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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  October 17, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the man accused of killing a germantown mom goes to court. searchers are looking for her 11-year-old son who is still missing. good afternoon, i'm barbara harrison, jim handly is off this evening. >> william mcquain has been missing for two weeks. the search for him picked up today in two locations. a plot of land surrounding a center in clarksburg and two parks yesterday. so far, nothing. as megan mcgrath reports, police are still open hoping to find this little boy alive. >> reporter: this is a smaller scale search than we saw over the weekend. some have specially trained dogs. they are on the campus located off 270. they have been focusing on a
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wooded area and going down to the fence line between 270 and the campus itself focusing on a section there. there's a second search in damascus. it butts to wooded parkland. his mother was found stabbed and beaten to death. william hasn't been seen since the first weekend in october. curtis lopez was arrested in north carolina charged with her murder. the big question here is what has happened to william mcquain. the search is still active. police are working on a number of leads. it was a lead, some information they received that brought them to this location. >> well, detectives are working on information and leads they developed. i can't be more specific than that. it's not a hunch or guess, it's
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real information we have. we have to work on those leads as they come in. we are working the investigation with the hope that william will be found alive. >> reporter: police over the weekend searched damascus regional park and little bennett regional park. that search turned up nothing. anyone with information about william's where abouts, call the police. megan mcgrath, news 4. the man accused of killing mccain's mother showed up in court today. he waived extradition. we'll have a report on that coming up on news 4 at 5:00. new developments on the case in kansas city of the missing baby, lisa irwin. her mom was drunk the night the baby disappeared. she changed the story about the last time she saw the baby.
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it's been weeks since she vanished from her krip. she previously said she last saw her when she put her to bed. she told peter alexander she last saw her at 6:40 in the evening. she was seen buying diapers and boxed wine with her brother. >> were you drinking that night? >> yes. >> how much? >> enough to be drunk. >> you were drunk? >> mm-hmm. >> a lot of people are going to say you were drunk, could you have done something to hurt your daughter? >> no. no. i don't think alcohol changes a person enough to do something like that. >> the missouri national guard join the search for baby lisa. meanwhile, detectives questioned a local handyman with a criminal
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history unaccounted for since her disappearance. a tribute to apple co-founder, steve jobs on a day dedicated to his legacy. family and friends gathered at stanford university. president bill clinton and vice president al gore were among the invited guests. candles lit a path. jobs died earlier this month after a battle with pancreatic cancer. >> jerry brown declired october 16th, steve jobs day in the state. now, to our weather. a pleasant afternoon if you were outside today. >> veronica johnson is in the weather center to tell us what is coming. >> it's been a gorgeous day. what a day to start our workweek here on monday. temperatures, upper 60s across the area. that is seasonable. the average for today, 67
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degrees. we have a lot of blue sky out there now. we had a cold front that moved through the area, early part of the day. 4:00 a.m., clouds and showers north and west of us. the showers dried up. the showers passed to the south and east. now, we have a lot of sunshine out there now. as far as your monday evening goes, i think we are going to be mostly clear to partly cloudy. temperatures comfortable throughout the area. it's 73 degrees now. montgomery county, you are at 73 degrees. fairfax, chantilly, falls church, 71. prince george's county, 68 degrees. so, from here, we'll see the mercury drop down to 64 degrees by 7:00 p.m. you are going to see more clouds move into the area. partly cloudy during the overnight. 61 by 9:00 p.m. i'm still going to call that nice because the temperatures will be very comfortable,
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especially compared to what we are going to be feeling at the end of this workweek. for your forecast, a quiet and dry evening. tomorrow is the transition day. we'll talk about how wild, that's right, wild wednesday is going to be. coming up in a couple minutes. >> okay. thanks, veronica. redskins coach mike shanahan won't say who the starting quarterback will be. grossman threw four interceptions and fans are calling for a change. john beck took over but couldn't pull the team out of the 20-0 deficit. washington lost 20-13. the record is now 3-2 and washington plays carolina on sunday. so, now the quarterback situation today's facebook question of the day, should this be the start of the john beck era?
