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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  October 13, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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producing tornado warnings. they are in effect until 6:00. we are talking 15 seconds or so. it's going to be interesting if they extend the warnings. the one around fairfax, around the city of fairfax, that storm still has some rotation to it. that storm may be weakening a little bit. the red is gone. at 6:00, they allow that to expire. the other storm that was around woodbridge, they allowed that tornado warning to expire as of right now. we are seeing areas of spin. we are seeing areas of rotation here. we'll continue to watch these. the one around fairfax county -- excuse me -- around the city of fairfax has hail associated with it potential for hail. this is oakton and route 50. if you are east of chantilly, oakton and fairfax, you really
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want to be careful here. they mean business. there is a ton of lightning associated with the storms as they continue to the north. they are entering montgomery county. they have been in loudoun county, too. seeing the potential for heavy rainfall and potential for hail. you can see the one storm toward the leesburg area. you can see the motion. there's uplift, up draft. with that, we have potential for hail and charles county seeing heavy thunderstorms at this moment, too. they are going to continue to the indian head area, fen wick and around -- to the west. the district has not seen it, yet. we will see it as the storm continues to move to the north and east at 30 miles an hour. the first storm in two minutes around hunter. we are talking great falls. gaithersburg, you are seeing the rain now. the strongest area of storminess is to the south. only a lot of you from onley
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saying what is going to happen? i think you are going to see this heavy storm move through your area in the next half hour to 45 minutes then to do mas kus. no more tornado warnings in effect. we no longer have tornado warnings. we have veronica with more. >> we have live pictures up now for you. this is i-66 and monument drive. very, very wet roads. traffic probably going much slower than on a typical day. heavy rain. let's go back to radar. there's the picture. lights and slow traffic. here is where the heaviest rain is now. just updated live, west of tyson's corner around dulles access road as well as headed up toward peacock and sugar land run. very, very heavy rain throughout
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the area along with severe thunderstorms having the potential to produce more tornadoes throughout our area this evening. doug? >> right now, as we mentioned, no tornado warnings. they have been dropped. we are going to continue to watch until 11:00 and more storms to the south. we'll keep you updated. back to the studio with you. >> thank you, doug and veronica. now to more breaking news. this time in montgomery county. a young mother is dead and her son missing. the victim was found inside her germantown home last night. her 11-year-old son cannot be found. her husband is in custody with ties to north carolina. pat collins has the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: this murder case in montgomery county stretched to charlotte, north carolina. police in charlotte have in custody a suspect charged in connection with the murder of
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51-year-old jane mcquain. that suspect identified as curtis lopez, the husband of the murder victim. >> according to witnesses, mr. lopez was recently seen in the area of her residence and was seen removing property from the residence and loading it into the victim's vehicle. >> reporter: jane mcquain seen here on her facebook page found dead last night in the bedroom of her second floor condo in germantown. missing, her black honda crv and her 11-year-old son, william. the black crv located today in charlotte. her son, still missing. police posted an amber alert for the young man. he was last seen in the neighborhood back on september 30th. >> based on the amber alert, charlotte p.d. located her vehicle at the econolodge in
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charlotte, north carolina at approximately 8:30 this morning. based on information, a warrant was obtained for mr. lopez for first degree murder. he was arrested at 9:00 this morning as he was leaving the econolodge. the suspect in charlotte is not the biological father of the missing 11-year-old. >> our priority, our focus right now is to locate william mcquain. we were hoping that we would find him with mr. lopez and we did not. president barack obama, today, had strong words for iran. he said iranian officials would be held accountable for the plot to blow up the saudi arabian ambassador here in washington. however, he did not call for new sanctions.
