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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is ridiculous. >> i should just not go to work tomorrow. >> yet another night of delays and frustrations on the orange line. metro can't guarantee it will be better in the morning. good evening i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. last night a person was hit by a train and it caused chaos. but tonight it was a mechanical failure that stopped the trains and had people packed in like sardines again. john schriffen has more. >> reporter: when i talked to the riders who got off this metro station they told me here we go again. this evening's commute was not as bad as the commute that happened yesterday. however metro says it cannot confirm that all of the problems today will be cleared up by tomorrow morning's commute.
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metro riders on the orange line rushed to the exit after delayed service. riders had to sit on the tracks for 30 minutes leave some the question whether to ride metro any more. >> i usually ride the vre. and they give you a free certificate when they are over 30 minutes late. this is ridiculous. >> reporter: around 6:45 people a mechanical switch went out that caused four trains to stop and delayed a number of other trains on both lines. it's the same problem that delayed trains for the morning rush. nicky was caught in both. >> it gets old. i ended up paying $10 a kay and if i park here it's 14.50 to be
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late for work and miss the bus on the way home. >> reporter: this comes 24 hours after the commute on the orange line that stranded some for two hours. these pictures taken on tuesday evening showed hundreds crammed inside and grew to thousands waiting outside. >> i was texting my husband saying it is a regular day at metro. the fares go up and they are more undependable. they don't listen to the commuters. >> if metro is listening what do you want to tell them? >> figure it out. it has worked in new york city for a long time. it should be able to work here. >> metro says it understands that passengers may be frustrated but the crews are on the tracks trying to fix the problem as we speak. they don't know what caused the power outage but the crews are trying to fix it for the
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morning. we will track and monitor this story all night. we'll have the latest on the situation starting bright and early thunderstorm morning for news4 today. i'm john schriffen. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. we are getting the first look at the man in california who is accused of killing eight people in a nail salon. it happened in seal beach an hour from los angeles. the man walked into the salon and started shooting and just drove away. they have not identified the suspect but they caught him a half mile away. at this point police think he may have done it because of a domestic dispute. we are watching a developing story in prince george's county. a groper is targeting young girls. shomari stone has the details. >> reporter: stories like this one cause parents like myself to
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cringe. imagine how the parents of these two girls feel. they kiss them good-bye in the morning wave only to find out that moments later a man touched their daughter. i just got off the phone with the police and they tell me they are upset and determined to catch this man. >> it's awful. >> reporter: fair are kidd is upset after finding a man touched two girls shortly after 7:00 in the morning at hyattsville middle school. >> your children should be safe always. and people shouldn't ever violate children in any way. so it's very disturbing. >> reporter: the first time was two weeks ago and the second this morning. in both cases the man says that the man groped the girls and took off running. the parents are concerned about the children's safety. >> it doesn't make your feel safe. >> reporter: police want us to remind you that your children should walk in pairs going to school.
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i can't count how many times you see kids walking by themselves. you might want to remind them to be vigilant. i'm shomari stone. back to you. more rattled nerves after another aftershock in central virginia. the 3.0 magnitude trim baltimore the 42nd aftershock to hit after the earthquake back in august. it hit around lunchtime and students were forced to evacuate two schools. >> everyone was rushing to the doors and just freaking out. they didn't know what the do. >> the aftershock happened during a meeting about a decision to deny emergency assistance funds to louisa county. 1,300 homes were damaged in the quake on august 23nd. the damage is estimated at $15 million. in the direct they will begin removing parts of the
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national cathedral that were damaged in that earthquake. they will start tomorrow morning. the work will begin on stabilizing the cathedral's grand pin call and the central tower. beginning next week engineers ã informed the washington monument will scale the side of the cathedral to look for more damage. >> the a wet night on the streets. doug is in to tell us if there is more rain to come before the morning. >> it is nasty out there and as jim mentioned yuck. that is definitely the word when you look out there. the drizzle is what makes it a nasty night right now. a lot of drizzle out there. a lot of fog and some areas of heavier rain. but the drizzle is around the metro area. in loudoun county and bethesda county. we will most likely see this the rest of the night.
