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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  October 15, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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you're watching nbc 4 washington's news leader now live in hd this is news 4 today. an international day of action. as we speak thousands of protesters around the world are demanding change. change to the way we work. change to the way we spend. change to the way we treat the environment. many of those protesters are right here in the nation's capital. thanks for starting your weekend with us. welcome to news 4 today on this saturday, october 15th. the day of action is one of
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several demon straights planned for today right here in washington. >> they're all scheduled to coincide with the dedication of the martin luther king junior memorial. take a look at this map. at least three major rallies are planned in and around town today. mayor vin vent gray will be taking part in the d.c. for freedom rally in march. organizers want to draw attention to their fight for rights in the district. it's the cause that led to mayor gray's aarrest earlier this year. >> across town the reverend al sharpton will lead a march. >> and members of the occupy d.c. movement will also have their voices heard today. they're marching to the national mall at noon. those protesters say they will lend their support to dman stroitors fighting for d.c. voting rights. rallies are taking place around the world. it's being called an
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international day of action. protests are being planned from long don to new zealand and organizers have take on the the web to spread their message. on twitter october 15th global change are hash tags for this day. protesters in wall street clashed with police in what may be the most dramatic day of their movement. nbc news's michelle franzen was in the thick of it all. >> reporter: after averting a showdown to leave the park they have occupied for nearly a month in lower manhattan, protesters went on the march to declare victory. but the celebrations turned to minor clashes with the nypd that resulted in just over a dozen arrests. the owners of the park and the city's mayor asked the protesters to clear out sections of the park to be cleaned up. instead protesters armed with brooms and mops cleaned the park themselves and rallied
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supporters to stand their ground. >> they said we couldn't return with sleeping bags and stay there it meant that we could be like regular passers by in the park. >> reporter: the protests that began here at this park near wall street have turned into a nationwide movement with rallies being held in nearly 200 cities. their message of social inequality and what they see as corporate greed has gained supporters each week including political groups. >> the folks here seem determined. >> reporter: but others especially those who work in the financial district say the protests are only getting them so far. >> i think the economy is a disaster. and people need jobs, but i don't know how protesting gets jobs. >> reporter: protesters see it differently. saying while they are not moving sweeping change may not be far away.
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michelle franzen nbc news, new york. >> park owners say they've delayed the cleaning to have park. no new date for when they will try to move the demonstrators again. if there are people out there trying to occupy d.c. today they're in for a nice, breezy day. no kidding. we're color coordinated today. >> this was not planned by the way. >> not planned. great minds think alike. >> our weekend looks very nice after what promises to be a very breezy day today. no doubt about that. perfect weather for -- >> for what? >> kite flying. what else would you do? >> you have to prep me better. >> how many people still fly kites? >> aren't they all motorized? >> no. are you kid mega? outside right now -- we call those ultralights.
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outside a clear sky. not terribly breezy just yet. boy, that's going to be changing. the sun will mix down the winds at higher elevations down to the ground. as a result a breezy day today. temperatures many tupper 40s and low 50s. not much going on on the radar. the highlighted counties north and west of town a high wind advisory for the remainder of the day. wind could gust over 40 miles per hour especially along the ridge tops out west of tub. be ready for a wind driven day today. temperatures will respond nicely to all that sunshine. mid up toer 50s by 9:00 a.m. mid up toer 60s by this afternoon. high temperatures to tupper 60s to near 70. in you're heading up to charlottesville, georgia tech come to charlottesville it's a 3:00 kick off. sunny and windy. kick off temperature around 70
