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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  October 21, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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the decision to withdrawal all the troops after talks broke down with the iraqi government. leaders there wanted to have several thousand troops stay. instead, 39,000 troops in iraq will leave by december 31st. 150 will remain to protect the embassy compound in baghdad. steve handelsman has more with e controversial and costly war. >> today, i can say our troops in iraq will definitely be home for the holidays. >> reporter: an emotional announcement, but expected from president obama. president bush agreed to a u.s. in 2012. the war has cost 4469 u.s. lives. 32,000 u.s. wounded. 1146 u.s. amputees and $700 billion to $800 billion.
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in iraq, the last 39, 000 u.s. forces are loading up. iraqis are now in charge. >> they have on operating democratic government of sorts. >> reporter: civil war remains possible. critics claim the pull-out is premature. >> they are saying the united states is weakening and withdrawaling. >> reporter: president obama would have left troops in iraq as trainers but the iraqis would not grant them legal immunity so he pulled the whole force. >> the long war in iraq will come to an end. >> reporter: it is a popular move. >> it's fantastic. the end is great. >> the toll it's taken on our economy has been a disaster for the country. >> reporter: he says the earlier drawdown switched the focus back to al qaeda and helped to get osama bin laden. now, he says we can better focus on jobs. >> after a decade of war, the nation we need to build is the nation we will build is our own.
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>> reporter: 1 million iraq war veterans found coming home can mean a struggle to find work. >> reporter: in the upcoming campaign, president obama can point to a promise kept to end the iraq war. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, at the white house. people around washington have mixed reactions to troops coming home. >> i just wonder if the country will be ready for him to leave. i don't know. if they are, so much the better. if not, a shame for all that effort to go to waste. >> i think it's great if it's safe. if iraq is secure and we don't have national security issues, i think it's a great thing to bring the troops home. >> i'll believe it when i see it. >> president obama says the last troops to leave iraq will do so with their heads held high, proud of their success there.
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libya's leaders want to delay the burial of gadhafi's body. he was captured in sirte. remains are kept in a commercial freezer at a shopping center until his burial. we have more from libya. >> reporter: since last night and early this morning that they were going to bury gadhafi's body right away, they are saying they might hold off for a few days. it's not clear, but there's two reasons. one, to find a way to prove to the people of libya that gadhafi is indeed dead. the second reason, growing international concern over the manner in which he died. there's an autopsy and findings that need to be sent off to the government and international community. the celebrating mood is more toned down today. it's a rest day, a day of prayer. the interim government is
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planning to announce the formal liberation of libya. they said they would do it tomorrow. now, it looks like they will hold off until sunday. the members of this transitional government want to make sure as many people can attend the ceremony as possible. they are giving them an extra day. back to you. in montgomery county, a jury found a teacher not guilty of assaulting several students. first grade teacher, burke was accused of grabbing and choking some of the kids. we have the report. >> reporter: the jury took less than 90 minutes to return their verdict clearing susan burke of all charges. in closing arguments, the defense attorney told the jury there was no proof. the 36-year-old former first grade teacher choked her students. the jury agreed. >> live evidence was presented.