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>> kick berly posted yes. grossman just keeps disappointing. it wasn't just one bad game, he has a bad game every game. >> kelly had this to say. it should have been beck all along. are we going to see beck against the panthers next week? >> and we have some, rachel sanchez said good rex, bad rex, i have seen enough of rex. beck has got to be better. yes, the beck era has begun. we thank all of you who have posted your comments today. folks around the region are lacing up to ride one and walk. special friendships for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. >> reporter: the best part of the day is reporting for work at
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this audi dealership in virginia. he helps to maintain the order and look of the showroom floor and helps with the dealerships social media. he loves the experience. >> my job makes me independent and develop friendships and work skills. >> reporter: he got the job through best buddies. it's for those with intellectual and developmental opportunities. >> people with disabilities are welcome and celebrated for what they bring to the community. >> he's worked here since 2009. he was the first best buddies jobs participant in the washington area. >> we've seen him grow. he's part of the team. we are all proud of him and his accomplishments. >> right now, they are prepping for the audi best buddies challenge in washington. it features a 100 k bike ride
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and run/walk. we have a team of 130 people. we have committed to raising over 100,000. >> the goal is to raise money and awareness about best buddies. he's taking the challenge and doing his part. >> i have raised $1300. it will help others have the same opportunity i have. we are working hard, having fun getting ready for the challenge. go team audi. >> well, you can participate in the event and to learn all about best buddies, go to our website. and search best buddies. nbc 4 is a co-sponsor of the event. >> they have done such great work all around the country for years now. >> when news 4 at 4:00 continues -- ♪
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>> lady gaga helps a former commander in chief celebrate a milestone. the secret strategy that's kept a couple married for 72 years. >> a huge crash. >> remembering the driver who died in a terrible race car crash over the weekend.
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come on. let's get to work. >> "real steal." the boxer flick took in $60.3 million. the remake of "foot loose" debuted with $16.1 million. they could switch places once the final numbers are replaced. "the thing" came in third. "the ids of march was in the top five. research in motion is trying to make it up to customers.
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in the coming weeks, they will offer customers free premium apps including i speech translation and they will offer a month of free tech support for enterprise customers. they left tens of millions of folks temporarily without web and e-mail services. if you exceed your monthly cell phone limits, chances are you don't find out until you get the big, fat bill in the mail. help is on the way. soon, an automatic warning before you rack up the fees. we have more about itd. . >> reporter: the term bill shock is what she got. >> my mouth was gaping. i'm like, what? >> reporter: a $3,100 cell phone bill. much of it roaming fees. her bill is an extreme example
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but the fcc is hoping soon a less frequent one. it's after wireless carriers pledge to give warnings to consumers before they go over monthly limits. >> this solution will give consumers the information they need to save money on their monthly wireless bills. >> reporter: two surveys by consumer union, found an average of 1-5 customers suffered some form of cell phone bill shock. >> they didn't know they were hitting their caps or limits on their phones. >> the alert comes as government imposed mandates. >> they would much rather regulate themselves and be in charge of their own destiny than have congress or the fcc impose regulation. >> reporter: the company pledged to have them in place in 12 months. all of them within 18 months.
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as data use starts to outweigh use, there's a learning kerveg for consumers. >> how much is e-mailing or streaming video, how much is it going to eat up my data plan. >> reporter: that knowledge along with the alerts could help consumers avoid unexpected bills. mark barger, nbc news. bill clinton turned 65 back in august. >> he celebrated a couple months late with a star-studded concert at the hollywood bowl in los angeles saturday. ♪ >> lady gaga, usher, edge and bono turned out to perform. they were there to support and promote the tenth anniversary of the clinton foundation. clinton has been out of office for over a decade, he's
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maintained his political star power and stay in the spotlight. >> i am the only person in history who got to be president, who then had a post-presidential birthday party attended by both lady gaga and the secretary of state. >> lady gaga says she enjoyed her first real marilyn moment with the president. she serenaded john f kennedy back in 1962. >> he knows how to throw a party. >> he does. two of hollywood's biggest stars have been spotted together again. they are not a couple, just yet. >> bradley cooper and jennifer lopez spent time together over the weekend. they were spotted having dinner together last month. the pair are casually dating and enjoying each other's company. no boyfriend, girlfriend titles
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being thrown around just yet. ukrainian fashion week kicked off with paris hilton gracing the cat walk. the low cut yellow gown designed especially for her. the designer escorted her down the runway. he made the dress the night before the show because hilton didn't like the white dress he wanted her to wear. hilton tweeted about the experience saying it was so much fun, loved my dress. hot. stanley and helen live in hartford, connecticut. >> they have been married 72 years. they marked their anniversary by renewing their vows. they say the secret to staying married so long is they always say i love you and god bless you. they renewed their vows at 72 years. at this age, getting to 75 is
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not a given. >> we were always celebrating with a party, say our 50th, 60th, 70th. we figured we might as well do it for the 72nd because time is running out. >> the renewal of their vows took place in hartford, connecticut. >> they could teach younger couples some lessons. sweet. mom and dad told you to finish your plate. find out about a place that says do it or else. >> how long will nice weather stick around? stick around? the forecast is up next.