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steve handelsman has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: president obama thanked his national security team for breaking up the alleged plot. today, for the first time, he publicly called it an escalation. >> this is part of a pattern of dangerous and reckless behavior by the iranian government. >> reporter: he promised tough sanctions, but not new ones. >> we will apply the pressure to have an impact on the government. >> we have taken a number of steps to barack down. it's clear we need to tighten the screws. >> reporter: using a mexican drug gang to kill the ambassador to the u.s. the motive and how high the plot went is sketchy. secretary of state clinton admitted to savannah guthrie. >> was it political purposes? a crazy idea that got out of
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hand. >> the english language tv is pointing a finger back at washington. >> this may be a move from the u.s. to divert problems like the protest movements. >> reporter: iran is a dangerous problem to the u.s. this alleged bomb plot is a reminder that iran is a threat even without nuclear weapons. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. the leaders of several european countries are worried about arans terrorism plans abroad. they have agreed to work with the u.s. more arrested in the ongoing occupy d.c. protests. they took eight people into custody this morning. they were charged with disrupting congress. one was charged with simple assault. this is two days after six
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protesters were arrested. otherwise, the movement here in d.c. has remained largely peaceful. in new york protesters are worried about staying near wall street. they plan to clear out the park tomorrow to clean it up. they worry it's a ploy to dismantle the protest. a wall street journal poll shows 37% of the country supports the occupy movement. 18% oppose it and 25% have no opinion. the move is more popular in the northeastern part of the country and least popular in the south. metro is making changes to some of the busiest lines. the lathest effort comes after a chaotic week for some riders on metro. john schriffen is at the plaza station now to explain what passengers can expect and when. john? >> reporter: good evening. this new plan is all aimed at easing congestion and getting rid of something called orange crush.
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now for riders in northern virginia on the orange line, they know about it. during rush hour, when the trains pull into the station, riders pack on like cattle. under this plan, more trains would be added to the orange line. it would make commute time lower. however, under the same plan, it means riders on the blue line may have to wait longer. >> i ride metro six days a week. okay? i experience what the customers experns. >> reporter: the general manager says he, too, has had to wait on train delays. this week has been rough on some riders taking the orange line. tuesday night, after a man was hit by a train, the station was packed up for hours with hundreds of people trapped inside and thousands more outside. wednesday, at the same station, a power outage caused a mechanical switch to go down, triggering delays during the
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a.m. and p.m. rush. metro is doing better. >> people have seen, over the last year or so, a lot of work going on to improve that. if we look at the on time performance, we have creeped up. >> reporter: to clear up the congestion on the orange line, they gave their approval to a new service plan. under the plan in june of 2012, during a.m. and p.m. rush hours, six trains added. three in each direction. then, six former blue line trains will run from springfield to gren belt via the yellow line bridge. >> it will help me. my only concern is for the blue line. i'll take it. >> reporter: more than 108,000 customers will benefit from this. 16,000 customers on the blue line will wait an additional six minutes. >> i don't mind waiting six
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minutes. i'm okay with it. >> reporter: that is exactly what metro is asking from many other riders on the blue line. have patience while they sort this out. this is still just a plan. they have to vote on it in two weeks. live at the metro station, i'm john schriffen. back to you in the studio. >> thanks. now, let's go back to doug. a new tornado warning out there. doug? >> that is to the south of fredericksburg in caroline county. spotsylvania county, not in the tornado warning, but it's the storm. let's go to 29. you can see the line that is now toward fairfax county. a very intense line of thunderstorms. really getting hit. this storm right now, in spotsylvania county, a possible tornado to the south of beaver dam and entering. once again, we are not out of the woods yet.
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this same system produced strong thunderstorms in fairfax county. loudoun county, there are more storms to the south and the entire area or at least most of the area is under a tornado watch until 11:00. we'll continue to keep you updated from the storm center. >> thank you. still ahead, eight people gunned down. michael jackson's struggle with insomnia was the focus of testimony today. prosecution's case against jackson's doctor is beginning to wind down. some virginia drivers say they would back plans to put tolls on i-95 under one condition. redskins are going to have to get it done on both sides of the ball to overcome a desperate eagles team. the nfl great whose party included a flash mob when news 4
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tragedy hit a quiet california town. a gunman opened fire in a hair salon in seal beach. we have the latest on the investigation and on how the community is coping. >> reporter: shock and sadness over a senseless act. today, outside the salon, a growing tribute to those killed in wednesday's mass shooting. it took only minutes.