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degrees. obviously it's a saturday. if you need to get your game on the 9:00 hour, send them to me, i'll get all the college football games on the weekend. >> you always deliver. final preparations are underway for the dedication of the new martin luther king junior memorial. crews were busy setting up stages and the stage where president obama will give the keynote speech for sunday morning's ceremony. civil rights leaders will also speak along with members of the king family. the original dedication was delayed because of hurricane irene. a crowd of 50,000 people are expected to turn out. if you are planning to attend sunday's event pack your patience. several roads in the national mall will be closed starting at 4:00 sunday morning for the event. among them parts of constitution and independence avenues as well as ohio drive. the roads will remain closed
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until the area is deemed safe for cars again. metro will be up and running early on sunday to help people get there. service will begin two hours earlier than normal starting at 5:00 a.m. think plan to provide extra train service to deal with the crowds. there will be some drupgs. the foggy bottom station is closed for the weekend to deal with some repairs. stevie wonder is helping to honor dr. king. he performed at a tribute to the late civil rights leader in bethesda. before the event wonder had a chance to visit the memorial and get an up close sense of the new statue. >> i touched the king monument. and i knew i touched the dream. and it touched me. as it should touch us in that
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special place in our hearts that we hold dreams close and sacred. >> the memorial closes at 10:00 p.m. saturday night to prepare for sunday's program. the parks service says the memorial foundation expects it to be closed to the public all day sunday and then reopen at 5:00 a.m. monday morning. we will air the festivities live on our nonstop channel begins at 10:00 tomorrow morning. comcast customers can find it on channel 208. 460 on verizon fios. 803 on cox and over the air at 4.2. good ceremony. everyone should tune in. >> thanks. john. drivers watch your speed on the roads especially through montgomery county. a brand new speed camera is up and running in tacoma park. it's located in the 900 block of east west highway near the intersection of new hampshire avenue. until last night at midnight
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drivers going 12 miles over the speed limit were only sent a warning. now violators will get a $40 ticket in the mail. the city hopes the program will cut down on traffic accidents. the family of a missing man in alexandria is holding a fundraiser today to continue their search efforts. leny harris was last seen september 21st. he was a community activist and an advocate for children and the poor. police suspect foul play in his disappearance. last tuesday investigators found his car ditched in prince george's county. before that police found his cell phone on the woodrow wilson bridge and cameras showed someone using his credit card. today's fundraiser is a day party with dj and food. in maryland this weekend a community is trying to stay hopeful that a missing boy will be found alive.
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>> a rec league football team held a candlelight vigil for teammate william mccain. no one has seen the 11-year-old since september 30th. his mother was found beaten and stabbed to death in her home on wednesday. police tracked down her missing suv to charlotte, west virginia, where they arrested his stepfather. william's disappearance is taking an emotional toll on his friends. >> we just want him to come back. >> playing youth football you develop a bond. and as you can see my son is taking it very hard as i am. it's a hard breaking situation. >> curtis lopez will have his first appearance on homicide charges in charlotte in a courtroom monday afternoon. it is 6:10 right now. >> and -- coming up -- wait for it.
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we'll just go ahead. he's one of the country's most beloved actors and directors. and wait until you heard how close clint eastwood came to becoming a vice presidential candidate. >> imagine having to bring your own toilet paper to work, too. the major u.s. city that almost forced its
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check the tag. made in france. wow. the price tag. double wow. up to 60% off. find what makes you happy at a price that makes you homegoods happy. you're watching news 4 today. rapper rick ross remains in an alabama hospital after suffering two seizures in a six-hour span. ross was flying from fort lauderdale to memphis when the plane has to turnds around when he had a see sure during the flight. the plane made an emergency landing in birmingham. this time it's unclear what his condition is. vice president clint
