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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 16, 2011 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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fourth quarterback come back win. here in chicago, the bears beat the vikings 39-10. al and cris are back to wrap it up after this. "where's the be" "where's the beef!" "where's the beef!" "where's the beef!" "where's the beef!" "where's the beef!" question answered! introducing wendy's thickest, hoest, juiciest cheeseburgers ever, dave's hot 'n juicy! with new toppings and a butter-toasted bun. nice shirt. hey ladies. enjoyof course not. because this is our movie. and dr pepper ten is our soda! it's only ten manly calories, but with all 23 flavors of dr pepper. it's what guys want. like this... catch phrase!
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so you can keep the romantic comedies and lady drinks. we're good.
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and so the chicago bears win it handily and win it 39-10. we go new orleans. i mean, it's going to be a crazy situation there. and sean payton, as we mentioned before, hurt, will have surgery tomorrow. is in the hospital tonight. and he gets to coach next week i imagine from upstairs. >> you would think, and for sean payton, it's tough.
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monday, tuesday, those are the game plan days, but who knows. >> the nfc south, looks like new orleans is in great shape and atlanta is struggling. and who knows about tampa bay. atlanta gets back in it today winning in -- they are 3-3. >> you are telling me that it's going to be close, down on to the wire. >> i'm telling that nobody knows anything. >> you got it. >> chicago wins it by a score of 39-10. soldier field, they go to 3-3 and the vikings go to 1-5. saints/colts on sunday night football a week from tonight. from new orleans. until then, al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya, the crew saying good night from chicago. [ male announcer ] at the safeway pharmacy you can get a flu shot
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and you'll get a bonus. you get 10% off your groceries. [ male announcer ] save 10% on your groceries when you get a flu shot. that should make you feel better already. safeway. ingredients for life. >> without a doubt the worst thing i have ever seen in my racing career honestly. >> tragedy on the track, a fiery collision send four indy car drivers to the hospital, and tonight the racing world mourns the loss, one of its up and coming stars. >> good evening, everyone. i'm aaron gilcrest. dan wheldon fought from the back
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of the pack at the las vegas 300. tonight wheldon's fellow drivers are trying to make sense of the accident that happened in a flash and ended his young life. >> we welcome you to las vegas motor speedway. >> it started like every other indy car race sunday afternoon. then in lap 12, turn two, disaster struck. >> here we go. trouble, contract. a huge crash. up in turn number two. >> 15 of the 34-car field in a chain reaction. several cars went airborne. including wheldon's. his car took flight, spun into the fence and caught fire. ambulances converged on the track to transport three drivers. wheldon flown to a university hospital. two hours later after meeting with drivers, indy cars announced he suffered unsurvivable injuries. dan wheldon came to the states.
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won 16 times in his indy car career. in may he made his second trip to the winner's circle of the indy 500. >> to be a three time winner at such a special year is absolutely phenomenal. i'm so happy. i don't, i don't think i am supposed to do this. >> wheldon was a commentator when not on the track. when indy debuts new cars, wheldon will be remembered for working with engineers testing prototypes. in las vegas, the race was canceled. the drivers fought back tears to do tribute laps. he is a friend of all of ours. he will be missed. i just feel for his family. >> he leaves behind a wife and two sons. >> three drivers were taken to the hospital. two will stay overnight. before the race several drivers expressed concenter track was running too fast.
