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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  October 18, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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very own house. >> with mud and straw and sand and water. so we're going to try our hand at a cob pig house first. >> reporter: word on the street is you might be getting a girlfriend in here. what do you think? i'm going to say that would be happier than a pig in slop. aaron gilchrist, news 4, virginia. >> i like that slop there. i'd like to see that in mud. you can hear a little response, some munching. >> i love that aaron gilchrist was lying down next to wilbur in the hay. i mean, i've seen it all. oh, my goodness gracious. he looks very happy. >> he does look happy. >> i don't know. he looks like a wilbur to me. how are we going to call him norm? >> he'll always be wilbur to us. the van norms changed his name from wilbur because they said he reminded them of norm from cheers. >> was he offended? >> let's hear from him. >> although she did say he was handsome.
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today searchers will be back out again looking for that missing boy. meanwhile, we are learning new details today about the man suspected in his mother's death. thieves steal a truck carrying president obama's podium and other equipment for his jobs bill bus tour. also today, you've seen them on the national monument. now take a look up. the same crews are on their way to the national cathedral. we'll see what they're doing in a report today. good morning, everybody. i'm jim handly. joe has the day off >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" on tuesday, october 18th, 2011. we're taking a live look outside at 5:01. 60 degrees. today will be one last pleasant day. i'll put it that way, tom. we're going to have some changes here. >> we want to thank jim handly for turning his life upside down to be with us. >> it's a pleasure.
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i love it. once i'm here, i love it. >> listen, tom, he gets to work with us. >> but normally this time of the day, you're doing what? >> i'm on the treadmill. i'm playing tennis. >> you're sleeping. >> knitting a sweater. >> volunteering, cooking. >> he's in deep sleep, dreaming of playing at wimbledon. >> exactly. >> but the reality is i could easily beat him in ping pong. >> that's true. >> that's right. i've got my own paddle. >> uh-oh. it's in the mid-50s in washington. upper 40s in shenandoah valley in the mountains. off to quite a chilly start in the 50s. we do have quite a bit of cloudiness as well. we've got a stalled front that's going to bring us clouds from time to time throughout the day. here's your day planner. we'll have sunrise at 7:20. we'll be in the 60s this morning to near 70 by noontime. we should hover around 70 by early afternoon with a little bit of sunshine in and out. we will have your evening planner. that will be in about ten minutes. now here's a look at the traffic
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on this tuesday morning. good morning, danella. >> good morning. starting with the rails, i have a minor delay on the marc. penn south, train number 401. your delay is just six minutes. on the roadways, if you're traveling 395 north, still seeing your ramp to edsall road shut down due to the accident there. checking bridges in our area, starting with american legion bridge. inner loop and outer loop is clear. not seeing any accidents or major delays as you make your way across. heading over to southeast, checking the sousa bridge for you. not seeing any major delays at all as you are making your commute. finally, heading over to the 14th street bridge, clear as you make your way inside and head into the city. no accidents for you. i'm back in ten with another look at your traffic. back to you all. >> thanks, danella. this morning police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a bicyclist in northeast washington. the shooting happened along lincoln road around 8:00 last night. the victim was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later. police are not releasing the victim's name at this time.
