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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 10, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. break k news tonight. the first two weeks of the nba season have been officially cancelled. opening night was scheduled for november 1st. but the openers and players have not been able to agree on a contract. the two sides are very far apart. we are following breaking news in hill crest heights maryland where a teenager was shot and killed tonight. the 17-year-old was shot near the steps to an apartment building on iverson street. no word on an arrest at this point. now to the protest in downtown washington, occupy d.c. they call it. cities all over the country are joining the fight. i'm jim vance. >> the protesters can now stay on freedom plaza through valentine's day. the protest that began in new york spread to washington and now from coast to coast and there was a huge crowd in
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chicago today. meanwhile students from ten colleges joined together in boston worried about joblessness and student loan debt. here in washington, the war in corporate greed are the biggest targets. jackie bensen has more from freedom plaza. >> it feels like this is really happening. i'm pleased with our relationship with the police in d.c. >> reporter: as the clock ticked down to the expiration of their demonstration permit, protesters learned they could stay for up to four months. u.s. park police said they would have to share their space with other events. rec and his wife traveled from their home in hawaii and plan to stay as long as they can. >> we got here on the 5th. we have been here the 6th, 7th, 8th, every day. and we're going to stay. we're marching -- we're not
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marching. we're going to the capitol tomorrow. there is a plan for something. >> reporter: the protesters represent a variety of anti-war and anti-corporate issues. >> in 2010 there were 30,000 climate refugees in asia alone and hundreds of thousands of people died from climate related issues. >> i think it is giving them more time to go on with their protest on corporate america. >> washington is unique that as the center of the nation's government it is experienced at hosting demonstrations, protests and other large events. there have been no complaints from surrounding businesses but that could change as things go on. reporting from freedom la za, jackie bensen, news4. criminals and drug addicts are trying to crash the occupy new york protest.
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there are online report that that some are trying to score cheap drugs. police are keeping an eye on things but keeping their distance. there was a three alarm fire that forced 50 people out of their homes at a garden style complex in the 1400 block of university boulevard east in maryland. the fire started on the third floor but investigators say they still haven't figured out how it started. a restaurant in temple hills has been closed. police shut down the family restaurant on dallas drive for what they call a known pattern of violence. this past friday two people were slashed. a third person was shot and wounded after a fight inside that restaurant. family restaurant is the second business shut down under a new law in prince george's county that cracks down on violence at dance halls. there is a claim that the
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fbi had it wrong when it ruled that only one person was responsible for the anthrax attacks in 2001. bruce ivanings was name as the sole person responsible. but in an upcoming article three scientists say that others had to be involved. the report is suggesting that ivans did not have the ability to manufacture the anthrax spores on his own. the justice department stands by the fbi's collusion. d in. a helps to nab a suspect in a decade old assault and burglary. he is facing first degree assault and second degree burglary charges. he is responsible for attacking a 48-year-old woman woman in an office building back in 2002. how would you like to hear
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that all night long? that is what people in alexandria are having to put up with. the city put in a generator to fix one problem that led to another one. shomari stone is along homes run with more on this. >> reporter: imagine sitting on your deck after a hard day's work. the weather is nice and you want to have a soda. talk to a friend, but there's a problem. there's a loud noise across the street. you hear it on your deck. you hear it when you inside your house and shut the door. would you like to hear this all day? all evening? how about all night long? it's like a hammer constantly going all night long. >> reporter: pat says it drives her crazy. >> there is a real vibrating sound to what they're doing. and it's just nonstop. it never lets up. so i have a terrible night's
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sleep. >> reporter: folks read this notice last friday saying two sewer lines were damaged and sewage spilled in the waterway. the pumps are taking out the mess. >> it is irritating. it is for a good reason but is it nonstop and i'm noise sensitive. >> reporter: a couple residents say it is so loud they have to leave the bedroom facing the creek to come to the front here in a guest room like this one. a gentleman in this house said he had ear plugs. >> moving to the front room solved the problem. >> reporter: officials say the spill is contained but it could take weeks to fix the lines. pat hopes the noise stops. >> the noise is just too much. you couldn't stand it. >> reporter: we talked to officials who tell us they agree. this noise is annoying. so they plan on hiring a company to get sigh lent pumps to bring