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eastwood has a nice ring to it. according to a former aide of president george h.w. bush it could have happened. former secretary of state james baker said the bush campaign seriously considered asking eastwood to be the running mate in 1988. at the time he was the mayor of caramel, california, and bush thought he could help him win the election. eastwood said he was surprised to hear he was considered, but said he probably would have turned him down. we'll get a look at a key factor in decision 2012 this weekend. today several republican presidential candidates are expected to file their financial disclosure reports. the numbers will reveal major doe norris, finance loans and where money has been spent so far. reports show president obama raised more than $70 million between his campaign and the democratic party. while he's become one of the most talked about republican presidential candidates and
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tomorrow you'll see herman cain right here on nbc 4 when he sits down for an exclusive interview with david gregory on "meet the press." it starts at 10:30 tomorrow morning. budget cuts across the country have a number of communities going to extremes to make ends meet. a few years ago we heard about mass layoffs of teachers, firefighters and other city workers. now tough times have governments trimming basics to reach financial goals. kerry sanders shows us how. >> reporter: it's a sign of the times doing more with less and doing less with less. in south dakota school is now four days a week. a cost cutting move to save $50,000. >> we looked into the schools that were -- been doing four-day weeks. we don't feel it's going to have an effect on the students at all. >> reporter: in tiny alto, texas, the city furloughed its
6:17 am
five police officers and now relies on the county's 25 sheriff deputy who already patrol 1,000 square miles. >> i feel like the town is vulnerable because we have no law enforcement. >> in san diego the city saved a quarter million dollars cutting its mounted patrol and actions the horse. in florida commissioners voted to stop adding now ride, the immediate savings $200,000. this mother worries about no now ride in the water. >> are they going to be sure they have dental plans to help them? >> reporter: across america local elected officials are recognizing the washington refrain, million dollar here before you know it we'll we're talking real money. in newark, new jersey, city workers complain cuts almost reached absurd levels. city hall proposed to stop providing toilet paper in the
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restrooms. employees would have to bring their own, but that idea was flushed kerry sanders, nbc news, florida. >> i think it is a good idea they decided to scrap that plan and provide toileter papers for the workers. >> it's probably because so many workers steal the toilet paper. >> they do? >> you know the people who take the printer paper home with them? >> i don't. >> i'm not saying people here. >> i wouldn't steal toilet paper you don't want to generate bad karma. that kind of karma you don't need going against you. >> especially if it's the last roll. >> it's like the seinfeld, can you spare a square in. we'll straighten our act out and tell you about the weekend and tell you about the weekend fo
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in the rain. 20 miles yesterday? >> my friend dropped me off at mount vernon. i ran all the way back to the lincoln memorial to my place. 20 miles. it rained on me hard three times and the bike path the mount vernon bike trail submerged in water for long stretches. so i had to run through more than ankle deep water for quite a stretch there. you know how heavy your shoes are when they're completely saturated with water. anyway -- >> maybe that's a sign you should have taken it easy. >> i was 13 miles from home at that point. >> you call a cab. >> keep it moving. not the prettiest way to get your yesterday started. boy, the sunshine broke out yesterday afternoon and now more importantly that your weekend is here, yes indeed the sunshine is back for today and for tomorrow. but is it going to be a windy one outside this afternoon. be ready for that. outside right now a mostly clear
6:23 am
sky over washington. temperatures are generally speaking in the 40s and 50s out there as you look live at the washington monument standing tall in downtown washington. 53 our current temperature. winds out of the southwest at only 7 miles per hour. that's going to be an increasing wind speed later on this afternoon. metro temperatures 54 in college park getting ready for a big game. out towards the blue ridge plenty of 40s on the map early on a saturday morning. 46 in winchester. 49 in charlottesville. 55 at the naval academy in annapolis. nothing on the radar. these highlighted counties that's a wind advisory coming up for later on this afternoon. sunshine, yes, a very blustery day. winds out of the weft and northwest 20 to 30 miles per hour. along the ridge tops out west of town could see winds gusting in excess of 40 miles per hour. be ready for a wind whipped
