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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 20, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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at the safeway pharmacy. and you'll get a bonus. you get 10% off your groceries. [ male announcer ] save 10% on your groceries when you get a flu shot. that should make you feel better already. safeway. ingredients for life. breaking news tonight. a huge response to a fire at the
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farmer's market in most east d.c. >> reporter: we're here at fifth street near florida avenue. behind me you can see there are style fire trucks on the scene. firefighters go inside the d.c. market to try and figure out if there are any hot spots that are still flairing up. this is an historic building. a lot of people come here and buy fresh food. tonight at least the lower level went up in flames. the fire started around:00. assistant chief told me firefighters himself to knock down the doors to get inside. they found thick smoke coming out of several windows. at one point it was so intense they called dozens of more firefighters to put it out. they determined the fire started on the market's lower level. the good news is no one was hurt. it's worth mentioning law enforcement came out here last week and seized more than $3 million of counterfeit goods
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such as fake gucci bag, prada, louis vuitton and nike products. a lot of people were buying these this evenings, walking around like they had the real items but this were fake. firefighters are trying to figure out if this was related to arson or an accidental fire or electric. they're still trying to put everything together and this is preliminary at this point. as soon as we find out, we will post the information on or i will tweet it. >> thanks. this is chanting and dancing just a shore time ago outside the white house gates. this crowd is celebrating the death of libyan leader of gad gad. moammar gadhafi.
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he tried to escape the city during intense fighting but wound up hiding in a drain pipe only to be discovered by the rebels. president obama congratulated the libyan people today. >> you have won your revolution and now we will be a partner as you forge a future that provides dignity, freedom and opportunity. >> the president called on rebel forces to secure their country and to respect the rights of all libyans as they try to rebuild and form a new government. news4 exclusive tonight. people showed up to pick up their dry cleaning at a fairfax county cleaners only to find the entire business gone and no clue where it went. jackie bensen is in falls church now with more. jackie? >> reporter: action cleaners has been missing in action for about two weeks now. for days now customers have been coming by the dry cleaning business at this shopping center on annadale road trying to get
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their hands on their clothes. >> i was so shocked to come here and find it completely empty. i bring my dry cleaning here for my husband every two weeks. there's two weeks worth of suits and shirts that they have. >> customers say there was a note on the front door with a phone number but the voicemail was full and the note is now gone. this shopping center is slated for demolition. the oners say tenants had months of advanced notice they had to be out by the end of january. but the shopping center's landlord said the dry cleaner made an abrupt and unannounced departure. >> we heard he has another location. >> and you were having problems with him? >> we were having issues with him and, you know, we ended up having to contact counsel and he has his counsel but, you know, we didn't know specifically when he was going to be gone and we didn't think he was going to leave with anybody's clothing. >> news4 has learned the fairfax county department of consumer affairs is currently investigating three complaints
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of customers of action cleaners who can't get their clothes. news4's efforts to reach the owner of action cleaners have been unsuccessful so far. jim, back to you. >> thanks, jackie. >> members of occupy d.c. marched to union station tonight to protest walmart and north run grumman. on their web site, occupy d.c. faults walmart for worker rights abuses and north run grumman for absorbing too much money. >> looking at chop are 4 video from over this scene, a call came in as a domestic assault in hermanville. when they got there, they fonda woman was injured. when they tried to arrest a suspect in the case, it was a struggle. that's when one of the deputies says he was forced to shoot the suspect. >> a brand new clue in a search for a person who shot and killed
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a man on a metro bus overnight. officers say they are persons of interest in this morning's murder of 22-year-old dimitrius thompson. thompson's family said he was a father of three and was on the verge of getting a good job. >> he had dreams. he was a teen-age father and all he wanted was to take care of his family. >> here's another look at that surveillance video. if you want a closer look, you can find it online at >> a couple of firefighters were injured today trying to control a ferocious blaze in maryland. the fire started in the basement of a house. tonight the man who owns the house admits he's the one who caused the fire. >> i was moving this metal shelf and i tripped over something and the shelf went into my electric panel. it just exploded. i mean exploded. god, i barely had time to crawl
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across the floor and get out of there. >> those two firefighters were treated for heat exposure. they're going to be okay. >> a prince william county virginia couple pleaded guilty to child abuse admitting they barricaded their three young children in a room because they needed a break, the parents did. christina and john nailed a five foot tall piece of dry wall across the doorway in march. the children were 4, 2 and 4 months old at the time. prosecutors recommended a drug treatment program for the couple as well as probation. tomorrow a jury is expected to get the case of a teach are accused of choking students in her silver spring classroom. susan burke took the stand to defend herself today. she's on trial for second degree assault charges. the parent claim she choked, pinched and scratched people back in january. today burke said students sometimes responded angrily if she tried to discipline them but she denies choking anyone.
