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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  October 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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competitor? 100 years old, and he finished that race? it would take me two days. >> me too, yeah. at that age, yeah. >> inspiring for sure. >> indeed. >> stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right at 5:00 a.m. a community comes together to search for a missing boy in montgomery county after his mother is found dead. today the suspect in her murder heads to court for the first time. grossman puts it up deep, and it's intercepted. >> oh, that was just one of the ugly parts of that game. redskins quarterback controversy. the big question now, can rex grossman deliver after four, count them, four interceptions. not a great monday after. good morning, everybody. >> not after the redskins loss. >> joe has the day off. i'm jim handly >> and i'm eun yang on this
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monday, october 17. we're taking a live look outside at 5:00 a.m. what's the rest of the day going to look like, tom? a mild day today, so dress accordingly. all around the region we've had increasing clouds as a weak cold front is triggering sprinkles to our west and north. right now you see on the upper left of your screen. that's light rain across the panhandle of west virginia, western maryland, and far northern virginia. some of those sprinkles may hold together and come across the d.c. area in the next couple of hours. right now 62 at reagan national. 50s shenandoah valley. out in western maryland, chilly, only near 50. upper 60s southern maryland around the bay and eastern shore. sunrise 7:19. we'll have a chance of a few sprinkles here over the next few hours. after that, sunshine breaking out and a mostly sunny afternoon with highs reaching low to mid-70s. turning much cooler later tonight.
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we'll talk about that with your evening planner in the next ten minutes. checking out 270 in maryland, still looks pretty clear. green in both directions, making your way out of urbanna and heading down towards clarksburg. not seeing a problem as you make your way towards the spur. giving you a live look, looking at west montgomery avenue, clear, clear in both directions. as you make your commute this morning, this is what it looks like full screen for you. not seeing any problems and no accidents to report along 270. taking the woodrow wilson bridge, a little bit of volume in both directions, but no major delays and no accidents this morning. it's clear for you. and looking at the key bridge as well as you head inbound as well as outbound, clear at this time. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at your rails. back to you both. >> we'll see you then. danella, thanks. 5:02. new from overnight, a deadly shooting in southeast washington. police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man in the 1200 block of stevens road southeast. that's in the berry farm area. they haven't released the victim's name or said if they know what led to that shooting. also new from overnight,
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police searching for a suspect in a deadly stabbing in northeast. it happened along "i" street. police tell us the victim was stabbed multiple times. the victim's name hasn't been released. so far no arrests have been made. today in charlotte, north carolina, the man accused of killing a germantown mother will be in court. curtis lopez is scheduled to have his first appearance on a homicide charge this afternoon. jane mcquain was found dead in her home last week while her son william mcquain is still missing. police tracked her suv to a hotel in charlotte, where they arrested lopez last week. meanwhile, family, friends, and some who never met the mcquains, are holding out hope the boy will be found safe. police searched a park for the missing 11-year-old this weekend. darcy spencer has more on the search. >> reporter: friends, neighbors, teammates, classmates, and coaches gathered to pray and for a safe return for the 11-year-old william mcquain. >> the kids are doing better
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than the adults, i would say. we all feel like william was one of our own. >> reporter: william's mother jane was found stabbed and beaten to death inside their germantown condo on wednesday. her husband curtis lopez has been charged with the murder. william hasn't been seen since september 30th. today his football team dedicated the game to him. >> they came through and wanted to win. we're real proud of them. >> reporter: 18-0? >> 18-0. >> i vividly remember her telling me that, although she encountered a lot of tough times, her mission was to give her all to william because he was all that she really had. >> reporter: meantime, police from multiple agencies spent eight hours searching for william in damascus recreational and little bennett parks in montgomery county. on horseback, on foot, and with cadaver dogs. police would only say the investigation led them to search those areas. >> today detectives were following up some leads from information they developed hered to to search the woods for
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william. >> reporter: friends and neighbors formed a search party sunday morning looking for william in wooded areas near his home. >> we're hurting. you know, we miss jane. we miss william. we want to be a voice for jane. we want to bring william home. >> reporter: relatives of william's biological father also came out to the neighborhood. many hadn't seen the child in years, if ever, and learned of his disappearance on the news. >> and i'm hoping and praying that we can find little william, and we can come together and find out that he has a grandmother and loves him. >> reporter: montgomery county police are not saying what, if anything, they turned up during their searches of those parks, and it's unclear whether those searches will continue today. in germantown, darcy spencer, "news 4 today." >> news 4 has a crew in charlotte, north carolina, as lopez heads to court. look for continuing coverage of this story on news 4 and online at