6:24 am
afternoon today. but plenty of sunshine coming our way as high pressure comes our way. if you're sitting inside looking out at it it's going to be a pretty one for sure. high pressures will allow the winds to taper off. a chilly night and then tomorrow high pressure back in charge, great october weather. a hint of a north to northwesterly breeze tomorrow afternoon. on the whole, today and tomorrow looking very nice. today mostly sunny and windy. winds out of the west 20 to 30 miles per hour. tomorrow just about as much sunshine. not quite as much wind tomorrow and highs upper 60s to near 70s. all important seven-day forecast sunny on your saturday. sunny for sunday. pretty nice on monday. clouds come back monday night into tuesday. rain chances for tuesday second half of the day into wednesday. then clearing out by the end of the week next week. clemson tigers in maryland
6:25 am
today. they're rank maryland the top ten this is a monumental task for the terrapins. it's a 7:00 kickoff. breezy and chilly and 63 at kickoff. be ready for a big game. if you need to get your game on during the 9:00 chloric, chuck get one national league team is another step closer to reaching the world series. >> here's a hint, not the nats. good morning. your sports minute becomes with maryland midnight madness. the terps alumni game. chris wilcox with the dunk. he can still play. a lot of fun last night at
6:26 am
comcast center. maryland opens its regular season at home on november 13th against unc wilmington. game five of the championship series ball two garcia rips through through the legs of hairston. zach greinke none too pleased. the brewers made four errors and the cardinals win it 7-1 and take a 3-2 series lead. game six in milwaukee on sunday. high school football game of the week. broad run hosting os bourn. first quarter trails 13-7 until this. jess up hits a wide open jenkins. sprints across the field. he's in for a 67-yard touchdown. broad run defeats os bourn 27-20. the spartans improve to 6-1. that's your sports minute. if you want to run with the bulls, you don't have to go all
6:27 am
the way to spain. now all you need to do is get and a dmstic flight to phoenix. you are looking at the practice run for the running of the bulls in cave creek, arizona. there they go. today will be the real deal. the run is a quarter mile with 32 bulls and of course people trying to get out of the way. the american version of the running of the bulls has been held three times in the u.s. twice in nevada and once in arizona. that one looks a little more controlled than the running of the bulls in spain. >> yeah, they're not in the streets whachl possesses you to want to run in front of a charging animal. >> you would never do it? >> i would never do that. i hope they don't hurt the bulls. 6:27 right now. still ahead at this hour -- >> shocked and outraged. >> a stabbing victim breaks her silence. it's not just her attacker she's with so angry with. and taking off with trash.
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you're watching nbc 4 washington's news leader. now live in hd this is news 4 today. and welcome to news 4 today. thank you for waking up with us. it's saturday, october 15th. we're following two doping stories right now. both out of the mideast. first in afghanistan where militants tried to attack a u.s. base in the eastern part of the country. the military says the attackers struck with rocket propoled grenades and a vehicle packed with explosives. all four of the men were killed and two afghan security guards were wounded. no americans, though, were killed. now to yemen where officials say a u.s. missile strike has killed the son of a u.s. cleric who was also killed recently.
6:32 am
six other militants died in this latest missile strike including an al qaeda media chief. turning to the weather. chuck bell is joining us in the studio with a first look at our forecast. pretty decent this weekend. >> we got all the rain cleared out just in the nick of time. now it's the weekend. a lot of people are not interested in calving up on rainfall amounts on the weekend. >> no. >> mother nature providing a natural hair dryer later on this afternoon. be ready for a blustery wind today. outside a mostly clear sky over washington. a few more clouds up to the north and west of downtown, but there you can see the u.s. capitol brightly lit in downtown washington this morning. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. so yes indeed behind the cold front that came through yesterday that westerly breeze is punching in the cooler and drier air. 53 at national airport. leaseburg 52. frederick, maryland, 52.