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i think the state did an excellent job trying to prove their case. the jury did their job. >> burke faced seven counts of assault. it happened at green castle elementary school last year. she took the stand and denied grabbing their necks. >> she did all the right things. she's a human being like everybody else. people make mistakes. i wasn't there. >> reporter: prosecutors would not comment. they said burke got angry with her students at the school and choked them. six students took the witness stand, but their testimony didn't convince the jury. >> i was -- whomever given the opportunity to cross exam inthe children and the other witnesses the state put on. i think the evidence was
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overwhelmingly in my clients favor. >> burke faces two counts of felony child abuse. prosecutors say they plan to move forward on those cases. no trial date has been set. in rockville, jane watrel, news 4. susan burke was a teacher in the school system for ten years. she's been on administrative leave since february and is no longer with the school system. a trial date has been set in miami for the four men charged in the murder of sean taylor, the washington redskins safety. he was shot and killed in miami in 2007 during alleged attempted robbery. all four suspects pleaded not guilty. a fifth man is already pleaded guilty to murder and burglary charges and likely to testify against the others. a stranger came to the aid of a young girl screaming for help as she was being sexually
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assaulted. the victim was just ten years old. it happened yesterday just before 5:00 in the afternoon in hill crest heights area near scottish avenue. we have more reaction from a witness. >> reporter: police are saying that witness is a hero. a lot of people who live in this neighborhood of hill crest heights are on edge right now. they are furious, angry. a lot of kids walk up and down the block going to and from school. when they find out something like this happened, it really bothers them. i'm sure you can understand. well, they say the suspect grabbed the girl and took her to this area here. police say it happened around 5:00 yesterday evening. they say the suspect is a 14 to 16-year-old. he forced a 10-year-old girl on the ground and sexually assaulted her. a man nearby heard her screaming, he ran into the woods, is suspect got scared. we talked to lambert and he
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broke down in tears. >> i can't stop getting her screams out of my head. sorry. i can't. i can't look at the scene. due to the fact that a young african-american male would do this to a 10-year-old girl coming home from her education kills me inside. >> reporter: now, as you can see he is really upset. a lot of people around here are furious about this. prince george's county police want me to remind parents to make sure their kids walk to and from school with a group. authorities want you to call the police department if you have information about the sexual assault. live in hill crest heights, news 4. >> thanks. plans have been approved for
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a new hospital in germantown, maryland. officials approved the plans yesterday. the hospital is going to build a six-story 90 bed facility on the campus of montgomery college. permits are expected to be obtained later this year. they are expected to open in 2014. republican presidential hopeful herman cain announced his 9-9-9 tax plan. analysts say cain's proposal means a windfall for the wealthiest americans. he says it will help struggling communities. >> you at or below the poverty level, your plan is not 9-9-9. it's 9-0-9. bottom line, folks, 9-9-9 means jobs, jobs, jobs.
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>> rick perry plans to unveil his tax plain in south carolina next week. the lathest polls still show cain holding a laser thin lead over mitt romney. ten years after the anthrax attacks we are learning more about the call of help that was a turning point in the investigation. >> i suspected i might have been exposed to anthrax. >> apple steve jobs told president obama he was headed for a one-term presidency. that wasn't the only revelation, in a new biography. >> michael jackson's doctor is accused of putting the singer on an iv. how do you give a tiger a root canal? very carefully. >> make sure he's sound asleep. doug, how are we looking? >> on the chilly side. 58 degrees. a few clouds. some areas in the 40s.
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it's cool, if not cold. i'll show you what's coming up in a minute. one person dressed warmly is hakeem. >> coming up, we are live at chantilly high school for a neighborhood rivalry. last
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news 4 at 6:00 continues. +
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the defense got the chance today to cross examine the prosecution's propofol expert in the trial of dr. conrad murray. lawyers are trying to cast doubt that michael jackson could not have killed himself by swallowing the drug. stephanie stanton has the latest developments. >> does that have meaning? >> reporter: after three days of intense testimony, the defense got the first chance to cross examine a leading expert on propofol. >> it's a bold claim, isn't it? isn't it a bold one? >> it's an honest statement. it's what i think happened. >> sitting in the courtroom is shafers former teacher and colleague expected to testify for the defense. shafer gave a visual recreation
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how he thinks it was administer administered. >> when it goes to michael jackson is when it opens up. >> reporter: he believes jackson died from a propofol drip. >> he has been entrusted by michael jackson to look after his safety every night and he has failed that responsibility while enabling the administration. he is responsible for every drop of propofol in that room. >> reporter: earlier in the week, shafer pulled no punches laying out what he called 17 egregious violations in the care of michael jackson. four of them unconscionable. >> the lack of legal records, it's such a profound violation. the realtime record, everything. >> reporter: after weeks of
