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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the area. trees and power lines knocked down all over the place. a tornado moved into the area fast and furious. we begin with our chief meteorologist. what's the latest, doug? >> three confirmed tornadoes in the state of virginia during the day today. the one closest to our region is prince william county, the quantico area. and another one in mineral, the same area hit by that earthquake a month and a half ago. let's zoom in and show you where the latest storms are. right now, there are no warnings out here. but there are strong storms with heavy rain right along 270 and just down to urbana, down to germantown, bethesda, silver spring. right across the district, that's from we're seeing heaviest rain with some
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lightning. the entire system is a huge system. it continues to spin. we're not done with it yet. more tomorrow and even bigger changes as we head to the weekend. the full forecast in a minute. >> thank you, doug. people driving along quantico, virginia caught a confirmed tornado on their cell phones. the winds were throwing debris all over the place. traffic was halted in fact. darcy spencer has more from stafford, virginia. >> driving conditions were extremely treacherous in northern virginia this evening. we travel up and down i-95. at one point, we had to pull over the vehicle because the rain was coming down so hard. the high winds came through the area here in quantico. you can see the billboard along jefferson davis highway. it's leaning in danger of toppling over because of the high winds. take a look at the dramatic video of a funnel cloud over i-95 in quantico, virginia. this video was taken around 5:30
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this afternoon. you can see debris swirling as the twister moves across the interstate. it has been confirmed as a tornado. i-95 was backed up around springfield to quantico in part because a large tree fell on to one of the southbound lanes. it took people an extremely long period of time to try to get home from work this evening. we found dominion crews working here at the boswell area of stafford county. high winds forced trees down on to power lines. >> i came home, i went to my driveway, the tree fell over in to the driveway. that's what caused all of the lights to go out. >> back out to the billboard, you can see it's been taped off to make sure no one gets injured in case this billboard does fall down. a lot of heavy rain, high winds, and a confirmed tornado. good news -- no injuries have been reported. in quantico, virginia, darcy spencer. news 4. team coverage takes us to
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western fairfax county where people reported funnel clouds. we look at the damage there. >> here at vienna at the intersection one of the hardest hit areas. hunters mill road and wickens road. the winds came through here. it snapped branches like this. nothing compared to this. there was a tree that snapped in half and it hit this light pole. if you move to the left, these guys are from dominion. they're trying to restore the power to this area. >> frightening. >> lights out for elizabeth habibi and residents after heavy winds swept through neighborhoods. >> the winds came storming in. the power went out immediately. >> her and her team trap in a whirlwind of worry. >> rain battering the win does, trees were coming -- branches all over the place. we stayed in our basement. >> she took a walk after the storm shocked to see -- >> the trampoline hanging in the
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tree. >> and power lines hanging across the road. >> that was freaky when i saw that. >> dominion crews responded to the scene and 5,000 homes are without power. >> the damage in this corner here is substantial. >> some residents decided to come out after the storm. it's like driving an obstacle course. officials want to make sure you drive carefully. >> make sure i can get out. >> up there in the snow event that we had earlier in the year. >> i talked to the man who owns this tree. it's on his property. he said crews are going to have to come out here and chop it down and remove it. he said it's a shame because this tree is 150 years old. a lot of the crews say they're going to work hard to restore the power. they want residents to be patient. in vienna, i'm shamari stone, back to you. >> thank you. the university put out alerts that the tornado was going to hit the university of
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virginia and warned people to seek shelter but no warning was issued for college park. accuweather alerted to rotation in the storm. they issued the alert as a precaution. neither doug cameron nor the weather service saw that rotation and they point out that rotation does not mean a rotor nay doe is on the ground. >> a reported tornado touchdown blew the roof off of an historic home there. it's not far from the epicenter of an august earthquake in the town of mineral. a 3.02 aftershock hit mineral yesterday. and we learned that a flood warning has been issued for fairfax county until 2:00 a.m. now to a story that's still developing. it began with an amber alert past midnight last night. a mother was found murdered in her home in german town. her son, 11 years old, hasn't
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been found. the police traced the mother's car to charlotte, north carolina where the boy's stepfather was arrested. still no sign of the boy. and there are questions tonight about why no one raised concerns when he didn't show up for school for more than a week. jackie benson reports. the missing boy's 45-year-old stepfather was taken into custody at a north carolina hotel, that he's being represented by an attorney and has made no statements as to the whereabouts of 11-year-old william mcclain. it now appears that no one has seen the child for sometime. he last attended classes at martin luther king middle school in german town on september 30. he stopped going to football practice. he plays in a youth rec league. jimmy westbrooks is his coach. >> all we know is what we hear on the news. as a community, the e-mails are going out through this organization all day. we're hoping and praying for a safe return. >> montgomery county officials
