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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  October 13, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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a mother is murdered in her germantown, maryland home and her 11-year-old son is missing this afternoon. police tracked down the woman's car 400 miles away and arrested a suspect. good evening, i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. veronica johnson is in the storm center to tell us about a tornado. >> there's actually two areas down south, well south of d.c. that have been warned on for potential tornadoes. take a look at the radar and the radar loop. you can see two areas shaded in red. it's where we have the tornado warnings issued. southwest orange county until 4:15. then also, also for eastern louisa county and hanover.
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the north and northeast, quite a bit of lightning with it. golden, old bandana, goodall and oliver. we continue to see more warnings come out. another area here as we take a look at it. that area down south there, that is what's pulling to the north and northeast. oliver in the next 47 minutes. athens, in the next hour. it's louisa county thwarted spot spotsylvania and culpeper county is inside that tornado warning. the temperatures have been plenty, plenty warm. they are in the mid-60s. it's an area down to the south
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that's culpeper county until 4:30 and orange county. let's go ahead, if we can and take a look at the radar on the graphics 29 if we can put it back on graphics 29. there we go. again, two different areas under a tornado warning. if you are within any of these areas, as we zoom in you can see it's headed toward 522, headed toward culpeper. it's south of culpeper, the cell we are warning on. you need to take cover now. move to an interior room and get away from windows and doors. you can see where the cell is north of orange, moving north-northeast toward 615. doug, if you can pan over to the other area that's been warned on as well, slightly east and southeast of there, not around old bandana as well as golden
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area moving north-northeast. right now, on i-33 south and east of jackson moving north-northeastward again. potential tornado, a lot of clearing skies and big time warming taking place. severe weather on tap for the next couple hours. you can see more of these cells pop with potential tornadoes move northeastward. we have a rough afternoon for southern most counties. we'll have more coming to you guys in a couple minutes. >> we'll check back. veronica, thanks. the murder of a germantown mother. curtis lopez, the husband of jane mcquain is in custody in charlotte, north carolina in connection with her death. >> her car was found in the carolinas, but her 11-year-old son is missing this afternoon. the amber alert remains in effect. tracee wilkins talked with the
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neighbors about this case. >> reporter: the alert could be seen on roads around maryland. 11-year-old william mcquain is missing. that's just the beginning of the story. here at the condominiums in montgomery county, police were investigating the murder of 51-year-old jane mcquain found in her bedroom around 8:30 last night. police don't know how long she was there. her car was missing. according to this neighbor, it was mcquain's friend and former landlord who started the investigation. >> the school had called him. that's why, you know, i could unts. i said i hadn't seen her. >> reporter: when neighbors couldn't help, the friend called police. >> i let the cops in the building. they came by to investigate. i let them in the building because the building was locked. wake up this morning she's
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murdered and he's missing. it's crazy. >> reporter: this morning, parents knew about the amber alert but little information about what happened. they were worried for the safety of their own children. >> it's scary. i see all the kids walking to school this morning. i just hope they find him. i feel horrible for the family. it's such a loss. >> i just couldn't believe what happened. when my daughter told me this morning, she said have you seen the little boy. i think he's 11 years old. everybody is trying to, our neighbors back there, everybody keep asking do you know that little boy. >> reporter: meanwhile, neighbors are trying to make sense of it all. where is the boy and who would kill his mom who loved her son so dearly. >> like two peas in a pod. you see mother, you see son. i don't understand why somebody
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would do that. >> reporter: police describe the 11-year-old as a light skinned black male, approximately five feet tall weighing 85 pounds. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, pat collins has more on the arrest in this case. he'll have a live report at 5:00. they plan a 6:00 p.m. news conference on this murder case. we'll bring it to you live as well. tragedy struck a quiet southern california town when a gunman opened fire in a crowded hair salon. when it was over, eight people were dead. chris ten has the latest. >> reporter: today, a growing tribute to those killed in wednesday's mass shooting. it took only minutes. armed with several weapons and
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wearing full body armor, 41-year-old scott stormed the crowded hair salon killing eight people and wounding another. his ex-wife, a stylist in the salon and apparent target of the attack, dead. he was arrested a half mile away as he tried to flee the scene. police have not released a motive. friends say he and his ex-wife were involved in a bitter custody battle with their son. >> i knew there was a lot of strife. >> she has a little boy. now the little boy is without a mom or a dad. >> reporter: among the victims the salon owner. >> he could have easily gotten out. his station is right by the door. he didn't. he tried to protect everyone in there. he was a great guy. >> reporter: his wife, also in the salon at the time of the shooting made it out alive, but
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at a horrible cost. >> sandy -- >> reporter: that's his wife? >> yeah. >> reporter: she was there? >> she was there. she saw. >> reporter: she saw him get shot? >> yeah. yeah. i don't know how she's going to live with that. >> reporter: a life, like so many others in this community now forever changed. nbc news, seal beach, california. president obama said iran yan officials had a direct role in the plot against the saudi arabian ambassador. iran will be held accountable. president obama added the u.s. would increase political pressure on iran and not taking any option off the table. a member of the special operations force have been charged with conspireing to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s.