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the heavier rain in charlotteville but that's not it. we thandoug. $t started with cot pattern and bigger changes for the weekend. you don't want to miss acquire forecast coming up. >> thanks, doug. there could be a wal-mart in arlington in the future. the county board chairman tonight says a developer is trying to acquire industrial land near four-mile run. he wants to put up a wal-mart v!8]oached but the project needs to fit in with the surrounding community their service back. an outage affected e-mail and instant message service and frustrated users. research in motion says the problem started with a router
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switch fail. it should not result in any lost e-mails according to the company. the three american hikers who had been imprisoned in iran spent the day here in washington thanking an american university professor for his help in their release. the doctor wrote a letter to the iranian government asking for the release of the three. he wrote the letter after a plea from josh fattal's mother. he told news4 what amazed him is that all three used their time in prison as a learning experience. >> three human beings arriving almost unscathed and ready to give, to share with the whole world their sense of compassion. >> he met with sarah shourd after she was released and
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helped her while the two others in prison. the reversal in the michael jackson trial. the montgomery county council taken to task tonight. what the kids had to tell the council members. we'll take you to the town where they're concerned about distracted driving, including
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the fbi tracked down the guy who hacked e-mail accounts of dozens celebrities and posted nude photos online. christopher cheney of jacksonville started hacking last november. he is accused of stealing e-mails from johansson, christina aguilera and 50 others. he faces the possibility of more that 100 years in prison. the so-called underwear bomber admitted that he tried to bring down a jetliner. umar farouk abdulmutallab pleaded guilty in a courtroom in detroit today. he planted explosives in his underwear hoping to blow up an airliner headed for detroit on christmas of 2009. the bomb failed but
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abdulmutallab was badly burned. he is facing a mandatory life sense. a big change in the defense strategy for dr. conrad murray. they will no longer try to prove that jackson swallowed the deadly dose of propofol. that's the opposite of what the lawyers claimed this their opening statements. taking pr taking propofol orally would not have an impact. and they cannot prove that murray was out of the room at the time of jackson's death. murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter. coming up tonight teenagers at the mic during a passionate debate. michelle
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way. i would like the council to explain why they believe they have the authority to override the constitution of the united states of america. >> paranoia starts a witch hunt. people are afraid and want a
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solution. are not concerned if it is effective. >> teemers took the mir krchld to protest a proposed curfew. aaron gilchrist is in rockville with more. >> reporter: going in, the county council knew that the curfew would be topic number one. they told the council they won't stand for a curfew and don't want to be treated like criminals. the council chamber was filled to capacity most wanting to wage war on the curfew. >> the new york court of appeals wrote a curfew law was constitutional. >> the vice president defended his colleagues and said that the plan came from the council executive. >> we are reviewing his
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proposal. and by no means has it been decided that we will do this. >> reporter: but the students wanted to persuade. >> i think is it a form of witch hunt. >> reporter: this woman says that it is a paranoid knee jerk reaction to the flash mob that stole from a convenience store in the county. and called the laws ineffective. >> pg county an urban institute study showed that the impact on the target group was insignificant. >> each and every one of you outlate at night at 12:00 or 1:00 could be a victim. that's what i'm more concerned about. >> one councilman strongly opposed the curfew saying that crime involving young people is
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down. >> the curfew is unjustified by the crime situation in montgomery county. it was a hastily proposed measure. >> one student says there are laws on the books in maryland that would handle an issue that a curfew law might be able to handle. the vice president of the council agreed with him. for now live in rockville, back to you. >> aaron gilchrist thank you. hope all the teenagers are home by now. it is a nasty drive out there. the leaves on the road and all the rain. >> this show ends at 11:35 and i have to be home at 11:40. >> there is nothing new about that. a short lean. >> it's not working well for me. you saw aaron had the umbrella. you need it. take a look at this. the national archives building looking good this evening from this vantage point but looks better from inside a car rather than walking around outside. we are seeing nasty weather out
