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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 11, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. new video tonight of a woman buying knives just minutes before police say she stabbed another woman shopping outside target. it is not the first time she has been accused. chaos for commuters on the orange line. nowhere for the riders to go. good evening i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm jim vance. it started in the middle of the evening rush and people were stuck under ground several stakss away. john schriffen now where police and fire were called in to help. >> reporter: the good news at this hour things are back to normal at the metro station. interestingly enough when talking to riders caught in this mess they didn't blame metro for the accident but what they were upset about was what caused a two-hour delay just trying to
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get home. >> i was probably down there trying to get out for a half hour, 40 minutes. i've never seen anything like that before. >> reporter: during the tuesday evening rush these cell phone pictures show the scene. >> some people were yelling and some people didn't know where to go. >> reporter: the metro says the delayed started when a man was hit by a train on the orange line. that shut down the station and meant all passengers had to get off the trains. >> there were bodies physically pressed up against the train upon its arrival. so we are trying to move into space that wasn't there. >> reporter: the effect laters were out which made things worse. >> you had people starting to become short of breath and standing to the side. but then you had people who were
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starting to be in respiratory distress and now you had to have emts coming down the line when they should not have been there from the start. >> the effect laters automatically shut down when there is an overload of passengers. this picture from outside the station gives you an idea how many people were trying to get out. >> i have been delayed two hours by now. usually a half hour or less than that. >> you still not home yet? >> right. >> reporter: hopefully at this hour she made it back home. metro say the reason for the huge delay outside here at the station is when the train station goes out on the orange line there is no dewpoint kating the service quickly. they didn't get the buses here fast enough because of the pile up of customers. as for the man hit by the train he is currently in the hospital. i'm john schriffen.
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back to you in the studio. some radioactive medical waste caused a scare at the national naval medical center in bethesda tonight. 11 people were evaluated and one had to be decontaminated. the medical waste was discarded improperly. military crews are taking over the clean up. president obama has reaffirmed the relationship with saudi arabia. the president told the prime minister that the white house is committed to the security of diplomats serving here. two agents of a the iranian government were charged today. one of them appeared in federal in new york. investigators say they offered a million dollars to a person they believed worked with a mexican drug cartel. >> it is reads like the pages of a hollywood script. the impact would have been real
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and many live would have been lost. >> we will be consulting with our friends and partners around the world about how we can send a very strong message. >> reporter: federal investigators say the suspects were talking about attacking the israeli and saudi embassies here in washington. new video obtained shows a woman buying knives just minutes before the police say she attacked a shopper outside a target store. police say the attack in maryland was random. and we've learned is it the second time the same woman is accused of stabbing shoppers at an area store. shomari stone has new details about all of this. >> reporter: police say that this video is credible evidence that will help prosecute the suspect. >> this is our suspect. >> reporter: take a look at this video from inside the shopper's food warehouse in maryland.
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investigators say it shows the stabbing suspect dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt and wearing a ponytail before she allegedly stabbed a woman in an unprovoked attack outside. >> she brought the fives to the counter and tried to swipe a credit card. that payment did not go through. >> reporter: she went through with her crime. the video shows her grabbing the bag, walking out the store and a few minutes later she used two of the knives to stab a woman in the neck and shoulder outside a target store next door. >> the entire time she is walking like this. she's walking and she is knocking the two knives together. >> reporter: a witness found an off duty police officer at a starbucks and the officer found the woman outside the target and the suspect was walking on a nearby road. >> she produced two knives and did not listen to orders to drop the knives or to halt.