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so far no arrests have been made. we'll get an update later this morning from montgomery county police on their search for 11-year-old william mcquain. no one's seen the boy since he last was at school on september 30th. last week investigators found his mother jane mcquain dead inside her germantown home. today police plan to search a wooded area near the comsat building in fredericksburg. >> today the man charged with jane mcquain's death is headed back here today. carlos lopez had his first hearing on a homicide charge yesterday. he told the judge he would waive extradition to be brought back to montgomery county. friends say they could never imagine this kind of charge against lopez. >> you know, i'm blown away by it. he's not the person that i knew. >> news 4 obtained the search warrants for mcquain's suv and
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for the hotel where lopez was arrested. police found two cell phones and 18 copies of a marriage certificate in the vehicle. at the hotel, investigators found a box cutter, mcquain's credit card, and nine $100 bills. new overnight, an elaborate prisoner swap between israel and the palestinians continues at this hoir. nbc news is reporting that an israeli soldier was turned over to egyptian authorities and will soon be flown to a military base in israel. meanwhile, buses filled with palestinian prisoners are begin to go cross into the west bank in gaza. israel agreed to release hundreds of palestinian prisoners in exchange for the soldier who had been held captive for five years. 5:05 now. president obama is kicking off day two of his bus tour through virginia and north carolina. but not everything is going according to plan. a truck carrying equipment for one of the president's events was stolen out of a hotel parking lot just north of
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richmond. angie goff is live in our news room with more on what happened. angie, quite embarrassing. >> very unusual, eun. good morning. of president obama's podium, teleprompter, and audio equipment stolen just days before his visit in the town of chesterfield, virginia. nbc 12 confirmed the investigation with the defense department. inside were the presidential seal, which only the president stands behind, several podiums, a see-through teleprompter, and $48,000 worth of sound equipment. the truck was reportedly parked at the virginia center courtyard marriott before the visit. sources say the truck was recovered yesterday at another hotel's parking lot near the airport. a defense agency spokesperson released this statement saying, no classified information was in the vehicle. we take incidents such as this very seriously, and an investigation is continuing. at this time, officials won't say if the thieves took anything. also, still unclear, did the
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crooks intentionally target the president's truck. and the next step, to see if surveillance cameras captured the thieves in action. now back to you. >> angie goff live in our newsroom. angie, thank you. jamestown, north carolina, and emporium, virginia, are the highlighted stops today during the president's second day of the three-day bus tour. the president proposes breaking up the jobs bill and introducing key pieces of it. the president is campaigning for re-election on the taxpayer's dime. republican presidential hopefuls will take the stage once again tonight for the eighth debate of the election season. this time it will be las vegas, nevada. and the economy will likely be the hot topic with nevada's unemployment and foreclosure rates, the highest in the country. missing from the debate lineup is jon huntsman, who's boycotting the affair because nevada moved up its primary to the second in the nation behind iowa. new hampshire is traditionally the second state to hold a republican primary and is also the home of huntsman's campaign
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headquarters. it is now 5:07. 59 degrees. still ahead on "news 4 today," a burglar gets a surprise after breaking into a house. we hear from one homeowner on what he did when he saw the [ female announcer ] today, your busy schedule demands doing more in less time. which is why we've developed innovative learning tools like our mobile application and phoenixconnect, a worldwide academic social network. it's part of our commitment to you and why last year we invested over 1 billion dollars in our students to help them successfully balance work, life and education. ♪
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this the main studio. a lot of history here. >> that is cee lo green making an appearance on "parent hood." john colbert and jason ritter will also be on tonight's show. be sure to stick around for news 4 at 11 afterwards. >> let's get to the weather. tom, how are we looking so far? quite a bit of cloudiness but no rain. it's chilly. down into the 40s and 50s through much of the region. right now 56 at reagan national. it's in the low 50s in much of montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and prince george's county. you'll need a light jacket or a sweater before you head off to work and school on this tuesday morning. right now quite a bit of
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cloudiness rolling in along a stalled front that will be with us throughout the day. sunrise at 7:20. we'll be in the 60s in midmorning and near 70 by early afternoon. back down into the upper 60s by late afternoon. little sunshine in and out. here's your evening planner. we'll cloud up this evening. it will be cool down into the low 60s by midnight. and by this time tomorrow morning, rain likely. we'll look at that, the rest of the week and the weekend, at 5:21. here's a look at traffic. good morning, danella. >> good morning. still seeing the edsall road ramp shut down from 395 north due to an accident there. checking the beltway for you in montgomery county, had had some construction there early this morning. it's now out of the way. right now inner loop and outer loop is clear. checking travel times for you. you're making your way from 95 to i-270. you're traveling at about 54 miles per hour. in virginia, traveling i-66 east, starting to see just a little bit of congestion build. but so far checking travel times in that area, you're still traveling at a good speed. in fact, if you make your way
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from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, you're traveling at 55 miles per hour. on marc train penn south 401, your delay is eight minutes. ahead on "news 4 today," a wall of dust leaves a mess to clean up. we'll show you the dramatic
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welcome back at 5:16. take a look at this video. this is a dust storm in lubbock, texas. an 8,000 foot high wall of dust moved through the city at about 6:00 p.m. winds over 70 miles per hour pushed the dust through the city, knocking down street signs, power lines, and reducing visibility to almost zero.
