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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  October 19, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it continues right now at 5:00 a.m. . police arrest a man in connection with the murder of his 12-year-old stepdaughter. the information we are learning about has passed. be sure to bring an umbrella with you as you head out the door. the rain is here, but that's not all. tom is tracking the weather as severe storms could be rolling into our region. as warned, it's a wet wednesday, folk. good morning, everybody. i'm jim handly in for joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang in this wednesday, october 19th, 2011. let's go right to weather. are we getting a severe risk for weather in our region, tom? not yet, but we're wet for sure. we have rain all across the area. except for the blue ridge west there's no rain, but all across western virginia it's west this morning, as is most of maryland and the district of columbia. these areas of red and orange on
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the radar, that's moderate to heavy rain. right now that pocket of red in fairfax county raining moderate to heavily, there as well as down into southern prince william county, getting some moderate rain in northwest washington and southern montgomery county as well as points north and east of there into howard county and near baltimore. temperatures are cool. we're in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. we'll hold steady there with this rain in the 50s for the next few hours. as we get into the afternoon hours, that's when we have our threat of severe weather increasing. we could get strong thunderstorms mid to late afternoon. temperatures upper 60s to around 70. and there is a risk that some isolated storms could produce a small tornado or maybe even some damaging winds. we'll keep you posted. stay tuned. if you hear thunder, turn on nbc 4. we'll let you know what's going on. the evening planner, that will be in ten minutes at 5:11. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. i have a possible accident. this one's near kennedy high school, randolph road near old
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randolph road. got to keep checking this one for you and let you know how it develops. now, looking at the beltway at route 1, not seeing any accidents there. again, you could see a lot of wet pavement here. you got to give yourself some extra time so you can slow down and get to your destination safely this morning. and taking the trip on 66. this is gallows road. not seeing any accidents on i-66, both inside and outside of the beltway. as you continue east through the rosslyn tunnel, not seeing any problems there as well. nice and clear at this time. again, still seeing a lot of wet pavement. so i'll be back in ten minutes with a look at your rails. eun, back to you. >> danella, thanks so much. 5:02 now. this morning we're learning more about the man behind bars accused of killing his stepdaughter. investigators tell us the suspect drove a public bus and had many secrets. tracee wilkins is live in gaithersburg now with more on this story. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. one of his many secrets included that he was married to several women at one time, according to investigators, who have shared
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that information with news 4. police arrested 42-year-old david rich hang, the stepfather of jessica nguyen, yesterday. he's now in custody facing charges for first degree murder. sources tell us hang was married to several women at the same time and was in the process of divorcing nguyen's mother. news 4 has also learned hang works as a driver for the montgomery county ride-on bus system. 12-year-old jessica nguyen was found stabbed to death in the basement of her family's gaithersburg townhome on the evening of may 31st. her grandmother discovered the child's body. friends say that the shy petite girl had often expressed a fear of her stepfather, the man now under arrest for her murder. police have been very tight lipped about this ongoing investigation, but today we're expecting chief major to have a press conference where he's going to explain why hang is the chief suspect they have in custody and maybe even more information about a possible
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motive in this case of murder. tracee wilkins live this morning in gaithersburg. back to you all in the studio, eun. >> tracee, thank you. also in montgomery county, police believe they found the remains of 11-year-old william mcquain. it comes one week after his mother was found dead in her germantown home. now the boy's stepfather is the prime suspect in his death. the remains were found in a wooded area on clarksburg road. police say the clothing matched what mcquain was wearing in surveillance video on october 1st. mcquain was seen on camera at a storage facility with his father curtis lopez. people have been holding a memorial on clarksburg road for william and his mother. >> it's hard. i work in middle school. it's really been very, very hard. sad that it's so close by. i just feel really bad for the family. >> lopez will be extradited back to montgomery county on homicide
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charges in the death of mcquain's mother jane. she was found beaten and stabbed in her home last week. lopez cannot be charged with the boy's death until the remains are officially identified. new from overnight, a motorcyclist is dead in a violent crash on the beltway in maryland. police say it happened around 11:00 on the outer loop near route 450 in lanham. it's not clear what caused the wreck, but another car was involved. several lanes of the outer loop were closed as police investigated. but all lanes are back home now. we'll bring you more updated throughout the morning as they become available. prince george's county residents have chosen a replacement for former council member leslie johnson. democrat derrick leon davis easily won a special election for the district 6 seat yesterday, defeating republican challenger dade gardner. davis is a former school official and a current chairman of the maryland automobile insurance fund. davis says his chief goals are improving schools and taking
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care of the county services. turnout for the race was fairly light with only about 4,500 of the district's 77,000 registered voters casting the ballot. that's just about 6%. president obama is spending one final day on the road today. he'll be focusing on the importance of hiring veterans as he wraps up his three-day bus tour in virginia. governor bob mcdonnell will join the president as he speaks at joint base langley eustis this morning, where he'll unveil his jobs plan. the president also planned to talk jobs at chesterfield before he returns to office. meanwhile, the president is trying to recapture that bipartisan appeal that got him elected. he told students that he's not the democratic president, he's not the republican president, he's everybody's president. he also vows to work with republicans on any serious idea they present to create jobs. if you see lots of emergency vehicles and ambulances speeding around today, don't be alarmed. it's all just a drill.