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she proceeded to weak down the street. >> reporter: police tasered the suspect. she and the bleeding victim were transported to a nearby hospital. this isn't the first time that she is accused stabbing someone. she was charged with stab two people at the montgomery mall. that is similar to this stabbing outside the target store. she was released from the mental hospital 60 days ago. >> it is disturbing that the same individual is involved in a similar crime. >> reporter: that is what a lot of folks are talking about out here. the victim is in stable condition. police have not released her name. antnet starks is expected to have a first court appearance tomorrow. what is interesting. investigators say this are cameras outside the target that actually captured the stabbing. that's what investigators are telling me tonight that's new information. they are not going to release that video because they say it
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is disturbing. live in buoy, maryland i'm shomari stone. back to you in the studio. a major discovery in the search for an 5th community activist that has been missing for three weeks now. police found lenny harris's toyota corolla abandoned shortly after he disappeared. the last time anyone saw harris he said he was going to meet someone outside a rec center. his phone was found on the wilson bridge. a news4 exclusive last night may help one neighborhood sleep a little easier. tonight a retaining wall has been put up to reduce the noise from a generator in alexandria. the city put the generator in to pump sewage out of the creek. officials say the spill is contained by but the repairs could take weeks. got rain out there in parts of the area.
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not here right now though but that could change by morning? >> i think the rain continues to make its way in across the area in through the day tomorrow. the radar out there right now. light rain in dulles and annapolis. but as we widen out here notice the rain just to the south and west. a lot of rain in virginia and in north carolina and eastern portions of tennessee and kentucky. that rain is making its way our way and will continue to do so. but that is just round one of the rain. we have round two to go. and that round has a bigger change on the way. a significant figure in the game rights movement has died. frank camny dedicated his life to gay rights after the federal government fired him because he was game back in the 50s. he co founded the society of
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washington and led the first gay rights protest at the white house. back in 2009 the federal government formally apologized for firing him. and a section of 17th street was named in his honor. he died at his home in northwest d.c. today. he was 86 years old. today is national coming out day. still ahead tonight, the occupy d.c. protest moves to capitol hill and results in the first arrests in washington. a sinkhole getting worse.
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trouble after a weapons seizure. and a blind side hit. oh, my goodness. you'll want to see that again. a real life raid involving brad pitt's new movie filming in hundred agree gri. authorities seized 100 machine guns, rifles and pistols pause they could be used to fire live ammunition. ammunition. they werey9msto in the zombie in had been flown london. )c willwdc/filming remains on sy
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xés leads in the latead nomination.l>c@ey her cane 1secw i don't need 9-9-9. we don't need any plan to pass congress. >> you want someone who is smart with experience and knows how to protect american jobs and i do. >> the senate republicans blocked president obama's job creation bill that included a $453 billion tax increase. coming up tonight a justice department investigation at national airport. >> why there is concern about recent moves by american airways. a sinkhole starting to
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breaking news out of florida tonight. there was an accident in president obama's motorcade. two police motorcycles crashed. no word on injuries. the president was not involved. there is a sinkhole in virginia that's still sprea and already taken away decks. several houses could be next. aaron gilchrist met with the homeowners to figure out what they're trying to do to save their homes and how the community is helping them. >> reporter: it start theed like this on september 10th. by september 21st the sinkhole was 30 feet deep. now 20 days later that patio is in the hole. >> it is closer to the homes now. both homes it is three to four feet from the edge of the homes.
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>> reporter: this top deck used to be attached to two lower decks. both have fallen into the hole leaving the homeowners wondering what is next. engineers started drilling three holes around the homes. they will dig down 60 feet to take soil and water samples looking at composition and strength. >> to determine if it is continuing to evolve. what the composition of the soils are. it is leading to determine how it can be fixed and if it can be fixed. >> reporter: it is costing $15,000 and the county may be able to help some. >> there may be little pots of money out there that you can try to get to help them but they add up to a lot. >> there is so much we have to do to figure out what's going on here and if account be repaired and how much it is going to cost and how long is it going to
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take. >> reporter: insurance will not pay for the damage. a church has set up a fund that has raised $27 thourngs for the families. >> what is happening behind us is happening because of the goodness of the people in the community. >> reporter: it will take a couple of weeks to analyze the data to help decide whether the two families will ever get to come back home. aaron gilchrist, news4 stafford. some would say he is very cute. but he is also unusual. this animal is now up for doopgs in prince william county. his name is wilbur and he is a pot bellied pig. he weighs 200 pounds. his previous owners couldn't keep him from running away. he is a big fan of dog treats and loves to be scratched behind the ears. workers say he is cute. >> look at him. >> but he can be stubborn at times.
