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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  October 7, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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conrad murray manslaughter trial are hearing from the doctor himself about what happened during the final hours of michael jackson's life. good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. first off today, prosecutors are playing a two-hour interview with dr. murray recorded shortly after jackson's death. >> jurors heard from a toxicologist as they tried to decide who had access to the powerful sedative propofol and how michael jackson got the lethal dose. >> reporter: in what could be the most important testimony of the trial, detective scott smith from the los angeles police department took the stand to play an interview he recorded two days after michael jackson's death. it's the first time the two-hour recording has been played in public and the first time we hear dr. murray giving his own version of events. >> how long have you been a
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doctor -- >> at first i attended to him in 2006. >> reporter: in the interview, he was trying to wean jackson off the propofol which is singer took through other physicians in the past. he told police where they could find the propofol in jackson's house. the day began with cross examining the l.a. coroner's office. they found propofol throughout his body including a small amount in his stomach. they argued jackson swallowed it himself and tried to suggest the drugs couldn't have been in his stomach. >> you cannot explain anything other than oral ingestion as a means of getting it into the stomach? >> i can testify that i have personal experience that drug
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levels can be detected in the stomach of many different types of people from many different types of drugs and they were not given orally. >> if convicted, dr. murray faces up to four years in prison and the loss of his medical license. we now know the name of the fairfax county baby whose suspicious death is under investigation. he's an 11-month-old. when he was taken to the hospital on wednesday from the home day care, he wasn't responding. a police investigation included a search of the house and interviews with the child's mother and caregiver. no cause of death has been released or charges filed. pat collins spoke with a relative of the victim. we'll have that part of the story coming up on news 4 at 5:00. it's day two on the occupy wall street protest and participants were on the move.
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they marched up to 15th street from the white house and then on to the world bank. this time, there was a heavy antiwar message. they are pushing a number of different causes from housing to jobs. it's from the occupy wall street movement. it spread to other parts of the country. >> everyone i know has a personal story. i'm not different from that. i retired two years before the crash and my life savings was invested in real estate. now, i have nothing. >> basic rights. human rights, education, health care. food, housing. all of those things are thing that is people around the world deserve. >> some of the demonstrators camped out at freedom plaza overnight. they have a permit to stay until sunday. many vow to stay longer than that. they want to make sure their voices are heard.
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>> it's friday. the all important weekend is upon it. how is it going to shape out, that's the question. >> doug kammerer is in the weather center. don't remember a friday like this recently. >> neither do i. you have to go back to a friday in 1937 to get a day this nice. not true. 75 degrees the current temperature with plenty of sunshine. the winds are calm. it is just simply fantastic. you are right, we are going to see one of the best weekends including today through monday that we have seen in a very long time here. current temperature, 75 in culpeper. coming in at 71 degrees at the river. the warm spot is frederick right now at 77 degrees. across the area you can see clear skies. we are high and dry today with mostly sunny skies. it's going to continue the next couple of days. look at this evening's weather. beautiful tonight. get out and about if you can after the broadcast.
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you want to find out when we'll see the next rain chances. >> thanks, doug. jobs numbers are in for september. the big number did not improve. it's steady at 9.1%. economists are finding reasons for encouragement and debate over the president's jobs bill. here is steve handelsman. >> reporter: the prediction had been for 60,000 new u.s. jobs in september. today's actual hiring number, 103,000 left economists relieved. >> this is good news, we'll take it. it's better than a month ago. >> reporter: fear of a double dip is increasing. >> the numbers suggest the risk is abbating. >> reporter: 100,000 new jobs when the population is growing means it unemployment rate stayed at 9.1%.
