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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  October 18, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the hope was that he was still alive but today police found remains they believe is the 11-year-old germantown boy missing for more than two weeks. good afternoon. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm pat lawson muse. it was news no one wanted to hear. the body of a child found in the woods. the child is believed to be william mclain, the 11-year-old son of jane found murdered in her germantown home last week. the body was found near route 121 and 355 in clarksburg, maryland. her estranged husband curtis lopez is already charged in connection with her killing. news 4's pat collins joins us live with the latest on the story. >> reporter: we're on the scene. this is clarksburg road. if you look down the road to your right you can see where this happened. police are still down there collecting evidence, looking for clues.
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after two days of searching acres and acres of land today they found him, 11-year-old william mclain, his body found this morning in the woods about 50 yards off clarksburg road. they had hoped to find him alive but that was not to be. >> a lot of folks in the police department, probably all of us were hoping, we had that little shred of hope that we would find william, that maybe the suspect dropped him off somewhere and said, you know, keep william. that's what we were praying for. >> a key clue in this case, security video from a storage facility in germantown. william's mom, jane, had a unit there. security video shows william and his step father curtis lopez there on october 1st police believe a short time after that
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lopez killed william and then left his body near the woods. curtis lopez is the estranged husband of jane mclean. he is in jail down in north carolina. they arrested him there. he is being charged with the murder of jane, her body found in her germantown condominium october 12th. they're waiting to bring lopez back to montgomery county for trial in that case and now soon he is likely to be charged in the murder of william mclean as well. this wasn't just a lucky search. there was a lot of diligent police work. coming up at 5:00 i'll detail how police found this young man's body on this road in clarksburg. back to you. >> thank you, pat. we have continuing coverage of today's tragic discovery throughout news 4 and on nbc coming up at 5:00 we'll report from the school that young william attended and the last place he was seen alive. the death of indy car driver
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dan wheldon is raising questions over whether the crash could have been prevented. wheldon was killed on sunday in a fiery 15-car wreck on the las vegas motor speedway. the track there is oval, unlike the indianapolis 500 track, which is rectangular in shape. it sparked a debate over track safety with five-time nascar champ jimmie johnson calling for a change. >> those cars are going so fast and get airborne frequently on ovals that i wouldn't run them on ovals. there is just no need to. >> everyone seemed to be content that las vegas motor speedway made a suitable racing condition for their drivers that when they took to the speedway on sunday afternoon. >> an autopsy report today revealed wheldon died from blunt head trauma during the crash. he was 33 years old. presidential politics now. president obama is expected to arrive in emporia, virginia within the hour. this is the second day of a three-day bus tour to promote his jobs package.
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republicans say he is promoting a lot more than that. steve handelsman has the latest. >> reporter: on day two of his bus tour through north carolina to virginia president obama told teachers his half billion dollars stimulus bill would help them. >> it is to provide $30 million to make sure we have teachers back in the classroom. >> reporter: in jamestown he charged republicans aren't being truthful about how he'd pay for his jobs bill. >> don't be bam boozeled. we haven't been raising taxes but cutting taxes. >> reporter: back in washington republicans charge team obama is obsessed with raising taxes. >> we've been mired in a jobs crisis for three long years now. and all the democrats ever want to do is throw more taxpayer money at it. >> reporter: jobs and taxes are sure to be the major topic tonight as republican candidates debate in nevada. when he was the gop nominee in '08 john mccain loved his campaign bus.