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>> are those his teeth? >> yeah. >> i can imagine some people would be loving it if it ran away. >> what pig? did you see? >> you don't think that's cute? >> i think you should find a place at your home for that wilbur the 200-pound pig. >> the place i was going to put him is under construction. i'm doing laundry in that area. >> so rain coming? >> weather fit for a -- >> pig? >> yeah. outside right now let's show you what is going on. this is a live shot at 17th and orange streets. a beautiful night. not too bad. some showers around the area but not downtown at the moment. for record today we had a high temperature of 71 degrees. that is just a bit above the average of 70.
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the rain is coming. it will continue to be throughout the evening. 67 in the washington area. nice and mild. winds east-northeast at 8 miles per hour. 63 right now in martens burg. 65 in la plata. not a lot of rain on the radar. showers in loudoun county and frederick county and more on the eastern shore. but look what happens when we widen out. a lot of rainmaking its way across the area tonight. this is the rain we will get first. showers in richmond and the rain in portions of western north carolina. tomorro the area of low pressure. q/u] thisdow timeú will be b enough to not only give us rain but breezy conditions tomorrow. tomorrow is a lot of rain with locally heavy downpours from time to time. but not flooding from this rain event. on thursday we see sunshine on
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the day on thursday. but on friday another round of rain moves in. this is just a shower variety as it moves in during the day on friday. but behind that we have cooler an settle on in. showing you the temperatures tomorrow with the rain moving through some swversion=14.8c-06 cloud cover and periods of rain. there is the next four days. we will take it through the extended. friday 73 with a chance of rain. friday 73 withbig!hance of rain. big.
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a-iddattitude despite an championshipav y came'm3 you out bottom four rangers lead it 1-0. v. mart carbs in. show low shot to right. we're tied at 1. bottom six tigers up 2-1 now. this pitch is in the wheel house. a no doubter to left. the tigers go on to win it 5-2. the rangers lead the series 2 games to 1. game four is tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 in detroit. turning to hockey when the
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capitals play at pittsburgh on thursday, sydney crosby will not be on the ice. he is recovering from a concussion he suffered nine months ago. crosby does not have a date for his return. the penguin's home opener is tonight against florida. evgeni malkin missed the game with a lower body injury. former cap theodore passes to his teammate. a one-timer off the post but it goes off and the net. see it again. a big break for pittsburgh. the penguins win their home opener 4-2 and host the caps on thursday night. the maryland senior offensive lineman suffered a season ending knee injury on saturday. today he was back on campus with an upbeat attitude and his story is inspiring. he walked on at maryland as a
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freshman. his father had to take a mortgage out on the house to pay his tuition. he was named a team captain this year. this is thousand injury happened. a pile of players fall on the back of his leg. he was taken off the field in an ambulance. the 6'5", 300 pound guard is a team favorite. hard worker and a real leader. the family praying for him when it happened. his college career is over but he is upbeat. >> i mean we always know how much football means to us and how much we love the game. but when it is taken from you so quickly like that you know how much you love the game and how important every play is and how important giving everything you've got is. if my teammates take anything
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from my situation it would be that. football important? now i think live an example on your team that is it that important and with but we have to take every play that much more seriously. >> he is a remarkable young man. that cannot be overlooked is his attitude on what he is looking at. his outlook on his situation. that's phenomenal. good
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we are the it 9 -- 99%. >> it's the first time a group of protesters has been arrested since the occupy washington came to d.c. and the permit was amended and they can only stay through december 30th.
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the can want of justice is looking into a deal that allowed u.s. airways to acquire more slots at national airport. the
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think your bike rides are dangerous? a mountain biker in south africa. these animals go about 300 pounds, look at that. bam. smacked him, took him down. >> announcer: it's "the tonight from "mo


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