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first responders in maryland, d.c., and virginia are taking part in capital shield 2012, a full scale drill to test the region's ability to respond to a mass casualty terrorist attack or weather disaster. the exercise will originate from two locations, the montgomery county fire rescue training academy on great seneca highway in rockville. and a location off of furnace road in lorton, virginia. mock patients will then be transported to 13 hospitals in maryland by ground and by helicopter. you can expect to see emergency vehicles starting around 8:00 this morning until about 3:00 this afternoon. not a good day to put the chopper up in the air, though. >> no. that's for sure. 5:07. 61 degrees. still ahead, lions and wolves and bears, oh, my. where some exotic animals were
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that's a great show. >> that's a hot ticket. and i hear the seats are pretty good. we'd better hope they are. let's get the word on the weather. that's not so hot today. how's it shaping up? that's a live picture at the reagan national airport where we're getting rain now. light to moderate rain through most of our viewing area, covering most of virginia, most of maryland. these areas of yellow and red, those are areas of heavier rain from warrenton and much of fauquier county, prince william, fairfax county getting a line of moderate rain from bierk, virginia, to arlington and near the plains. montgomery county getting moderate rain as well as into northern prince george's county. he iswhere, lighter showers. temperatures in the 50s to near 60 degrees. maryland near the bay, mid and upper 60s now. sunrise at 7:21. occasional showers through the morning in the 60s. then possible thunderstorms this afternoon.
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some of which could produce some damaging winds, maybe even some isolated tornadoes. stay tuned. if you hear thunder, get inside, turn on nbc 4. we'll let you know what's going on. could get more thunder and lightning and some showers this evening. a look at big changes on the way, turning chilly. i'll show you how chilly for thursday, friday, and the weekend in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? let's start with the rails. not seeing any delays on the metro, the marc, or the vre. all reporting running on or close to schedule. on the roadways, if you're traveling 95 north at prince william parkway. still have construction on your right shoulder lane here. your lanes are open and not seeing any accidents. if you're continuing towards 395 as well. not seeing any delays or any incidents to report for you. still a very smooth commute making your way on 395 and crossing over the 14th street bridge. and taking a look right now at the beltway at seven locks, inner loop and outer loop, clear here, no accidents to report. i'm back in ten with another update. back to you both. >> thanks, danella. time now 5:12.