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strong testimony, the defense begins laying out its case to create enough reasonable doubt to clear his name. they are expected to call 15 witnesses, former patients, l.a.p.d. witnesses and a doctor who believes propofol did not kill michael jackson. root canals, they are awful. they are standard procedure on most people. up in alaska, a dentist was asked to perform a root canal, not on a person, but a tiger. a 7-year-old tiger. this is the alaska zoo. needed a root canal to fix his broken tooth. a canine, a big, long one. anyway, the procedure took an hour and a half. we are told it went smoothly. the tiger is said to be in recovery at the alaska zoo. how does a tiger say i need a tylenol? >> i'm sure it would find a way
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to let you know if it needed more pain medication. >> i bet he gets whatever he wants. >> i bet he does. >> you asleep? you asleep? >> please be asleep. >> that's right. >> it's cold out there. >> it is chilly. i think some areas will get down to 30 tonight. maybe frost. however the wind should procollude that. i'm not worried about wind. early for frost. >> yes. >> we are behind schedule. >> really? >> i'll show you that. wait until you see where we have frost advisories and freeze warnings. outside, looking at the lincoln memorial. a nice evening if you like it cold. as we have been talking about, a lot of you saying you love this kind of weather. you are going to see a chilly night. we hit a high temperature of 62 degrees. a little bit below average. we saw sunshine during the day
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today. if you are out and about, i think we'll see enough clearing by early tomorrow morning for the o'ryan meteor shower. it's about 3:00 in the morning. if you want to get up and brave the cold, you'll see a buzzen meteors an hour. 58 degrees is the current temperature. winds out of the northwest-northwest at 10 miles per hour. the winds have been gusty. up to 20 miles per hour. speaking of the cooler air, 52 in gaithersburg. 49 in hagerstown. 59 in culpeper. the river coming in at 61 degrees. as far as the radar is concerned, nothing to show you on the radar. no chance for rain for the weekend. we have to wait until the middle of the week for the rain. we could use a couple dry days. we are going to get them. a few showers toward the lakes. that's it. we have the upper level of low pressure to the north. we saw the cloud cover move up. overnight, we see the clouds
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dissipate. temperatures to the west, 46 in pittsburgh. 45 in west virginia. very cool temperatures just to the west. east of the mountains, philadelphia coming in at 56 degrees. richmond at 61. i mention the frost and freeze advisory, look at this. we don't have any in our area. there's frost advisories in the roanoke area. frost advisories go all the way down toward atlanta, georgia. atlanta expected to be between 36 and 39 degrees. that is a cold night. fortunately for us, we have not seen the coldest air move in here. when is the average first frost? in toward our areas 11th through 20th. then 21st through 31st for our air yachlt as of now, i don't expect to see frost in our region for the next week or two. it could happen overnight
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tonight to the west and toward tomorrow morning and sunday morning. not a widespread frst. we'll see wind out of this. as far as the forecast goes, cloudy, breezy and on the chilly side. tomorrow morning, here is the chill. mostly clear and a chilly start. 36 in some of the cooler suburbs you could see a windchill below freezing tomorrow morning if we have a five to ten-mile-an-hour wind. cool but nice. dress warm. 58 to 62 degrees. dress in layers. plenty of sunshine. take the jacket off. sunday is looking nice. then it gets great. 68 on monday. 72 on tuesday. then on wednesday, 73 then a monster storm. okay, let's not talk about that. >> let's not. >> it could be windy for friday. this weekend is looking good. >> we have thousands of friends coming to the mall tomorrow for the best buddies. >> multiples.
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>> some people start off with seven. others start at 8:00 and 8:30. >> what are you doing? >> i get to do the starter gun. i think i'm running at 8:30. >> 49 degrees. >> yeah. >> by the time you are done you can take off the jacket. >> come join us. >> you will finish. >> of course i'll finish, 5k, piece of cake. >> keep your eye on your x÷
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fi a man in virginia is the first murder victim of the year in alexandria. his name is bob mcneley. he lived on duke street. he was shot and killed last night. pat collins talked to the friends with him when he died. a friend of mine was telling him to hold on. hold on. your family needs you and everything. a friend of mine was over there. you know, saying bob, bob, hold on, you gonna be okay. >> reporter: last night, larry
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holmes watched his friend die. bob had just been shot. he was lying on the ground. he looked up, made the peace sign and passed on. >> it's terrible. >> you know, it's real sad. >> victim identified as bob corey mckneel lee. he was 40 years old. he runs his own trash collection business. he grew up in this part of alexandr alexandria. he has an 11-year-old son who lives here. last night, he came back to his old neighborhood and it cost him his life.9g8 he say anything? >> no. sidewalk his mom. he was saying mom, mom. >> reporter: what do you make of this? >> i don't know.