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>> the president believes we cannot sit back and do nothing. >> reporter: congress needs to pass the obama jobs bill. >> investments to put construction workers back to work, teachers back to work and tax cuts for every american who gets a paycheck. >> reporter: republicans vow to defeat more stimulus debt and higher taxes on the rich. >> has any of it worked? no. it's high time we trust the american people to liberate our economy from the shackles of this government. >> reporter: a showdown on the jobs bill approaches, there's a preview in the senate. >> not by strangling everybody. >> reporter: republicans tried to force a vote. >> there has to be an ends to this. >> reporter: democratic leader reed blocked it infur rating mccon el. >> who decides who is wasting time here? >> reporter: voters do but not
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for 13 months. the other parties are more focused on creating votes. i'm steve handelsman, capitol hill. the final wall street numbers are coming in, but the latest figures shows the dow jones off 18 points to close at 11,105. nasdaq down 29 points to close at 2478. s&p closed at 1,156. republican presidential hopeful herman cain is in our area. he was signing copies of his memoir at costco. he's been rising in a cbs poll. he is tied with mitt romney. today, he took on the protesters occupying wall street and demonstrating in cities around
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the country. like abraham lincoln said, you don't help the poor by hurting the rich. that's what they are trying to do, bring down capitalism. in the short 235 year history, it's because of the power of capitalism and the power of the people as to why we have become the nation we have. don't bring down capitalism. they are trying to destroy this nation. >> at this hour, cain is speaking at the family research council value voters summit. if you plan to use i-295 near the 11th street bridge, the d.c. department of transportation is opening the southbound flyover ramp later tonight. it's the first major phase of completed work. the southbound lanes will be shifted to the new flyover ramp gradually starting at midnight. to do that, crews have to stop traffic off and on. there's going to be a bit of a
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delay there. the traffic stoppages are expected to continue through tomorrow afternoon. >> news 4 at 4:00 is just getting started. the twist in the search for the baby who is missing from her bed. why police think the girl's own mother is involved. k. inside kim kardashian's wedding. after the break, she sits down with matt lauer and h
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the biggest hollywood wedding of the year is coming to tv this weekend. get ready, kim kardashian sat down with matt lauer to talk about what it's like being married to basketball husband, chris humphreys. >> what is the biggest fight you have had so far? >> probably for chris to pick up his clothes off the floor.
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like your typical issues. >> you didn't know that before you got married? >> i think he was acting like a clean, neat person. i was acting like i'll clean up if you leave it on the floor. i'll fold it. >> when are you going to have kids? >> i think i'm going wait a little bit. definitely at least a year. we don't even know where he's going to be playing. >> right. the real deal, they are married now. kims fairytale wedding, a kardashian event. why do some cranberry uses contain grape juice? how are ingredients listed and how do you block a company from getting access to your bank account? it's time to ask liz. the answer lady.
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our first question is from joan in silver spring. why does 100% juice have grape juice listed. >> unlike orange juice, cranberry juice is not naturally sweet. it's similar to lemon or lime juice. cranberries contain no natural sweetener and need to be sweet. ocean spray uses other juices for sweeteners. in the case of this product, grape juice is used to sweeten the juice. yeah, they need it to make you be able to drink it. >> who would have thought it. i would mix punch in there. as a follow up question, how are the ingredients listed? in order of the greatest amount used to the least about? >> that is the way it works.
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we turned to the food and drug administration to clear it up. the fda requires all ingredients to be listed on the label. they are listed in order of the greatest amount used in the product to the least amount used. for the 100% juice cranberry, grape juice is listed first. that means the most product used in the juice cranberry by ocean spray. >> next question comes through e-mail. tim says he recently stopped doing business with a company and wants to know how to block that business from getting access to his bank account. >> smith valentine says it depends on how the company gained access to your account. if you authorize them to withdrawal the money directly, contact the bank to find out how to cancel that authorization.
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send letters to the bank and the company saying the company should no longer have access to your account. if you gave them your debit card number, ask the bank for a new debit card and that should block access to your account. if you have a question, send it to ask liz. you can connect with me on twitter or facebook. coming up on news 4 at 5:00 tonight, why exactly were the nfl players wearing pink gloves and pink shoes on sunday. is there a self-life for bath products and how often can you be chosen for jury duty. you'll find out the answers at 5:00. >> does shampoo expire? >> where you gonna be at 5:00? >> in front of a tv. >> yes, you will. >> jim?