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armed with several weapons and full body armor, this 41-year-old stormed the crowded hair salon and opened fire killing eight people and wounding another. his ex-wife a stylist in the salon. he was arrested a half mile away as he tried to flee the scene. the arrest captured on home video. friends say he and his ex-wife were involved in a bitter custody battle over their son. >> i knew there was a lot of strife between the two. >> she has a little boy. now the little boy is without a mom or dad. >> he could have easily gotten out. his station is right there next to the door. but he didn't. he wouldn't have. he tried to protect everyone in there. he was a great guy. >> reporter: his wife, also in
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the salon at the time of the shooting, made it out alive, but at a horrible cost. >> sandy -- >> reporter: that's his wife? >> yeah. >> reporter: there was there? >> she was there. she saw. >> reporter: she saw him get shot? >> yeah. yeah. i don't know how she's going to live with that. >> reporter: a life like so many others in this community now forever changed. nbc news, seal beach, california. >> hospital officials say the sole survivor is improving. her daughter was killed. prosecutors are dropping the sex crime investigation involving dominique strauss-kahn. he resigned after a hotel worker accused him of rape. prosecutors in manhattan dropped the charge after questions arose
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about the credibility of the accuser. in the case in paris, a french writer accused him of trying to rape her during an interview eight years ago. he denied those allegations. officials say there's not enough evidence to continue with the case. >> back to doug in the weather center. what is the latest, doug? >> we were talking wild weather last night. we have another right now. this is for spotsylvania county. you can see what's happening. right along the potomac river, inclouding loudoun county, montgomery county and fairfax county. the one with a tornado warning is to the south. to the south of fredericksburg. the yellow is the tornado watch. everybody is under that until 11:00. spotsylvania is under a warning.
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that is to the north of beaver dam. spotsylvania is in the path of this storm. watch out in that area. we'll zoom in more west of i-95. some of the areas affected is gateway and mt. pleasant. you are all in the path of this dangerous, dangerous storm. we widen out. let's move to the north. it's where the tornado warning is. it's the only one in the area. this is the area that's seen the heaviest rain and the thunder and lightning and really getting pounded right now around reston to the north of reston entering portions of montgomery county. we are talking darnstown, poolsville. this is river road. that's the area seeing the heaviest rain toward potomac and across the river, route 7 to grate falls, 495 and the
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american league bridge and mcclain seeing the rain. washington, light rain right now. that area of rain continues to make its way in here over the next couple minutes. the next half hour to 45 minutes is when you are going to see this move in. down around mt. vernon. heavy rain and thunder and lightning. it's going to make its way into the d.c. area here in the next 20 minutes to half hour. let's time this out for you as it moves to the north at 30 miles per hour. we are talking washington in about 35 minutes or so. braddock, 20 minutes. bethesda in 15 minutes. you will get hit first. don't look at that number. this is a line of storms that continues to move up to the north and as we move down to the south further, western portions of charles county, and then across the potomac river toward wood bridge down 95. this is what we are seeing.