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this is a huge loss for the sports world? >> it rocks the racing world, nascar drivers, sending all kinds of tweets talking about how tragic this was. it really brings back memories of, when dale earnhardt, died in the terrible accident at daytona. we do, have to talk some redskins now. it was just a terrible start, perhaps, the finish to rex grossman's starting role at the redskins. after going down 20-0 in the first half, the redskins tried to claw their way back into the game. grossman's four interceptions extinguished all the momentum. dropped to 3-2. losing 20-13. moss and the guys should have been well rested after a bye week in this one. that did not seem to be the case. first quarter. rex grossman interception. michael vick, finds brent selleck. eagles on top. they would take a 20-3 lap. third quarter. redskins down, 20-6. grossman has two picks in the
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game. looking for fred davis, instead intercepted by curt coleman. third interception. second by coleman. redskins next drive. grossman trying to make something happen. looky here. curt coleman. with another interception. he had three of them. rex tosses four. he would be benched after going 9 of 22 with four interceptions. a passer rating of 23.7. the skins fall 20-13, and grossman is benched for john beck. >> i believe in myself no matter the whole stadium doesn't. coaching staff doesn't. whatever the situation. every single play i will get it done. i fell back on that. >> don't forget coming up. it's redskins final. we go -- one-on-one. with the head man, hear from all the players. more from rex grossman and john beck on what happened out there
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at fedex field. highlights from around the league coming up as well. >> all right, thank you. >> you're welcome. now to the disappearance of an 11-year-old boy from montgomery count you. he hasn't been seen since his mother's brutal murder. police combed through two parks looking for any trace of william mcwain. crowds gathered praying for his safe return. we have team coverage. live in germantown. darcy? >> there was a candlelight vigil held. dozens of people call out from the community. hoping this little boy can be found safe and unharmed. take a look behind me, you can see there are flowers, there are candles, photographs. left behind here at their doorstep. friends, neighbors, classmates, teammates, and coaches, gathered to pray for the safe return of 11-year-old william mcwain. >> the kids are doing much better than adults i would say. parents feel like it could be any one of our kids. we feel like william was one of our own. >> william's mother jane was
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found stabbed and beat tine death inside their germantown condo wednesday. her husband, curtis lopez has been charged with the murder. william hasn't been seen since september 30th. today his football team dedicated the game to him. >> real proud of him. >> 18-0. i remember her telling me. although she encountered a lot of tough tiles. her mission was to give her all to william. because he was all that she really had. and eight hours, searching for william in the recreational and little bennett parks. and on horseback, on foot with cadaver dogs. police would say the investigation led them to search the areas. >> todaydedeck titectives were following leads to search the woods for william.
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>> frndz and neighbors formed a search party looking for william in wooded areas near his home. >> we are murting. we miss jane. we miss william. we want to be a voice. >> relatives of william's biological father also came out to the neighborhood. many hadn't seen the child in years if ever. and learned of his disappearance on the news. >> i'm hoping and praying that we can find little william and he could -- we can come together and, find out that he has a grandmother that loves him. >> montgomery county police officials are not saying at this point what if anything they turned up during their investigation out at those parks today. and it is unclear at this point whether those searches will continue tomorrow. reporting live from german town, darcy spencer, news 4, back to you. >> darcy, thank you. tonight we are learning more about the man arrested for the crime from those who knew and lived with him. in charlotte, north carolina
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where curtis lopez set to be arraigned tomorrow morning in court. >> reporter: the biggest mystery at this point where 11-year-old william might be. other questions still linger. look how this woman, pleshette caldwell got access to the honda, she was friendly with her, driving in charlotte when she hit another vehicle here on north tryon street. information from the accident investigation let police to curtis lopez staying a few miles away at this lodge. curtis lopez's former roommate didn't want to appear on camera but hasn't heard from him since he moved out three months ago. >> used to talk every now and then. didn't talk about his life like that. >> reporter: he lived here in the charlotte home for a year, they met through lopez's cousin. she says he was often unemployed and though he mostly kept to himself, she knew lopez was married to jane mcwain, but knew nothing abut william. when she saw lopez had been
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arrested last week she said she was terrified. >> i was surprised. i couldn't believe he could have been involved. god he could have killed me. >> lopez is scheduled to be in court in charlotte monday afternoon. we should know at that point if he plans to fight extradition. in charlotte, north carolina, news 4. and as melissa mentioned she will be at curtis lopez's extradition hearing tomorrow in charlotte. we'll have live updates as the story develops on news 4 and online at estimated 50,000 people gathered on the national mall to dedicate the new martin luther king jr. memorial. ♪ lord lead me on >> aretha franklin sang one of dr. king's favorite songs during the ceremony. one of many tributes to the man and his legacy. the dedication was set for august but was delayed because of hurricane irene. president obama visited the new memorial before he spoke. he said dr. king stirred our
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conscience and made our union more perfect. >> without dr. king's glorious words we might not have had the courage to come as far as we have. because of that hopeful vision, because of dr. king's moral imagination, barricades begin to fall and bigotry began to fade. >> the memorial southeast of the lincoln memorial where dr. king delivered his i have a dream speech. and it also is the first on the national mall to honor a black leader. herman cane's momentum landed him on morning talk shows to clarify his plans for the country. in the last month cane has gone from a long shot to the leader in the most recent nationalle polls. this morning, cane discussed his 999 revenue plan and it would create a 9% national tax, 9% corporate income tax.