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coming up on "news 4 today," driving with expired tags will soon cost you a bit more in the district. some
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folks in central ohio today are on alert as sheriff's deputies try to round up dozens of wild animals. the animals, from bears to lions to wolves, escaped from a wild animal preserve. the owner of that preserve was found dead outside of his home, and all of the animal cages were open. deputies have already killed at least 25 of the animals and are working with the columbus zoo now to try to capture some of them alive. u.s. troops only have a few more weeks in iraq, but before
5:17 am
they come home, they have a lot of pack to go do. this is the scene at camp victory where troops are packing up millions of pieces of military equipment over the next two months. not everything is coming home, though. about $151 million worth of equipment ranging from humvees to air conditioners are being donated to iraq's security forces. an israeli soldier is spending time with his family today after being set free from a massive prisoner swap. gilad shalit returned home a national hero. he was saluted by country's leadership, welcomed by friends and neighbors, and embraced by his family. shalit spent more than five years in custody and sometimes wondered if he'd ever be set free. >> i thought there was a chance, but you never know, it can be
5:18 am
more. >> some in israel say his release came at a very high price since hundreds of palestinian prisoners were set free, many of whom were serving life sentences for terrorism and murder. hamas is promising to capture more israeli soldiers in order to secure the release of more than 5,000 palestinian prisoners still being held in israel. eun? secretary of state hillary rodham clinton is in oman this morning, thanking that country's leader for his help in freeing three american hikers. the sultan of oman has decent ties with iran and played a role in securing the release of sarah shourd, josh fattal, and shane bauer. iran released shourd last year and the other two last month. clinton is also discussing concerns about iran's behavior, including an alleged plot to kill the saudi ambassador here in washington. here we go again. actress lindsay lohan is heading back to court today for allegedly violating her probation. the move is based on the actress' most recent probation
5:19 am
violation. it says lohan was terminated from a women's shelter where she was supposed to serve most of her community service. lohan was sentenced to 360 hours of community service back in april for her 2007 dui arrest. the judge said at that hearing, if lohan violated any court order, she would go to jail. 5:18 now. the manslaughter trial against michael jackson's physician could take another recess after days of delays. the prosecution's last witness is expected to take the stand today. the defense now says its first witness won't be ready to testify until friday at the earliest. dr. conrad murray is accused of giving jackson propofol to help him sleep. the last dose of the powerful anesthetic killed the singer. the case was delayed because a propofol expert who was supposed to finish his testimony last week had had a death in his family. d.c. united star charlie davies is suing a local nightclub and drink maker red bull for $20 million. davies attended a party hosted by the shadow room nightclub in
5:20 am
red bull. that was two years ago. that night he was a passenger in a horrible crash on the gw parkway. he claims shadow room and red bull over served the driver. one passenger died, and davies was seriously injured in that accident. a lawsuit was filed in d.c. superior court last week. an initial hearing is set for january. nba players and owners are just heading to bed after a marathon 16-hour negotiating session with a federal mediator. meetings began at 10:00 yesterday morning and didn't break off until 2:00 this morning. the talks have been in stalemate so far. the owners say they are pushing backboard meetings to accommodate another round of talks today. sources close to the talks still say both sides are far apart on how to share revenue. two weeks of the season have already been cancelled, and commissioner david stern has threatened more if a deal does not come soon. it's decision day for
5:21 am
redskins coach mike shanahan. who will lead the offense when they take on the carolina panthers this sunday? the quarterback controversy was sparked last week, you'll recall, when rex grossman was pulled from a showdown with the eagles after throwing four interceptions. john beck then led the offense 80 yards for the only td of the game late in the fourth, but it was too little, too late. beck has said since the preseason that he felt like he should be the starter although coach mike shanahan has shown some confidence in grossman. shanahan will announce his decision sometime today, d-day, and that is a pressure decision. >> regardless of who it is, let's hope for a big win this sunday after that disappointing loss. >> against the panthers. >> go skins. i have to get that out there. 5:21. meteorologist tom kierein in with us. >> i just got inside information. the new quarterback will be director kurt nielsen.