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say he did not show up for classes on monday, the 21st. they say for four days, a automated call was placed to the home. on friday, a guidance counselor called the home and did so every day unable to reach a person. on wednesday morning, tay called the family's emergency contact number. that even, the police entered the home and found jane mcclain dead and her son and her black honda crv missing. >> based on the amber alert, charlotte mecklenburg pd located her crv at an econo-lodge at 8:30 this morning. based on information, a warrant was obtained for mr. lopez for first degree murder and he was arrested at 9:30 this morning as he was leaving the econo lodge. >> we're told that montgomery county police detectives have arrived in charlotte to question
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lopez. jackie benson, news 4. tonight, an alert for parents and students in fairfax county. a convicted sex offender may have gotten inside a high school locker room. his name is zemar melgerai. he's from california. he was arrested trying to use the shower at fairfax high school. since the arrest, students have reported they actually saw that man in the boys' locker room at the school the day earlier. he's still in jail tonight. a new lawyer tonight for the man suspect in the disappearance of a local woman in aruba. attorney chris leguwei will defend gary giordano. he defended two security guards suspected of the disappearance of natalee holloway on the same island. the family of a man who died outside of a nightclub in the u-street corridor last year will be outside of that club
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tomorrow. they're going to announce a lawsuit against the owner of the club. ali mohammed died last october outside of the club called dc 9. the owner and four other men who work for him originally were charged with murder, accused of beating mohammed after mohammed threw a rock through the club's window when they wouldn't let him in. charges were dropped for lack of evidence. mohammed's family is filing a civil suit. they cite the medical examiner's findings that the death was a homicide. still ahead on a busy news night, a political heavyweight throws his support behind the occupy wall street protests. thieves have stolen children's identities and left toddlers with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. how you can protect your kids. one of the ten richest americans busted for dwi. and an official from the imf
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things are back to normal on the metro orange line tonight. after two nights of big delays that centered around the roslyn station. thousands of people kept waiting there on tuesday when a man was hit by a train. and a power outage yesterday triggered more delays. the general manager, richard sorl, said despite the incidents, that transit systems' on-line performance has improved this year. crews worked through the fog to remove damaged pinnacles from top of the washington national cathedral. pieces of the spires broke off in the earthquake in august. workers plan to remove the last of the four pinnacles on the top of the tower tomorrow. only then will it be considered
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stable. cathedral repairs are expected to take ten years and will cost tens of millions of dollars. at the white house tonight, president and mrs. obama hosted the south korean president and his wife for a lavish state dinner. it included squash and greens from the garden hard veed by dc school children. main course was bee rib eye from texas. for the occasion, mrs. obama wore a purple one-shouldered dress designed by a korean american designer which quickly became a trending topic on twitter if you care to know, give us a call, we'll send our crack investigators in to find out what the president had on and whether anybody cares about that. >> i don't think she picked that dress up at target. >> i doubt that. still to come, congress asked for a crackdown on debit card fees issued by some of the nation's biggest bankbanks.
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>> wild night of weather out there. >> first
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the latest targets of identity thieves can barely talk and barely even walk. children as young as 5 months have had their social security numbers hacked. parents can help parents search for identity thieves. children too young to buy a house or drive can have an income and staggering amounts of debt in their names. >> we had cases ranging from a couple hundred dollars to a largest case is $750,000 in debt associated with her social security. >> wow, experts say the best way to keep your child's identity secure is to avoid giving out the social security number. also, make sure any special gift fund set up are reputable and get a credit check every few years. >> there is some concern tonight that banks are banding together to raise fees. the house democrats want an
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investigation to see if it's in antitrust violation. it started when bank of america decided to impose a monthly debit card fee which outraged millions of americans who use that card. a speech took a dramatic turn today. mark lewis had to duck behind the podium to avoid being hit by eggs. he was addressing a university class in turkey when the protests broke out. after security took the protesters away, lewis carried on with his speech. >> good reflexes. watch out, here comes another one, look out. man down. >> got to give him credit for that. what we were dodging some crazy weather this afternoon and evening. >> some people can't catch a break. those people in the county. to be hit by an earthquake, but then hit by a tornado. people are saying are they connected? no, there's no connection to
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what's going on with the earthquake, the hurricanes, the tornadoes. but now? right now, this is what we saw today. this is around quantico. i knew this was a tornado as soon as i saw it. the frontal making it to the ground. it became a tornado. the debris and the way the debris is flying here. across the car for a minute. then you see it coming right at this truck as it's making its way down i-95. i saw at least three videos, down i-9. scared people there as the tornado made its way across the interstate. we were warping on it a little earlier in the 5:00 and 6:00 hour. doppler radar, you can see things are starting to clear out, especially to the portions that were hardest hit in to northern virginia. heavy rain in towards eastern montgomery county. northern portion of prince george's county. around the laurel area.