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and 9% personal income tax. >> some people will pay more. but most will pay less is my argument. >> who will pay more? >> who will pay more? the people who spend more money on new goods. the sales tax only applies to people who buy new goods. >> cane says he opposes abortion, even in the case of rape and incest. he called clarence thomas an ideal supreme court justice. and he says he disagrees with president obama's troop withdrawal plan in iraq. we are following several big stories in the week ahead. on tuesday, a prisoner swap between hamas and israel scheduled to happen. this agreement calls for israel to release more than 1,000 palestinian inmates in exchange for one israeli soldier captured more than five years ago. israeli critics argue the deal will fuel militant groups. tomorrow, president obama kicks off his american jobs act bus tour, during that three-day tour through north carolina and virginia, the president will push for passage of his jobs
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plan. on wednesday, he and the first lady will arrive at joint base, langley, and he'll talk about the importance of hiring american veterans. president obama will visit a firehouse before returning to d.c. maryland's general assembly convenes for the start of a special session. need to pass a redistricting bill before the 2012 presidential primary elections and discuss proposals they'll take up the in january including ways to stimulate the state's economy. still ahead tonight, surprising revelations from the mother of a missing baby. coming up what the mom is admitting to that could hav put her daughter at risk. plus, a civil rights activist arrested on the steps of the supreme court. and after weeks of waiting help arrived for a stroke victim stranded at the south pole. chuck? >> thank you, aaron. cloudy skies unnorthwest main n
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>> up at mother of a baby girl missing for the past two weeks says she was drunk the night her daughter disappeared. lisa irwin's parents said the 11-month-old was kidnapped from her bed as she leapt aefrler this month. in an interview with nbc's peter alexander, deborah bradley says she was drink with a neighbor on the night her daughter vanished. she denies having anything to do with her daughter's disappearance and wishes the police would stop looking at her as a potential suspect. >> my daughter is missing. the last thing that i want to have to worry about is -- something like that -- i shouldn't have to put any energy, any time, or effort into anything but finding her. >> you can see peter alexander's full interview with lisa irwin's parents tomorrow morning on "today" show.
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ethics investigation surrounding d.c. mayor vincent gray's election campaign continues to grow. according to "the washington post" fingerprints have been collected from the former mayoral candidate and campaign consulta consultant. investigators are looking into money orders donated to the campaign. the probe started after brown claimed the gray campaign paid him and offered him a job to attack then-mayor. the u.s. attorney tells news 4 their office is taking an aggressive stance against kruchttion kruch corruption. cornel west was arrested during a protest on the steps of the supreme court. take a look at the video, occupy supreme court. 19 people were arrested after they refused to leave the grounds of the court. demonstrators, chanted, held signs with anti-war and anti-corporate greed messages. west joined appropriate testers after he left dedication of the mlk memorial. want to chuck in with chuck
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bell. 64 degrees out there? >> mild. cloudiness. some rain drops. not so far away. not here in washington just yet. there are brain droprain drops close. going to make it down here for an early monday morning commute. outstid n outside. mostly cloudy. over washington. clouds sneaking in from the north and west. rain drops across a large portion of pennsylvania right now. they do have a little southward trend on them. there is a live picture over washington. a beautiful night out there. it is, a mild one for sure. 66 degrees, currently in washington. with a southwest wind, averaging 17 miles an hour. still a pretty breezy night. winds will hold the temperatures up through the overnight hours. so mostly -- 50s to near 60 for overnight lows around the city. could be cooler out valley. where winds will settle down. up here far northwestern maryland.