5:22 am
you should see the arm on him. take camera one. you should see that arm. it's great. this morning we've got rain, and we've got it falling here moderately where you see the oranges and yellows here from fauquier county to prince william, southern loudoun, montgomery, the district, into howard county. farther south and east, though, just scattered lighter showers. just a few sprinkles around the blue ridge and the shenandoah valley where it's in the mid and upper 50s. right now closer to washington, near 60. southern maryland near the bay, northern neck, mid-60s. sunrise 7:21. we'll have showers with us through the morning. maybe thunderstorms with us through the afternoon, some of which could produce damaging winds, maybe even an isolated tornado. highs reaching near 70. and then more showers and thunder showers lighting up the sky this evening. we could have some lightning and thunder and rain all the way until midnight tonight. after that, settling down, at least with the rain. we'll dry out. but it's going to be blustery tomorrow with a gusty wind out of the southwest. partly sunny. highs reaching low 60s. then friday, saturday, and
5:23 am
sunday chilly in the mornings. only near 40. but sunny each day. afternoon highs only though around 60. and then a bit milder first part of next week. danella, good morning. how we doing now? >> good morning. we have a couple of accidents. first, the fire department is on the scene of this one here. this is near kennedy high school, randolph road and old randolph road. i want to jump over to 270. if you're traveling 270 south, making your way from the icc coming towards shady grove, we have an accident here. what happened was the driver lost control of the vehicle, the car rolled over, and the accident is blocking your right lane. starting to see some delays. again, this is as you approach shady grove coming from the icc. now let's jump over to i-95 in virginia. starting to see a lot of delays. your delays actually start heading out of dale city, and they continue as you make your way towards the occoquan and continue on towards lorton. you're going to see volume increase. again, the roadways are very wet. you've got to give yourself extra time this morning because they are slick. and shooting over to d.c., new york avenue at bladensburg, not seeing any accidents here. and no incidents to report at
5:24 am
this time. taking a look at the rails, so far not seeing any delays on the metro, the marc, or the vre. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. eun, back to you. >> thank you, danella. 5:23 now. engineers have found three cracks on bridges of the county connector. investigators found the cracks on the bridge supports last week on the overpass at emery lane, needwood road, and georgia avenue. crews are already working to reinforce the supports until a long term solution can be found, which could include rebuilding the support structure. engineers say the overpasses are still safe to drive on, but there could be lane closures during the next two weeks while those repairs are made. d.c. drivers will no longer have to be arrested and thrown in jail when caught with expired tags. news 4's tom sherwood reports on the change to the law that has been unique to the district. >> reporter: tens of thousands of vehicles travel city streets every day.
5:25 am
until now, anyone caught with expired tags would be arrested, handcuffed, and jailed. that law dates back to before the 1970s passed by congress to help fight drug trafficking with stolen vehicles. but growing complaints from forgetful citizens and an angry letter from senator jim webb to mayor vincent gray prompted the mayor to ask the council to change the law, which it did unanimously tuesday. >> there's a lot of utility for police being able to do traffic stops. that doesn't mean we should be arresting people. >> reporter: under the new law, violators who are up to 30 days late would be fined $100. those over 30 days would be fined $250, and their cars could be impounded. d.c. police chief cathy lanier warned drivers it's still a serious offense to have expired tags, driver's license, and or insurance. >> with the new law, they could get a fine over $200, and their vehicle could be impounded at the scene, which means you're going to have to call a cab and find some transportation, and
5:26 am
you're going to have to pay the towing and impound fees to get your car out. don't take it lightly. get your tags up to date. >> reporter: lobbyists for aaa praised the relaxed law, which had been the toughest in the nation. >> the standard across the country is that, if a tag is expired for less than six months, then it's considered an infr infraction, and it's treated with a fine. >> so we asked the aaa spokesman to show us his car insurance. where's the proof of insurance? it's in your car? >> lehere it is. >> reporter: i hate to tell you, this expired in 2008. aaa spokesman has an expired insurance card for 2008. >> well, it's updated in my car. >> reporter: it had had better be. >> it is. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news 4, washington. >> check that glove compartment. the new law will go into effect as soon as it's signed by mayor gray. cha-ching. but it beats handcuffs. >> absolutely. >> every time. >> i always thought that was a little extreme.