5:17 am
no injuries were reported. there has been a drought in west texas. the national weather service says that 2011 could be the driest year on record across that area. today it may look like spider-man is clinging to the walls of the national cathedral. the same crew that spent a week inspecting the washington monument is now looking at the national cathedral to see what damage the august earthquake did. news 4's megan mcgrath joins us live from the ground of the national cathedral to see what's coming up. >> reporter: good morning, jim. they do kind of look like spiders, these engineers, as they dangle high in the air suspended by these little ropes. we were all fascinated when they did it with the washington monument a few weeks ago, looking for damage there. now they're going to repeat a similar operation at the national cathedral. we've all been hearing since the earthquake about the damage done, especially at the pinnacles at the very top of the national cathedral. they're trying to get an overall
5:18 am
assessment of just how much damage there was. what they're going to do is rappel off the national cathedral. they started yesterday. take a look at this video. just so much fun to watch them do the work. this was the same team involved in the operation with the washington monument. they've been here in washington before. they're familiar with our buildings in our area, and they're going to be out here again today. again just going methodically down the structure. they've got all kinds of special equipment. they have hammers. they have computers and the like, which they have with them. and they can tap on the stones looking for weak spots, looking for cracks. they'll come up with an overall assessment. yesterday they were on the face of the national cathedral. they're not too concerned about that area. where they expect to find the most damage is up at the top, basically the tapered sections where the rock and the stone starts to get thinner and thinner and comes to a point at the top. that's where they'll expect most of the damage. they'll be focusing a lot of their efforts with respect to that. and come up with a master plan of exactly what needs to be done to make sure everything is back
5:19 am
to where it was prior to the earthquake. we've heard from the stone masons this could take ten years to do all of the repairs. it's quite a job here and millions of dollars. they don't believe there are any structural problems. we want to emphasize that. they don't think there's a danger of collapse or anything like that. we're talking about the stones, the gargoyles, some of the smaller pieces that need to be stabilized. the hope here is that they'll be able to reopen to the public november the 12th. of course, getting everything repaired will take much longer. we're expecting them to be out later on this morning. back to you all in the studio. jim? >> what a view they've got. megan mcgrath. megan, thank you so much. now back to a news 4 exclusive involving the case of a gaithersburg man accused in a woman's disappearance in aruba. we're hearing from gary giordano's new lawyer for the first time. he says there's no way he could have killed his travel companion robyn gardner. he claims giordano did not have enough time to pull it off.
5:20 am
>> gary giordano was a few days in aruba. within roughly two hours, he would have had to kill her, take her to somewhere on the island, bury her, or dump her in a cave. i've lived here all my life. there are caves apparently in st. nicholas, not so far away from the beach where the lady disappeared. i wouldn't know how to find them. >> yesterday an aruban judge denied giordano's appeal for his release. another hearing will take place at the end of the month. nbc 4's janet shamlian will have more on the case coming up on the "today" show. mahmoud ahmadinejad denied accusations that iranian agents were involved in the attempt to assassinate the saudi ambassador here in washington. he said they started the story to divert away from potential economic problems. he also said the u.s. was accusing iran in a terror plot to strengthen international sanctions against the islamic
5:21 am