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this morning, racing fans are mourning the death of indy champion dan wheldon. he was killed in one of the worst racetrack collisions in history. this fiery crash happened during lap 12 of the season ending race in las vegas. the 15-car pileup began when two cars bumped tires. several cars burst into flames, and two cars went airborne, slamming into the catch fence. one of those was wheldon's. the 33-year-old was a racing veteran. he won the indy 500 twice, most recently this past may. >> what a great friend. one of my best friends. a great teammate. >> we're all very sad. he was a friend of all of ours. he'll be missed. and i just feel for his family. >> the race was cancelled. the drivers did a five-lap tribute after wheldon's death was made public. this morning indy car decided to end its season ending banquet at the mandalay bay resort.
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the owner of wheldon's race team, sam schmidt, issued this statement today saying, quote, dan wheldon was a tremendous competitor, a great racer, and an even better person. it was an honor to have him be a part of our team. wheldon is survived by his wife and two children. a trial begins today by a silver spring teacher accused of punching and choking her first grade students. she was arrested in february on assault and abuse charges. nine of her students at greencastle elementary school say she physically assaulted them on school property. some of the 6 and 7-year-old kids say burke choked them while others claim they were kicked, punched, scratched, or had their arms squeezed. we're learning more about the federal investigation into d.c. mayor vincent gray's election campaign. "the washington post" is reporting fingerprints have been collected, and former mayoral candidate sulaimon brown as well as a campaign consultant. those prints could help
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determine who handled documents and money orders filled with cash. sulaimon claims the gray campaign paid him in order to launch verbal attacks against then mayor adrian fenty. it appears the redskins may have a new quarterback after the loss to the philadelphia eagles yesterday. skins quarterback rex grossman threw four interceptions in the loss to the philadelphia eagles. he didn't even finish the game. head coach mike shanahan benched him and john beck took over. grossman says he still has what it takes to win even after being pulled from the game. >> i believe in myself no matter if the whole stadium doesn't, coaching staff doesn't, you know, whatever the situation is. i believe in myself that every single play i'm going to get it done. so you know, i fall back on that. >> so has rex grossman lost his job as starter? we'll tell you what coach
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shanahan told us about his quarterback in the season a little later this half hour. a lot of people saying options aren't great. rex grossman, john beck, what do you do know? >> after yesterday, you've got to make a change. something for next week. >> it's now 5:08. 62 degrees. still ahead on "news 4 today," protesters from occupy wall street raise hundreds of dollars.
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if you are an nbc 4 facebook fan, you can win an apple ipad touch, just like our nbc washington page on facebook and sign up to win great prizes. we pick a winner at 6:00. maybe it's an ipod touch. we've been giving so many ipads away, i'm getting confused. we're like santa claus here. >> wouldn't it be nice? accompanying little partner to your ipad? an ipod touch. >> sure, i'll take the ipad, and you can have the ipod touch. >> make you are you like us. tom kierein in the stormcenter. >> good morning. starting off monday morning with quite a bit of cloud cover. a few sprinkles in western maryland, and the panel handle
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of west virginia. getting a few sprinkles just north of leesburg in loudoun county. that may hold together and move into southern frederick and northern montgomery county in the next few minutes, just a few sprinkles there. temperatures in the low 60s throughout most of the region. southern maryland right around the bay and northern neck, eastern shore in the mid-60s there. 50s shenandoah valley out in western maryland. sunrise 7:19. we'll have sunshine breaking out from time to time throughout the rest of the day. become mostly sunny by late afternoon. before then, we should climb into the low 70s. here's your evening planner. sunset 6:27 and partly cloudy this evening. near 60 by midnight. big changes on the way for the rest of the week. we'll look at that and the weekend at 5:21. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> checking with the rails, not seeing any problems on the metro, marc, or vre. if you're traveling 295 southbound above south capitol street, a sinkhole there. one lane will get you by. taking a look at the beltway in
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prince george's county, branch avenue is getting pretty busy. so far no major delays as you make your way around towards the beltway. in virginia, here's the look at van dorn street. not seeing any problems. from the wilson bridge to van dorn street, you're traveling at 55 miles per hour. back to you both. >> thanks, danella. 5:13. 62 degrees out there. ahead on "news 4 today," the mother of missing baby lisa is speaking out. what she says she was doing the night the 11-month-old at th"well, we could sleep we hin the same bed,ime: but it just doesn't work." she would like a firmer mattress than i would. yeah, nine out of ten couples disagree on the firmness they want in a mattress.
