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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  October 13, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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> good morning, everybody, welcome to "news4 midday." right now, the car connected to the amber alert in maryland has been found, with the boy believed to be in it is still found dead inside
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her home last night, and her son has not been seen in almost two weeks. we have the latest. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. sources tell news4 that that vehicle was found in the carolinas unoccupied. this brings more questions because now police are still searching for the 11-year-old boy who they were hoping would be with that vehicle. >> the alert could be seen on roads around maryland. 11-year-old mcquaid is missing, and that's the beginning of the story. here at the condominiums police were investigating the murder of williams mom. her body was found in her bedroom around 8:30 last night. police don't know how long she had been there. but her car was missing, and police still can't find her 11-year-old son. according to this neighbor, it was mcquain's friend and former landlord whose concern launched
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the investigation. >> thank god they called him and the school had called him. that's why, you know, i couldn't understand, you know, and i told him i had not seen her. >> when neighbors could not help he called police. >> i let the cops in the building, and the building is locked. and i wake up this morning to find out she is murdered and he's missing and that's crazy. >> william attends martin luther king in germantown. >> it's scary, because i see the kids walking to school this morning. i just hope they find him. i feel horrible for the family. it's such a loss. >> i just couldn't believe what happened. because when my daughter told me this morning, and she said mommy, have you seen the little boy, i think he is 11 years old, right?
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he is so scared. everybody is trying to -- our neighbors are asking, do you know that little boy? >> reporter: meanwhile neighbors are trying to make sense of it all. where is the boy? who would kill his mom who loved her son so dearly. >> like two peas in a pod, you see the mother you see the son. i don't understand. why would somebody do something like that to a mother and son? >> reporter: 11-year-old william mccaquain is described as being light-skinned black male. we talked with a neighbor earlier and told us the last time she saw his mother's vehicle there was a man loading a large flat screen tv into the back of the vehicle a few weeks ago. she says she talked to the man before and he said she was a friend of the mcquain family and
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said he knew the mom and son. she says she doesn't know the man's name but shortly after that she did not see the son, the mother nor the vehicle. sources tell us that vehicle, police were looking for it, it was discovered in the carolinas, and nobody was in it. tracee wilkins live in germantown. back to you in the studio, barbara. >> this is a story we will continue to follow. meanwhile, pieces -- >> you are good on the cable. swing left. >> pieces of the damaged national kcathedral. crews brought that piece down in an effort to stabilize the tower damaged in the august earthquake. we have more on the project now. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. the work is being done on the other side here, but to give you an idea of the area we're talking about, the structure we are talking about, it's the pinnacles at the top, the
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slender tapered structured at the very top. august earthquake caused them to shake and literally twist and rotate, very, very unstable situation. and these stones weigh tons. they had to get in there and fix it. the top sustained major damage and they needed to come down. that's what they have done here today. at 9:00 a.m., take a look at the video. workers attached the top to a huge crane, and then very slowly, they lowered it down to the ground. the stone weighs 2 tons. amazingly, it took just ten minutes to lower it down. they did so without any sort of incident. everything went as planned. really, taking these down makes the whole situation a lot more stable. they need to be repaired and replaced. the cathedral is closed so it's one step in a long process to fixing the cathedral and making
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it open to the public again. >> that was the number one concern, getting the loose stones off the top of the pinnacles. now with the scaffolding in place, the scaffolding is bracing some additional smaller pinnacles that have also shifted. but that's all stable now. >> and there was a lot of other damages, and it's not just the pinnacles on the other side, and so it will take a lot to repair. ten years, that's the estimate from the chief stone mason on how long it will take to get everything back to normal. kind of an interesting side note, barbara. the folks, engineers and architects that have been repelling offer the washington monument recently, they will do the same thing off the front of the cathedral, taking a look at the stones and trying to figure out how bad the damage is, and then come up with a plan on how to fix things.