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once again, a tornado watch in effect for the entire area. especially around the district, southern maryland, northern virginia until 11:00. we widen out and see the storms in spotsylvania county. you can see the storms around charlottesville and to the west. that's another round of storms. these are all rotating around an area of low pressure and that rotation is what's helping to produce the spin in the atmosphere. you can see the rotation very, very clearly here. i want to zoom in to the south. as we do this, i'm going to show you around the richmond area. we have more storms developing. you can see them develop. this is a two-hour loop. nothing, nothing, then boom. more storms in spotsylvania then down through richmond and they continue to make their way along i-95. we haven't shown it to you. some days you get caught up in what's going on now, you don't
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look ahead. more wild weather to come. a good chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. more severe storms overnight. this weekend, 67 on saturday with the potential for 30 to 40-mile-an-hour winds. that would be all day. sunday, another potential for wind late in the day sunday. high temperatures on your sunday 70 degrees. monday looking okay. partly cloudy skies on monday with a high of 76. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, a big storm. a potential big storm for the middle of next week. this is the time of year we talk about fall and things changing up. this is the change of the seasons when we are experiencing one of the changes right now. we're going to continue to experience more of them over the next week or so. get ready for a wild ride in d.c. >> we have had our ups and downs. thank you, doug. coming up, a local nightclub at the center of a multimillion dollar lawsuit. a piece of stone is removed in
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the drug used to help michael jackson fall asleep was the focus of testimony today at the manslaughter trial of jackson's doctor.
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they said dr. conrad murray should not have prescribed propofol to get him to sleep. >> reporter: day 12 focused on michael jackson's struggle with insomnia. it continued with a sleep expert. it was inconceivable he would use propofol to treat it. >> we do not use propofol for insomnia. >> reporter: defense attorneys pointed out 25 milligrams of propofol is a very low dose. >> the dosage used of 25 milligrams infused over three to five minutes is a low dose? >> it is a low dose, yes. >> reporter: when questioned further, they said each patient reacts differently depending on underlying health issues or medications they might have taken.
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>> all bets are off. you can't be 100% sure that's not enough to tip them along the sedation and cause a deeper level of sedation and compromise their ability to breathe. >> reporter: murray's defense is expected to claim jackson took eight pills hours before his death but never told dr. murray. wednesday, they abandoned the argument he may have drank the propofol. they found that scenario was not supported by science. >> i think they are trying to find some expert to support their theory of the case that it wasn't conrad murray's fault. >> reporter: more points when a cardiologist reviewed the case and found six deviations in the standard of care given to jackson by the doctor. had murray not taken the alleged missteps, michael jackson could still be alive today.
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court ended early today and is not in session tomorrow due to a scheduling conflict. defense lays out its case next week. no word on whether conrad murray will testify. most say it's unlikely. in los angeles, news 4. up next, it's been more than a year and no arrested. police are asking for your help to track down a killer. more criticism of d.c.s evacuation plan. a surprise snowstorm in january then the earthquake a couple months ago. how officials plan to avoid scenes
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they have locked up a man in north carolina and charged him with murdering his wife. the victim was 51-year-old jane mcquain. she was found dead in her home in germantown, maryland yesterday. her 11-year-old son is still missing. an amber alert remains in effect. montgomery county police say their focus and priority is on finding the boy. the suspected tornado touched down this afternoon in louisa county, virginia.
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winds tore a roof off a centu century's old house. fire officials in stafford county reported funnel clouds in the northern part of the county. president obama had strong words. he called the plot to the saudi ambassador dangerous and reckless. the president promised iranian officials would be held accountable for the plot. he did not call for sanctions against iran. the family of a man who died outside a d.c. nightclub plans to file a lawsuit against the owners. >> he died after an alleged altercation with the owners. derrick ward has the report. >> reporter: it was october of last year when the 27-year-old died after an incident outside the dc 9 nightclub. he threw two bricks through the front window of the club. several people claimed to have witnessed what happened next said the club owner chased him
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down and beat him in the street. however, those witness accounts did not hold up under legal scrutiny. a subsequent autopsy showed his death was due to excited delirium, alcohol intoxication. the five men accused held him down and restrained him until police arrived. charges were first changed to aggravated assault and those charges dropped. a year later, a wrongful death suit. it's expected to be filed against the owners of the club based on the same findings of the medical examiners report. they said the death was a homicide, it doesn't always lead to homicide charges. intoxication and an existing heart condition could have been contributing factors in his death. his family maintained he had no such existing cardiac issues.
