have a few perennials and you can throw those in your garden. you have the peppers which everyone loves. they are not edible. they are very hot. so with no pepper flavor to them at all. nice small cabbage in here. i also have a larger one there on the left-hand side. and what's behind that, to your far left is the kale. >> let's look right here what is inside the pumpkin. we have the mums. >> everyone loves their mums in the fall. >> how do you keep these going?
11:26 am
they ball them in the small or giant containers and how long will they bloom? >> most of the good mum growers have pruned them very well so you have three sets of bloom that come up on them. the first one is spent and you can dead head those by cutting those off. >> these are ready for dead head? >> yes. and then you will have more blooms. >> oh okay. i don't think most people know about that.
11:27 am
>> one of these is to take out the pruning sheers? >> yes. it's not the time to prune them. you wait until you get into late fall and early winter when they have gone dormant for the season and that way you are not damaging them. >> a great time to cut your grass? >> yes. do a nice short cut for the fall so you go into the wintertime and that will allow the roots of the grass to get through. >> david martin, great to see you. come back again soon. >> thank you, barbara. coming up in the hour of news 4 midday -- >> i don't care what they've done to me. i don't care what anybody says about me. i just want her to come home. >> why police are now questioning these distraught parents about the disappearance of their baby. plus, why this weekend's forecast is something that we have not experienced in months. and bringing his new message to the washington area, we're going to sit down with the young
11:28 am
rapper and ask him about breaking away from his family. 11:27 is the time. stay witoo state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry how are you doing?
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employers the jobs employment rate came out and employers added 103,000 jobs for
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the month of september. >> today is the protest of the occupy d.c. protest. police blocked traffic to let them get there but said it was a peaceful demonstration and made no arrests. today, the parents of a missing toddler are asking people not to give up the search and say that they are cooperating with the police but wonder if the detectives believe them. >> they put the picture down on the table and they said look at your baby. do what's right for her and just tell everybody where she is so she can come home. i kept saying, i don't know, i don't know, i don't know. >> deborah bradley and jeremy say that their main goal is to bring their 10-month-old baby home who they say was taken out of her crib monday night or early tuesday morning.
11:32 am
bradley was told that she failed the lie detector test but police have not showed her the results. her husband has not been asked to take one. a fingerprint found in michael jackson's home is drawing attention. it match's murray's left index finger. however, none of the doctor's fingerprints were on the bag that the propofol was found in. murray's defense team accuses the lead investigator for making mistakes when collecting evidence after jackson's death. >> the question is did it rise to a significant level the mistakes, and that remains to be seen. >> jackson's lawyers say that jackson overdosed himself leading to accidental death. if he is convicted, he faces up to four years in jail and will lose his medical license.
11:33 am
a virginia grandmother could spend her life in prison for murdering her 2-year-old granddaughter off a skywalk at tyson's mall. the jury recommended that she be sentenced to 35 years in prison. prosecutors say it was a calculated incident while her defense team tries to argue that she was ill. >> there are no winners. there is no joy. i'm not happy. i'm sad. >> i'm a criminal defense lawyer. i respect the jury process although i disagree with their verdict. 35 years is an odd number. >> the judge will sentence her on january 6th. he can reduce the 35 year recommended sentence but cannot add more years to it. >> montgomery county executive says that brac construction projects received already $2
11:34 am
million from the defense department to start improvements to rockville pike and around walter reed national military center. the county needs $40 million more to pay for the improvements and even then it won't be enough. most of the money will go to road improvements to try to improve traffic flow in the area. the interior secretary says that he will address the controversy surrounding a "carved into the martin luther king memorial." he and the national park service will discuss this issue after the memorial's formal dedication this weekend. author mayo angelou brought attention to this issue. yes, if you want to say that i was a drum major, say that i was a drum major for justice. say that i was a drum major for peace, i was a drum major for right to usness and all of the other shallow things will not
11:35 am
matter. the shortened quote reads, i was a drum major for justice, peace, and mayo says it makes him sound like an arrogant twit. they say that they couldn't fit the entire quote on the monument. temperatures are going to be warmer than average. it's not only going to be nice it's going to be insanely nice. gorgeous, too. your friday, monday a lot of folks have columbus day off. 62 degrees is the current temperature. as we look around the area, we're warming nicely. 62 to 65 degrees throughout most neighborhoods. leesburg and sterling 65 in camp springs. here's a look at the forecast.