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folks should be prepared to see scaffolding on the cathedral for sometime. >> thank you so much for that report. let's turn to the weather now. we can see it from her report, it has been raining out there this morning. tom kierein tells us when we will see clearing up. >> we have a respite from the rain here in washington, but we have fog around, and you can see that near the cathedral, the spires of the cathedral spoke into the fog. and right now on the radar where you see the moving color, these are some showers, and right now these areas of yellow and orange that you see there in loudoun county, that's a moderate shower and advancing north along route 15 towards leesburg, and other rain around montgomery county. and another shower north of
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annapolis into far northeastern an ron done county. we will settle down with a cloudy sky for another few hours. 67 at reagan national. but still in the 50s. shenandoah valley and out in the mountains. later this afternoon, we may have showers coming in with a chance of lightning as well as temperatures climb into the low 70s throughout much of the region by early to midafternoon. a look at tonight, and improving news for the weekend. that will be coming up in just a couple minutes. >> we are looking forward to that. thank you, tom. and the problems we had earlier this morning, do they remain on the roads? let's ask danella. >> we are seeing some congestion. let's look at 95 and fairfax county parkway. we are still seeing volume as you pass fairfax county parkway making your way on to 395 at duke, and as you make your way
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past the pentagon, seeing congestion in the hov lanes there. the 14th street bridge is getting better, and it was packed but it's nice and clear as you make your commute into the city. overnight, firefighters rescued several people from fast-moving flames in the block in cheery hill road. our crew was there as firefighters were wrapping up. the fire appears to have started on the second floor and spread. the cause is still under investigation. another evacuation overnight. this one in northwest washington. pepco is trying to figure out what caused underground smoke. firefighters came and briefly evacuated the apartment building. everybody, though, we understand is okay. new from overnight. police in the district are investigating a stabbing in northwest washington. it happened near the intersection of 14th street and
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meridian place. they found a man stabbed in the back. there is no word this morning on the person's condition or whether police are looking for anybody in connection with the crime. in fairfax county police say they are looking for a man that tried to abduct a 16-year-old girl on her way to school. it happened near blake lane and palmer street. the man began to talk to her before asking her to get into the car. when she refused, the suspect grabbed her and she did get away. police are looking for a white four-door vehicle with a "baby onboard" sign on the right side of the bumper. and then the discovery of a gun was made around 11:00 yesterday on patrick henry drive, and that's near swanson middle school. a vdot contractor found the gun and alerted police. and then last night there
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was a nightmare commute after a mechanical failure caused a power outage. a switch at the rosslyn plant. escalators shut off at rosslyn under the weight of riders just exiting the station. coming up, a high profile white house welcome for
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this morning. bring out the welcome morning for the south korean president and his wife. president obama was outside in the rain to greet the two that arrived at about 9:00 this morning. first lady michelle obama and korea's first lady will spend part of their day at a school. they plan to visit the high school this morning as part of her u.s. welcome tour. the fairfax county school is home to a large korean american population. the president's staff planned this visit. obama's tradition is extending the reach of state visits beyond
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the white house, and that's what she is doing today. tonight's state dinner with the first family will include a new category of guest. the white house posted a message on twitter and facebook, calling for people to sign up to be guests at today's event. those chosen will be able to tweet live from the arrival ceremony. it's a fitting greeting since south korea is one of the most wired nations on earth. we have breaking news out of france this moerpg. the paris investigators have dropped the case against strauss-kahn for lack of proof. he admitted to sexual aggression towards the writer, but it's too late to prosecute for that charge. he resigned after a new york hotel maid accused him of attempting rape earlier this
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year. they dropped that case as well. two powerful earthquakes hit overnight, first in indonesia, the 6.1 magnitude tumbler hit off of bali. at least 50 people injured and three of them critically. the walls of some temples along the coast crumbled, and roofs of some homes collapsed. indonesia sits on a series of fault lines making it prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity. and a 5.3 magnitude hit about 40 miles in the southern coast of oregon. two people have reported feeling the quake as far north as portland and as far south as northern california. experts say there's no threat of a tsunami there, and there have
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been reports -- no reports of any damage in that area. tom, looks like the earth is making mother nature is making her presence known out there. >> we had an aftershock in virginia, too. 3.0 -- >> did you feel it. >> it was around 12:40. no, i did not feel it. it was two months after the earthquake and we are still getting aftershocks. here we had the rain to deal with this morning. we are going to continue to have passing showers as we get into the afternoon hours, all coming from an area of low pressure that has been passing through. even this morning we had thunder and lightning that rudely awakened people around dawn this morning. look at the cloudiness over washington. that's a live picture from the city camera. we can see more of the national monument now than a couple hours, but still the top of the monument being obliterated by the clouds.