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heavierly, and also in towards the northeast portions of the district. going to continue to watch out for that. colesdale has been hit hard in the last hour with heavy rain. all of this rotating around a huge upper level trough. but this little guy right here. you can see this little spin in the atmosphere. that's the spin that's going to come through for the rest of the evening and into the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning. this is what i'm watching to see if we can get more strong storms early tomorrow morning. i think most of them will be on the light side. maybe moderate downpours too. all of this weather is going to be moving out over the next 24 hours. then another big change moves in. 68, the current temperature out there. mild as a result of the south wind at 14 miles per hour. temperatures around the region, not falling off much at all. 72 in baltimore, 68 in washington, 64 right now in manassas. and still 70 at 11:00 at night in the middle of october. so you know we've got warm air coming from somewhere. that's going to help to produce some showers and the storms.
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this is 11:00 tomorrow morning. the best chance will be around the metro area to the north and west. frederick, portions of west virginia. watch what happens here. see this little band of showers. that's all it's going to be. a few thunderstorms. that's the frontal boundary that will usher in cool and windy conditions for tomorrow night. if you think about going to the football games tomorrow night, take a jacket. areas of fog tomorrow with the scattered showers, 58 to 67. tomorrow afternoon, scattered showers early. but i think clearing out, breezy, much cooler. 70 to 73. we'll see falling temperatures tomorrow evening on saturday. windy, 30, 40 mile-per-hour wind gusts. sunday will start off very nice. that will turn windy too. monday looking good. wednesday, thursday, a bigger storm system moves in. that will usher in the coldest air we've seen so far this season. >> we were in for a wild ride. >> we are for sure. still ahead, one of the ten
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richest people in america arrested. in sports, cap
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through the tease, we ask the question, whether they won the war.
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well, let's get the answer. >> they did do that? >> they did -- they did not win the one bat until the tease. you're going to see that. you're going to see that in a moment. >> you can't win them all. exactly. three overtime games to start the season. three overtime wins to start the season. tonight's game against pittsburgh was not like the others. in the previous two games, the caps were a combined 2 for 12 on the power play. tonight they only got one chance, but they were perfect. the caps and penguins playing tonight's game in honor of the hockey team killed in the plane crash last month. started in the third period, tied at 1. bottom of your screen. throws the puck on net. reflects off of alex ovechkin. goes in. see. the puck goes off of ovechkin in the top part of the net there. the referees, they rule it a goal. ovechkin's first of the season. he'll take it. the caps take a 2-1 lead. later in the third -- jay and aaron ashem goes at it.
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he ends it with two hay makers. wwe gesture. he said after the game he was classless, got caught up in the moment. he apologized. beagle, he's down, pulls out his own tooth. caps on the first power play of the night. denniswideman, good night, pittsburgh. past former bret johnson. the capitals beat the penguins 3-2 in overtime. at home sunday against ottawa. talking baseball now, with their backs against the wall, the tigers roared back against the rangers. detroit rocked texas for four runs sending the series pack to the lone star state. justin verlander in a jam in the sixth inning. tied at two, bases loaded, big situation here. facing ian kinsler. ground ball to third. check out brandon inge. steps on third. the inning-ending double play,
11:26 pm
the game-changing play for the verlander and the tigers. c.j. wilson gives up a single. miguel cabrera on the plate. off of the bag. overhead. >> can't do anything there. >> nothing you can do. lucky break for detroit. scoring tall way from first, rbi double for cabrera. very next batter, victor martinez sends one to right. nelson cruz, the hero of the previous game. you can't make the catch. in to the corner, cabrera motors around the bases. he's a big fellow. he scores. v-mart in to the triplets, 4-2, tigers. next batter, dellman young keep the thing going here. pitch up in the zone. two-run home run. the first time a single, double/triple and a home run hit consecutively in the games. natural cycle, kids. texas leads the series, 3 games
11:27 pm
to 2. game six is in texas on saturday. game four of the nlcs, the st. louis cardinals and the milwaukee brewer. the brewers lead the cardinals 4-2 in the ninth. that series looks evened up at two games apiece. >> come on, detroit. >> you have to warn us before people remove their teeth. >> no, she did not love that guy spitting his tooth out. >> sorry. >> 100 yea
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check this out, 100-year-old guy on his eighth marathon this weekend. he's hoping for a personal best in the toronto marathon. he runs 10 miles a day. he started running at the age of 89. his secret to >> announcer: it's "the tonight show featuring rickey minor tonight, jay welcomes --


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