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>> reporter: bob is on the sidewalk. another man approaches. words exchanged. shotssfired, he's hit. he runs his the roadway and falls to the ground. bernadette is the mother of the victim's son. >> he wasn't selfish. he was good to his son, you know what i'm saying? my son is devastated. he's only 11 years old. >> reporter: bob mckneneley. the first person murdered here in the last 557 days. i'm pat collins, news 4. rupert murdock's company agreed to pay $3.2 million to the family of a murdered schoolgirl. she was attacked by murdock's tabloid news of the world. reporters ease dropped on voice
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mail messages from the 13-year-old. she disappeared in 2002 and then was found dead. they were shut down in july. john casic says he will crack down on owning animals. at least 50 animals were killed during a three-day hunt for animals like lions, tigers and bears. the six animal that is survived were taken to an ohio zoo. ohio that has weakest restrictions. metro officers attacking a man in a wheelchair. now, we are learning what's going to be done about that. families of the anthrax attack victims believe we have a long way to go before we can feel safe. >> steve jobs biography topping the best seller list before it's released. coming up, a northern
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when news 4 at 6:00 continues. zq th community in prince george's county is on alert.
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they are upset after a 10-year-old girl was sexually assaulted in hill crest heights yesterday. police say the girl was attacked by a 14-year-old or 15-year-old boy who dragged her into a wooded area and assaulted her. the witness heard the child screaming and scared the suspect away. the remaining troops in iraq will be home for the holiday. a final withdrawal followed a video conference with the iraqi prime minister. nine years after the war began, 49,000 troops are still in iraq. the prime minister said it's time for his country to forge their own future. four years after the fact, men accused of killing a star go on trial. a judge set the trial date today. he was killed in his home in miami, during an attempted robbery back in 2004. all four of the men pleaded not guilty in the case.
6:32 pm
it happened a short time after the 9/11 attack. it triggered more chaos and fear nationwide. two postal workers at d.c.s brentwood post office died after handling mail tainted with anthrax. >> today, they are remembered by friendings and co-workers. derrick ward has our report. >> ten years ago this day his flu-like illnesses wouldn't go away. it was clear to him, this was something more. >> my chest feels constricted. i am getting air but to get up and walk, it feels like i would pass out. >> morris died the day he made the call. the day a co-worker would also be dead. a solemn ceremony remembering
6:33 pm
those affected that day. >> on the television, there's a monitor above me and the mayor from d.c. saying another person was admitted to the hospital. that person, they don't suspect to live. surely they are not talking about me. in fact they were. >> reporter: recollections like that and the changed reality of postal service employment. >> give us an alarm if something is in the air. >> excessive duty of those who found themselves targets of a terrorist attack. >> i knew i had a job to do and a family to help raise with my husband. and i know the postal service has always been good to us. >> the grief process is still going on. i really, truly thought it would have been over, but it's not. but that's okay. it will happen in its time.
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>> reporter: now future generations may not know or understand why the post alpha silty bears the name of two men who weren't presidents or lead armies into battle. it's a sure thing, they will come together on this thing for years to come to see this name. in northeast d.c., derrick ward, news 4. back in 2008 prosecutors say a government scientist was responsible for those anthrax attacks. tonight, metro police say they made two arrests in two different murders in southeast washington. 21-year-old devin paul gray was shot on october 15th. 19-year-old antonio jones was later arrested in connection
6:35 pm
with the murder. yesterday, police responded to the 1100 block of easton county road. ward was found stabbed and later died at the hospital. two metro transit police officers are off the hook. a video of the incident was posted on youtube. today, the department of justice released a statement saying there is not enough evidence to pursue the charges against them. after a year, the capital bike share program is going so well, it's trying to keep up with demand. the program is expanding to arlington and soon into alexandria. >> went over a million rides on our first anniversary. we had more than 16,000 annual members. we have succeeded all our initial expectations.