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the attack was supposed to take place at a restaurant here in washington. the poll numbers still slipping but president barack obama's fund raising numbers remain strong. new figures show he raked in $70 million for the campaign and the democratic party over the summer. herman cain, mitt romney and perry are expected to raise only half that amount combined. the president's $70 million is still less than the $86 million he raised in the last fiscal year. if you didn't take advantage of the low 3% interest rates, it may be too late. the average rate on a 30 year fixed rate rose to 4.12%. it's up from $3.94% last week that set a record low. the rate on a 15-year, 3.36% to
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3.26% is also a record. research in motion announced the smartphones are back up and running. this morning, the ceo said the system is back to normal and apologized for the four-day outage, a manufacturing switch malfunctioned at the data center on monday causing e-mail and internet service disruptions all over the world. some e-mails may be a bit delayed as they continue to flush out backlog messages. pieces of the damaged cathedral came down. crews removed massive stone pieces to stabilize the tower. megan mcgrath has more on the project. >> reporter: august earthquake shook the national ka theet ral and caused the tapers pinnacles to literally shift and move in their very unstable at this
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point. the top sustained major damage. they need to come down. it's what they did this morning. at 9:00 a.m., workers attached the top of the southeast pinnacle to a huge crane and then lowered it to the ground. the stone weighed two tons and took ten minutes to take down. doing so, the mason says things are a whole lot safer. >> that was the number one concern, getting it stable and getting the loose stones off the pinnacles. now, with the scaffolding in place, that is bracing smaller pinnacles that shifted. that's all stable now. >> reporter: there's a lot of other damage here at the cathedral as well. other pinnacles need to be replaced. they are saying ten years is the estimate for getting things back to normal here. visitors need to get used to seeing the scaffolding. they are going to continue to
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assess the damage. they are bringing in the same team that looked at the washington monument. they are going to come here to the national cathedral. you could see them dangling from ropes as soon as next week. in terms of how long it will take to get back to normal, ten years is the bigger time frame here. they will open to the public, november 12th. i'm megan mcgrath, news 4. >> a lot of work ahead of them. impressive to watch. coming up on news 4 as we just get started, it is the most expensive dessert in the world. it cost more than 30 grand. beyonce is accused of ripping off someone's ballet moves. what she had to say about that. >> i'm so hot. >> yeah, betty white still has got it.
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her new video called i'm still hot. >> plus, a royal
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veronica johnson here in storm center 4 along with doug kammerer. we continue to track severe weather to the south of us in virginia. all of this south and east of la ray, south of warrenton and north and west. we have had several tornado
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warnings, already. we have one that continues until 4:30. that one covers areas of southeastern culpeper county, central orange county. again, this is a tornado warning that goes until 4:30. it's moving northeastward toward grassland in the next seven minutes. raccoon forge and then elkwood in 53 minutes. this is based on radar. possible tornado that may be in this area. if you are in any of these neighborhoods, take cover now. get inside, stay inside somewhere safe in an interior room. we have another area we have been watching. this one was warned on. it's a cell we are watching closely for redevelopment. it's also moving north-northeastward toward lady smith and bubbling green within the next 24, 40 to 60 minutes.