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an american woman working on the south pole who had a stroke is now closer to getting proper medical care. renee-nicole douceur had a bad stroke back in august. extreme weather has kept planes from reaching her until now.
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a rescue plane took douceur from antarctica to new zealand early this morning. douceur is from new hampshire and worked as a research manager on the south pole. doctors say a tumor after her stroke may have caused vision and speech problems. coming up this morning on the "today" show, where is baby lisa? in a new emotional interview, the mother of the infant speaks out. she admits she was drunk the night the baby disappeared. lisa irwin's parents say the baby was kidnapped from her bed as she slept. in an interview, debra bradley said she was drinking with a neighbor on the night her daughter vanished. she denies having anything to do with her daughter's disappearance, and she wishes police would stop looking at her as a potential suspect. >> my daughter is missing. the last thing that i want to have to worry about is something like that. i shouldn't have to put any injury, any time or effort into anything but finding her. >> and you can see peter
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alexander's full interview with lisa irwin's parents this morning on the "today" show. civil rights activist and princeton professor cornell west is due in a d.c. courtroom this morning. he was one of 19 people arrested here in a protest called occupy supreme court. it was an anti-war, anti-corporate greed demonstration. the group no cure for that posted this video of it on youtube. west and others refused to leave the supreme court grounds. he joined the protest after leaving the dedication for the new martin luther king memorial. ♪ we are children we shall not be moved ♪ the occupy wall street protests have reached a milesto milestone. today marks one month since demonstrations began in new york city. protests against corporate greed are now going global. supporters are donating supplies and cash to the occupy wall street movement. the web is being credited for fueling this fight around the world. angie goff is live in our news room with more. angie, good morning to you. >> good morning, eun. this movement on the ground
5:20 am
here in the u.s. is getting a big boost through global outreach online. $300,000 in cash -- that's how much occupy wall street has raised through donations through its website. the group also now has a storage space in manhattan chockful of supplies. that was also donated. on hand, tons of blankets, food, and even swimming goggles to shield protesters from pepper spray. organizers say supporters are shipping about 300 boxes a day. wall street remains the epicenter for this revolt that has motivated movement across the globe, causing international day of action protests from london to new zealand, spain to tokyo. demonstrators use their cell phones and social media tools to show the world their messages in realtime. "the new york times" reports almost 50% of updates on twitter this weekend came from outside the u.s. now on facebook, the overall occupy wall street audience has topped 1 million in the last couple of weeks as hundreds of facebook pages dedicated to the cause continue to pop up around
5:21 am
the world. back to you. >> angie goff live in our news room for us this morning. angie, thank you. this morning a team of engineering and architects will look for additional damage to the national cathedral caused by august's earthquake. this difficult access team will rappel down the west front of the cathedral. this is the same team that inspected the washington monument after the quake. workers have already begun repairs to some of the cathedral spires which were damaged. the cathedral remains closed. it's scheduled to reopen to the public next month. >> that will be another spectacle. remember when we were all standing outside watching them come down the washington monument. another dangerous feat ahead. >> they love it. they love getting up there. >> not for me. not for the faint of heart. 5:21. time for weather and traffic on the ones. tom kierein is here to tell us about our forecast. good morning. >> good morning. all is calm and tranquil this morning.