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>> on this side of the tv. thank you both. coming up, misquoted, the federal agency that is taking a second look at a controversial look on the king memorial. it's the issue that won't go away for senator scott brown. his provocative photo shoot entered the political debate. search nbc w
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well, how do you like this weather? i tell you, this is just wonderful. >> doug was outside. we had to bring him in. >> come back to work, doug. >> i want to be out there so bad. that's how nice it is out there. for a meteorologist, my job is pretty easy the past couple days. i keep looking to see when our next storm is. there's one that's coming up later. >> we don't want to hear about that. >> that's the thing. let's talk about how beautiful the weather is. outside now, another simply fantastic afternoon. this is coming on a friday. you always hope this great weather is going to last into the weekend. the good news here is, it will.
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temperatures 75 degrees under mostly sunny skies if not completely sunny. no clouds at all out there. temperatures 73 degrees in martinsburg. cam bridge around 70 degrees. frederick around 75. we'll zoom in here around the metro area and show you a couple other locations. dull es, 72 degrees. leesburg 73 and college park 73 degrees, too. what are we going to see over the next couple days? not going to be rain. we'll go right bay the doppler radar. it's not even cloud cover. nothing from pittsburgh to new york, richmond and roanoke. this area of high pressure is simply dominating the entire east coast now. it's bringing fantastic weather. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. warmer temperatures as highs get into the mid to upper 70s. some areas approaching the 80
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degree mark. sunday, as the high shifts down across the area, i think warmer. the temperatures should get into maybe the low 80s for many of us. sunday is going to be very warm. monday will be warm, too. pat, are you watching this? i hate to -- see this guy down here? that is a tropical system. >> oh, no. >> a tropical depression or storm, it's going to make its way up the coast. we are going to watch it very, very carefully. it's late into next week. we are not worrying about it at all for the holiday weekend. enjoy it. 64 to 68 degrees. temperatures tomorrow morning, they are going to be cooling off to 41 degrees in the cooler suburbs to 52 in the city. watch for dense fog. a dense fog advisory is posted to the west. sunny and nice tomorrow. a great day and warmer. 73 to 78 degrees. as we move on through the next
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couple of days, look how warm we get. 81 on sunday, 83 on monday. tuesday, 74 degrees. not bad out there at all. the rain is after the four days. >> we are still in that season. we know the tropical storm, hurricane season. >> we are for another month. >> we are not discussing that, doug. >> i'm not talking about it. jim didn't want to sit here anymore. >> i'm disgusted with wednesday. >> all right. thank you, doug. we are over here talking love and missed connections with ellen from "the washington post." great to see you, again. >> you, too. >> first up, our wedding couple met on an interesting dating website. >> this is one of my favorite couples i have written about. they met on an interracial dating website. natalie is the bride. she was done with dating and done with men.
4:24 pm
had had it. she read a story about this interracial dating site. she was inundated with queries from men. one came from david. they ended up talking on the phone and spoke on the phone every night and would talk during work. they fell in love over the phone. she liked that situation so much she never wanted to meet him because she thought it would ruin everything. he convinced her, i'll stand on one side of the street and you stand on the other and we'll wave. >> they look happy. now, on to date lab. this is typically the time we introduce a guy and woman who are kind of thinking about will they work out with each other, then we talk about how it went and stay tuned sunday morning. you know the drill. something happened this week on the awkward side.