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>> president obama officially is running for president in the first primary state. today vice president joe biden filed the paperwork up in new hampshire. new hampshire is expected to be a closely contested general election state. still ahead tonight, why d.c. students held a flash mob at the wilson building tonight. >> fans got a chance to get up close for a special concert tonight. >> plus results of the largest study ever done on weather talking on your cell phone might lead to cancer. >> and we're looking at cool temperatures out there now but we're just starting to get into we're just starting to get into the big!
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turns out the man who owned all those wild animals in easton, ohio was deep in debt. his name is terry thompson. he killed himself after he released more than 50 of his exotic pets, which included lions and tigers and bears and wolves. court records show he's had money problems since the 90s. he and his wife owed at least $68,0 in income and property taxes. thompson also was just released from prison after serving a year on an unregistered gun charge. >> a fairfax man who is registered as a sex offender in virginia is in trouble with the law given. 20-year-oldio
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20 yus yef josie is in the fairfax county jail held without bond. >> a new study shows using your cell phone regularly does not increase your risk of brain cancer. researchers in denmark examined 350,000 people over 17 years. it is the largest study on cell phone risks ever done. back in may the world health organization put cell phones in the same carcinogenic category as dd it. and gas exhaust. medical experts say any potential cell phone risk can be reduced by using an ear piece. >> still ahead on "news4 at 11," hurricane force winds in an unusual place. the video straight ahead. >> and as
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there's some news happening in northern virginia. a shooting on the outskirts of old town alexandria. police say a man was shot and wounded and say he's not
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cooperating with police. the gunman got away. they how the the man hopped on a metro plane that was later stopped and searched. officers, however, found nothing in that search. we'll have more on this tomorrow morning on "news4 today," starting at 4:30. >> in the san francisco area today, this happened right after 8 million people had taken part in a statewide drill. the drill was called the great california shakeout. it was to preem for a 7.8 earthquake that geologists predict will hit california within the next 30 years. the 3.9 magnitude earthquake today was centered about two miles southeast the berkeley. nobody seriously injured, no damage reported. country music star lee ann rimes played a special benefit show for a cause that goes beyond the music. ♪ ♪ >> rimes teamed up with wmzq
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radio for her performance at dc's riot act to raise money for awareness for stand up for kids, an organization that wants to stop youth homelessness. >> some of the kids i got involved in a few months ago and filmed a video with kids from chicago for my new video "give" and they just deserve a real wait out and a chance for a real future. >> a few hundred fans got to attend the concert. dozens of d.c. skol kids took part in a flash mob today at the wilson building. similar events took place at more than 7,500 cities across the country. the kids are trying to call attention to the importance of after school programs. the event planners say after school programs keep kids safe. they help working families and they inspire kids to further their education. >> mr. mayor, crack a smile when kids are dancing a performance for you. >> i'm sure there was a smile in
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there. >> oh, my goodness. >> the kids looked like they were having fun. >> for sure. >> it was a crisp fall night to be out. >> a lot of people really enjoying this cool weather out there. it's cool really all across the eastern part of the nation. i showed you that video out of chicago earlier. pretty cool wave action, right? i found some better ones. look at this. these are 60 mile-an-hour winds rightin along the lake just to the north of chicago. this was an amazing -- this is the highland park area of illinois, just to the north of chicago. wow, what a storm this was up there for them. kind of looks like what we had during irene. remember veronica johnson out that? yes. that storm is brining cooler air our way. we saw a high temperature today of 68 degrees but that 68 did not come during the afternoon with the sunshine. that 68 came at 12:19 in the
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morning and then the temperatures fell down from there. we did reach an afternoon high of about 59 a little bit earlier. 55 is the current temperature right now. the dew point is 38. if we were to stop with the wind and clear up, we could conceivably get down to the upper 30s in some locations tonight but the wind is going to help us stay well into the 40s i think for most of us. even though it's a little windy, which makes it feel cooler, that does not allow the temperatures to down all that much. 49 in martinsberg, 52 in culpepper, cumberland coming in at 46 degrees and annapolis the warm spot at 57. nothing to show you on the radar. there is no rain and we're not expecting to see rain. you can still see the spin in the upper levels just to our north and west. watch how we clear out here overnight. we are going to cool down tonight. look at the numbers. to the east of the mountains. because the mountains are there, they're not allowing the cool air to move. 57 in philadelphia, 44 in
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pittsburgh and 42 in elkins, west virginia. here we are at 55 in washington. jacksonville, jacksonville, florida at 41 degrees right now. no mountains, that allows the cold air to go all the way down toward jacksonville. even orlando, the suburbs, expected to get into the mid and upper 40s. orlando tomorrow could be cooler to start off than we would be. hope you're not going down there. windy for our day today. what's woo what we saw. an area of low pressure moving off. it will be cool and nice with plenty of sunshine. that goes for saturday, too. saturday morning will be our coldest morning with temperatures in the low to middle 40s. tomorrow on the cool side. 42 in some of the coldest suburbs to about 47 in the city. if we get even 10 to 15 mile-an-hour winds, we could see wind chills in up upper 30s. it's going to be a very cool morning tomorrow. diminishing winds tomorrow afternoon. 64 to 66 tomorrow. a fantastic friday.