republic. he says iran will not investigate the allegations. the manslaughter trial against michael jackson's doctor will pick back up tomorrow. the judge delayed dr. conrad murray's case to give the defense time to analyze new testing from the coroner. yesterday's testimony was also cancelled so the prosecution's last witness could deal with the death of his father. defense attorneys are expected to begin calling their own witnesses later this week. the defense team for a maryland state senator marred in a corruption probe plans to use character witnesses today to paint a picture of a man unable to participate in a bribery scheme. attorneys for senator ulysses curry called a witness yesterday who described the law maker as nice and a wonderful person, but someone known not to be all that smart. curry is accused of receiving $245,000 in payments from the shopper's grocery chain in exchange for legislative favors. curry's defense team admits he
5:22 am
did not disclose some conflicts of interest but that he also did not take bribes. >> it's 5:21. time for weather and traffic on the ones. meteorologist tom kierein says get out today while the weather stays nice. and get out your sweaters too. it's a chilly morning. low to mid-50s through much of the region. in washington mid-50s. near t away from the water, much of southern maryland near 50 degrees. loudoun county virginia, and fairfax and arlington, low to mid-50s. low 50s in charles and prince george's, calvert and st. mary's. around the shenandoah valley and throughout much of west virginia, western maryland, it's only in the 40s this morning. we've got a stalled front and clouds riding along this front that will be with us here from time to time throughout the morning. a little sunshine should break out later this morning. sunrise at 7:20. by early afternoon, we'll be
5:23 am
near 70 degrees. here's your evening planner, back down into the 60s under a cloudy sky. does look like rain by this time tomorrow morning and a wet day with occasional showers. maybe an afternoon thunder shower with highs near 70. that should end wednesday night. blustery and cooler on wednesday with the sun returning. chilly saturday and sunday. afternoon highs only the low 60s. we'll have light winds and certainly a beautiful autumn weekend coming up. now, danella, how's traffic? if you're taking metro today, may have a headache for you. if you're traveling at the wheaton metro station, all escalators down there. i know it's a very steep slope there. what you might want to do is take a shuttle l bus. metro has requested shuttle bus service. on the rails, penn south train number 401 on the marc, your delay is ten minutes. and over to 270. before we get there, i do want to let you know, 395 north, your ramp to edsall road is shut down.
5:24 am
i'm watching cameras in that area. getting a little slow as you make your way on 395 towards edsall. now heading over to 270, not seeing any major traffic for you or major delays and no accidents on your commute. back to you. >> danella, thank you. 5:23. he was just planning on watching football, but one virginia man might have felt like he was playing it after tackling a would be thief from breaking into his home. news 4's jane watrel has the story from fredericksburg. >> high five. yeah. >> reporter: john delacy and his dog chloe are quite a team, catching a burglar who broke into their fredericksburg home in broad daylight. it happened during the redskins game. >> around the end of the third quarter, she started acting real funny. she got halfway off the couch and started doing her bark, and i told her to zip it. she was sitting there and doing this weird -- it wasn't like an outright bark. it was more of like i smell something, i guess, kind of
5:25 am
bark. >> reporter: curious, delacy headed downstairs with chloe right behind. >> he was standing about right here, and i just quickly moved in. you know, not only just questioning who the hell are you and why are you in my house, but you're not leaving. >> reporter: but 41-year-old robert white had other ideas. >> he put his chin down so i couldn't get underneath it. as he was trying to scurry out from under me, i was trying to stay on top of him. we went from this room all the way through over here into our bedroom, in which i finally was able to pin him down. >> reporter: delacy's girlfriend called 911, and white was arrested. fredericksburg police say the suspect may be responsible for a series of daylight burglaries, including one that happened here on rappahannock avenue, about 30 minutes, police say, before he broke into delacy's home. delacy says he's no hero, especially when he learned the would be burglar tried to steal his loaded gun.