5:27 am
but tom always says, it is the law. make sure you have current tags. >> now we know. >> yes. coming up, it is 5:26 on "news 4 today." we have new details on what we have new details on what happened inside the air traffic
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the big break in the murder case of a 12-year-old girl. her stepfather, who was also a public bus driver, arrested. that's not all. the new information we're learning about his past. >> grab your rain coat, umbrella, and your wellies. the rain is here. here's a look outside. already nasty out there. meteorologist tom kierein says the weather is only expected to get worse as the day goes on. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> here we go. it is getting clsloppy out ther. i'm jim handly. here's your wednesday forecast. >> you know it's getting wet
5:31 am
because eun just tweet eed she' growing gills. >> to go with my webbed feet. >> good thing your hair covers it up. put on your patience and leave early. allow extra time. moderate rain falling across most of virginia and the blue ridge east as well as much of maryland. all those areas in yellow and orange, that's moderate rain. the district, nearby suburbs, montgomery and fairfax counties, and points south and west. points east, just a few sprinkles. we're just near 60 degrees. it's 61 at reagan national. mid-50s out of the mountain of west virginia, where they don't have rain right now. expect passing showers through the morning and storms, some of which could be severe with damaging winds and maybe an isolated tornado. danella, how's traffic? it is going to be a tough commute. first let's start with 270 on the icc. as you make your way towards shady grove, right lane blocked. a driver lost control of the vehicle, and now that accident is in the right lane.
5:32 am
i just saw this one on 395 at duke. right now i see an accident where it is in your left shoulder lane, and there is also a vehicle. the vehicle here is blocking the right and the right near lane. so what's going to happen is all the cars are getting over to the left lane. again, seeing delays at duke and also edsall road traveling 395 north. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. back to you both. >> danella, thanks. this morning we're learning new information about the man behind bars accused of killing his stepdaughter. investigators tell us the man drove a public bus and had many secrets. news 4's tracee wilkins is live in gaithersburg with more. tracee, what have you learned? >> reporter: good morning. among his many secrets, police sources tell us he was married to several women at one time. we're talking about the suspect who was arrested yesterday. police arrested 42-year-old david rich hang, the stepfather of jessica nguyen, yesterday. he is now in custody facing charges for first degree murder. sources tell us hang was married
5:33 am
to several women at the same time and was in the process of divorcing nguyen's mother when she was murdered. news 4 has also learned hang works as a driver for the montgomery county ride-on bus system. 12-year-old jessica nguyen was found stabbed to death in the basement of her family's gaithersburg townhome on the evening of may 31st. her grandmother discovered the child's body. friends said the shy, petite girl had often expressed a fear of her stepfather, the man now under arrest for her murder. police have been very tight-lipped about this ongoing investigation, but we are expecting montgomery county police to hold a press conference later today to explain why he is their suspect. i'm tracee wilkins live this morning in gaithersburg. back to you all in the studio. jim? >> tracee, thank you. eun? also in montgomery county, the search for a germantown boy has come to a sad end. investigators believe they found the body of 11-year-old william mcquain. the news comes one week after
5:34 am
police found his mother jane mcquain beaten and stabbed to death in her germantown home. her husband curs lopez has been charged with her homicide. police cannot charge prim suspect mcquain's death until the remainsaified. lopez is considered the primary suspect. there wasn't a whole lot of winning as republican presidential candidates gambled on their shot at the white house bid in las vegas last night. front runners took their licks in exchanges that brought some of the most heated political and personal attacks we've seen in the race for the gop nomination. news 4's tracie potts has more on the night. things got a little tense, tracee. >> reporter: they sure did. especially in the exchange between rick perry and mitt romney over immigration. perry accused romney of hiring illegal immigrants. romney said it was the lawn service they used. when they found out, they fired the service. perry said it took him a year. they went back and forth at each other. romney saying, you know, you've had a tough couple of debates,
5:35 am
perry, putting his hand on his shoulder. i guess you're going to get testy here. herman kane had a tough time defending his 9-9-9 tax plan. all the candidates jumped on that. the tax policy center said 84% of us would end up paying more. rick santorum had a few jabs last night, including criticizing romney on health care, saying, you're allowed to change your mind, but you can't change your facts. >> tracie potts. thank you, tracie. president obama is wrapping up his three-day bus tour today. the president will be in virginia focusing on the importance of hiring veterans. governor bob mcdonnell will join the president as he speaks at joint base langley eustis this morning where he'll help unveil the veterans job plan. the president also plans to promote his jobs bill at a fire station in north chesterfield before returning to the white house. the president says he's ready to work with republicans to help put americans back to work. political analysts say it's an attempt by mr. obama to recapture some of that