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[ female announcer ] who'd have thought that the person you'd grow up to be -- how creative or confident or kind -- was shaped before you lost your first tooth? ♪ the first five years are forever. ♪ that's why pnc is devoting $250 million and ten more years to helping families discover learning opportunities all around them. pnc. grow up great. today president obama embarked on a three-day bus tour, three state that is were critical last election, north carolina and virginia. he took a few pokes at the republicans standing in the way of his jobs package.
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republicans poked right back. steve handelsman has the latest. >> reporter: president obama went after the republicans blocking his $447 billion stimulus plan. >> what we are going to do is break up my jobs bill. maybe they couldn't understand the whole thing all at once. >> reporter: the first piece he wants passed funnels $35 billion to states for teachers, firefighters and cops, a plan critics complain is a payback to unions. senate republicans say they agree on the goal -- >> middle income and lower income americans are the one who is need help the most. >> reporter: but they are blocking broad obama tax cuts. on a bus trip this week through north carolina and virginia, the president will hammer on that. >> hello, everybody. >> reporter: countryside barbecue. north carolina voters gave barack obama a breakthrough win in '08 and could be his key to
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re-election. he figures many are sympathetic to the wall street protests the president has been defending. if you, too, are angry at the rich, mr. obama implied, you'll like how the jobs bill is paid for. >> by asking our wealthiest citizens, folks making more than $1 million a year to pay their fair share. [ applause ] >> he raised our hopes -- >> reporter: a new anti-obama ad targets that obama plan. >> $1.5 trillion. >> president obama's latest way is still the wrong way. >> reporter: in north carolina and virginia -- >> we should be talking about jobs. >> reporter: it will be obama versus the gop. the three-day preview of how the president's campaign may look a year from now. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. we had a gorgeous day today.
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>> did you have a chance to spend time outside? >> not really. >> you walked this morning? >> i did walk, but it was cloudy outside. >> we talked about tomorrow. if it's going to be as nice as today, tomorrow not as pretty, but is going to be mild. tomorrow, one of the mildest days, probably the mildest out of the workweek. let's head to the weather wall. clouds, just a few clouds left lingering around the area. a gorgeous afternoon out there. we have a temperature of 67 degrees with the wind out of the south at ten miles per hour. tomorrow it will be out of the east-northeast. 69 in hagerstown. good stack of low to mid-70s throughout the area south of d.c. for today. now, our temperatures will be heading down to upper 50s by 11:00 p.m. we'll see some clouds out there.
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in fact, overnight, partly cloudy by tomorrow morning partly sunny. 52 degrees by 7:00 a.m. sun is up at 7:20. now the radar is quiet. that despite the fact we had a cold front move through the area. it's south of the area now. the last couple hours on the satellite and radar, the green is the rain. you can see it at 4:00 a.m. in western maryland and southern sections of pennsylvania. there's the front coming through. right around the northern neck. southern areas of maryland. richmond to roanoke now. the same front is going to make its way back to the north as a warm front tomorrow. with it, we are going to see a few clouds come into the area. this is the big nasty system for wednesday right now. part of the same system that bombarded central america. showers and storms making their way northward. a swath of rain, heavy at times.