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but he is slamming the president cruising now in a million dollar armor plated coach. >> all of it being charged to the taxpayers of america. that's wrong. >> reporter: calling the bus trip a campaign the republican party put up a web ad. >> the president is campaigning. >> reporter: it looks like a campaign. this was reeds house restaurant in reedsville, north carolina. >> reed himself. >> reporter: meet and greet and eat. 13 months before barack obama figures he needs to win in this state to get re-elected. then on to virginia, another state on the obama 2012 wish list. there are actually two million dollar armored buses. the secret service has the second one waiting for the republican nominee. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. a truck carrying president obama's podium and other equipment was stolen yesterday from a parking lot near richmond. the unmarked white truck was in virginia in preparation for the president's bus tour stop on
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wednesday. it had the podium bearing the presidential seal inside as well as audio equipment and other items needed for the tour. someone took the truck from the parking lot of the hilton garden inn. the truck was found a short time later at another hotel. no word about whether anything was taken or if the thieves knew they were taking that when they stole the truck. if you've seen people dangling from the top of the national cathedral you're not seeing things. let's have a live look right now. in fact, if you look closely we can see just the top of the head of one person who is dangling out there right now. this same crew that spent more than a week dangling from the washington monument is now inspecting the cathedral to see just how much damage the east coast quake caused. these are live pictures again. more now from northwest washington. >> reporter: this is the same team that inspected the monument after the earthquake and now they've moved on to the
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cathedral. i understand that this is their favorite structure because of all of the architecture here and the complications of this building, i understand that they find it much more interesting. right now you can see that their ropes are dangling. the team is known as the difficult access team. it consists of trained architects and engineers who are going down the facade of the cathedral checking for damage from the magnitude 5.8 earthquake that struck the east coast in august, damaging a number of structures throughout washington. the team is now giving the cathedral one last thorough check before beginning repair work. >> the cathedral has been deemed structurally sound so all of the work being done is to ready the building to be reopened to the public on november 12th for the consecration of the new bishop of washington. the work they're doing we consider to be out of precaution and to be due diligence to inspect the facade to be able to remove any debris that you can't see from the ground.
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>> reporter: right now they're working on the northwest side of the cathedral. later on in the week they're planning to move on to the southwest side and then next week on to the central tower. after their work is done they'll begin the actual repairs on the cathedral. in northwest, i'm tracy wilkins, news 4. >> they had a nice day. i hope you enjoyed today's weather because it is not going to last. >> hey, veronica. what's coming down the pike? preparing to say good-bye to nice, dry, and reasonably mild air around the area. right now a pretty clear sky with us but take a look at our current temperature. we're at 72 degrees right now with the south-southeast wind. now tonight not going to be that bad but by the time we get to tomorrow, and the rain moving in, that's right. i said rain. you'll want to prepare yourself for a pretty nasty day tomorrow. our temperatures currently are at 72 degrees in georgetown.
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morningside and hyattsville at 70 degrees right now. not bad either. over in fairfax county, chantil chantilly, and great falls at 71 degrees. morning side, 73 right now. so it's a good feeling afternoon. satellite and radar composite over the last several hours, you can see clouds have been passing through the area but if you look just south of d.c. and that's where a camera has been panning at times, just south, there is more sunshine down around culpepper and fredericksburg and even charlottesville and it could be a little bit more warming taking place there. but overall the trend is that we're going to have more clouds moving in and, in fact, coming our way some showers which we're going to talk about when that rain is going to be moving in. it's all part of this big system. in fact, a pretty complex system. area of low pressure down south and another one off to the west. all will again come together and make for a pretty soggy wednesday. so tonight's forecast, nice conditions. we'll head down to 68 degrees by 7:00.
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mid 60s by 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. we're dry for the evening, guys. coming up i'll tell you exactly when that rain is going to move in and who is going to get the most out of this upcoming storm system. >> okay. thanks. an israeli soldier held by hamas militants for more than five and a half years is back home now. sergeant shalit was released to egyptian authorities this morning who then handed him over to the israeli military. it was part of a deal that required israel to release more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners in exchange for his freedom. we have more now from the west bank. >> reporter: after 64 months as a hostage he starts a new day, a new life as a free man today, after a very long and painful period of negotiations he was finally handed over by his captives from the hamas militant faction this morning first into egypt and then flown to an israeli military base for an
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emotional reunion with his mother and father. he is said to be in pretty good physical shape. at the same time, israel began the release of what will eventually number more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners. 477 today. some convicted of very serious terrorist offenses. >> hamas is calling the people we've released today heroes. nothing could be further from the truth. these are people who have been convicted for some of the most outrageous murders -- bombing pizza restaurants, cafes, blowing up buses. >> reporter: if we needed any reminder that the wider conflict goes on at one checkpoint where there was due to be a prisoner handover instead there were clashes between israeli soldiers and palestinian youths. that is one thing sadly that has not changed at all in the five years that shalit has been held captive.