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>> something we never handled before, never expected. our date got stood up. isn't she cute? this is dawn, she's 50, a software tester. she was so excited, she got there ten minutes early, had a drink, chatted with the woman next to her about blind date stories and waited and waited and waited. nobody came. the guy we set her up with confirmed with us that morning he would be there with bells on on time. he has not responded to any of our e-mails or phone calls. >> do we have a picture of him? we need to shame him out. >> i know. don't take it personally. >> his loss. >> that's what she said. i had a lovely evening. he missed out. a great attitude. we'll try to set her up again. >> thanks so much. have a great weekend.
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to read more about dating, love and the rest of it, log on to and you can find more on pat? >> thanks, jim. still to come, a turn in the case of the missouri toddler missing for several days now. police now have questions for the parents. they say they are not getting answers. answers. a symbol of the
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welcome back to news 4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. here is what's making news at 4:30. the jury in the dr. conrad murray trial heard a lengthy police interview after michael jackson's death. in the interview, he told police he was giving jackson the power ful propofol. he is pleading not guilty to manslaughter. occupy d.c. is in the second day. demonstrators marched from freedom plaza. they are voicing information about social and hot button issues from housing to jobs and the economy. it's scheduled to last through the weekend. unemployment remains steady
4:30 pm
at 9.1% but employers added 103,000 jobs last month, double economists expected. more jobs were added back in july and august than previously reported. the report counters short term fears the u.s. may be entering another recession. stocks finished the day lower. the dow was down 20 points to close at 103. the s&p 500 was down ten. despite being down for the day, stocks finished higher for the week. now, to the investigation of a missing baby girl in kansas city. a search of a landfill turned up nothing. meanwhile, the parents of the 10-month-old said they will do whatever it takes to get their baby home. the mother says police believe she had something to do with her disappearance. peter alexander has the latest. >> reporter: just hours after
4:31 pm
lisa irwin's parents made yet another desperate plea for their daughters safe return. >> please, bring her home. >> reporter: this announcement from kansas city police. >> they have been cooperating and been helpful. tonight, they decided to stop talking to detectives. i don't have to illustrate how it affects the investigation. it speaks for itself. >> reporter: police would not offer details. the parents are no longer working with investigators. hours after the police announcement, jeremy's sister, baby lisa's aunt spoke publicly on behalf of the family denying they are not cooperating. >> we have been cooperative from day one. we continue to assist the police with the investigation. >> reporter: the couple were still searching for answers thursday morning. >> the only thing i could think of is somebody wanted a baby and -- i hope that's what it is. >> reporter: lisa's parents
4:32 pm
revealed new details about what they think happened tuesday morning when jeremy returned from an overnight shift at 4:00 a.m. and discovered his daughter missing. they say the front door was unlocked, a window open and the lights in the house were on. the parents also say three cell phones were gone as was their 10-month-old daughter. the national center for missing and exploited children say stranger kidnaps are rare. >> normally a stranger abduction, the baby is taken out of the hospital as an infant or it's violent. >> reporter: could a kidnapper have climbed through the house before walking down the hall, snatching the baby and slipping out or did they enter through the home's front door. jeremy irwin says he found the door unlocked. investigators continue the frantic search thursday lifting manhole covers and returning to
4:33 pm
the densely wooded area near the irwin's home. early thursday i asked lisa's participants the question that haunts missing person cases whether they had any involvement? did you do anything with your baby daughter? >> oh, god, no. >> reporter: jeremy? >> no. we just need her back. >> that was peter alexander reporting. police questioned her for hours. bradley says she told them repeated le she doesn't know. pat? three women share the nobel peace prize for 2011. today, the prize was awarded to ellen johnson sirleaf, and two others. they were honored for their work on women's rights issues. sirleaf is africa's first
4:34 pm
democratly elected president. carmen was honored for being a leading figure in the uprising against athortive regimes in yemen. the controversy surrounding a quote in the martin luther king memorial. ken salazar says they will discuss the issue after the memorial's formal dedication next week. the author first reported and brought it to the attention of the public. yes, if you want to say that i was a drum major, say that i was a drum major for justice. say that i was a drum major for peace, for righteousness and all the other shallow things will not matter. the shortened quote is inscribed saying i was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness. they say it makes him sound like an arrogant twit.