5:22 am
that's a live look at the jefferson memorial. a cool front triggering passing showers and a few sprinkles as far north as frederick county and over into western maryland and west virginia. this area of just a few sprinkles picks up a little more intensity way out in garrett county. most of these have pretty much dissipated. there may be just a few sprinkles right now right there on the frederick montgomery county line in maryland. and where the temperatures are right around upper 50s. closer to washington, low 60s in prince george's, arlington, fairfax, southern montgomery county. farther west low 50s to mid-50s hagerstown. right around northern neck and eastern shore, they are in the upper 60s. 7:19 is the sunrise on this monday morning. we'll have a few clouds in and out here this morning. just a slight chance of a sprinkle over the next couple of hours. mostly sunny afternoon as we climb into the low 70s. this evening sunset 6:27 and partly cloudy. near 60 by midnight.
5:23 am
then by dawn tomorrow a cool start near 50 degrees. during the day on tuesday, increasing clouds with highs near 70. rain likely late tuesday night and through the day wednesday into wednesday evening. could pick up an inch or so of rain. then thursday partly sunny and windy, just near 60. sunny friday, saturday, sunday, and much cooler. now, danella, how's traffic? right now if you're traveling prince george's county, northbound allentown road is shut down, all of your northbound lanes at branch avenue. have a single vehicle crash there. police and fire department are on the scene. now, if you're traveling 295 south at south capital street, we have a sinkhole taking away all of your lanes but the left lane. below, i just found out that south capital street, all lanes are closed while crews repair the sinkhole here. we have megan mcgrath on the scene, and she'll be up just shortly with a live look at that. taking 395, don't see any problems there. this is the view from duke street as you look at edsall
5:24 am
across the 14th street bridge. and on the rails, no reported delays. this is on the metro, the marc, and the vre. now back to you both. >> danella, thank you. 5:23 now. a warning for drivers who use a popular virginia park and ride. be careful where you park. starting today, virginia police will be cracking down on drivers who park illegally at the woodbridge park and ride. too many parking illegally in the parking lot, creating a safety hazard. starting today, illegally parked cars will be ticketed and in some cases towed. it took them to the last day of the season to get into the playoffs, but the st. louis cardinals are now four wins away from the world series championships. the milwaukee brewers, baseball's best home team, but struggled against the cardinals in miller park in this series. three errors by them along with some hot bats for the cardinals, is all st. louis needed, winning the game 12-6 and advancing to the world series.
5:25 am
they'll take on the texas rangers starting wednesday night. >> cardinals are hot. call it a reality check for redskins fans. their hopes for a brilliant season after a 3-1 start are a bit dimmer after the skins fell to the philadelphia eagles yesterday. the eagles jumped out to a 20-0 lead in the first half and never looked back. they were helped by skins quarterback rex grossman's four interceptions. head coach mike shanahan benched grossman in the fourth quarter in favor of john beck. our own dan hellie caught up with coach after the game to assess the tough loss. >> bye week rust, coach? is there such a thing? you guys at least offensively didn't seem sharp really anywhere initially. >> yeah, we only had the ball 21 plays in that first half, couldn't get anything going. you've got to make some first downs. we just didn't seem to make any. we had had a couple of penalties that put us back, a couple of mistakes. they did a good job of controlling the tempo in the first half. i was pleased with our defense in the second half. they came back and shut them off. gave us some opportunities on offense to at least get back in
5:26 am
rhythm. we settled for a field goal here and there and just couldn't put the ball in the end zone like we would like to early. >> you had some interception frs your defense. they shut them out in the second half, like you said. do you think you waited too long to pull rex after the fourth interception? >> well, you want to give the guy an opportunity, especially when he gets all the reps during the week. he's got to prove to me that he can't come back. i told rex at the end of the first half, when he got a little drive going, i said, maybe we can get things going. i thought he had a great pass there first play that he put in the perfect position. you can't second guess yourself. all you can take a look at is a guy like john who came in and really played well. >> he came in cold, and he did play well. why, though, at the end was there no hurry up offense? you guys seemed to be taking your time at the end of the game. >> first of all, you want to score. and when you do kick off with 2:44, you've got plenty of time. you know they've got to run the football to win the football
5:27 am