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it's 67. and over the last hour we have been watching this area of rain advancing south to north, much of the rain activity now settling down through most of virginia and maryland, but still getting showers here. there's a moderate shower just to the southwest of leesburg. it will be crossing the potomac river in another 15 or 20 minutes or so and then montgomery county getting a few sprinkles. right around washington and throughout much of virginia, the rain has stopped for now. i say for now because there's a likelihood we will see more this afternoon and early evening. temperatures are in the mid and upper 60s. prince georges county and arlington and fairfax, and far west, upper 60s. much of southern maryland, though, is near 70, and over to fredericksburg, near 70 and on the eastern shore, cambridge at 70 degrees. over the last 12 hours, this low pressure coming through with the scattered showers and thunder and lightning.
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a break in the cloud there, seeing a little sunshine breaking out in the northern neck of virginia. let's go forward over the next 12 hours. these are zones of potential rain, and we could have them from time to time throughout the afternoon and perhaps into the early evening hours. it looks like areas to the west of washington will have a possibility of seeing some of the heavier rains and then by dawn tomorrow we will settle down and may have a little bit of a sprinkle activity, perhaps a little fog or drizzle starting off friday morning. and then friday afternoon, we will have a weak front coming in, as it does sweep on through by late morning and noontime, we will have perhaps a passing shower as we get going on friday. now, as we go forward here over the next 48 hours, these are the zones that may get some of the heaviest rains, right now the area of lavender and red, it could pick up three to 3 1/2 inches of rain. so some highly isolated areas
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that could see heavier rainfall from loudoun county and up into frederick county in maryland. have an umbrella handy because we will have passing showers and maybe thunder and lightning later this afternoon and it more likely will be between 4:00 this afternoon and 7:00 and 8:00 this evening when we will have the passing showers with thunder and lightning, and then we will have lingering lighter showers by midnight. by dawn tomorrow we will bottom out in the 60s. and then some sun back finally on friday afternoon. once again, we have been solar deprived, and we could see some sun friday afternoon with a blustery northwest wind around 50 or 15 or 20 miles per hour. and another chilly start on sunday morning in the 40s, and afternoon highs near 70. good weather for the king memorial dedication on sunday and for all the high school and college games on friday and friday night and saturday looks good, and for the skins as well
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on sunday. monday back to work and school, mild into the mid-70s. might get a more perhaps cooler cool-down coming on wednesday and into thursday, but between monday and then we may get showers on tuesday. that's the way it looks. >> why don't we just keep it like this for the rest of the year? we will have the rain during the week and nice weekends? can you arrangement? >> if i could, i would. >> thank you, tom. we will talk to you again shortly. >> danella, you have arranged for good traffic out there now? >> i am not as powerful as tom. all i have are accidents for you. traveling prince georges county right now southbound route 301 at barry road have an accident taking away the two right lanes. and eastbound main street at judicial drive, it's out of the roadway the accident, but we have an investigation happening and it's blocking your right line. here is a look at the american
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legion bridge. clear and congestion is light. if you are taking the beltway to the woodrow wilson bridge, no problems at this time. barbara, back to you. >> the fog is out there, isn't it, danella? >> it is. we have wet roadways so be careful and give yourself extra time. it's 11:21 now, and ahead, no excuses to get fit for fall. easy exercises you can do in your home or office. and then i just joined extracare advantage for diabetes at cvs pharmacy. i'm taking the right steps to manage my diabetes and my budget. extracare advantage for diabetes is a program that helps me save money on the supplies i need so we can stay a step ahead of... all: our diabetes! join extracare advantage for diabetes and get special savings.