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at the time of the findings, the family indicated a civil action would follow. in northwest, derrick ward, news 4. police in fairfax county are revealing new information about an unsolved murder case. a man was killed in his home october 7th of last year. he was found stabbed to death in his garage. robbery was the motive. now police believe more than one person was involved. >> some of the neighbors describe seeing a white truck with a trailer attached to it in the area during those two to three hours in the time frame it happened. we have been trying to find the white truck with the trailer, identify who was in it. they could be witnesses to the crime, they could be involved in the crime. >> he was well known in the korean community. he was the owner of dr. wash as well as other businesses. the reward has been increased to
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$70,000. there seems to be no way out for anyone stuck in washington when a snowstorm or other emergency hits. now, more than a decade after the 9/11 terror attacks, d.c. officials have no workable plan for an orderly evacuation from the city. tom sherwood reports officials are not giving up on efforts. they have come up with a way to make things work better. >> reporter: washington area traffic in bad weather snarls the roadways. d.c. officials admitted thursday there's not much they can do. >> if everyone tries to leave at the same time, it's impossible for us to manage the traffic. pretty much nothing we can do once they get on the road. >> that came as the public safety chairman complained the city and agencies are marred in
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bureaucratic process rather than working together ten years after 9/11. >> well, i think better coordination, but we have enormous gridlock. no improvement from the standpoint of the average citizen. >> reporter: public safety officials disclose a risk assessment has not been updated since 2008 and spoke in the bureaucratic language he criticized. >> the goal is to deconflict the plans for all major institutions and institutional representatives so a comprehensive solution can be revised. >> how do we simplify decision make sng it's not been answered. >> they are trying to avoid using the word evacuation. >> it's not evacuation but an unscheduled release of commuters. >> reporter: they said the
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region needs to let the community know what to do. >> how do we get people up to speed within a matter of minutes. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news 4, washington. >> the areas largest business organization. officials say the lack of a regional evacuation plan is bad for business. dozens of people took part in a demonstration at the sight of a center in downtown washington today. they are demanding more jobs. >> what do we want? jobs. >> construction has not done enough to hire d.c. residents. it's at ninth and h street. it's one of the biggest projects in the country. clark construction said since the project started in late march, 41% of all workers have been d.c. residents. >> virginia voters are not huge
6:38 pm
fans of governor bob mcdonal's proposal. 52% of the voters surveyed said they think the toll is a bad idea. it compares with 42% who like the plan. however, when voters have a choice between tolls and raising the gasoline tax, 60% favored the toll. that's compared to 28% still against it. the toll road proposal is part of a plan to pay for road improvements. >> still to come, repairs to the earthquake damage at national earthquake damage at national cathedral are under way.ture,
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you're always looking ahead... to what's next... to what's possible confident... that taking action now, is the way to create... a better tomorrow. that's why we're announcing, that with the planned merger with t-mobile, at&t will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas. we will invest eight billion dollars more...
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and deploy the next generation of wireless broadband to nearly everyone in america. this investment will create as many as ninety-six thousand american jobs. here at at&t, we believe in the future. we're not hesitating. we're investing in america now. why? well, we know it's good business. because america... has always been... and always will be... a smart investment. at&t.