6:36 pm
>> the bike share program announced a new three-day rental for $15. it's geared toward tourists and casual riders. memberships remain at $75. bike share announced this week there will be a new three-day rental for $15. annual memberships staying at $75. they are round, orange and a halloween staple. a soggy september means pumpkins are in short supply. why you can't be too picky if you head to the pumpkin patch this weekend. at some pick your own pumpkin patches, there are slimmer pickings. all the moisture takes a toll, especially on the bigger pumpkins. >> the big ones we eventually mowed the field. people were walking through
6:37 pm
fields with rotton pumpkins. i's not a very good afternoon. >> reporter: the families who make the ride after the field and the hay truck an annual tradition are not deterred. you have to run around and pick the one you want. >> go get a hayride. >> it's hard deciding which pumpkin. it would be easier to decide if they were your pumpkins. this year, because the rain damaged so many big ones, he had to import some from halloween. >> i have to have pumpkins for people. >> this boy and his sister managed to collect a wagonful. >> everything was like last year except the pumpkins are smaller. >> reporter: if the urge to pick is still strong. they have apples. as for the families looking for a quick pick pumpkin, they can
6:38 pm
turn to a garden center where everything is high and dry. >> reporter: tell me what you are looking for. >> a pumpkin ha is round, not too hard to carve. doesn't look like that kind. >> reporter: doesn't have bumps all over it? >> yes. >> that was a disgusting looking pumpkin. >> that was not appetizing, was it? it? >> no.
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welcome back, i'm meteorologist doug kammerer in storm center 4 watching the cool air make its way in. the temperatures are going to dip down. if you are headed to a high school football game tonight, bundle up. we are in for a chilly night. the current temperature sitting at 58 degrees. the dew point is 39. we have winds gusting up to 20 miles per hour. it's going to continue to make things chilly this evening. overnight low temperatures in the 30s. 38 in leesburg. some areas down to 36, 37 degrees like manassas. cam bridge coming in at 34 degrees.
6:42 pm
tomorrow morning, doreen is waking up for the best buddies challenge. she's hitting the gun tomorrow starting off the race. temperatures around 8:00, the biking gets started at 7:30. the temperature 49 degrees, mostly sunny and chilly. a high of 61 in the washington, d.c. area. not a bad fall afternoon at all and looking better during the day on sunday. >> thanks, pat. doctors and hedge fund managers took turns throwing punches at each other last night. it was all part of a charity boxing event. none of the executives trained for several months before the main event. some of them threw good punches. the boxes event is -- you better stay down, dude. this is the first time women were allowed to get into the
6:43 pm
ring. in all, they raised about $129,000 for operation smile and operation breakthrough. those are charities that help low income children. oh, another good shot. >> that's an interesting concept. i think people here would be interested in getting in the ring with financial people. >> reporters? >> no. i don't think that's ever going to happen. i hope not. hey, it's a spectacular night for high school football as long as you are dressed warmly eno h enough. did you see hakeem at 5:00? you are still feeling enthusiastic? >> reporter: i tell you what, i'm not even playing the game because i'm old and not in high school anymore and i'm psyched for the game. neighborhood rivalry renewed tonight. the caps remain perfect plus
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6:46 pm
2si >> fridayp1#xq3 ú friday night lights, nothing like it. high school football and hakeem is at one of the best this weekend. hakeem? >> reporter: i'm buzzing for
6:47 pm
this game. undefeated centerville taking on chantilly. more on the game in a minute. we start with the redskins. tight end chris cooley misses four weeks. also, the safety is questionable for sunday's game because of a knee injury. washington has a 3-2 record. carolina, 1-5 is a three-point favorite. maybe nobody believes in john beck, but the panthers have given up the most points in the league. in each of the five losses, carolina allowed at least 28 points to its opponent. the panthers run defense. worse in the league. washington should be able to run wild in charlotte. last week, the redskins face a struggling eagles team. we all know what happened there. regardless of what the panthers record is, the redskins need a victory. >> it's not the most -- we can't
6:48 pm
lose two weeks in a row. you know, you don't want to lose it all. when you do, you have to bounce back. this is a game we need to bounce back to. go to carolina on an away game. at the same time, we match up with you well. >> they have all the weapons. they are a dangerous football team. they lost a lot of games by three to seven points. we all heard cams numbers, 400 yards passing. eight or nine rushing touchdowns. i mean they are a dangerous football team. we need to go down there. we have our minds right. >> they are 1-5. the playoff team. the way the record is, i guess we should beat them. you have to understand they are the most excited 1-5 team out there. they have been in every game they played in. they are dangerous as well. we have to make sure we are on top of our ps and qs to get a
6:49 pm
win. >> yeah, they do. redskins panthers set for 1:00 kick off time. as for show time, 7:30, join dan hellie, rick walker and jason reed on nbc 4 at 7:30. hometown hockey. the record to start a season a 10. for now, the capitals remain perfect. washington won six straight games thanks in part to a game by their hero, alex. first period, tied at 1. nicholas can do work on the boards here. throws it in front. he shoots and scores. take another look. ov in the right place at the right time. capitals take a 2-1 lead. third period now. 3-1. back with the puck. ov in the slot. the second goal of the night for
6:50 pm
ov. caps win, 5-2 and improve to 6-0. next up, the caps host the red wings on saturday night. talking baseball now. a ninth inning rally ties the world series. tony la russa said it was almost a great story for us. turned out to be a greater one for them. lewis on the mound for the rangers last night in game two. pick it up in the bottom of the fifth. no score. lewis gets help from defense. check out andres diving. the final out of the inning. keeps the game scoreless. thank you, thank you very much. bottom seven, still no score. alan craig pinch hitting. the game-winning hit in game one. can he be a hero in game two? maybe.