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better life. it's that time of yearwhen the weather starts to cool down and we are looking for indoor activities to keep us moving. steve hayes is here to show us what can make us stay in shape in fall. >> this is kenny. >> i do in-home training and work with sports groups in the fall. >> first exercise you call the ab swing. >> this is bending down, and exploding up. as you notice, as he bends at
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the quads, it's making him use his abdominals and the core. it gives you the nice v in the body. you switch sides. >> he is using two weights. >> you can use one. >> does it matter how much weight you use? >> keep it as light as possible, for the main reason you want to utilized the abdominals, you don't want the weight to get you out of position. >> how much weight would you start with? >> one pound. grab a can of canned goods and do it. >> the next thing you will do is a shoulder swing or pull? >> this one, we sit down in the chair. this one, and again, we will show a modified version and advanced version. here, he is coming down, and he is bringing it up, but as you notice, it works the front part
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of the shoulders. but barbara, you have to use the abdominals. >> to bring them up? >> yes, indeed. >> and it doesn't matter how much weight you use? >> a modified version is standing up, and the advanced version you stand and do the same thing, but you have a grav tagsal pull. >> and this one is your fly. standing, and come in, and out. now, you are working the posterior. stand up, same thing. it's right here, because gravity pulls it out. >> do you smile through your exercises? you can see kenny is from trinidad. >> yes. >> great to have you with us today. you have a nutrition tip for us. >> this is national breast cancer month. we have tips for different foods that you can eat that can allow
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you to really -- the doctors show you what to eat as far as preventing breast cancer, different foods. >> encourage people to get the mammogram or do self checks. >> always good to see you. >> thank you. coming up, a change in strategy for lawyers for dr. conrad murray, and witnesses are set to take the stand in a few minutes. and a hunt for a man [ screaming ] [ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man.
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damp weather? stay with us. we'll be back. right now, the car connected to an amber alert in maryland has been found, but the boy believed to be in it, 11-year-old william mcquain, is still missing. the honda was found in the carolinas. police are investigating the murder of mcquain's mother, 51-year-old jane mcquain who was found dead in the family's apartment last night. a busy morning at the national cathedral as construction crews brought down a 2-ton piece of stone off of the spires. removing the damaged pieces will make the tower more stable until the stone work can be repaired.
11:32 am
new today, protesters briefly disrupted a hearing involving leon pennetta and chief of staff, martin dempsey this morning. right now, police are warning parents that a man has groped two young girls in prince georges county. police say the man inappropriately touched the girls near a middle school. both incidents happened shortly after 7:00 in the morning. the latest happened yesterday morning, and police say in both cases the man groped the girls and took off running. a local resident tells us she is upset this happened. >> it's awful. your children should be safe always. you know, people shouldn't ever violate children in any way. it's very disturbing. >> police say extra patrols and surveillance will be added. they urge students to walk in pairs and stay alert. we're getting a better look
11:33 am
at the gunman that shot and killed eight people in a hair salon in california. the gunman, 42-year-old scott dekraai walked in and started shooting. one person listed in critical condition, and eight were killed. friends of the owner say dekraai was the ex-husband of a stylist that worked there. it appears the search of a missing baby hit another dead end. kansas city police shifted their focus on a grocery store where lisa irwin's mother shopped before the 10-month-old was reported missing. the surveillance showed her with an unidentified man there, and the family confirms that was bradley's brother. somebody took her daughter from her crib in the middle of the
11:34 am
night. in a surprising move, lawyers for dr. conrad murray dropped the claim that jackson may have swallowed the fatal dose of propofol, the move comes after any affect from swallowing propofol would be insignificant. and one doctor told the court he found six missteps that could have contributed to the pop star's death. >> somebody's propofol in somebody's home unmonitored without the proper equipment, medical personnel or backup was also an extreme daeviation from the standard of care. >> dr. murray spent nine hours trying to get him to sleep, and now you are saying he should try to wake him. >> propofol is not indicated for sleep.
11:35 am
>> it's not clear if the defense will still try to argue if jackson injected himself with the anesthetic. >> dozens of students turned out to protest a proposed curfew in montgomery county, and the students did their homework, too. >> they ruled a curfew law identical to the one in the county was unconstitutional. >> the curfew put forth would require teens 17 and under to be off the streets by midnight on weekends and 11:00 p.m. on weekdays, and they say the measure would protect teens and lower youth crime. we will check on the forecast. >> we have had rain and fog and thunder and lightning around this morning, and i talked about all of those topics when i visited this school in prince georges county, the high road
11:36 am
academy in maryland, and talked to the students there. i want to thank the school administration administrationer. it was fun and there was an interesting discussion about the types of weather. we have had a few different types of weather here this morning. fog, drizzle and clouds and thunder and lightning, and sunshine briking out in charles county now, and overall still cloudy and the temperatures under the clouds are in the 60s, and in parts of southern maryland where the sun broke out, it's hit around 70 there. under the lower and thicker clouds into west virginia it's in the 50s. today we should hit the low 70s and still a chance of an additional shower this afternoon or early this evening. we could have passing showers, and then clearing out tomorrow afternoon, a blustery wind, turning chilly for the weekend.