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nbc news, rammewest bank. when news 4 continues legal trouble for rapper solja boy. >> justin bebe doers something special for his cd. >> plus, she was a designated >> plus, she was a designated driver f her father.
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hip hop star soulja boy is facing drug charges today. he was stopped in a rental car early this morning about 50 miles outside atlanta. police say they found marijuana and guns inside the car. he is now facing three felony charges. he had his first court appearance this afternoon and is currently free on $10,000 bail. ♪ it's the most beautiful time of the year lights fill the streets spreading so much cheer i should be playing in the winter snow ♪ >> you may not be ready for christmas music yet but justin bieber is feeling the giving spirit and using his vocals to
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help out. his holiday album "under the mistletoe" is due out november first and he is ready to hand over some cash to charity. he's the first artist on universal music roft tower ster that. part of the album sales will benefit pencils of promise and the make a wish foundation as well. it features collaborations with mariah carey, "boyz two men", chris brown, usher, and big noim musicians, too. well, a gym offers a unique human punching bag. it's a soft landing for patrons who leave the place too drunk to walk. >> we've heard of car cheats hiding aces up their sleeve but a scrabbleplay hiding a g? the hot talk around town. joining us is kane from hot 995. >> how are you? >> fine. >> we play a little scrabble but no stripping. >> no stripping. when you say g by the way i want to make sure he is not hiding a thousand dollars up his sleeve. he is hiding the letter "g" up his sleeve. so this is the scrabble world
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championships. this is like the world series of scrabble. did you know there was such a thing? >> i didn't. >> i didn't know that. >> the prize is $20,000 if you win. one of the contestants from london was in the finals and they were missing a "g." so they stopped the tournament and one of the gentlemen was accused of stealing the "g" so they had both men stand up and i guess standard scrabble protocol is empty your pockets, make sure you're not hiding a letter in there. they did. one of the other gentlemen said let's go to the bathroom. everyone strip search. judges ruled he didn't have to. they replaced the "g" on the board. the gentleman accused from london of stealing the "g" went on to win. >> what were the clues there? >> i don't know. i have no idea. >> just had a guilty look on his face maybe. >> i don't know. they may have gone through and found missing letters and said wait a minute, there is a "g" here. maybe counting letters like you count cards in vegas. >> okay. all right. >> got caught. >> simon cowell was called mr. nasty when he was on "american idol." a lot of folks didn't like him.
4:18 pm
now they're using him as incentive to get some folks in shape. >> yes. there is a gym and i can't decide if this is genius or not or what celebrity i kind of resemble but there is a gym using his image. they hired a look alike of simon cowell to show up and you get paid or you pay them i should say to beat up a dummie with him inside this padded outfit so this look alike is inside a padded suit and you go in. they say this is the newest trend because the character will insult you as you begin to beat him or her up. and they're looking on facebook right now. the gym currently exists in the uk and they are considering opening branches in the u.s. and hoping it moves here but looking for other celebrity look alikes that would get inside the suit and be punched with these people. >> who else do you think you would not like enough to punch them? >> i don't know. sometimes they get the paris hilton look for my face. sometimes people think that maybe if i was, you know, to insult you as perez, maybe i put
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a poncho on or have a ruler and i could be someone -- >> i think your face is friendly. i just wouldn't be inclined to punch it. >> i'm glad. >> no incentive there. >> one and only. some bars in australia are helping customers who are having a little bit too much to drink and who want to leave. >> you ever been on a playground and you get off and there is that spongy kind of rubbery surface? bars are considering putting this outside of their actual establishment to help patrons who walk out after closing time and take a tumble. or the other good use we're hearing today on hot 995 from bouncers is it also makes them care less when they toss you out. because you're less likely to get hurt, less likely to sue the bar or club that you were in. >> they're less likely to feel bad. there is a new cruise that takes the cake for cupcake lovers. tell us about that. >> imagine going on a cruise to