5:36 am
bipartisan appeal that helped get him elected. president obama told students at a school in virginia that he's not the democratic president, he's not the republican president, he's everybody's president. if you see more ambulance vehicles and emergency crews than usual today, don't be alarmed. it's just a drill. first responders in maryland, d.c., and virginia are taking part in capital shield 2012. a full scale drill to test the region's ability to respond to a mass casualty terrorist attack or weather disaster. the exercise will originate from two locations, the montgomery county fire rescue training academy on great seneca highway in rockville, and a location off of furnace road in lorton, virginia. mock patients will then be transported to 13 hospitals in maryland by ground and by helicopter. you can expect to see emergency vehicles starting around 8:00 this morning until about 3:00 this afternoon. i wouldn't expect to see the chopper to see if they're having more of this rain. >> with all the weather on the
5:37 am
slick roads, it could be chaotic on the roads. time now 5:36. coming up on "news 4 today," occupy protesters target a high profile member of
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
is is welcome back at 5:39. do you think starbucks coffee is too strong? starbucks is going to lighten up. the new blond roast is a departure from the company's typical dark roasted beans, which some say are too dark or bitter. starbucks says the new blond roast will appear in stores in january although the folks who get up the time we get up probably want that deep, dark, really strong coffee. >> they want the dark stuff, but this is a nice option, alternative there. time now 5:40 on this wednesday. let's get traffic and weather on the ones now. tom, it is still cloudy and coming down. just a taste of what's in store for the rest of the day, huh? >> there's the rainy sky over
5:41 am
washington now. that's a live picture from the city camera. we have light to moderate rain falling in washington from the benning neighborhood to mt. rainier, largo, springfield, germantown. we have this rain falling and getting moderate showers where you see that pocket of red in northern prince william, extreme northeastern fauquier, and southern loudoun county. that batch of moderate to heavy rain is passing north, sweeping right across southern and central loudoun county over the next 15 or 20 minutes. elsewhere, got a band of lighter or moderate rain along 95 in fredericksburg all the way up through washington and then into northern prince george's county. much of montgomery county getting lighter rain now. just a few scattered sprinkles south and east of us. temperatures there in the mid to upper 60s. farther west, where the steady a rain is falling, it's in the mid-50s. west virginia, most of the mountains are dry as well as
5:42 am
western maryland, not getting any rain there now. sunrise 7:21. passing showers throughout the region all morning. could get thunderstorms, some of which could produce damaging winds and maybe even an isolated tornado. more thunder and lightning flashing in the sky tonight all the way until midnight. things will settle down by dawn tomorrow. we should begin to dry out. big changes on the way turning chilly thursday and into the weekend. we'll look at that in ten minutes. here's a look at wednesday traffic. good morning, danella. >> good morning. i just want to say now, if you're traveling in virginia, making your way towards the city, it is going to be a tough commute. you have a couple of problems going on. first, let's start with i-95. overnight construction here is taking up the right side. it's supposed to be out of the roadways. it's still blocking you. right now as you're heading from dale city, making your way past prince william parkway, only the left lane will get you by the construction here. also, we're going to see crowding all along 95 because of this. definitely going to slow you down. also going to see crowding on
5:43 am
route 1, the situation on route 1. this happened overnight. a vehicle crashed into a utility pole. that crash is out of the way, but crews are working at the intersection of route 1 and south king's highway. if you're continuing on to 395, the problem here is there's an accident. right now it looks like only the left lane will get you by. you can see you have ambulance here as well as a lot of crowding as you make your way past this accident. it's by little river turnpike between duke street as you approach little river turnpike, and i'm already starting to see delays 395 north starting at edsall. it is going to be a tough commute. i'm going to keep tracking these accidents for you. i'm back in ten with another update. back to you both. >> busy morning for you, danella. thanks. time now 5:43. coming up on "news 4 today," those who rely on social security benefits will get a raise for the first time