11:37 am
sunny, both days with afternoon highs. milder monday and could get showers on tuesday, and then cool again next week midweek. we will check again on the midday traffic out there. danella sealock joins us. >> if you are traveling in prince georges county, still seeing the accident, southbound route still there. and judicial drive, an investigation is happening and it blocks your right lane. traveling 270, here is the view at father hurley, very clear. as you continue on to the spur and make your way on to the inner loop and outer loop is clear, as well as the beltway in virginia. walmart may be moving to the shirlington neighborhood in arlington. the board chairman says a developer is trying to acquire industrial land near shirlington road for the purpose of building a walmart.
11:38 am
the county has not been approached by the largest retailer just yet, but whatever project is proposed it needs to fit in with the surrounding community which includes the bike trail. and a elderly person has died after being diagnosed with legionnaires disease. people who stayed at the hotel and three more have been confirmed this week. the hotel is now closed for the season, but the health department says anybody that stayed at the plaza hotel in september and has pneumonia type of symptoms should definitely see a doctor. while most people think of pigs and cows as food, the farm movement sees them as creatures
11:39 am
that should be able to live their lives without suffering on the farm. a man who helped to start the sanctuary movement for farm animals here with us this morning. good morning and thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. farm sanctuary is for animals that are treated for commodit s commodities. we are trying to show a different way. we look at them as our friends and not our food and we give them a good life. >> you say we look at them as our friends or food, but man has traditionally used them for food. >> that's why they are being raised, yes. but when we raise them in the factory farms there's a callous disregard for their feelings, and for the fact that they are beings, and they deserve to be treated with respect and compassion. >> is there a humane way to raise the animals if we are
11:40 am
still going to eat them? >> different people have different opinions about that. i am a vegan. i have not eaten any animal foods for years, and if people make those choices they need to make a good choice on who they are supporting. i think most consumers would agree that these animals deserve better. >> are there some grocery stores that buy only from farms where they are treated more humanely. >> unfortunately, most of the animals are treated badly, even those labeled as organic or free range. even things labeled that sound like they are from family farms often come from factory farm type of conditions. >> we know there has been legislation, and do you want to talk about what has happened positively for those that believe what you believe?
11:41 am
>> absolutely. several states passed laws to band the intensive confinement, and animals must be given enough space to turn around and stretch their limbs. they are maodest reforms, but it's a start in the right direction. as people learn about the fact that we can live well by eating plant foods instead of so many animal foods, we will see a shift towards more plant-based foods and that's a positive thing. >> tell me about the walk this weekend snoor it's happening this saturday. registration starts at 12:30 up in college park. they can go to the walk for farm animals, and we love for people to be there. >> wendy rieger will be there. thank you so much for coming in and telling us about your program. thank you. >> thank you. still ahead on new"news4 midda midday", will dollar bills be a
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a new proposal by a representative from arizona would phase out the paper dollar bill in favor of a dollar coin. millions of worn out or damaged bills are pulled out from
11:45 am
circulation and threaded every year. it could save $5.5 billion over 30 years, because coins last an average of 30 years compared to 18 to 40 for a dollar bill made out of paper. new york city mayor, michael bloomberg, visited protesters and asked them to leave so crews could clean up the park by the end of the week. it has created unsanitary conditions and considerable wear and tear on the park. protesters camped at the park for the last three weeks, and the greed is the primary cause is the reason for the failing economy. the publisher of the wall street journal resigned over a
11:46 am
deal. publisher resigned on tuesday after an internal investigation showed he cut a circulation deal with netherlands' based partnerships, and the deal could have allowed the journal to charge advertisers for more ads. warren buffett is letting america know just how much money he makes as he continues his fight to raise taxes on the super wealthy. he revealed in a letter he sent to the debt super committee, and in it he said he made just under $63 million last year and paid close to $7 million in taxes. while that sounds like a lot, he says the tax burden is worse for middle income wage earners. the amount of people applying for unemployed benefits is unchanged from last week. we have the rest of the day's
11:47 am