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severe weather down south and other storms blowing up. we had the drizzle and mist, the clouds earlier this morning. we saw a break in the cloud cover now severe storms starting to develop. there are clouds further north. perhaps as this moves northward, it stabilizes more. now, we are watching storms south and west of i-17 in west of hartwood. we'll continue to watch this cell move north. it may be warned on soon. severe weather to the south. expect it for another hour and a half to at least two hours. the thunderstorms, a lot of lightning with these as well. more coming up. back to you. lost at sea? maybe not. >> who cares what britney thinks? apparently a lot of people. >> beyonce has all the right moves, be are they really hers?
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it's time for hollywood headlines. georgia is with us. >> great to see y'all. so much going on. >> i know. let's start with the countdown and beyonce. this video, everybody is in love with it. >> it's a hot video but a choreographer says she stole her moves. beyonce said i did but it's paying homage. if you see the video, this is clearly funny face. so, she's, you know, she's paying tribute to diana ross, twiggy, bridgette. if you see the video, you can see all that stuff in there. andy warhol. >> she's trying to sue. >> let's talk about betty white's video. >> she's so hot in this video. she's doing it with pop star,
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british pop star. there's so many l.o.l. moments. there's the cheesecake. look at this. she's crazy. she'll do anything. i love her for that. she's doing this for a good cause. she loves animals. the first part of this video is shot at the zoo. a lot of proceeds are going to the los angeles zoo association. that's cool. >> she does look good, doesn't she? >> she's 89 years old. >> i know. on the other end of the age spectrum, racking up numbers is britney spears. we are talking about a twitter following that is through the roof. >> she's the sixth celebrity to reach 10 million views. she follows 400,000 people. that's a lot of people. >> it is. >> ashton kutcher started it all but he's not there. >> he was the first to get 1 million followers. >> what is it about britney
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getting kicked off? >> i love her. she's a diva. here's the thing, she wouldn't buckle her seatbelt. she got settled in. the crew member said you have to buckle. she said she's not doing it. the second crew member said buckle it or get off the plane. the second crew member buckled it for her. whitney is whitney. what are you going to do? >> that's a private plane. get it done. >> let's talk about bethenny frankel. skinny girl. is she lying about an adventure she had? >> she tweeted and said she's not lying. she was lost at sea. the guy who rescued her said it was made up. she made it up for her bethany
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bravo show. >> talk about hyperbole, reality tv. >> some people say she's wired. not me. i'm just saying what other people are saying. >> thanks so much. >> your twitter. >>@freid >>@freidasflicks. >> thank you, georgia. >> thanks. coming up, one airline tries to make money by removing toilets. what relaces the bathrooms? we'll tell you. >> whitney is not going like that. plus, there's a tornado warning we have to tell you about. we'll have the latest on this with veronica johnson. she'
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we want to get the latest. parts of virginia have been under a tornado warning since 3:40 this afternoon. >> veronica, what's going on out there now? >> we continue to see the tornadoes issued for the one we
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were looking at in mineral, virginia. the national weather service suspects something did touch down in central virginia, mineral county. there's report of one house that's been damaged. no injuries. the national weather service will be sending out a team on friday to take a look at that. you are looking currently at our live radar. this is a loop over the last couple hours. those areas that are shaded in red give you a perspective. that is where we have more tornado warnings issued. the latest for southwestern county until 5:00 p.m. a new tornado warning. of course, we have the other tornado warning that continues. that one for western louisa county and southwest orange county until 4:30. actually -- culpeper until 5:00 p.m. we continue to watch the whole area down around faw kert
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county. it's north and northeastward. they head to summer duck within the next 46 minutes and richardsville within the next 51 minutes. this whole cluster moving northeastward into areas of southwestern county. this one is firing with a lot of lightning. spotsylvania in the next 36 to 47 minutes. again, the latest warning that came out, northern orange county, culpeper county until 5:00 p.m. if you are in any of those neighborhoods, take cover now. all of this, the result of clearing skies and a lot of warm air that's been moving from south to north to our area. the area of clear skies neriar
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manassas. we have more cloud cover, thicker cloud cover that's over montgomery county and louden county as you can see on the satellite radar. for another hour and a half, maybe two hours, we continue to see more warnings issued. i'm hearing in my ear now that there's a tornado watch issued for montgomery county, prince gorges, st. marys, charles. the watch will last for a couple hours. we continue to see more severe weather here for the afternoon and the early evening. our temperatures, big range across the area from 63 in fredericks where there's been cloud cover. 66, a fair amount of cloud cover in louden county. 77 degrees in fredericksburg, virginia. so, a lot of warmth down to the south helping some of the storms to fire today. on your good night forecast, we are going to get back to the radar. for the next couple hours, we
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are going to have the thunderstorms around. foggy conditions around as temperatures drop off to the mid-60s. that's the way it's looking now. let's get back to the radar right now. as far as what we will be seeing, again, more tornado warnings possibly issued with parts of the area under a tornado watch. doug, if i could get a print out of what areas are going to be included in the watch and for how late that will last. going to go ahead and take this off for a minute and retrack the cell for you and give you a fresh look at it. take off the radar and show you a little better as to where it is. let's pan down. this is over culpeper county. you can see the bigger part of the cell. zoom in tighter for you. show you there's quite a bit of lightning with it. it's west of remmington, virginia. you can hear the sounds of what we call the bing box going off.