11:36 am
73 to 75 even some areas south and west like culpepper will see a high of 77 to 76 degrees. your evening forecast drops down to 50 and they peak 1:00 to 2:00 on saturday during the day. by the time sets it's going to be over. a lot of sunshine and that's what folks are counting on this weekend. next chance of rain, wednesday of next week. that's not a good thing because we need even more days of drying and those nice, dry days. coming up in a couple of minutes, the mole spore count. shaping up to be a busy fall in our area, a lot of events are
11:37 am
coming to town. joining us to talk about them is veronia. >> let's talk about the one year anniversary party. who is that for? >> artesphere. they have brought them into a gorgeous place, metro accessible, and it's really beautiful. and what they are doing this weekend is celebrating their one-year anniversary. the project has been really successful. they have seen a lot of young, diverse artists come through. the party should be a lot of fun, too. it's this saturday and they teach you everything from a chance to see performances too. >> fans are looking for their favorites. what is that all about? >> jay-z and kanye west came out
11:38 am
with "watch the thrown." now they are taking that show on the road. they are coming together to verizon center and it's going to be a spectacular show because it's a chance to do two greats and will perform things that they have done solo. of course jay-z is going to be a dad and this is the last time that we will see them on the road for a while. >> let's head to the theater that got a whole lot of attention on broadway. >> it's a bigger musical than even the movie that inspired it was. the movie came out in 2000 and it's about a little boy from a mining town that turns out to be an amazing ballerina. it's such an uplifting story and i think it's going to be a three
11:39 am
at tricaliber form mans. >> thank you so much. >> thank you barbara. >> for more ideas for your weekend, logon to also this weekend talking about his show and his campaign you're going to be performing at the dra constitution hall on sunday as part of the scream show. tell us about that. >> when they were really popular, now it's me and my behavior headlining and we just started last weekend and this is the fourth day tonight at baltimore at the pier 6 pavilion. >> well with chris brown and t-pain it's very successful
11:40 am
with that tour. >> yes. >> are you hoping that it's a success? >> definitely. i'm just grateful that they considered for me to be on the tour. it's a great feeling behind it. >> tell us about your music. >> the single that i put out a few months ago around memorial day piece, it's been growing and getting better and climbing the charts and i'm grateful for that and i've been working on my debut albums at the end of this year and beginning of next year. >> fantastic. now, you have a real interest in fighting bullying. >> definitely. >> tell us about that and what are you doing? >> well i don't think that kids deserve to be treated any type of way. even though you don't like the way they look, it really goes past and you see somebody in school. bullying always results in the
11:41 am
worse things. you know cutting or people killing themselves. >> very painful. >> yeah, and it's gotten worse through the years and it's very sad. i'm definitely against bullying and i don't think it's right. >> and you've taken that up as something that you definitely want to get out there and speak against? >> definitely, yes. >> a lot of people have watched you grow up on your family's reality tv show. do fans approach you like they know you or recognize you? >> people -- well people that have watched the show you know over time they feel like they know me and they have a connection but it's definitely like a better feeling when people you know like recognize me for my music. it's a whole different things because i work really hard and i'm dedicated at what i do. when somebody is like, i like that song and i love that mixed tape, that's a mixed feeling. so it's definitely more and more people getting used to my sound and music. >> everybody is really proud. it's a great feeling.
11:42 am
>> i'm sure they are. do you feel like you have a lot to live up to coming from such a successful family? >> people ask me do you feel pressure and not really at all. i just focus on myself and diggie. so i don't feel any type of pressure. i feel as though you will feel pressure if you try to live up to what your family has done and i have my own goals and what i want to accomplish. >> good luck with those goals and your music. thanks for coming. it's now 11:42. still ahead, the items being auctioned off by heart broken tareq salahi. >> he's the only one that is going to make a difference in people's lives. plus what
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some of you may set your alarm in the middle of the night. apple started taking preorders for the iphone 4s. deliveries are scheduled for the 14th of this month. we checked apple's website and had no problem getting an order placed. on the jobs report, a modest burst of hiring.