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there this evening. the high temperature today was only 66 degrees. the low today was 64 degrees. that is only a difference of two degrees. with some sunshine out there today through those clouds we were no it able to warm up much. keep the umbrellas handy. we will need them. 65 is the current temperature right now. don't expect the temperatures to move much. 57 in martins burg. 66 in culpepper. and annapolis right now at 66 degrees too. here's the radar. you see a lot of radar returns or echoes. these are all very light. we are seeing a lot of drizzle out there right now especially around the district even though it is not picking up in prince george's county and buoy and montgomery county and back to the west, lees burg and hillsborough and bluemont we are going to see that chance for
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rain and most of it is on the light side if not drizzle. down to the south this is the requester that could see heavier showers. we are looking at a few of those showers in the south. big time rains down there. they have seen 3 inches of rain in charlotteville and we could see more of that tonight. here comes more rain for late in the day tomorrow. once again during the day on friday and then we have bigger changes. let's take you through the future weather here stopping tomorrow morning an tomorrow afternoon. the rain is making it way in here. we'll see bouts of rain throughout the day tomorrow. and once again during the day on friday. not a washout either day but will need the umbrellas nonetheless. light showers tomorrow morning. 56 to 61 degrees tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon mostly cloudy with scattered showers, possible thunder if we see sunshine.
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the best chance is to the south and east. in the next four days show another chance of rain on friday with a high of 7 . on friday will the be warm to start but for friday night football saturday a whi see winds up to 30 to 40 miles per hour. the winds could pick
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you know -- >> it's not over. but not a bad game. >> a great game. >> it was a moan mall baseball
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game. but the tigers have to win three in a row to get back to the world series. they last won in 1984. the rangers have not won ever. you want to root for the underdogs? >> you know how hard is it to go back to the world series? you ask the rangers. the texas rangers are in cruise control in game four nelson cruz hit his fourth home run of the series and had a game-changing play on defense. now texas one game away from going back to the world series. in detroit the game was delayed for more than two hours because of rain. top six tied at 2, michael young with two on and elvis an dress around third. he is in there. rangers take a 3-2 lead. ron washington pumped. loving it. bottom seven, same score, brandon inge at the plate. crushes one to left.
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tie game. just his second career home run on an 0-2 pitch. curtain call for inge. he is loving this. detroit is going nuts. bottom eight now. still knotted at 3. mike adams facing delmon young with runners on the corners. young lifts one to right. nelson cruz under it. cabrera tags from third. here comes the throw not even close. cabrera is out. inning over. jose valverde pitching with two on. a flair to center. josh hamilton around the bases. he scores and the rangers have a 4-3 lead. very next batter, cruz batting in the seventh spot in the line-up getting up, getting over, getting out a here. three-run home run.
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cruz is the first player to have two extra inning home runs in one series. tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 is the next game. the cardinals defeat the brewers 4-3 and take a 2-1 series lead. college basketball season is just around the corner. the terps open up their regular season in one month. today media day in college park. several new faces on the roster including this guy. the terps have six walk ones. there are a few familiar faces on the the team. so what is the difference between gary williams and mark tergeen? >> he is more calm. but he can be a different person. if he say something once and you
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don't get it you might run for it or might see a different coach. but that comes with coaching. i respect him a lot. >> wasn't expecting to hear from maryland and when i did it got the juices flowing. i have maryland on my chest and i'm a better coach today because of it. hopefully it will lead to a lot of victories. >> the season kicks off on friday night for midnight madness. [ male announcer ] do you know how you will react when someone changes lanes without warning? or when you're distracted? when you're falling asleep at the wheel? do you know how you'll react?
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a chicago suburb wants people to stop eating behind the wheel. the village of oak park illinois wants to add eating to the distracted driving ordinance. michelle obama told the "today" show she neeked out of
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