game. so many teams get in a hurry up offense, and they forget one thing. they forget how to score. we had the opportunity to score the second touchdown. we had plenty of opportunity to score. but the defense in that second half, we knew they had a run, and they wound up with tight ends. usually people can't run the football against us. i was disappointed there. overall, they shut them down in the second half and gave them the opportunities they did. we should have been able to come back and find a way to win. >> coach, is the quarterback decision something you make early in the week and announce, or are you going to wait until later and keep people guessing? >> have to take a look at film just like all the different positions. we'll announce something like that. we won't try to surprise them. >> a rude awakening at 5:27 for redskins fans. coming up, distracted driving. how students around the region get a firsthand look at
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why? well, we know it's good business. because america... has always been... and always will be... a smart investment. at&t. we begin with breaking news
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right off the top. south capital street under 295. news 4's megan mcgrath is live now with details. megan, what's going on? >> reporter: eun, let me step out of the way so you can see the area we're talking about. this is 295 up above the overpass at south capital street. we've got a situation with emergency repairs going on on the southbound side of 295. apparently, some sort of hole. they're concerned about debris falling from the overpass down onto south capital street. they have closed south capital in the southbound direction. you're not going to be able to go underneath this overpass. also, we're seeing an impact on 295 as well. the southbound side is down to one lane. it appears that there was some sort of a construction zone in the area where this has all happened. overnight, they had some sort of a problem. sounds like there's a pothole or something up there on that overpass. they're doing emergency repair work right now.
5:32 am
they have everything squeezing by to the left. right now it's pretty early. the backups are not significant. but the longer this takes, the more we'll see the traffic stack up here. this could be a real concern for folks during this morning's rush hour. if you use the southbound side of south capital street to go underneath 295, you can't do that this morning. you have to figure out a way to do that. we do have crews here on the overpass. they're taking a look around to assess the situation and get whatever repairs need to be done going at this point. right now we're just not sure how long this is going to be the situation. if you travel through this area, heads up. it could be a rough go here this morning. with more on traffic, we're going to go to danella. >> good morning. also seeing a problem in prince george's county, if you're traveling northbound allentown road, all your lanes blocked at branch avenue due to a tractor-trailer accident there. only the tractor-trailer involved in this accident. no far not seeing any problems on branch avenue. if you're taking 66, here's a few at sudley road. not seeing any problems on 66 as
5:33 am
you make your way towards the beltway. and even inside the rosslyn tunnel, the view is clear for you. on the rail, still no reported delays. this is on the metro, marc, or vre. jim and eun, back to you. >> all right. meteorologist tom kierein is here with us to tell us about the forecast. we've really enjoyed the weekend. it would be nice if it could stay this way. >> thank you very much. >> yes. >> air kisses, i know, are coming my way for the weekend. things have changed. we have clouds rolling through. a weak cool front approaching us. quite cloudy this morning. getting a few sprinkles on the radar, far northern montgomery county, frederick county. farther to the north and west in western maryland and west virginia getting some sprinkles. closer to arlington, near 60 in montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and prince george's counties and the district of columbia. southern maryland and parts of the northern neck, lower eastern shore in the mid-60s now. our sunrise is not until 7:19.
5:34 am
a dark morning under way. we'll have these clouds with us for the next couple of hours, just a few sprinkles perhaps over the next few hours, and then partly sunny by late morning, and during the afternoon becoming mostly sunny. we'll have temperatures reach can the low to mid-70s by mif d midafternoon. a nice afternoon coming up. we'll have your evening planner in about ten minutes. new from overnight, a deadly shooting in northeast washington. police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man in the 1200 block of stevens road southeast in the berry farm area. they haven't released the victim's name or what led up to the shooting. also new from overnight, police are searching for the suspect in a deadly stabbing in northeast washington. this happened along 1:30 this morning along "i" street. police say the victim was stabbed multiple times. the victim's name has not been released. so far no arrests have been made. happening today, president obama is hitting the road to talk about jobs and the economy.