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by wednesday, it arrives here. maybe an isolated thunderstorm. behind it, windy and chilly, too. the evening forecast, 66 to 58 degrees. a few clouds arnds the area. for tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and cool. very fall like to start things out tomorrow. a high temperature of 70 to 74 degrees. we'll pick up more clouds by the time we get to tuesday night. rain starts early on wednesday. probably around 3:00 a.m. wednesday morning. the soggy one, wednesday this week. later, we are talking halloween. >> good. can't wait to hear what that is like. >> think costumes. still to come on news 4 at 4:00, the creator of the south beach diet is out with a new book. the father of
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hello and welcome back to news 4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm barbara harrison. today, police searched a hiking trail in damascus and a park in clarksburg. still, no sign of 11-year-old william mcquain. he's the son of the mother that
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was killed in her condo. her husband waived extradition. a kansas city mother admitted to being drunk the night her baby girl disappeared and she changed her story about the last time she saw baby lisa. they began fresh searches for the child. it's been weeks since she vanished from her crib. new fears over europe's debt crisis. the dow closed 247 points lower to finish at 11,397. nasdaq down 52 points to end at 2614. the s&p 500 closed at 1200. a true champion and a gentleman is how the father of a race car driver killed in a horrific pile up on the track is
4:32 pm
remembered. >> dan wheldon died in a car crash. he was only 33. chris has more. >> a huge crash. >> reporter: during lap 12 of the season ending race in vegas, two cars bumped setting off a chain reaction. two cars went airborne. one was dan wheldon's number 77. moments later, the tv announcers shared on air an earlier conversation about the possibility of a disaster like this. >> you and i spoke about this this morning on the drive in. this amount of cars, the speed. just the chance for what they call the big one. >> reporter: the big one did happen taking a big name in superstar driver, dan wheldon. he leaves a wife and two children in his adopted home of st. petersburg, florida and a distraught home. >> yesterday, he was doing what he loved to do. he was a true championship and a
4:33 pm
gentleman on and off the track. >> reporter: a makeshift memorial is growing outside the indianapolis motor speedway where he won twice, taking home his second tro fi at the brick yard this past may. >> what a great friend. one of my best friends. >> he was a friend of all of us. he'll be missed. >> my wish for now is for his family, his kids. >> reporter: in the wake of his death, they canceled the 2011 championship celebration that was supposed to occur in las vegas. a public memorial will be announced later. nbc news. first the occupy wall street protest spread across the nation, now, they have gone global. large protests under way across europe. in london, they are camped
4:34 pm
outside of st. paul's cathedral. the police are keeping them off private property. meanwhile, the atmosphere was different in rome on saturday. thousands of protesters marched in the streets there. some of them set fires and clash with riot police. a news coe host had breast cancer. she made the announcement on the requested today show today. >> we sadly found out that i have early stages of breast cancer. it's been a shock. i recently found this out. a lot of people have been asking, you know, we saw in the season finale of your know you got ivf. what happened? are you pregnant? sadly, we had to put that off because of the news. >> she is 37 years old. she credits her doctor for
4:35 pm
making the discovery early. the prognosis is good. she says she will undergo surgery and have six weeks of radiation therapy. she still wants to get pregnant. the quest to have a baby probably saved her life. she's a native of bethesda. there's more to come on news 4 at 4:00. michael jackson's former doctor is on hold for 48 hours. what's causing the delay, ahead.
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a lot of the online deal sites. you find great food at your fingertips and you don't have to do the hunting, bite hunter does the looking for you. it's a neat app. veronica says she's putting it on her phone this afternoon. >> sounds like a plan. i like that. thanks, pat. when we return, the doctor who created the popular south beach diet to reverse your toxic lifestyles. sesame street is back up after hackers targeted the youtube channel. later on nbc washington nonstop, join me at 9:30. i'll take you on a behind the scenes tour behind the national theater. it's a place with a lot of history. what the
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it looks like fall. can halloween be far behind? >> it's not. some people know this, some don't but halloween is one of my favorite holidays. >> we know. we know. >> we learned this. >> i started decorating. i like the spooky part of this. >> what is your favorite costume? >> we would be here for too long. >> let's just talk about the decorating. >> any costume will do. >> most of all, i like
4:45 pm
decorating my house and making it spooky. i spent my sunday not really watching the game, but listening to the game and listening because hey, i carved this. look at my fat cat, guys. >> uh-oh. >> it took awhile x about an hour and a half to carve the details. i hear it's coming up. what do you think of that? >> we are impressed. >> you did that yourself? >> i did that myself. it's been years since i have. >> that's really very creative. >> that, of course, from alice in wonderland. >> where did you learn to do that? >> it's a stencil. anyone can do it. we are going to pick our spookiest house. send in your pictures when you start decorating, or a lot of ways to get the forecast. send in your halloween pics.