5:26 am
>> i'm a big dude. i'm not the most thick guy. maybe i have a little age on my side, you know. i feel like someone was definitely looking out for me yesterday. >> reporter: fredericksburg police say they support a homeowner's right to defend his home. meanwhile, the suspect is in jail being held without bond, facing burglary, larceny, and weapons charges. in fredericksburg, jane watrel, news 4. >> and chloe was just protecting her castle too, you know. >> what a good dog. he's lucky. could have ended much worse, especially if the burglar was trying to go after his gun. >> our time right now 5:26 on this tuesday. we've got 59 degrees. coming up, find out what happened to the case geagainst e civil rights activist arrested
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president obama is on the
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road pushing his new jobs bill today. we'll have a live report. only 9 years old. >> why a father let his 9-year-old daughter drive his car to the gas station. >> and what she had to say. >> exactly. good morning to you. i'm eun yang >> and i'm jim handly in for joe krebs. tuesday, october 18, 2011. i think we're going to see more clouds than sun today, tom, right? >> absoluteabsolutely. on this tuesday, 56 at reagan national. much of the region is chilly, down near 50 in parts of the montgomery county and loudoun county. frederick and howard counties in maryland in the 40s. much of the shenandoah valley in the 40s, as it western maryland and west virginia. closer to arlington and washington and fairfax low 50s. prince george's county and southern maryland. right near the bay waters near 60. bay water temperatures still in
5:31 am
the 60s. over the last several hours, quite a bit of cloudiness rolling along a stalled front draped across our region. quite a bit of cloud cover here with us this morning. sunrise at 7:20. a few breaks in the clouds. we ought to see a little sunshine in and out as the day progresses. highs reaching upper 60s to around 70 by early afternoon. by this time tomorrow morning, we could have some rain. take a look at what may happen between now and then with your evening planner at 5:41. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. on the rails, still have escalators down at the wheaton metro station. metro has requested shuttle bus service. you may want to avoid this station all together. as far as the delays going, still seeing the delay on the marc. penn south 401, your delay is ten minutes. traveling 395 north, checking cameras there. still have the edsall road ramp shut down. this is kind of the blue lights that you see here.
5:32 am
traffic is start to go get just a little bit congested as you make your way on 395 north at edsall road, checking other cameras in your area. not seeing any major accidents as well. as you continue on to the 14th street bridge, you're clear heading into the city. >> danella, thanks so much. 5:31 now. president obama's bus tour rolls into virginia today. he is promoting his jobs plan. but republicans accuse him of campaigning with your money. nbc nbc's tracie potts joins us live on the capitol hill debate. >> reporter: it is too much taxpayer money. republicans say the president today at north carolina in a community college and, as you mentioned, in virginia at a high school pushing a part of his jobs bill, $35 billion to save the jobs of teachers, police, firefighters, first responders. these would be in the forms of grants to states paid for by a .5% tax on millionaires starting on december 13th. it's part of a jobs bill the
5:33 am
senate rejected, but republicans say this bus tour looks a little too political. they accuse the president of campaigning on taxpayer money. >> he's traveling around on a canadian bus touting american jobs. is that appropriate on the taxpayers dime since it is clearly campaigning >> we're not playing politics. we're not focused on the election 13 months from now, but we're focused on what can help the economy right now. >> now it's no coincidence, some analysts say, that the president chose north carolina and virginia, two states that he won in 2008, now battle ground states where he desperately needs to get those moderate swing voters. as for the jobs bill, the part that the president is pushing, those public jobs, looks like the senate may vote on that by the end of the week. eun? >> trace countie potts live on hill for us this morning. tracie, thank you. not everything has gone smoothly during the president's
5:34 am
bus tour. a trauk loaded with equipment for one of his stops was stolen from a virginia hotel parking lot. the truck was parked at the hotel just north of richmond when thieves stole it. it was carrying a presidential podium, teleprompter, and a sound system. it was later recovered at another hotel near the richmond airport. they won't say if thieves took anything from inside the truck. the president rallies for a plan to put veterans to work tomorrow. governor bob mcdonnell, a frequent critic of the president, will join him at langley eustis air base, where he'll help unveil the jobs package. iowa will hold their caucuses on january 3rd. florida started a chain reaction of shifting primary dates when it moved its primary to january 31st last month. because of iowa's early date,
5:35 am
new hampshire, which traditionally holds the earliest primary, may move its date into december. today residents of prince george's county's 6th district will hold a special election to replace former councilwoman leslie johnson. johnson resigned from the county council this summer after pleading guilty to evidence tampering in a sweeping corruption scandal in which her husband, former county executive jack johnson, pleaded guilty to bribery. democrat darren leon davis and republican gardner are running for the seat. polls will close at 8:00 tonight. an alert for parents in fairfax county this morning. administrators at oakton high school in vienna, are warning of a possible predator lurking near the school. a letter went home yesterday stating that two female students were approached by an unfamiliar man on friday afternoon at blake lane. the man left without incident, but it follows an incident last week where a man tried to abduct
5:36 am
a 16-year-old girl just a block away. montgomery county police plan to search an area in clarksburg today for that missing germantown boy. 11-year-old william mcquain may have been missing for more than two weeks now. investigators found his mother, jane mcquain, dead inside her home last week. the boy was last seen at his school on the 30th of september. police are comb the woods near the comsat building off route 270 again today. the man charged with mcquain's murder could be back in maryland as early as today. curtis lopez, jane's husband, was in charlotte, north carolina, and waived his right to extradition back to montgomery county. police tracked lopez to a hotel in charlotte last week after mcquain's suv turned up missing. police found 18 copies of a marriage certificate in the vehicle. detectives also discovered a box cutter, mcquain's credit card, and nine $100 bills in the hotel where they arrested lopez.