6:51 pm
delivered. david free scored. 1-0 lead.takes michael young with one out. runner on third. young lifts one to right center. that's definitely deep enough for andres to score. the rangers come back to win at nine and 2-1 in the ninth inning. $ñt. ri" ren a neighborhood rivalry is renewed. the only thing on the line is bragging rights. last season, the wildcats and chargers met with undefeated records. the ending was dramatic. manny smith scores on a two-point conversion. they beat chantilly, 27-26. then chantilly earns pay back in
6:52 pm
the playoffs defeating them. for years the centerville dominated the rivalry, went 11 straight. now, the rivalry is for real. >> we don't like too many of those guys. they don't like us. we respect each other. when it comes to football, we crack some heads. as far as liking each other -- >> you get juiced up. you are not trash talking but messing around. it definitely gets you hyping up. >> try to keep it even and cool. >> kids are going to play hard and play clean and play to the whistle. it's going to be the biggest game of the season. >> reporter: oh, yeah, it might be the biggest game of the season. centerville and chantilly are expecting 8,000 folks here tonight. when you hear 8,000 people, you know the game is going to be big. we'll have it tonight at 11:00.
6:53 pm
back to you. >> the stands look empty behind you, hakeem. >> i tell you what, it's ten minutes to 7:00. the game starts at 7:30. people are trickling in. they are warming up the hot chocolate. >> they are eating their dessert, thanks. >> hurry while the seats are available. thanks. coming up, talking about +]t
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>> apple co-founder steve jobs was the genius that introduced the world to the ipad and iphone. mark barger has a preview of the autobiography. >> reporter: it may not sell as fast as the ipad but it will be big. >> one of the two or three biggest books of the year, if not the biggest book of the year. >> walter isakson over 40 yegxnireatic v tobs. it$t
6:57 pm
diet. he goes to spiritualists and various ways of doing it mack kro biottically. he doesn't get operated. he didn't want his body to be opened. i didn't want to be violated in that way. >> reporter: jobs talked about being bullied as a child and giving up christianity as a team. he called my kro soft bill gates unimaginative saying he shamelessly ripped off other people's ideas. he vowed to rival the android accusing google of grand theft of iphone features. >> i think we're going to get a more complete, more nuanced, whole picture of him than we have seen before. >> one that may not explain the complex person, that was steve jobs. s coming up at 11:00 tonight,
6:58 pm
teammates of an 11-year-old who was murdered. live racing returns to a track in maryland tonight. also, tell you why local marines serving the country are upset about recent changed. another check on the weather forecast? >> it's cold. if you are headed out to the games out there, the football games, dress warmly. you are going to see temperatures falling into the upper 40s quickly and upper 30s. high temperature tomorrow afternoon, 61 degrees. 64 on sunday. a nice warm up monday, tuesday, wednesday. look k like good weather. a few clouds from time to time. temperatures in the low 70s. a chance for storms to move in during the day on thursday and friday as we cool off once again. it could bring in colder air. it is that time of year.
6:59 pm
>> it is. thank you, doug. people in the military sacrifice and miss important moments in the lives of their loved ones. a thought that last night would be one of those nights, but they were wrong. >> say hello to your fathers. [ cheers and applause ] >> it was the final game of the season for the christian  leopards in mobile, alabama. his sister anna is a cheerleader. their father got home from afghanistan just in time to celebrate the occasion with his kids. >> so you glad to see your father? >> yes, sir. >> what do you think of the surprise? >> amazing. >> no idea? >> no idea. >> i missed most of their year this year. it's a joy to be able to come home and see the last game for


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