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more warnings are being issued. we are working on a phone to get an official on the line to be able to chat with on exactly what has taken place down there around louisa and mineral virginia. again, this latest cell, the tornado warning goes until 5:00 p.m. for this area shaded in red. let me put the tracking on for you and show you the neighborhoods impacted. it's moving north and northeast at 25 miles per hour. into stevensburg, elkwood, then remmington then on to balls mill in 47. in the next 58 minutes, auburn area. again, parts of the area under a tornado watch that includes st. marys and much of the northern neck. again, we'll go through the rest of the afternoon and early
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evening. >> virginia in that tornado watching. >> we are hearing that is also d.c., arlington, culpeper, caroline in the watch. this is in effect until 11:00 p.m. this evening. again, a couple hours of severe weather that will be making its way from south to north into our area. all of southern maryland. i'm going to widen out and pan down so you can see right now, we have really not much at all going on in louden county and montgomery county, d.c. or prince george's. it's the cells popping down south. culpeper county, stafford county now. around fredericksburg. as we zoom in, you can see the cell in very heavy rain right now. this one around fredericksburg
4:31 pm
in spotsylvania has not been warned on for a tornado as of yet. we'll watch it very closely. it's the evening rush. these are all areas as the weather moves northward. all areas heavily populated. let me open it up once more. i'm going to put it into a loop for you over the last couple hours. the individual cells south of fredericksburg and warrenton. west of charlottesville with more down to the south filling in and probably more cells popping in this area where we had the clearing skies and the very warm temperatures. let me go ahead and zoom in once more and show you the area we are looking at. a possible tornado. we already had reports of some nasty weather that's come through mineral county with damage to a house. no injuries there. national weather service will send someone out tomorrow to verify.
4:32 pm
let me go ahead and track this one cell for you. i'll stop the loop now and give you the latest as to which neighborhoods are impacted. culpeper in the next couple minutes. elkwood in four minutes. warrenton, 22 minutes. auburnton in 25 minutes. there's a lot of lightning with this cell and heavy rain. if you are in any of these neighborhoods, you need to take cover now and get to the interior home. again, it's the evening rush. if you have anyone out on the road as you listen to us, anyone heading home, give them a call and give them a heads up and let them know exactly where this cell is headed and where the weather is. severe weather and they need to perhaps pull off somewhere, a shopping center somewhere and get off the road. it's elkwood, remmington, auburn and gainsville in the next 54
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minutes. let me take the radar off entirely for a moment. i'm going to zoom in tight so you can see all the areas that are clearly impacts here. zoom in very, very tight. this is right around remmington, i-15, i-3. so, remmington area, brandy station, stevensburg, kellys area. all this moving to the north and northeast. the bolt is where there's been lightning reported with this cell. lightning and heavy rain. a lot of the area saying what severe weather are you talking about? we haven't had much taking place to the north of us after this drizzley and damp morning we have had. clearing skies in the afternoon. it's those clearing skies that has given way to the storms having the ability to form. national weather service putting a good portion of our area under a tornado watch until 11:00 p.m.