5:37 am
in prince george's county, police hope a $25,000 reward can lead to the arrest for the murder of a 17-year-old. a large crowd held a vigil for justin isaacs last night. someone shot him to death right outside an apartment building on iverson street in hillcrest heights last week. police have not released any leads in this case so far. it's now 5:36. 59 degrees. still ahead, a 9-year-old girl is behind the wheel. wait until you see
5:38 am
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if you're an nbc 4 facebook fan, you can win a $100 amazon gift card. just like our nbc washington page on facebook and sign up to win great prizes. we pick the winner at 6:00 and make the announcement during our 11:00 p.m. news cast. usually it's yangdemonium. >> and at 4:00 and 5:00 p.m.
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it's handdemonium. we'll spread the moniums all around the nbc family. is there a tomdemonium? >> it works for me. there's a tim monium, maryland. a chilly start around our region. only 50s in washington. just in the low 50s in prince george's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties. dipped into the 40s throughout parts of howard and loudoun, frederick counties in maryland and virginia as well as out in western maryland and west virginia. a chilly start there, just in the 40s this morning. you'll need a light jacket or sweater before you head off to work and school. a lot of clouds around. sunrise at 11:20. we may have sunshine breaking out from time to time throughout the day. highs reaching upper 60s to near 70 by midafternoon. this evening, here's your evening planner. sunset at 6:26 and a mostly cloudy evening. low 60s by midnight.
5:42 am
by this time tomorrow morning, rain likely. we'll look at that, forecast for tomorrow, the rest of the week, and the weekend coming up, as well as a photo of my latest school visit at 5:51. danella, good morning. how's traffic? still seeing escalators down at the wheaton metro station. metro has requested shuttle bus service. you may want to take that instead. it's going to be a very long time there. on the ralds, a delay on the marc, but it's much better now. now your delay is just five minutes on the penn south line train number 401. traveling 395 north, the ramp so edsall still shut down. starting to see some congestion as you make your way to 395. your delays is really south of edsall. once you pass edsall road, you're pretty good on 395. i checked cameras at duke street, and i'm not seeing any delays there. also seeing delays on i-66 east at waples mill. delays continue as you head inside the beltway. good news on i-66, no accidents either inside or outside of the beltway. now back to you both. >> thanks, danella.
5:43 am
time now 5:42 on this tuesday. still to come, preparing for
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police in baltimore trying to figure out the death of a young woman who fell down a trash chute. emily hawes was discovered sunday at the charles park apartment building downtown. officials say they found no sign of foul play. however, people who live in the building say it seems nearly impossible for anyone to fall in accidentally. getting a designated driver is usually a good thing but not when the driver is 9 years old.