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welcome back. i'll meteorologist, doug kammerer. take a look at this video. it's along i-95. we had that tornado warning in effect until 6:00. it appears like a funnel cloud. can't tell if it's on the ground or how fast it's swirling but you can definitely see the funnel cloud making its way down from the sky going behind the trees. you can see the traffic stopped as the storm system passed over i-95 earlier. we had the tornado warning in effect until 6:00 for that possible tornado. right now, we are watching here in the weather center toward the storm center still watching numerous storms right now. this storm is the strongest
6:42 pm
storm. this is right around rockville. rockville, silver rock, sycamore acres in 24 minutes. this storm has some rotation with it. no tornado warnings associated with it as of now. we are looking at the potential for some rotation and the potential for some rotation and tornadoes inside these storms. let's go over to 29, guys and show you where the storms are now and where the tornado watch is. the tornado watch in effect for almost all of northern virginia. down to the south including prince george's. the district is seeing heavy rain. the only area in red. that's the tornado watch. that's in spotsylvania county until 6:45 with a strong storm making its way close to fredericksburg. if you live in spotsylvania, you need to seek cover rikt away. it's going to spotsylvania county right now.
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once again, continue to keep you updated and posted on the storms from the weather center throughout the rest of the evening. >> see you in a minute, thank you, doug. there was a royal wedding today. the young king married a commoner. it's in south asia. it's situated in china between due paul. he's so popular among young women his nickname is prince charming. now, he's settling down. his bride is the daughter of an airline pilot. her beauty is said to be the talk of the kingdom. they first met 14 years ago at a family picnic. he was 17 and she was only 7 years old. they look so serious. >> they don't look happy at all. >> maybe they will smile at the party afterwards. >> talk a little baseball. detroit on the brink of elimination. the cardinals doing well.
6:44 pm
also talking birthday parties. yes, birthday parties. what do you give to a man who has everything?
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those guys are going to come in here with a serious attitude,
6:47 pm
aren't they? >> the eagles are 4-0. the eagles are better than their record. they are the football version of the miami heat, if you will. they signed stud players in the off season. they started slowly, have become the biggest story in their sport because they are not winning. the heat turned it around enough to make the nba finals. the eagles are still a threat. all the redskins need to do is pop in. the eagles offense have beaten themselves turning the ball over an nfl high, 15 times. here is the thing. we always thought to win the nfl you have to run the football. the number one rushing team in the nfl right nou, the philadelphia eagles. with their season on the brink this weekend, the redskins know they might need to play their best game of the year to beat them. >> best team in the league, i
6:48 pm
don't doubt that at all on both sides of the ball. we have the chance to be -- if we play mistake free football, we can match them. they are going to utilize every blade of grass out there. if we stay disciplined and limit the plays and create turnovers, we have a great chance. >> they score 26 points a game. if you score 26, it's usually going to get you a lot of wins. we know the dangers. vick and jackson. we have to make sure we are on our job. if they are going to give 26 points, we have to go 27. >> this is going to be so much fun on sunday. i mean they are trying to salvage the season, the philadelphia eagles. if they lose, their season is over. >> pretty much. >> if the redskins win, we could sigh okay. >> maybe they have something after all. good news for hockey fans.
6:49 pm
doesn't matter who you are rooting for, sydney krcrosby is cleared for contact in prok tis. the first in ten months since suffering a concussion. no word on when he'll play in a game. the capitals in pittsburgh. one team leads with their perfect record intact. these games always intense even without crosby who won't be playing tonight. the capitals are going 10-0-2 in their last 12 games. the stars always the headliners. everybody involved gets jacked up for the games whether in october or april. >> when everybody is healthy, it's two young stars of the league. two faces of our league going head-to-head. great members, too. it's a great hockey game.
6:50 pm
make sure it's a good rivalry. i think they are fun hockey games to play. >> they have a lot of good players. they are a good team. they have always been a good team. you don't get 105 points without being a good team, well coached. you know, they are just good. >> they are just good. so are the capitals. we'll find out who is the best tonight. they are both good. verlander, the best pitcher in baseball. right now, he's trying to keep the tigers from getting bounced out. detroit is leading, 6-2. texas trying to get back to the world series. they have work to do. the cardinals up two games to one. the squirrels were out for game three. you have to like that. it's the cardinals and the brewers last night. bottom of the first, the plate with one on.