11:46 am
we're going to check in with cnbc's jackie deangelou. hi, jackie. >> that's right. good morning to you, barbara. the market is mixed and dow up over 40 points. s&p and nasdaq slightly lower this morning. we got good news in terms of the payroll number and that boosted the market a little bit. the labor department reported that employers hired more workers than expected in september and revised higher job gains for prior months. that ease the fear that the economy was heading into a recession. let's look at the numbers. nonfarm payrolls rose 103,000 and unemployment rate stayed steady at 9.1%. economists were expecting an increase of only 60,000 and expecting the unemployment rate to stay stable. meanwhile, shaky consumer confidence is being felt at your local mall. a new report out says that they can see rates at shopping malls hit an 11-year high as retailers
11:47 am
were scaling back in terms of floor space. but shopping could be making a comeback. sales rose a collective 5% last month, boosted by back to school spending. google may be following in apple's foot steps. a temporary pop-up store in london. it's aiming to use google chrome book laptop and there are plans to have more google stores in the uk but nowhere else. that's it from us at cnbc. barbara, back to you. >> thank you jackie. get a job at the white house. he loses, you're back to the consulting firm. >> a political struggle in the eyes of march. ryan gossling is a presidential
11:48 am
candidate played by george clooney in a hotly contested primary. but there are flirtations with an intern and a political scandal could blow it wide open. it's rated r. hugh jackson is in robots and real steel. he's trying to make a comeback in the new sport of robot boxing. he's forced to team up with his estranged son. . >> and finally, martin sheen and his real life son star in "the way." he's a tight-laced doctor who doesn't approve of his son's carefwree ways but when daniel played by estevez dies sheen takes up his son's quest and learns how to appreciate the adventure that his son loved so
11:49 am
much. it's rated pg-13. our time right now is 11:48. coming up, tom cruise in a dance off? and the warm weather coming this we
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
the fandemonium prize is an ipad 2. all you have to do is like on facebook. do it. another chance for you to own something from the salahis. joining us with more on that and for the rest of the week's entertainment, tommy mcfly. >> now we can get more salahi. >> tareq salahi as we know was recently dumped by his wife. >> uh-huh. >> she's got to put stuff up for auction. 37 items, including his wedding ring. >> which is awesome. and they don't sneeze at a press release. so if you red page 85 of the release that came out of this he's auctioning off the wedding ring and also like undergarments and statues. >> i hope they are his. >> i don't want to know.
11:53 am
can we keep pay him to keep those? i think he needs some attention. >> let's get him some chicken soup. >> he needs a hug. >> i've got to talk about tom cruise. >> me, too. this is awesome. >> he was in a dance off at a we hadding? >> you know barbara, you've been to a wedding and you have a few cocktails and you start dancing. but he broke to moves like jaggar. >> and you have pictures of the wedding? >> uh-huh. >> how did you get this? >> because everyone has cameras everywhere. >> come on, let's see him. >> he does the worm, he does all kinds of stuff. there we go. >> wow. how old is he now? >> he's got to be in his 40s. >> he's doing really well. >> no matter who your wife is
11:54 am
katie holmes is katie holmes. you know she's sitting there going, oh gosh. >> absolutely. >> this may take you back a little bit but that kind of dancing reminds me of a movie that he was in. >> yes. >> let's take a look. >> and what is so great with b this, we didn't know it was tom cruise until the end of the movie because he was in full makeup and costume until the very end. >> i think he likes to dance. >> he has some moves. >> remember when he danced down the stairs, coming down the stairs? >>. >> that was tropic thunder. he loves to dance. maybe they will get him on the dance show. >> that would be awesome. >> tell me about the breast cancer awareness with 94.7 fresh
11:55 am
fm. we have 247 restaurants from noon to 4:00. you can get the information at we have a brand new artist who is just awesome. all of the money goes to the university, and it goes out and does mammograms in underserved areas of washington. the work is so great. 100% of your proceeds goes right to the charity. >> that's fantastic. this is breast cancer month. >> that's right. >> great to see you tommy mcfly. 94.7 fresh fm. thank you. we're going to take a look at some of the stories that we'll follow for news 4. pat joins us with things yet to come. >> barbara coming up at 4:00 today, an update on the conrad murray manslaughter trial. today we expect to hear from the
11:56 am
doctor himself as the prosecution plays interviews conducted shortly after michael jackson's death. also at 4:00 today, he was seen as a long shot in the race for president and now a few surprised wins in straw polls has everyone looking at herman cain in a brand-knew light. he's in our area today. and then tonight, news 44 at 5:00 a. fight against prostate cancer. why a government is warning some men to avoid a potentially life-saving test. we have all of the day's latest news starting at 4:00. barbara? >> thank you pat. we'll see her dance on into the picture. veronica your turn. >> i don't know about dancing. i tell you what, we've been so busy in the weather department. august and december with irene. i'm going to put my feet up and i'm just going to chill for a while because, i know, the weather is going to be quiet 66
11:57 am
degrees and wind is calm and light. 57 degrees. we'll continue with dry and quiet weather. you might want to take in the fall color. there's a little bit of color, 10% color to the west in the blue ridge. we have it not peaking until the end of october. for the weekend, close to 80 degrees on saturday and sunday. monday, still dry and quiet. columbus da day, okay, we have rain that moves back into the area and it starts early wednesday. maybe stay with us through thursday and even into early friday. so have a great weekend. again, i'm going to be just sitting back. >> and a little of the liquid from oktoberfest might have loosened up up. we'll see next week. speaking of oktoberfest,
11:58 am
they held a competition to see who could hold a stein of beer. there are only two rules. if you spill the beer, it's you're out and you must hold it parallel to the floor. so who won the 2010 national champion, held it for five minutes and 6 seconds and that's not easy to do. bottom's up. and that's news 4 midday. we thank you for being with us. we hope you'll tune in for 4:00 5:00 6:00 and back for news more midday
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