5:35 am
the president is kicking off a three-day bus tour later this morning starting in asheville, north carolina. he'll make multiple stops in that state and virginia, pushing pieces of his jobs bill, which has stalled in congress now. nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more on the tour. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: hey, jim, good morning. just briefly, the president is going to speak at the airport and then at a school, and he'll continue to other parts of north carolina and virginia. tomorrow he's trying to pitch individual parts of his jobs plan like infrastructure projects, that republicans say they're open to. and also, $35 billion in grants to states to keep firemen and police officers and teachers on the job. in terms of fund-raising, the president's way out ahead. $70 million for the republicans. perry's on top. herman cain has seen a big boost in the polls, but he's only raised just over $2.6 million. jim? >> yes, we are for infrastructure spending, but it's about reforming the system so we're not throwing good money
5:36 am
after bad. >> the so-called republican jobs bill would just allow corporate america to write their own rules again. >> reporter: and over the weekend, herman cain defended his flat tax on "meet the press." jim? >> tracie potts, thanks so much. first lady michelle obama will honor a number of schools across the country. >> that's right. she is going to be at the white house today for lunchroom practices, it's called. each school participated in a one-year program called the healthier u.s. schools challenge. the program encourages lunch rooms to serve more fruits and ve vegetables to students and develop healthier menu options. the first lady has participated in a number of initiatives to fight childhood obesity, including her let's move campaign. happening today, the man accuseded of killing a germantown mother will be in court in charlotte, north carolina. curtis lopez will his first appearance on a homicide charge this afternoon. jane mcquain was found dead in her home last week.
5:37 am
her 11-year-old son william mcquain is still missing. police tracked her missing suv to a hotel in charlotte, where lopez was arrested last week. people are volunteering to search for william mcquain. family, friends, and people who never even met the boy gathered info for a vigil last night. mcquain has not been seen since september 30th at hit school. police searched for him in two parks in montgomery county. >> we're hurting. we miss jane. we miss william. we want to be a voice for jane. we want to bring william home. >> police are not saying if they found anything in their searches or if they plan to do another search today. stay with news 4 at for the very latest on this story. >> time now 5:37 on this monday morning. the man suspected in the disappearance of a maryland woman is going back to court woman is going back to court today.
5:38 am
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breaking news right now. allentown road at branch avenue is closed in suitland, maryland, at this hour. news 4's tracee wilkins is live on the scene with details for us. >> reporter: good morning.
5:41 am
let me show you why it's closed. right here over my shoulder, you can see the tractor-trailer has crashed into the bottom of the bridge here. this is actually branch avenue bridge over us. and as you can see, the tractor-trailer has crashed into the underpass. it was carrying lots of wood, and all of that wood is all over the road here. as you can see there, the cabin is completely smashed, but amazingly we're told that the driver was able to actually able to walk away from this crash. looking to our right, you can see the effects of this. they have closed down all of the lanes on allentown road at branch avenue. if this is the way that you drive into work, know that they are redirecting traffic at this point off of allentown road. they're not going to allow you to come down under the branch avenue bridge until they're able to get all of this taken care of. so, again, it appears that this was a single vehicle accident that only the driver was
5:42 am
affected by this and suffered some minor injuries but again was able to walk away from this accident. it's still under investigation exactly what led to all of this and why the driver crashed into the underpass. with more on what you can expect with this morning's commute, we're going to go to danella. danella? shaping up to be a tough commute this morning. also traveling 295 as you make your way over south capitol street, seeing a sinkhole there, some type of infrastructure problem. right now only the left lane will get you by. below, taking eastbound south capitol street below 2 3595, al lanes are blocked there as crews work to repair the problems above on 295. traveling 395, no problems as you make your way from edsall and towards the 14th street bridge. not seeing any delays for you. still looking very good on the metro, marc, and vre. now a look at your weather. we've had the cloudiness increase the last couple of hours with a cool front triggering a few showers in
5:43 am
western maryland and the panhandle of west virginia. quite a bit of cloudiness from columbia heights to lan ham, burke, and damascus where temperatures are generally around upper 50s now. just near 60 in washington. low to mid-60s right near the bay. later today, sunrise 7:19. we'll have a partly sunny monday and early afternoon but a mild monday on the way. should climb into the low to mid-70s by early afternoon and sunshine. here's your evening planner, turning cooler this evening. we'll have increasing clouds near 60 by midnight. looks like rain coming in tomorrow and midweek. we'll look at that, the end of the week, and weekend by 5:51. eun and jim. >> tom, thank you so much. we'll check in with you just a bit. time 5:43 on this monday. still to come, time to enroll in your health benefits. what you need to know that will
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culling up tomorrow, a prisoner swap between hamas and israel could happen. it calls for israel to release more than 1,000 inmates in exchange for a soldione israeli soldier. the man suspected in the disappearance of a woman in aruba will be in court this morning. a judge will decide whether to release gary giordano. he's been held on the island since three days after robyn gardner went missing. giordano told police she never returned from a snorkeling trip. aruban prosecutors believe giordano played a role in her disappearance. they've called gardner's disappearance a suspicious death. her body has not been found.