4:46 pm
we are at 67 degrees. a great day for getting out and putting up decorations. your good night forecast, a cool morning. upper 40s to low 50s with a partly sunny sky. tomorrow, 70 to 74 degrees across the board. it's going to be a nice and mild day. you'll want to enjoy tomorrow. wednesday, it's a sloth of rain that comes over us. we could get between 3/4 and an inch of rain. 67 the high. thursday, friday, windy and feeling like november. plans for the weekend, the chill sticks around for saturday and sunday with a high of 61 and 63. fewer and fewer, the mild days in the 70s. >> you are going to carve the pumpkins for us. >> i'll take one. >> just for your 4:00 crew. >> i'm going to have a cramp in my hand. >> that was amazing. >> good work. >> thanks. the south beach diet became
4:47 pm
a best selling book eight years ago. now, the doctor who created the book noticed his patients experienced unexpected health benefits. >> cutting out gluten is the main reason why. we have the report. >> reporter: counting calories to lose weight? that's the wrong approach, according to cardiologist doctor. >> the thing about diet in general is the focus has been too much on calories and on cosmetics. you know, looking like a cover girl for women. it should be much more about nutrition. >> reporter: often, it's not. this likens belly fat to a toxic chemical factory fueled by our favorite foods. >> it's the processed carbohydrates, the sugar, candy,
4:48 pm
baked goods, the transfats. it's all leading to inflammation. >> reporter: inflammation can lead to a host of problems. the wake-up call offers strategies to reverse our toxic lifestyle. >> there's not a simple, reliable test. we say do the gluten solution. >> reporter: no wheat products, barley or rye. >> it's not going to hurt you. a lot of people will be amazed, they will have more energy, arthritis pain goes away. >> it helped his nurse practitioner with acid reflux. >> within two days, i felt better. >> what should we be eating? there are 15 megafoods that should be on your list. >> here are some of them.
4:49 pm
in the produce section, vegetables like broccoli and brussel sprouts, the antioxidant power houses. sweet potatoes and other bright orange veggies. mushrooms for vitamin d. berries are best when it comes to fruit. avocados provide fats, so does olive oil. salmon fatty acids. for your sweet tooth, dark chocolate. diana gonzalez, nbc miami. >> love a lot of those foods. >> me, too. hackers target sesame street online. cleaning your plate has a new incentive in one country. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, new developments into the investigation of what happened to 11-year-old william mcquain.
4:50 pm
they searched new areas today while the man charged in his mother's murder is in north carolina. plus, gas stations, pharmacies, you can buy groceries anywhere. where can you get the best deal on the essentials? the answer might surprise you. your cell phone is a breeding ground for bacteria. it's no surprise.
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the sesame street u tube channel is back up. they took the site down yesterday after hackers up load loaded x-ray material. the show's producer says the racy videos were online for less than an hour and no viewer complain complaints. a restaurant is encouraging people not to let food go to waste. the restaurant is fining customers who don't finish their meals. they got the idea from somalia where there's a massive famine. some own customers are shocked but appreciate what they are doing. the trial of michael
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
test moan was canceled today in the trial of dr. conrad murr murray. the judge delayed it until
4:57 pm
wednesday because a witness was not available. we have the latest. >> reporter: testimony in the trial of dr. conrad murray was put on hold because the prosecution's final witness was unavailable due to a death in his family. the judge agreed to delay the trial for another day to give the defense time to review medical evidence that could damage the case. they are expected to claim jackson swallowed lorazepam to sleep the die he died. they claimed jackson gave himself the fatal dose of propofol. >> michael jackson self-administered a dose of propofol that will the lorazapam created a perfect storm in his body that killed him instantly. >> reporter: in a new twist, a
4:58 pm
recent test by the l.a. correspond nor found a smaller amount. his testimony is expected to continue to bolster the claim that michael jackson's death was caused by dr. murray's gross negligence. a cardiologist described murray's treatment of jackson as criminal. >> the use of using it for insomnia is incomprehensible. >> you don't give propofol for sleep. it's not an indication of the drug. >> reporter: dr. murray's defense attorneys are expected to call their own witnesses later this week. it's unclear how the last-minute evidence might affect their strategy. they are expected to call 22 witnesses and could take four days to present the case. in los angeles, stephanie stanton, news 4.
4:59 pm
that's news 4 at 4:00. news 4 at 5:00 starts now. i just broke out bawling. i was floored when i heard what happens to jane. >> for a young william mcquain. a close friend of jane mcquain lived as officered combed the area of an 11-year-old. we are learning more of a suspect in connection to their mother's murder. good evening, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm doreen gentzler. new evidence is revealed in the case of a man accused of killing his wife and fleeing to north carolina. he appeared in court in charlotte today. he's accused in the murder of his wife, jane mcquain. her 11-year-old


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