5:47 am
a michigan father faces child abuse charges for letting his daughter take the wheel when he was drunk. a surveillance camera shows the little girl carefully pulling up the red van to a gas station in detroit. once inside, the drunk dad bragged to the gas station clerk about his daughter's driving school skills. >> 9 years old. 9. dad, drinking. listen, we're leaving. she's driving. she drives us here, i swear to you. 9 years old in the truck. we're here. she drove all the way here. >> and i parked. >> a customer followed the girl and called police. get this, when officers pulled her over, police said the girl responded. i'm driving just fine. why did you pull me over? wow. after a six-year hiatus, the pentagon will resume negotiations with north korea this morning on an effort to recover the remains of about 5,500 u.s. service members unaccounted for since the korean war. talks will take place in
5:48 am
bangkok, thailand. the recovery operation stopped back in 2005 over safety concerns for the recovery team as the u.s.-north korean relations soured. the operation began back in 1996 to bring home u.s. servicemen who were killed when they were overwhelmed by chinese forces in the fall of 1950. no charges for civil rights activist cornell west. the princeton university professor and 18 others were arrested sunday while demonstrating out the u.s. supreme court. demonstrating with signs there is prohibited. west spent the night in jail. he said he received no food and only a single cup of water while locked up. west blasted corporate greed, corporate media ownership, and a racist criminal justice system. three americans once detained in iran have joined the occupy wall street movement. shane bauer, josh fattal, and sarah shourd are protesting in
5:49 am
oakland, california. they were arrested in 2009 in iran. iranian authorities accused them of being spies. the group says the wall street rallies have inspired them. similar demonstrations have stretched across europe and asia. it's a walmart world. for the second time in a month, walmart has announced it will build a new store in montgomery county. according to "the washington post" this morning, the store will be built in the pike center shopping plaza. that's off rockville pike. the nation's largest retailer is also planning a store in aspen hill. it's part of a move by walmart to expand into more urban areas. the store is drawing some criticism. it will replace more than six shops that already exist in the shopping center and will likely bring more traffic to an already congested roadway. adding up the cost of college education is about to become much simpler. in just a few weeks, every college and university in the country will have the net price calculator on their school websites. the online calculator will
5:50 am
require students and parents to pass along tax information, earnings, and bank statements. it also takes into account students' grade point averages, class rankings, and s.a.t. scores. >> i think it's a very helpful tool considering i depend on financial aid greatly with college and stuff. so it's a great tool for any college student no matter grad or undergrad. >> an easy way to do it. i mean, it's definitely a good idea to do. something that you know you can just go and know exactly how much everything costs. >> school officials say this computer program can serve as a good first step in helping families at least estimate how much they'll have to pay for school. nba players and owners will get help from a mediator today in an effort to end a labor stalemate. george cohen, a mediator who also worked with the nfl, will oversee negotiations today. the two sides are said to be far
5:51 am
apart on hope to split annual revenu revenues. because of that, commissioner david stern was forced to cancel the first two weeks of the season last week. if the standoff continues, the games over the christmas holiday could soon be cancelled. >> don't want to see that. the caps will be without goalie michael neuvirth for a while. he left the game yesterday with a sore calf. fortunately for the caps, they'll still have goalie tomas vokoun. he's won all three games he's started. >> we always start off hot. let's hope we can finish it out. 5:51. weather and traffic on the ones. here's tom. >> we've got hockey weather. it's chilly this morning. you'll need a sweater or light jacket starting off as we get going on this tuesday morning. at reagan national airport, there is certainly a chill in the air. there's capitol hill in the distance under a cloudy sky. 56 at reagan national. the dewpoint 53.