6:51 pm
center field. mark thinks he has it. lays out. can't get it. ryan misplays it as well. not good. the cards get the lead. the cardinals put up four runs in the first as they batted around the order. top of the ninth. 4-3. cardinals on top. the high heat to mcgee. the game ending strikeout. the cards hold out to take a 2-1 advantage. game four tonight at 8:00. college hoops, we are talking maryland women. the basketball team, the last time we saw them, they got whipped on their home court by georgetown. this year, expectations much higher for the them. this season, three seniors to lead them. they are one of the deepest teams in the acc. experience is going to be the difference. nearly every player is returning. her seniors are bringing a sense
6:52 pm
of urgency to the locker room. >> you can already tell with our three seniors, their voice in the locker room, you know, just, you know, they can see the end. they know how many practices, games, what's left. it's going to be very powerful for our team to have their leadership and their consistency this season. >> last year, we had no seniors. we lacked a little bit of experience. we did well getting as far as we did. now that we have a year experience and seniors i think it's scary to think where we'll be this year. >> finally, nfl hall of famer, steve young is used to getting asked for his autograph but never seen this before. he was with family, and a flash mob breaks out. his wife barbara there in the blue set the whole thing up. steve young, by the way, is 50 years old. >> get out of here.
6:53 pm
>> didn't it seem like he was playing yesterday? >> like yesterday. >> his granddaughter there. nearly in tears. can you see the genuine surprise there? >> yeah. he said it was one of the coolest things he ever experienced. >> she set it all up? >> his wife did. >> i would love to see a flash mob one time in my life. i have
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crews removed the damaged spires of the washington national cathedral. some of the damaged pieces removed will be taken to a stone mill in indiana for repair. this project is expected to take years to complete. we have more on the story. >> reporter: imagine working 300 feet up. crews at the washington national cathedral braced and lowers this pinnacle off the central tower. the head mason has been part of this crew for years. >> it's sad. i never dreamed i would be reconstructing this building. >> reporter: once they are down, he takes us in for a closer look. >> this one can be salvaged. there's not a lot of damage on it.
6:57 pm
a couple chips here. >> reporter: to give you a better idea how big these are, this is one-third of it. this is what they pulled down today. i'm 5'7" tall. it's a bit taller than i am. this one was pulled down the other day and they weigh two tons. >> the stone mill with cut this face. >> reporter: they are made of a finial up top. three sections of the main body and eight, 800 pound blocks below that. pieces fell. three of the four have been removed. each piece is marked with exactly where it came from. alonzo said crews will recarve or reset more than 160 stones on this tower alone. engineers plan to rebuild with another earthquake in mind. >> there are ways of pinning and drilling and reinforcing the pinnacles. >> reporter: but, they need
6:58 pm
money. tens of billions of dollars for repairs and could take ten years to complete. friday, the tower will be considered stable. monday, the team that scaled the washington monument searching for earthquake damage is expected to be here doing the the same thing. >> it's not like you can put a crew of 50 stone masons up there. it's tight up there. many things to look into. the logistics of repairing this. >> church officials plan to reopen the cathedral november 12th. >> looks like a fun guy to have a beer with. doug, how are we looking out there? >> pretty good right now. again, some areas seeing heavy rain. thunder, a lot of lightning. there are no warnings in effect at the moment. the strongest storms toward northern montgomery county. over toward howard county, to
6:59 pm
the west of columbia. right around college park, college park put out a report that a tornado is expected there. that is not true. we are not seeing a tornado around college park. we are seeing dangerous storms around that college park area. you can see as we zoom in where the storm is. around pine hill and just down to the west of the college park area. you can see what i'm talking about there. let's show you video earlier we did have the potential for a couple tornado touchdowns. one was toward quantico in stafford. this one, too much rain to see. i can't tell what this is. it's a lot of wind and a lot of rain coming down around quantico. where we had a tornado reported was louisa county in mineral. you can see there, that roof of that house, the historic plantation


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