6:33 am
54 from fredericksburg. nothing coming down on the radar. the hl highlighted spots to the west those are high wind advisories for later on this afternoon. winds could gust in excess of 40 miles per hour in the high spots north and west of town today. outside on the national mall a beautiful kite flying day. plenty of sunshine. temperatures upper 60s and low 70s. if you're making the drive up to happy valley, purdue, the boiler makes taking and penn state. a noon kickoff. you have to get the car going soon. chilly 53 degrees and a howling west wind up there in happy valley this afternoon. if you need to have your college forecast put on tv send me a note. i need to know who's playing, when and where. we'll get them on at 9:00 a.m. >> thanks, chuck. >> thank you. right now police are herndon are looking if ar man they say is behind two sexual assaults. take a good look at this sketch
6:34 am
of the suspect. police say he has attacked one victim tuesday afternoon in the 1200 block of magnolia lane. the other victim tuesday night on elden street. call police if you have any information. a shopping trip to target was anything but typical for one maryland woman. she was stabbed in the parking lot and ended up in the hospital. she talked about the attack only to news 4. we have this exclusive interview. >> i feel lucky. >> reporter: mary anne breaks her silence in an exclusive interview with her husband by her side. this woman stabbed the mother of two several time nance unprovoked attack outside this target store. how does it feel to be home? >> i feel blessed to be here. it could have been 100 times
6:35 am
worse. >> reporter: she had just finished shopping at trgt and began putting groceries in the back of her car. suddenly she says the woman stabbed her twice in the back once in the head. >> comes up from behind strikes me. >> reporter: she turned around bleeding profusely. >> and when i realized she did it, i just ran. there was nothing else i could do. >> reporter: while she was running aby a witness found an offduty police officer across the parking lot. police were i believe to arrest the woman. they say she was holding two knives. police also say the video from inside the shoppers free warehouse next to target shows the suspect stealing a back of knives that she allegedly used in the attack. >> i think that's what makes me the most mad is that they let her leave the store. >> reporter: she's also mad clifton perkins mental hospital released the woman 640 days ago. she was held there because she was charged with stabbing two
6:36 am
people in montgomery mall six years ago. >> shocked and outraged. i can't believe they let her back out on the streets. >> reporter: starks has been reportedly living at this group home in bowie. the staff won't talk to me. meanwhile starks is in jail charged with attempted murder. mary anne hope that becomes her permanent home. >> i hope that she never gets out. it is the latest hot item for crooks hoping to make a profit. thieves are stealing thousands of gallons of used cooking oil from area malls and restaurants. take a look t surveillance cameras helped police in arlington catch two guys stealing drums full of the oil from a restaurant. all this used oil is supposed to go to a company that turns it into biofuel. but police say thieves are selling it on the black market to companies who make chicken
6:37 am
feed. >> it's a waste by-product. but it's worth $3.50 a gallon. it adds up when there's huge gallon drums behind these restaurants. >> i've officially heard it all. police say there are more than 200 open investigations across our area. green light brie owe fuel says the thefts have cost them about $30,000 to $75,000. vendors at the d.c. farmer es market face charges accused of selling counterfeit items. federal agents raided the market off of new york avenue friday afternoon. agents were seen carrying hundreds of boxes marked evidence out of the building. we're told the boxes contained counterfeit nike, and ugg products along with fake nfl apparel and bootleg d.v.d.'s. from clergy to suspected criminal. a grand jury indicted a catholic bishop on child abuse charges. authorities say the bishop and
6:38 am
his diocese waited five months to tell police about child pornography discovered on a priest's computer. investigators say hundreds of lurid pictures of children were found on the laptop. finn admitted he knew about the photos last december but did not turn them over to police until may. the bishop pleaded not guilty. it is 6:38 right now. still ahead, dangerous drivers. a look at just how much of a risk teen drivers pose to you. and how much do you tip your server when you go out to eat? what if we told you that you were required to pay 25%. >> it's not 20%? >> 25% where waiters
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you're watching news 4 today. a driver's license is a right of passage for many teens. putting young drivers on the road puts lives at risk. a new study underscores that fact. nbc's tom costello shows us the research. >> reporter: the latest video underscores how distraction and
6:42 am
inexperience are the consistent problem factors in teenage driving. from loud music and a missed stop sign to texting with mom in the car. speeding through a school zone. talking on the phone, driving down the middle to have road, even unbuckling and reaching for a bag while making a turn. now new aaa research shows that teens are 50 mernt more likely to have a crash in the first month of driving without a parent on board than they are after driving with a full year of experience. >> but as soon as that parent leaves the car and the child starts driving by themselves, the risks jump up dramatically. aaa cameras followed 38 teens from permit to full license. chuck saved his daughter from a very serious accident. >> whoa. stop. hit your brakes. >> they completely ran the red light. go now. completely ran the red light. >> reporter: today all 50 states
6:43 am
and d.c. ease teens into the driver's seat with graduated driver's licenses. usually including restrictions on nighttime driving and passengers with full driving privileges coming at the age of 16 in some states, 17 and 18 in others. teen fatalities have dropped. miami-dade police sergeant david greenwall investigates fatal accidents. >> inattention for a few seconds could cost your identify life or someone else's life. >> reporter: the lesson learned is behind the wheel there is no substitute for experience. >> that was some good advice for teenagers. it's not just teens who are guilty of many of these offenses. driving around i see people putting on makeup, texting. >> eating. i think eating is one of the biggest things. the biggest distractions. thanks goodness there's so many
6:44 am
different mechanisms that have come out. let's hope more people use them. the "today" show is next. let's find out what they're working on. >> amy robach joins us live from new york. >>. cog up this morning, mass movement, the rise of occupy wall street. thousands more across the country are taking to the streets this morning. now that movement is going global. what it could mean for washington and the race for 2012. plus a south pole rescue. a rescue plane is on the way to an american scientist who suffered a stroke. also, the case against dr. conrad murray. did he cause the death of michael jackson? prosecutors say the evidence shows he did. what's next in the high profile trial? we'll have that and then on a lighter note, wonder dog. his name is pety and he's a wiz ward a basketball and a volleyball. pety has become an internet superstar. and we have him here with us this morning.