4:35 pm
memorial planners say they could not fit the entire quote on the statue. tonight at 11:00, a medical mystery for a virginia couple trying to get pregnant. doreen is here with more on this very unusual case. doreen? >> hi there, pat. this couple struggled for years trying to have a baby. doctors told them not to worry. instikts told them there could be something nor serious going on. when she couldn't get pregnant, she took matters into her own hands. the new doctor believed it was from a common hormone disorder. it turned out to be more troubling. >> just heather's fertility problems ended up saving her life. she had an evaluation and that otherwise wouldn't have been noticed for possibly for years. >> more on this medical mystery and how it was finally resolved tonight on news 4 at 11:00. >> thanks, doreen.
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there's more to come on news 4 at 4:00. what if you could stop the ageing process by popping a pill? two months and no sign of a maryland woman missing in aruba.
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the announcement during the 11:00 newscast. gary gee donough's lawyers speak out about aruba and how the natalee holloway case is negatively affecting his case. >> how did you pay for your college education? >> i kept my clothes on. >> the answer that ignited a war of words ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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it's been nine weeks since a maryland woman vanished in aruba. her traveling partner is still behind bars. the suspects attorney is talking about the case and how he thinks another unsolve disappearance is affecting his client. jeff has the story. >> reporter: search dogs combed the shoreline of aruba's desolate south side looking for clues about what happened to robbin gardner. dogs were brought searching the beach for hours. gary and robbin came here together as a couple after meeting online a year ago. giordano is the prime suspect in the case and remains locked up in aruba's prison. we spoke with his attorney, jose baez on thursday. >> this has been one tremendous
4:45 pm
nightmare for him. i think it's fairly clear that he has done nothing wrong. >> there's eight official statements. >> correct. >> do all his statements match up? >> absolutely. he has been consistent and truthful from the beginning. he's going to continue to be truthful. he's doing his best to get through this. it's a nightmare. >> gary, over here. >> reporter: giordano's lawyer believes his client is being punished because police in aruba never solved the mystery of natalee holloway. she's the alabama teenager who came to aruba on a graduation trip in 2005 and never returned. the case made international headlines, no one charged and her body never found. >> robbin gardner is not natalee holloway. they are different people with different situations. gary should not have to pay for
4:46 pm
what law enforcement or the government did here or did not do in another case. >> gary giordano claims gardner drown when they went snorkling. >> some of the leaves are starting to peak out now. >> they are on skyline drive and up in the mountains. we are going to see peak in two to three weeks. not quite there, yet. if you are thinking hey, maybe a good weekend for a drive, you are right. the weather is going to be fantastic. we are looking at a nice sky with plenty of sunshine, a high temperature of 75 degrees. the winds are calm. i just walked outside a minute ago to make sure i was right. it is that beautiful. sure enough, it is gorgeous. 52 degrees the overnight low tonight. it will be chilly. frederick, maryland going down to 42 degrees tonight. we are going to warm up quickly
4:47 pm
tomorrow. something to think about toward the i-81 corridor, martinsburg, hagerstown, maybe a good chance for dense fog. dense fog advisory has been issued to the west. we'll continue to watch out for that around leesburg and frederick you could see the fog. most of it will stay to the west of that mountain range. high temperatures tomorrow, 78 in washington. 76 in leesburg. 77 in manassas. leesburg, 74 degrees tomorrow. lots of sunshine. it is really going to be a super afternoon. on sunday, the army 10 miler going on. i know jim is going to be taking part in that, right jim? ten miles. >> i'm running it twice. >> he's running 20 miles. he's going to be in two heats. going toward the washington monument and around portions of or around the memorial bridge. the army ten miler is looking good. 60 degrees at the start, starting at 8:00.