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we have a couple hours of this to go to get through. widen out a little bit more. you can see the cells that started firing down to the south of us. the northern neck, for sure. especially there some very stormy conditions and west of charlottesville. probably the bigger cells are getting close to us. fredericksburg and especially around stafford county and around right there around areas, i-95, spotsylvania county moving to the west. this is another cell we are watching very, very closely. this one area shaded in red here, right along culpeper, east of culpeper and i-15, this is a tornado warn thag will be in effect until 5:00 p.m. it's moving to the northeast. this particular cell at 30 miles per hour. so, it's moving pretty good.
4:35 pm
we already know from some of the other cells that have been out there, we have had some that have potentially led to damage in mineral, virginia. national weather service will look at that tomorrow. go ahead and pull this to the side, give you the breakdown, again. five minutes, elkwood will be impacted. balls mill in the next 28 minutes. this is one thing we have had all through the month of september and through a good part of early october. we have had a lot of rain events in the area. we haven't had much severe weather. you need to be on your toes with the storm that is are going to come through until 11:00 p.m. >> we are going to continue to watch these obviously here. watching these across the area. you can still see what's happening down there to the south. this is meteorologist, doug kammerer, by the way.
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we are watching this storm system as it makes its way out. to the north of the washington area, you have seen the clearing. now, the storms are developing. >> this is a picture of the severe weather we are seeing. this is route 15 near the zion area. if you look closely, that is damage to that particular rooftop of the house. again, we are seeing very strong winds coming through with these cells. strong winds and the potential they are dropping some tornadoes. right now, we are watching the one cell in culpeper northeast. >> again, that tornado watch is in effect for the entire area until 11:00 tonight. it doesn't include all of northern virginia. it includes maryland including prince george's county. the district is included in that. we'll watch the watches and warnings. we were watching this develop
4:37 pm
yesterday. we were watching the system to the south creating upper level low pressure area making its way over. we were talking about the potential of sunshine today. any sunshine we received was going to help us produce these strong storms. it's what's happening out there now. down to the south, temperatures have shot up. fredericksburg is near 80 degrees. that storm is a fairly dangerous storm now. just to the south of fredericksburg. i wouldn't be surprised to see a warning pop up there. a lot of lightning with the storms. we're going to continue to see that. heavy downpours. this one had numerous tornado warnings associated with it. we have had the report of a confirmed tornado in portions of louisa county. around mineral, this is the place that was hit by the earthquake a month and a half ago. they saw significant aftershock yesterday of 3.0. this is a county that continues
4:38 pm
to get hit and pummeled not just by the weather, but mother nature in general. these storms going up. let's go to graphics 29, if we can. this is the tornado watch and where it's located. all of northern virginia, louden county, fairfax county then down to the south around stafford county, fredericksburg and of course culpeper and back to the west. southern maryland includes prince george's county, calvert, charles, st. marys. this goes into effect until 11:00 tonight. we are dealing with the potential of these storms in the evening hours. pay attention with this because we have more storms down to the south. let's go over to graphics 22. we are not quite done yet. we have the storms in the immediate area to the south of warrenton, culpeper and
4:39 pm
charlottesville. more down here towards richmond. these are the storms around richmond. notice the storms here. these are the storms right around the richmond area that will eventually make their way up to the north. now, we are talking about portions of maryland. charles county, you will see those in an hour to two hours. right now, northern virginia is under the gun. right into prince william county. if you live in the warrenton area, make sure you are safe. i think the storm should pass just to your east. still, watch this one very, very closely. all southern portions need to pay attention to this storm as it continues to come on here. fredericksburg, heavy rain. anytime you see the purple, it could be telling you we have
4:40 pm
rainfall, lightning and hail, too. veronica? >> as far as damage reports go, the one report we have had is one from the national weather service out of central virginia in mineral county, reporting the damage we showed you at the top of the house there as far as the roof damage goes. there's been no injuries. the national weather service will be going out sometime on friday to assess what took place down there in mineral, virginia. now, that is the only damage report that i have seen so far, doug. i just walked over, took a look into the computer. so far, no wind damage. there's a lot of heavy rain coming down with these cells. a lot of heavy rain and lightning. right now, right north and east of culpeper. if we can zoom into the cells, culpeper headed off toward western county, not too far from the warrenton area.