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the blaahamas but it's all centered around cupcakes. that is exactly what this cruise is designed to do for cupcake lovers. this is the new hot thing. they have tastings, work shops, lectures on cupcakes and how it affects your well being mentally as well as conversation and of course you get a cupcake on your pillow at the end of every night. >> too much cupcake for me. >> i agree. >> we tend to over eat on cruises anyway. >> that's what i was thinking. you're already eating everything anyway with it being open 24 hours. forget the beaches. >> all right. kane of hot 995 thanks a lot. what's on the show tomorrow? >> tomorrow we have a second date update where we find out where a couple broke it off. you never get a call back. we'll find out why at 7:45. coming up on news 4 a major distraction is causing a real traffic jam. >> also, legalizing marijuana. >> also, legalizing marijuana. where am
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a mother bear and her four cubs took refuge in a tree in western montana monday morning. the problem is the tree is located just off a busy major
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highway. the sight of five black bears just perched up there caused quite a traffic jam as folks stopped to take a look. ironically wildlife officials believe the bears climbed up the tree because the traffic scared them then were too afraid to come down. officials considered tranquilizing the bears but they came down on their own as darkness fell. >> it was a dare. the first one said, i dare you to follow me. >> and the others did. >> uh-oh. >> we had nice weather out there today. >> we might need to bundle up like those bears do with their big coats by the time we get to the end of the week but at least as far as the evening goes another quiet evening for us. it's dry outside right now but the skies are going to start graying up in a little bit, a couple hours. but for the evening at least we're going to stay dry. take a look at that beautiful shot there. it's a touch of color now coming through. it's not until the end of the
4:25 pm
month it will start to see our peak color here and around d.c. and most surrounding neighborhoods where it's 72 degrees right now. the wind is out of the east-southeast currently at 8 miles per hour with a few clouds moving in. temperatures up in ashton right now at 70 degrees. montgomery county. for takoma park you're now at 72 degrees. head over into prince george's county. adelphi currently at 72 degrees. off to the west falls church and franconia now 73. not a bad afternoon or evening at all. here is the way it's going to play out for the overnight. we're quiet. clouds start to increase. we'll drop to the mid 60s by about 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. then for early tomorrow morning some showers with the temperature of about 55 to 59 degrees. i think those will be mainly light showers for the early part of the morning rush. it's the late part of the morning rush where we could see pockets of moderate rain. you can see just how quiet the doppler is right over us. but take a look at the big rains down south. south carolina, georgia, and
4:26 pm
florida, area of low pressure here kind of tropical in nature. certainly a lot of tropical type moisture and which way is it going? it's headed to the north. meanwhile you can see jacksonville, florida, the panhandle, even miami getting hammered with thunderstorms. then off to the west, yet more rain. so this will be a very complex weather system. all kinds converging over the mid-atlantic as it moves out of the ohio valley and up from the south. as we take you through the future weather by tomorrow morning or at least by tonight there's the time period. clouds out of the area. first showers after midnight and for early tomorrow morning we will be wet. the heaviest rain though is the system as it heads to the north and northeast heaviest rain will stay out over spots like the eastern shore. then by the time we get to thursday the secondary low starts spinning around and coming through the area and we'll start clearing out. it is going to be breezy, chilly, and feeling a whole lot like november around here. here is a look at some rainfall totals. around 0.5. not as much here.
4:27 pm
ocean city around 2 inches of rain. that's the way it looks. let's take a look at the forecast for the evening. clouds continue to pile up. 68 to 63 degrees will be falling off. so dry for the evening. wet for the morning rush. before you go to bed tonight make sure you got that umbrella handy and ready to grab it as you head out the door tomorrow. 66 to 70 degrees. wet throughout the day on wednesday. four-day forecast dry for thursday but, boy, we'll need the bear coat, guys, for the rest of the week. >> all righty. >> we'd love to have one. thanks a lot. >> thanks, veronica. still to come on news 4 at 4:00 amazon is sued because it revealed the age of an actress. >> also hear from the father who let his 9-year-old daughter drive him around town because he was allegedly too drunk to drive. plus
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welcome back to news 4. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm pat lawson muse. here is what is happening at this hour. search crews in clarksburg, maryland have found the body after child this morning in the woods near route 355 and 121. police believe they are the remains of 11-year-old william mcquain. the boy's mother jane mcquain was found murdered in their germantown home last wednesday.