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them out here as soon as possible so the residents can sleep. we asked how long it will take to fix this thing? they are still trying to determine that and figure out what caused the lines to break in the first place. in alexandria i'm shomari stone, back to you. another kind of noise is a cause for concern on an airplane. it's electronic noise by the personal gadgets. aviation investigators say they are not sure whether interference from these gadgets has contributed to a crash or even a serious problem during a flight but as nbc's tom costello found out there is a reason for the warnings. >> there is a lot of interference. >> there is no conclusive evidence. there is stories that when followed through we have been
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unable to prove. >> experts say safety demands little to no electronic interference during takeoff and landing. coming up tonight a rescue squad putting on a fundraiser. but this time the cops shut them down. purse snatchers hit a group of women celebrating a big day. you won't believe where they pulled off the heist. that's still ahead. we're going to meet the woman who gave birth hours after running the chicago marathon. we saw fantastic weather again today. but don't get used to it. take a look. there is rain on the radar. looking at georgia and south carolina. but moving to the washington, d.c. area you bet we are looking at
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when you pursue industry-leading safety, you don't just engineer breakthroughs in simulation technology, you engineer amazing. ♪ d.c. police are trying to figure out who killed jamar freeman. he was a 17-year-old student at cardoza high school. they found his body in an alley on saturday night lying in a field next to a playground at the raymond rec center. his family says jamar was trying to turn his life around. >> i hope that somebody could come up and tell me what happened to my son. because he was a sweet boy. he don't bother nobody. >> investigators have neither
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motive nor suspects. members of a volunteer rescue squad are out thousands of dollars after a fundraiser was shut down by police. they were collecting money with nettings this weekend as part of an annual collection. but a citizen say said they were venturing into traffic. the police shut down the fundraiser. >> a sergeant went out and checked it out. they were have in violation of the city ordinance which prohibit that activity. so we did have to ask the rescue squad to cease that type of fundraising activity. >> the rescue squad was hoping to raise $20,000 but collected only about 3,000. the volunteers plan to work with police to find a new fundraising ride idea that doesn't violate the law. there is a state out west if you are a teenager you don't want to go there to get a tan.
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smile. weddings are supposed to leave you with a smile and joy in your heart. but that is not how it ended for bridesmaids recently when someone stole all their purses. aaron gilchrist has more. >> reporter: it was hard to smile through this one. you show up for your best friend's wedding and go upstairs to listen to the i dos. downstairs someone is taking what they want. >> it is alarming to think that while we were upstairs, someone was downstairs you know committing a horrible crime. >> reporter: a woman is afraid to be identified worried a thief will figure out where she lives now that her license is missing. she was part of a bridal party
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on saturday afternoon. they got there just enough time to put their purses in a holding room. >> it was a podium against the wall and tucked our pourss in there and turned it back against the wall so no one could see it. no one was down there with us. >> reporter: 30 minutes later they were stunned to learn that no one could find their four small purses. >> the church ladies ran up to us happy to see us saying do you have your pours beers? we were like no. >> one of the victims had a iphone if her purse and tracked it to this intersection. police didn't use that tracker. and the phone eventually died. gone with the purses, a digital camera, iphone, cash, credit cards, driver's license,
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cosmetics and security. >> it was such an odd spot and they had a little window of time. >> now kate doesn't and pt that police will have much luck finding their stuff. but she is watching on ebay and craigslist. back to you. well a woman is explaining how she managed to run a marathon and hours later give birth. amber miller was 38 weeks pregnant when she laced up her shoes for the chicago marathon yesterday. she decided to run half and walk the rest and then she went into labor. >> i wasn't determined to run and thought i would have already had the baby. i'm still pregnant and i paid for it so i'm going to run it or attempt to do as much as i can. >> seven hours after finishing amber gave birth to her baby