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a great afternoon. after about 11:00, thanks should warm up nicely. it's the overnight lows saturday and sunday morning, many areas will wake up with temperatures into the mid to upper 30s for the first time this season, maybe even our first frost. but we do warm up as we head into the middle of next week with highs in the middle to upper 60s. >> fantastic friday. that sounds pretty good. coming up next, caught on camera, a thief rips an iphone out of a child's hand. >> what a punk. anyway, in sports the caps i
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i enjoyed that game. that was a good game. who won, though?
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i had to come in here before it was over. >> i'm not going to spoil it. let me get to the highlights first. you know? >> why? we're about moving things along here. >> that's what we're doing. i love how you buy in. i love it. >> who won that game? >> the rangers won the game and it was a fantastic game. the difference between a win and loss so minor at times. vance just has a way of pulling it out of me. cardinals an inning away of going up 2-0 in the world series until the rangers stitched together a ninth inning that was just enough to even things up. let's go to st. louis. we begin in the bottom of the fifth. colby lewis pitching to rafael furcal with two on. lined up the middle by elvis andrus, flips it over to second. that had two runners on base. he gets the force at second to end the inning. so we remain knotted at zero in the seventh inning. that was a great play. last night, allen craig would enter the game as a pinch hitter in the seventh. >> who? >> exactly. >> and there he goes again.
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>> the cardinal fans know. david freese comes in and the cardinals are feeling pretty good at this point. oh, yes they are. nolan ryan looking for something to happen. now a little chilly down there. rangers tied up on a sac fly. a couple of batters later, michael young to right center deep enough to bring home elvis andrus. nolan ryan loving it as his rangers go up 2-1. that's your final score. the world series now tied at one game apiece. going back to texas. talking hockey. the only complaint brew bu low droe had during the cap's 5-0 start was about his star. where has ovie been? alex ovechkin out to his slowest start in his career. tonight he broke out of his slump with some thunder.
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two goals for ovie. remember this guy? playing for the flyers this year. claude, look at that move. you got to feel for thomas. flyers take a 1-0 lead. final minute of the period, tied at 1. ba backstrom behind the net. his second goal of the season. puts the capitals up 2-1. third period now. capitals up 3-1. ovie delivers on the one-timer as he fall. doesn't seen it. capitals win 5-2. they are now 6-0 on the season. folks, there's a lot to be worried about. a lot of things that don't look good for the redskins this week going down to carolina. winning teams generally don't make quarterback changes unless
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there's an injury. skins have done it. underdogs against the 1-5 panthers and the redskins haven't beaten a rookie quarterback in six games dating back to 2005. does not bode well when you're facing carolina quarterback cam newton. >> you know, what i see on highlights and stuff he's a very talented guy. i'm most impressed with how poised he looks in that position. in college you didn't see him play that kind of scheme a lot. i've been impressed watching him on highlights at home. bewee all know how talented he is. >> he's made a whole lot of plays. i think the biggest problem he poses isn't so much the scrambling. it's his ability to keep the play alive. that's probably going to be the main thing. he doesn't look to run as much as mike does but at the same time i know little guys like me and the secondary, when that guy is coming at you, he's 6'5" and change, 250 pounds. that's a different beast than trying to bring down a michael
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vick type guy, smarter guy. we have to get as many guys around him as possible. >> comparing him to michael vick is doc walker to me. we did it on this show. redskins showtime tomorrow night at 7:30. doc walker, mike wise, jason reed from "the washington post." panthers and redskins a very entertaining show. >> good comparison 6'5", 6 foot
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check this out. a thief snatched an iphone right out of a child's hands in florida and the grab was caught on security camera. the little boy was sitting at a table in his parents' palm bay
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restaurant. the man walked into the store and stole the phone right out of the 6-year-old's hand. no arrest yet. >> that's cold. congresswoman gabrielle giffords will give people a chance to hear her speak for the first time since she was shot. giffords is taking part in an audio version of an upcoming memoir. that book chronicles giffords and her husband mark kelly. it will talk about their careers in politics and in nasa and their experiences since the shooting in tucson, arizona. she'll read the final chapter entitled
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♪ ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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dedicated plumbing team out in indiana helped save a trapped kitten. it was not in a tree. this cat got stuck at a storm drain at a school after it was spooked by a teacher.
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after an unsuccessful attempt to get it out, the teacher and class called a plumber. they used a monitor to monitor the cat as they dug holes to reach the pipe. it took them two days but finally the kitten was freed. a staff member at the school adopted her and appropriately named her stormy. the next storm will come when the school district gets the bill. >> from that plumber. that was a big hole. >> for two days work of excavation to get that cat out of there. >> more cold weather tomorrow? >> starting off make sure the kids have their jackets. but the rest of the day, nice day through lunch. 61 to 64 degrees. there's the next four days showing you the weekend. it's the coolest time


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