4:31 pm
mcquain's estranged husband curtis lopez is charged in her murder. an israeli soldier is home with his family tonight after spending the past five and a half years being detained as a prisoner by hamas. sergeant shalit was handed over today in exchange israel released more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners. engineers continue to inspect the national cathedral today checking for damage caused by the summer earthquake. the group, known as the difficult access team, rappelled down a 234-foot spire searching for anything that might need repairs. it's the same team that inspected the washington monument earlier this month. >> on wall street stocks closed higher in the final hours of trading. this followed reports of france and germany agreeing to boost a european bail out fund. the dow-jones picked up 180 points. the nasdaq was also up about 42 points and the s&p 500 closed about 24 points higher. a very careful driver pulls
4:32 pm
up to a gas station and parks perfectly next to a gas pump. the problem here is that the driver is a 9-year-old girl. >> then her dad gets out of the passenger seat and tells the clerk why his daughter is driving. >> reporter: just before 3:00 a.m. october 8th the red van can be seen pulling into the citgo gas station at telegraph and west in browns town township. you can see the driver sitting up and pressed up against the wheel. when that driver gets out you can see she's just a child. maybe four feet tall. that's her father with her. inside the gas station, the father makes it clear he's drunk and his daughter is his driver. >> i got a designated driver. 9 years old. nine. dad drinking. listen, we're leaving. and she's driving. >> 39-year-old sean weinberg goes on to brag about how drunk he is and how good a driver his
4:33 pm
little girl is driving him around in the middle of the night. >> she drives us here. i swear to you. 9 years old in the truck. we're here. she drove all the way here. >> and i parked. >> weinberg buys his little girl a candy apple for her reward and the two hit the road again. a customer follows and calls police. >> is the vehicle staying on the road? >> yes. she's driving pretty good. i'm telling you, i can't believe it. >> reporter: police can't believe when they pull the van over the girl says she's driving just fine and asks why did you pull me over? >> like most adults would she asked why did you stop me? i was driving good. just incredible. >> i got a 9-year-old chauffeur. >> reporter: just as incredible, a drunk dad bragging about his 9-year-old chauffeur. >> that father appeared in court this morning to face child abuse charges. the judge forbid him from having any contact with his daughter.
4:34 pm
we are following breaking news out of northeast washington at this hour. a metro bus was hit by a front end loader injuring about half a dozen people. >> it happened around 3:15 this afternoon in the 1100 block of north capital street. jane watrel is live new at the scene with more. >> reporter: the scene is just wrapping up but it was a lot of chaos earlier today. about 2:45 or so this bus is heading north on a service road along north capital street. as the bus is heading north, that's when a front end loader backed out broad side of the bus, created a huge gash in the side of the bus. six passengers were injured. all six were transported. five were considered nonlife threatening but very serious. and we believe that priority one
4:35 pm
type of transport to med star occurred. six passengers were injured. joining me now is lon walls with d.c. fire and emergency medical service. lon, what do you know? still pretty sketchy right now as people are trying to figure out what happened. >> there seems to be a lot of confusion but we've got six passengers that were transported to local hospitals. we had the emergency evacuation vehicle we take people with and they were transported by way of that and we think five of the six were life threatening but will be all right. >> this was a construction site. you wouldn't think a front end loader would broad side a metro bus but that is exactly what happened. this bus was heading to fort totton. >> rush hour and fortunately everybody is so far safe and secure and we're hopeful they'll be all right. >> reporter: and the driver of the front end loader we understand and the bus driver no injuries? >> no injuries to the drivers.