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june. her doctors said it with u.s. fine because she is a regular marathon runner but not recommended for most pregnant women. it is hard enough carrying a water bottle. >> that kid has already run his first marathon. good for him. >> no kidding. >> you can go on now. >> a lot of people have been excited about the great weather for a past couple days and week. but all good things must come to an end. there is rain out there right no now rain around the vicinity including the region and all of virginia, maryland out in west virginia we are not seeing rain tonight. a few areas of fog are setting up. but the rain is not far off. look at the doppler radar we are all clear on the radar right now. but just widen out to the south and west and what we see here is the fact that we are dealing
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with the rain down to the south in the carolinas. north carolina, south carolina, in through georgia this is a strop call system that came on shore in florida and brought 8 to 10 inches of rain and this is going to move up to the coast to our area. i don't expect that much rain here but pretty good amounts in some locations. we had a high temperature of 83 degrees. a beautiful day with sunshine out there well above the average of 70. the average last 80 degree day has been october 14th. today is october 10th. i think we are pretty much done with the 80s and we can expect the 60s and 70s the rest of the week. 66 right now. wind at 3 miles per hour. dew point at 62. that tells me we could see fog in the area tonight. 52 in frederick. all we're seeing right now from
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the system to the south is the cloud cover. we saw high clouds earlier today. overnight tonight and tomorrow morning this is where the 30 tomorrow morning just cloud cover. i'm not expecting anything in the way of rain during the day tomorrow. here's 6:30. a few breaks in the clouds but mostly cloudy skies and because of that we'll be cooler. here the rain. here's 6:30 and starting to encompass the area. around 3:00, 4:00 we get a band of heavier rain in the blue ridge and we're going to watch that make its way close to our area. 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. this is when the area could pick up half an inch to an inch of rain. i'm not expecting a big flooding event but expecting to see wet scenarios play out through the day on wednesday. a nice start. 54 to 60 degrees.
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tomorrow afternoon, temperatures not as warm as today. 69 to 74. but i think we will see the last dry day in the forecast period. we know we will see rain on wednesday. a good chance of rain on thursday with a high of 76. friday a high of 70. for the weekend looking pretty good partly sunny and mild with highs in the upper 60s to near 70
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somebody whipped your butt in the playoffs you remember that don't you? >> yep.
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you want pay back. it this is a little bit of revenge. that's what we got. thomas vokoun made his capitals debut tonight. they literally won without goaltending. the caps earn playbacks after the lightning swept them out of the playoffs last season. the head coaches facing off once again. first period caps down 1-0. johannes within the puck. rollson tries to fall on it but thompson wraps around the net. a sweet wrap around goal. third people tied at 4. lightning on the offensive. loose puck. bruce clack throws it off vokoun's pads into the net. watch closely. it goes off vokoun's pads and
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in. the lightning take the 5-4 lead. less than three minutes to go. caps on the attack. a tampa bay turnover. and the second goal of the night. we go to a shootout. on for win. a beautiful move. goes back hand. the caps win it 6-5 in a shootout. after the game. the hero of the game giving credit to his teammates. >> just three guys working hard. you know. i think we all take pride going against the number one line and playing good defense. so hopefully, you know, it keeps on going like this. it feels food to help the team. >> the caps play in pittsburgh on thursday. nba news tonight. david stern cancelled the first two weeks of the season. the owners have players have yet to degree agree how to divide
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$4.3 billion. game two of the american league championship series tonight we witnessed history. nelson cruz hit the game winning home run in game one. here in game two, bottom 7. fastball up in the zone. doug kammerer knows that's not good. you're so not catching that. check out ron washington. the rangers's manager loves that. the game goes to extra innings tied at 3. good manager. bottom 11 bases loaded. crushes a walkoff grand slam to left almost in the same spot. the rangers win it 7-3 in extras. cruz with the first game winning grand slam in post-season history. game three tomorrow night in detroit. in milwaukee game two of the nlcs between the cardinals and
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brewers. pujols up with a man on and he is gone to left. two-run homer. look at pujols after he hit this ball. this is a proog profession -- professional hitter. it looks like the cardinals will tie that at one game apiece. >> he is a free agent. maybe the nationals can take maybe the nationals can take ture,
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fire out. the state of california will be the first to ban teenagers from tanning beds. the governor signed a bill to ban anyone under of numerous
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medical associations. we'll be right back. enó vi folks down in mineral, virginia have something to look forward to after the earthquake in august that was a 5.8 on the richter scale. they


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