4:48 pm
the final heat at 8:15. mostly sunny with more beautiful weather. the beautiful weather, hey, it just continues. sunday, the high temperature 81. monday, columbus day, a high of 83. >> if i knew about the weather i would have started training. >> and run three? >> yeah. >> you mean you didn't? >> i don't need to train. >> thanks, doug. the fountain of youth in a pill? one company claims they can keep the gray hairs away. tareq says so long to michaele. now a piece of salahi history can be yours for a price. coming up tonight on news 4 at 5:00, police are searching for answers after a suspicion death in vienna. the victim 11 months old. pat collins has the latest on the investigation. plus, a test that can save lives. why is a government panel
4:49 pm
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break flu. l'oreal prevented a pill to prevent you from going gray. it's a fruit extract. it's said to be available in 2015. don't throw away the boxes of dye just yet. some experts aren't sure how effective it will be. you have to start taking the pill ten years before hair starts to turn gray. i missed that boat. there are concerns about how side effects on the skin and other organs might develop. former reality star and soon to be former husband tareq salahi is going to cash in on his heart break. >> you knew this had to happen. he's putting items up for auction. tareq is putting 37 personal items on the block including sculptures, bathrobes, his own wedding ring and, okay, his
4:53 pm
underwear? i don't think we needed to hear that, did we? >> no. >> he reported his wife was dnapped but she left him to be with journey guitarist. the auction is set to happen tomorrow in beverly hills. keep that on the west coast. we don't want that here. >> still ahead on news 4, he's criticized for posing nude for a magazine shoot in the '80s.
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4:56 pm
well, it's just primary election season. already, the senate race up in massachusetts has turned personal. >> during a debate among democrats, one challenger took a shot at republican senator scott brown for posing nude back in 1982 to earn money for college. >> now, brown's reaction is getting all the attention. kelli o'donnell reports. >> reporter: rarely do two simple words cause an uproar. >> thank god. >> reporter: was that a snappy comeback or insult from republican senator scott brown aimed at harvard professor elizabeth warren. it all goes back to this. in 1982, brown bared it all for
4:57 pm
"koz poll tan" magazine. >> you were a cosmo guy. i'll never confess. >> reporter: a photo that won't ever go away. that nude center fold was mentioned in a question to warren. >> scott brown posed for "cosmo," how did you pay for your college education? >> i kept my clothes on. >> reporter: brown's campaign says warren's answer was offensive and an insult. on a boston radio show, the senator jabbed back. >> have you officially responded to her comment about how she didn't take her clothes off. >> thank god. >> reporter: some said brown's comment was more suited to a frat house and a dig at warren's appearance. a race, getting personal. >> i'm not sure her remark was entirely innocent. there's a towel snapping quality to scott brown's campaign. >> reporter: the upset victory
4:58 pm
to succeed ted kennedy stunned democrats who want to knock him out in 2012. warren who worked as a consumer watchdog never ran for office before. >> i'm going to do this. i'm going to run for the united states senate. >> reporter: brown's campaign labeled her elitist. >> i did what i had to do. for not having that opportunity, i would never been able to pay for school or gone to school. >> thursday, warren brushed it off. >> you don't care to dive into those waters? >> two women republican senators came out in support of brown saying no one should make fun of how he had to pay for school. he came from a humble background. that's news 4 at 4:00. >> stay there. news 4 at 5:00 starts now. 11-month-old baby is dead
4:59 pm
tonight. family members want answers. this evening, what investigators are saying about the circumstances surrounding his suspicion death. the wall street protests are growing and in the district, freedom plaza has become ground zero for a variety of demonstrations. a warning for screening of prostate cancer. why a certain test may do more harm than good. good evening, i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. wendy is off tonight. a family in pain over the suspicious death. an 11-month-old was rushed to the hospital unresponsive. pat collins has the latest from vienna. >> reporter: why did this young boy die? the investigation is now in its third day. the family has identified the victim as 11-month-old nehem


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