6:45 am
we will check out his amazing tricks. we'll have all of that and more coming up. >> that is great. we are looking forward to pety. it turns out stink bugs aren't just a smelly problem, they're an expensive one. the federal government say it's going to commit $5.7 million to develop nonchemical defenses against the bug. the money will fund research on for moan based traps, predatory insects and other alternatives to chemical incest sides. a representative from m maryland pushed for the funding to take care of what he calls the bug from hell. we asked viewers on facebook how much they leave for a tip. >> most said 15%, 18%, even 20%. some restaurant workers at high end eateries want to make 25% standard. in san francisco they say they need more money because the economy and the high cost of living in that area.
6:46 am
most people who responded to our very unofficial poll said tips are based on service and a required amount should snot be added to a customer's bill. it's interesting to hear people say 15%. i think 20% is standard and then great service should be above that. >> i usually do 20%. as being a former serve ere you're giving that full tip to the waiter they have to dish it out to the food runner and the person handling the kitchen. it breaks down pretty fast. >> the other solution would be to not pay the folks that have to do those jobs less than minimum wage and be so tip dependent. if they were paid a loving wage, whatever that is, tips could be a little bit less critical. >> you can leave your two cents on our facebook pang. >> then you pay more for the meal. we're going to give you almost we're going to give you almost 100% sunshine for your weekend.
6:47 am
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man: the forecast -- plenty of sunshine through today with seasonable temperatures. we should reach our normal high by this afternoon. hey, ellen! what are you doing? not much -- just brewing up some dunkin' donuts coffee. want some? [ whoosh! ] i'd love some. one taste, and you'll understand.
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delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. mm! good! pick some up where you buy groceries. hey, did you ever think about getting curtains? america runs on dunkin'. you're watching news 4 today. >> to anyone waking up thinking
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about a run or a bike ride, today is a great day to do that. >> that's right. most of the puddles from yesterday are drying up. it's going to be a beautiful day. you need to pack your wind breaker. >> we can go to the pumpkin patch. >> yes. >> you think it's dry enough. >> it might be a limit muddy. >> you can tell you have a little girl. >> how old is she? >> 10 months. >> she knows a pump ken when she sees one. mom's going to make sure she has all the pumpkins she can handle. not much of a breeze just yet on an early saturday morning. still waiting on the sunday. sun doesn't come up until after 7:00 this morning with all those clearing skies out there be ready for an awful lot of wind
6:51 am
energy our baby late morning early this afternoon. temperatures in the low 50s with hardly much of a breeze blowing in town. once the sun's up that's going to mix down an awful lot of wind energy. 49 in huntingtown, maryland. on the whole a chilly way to get your weekend started. 40s out towards the blue ridge. mid 50s down into southern maryland. upper 40s to near 50 around town. no rain for us to worry about this weekend. high wind advisories posted along the ridge lines. plenty of sunshine. some fair weather clouds bubbling up in the afternoon. temperatures this afternoon upper 60s and low 70s. a lot of wind energy later this afternoon. winds will be out of the west 20 to 30 miles per hour sustained with gusts close to 40 especially in the high spots north and west of town. sunny, yes. wind yfr for sure as we go all the way through your saturday afternoon. overnight clear skies the winds
6:52 am