4:36 pm
>> thank you. that's the situation here. again, recapping along new york avenue. the service lane heading north on new york avenue is closed right now as you can see an investigation is under way. live in northeast i'm jane watrel. back to you. >> all right. thanks, jane. an actress is suing for revealing her age online. amazon owns the internet movie data base website also known as imdb. the actress is from texas but we don't know her name. she is listed in court documents simply as jane doe. she says she bought a professional subscription to imdb with a credit card and she believes her personal information was taken during the sale. she says imdb posted her age on her profile and then refused to take it off. she believes she has lost income as a result of that. her attorney says the 40-year-old actresses are not in great demand in hollywood these days. actors of a different kind
4:37 pm
were found along the streets of venezuela's capital city of caracas. 120 mimes were deployed by the mayor to make sure that drivers obey the law. the mimes were very polite and, of course, silent. they corrected drivers who weren't following the rules. pedestrians were helped across the street but they had to wait their turn to cross the road. one mime in particular, this mime enforcement method has been done before in bogota, colombia, but both mimes and police officers were on patrol. half of all americans support legalizing marijuana. that according to a new gallup poll out this week. a new data indicates a record number of americans favor the move which could put pressure on lawmakers to change their stance on decriminalizing marijuana. the poll that it was based on phone interviews. there is more to come on news 4 at 4:00. putting a limit on how many times students can go to the bathroom. >> also ahead, all types of
4:38 pm
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a new type of coffee is unveiled, a lighter blonde roast today. starbucks has long been criticized for offering mostly dark and bitter varieties. the company executives are hoping this blonde roast will help the company appeal to more customers. the new variety won't be available in stores until january though. a new policy at a suburban chicago high school isn't sitting well with some students and parents. >> youngsters at evergreen park high are only allowed to leave class three times per semester to go to the bathroom. after that they have to stay after school to make up missed class time. the principal says too many students use restroom visits as an excuse to leave the classroom
4:45 pm
and the goal of the policy is to make sure they don't miss out on valuable class time. he says students can go to the john and often as they want between classes. each teacher gets to decide whether to enforce the policy. >> i guess they better be going in between classes. >> that's right. >> and not talking in the hallway. >> wouldn't have worked in my school. we had a gorgeous day today. i soaked it up and really enjoyed it. >> good. i hope everybody out there got a chance to soak it up. because you know what? we're back to wet weather for the area. one thing we haven't had a chance is a chance to really dry out for days and days and days. so that means, yes, do you need some tissue? are you sniffling? >> i have been. >> sneezing? >> back on my allergy medication. >> exactly. for some people it might be a virus. for others it might be because that mold spore count continues to be high. you know, i've seen it drop to moderate levels but one thing i haven't seen is for it to drop all the way down to very low levels and stay down there.
4:46 pm
so mold spore count remains high. over 17,000 spores per cubic meter. right now, yes. we're talking about more rain that is going to be moving into the area. as far as your good night forecast we'll stay dry, drop to 65 degrees by 9:00. by 11:00 p.m., 64 degrees. then for early tomorrow morning, 55 to 59 degrees. yes, those are showers that you see showing up on 5:00 and 7:00 a.m. i think we could have moderate showers and thundershowers coming in after about 8:00 a.m. all right. there is a look at some rains off to the west of the area, too. we have it coming from both directions. first the area of low pressure brings the rain up and you can see early tomorrow morning at 8:30 most of that rain if not all of it will be along and east of i-95. then through the day tomorrow some scattered showers, maybe some thundershowers will be moving through and as far as late wednesday and early thursday goes, more rain with the secondary low off to the west of us so we remain wet as
4:47 pm
we go through wednesday night and probably the wee hours of thursday morning before we start clearing out. high temperatures tomorrow, upper 60s throughout the area. so a little shy now of average for tomorrow. you can see all the cloud cover around the area as far as the fourday forecast from a high of 69 with rain likely tomorrow so prepare yourself with the umbrella and then you might need a little heavier jacket for thursday. the high is 65 but that will be with wind so very windy, chilly day on thursday. friday i think we lose the wind. the high 63. but this weekend we remain chilly as we see the sunshine return. 60 to 64 degrees this weekend. right now the average high is running at 69 degrees. so again feeling more like fall this upcoming weekend then. >> october. >> all right. >> bundle up. >> digging out the big jackets. >> thanks, veronica. a local pediatrician is the elite author of a new set of guidelines reducing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome or
4:48 pm