4:41 pm
then we have another area that's just west of remmington. there will be heavy rain moving up that way. heavy rain and possibly high winds and a lot of lightning, too. now, these are some of the areas that have been getting hit over and over and over the last couple days with thunderstorms. no severe weather but a lot of thunderstorms coming through. early this morning, these were some of the same areas hit. north up into howard county as well as montgomery county. if they hold together, they will head throw prince william county and back up to montgomery and howard county, again. we have another area split from that to the east. that's making its way from freddicsburg toward woodbridge. all this not hitting at a good time. it's hitting during the evening rush. a lot of folks are on the road.
4:42 pm
we have this tornado watch that covers so much of our viewing area that lasts until 11:00 p.m. we may be looking at nasty storms hitting our area right up until the time when many folks are ready to go to bed. a bit of a evening to have folks on edge with not just severe thunderstorm rings, but tornado warnings that have been issued already. reports and damage we have gotten already. much more coming up after this break.
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meteorologist veronica johnson in storm center 4 and meteorologist doug kammerer are continuing to track severe weather for you this afternoon. the entire area under a tornado watch. it's all yellow that you see here on the map. it lasts until 11:00 p.m. the red is fauquier county and culpeper. it's a tornado warning that goes for another 15 minutes. the one thing to the north of us, light showers today. now, we are getting big, bold areas of thunderstorms and very heavy rain and severe weather at that. let's zoom into the one area we have been watching, culpeper and fauquier. this is west of i-17.
4:46 pm
this one particular cell has been warned on for potential tornado based on what we are seeing on radar here. again, it's moving to the north-northeast at 30 miles per hour. it will be impacting areas like warrenton in ten minutes, balls mill in 23. if you are in any of these neighborhoods, take cover now. that means get to the lowest floor of your home, get to the interior section of your home and away from windows and doors. we have buckland within 38 minutes. 58 minutes, the gainsville area. this whole cell producing a tornado. it's possible. reports of tornadoes and damage in mineral, virginia. we have another area that's off to the south and east of that. it's pretty much right along i-95. at least it's certainly moving more and more in that direction. a lot of lightning with the cell
4:47 pm
and a lot of heavy rain. this cell could potentially be producing high winds as well. again, right up along i-95. from the bowling green area toward fredericksburg and quantico. if you have someone on the road, give them a heads up and let them know what's headed their way. let's pan out and show you what's down to the south of our area. again, the tornado watch, the potential for more tornadoes, that lasts until 11:00 p.m. this evening. >> we also had a special weather statement put up. not a warning but a special statement it's in eastern portions of fauquier county. the one to the east, this is moving into prince william county and will be close to the manassas area. this is going to be a storm that we are going to have to continue to watch.
4:48 pm
that storm producing some lightning. it's to the south and east of 28 and route 610. this is coming close to the brensville area in 30 minutes. up toward manassas in a half hour to 45 minutes. a couple areas there, weaversville seeing the heavy rain now. just to the south around the summerville area, you are seeing the heavy rain. this is the southern portion of these storms is the portion that has that rotation associated with it. wouldn't be surprised to see some rotation with these storms, too. we continue to watch these. one thing we know for sure, we have had at least some reports from damage from the possible tornado that hit louisa county around the mineral area. there's a picture of a house that had its roof torn off. winds in excess of 60 or 70
4:49 pm
miles per hour. the structure is intact. it looks to me like it's the rof damage. the roof is sitting in the front yard or backyard, whatever the yard may be. the roof did collapse. once again, strong winds associated with that. very strong lift associated with the storm. we'll continue to watch it for you throughout the evening. >> doug, you mentioned one area, the national weather service put out a special statement in southeastern fauquier county. i'm going to track the cell. folks can see where the heavy rain and lightning and high winds are moving toward. that would be brentsville in 20 minutes and on toward combat village in 38 minutes and clifton in 54. let me take this off and i'll pan out a little bit so we can talk a little bit more. it is in effect for 11 minutes here. the tornado warning for culpeper
4:50 pm
and fauquier county. let me advance this for you and put it into a loop. it's headed toward warrenton, remmington along i-15. >> if you are in the remmington area, make sure you are inside your house, an interior room, like a bathroom with no windows or basement. get indoors. stay indoors. this is not a time to take a look outside an see where the storm is going. if you hear thunder or lightning, you are near the storm. it is right over the remmington area near fauquier county. we are going to watch this very, very closely. if you are in the remmington area, make sure you are in an interior room and in the lowest part of the house. if you have a basement, get to the basement if it's first floor, be in a bathroom or bedroom that you are under a mattress. this storm has a history of producing what could have been a tornado on the ground to the south. it continues to make its way to
4:51 pm
the north and east. warrenton, in 15 minutes. warrenton, the part of the storm that is tornadic should pass to the east. this is the area you want to watch out for around auburn and fauquier county and buckland as we cross toward prince william and portions of fairfax county, too. veronica. >> we are going to open it up more so folks can get a perspective. folks not in these areas impacted right now. i'm only going to do it briefly, then head back toward culpeper and fauquier county. to the north of us, d.c. and bethesda and blue month and clint clinton, we are looking at quiet weather now. we have had a fair amount of cloud cover. we have had so many breaks in the cloud cover further south of d.c. where temperatures warmed up. they spiked into the mid and upper 70s this afternoon. as you know, we have a cold front to the west of us.