ease up a bit off to a chilly start tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon breezy but not as windy. great october weather and plenty of sunshine. for today make your plans to get outside and enjoy. plenty of sunshine. plenty of wind. highs upper 60s and low 7 0z. great kite flying weather. then tomorrow sunshine and breezy. winds tomorrow will be out of the west at only 10 to 20. that will be much more paltable for your activities. 70 today with all the wind. 72 tomorrow. rain chances confined to the shaekd-of tuesday and through the day on tuesday. georgia tech in town a 3:30 kick off this afternoon. 70 and mild for sure. a howling west wind down in charlottesville and the terrapins hosting the clemson tigers 7:00 tonight in college park. if you want your game on, tell
6:53 am
me what they're playing, when and where, send it to me. during the 9:00 hour we'll get on as many as we can. >> send chuck a picture of you flying a kite with your family. >> there's a lot of kite fly irs in this town. >> you'll probably use it. >> absolutely. it is 6 clb 53 right now. she turned heads with her stunning gown. even more impressive than the dress is the woman who ziend it. her inspirational story when we return. >> and perhaps he was experiencing some growing pains. the story behind this sad picture of kirk came
6:54 am
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you're watching news 4 today. first lady michelle obama is making fashion headlines once again for her dress at the white house state dinner. but this wasn't just any long purple gown, it has its own back story about the american dream coming true. here's nbc's andrea mitchell. on a stormy night neither thunder nor tornado warnings could stop the white house fashion parade. of course led by the first lady. a shade of purple or la vender the fashionista's called ultraviolet and ultracool. originally strap less with a thigh high slit. redesigned with one shoulder and a jewelled belt for the first lady. it is by now a signature of the obama white house. the stylish first lady known for
6:57 am
patronizing tar jay and wearing j. crew, using state occasions to go gram and promoting lesser known talents. indian born designer for the indian prime minister. and again for germany's angela her kel. and sarah burton who designed kate middleton's wedding gown for china. this time mrs. obama's choice was a true cinderella story. a young korean american designer. the daughter of korean immigrants who own a dry cleaning business in north jersey. the fabric of the state dinner gown, what else? jersey. >> fall's always so great. you get to work with so many different textures and different layers. this time definitely color. >> reporter: not since jacqueline kennedy took paris by storm and brought culture to the east room has a first lady so wowed the fashion elite. >> for major events like state dinners she always looks impeccable.
6:58 am
we see something fresh and new from her every single time. >> reporter: so on a rainy night with a world of problems, a little sparkle and a lot of glamour can go a long way. andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. the frenzy to get a new iphone possibly translated to record sales for a number of cell phone carriers. the new iphone went on sale in stores across the country yesterday morning. this is the first time sprint and an extel has carried an iphone. company officials say sales were above expectations. and at&t said it was on track to double the record for single day activations yesterday afternoon. some customers are getting a kick out of the technology from the voice activated assistant. >> text message to mom. >> i don't know who your mother is. in fact, i don't know who you are. >> that is great. sprint will have to spend money to make money after apple sales.
6:59 am
it has to subsidize each iphone by about $400 to reach its sell price of $200 for the 16 gigabyte version. as iphone sales continue this weekend, a memorial for apple co-founder steve jobs will be held tomorrow. the 56-year-old died last week after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. the private service will be held at stanford university. apple has scheduled a more public celebration to honor jobs next wednesday, october 19th at its silicon valley campus. well, he was once an 80s sitcom star and teenage heartthrob. >> you would think when kirk cameron has a birthday party it's a big event. that's probably why this photo has gone viral. it's a picture of cameron celebrating his 41st bvrd at a california ministry. the ministry threw the former "growing pains" star a party. everyone seemed to hide when this picture was


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