5:48 am
we'll see a change in tune this week in the manslaughter case against michael jackson's personal doctor. the defense will have a chance to present its case for dr. conrad murray. for the last weeks, the prosecution has presented damaging evidence against the doctor. he is accused of giving the singer the last dote of propofol that killed him. the prosecution is expected to wrap up after calling a leading expert on propofol. friends of steve jobs are staying silent about a memorial service honoring the late apple founder. stanford university hosted the service last night about a week after he died from pancreatic cancer. the memorial was by invitation only. those in attendance aren't even saying what time it began or how many people were there. governor jerry brown had declared yesterday steve jobs day in california. u.s. futures are up this morning after world stock markets rose. investors attribute the upswing to improved u.s. retail sales
5:49 am
and europe's renewed efforts to contain its debt crisis. retail sales recorded the biggest gain in seven months in september. worries about europe's debt problems also eased, following a meeting of the group of 20 finance chiefs over the weekend in paris. the dow was up friday 166 points. the nasdaq climbed to about 47 points to close at 2667, and the s&p 500 shot up a point to 2092. inchts so some exciting news for foodies. living social is hosting a high end service called living social gourmet. deals will cost you anywhere from $100 to $200 a person. there will also be group packages available. living social gourmet will be by invitation only at first and will be available to 1,000 members in washington. they hope to expand the high end service to ten other major cities by the end of the year. the martin luther king jr. memorial is now an official part
5:50 am
of the national mall. 50,000 people gathered to dedicate the new monument. ♪ aretha franklin sang precious lord, one of dr. king's favorite songs. president obama also visited the new memorial before he gave the keynote address at yesterday's dedication. the ceremony was originally set for august, but organizers had to postpone it because of hurricane irene. you know, they could not have asked for better weather yesterday. it was just perfect. >> it was. in fact, it got around 70 or so, not much wind, lots of sun. it's changed. since then the clouds have moved in. it's monday anyway. off to work and school. we've had a few sprinkles in the northern part of the region the last couple of hours. it's beginning to dissipate.
5:51 am
right now at reagan national, which is just down river from capitol hill off in the distance from a partly to mostly cloudy sky, 62 at national airport. we've got a light northerly breeze now. that week cool front just now coming through. it's been bringing clouds. the moon playing peek-a-boo with the clouds. patches the sprinkles here in northern county, west virginia, part of the panel handle hehand. shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia in the 50s. blue ridge east, most locations upper 50s to around 60. low 60s in washington. mid-60s right by the chesapeake bay. our sunrise this morning at 7:19. we'll have a little sunshine in and out this morning. just a small chance of an additional sprinkle the next couple of hours. ought to make it low to mid-70s by midafternoon. this is going to be the warmest day of the week because we have a cooling trend this evening.