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welcome back at 5:46. an air traffic controller who fell asleep on the job at reagan national airport earlier this year described the incident in an earlier report. the national transportation review safety board is reviewing the night of march 23rd. the lone supervisor on duty said he felt so tired that he wanted to splash water on his face. inbound pilots could not reach the tower for more than 20 minutes. the controller said a pilot's forceful voice on the radio woke him up. he later described the midnight shift on the ntsb as insane. the shift led to immediate changes. two controllers are now required to be on duty during overnight shifts. rappelling from a local landmark seems like the thing to do these days. now workers are scaling the 270 foot tall air force memorial in arlington. unlike the washington monument inspection, however, this is not related to the august earthquake. it's just a scheduled inspection
5:48 am
to check on the stability of the spires. meanwhile, the same team that inspected the washington monument will assess earthquake damage at the national cathedral through next week. a virginia student was suspended from school last year after he used a tube to shoot small plastic pellets at other students during lunchtime. now his case reached the virginia supreme court. the incident happened last december at spotsylvania high school. the school saw it as more than a childish prank and expelled 14-year-old andrew michael for possession and use of a weapon. his attorneys asked the virginia supreme court to overturn the school's decision. they claim he did not intend to hurt anyone, and the pellets do not meet the school code's definition of weapons. time now 5:48. apple will close its retail stores here and across the country for several hours today. that's so employees can watch a live broadcast of a memorial service for steve jobs. the tribute begins at 10:00 a.m. jobs passed away two weeks ago
5:49 am
after battling pancreatic cancer. steve jobs was 56 years old. a letter is going out. the cash strapped postal service is increasing the price of a first class stamp by one cent in january. that will make it 45 cents. the increase takes place january 22nd. in fiscal 2010, the postal service lost more than $8 billion. the so-called occupy protests are moving beyond financial and political arenas and targeting people themselves. members of an occupy movement tracked down house speaker john boehner at a southern california golf course. boehner was attending an event there. the courage campaign posted a video. protesters tried to give boehner a petition to pass president obama's jobs bill. demonstrators also flew an airplane with a sign trailing that read "gop jobs plan equals occupy golf course?" a spokesman for boehner said the speaker is working to find bipartisan ways to create jobs. people receiving social
5:50 am
security will soon start getting a little more money. the government is increasing benefits 3.5% in january. the first increase since 2009. however, some of the increase will be lost to higher medicare premiums, which are deducting from social security payments. the average monthly payment is a little more than $1,000. the increase will be about $38. well, it's one of those sure signs of a change in seasons. crews are beginning to install the ice skating rink here at the pentagon row shopping center. workers will spend the next two weeks making sure the rink is ready for the crowds. the rink opens to the public november 1st and will be open every day, including holidays, through march 20th. so how are we supposed to do that when we have webbed feet today, tom? >> really big ice skates. >> right. and actually going to feel like november this coming weekend. right now we've got more rain falling. here it is on the radar.
5:51 am
we see it moving south to north. there's a break, though, in far southern virginia south of richmond. we may get a brief break perhaps the early part of the afternoon. then more likely later this afternoon. right now these pockets of orange and yellow. these are the zones of moderate to heavy rain. these areas of rain hered here, rain in loudoun county. should be moving into far north of montgomery county into frederick county, maryland. we do have one band of rain along 95 from near the beltway in springfield all the way to fredericksburg. that's advancing as well. into prince george's county and parts of northern anne arundel and howard, they do are getting moderate showers. right now near 60 in montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties, the district, southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore, weather watchers, observers there reporting low to mid-60s while it's only in the low to mid-50s, in fact, even upper 40s in a few places in western maryland, where they don't have any rain
5:52 am
right now. these are the areas that i think are going to be getting the heavier rains. that's the areas in blue. that includes much of virginia, maryland, the district. could get .5 inch to as much as 1.5 inches of rain today on the eastern shore, maybe 2 inches or more in a few isolated spots as this area of low pressure passes through. here's your "day planner." sunrise 7:21. occasional showers for the next several hours. may taper off a bit noontime. more this afternoon. could get thunderstorms between about 3:00, 4:00, until around 6:00 or 7:00, some of which could produce isolated tornadoes and wind damage. maybe even some lingering flashes of night lightning until around midnight tonight. will be down into the mid-60s by midnight. then the rain should end. but a blustery southwest wind with us tomorrow. we'll have clouds racing through from time to time. highs just reaching the low 60s. winds diminish as temperatures plummet down to early november-like weather as we get into friday, saturday, and sunday. sunny each day.