business headlines. >> we have the dow down about 78 points right now. we have the weekly unemployment data, 404,000 people applied for new unemployment benefits, and that's in line with the expectations. it just shows that while we are not hemorrhaging jobs, we are not creating them. while occupy wall street demonstrators protest against big bank profits, investment banking is under pressure and not bringing in much in terms of the income. and jamie diamond said in small business middle market, we added loans and hired over 2,000 veterans, and those are things, great thing to have done. we are doing our share in terms
11:48 am
of lending and hiring to get things going again. a spike is likely because of lenders working through the paperwork issues that put foreclosures on hold earlier in the year. and then the length of time for the foreclosures has gotten longer. research in motion says it has restored service globally at this point, and the company that makes blackberry says it's really, really sorry. it's taking steps to make sure the systems don't go down again. the problem was a hardware backup system that failed massively on monday, and started in asia and cascaded across europe and here in the americas, and barbara, i read a story yesterday, patrick leahy said he did not mind having the blackberry out, because his staff could not get to him. phones and blackberries, it
11:49 am
would be like a vacation, right? you have one you keep with you all the time? >> i am a crackberry attddict, have to say. today, half of child booster seats pose risks, we're learning. and this morning, thes s iinst of highway safety had a result that showed the booster seats work when the shoulder bets and lap seats are properly positioned. >> the shoulder belt is sitting snugly across the center of the shoulder, and you don't want it riding off the shoulder or riding up on the neck. >> six were so bad the insurance institute for highway safety recommends parents avoid them. can you check out specific results at here at nbc 4, we're proud of our wednesday's child
11:50 am
program. through the years we have helped hundreds of kids finds permanent and loving forever homes. our long time commitment to children was recently recognized during an award ceremony on capitol hill where we were joined by our long-time partner, freddie mac. it was the 13th annual angels gala. the coalition of adoption recognizes the groups nationwide for work on behalf of orphans and children on foster care. the coalition was conceived by mary landrieu when she came to washington 15 years ago. >> to have 600 people here coming from all over the country, who have received recognition from their members of congress or senators to say thank you for doing something special for children that did not have a home. >> the wednesday's child program
11:51 am
was among the angels and adoptions singled out this year. freddie foundation ceo said getting the word out about the plite of the kids is important. >> that's the great thing about wednesday's child, and the great media ambassadors we have had, you and the folks here at nbc 4 really embraced this wednesday's child concept. >> while the wednesday's child program started here, he has taken the idea across the country now and supports similar programs on television stations nationwide. >> the wednesday's child is so important, thousands of children -- you know, with the internet, the children are not broken, and their families may be but they are not. they need somebody to reach out and say it's not your fault, you
11:52 am
are smart and beautiful and bright, and you can have a future, and that's what we're hoping for. >> it represents three decades of service to those children in the washington metro area who wait and hope for forever homes. if you have room in your home and heart for one of our waiting wednesday's children, please call our special adoption
11:53 am
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the winner at the 11:00 newscast. and then royal straul juries determined it would take place in the morning. at dawn this morning, monks held prayer sessions across the country, and the father of the concern the king advocated his thrown to bring democracy to the area and the people there, but the royal family continues to hold considerable political power and remains extremely popular. well, a little girl who has become an internet star made her debut on national tv. ♪ oh, you got my heartbeat running away ♪ ♪ did you hear that boom >> soefy grace was on the "ellen show" yesterday. her mom recorded her performance
11:57 am
on her cell phone and posted it on youtube. ellen saw it and invited her to perform, and that was not all. there was this. >> do you want to meet her? >> yes! >> come on out, nikki! ♪ >> wow! can you believe it? how a dry eye in the place when you saw her response. she was overjoyed but not shy and got a chance to sing with her favorite artist. how fun. we will take a look now at some of the stories we will be following at news4 this afternoon. betty white has a new music video out and she's still got it. what beyonce is saying that she stole ballet moves for her
11:58 am
new video. at 5:00, sorting out the new credit card rules. liz crenshaw breaks out the good and the bad coming out tonight. we have had passing showers this morning. we will have them with us from time to time into the afternoon, and they will be with us, perhaps, into tomorrow midday as well. right now we are in the upper 60s to near 70, but a clearing and drying trend and cooling down for the weekend. enjoy and see you tomorrow morning. okay, tom. see you then. that's "news4 midday" for
11:59 am
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