5:52 am
sunset 6:27. mostly clear early evening. clouding up by midnight. near 60 by then. mostly cloudy tomorrow. maybe a little sun in the morning and clouding up in the afternoon with highs near 70 from a morning low of around 50. cooler weather and rainy weather late tuesday night and through the day wednesday. rain likely. highs low to mid-60s. 40s in the morning. afternoon highs near 60. near 40 afternoon and wednesday. but sunny. check the weather 24/7, weather channel on cable. here's the latest with our traffic. good morning, danella. first let's start with 295 at south capitol street. only the left lane will get you by the road work happening there. looks to be some type of structural problem. 295 southbound at south capitol street. below on south capitol street, all your lanes are blocked while crews work to repair this. megan mcgrath is on the scene of this incident, and she'll be up shortly with an update for you. going over to prince george's county, allentown road shut down
5:53 am
at branch avenue. we have a tractor-trailer crash into the wall of branch avenue and also lost its load. we have tracee wilkins on the scene here. she's going to update us as well. seeing some crowding outer loop of the beltway at colesville road. this is due to construction there. expect some delays as you're making your commute on the beltway in montgomery county. on the rails, metro and vre both look good. however, marc, minor delay of five minutes on the brunswick east train number 872. back to you. >> thank you, danella. traffic and transportation officials from across the country are in arlington today to discuss ways to keep teens focused on the road when they're behind the wheel. the national organization for teen safety and holding a driving summit this week. they'll discuss high tech solutions for keeping teen drivers safe. they'll also outline ways to keep teens focused while driving. be careful where you park. starting today, virginia state police will begin cracking down on drivers who park illegally at
5:54 am
a popular park and ride. police tell us too many drivers are parking outside of the designated areas at the woodbridge park and ride, creating a safety hazard. last week they began leaving warnings. starting today, illegally parked cars will be ticketed and in some cases they're going to be towed. so don't say we didn't warn you. it is that time of the year again. open enrollment is under way, meaning millions of americans are reviewing and selecting their health benefits for the next year. because health care reform is kicking in this year, there are some procedures being offered free of charge. that includes preventative procedures, including immunizations for children, col colonoscopi colonoscopies, mammograms, and cholesterol tests. >> services for free, no deductibles, no copays, no nothing. it's paid 100% by insurance, no matter what kind of plan you have. >> experts say look for incentive based wellness programs that reward employees for making healthy choices. that can also help decide how
5:55 am
much pretax money to put into flex or health savings accounts. your baby's birth weight could determine his or her risk of being awe tuesdutistiautisti. that's according to a new eye-opening study. researchers at the university of pennsylvania say preterm or low birth weight babies are five times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than normal sized babies. mental problems have long been associated with low birth weight babies, but this study suggests those problems may actually be masking autism. the team of researchers is now looking for a link between brain hemorrhaging and autism. a brain hemorrhage is often a complication of premature birth. a 100-year-old canadian man sets a new record in the guinness book of world records. singh is now the world's oldest person to complete a full marathon. with his entourage by his side -- as you can see there, he's got quite a group -- he successfully completed the feat in a little more than eight
5:56 am
hours. he was the last competitor to complete that course. and you know what, doesn't matter when he finished, the fact that he completed a marathon. >> he did. >> 26.2 miles at 100. i remember he said he started running at age 89. >> incredible. >> so he didn't even start running. he said at 89 i decided i'm going to make a change. >> old dog, new tricks. it's never too late. >> we still have time to pick up running. >> he had a pretty good click there along the way. >> exactly. if you are an nbc 4 facebook fan, you can win an apple ipod. >> ipod touch. >> not an ipad. we did that last week. just like our nbc washington page on facebook and sign up to win great prizes. we pick a winner at 6:00 and then make the announcement during our 11:00 p.m. news cast. eun yang, what is yangdemonium giving away this week? have you thought about it? >> i know you have car washing, butler service, and tennis lessons. >> right, the tennis lessons. and today i'm regifting a clip
5:57 am
phone for all of you out there. just fan me. >> a razor. are we dating ourselves? teenagers are out there like razor? what are you talking about is that a scooter? >> you shave with it? hey, coming up head on "news 4 today," why you may never have to worry
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