sids. >> as erica edwards reports the new guidelines are helpful and maybe surprising. >> reporter: they may be unpleasant for a minute or two but vaccines not only guard against illnesses like hepatitis, experts now say they can help protect babies from sudden infant death syndrome. >> babies who are immunized have half the risk of sids as babies who are not fully immunized. >> dr. rachel moon of children's national medical center in washington, d.c. is the lead author of new guidelines on sids prevention from the american academy of pediatrics. she says it's unclear why vaccines seem to have this protective effect but the evidence for such a benefit is strong. breast feeding is also now encouraged as a way to prevent sids. the key could be that breast milk is known to shield babies against some illnesses. >> we know that babies who have minor infections are at higher risk for sids. >> the aap guidelines also suggest parents get rid of all types of crib bumper pads, those fluffy, pillowy ones, and the harder pads because babies could
4:49 pm
become trapped. bumper pad ties could also pose a strangulation risk. >> the baby should be the only thing in the crib except for the mattress and a tightly fitting sheet. >> reporter: the most important advice according to pediatricians remains putting your baby to sleep on his or her back. the number of sids cases in infant deaths due to suffocation fell after the back-to-sleep campaign was introduced in the early '90s. now with these new guidelines experts hope those numbers drop even more. erica edwards, nbc news. using a pacifier during nap time is also associated with a reduced risk for sids. coming up on news 4 the white house releases its annual picture of the first dog. plus neiman marcus makes a huge splash with this year's christmas catalog. coming up tonight on news 4 at 5:00 area drivers could face higher prices at the pump and in
4:50 pm
the dmv. the latest as lawmakers take up a plan for a gas tax and registration fee hike. and details of a lower risk alternative to open heart surgery is giving some patients a life saving option. then coming up at 6:00 no more arrests but there's still a penalty. find out what happens if you get caught with expired tags driving ar
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
neiman marcus is already
4:53 pm
looking ahead to the christmas holidays. the 85th annual christmas book has just come out. this year shoppers in search of luxury items can buy a dancing water fountain for $1 million. there is also a limited edition ferrari of $395,000. just ten will be available. still too pricey? neiman marcus officials say almost half of the items on this year's list are under $250. one of the most popular white house residents now has his very own official portrait. officials have released this picture of michelle obama with the family dog beau. the first lady says a lot of kids write in wanting to see pictures of beau which is a portugese water dog. now kids who write in will get their own copy of the picture complete with a paw print signature. mrs. obama says it felt like a hundred degrees when they snapped the photo. fortunately, she says, it only took three tries. it's a perfect picture. >> look how well he sat there. good doggie. >> like he's in his tuxedo. still ahead on news 4 a
4:54 pm
change in defense in aruba. >> coming up next a lawyer of the maryland man in jail for a frederick woman's disappearance talks about the latest court
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
new details are emerging in the case of a maryland man accused of murdering a frederick woman in aruba. prosecutors say gary giordano murdered his companion to collect more than a million
4:57 pm
dollars from their travel insurance policy. we have more now from aruba. >> reporter: a major change in defense strategy for gary giordano who has now spent 75 days locked up in this prison in aruba considered, prosecutors say, the only suspect in the disappearance of robyn gardner. this well known criminal defense attorney in aruba is now lead counsel. he is blowing holes in the money is a motive theory, theory fueled by a call giordano admitted making just two days after robyn went missing and even as searchers were still looking for her to check on a $1.5 million travel insurance policy he had taken out on robyn naming himself as beneficiary why would he have made a call like that? >> at the advice of his counsel, his attorney told him to do so. >> reporter: the attorney says giordano's first attorney michael lopez, who is still on the case, prompted that call telling gary the search along
4:58 pm
the coast where giordano says robyn went missing was going to be expensive. giordano has consistently denied any wrongdoing. with monday's bid for release denied, both sides are now preparing for a critical hearing late next week where prosecutors will ask a judge to hold giordano another 30 days, this time in preparation for a trial. next up is an important hearing next week, the 60-day point in this case at which point prosecutors will argue to hold giordano another 30 days to prepare for trial. the new lead attorney on the case is going to argue to set him free. back to you. news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. at 9:11 a.m. this morning a k-9 handler located the remains after young african-american
4:59 pm
male. we believe the remains are william mcquain. >> a tragic twist today in the case of an 11-year-old missing for more than two weeks. good evening. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm doreen gensler. the days long search for 11-year-old william mcquain did not end as police and everyone in the community had been hoping. today the body of the young boy was found in a wooded area of clarksburg, maryland. that's minutes away from where his mother was found slain in their home in germantown. we have team coverage tonight. chris gordon is in germantown. but we begin with pat collins in clarksburg with more on the search and the latest on the investigation. pat? >> doreen, they're still working the scene here. they have been here all day long. sources tell news 4 that cell phones and security camera video played a big role in this search. they were hoping to find him alive. we


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