5:53 am
morning lows only near 40. afternoon highs just around 60 or so. and then monday and tuesday warming up a little bit. still cool. danella, how's traffic? >> tough commute. let's talk about 270 first. 270 south making your way from the icc towards shady grove. still have an overturned vehicle. it's blocking your right lane and your right shoulder lane. i'm starting to see volume increase starting around father hurley and continue as you head south towards the spur. now traveling on 95 north in virginia, overnight paving, should have been up by now. it's not. right now crews are estimating it's going to be happening until 8:00 a.m. what is happening? your right side is blocked. only the left lane gets you by as you make your way from dale city passing prince william parkway and continuing on towards 395. when you get to 395, this is where the other accident just happened. this is in between duke street and little river turnpike. you can see only the left lane will get you by. still have crews there. we're seeing ambulance as well
5:54 am
as police, and i'm going to keep watching this for you. you are jammed at edsall, and delays are continuing. it's a tough commute, but i'll be back in ten with another look at your traffic. jim and eun, back to you. >> thanks, danella. 5:53 now. president obama is focusing on jobs while on his bus tour. >> he sure is. that doesn't mean he won't answer other questions. one student wanted to know what he felt about her favorite singer. >> i do like justin bieber. he's very nice. >> oh, they're giggling. call it one of the perks of being in the white house. the president met justin bieber when he performed last year at the white house easter egg roll. the president did have disappointing news for the girls, though. he told them he thinks bieber has a girlfriend. i think we knew that. >> too bad. first lady michelle obama and the vice president's wife jill biden will help baseball
5:55 am
kick off game one of the world series today. the two will be promoting their military support program called joining forces, which launched earlier this year. before the game, they'll recognize major league baseball for its support of veterans and military families. then the texas rangers will take on the cardinals in st. louis. time now 5:55. inspiration for our wounded warriors recovering at walter reed from athletes who know a thing or two about overcoming adversity. the haitian amputee soccer team taking to the field across our region. yesterday they held a clinic for the wounded warriors at rfk stadium. most of the men and women on the team lost a limb during the earthquake in haiti in 2010. they say they are now able to play soccer thanks in part to american charities that fitted them with prosthetics. >> they don't need to let the loss of a limb, an amputation, to slow them down. it's possible to play soccer.
5:56 am
it's possible to play soccer at a very high level. >> the knights of columbus and project medishare cosponsor the haitian soccer team and organized the clinic. >> wow, they move fast. that is so cool. one of our own was recognized for her philanthropic work in the d.c. area. tracee wilkins was honored at the 40 under 40 awards. wilkins has founded several mentoring groups since she was in high school, and she's currently the vice president of frostburg state university's alumni group that helps students after graduation. she also serves on the board of directors for a nonprofit that brings lacrosse to girls in prince george's county. and our own aaron gilchrist right there hosted the awards dinner. a big congratulationses to tracee for the work she's doing in our community. >> and she's out there working crack of dawn every morning. >> in the rain, in the snow, in the heat. >> she does it all. congrats, tracee. if you're a fan of nbc 4's
5:57 am
facebook page, you'll be glad to know you have an opportunity to catch some pretty hot tickets, folks. jay-z and kanye west wash the throne tour. like our nbc 4 facebook page and sign up to win great prizes. we pick a winner at 6:00 and make the announcement during the 11:00 p.m. newscast tonight. those are hot tickets, a tough one to get. >> and even if you could get them, how much would you have to pay for them is the big question. >> that's not the way we roll. >> just like our nbc washington facebook. enter for your chance to win those tickets. jay-z, kanye west. >> doesn't get much better. we can't do it, though. time now 5:57. coming up on "news 4 today,"
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