5:52 am
it is rather humid. we do have a little wispy ground fog forming in the rural areas along open fields and perhaps along the roadways adjoining these fields. watch out for that. we have a chilly morning in the shenandoah valley around the blue ridge, only in the 40s. weather watchers, observers in virginia, back in the 40s. it's dipped in the 40s in frederick, parts of howard, northern montgomery, and loudoun county. farther south, low to mid-40s in arlington, fairfax, and montgomery counties. away from the waters, southern maryland, eastern shore, most locations low 50s. a lot of cloudiness around because of the stalled front that's over us, and it's going to be with us throughout the day. sunrise at 7:20. we'll have maybe a few peeks of sun in and out throughout the day. his reaching upper 60s to near 70 this afternoon. this evening sunset 6:26. 60s through the evening. quite a bit of cloudiness around. during the day tomorrow, by this time in the morning, could have light rain and then some occasional showers after that during the day on wednesday. maybe even some afternoon
5:53 am
thunder and lightning. it should all end by wednesday evening. partly sunny, blustery, and chilly on thursday. highs in the low, maybe mid-60s briefly. down to near 40 on friday morning. friday afternoon just near 60. bright and sunny with a lighter wind. the weekend looking delightful. saturday and sunday, great father for all the high school and college games as well as on sunday too. a beautiful day, highs reaching low to mid-60s. morning lows chilly in the 40s. and then monday we will get chilly again and dry. these are the little munchkins i talked to in montgomery county. this is a couple of weeks ago in silver spring. talked to these students at stone gate elementary school. they were giggly and squirmy. we had a lot of fun talking about weather. in the back there, jennifer, the teacher there on the left, invited me to talk to those students. i want to thank her. had a great time. danella, how's traffic? >> they're so cute. i just have to say those kids
5:54 am
remind me of my nephew. my youngest went there. i love that age. let's start with metro. seeing some delays, crowding at the wheaton metro station because your escalators are down. we're talking about a height of 115 feet. expect some crowding at the entrance. also seeing 395, well, actually delays on the fredericksburg line of about five minutes. 395 north seeing delays because of edsall road. your exit ramp is shut down. you're slow to edsall, no delays past duke. now back to you, jim. >> all right, danella. thanks. capital bike share is coming to silver spring. according to the gazette, the montgomery county planning board approved stations for a new housing project next week, which includes plans for a bike sharing station. the complex will be built at the u.s. post office site on the corner of second avenue and spring street in silver spring. the construction is scheduled to start in september of 2012. virginia is expected to release $40 million in funds to
5:55 am
the northern virginia transportation commission by the end of the week. that's according to "the washington post." the funds will be used for transit projects, including the dulles metro project. the money was withheld in a dispute about representation on local transit boards. the nbtc says its newest appointed member, james dike, will get a seat on the metro board in january. firefighters in prince george's county are doing their part today to raise awareness about breast cancer. for the rest of the month, members can forego uniform shirts for these special pink ones. the shirts were designed and sold within the department. fire officials say they've raised $10,000 so far. the proceeds will go to the susan g. komen foundation. he was found wandering alone on a prince william county road, but after an appearance right here on news 4, it didn't take long for someone to fall in love with the wilbur, the potbelly pig. this morning he has a new pen to call his own and a new name. news 4's aaron gilchrist visited
5:56 am
his new family. >> reporter: he's the potbelly porker previously known as wilbur. now they call him norm. he's in fauquier county living high on the hog. >> i saw your story, and i saw norm. you know, he's just very handsome. i thought, i think i need that pig although my husband's out of the country right now. so what a nice surprise that is. >> reporter: just last week, wilbur was up for adoption at the prince william county animal shelt shelter. his previous owner found the 200 pounder a bit much too handle. not a problem for the van normans, 10 acres of farmland, all the food he can handle, and a 16-year-old best friend he's already snuggled up to like a pig in a blanket. >> he's quiet and awesome. for a big male like that, he's a lot more gentle and quiet than i thought he'd be. >> reporter: while norm's new people love having him, eventually he'll have a farm full of friends from the animal kingdom too. >> we have goats and llama and cats and a turtle. and chickens.
5:57 am
i always miss the chickens. >> reporter: the other an l mim will probably think norm is a terrific pig. come next spring, he gets his very own house. >> with mud and sand and water. we're going to try our hand at a cob pig house. >> reporter: word on the street is you might be getting a girlfriend in here. what do you think? i'm going to say that would be happier than a pig in slop. aaron gilchrist, news 4, virginia. >> do you think that's the first time aaron has interviewed a pig in his career? >> i think that's a first. any kind of livestock or animal. >> that's clean hay. not that mud we're used to. >> the van normans changed the pig's name from wilbur to norm because he reminded them of norm from cheers. norm. >> he needs a bar stool there and a beer. maybe a little tap runing in that pig pen. >> we're happy for wilbur, that's for sure. >> we are. he's got a new home. the like the wilbur name. >> he'll always be wilbur to us.
5:58 am
>> it is 5:57 on this tuesday morning. ahead attorneys for a local politician on trial putting up politician on trial putting up an unusual defense ♪ and the flowers and the trees ♪ ♪ all laugh when you walk by ♪ and the neighbors' kids run and hide ♪
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