4:52 pm
we are seeing that severe weather now, not only severe thunderstorms, but where they have gone from just that to potentially dropping tornadoes. we showed you earlier the one picture of the damage there with the roof torn practically off the house there in mineral, virginia. we could be looking atmore damage coming our way this evening. we are approaching the 5:00 hour now. that tornado warning for culpeper as well as for southwestern fauquier county, that will go up until 5:00. the tornado watch until 11:00. plenty of storms down south. the cold front, we could be looking atmore severe weather coming our way tomorrow. doug? >> once again, we are going to continue to watch these for you. we are going to stay with you on this storm because it's dangerous. we are going to stay on through the 5:00 hour. we are going to break here in a minute. when we come back, i expect they
4:53 pm
will continue the warning in toward fauquier county because they have a very possible signature of a tornado on the radar. we'll be right back. stay with us here at news 4. we'll continue to
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
hello, meteorologist doug kammerer and veronica johnson here. watching the possibility of a tornado. we have a tornado warning near fauquier county. i's going for five minutes or so. i expect it to be continued for a half hour or 45 minutes. that includes fauquier and prince william counties. we have another storm toward the fredericksburg area with some reation, too. this is a dangerous situation. the areas highlighted in yellow is a tornado effect in effect until 11:00. it includes all of southern maryland, the district and virginia. >> we continue to watch the other cells as doug mentioned pushing up into prince william county. that's it for news 4 right now. news 4 at 5:00 starts now. >> it will start in a minute when we get to that point. i tell you what, we are watching
4:57 pm
yet another storm down to the south around portions of the northern neck, too. this is an area that's going to continue to be impacted throughout the afternoon. let's go down to the south more, veronica and show you, these aren't the only storms in the game now. the ones near fredericksburg, the south and east. east of richmond, we have another storm that is producing a tornado warning. that, again, is a storm that's going to make its way in toward our area. that storm could come up into southern maryland. if you live from loudoun county, montgomery county, you are the ones who need to take precautions here. we are talking washington, fairfax county, charles county, fredericksburg toward virginia and most of southern maryland, if not all of southern maryland. cal vert, charles the tornado
4:58 pm
warning in effect until 11:00. now, look at the signature right here with this storm just to the south of warrenton here. this storm does look like there's a possibility of at least a tornado with this storm. it has had some impact. we have damage associated with this storm. it's going to make its way close to the casanova area. auburn in 37 minutes. if you live in noksville, take precaution. now, we are going to stay with this for you through the 5:00 hour. as we talked about, news 4 at 5:00 will start right now. well, we are watching severe weather tonight. a possible tornado reported in the same town that was the epicenter of august's earthquake. it is a wild afternoon out there, people. i'm wendy rieger.
4:59 pm
welcome to news 4 at 5:00. >> i'm jim handly. we have reports of damage, folks. there's a tornado watch in effect in our woods, close to home. let's go straight to doug kammerer in the storm center. what is the latest? >> watching that one storm that had the tornado touchdown. down around mineral, that is in louisa county. this is an area that's been hit very, very hard. there's been 42 some aftershocks after the earthquake. yesterday, a 3.0 aftershock, today the possibility of a tornado touching down there. the tornado includes most of northern virginia, fauquier county, prince william and fairfax county. toward the district and southern maryland, anne arundel. we have those thunderstorms


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