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farthest tip, getting rain out there. most of this is going eastbound. but there is a little tail end. and even though the majority of it will dry up over the mountains down into the washington area. things come downhill. they warm up and dry out a bit. that will dry up mostly. can't rule out a few passing sprinkles. first thing in the morning. day planner. cloudy skies. mostly dry. passing sprin kul inin ining sp. sunshine tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow into the late afternoon. early evening time frames. on the hole most of your monday a pleasant one. most of the action well to our north. associated with the weather front sneaking our way. stopped at 6:30 in the morning tomorrow. cloudy skies. one, two passing sprinkles. the front goes by. then we get a little break in the action, front set tuld otler south. mild pattern. coming our way. turns around. tropical moisture. late tuesday afternoon. rain likely tuesday night into wednesday. increasing clouds tonight. overnight lows, 40s and a few of
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the coolest spots. most everybody looks like they'll hold in the upper 50s to near 60, tomorrow, increasing clouds. breezy, mild. again a sprinkle or two possible. most of your monday is going to be rain-free. can't find the umbrella. shouldn't be too big of a problem. extended forecast. mild tomorrow. plenty of clouds around. rain chances really start to ramp up late in the day tuesday. wednesday looks like midweek wash out. need to be watching out for. more importantly rain drops should be out of here by lunchtime thursday. everything all shined up ready to go for another beautiful october weekend next weekend. some people i know, you know, are getting married next weekend. next weekend, sunny and nice. i know she won't beach the only one. >> our producer is smiling right now. >> she is. >> coming up tonight. a really inconvenient crime. thieves strike and make off with, a bridge. and, maybe a quarterback controversy, for
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rex trying to hype himself up? >> next week's game, 0-0. >> funny, watch the post game press conference with rex. wonder if there would be tears. he was trying to, there were things he wanted to say. he couldn't say. he was trying to hold a lot of emotion in. so much for being ready and well rested after the bye week. redskins laid an egg against the eagles this afternoon. grossman was benched. the defense gives up 20 first half points. three starters on offense, couldn't becould be out for substantial time. the fun sucked out of fed-ex field early and often in this game. first quarter.
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first skins possession. and grossman. fred davis. intercepted by curt coleman. one of two first half interceptions for grossman. great individual effort by coleman here. and the eagles would score on ensuing possession. they would score here. mccoy in from a yard out. eagles up 14-0, 20-3 at the half. third quarter. down 20-6. grossman trying to make something happen. look at this. all the time in the world. another interception. to curt coleman. he had three interceptions of rex grossman. rex had four in the game. so, john beck, would enter after rex was benched. second drive for beck. hooks up with the young receiver, terrence austin. 32-yard gain all the way done to the philadelphia 2. that sets up this. a quarterback draw. for john beck. beck, 8 of 15, 117 yards. touchdown makes it 230-13 ball game. that's as close as the the
12:00 am
redskins would get. elsewhere. tom brady and the patriots, hosting the dallas cowboys. fourth quarter we get things started. tied at 13. brady flushed out of the pocket. and picked off by sean lee. this guy is a good player. linebacker, third pick of the season. dan bailey field goal. put dallas up 16-13. 27 seconds to go in the game. patriots still down by three. in the red zone. what does brady do. heave wi he wins ball games. aaron hernandez. eight-yard touch. the game winning score. new england wins it 20-16. the cowboys, oh, no. they fall to 2-3. they host the winless rams, next sunday. all right, baseball time. game six of the national league championship series in milwaukee. the brewers trying to stave off elimination against the cardinals. wasn't meant to be. the cardleals headcardle -- car to the world series.
12:01 am
unofficial mascot, beastmo, throwing out the first pitch. sean marcum. milwaukee. cards up. and the huge three run shot to left. fourth homer of the post season. cards take a 4-0 lead. top three. cards up 5-4. albert pujols, do not call me alberta, a solo shot to left. cards up 6-4. st. louis goes on to win 12-6. they do advance to the world series. it is the rangers and the cards, game one, is on wednesday. don't forget coming up on redskins final. i'm going on one-on-one with mike shanahan. go to detroit where tempers flared between head coaches, jim on jim crime. plus checking in with the redskins next opponent. the carolina panthers. as they take on -- the atlanta falcons. you got to see this little coach squirmish. very interesting. >> mobile quarterback. great. >> yeah. good.
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>> see you in a couple minutes. still to come. hope [ female announcer ] at, you can choose your channel package. ♪ you can choose your own internet speeds. ♪
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the researcher waiting for weeks for e thank you wags from the south pole, landed in antarctica, the plane rescued her from the south pole. she had a stroke seven weeks ago and requested emergency evacuation. extreme weather conditions prevented anybody from getting to her. this weekend an opening in the weather. doucer's next stop hospital in new zealand. no word on when she will leave antarctica. 100-year-old canadian man set a record in the guinness book of world records.


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