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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 23, 2011 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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this is a big moment for tony. >> demarco murray in the absence of felix jones ran for 50 ya250 yards. now they have a running attack. for philadelphia, everybody is in a complete state of consternation when they were 1-4. needed the win. huge game next week. >> can you imagine if they had not knocked off the redskins prior to that bye, what the bye week would have been like. might have been changes made in philadelphia. it was a little nutty up there. they got it back on track. they had so much talent. so much offensive talent. if the defense plays the way they did in that game against washington. they could bounce back. >> cowboys-eagles, always fun, under any circumstances. we'll be in philly next week. that's the matchup on "sunday night football" with football
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night beginning at 7:00 okay. our entire crew, saying good night from new orleans. -- captions by vitac --
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developing story tonight out of turkey. rescuers digging through the rubble trying to reach those trapped by a powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake. >> run for a redskins touchdown. >> the john beck era begins with the washington redskins. >> i want to be the guy. i gave it everything i had. i prepared my tail off this week. >> what the coach is saying about his starting quarterback. and the stars are out in washington. >> i don't have to prepare. >> hollywood's funniest walk the red carpet at the kennedy center to honor actor. we begin with a trial of an employee, charged with killing her co-worker and it gets under way tomorrow morning. britney norwood accused of killing her co-worker in march. attorneys will begin selecting a jury. darcy spencer reports from
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bethesda. >> reporter: the skrcrime scene the victim, jana murray, suspect co-worker britney norwood had a troubled past. norwood goes on trial monday on first degree murder charges that could land her in prison for the rest of her life. police say the was all over a work place dispute. >> it was a dispute between the -- the two women. we do have -- witnesses that were in the apple store that heard two, two females arguing. authorities say norwood beat murray to death in the store in march and pretended to bow a victim to cover her crime. >> it doesn't make any sense. >> when norwood and murray were discovered the next day, norwood said men in masks had come in at closing time, killed her and sexually assaulted them. police realized she had self-inflicted wound, tide hed
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herself up and found her dna inside the victim's car. >> ms. norwood became a suspect. >> reporter: legal experts say the trial will revolve around motive and mental state. why would she kill her co-worker? there are indications murray may have confronted norwood about stealing. and as to her mental state, it is too late for an insanity plea. her emotional state scan be raised. the lululemon store reopened months after murder. relatives were here for the emotional day. >> walking into the store was difficult. but for me personally, i felt like, jana was right there with me. >> jury selection is scheduled to get under way monday morning. we are told as many as 300 prospective jurors have been called in. the process could talk a day and a half. the trial could last up to two weeks. in bethesda, darcy spencer, news
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4. the death toll continues to climb after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in eastern turkey. 138 are dechlad. the worst damage done in the eastern towns of ursis and van. buildings collapsed leaving searchers looking for survivors. two dozen after shocks. the largest measured at 6.0. annabel roberts has more. >> reporter: it may be work the rescue work continues. local people joined the overwhelmed emergency crews to dig through the rubble in the hope of finding survivors. and they do. a young woman, grimacing with pain. she is raised on a stretcher, and carried to an ambulance. one life saved is a triumph. but many more lie buried and the challenge ties reach them fast. the nights are cold, temperature falls below freezing. extremely harsh
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anyone trapped overnight. they dig with bare hands. impossible to give up hope. almost impossible to get through the debris. the quake struck at lunchtime. people ran on to the streets in panic. a series of aftershocks followed, at least 21. the strongest with magnitude of 6. turkey, like, california, japan, is sitting at a what is called a plate boundary. this is an area with multiple faults. very complex pattern. we can already see that some of the aftershocks will probably on different faults than on the main shock. >> in spite of the known risks construction work can be shoddy. officials fear as many as 1,000 could be dead. the red cross say many are trapped. >> you see a lot of buildings that collapsed like pancakes x -- extremely dangerous. they rescued two people this man said. they were injured.
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four more are trapped under the rubble. not knowing about loved ones is devastating. we went to all of the hospitals but haven't been able to find our friend he says. i pray to god our friend has survived. there are calls for tents and blankets. more rescue teams are on their way. but roads are blocked. it will take time. and time truly matters for those trapped to night. anabel roberts. nbc news, london. and celebrations across libya as people mark the death of moammar gadhafi. thousands packed into martyr's square in tripoli to celebrate. in benghazi, the council announced plans for a new government. islamic law would beep t the ba and laws that contra bucket islam would be nullified. a 20-year-old washington man facing murder charges tonight for shooting a cab driver saturday morning. 40-year-old domingo eserick
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found shot to death at the crossroads. a friend of eserick told news 4 he worked for silver cab company and working late to make extra money to spend on his children. the investigation into his death is still ongoing. close call at bwi, thurgood marshal. a southwest airlines jet collided with a fuel tank. hit it after coming in from orlando. incidents like this one are very rare. that plane had been taken, has been taken out of service while the crash is investigated. it was a disappointing afternoon for redskins fans as the john beck era began for washington. hakeem is here to talk more about that. john beck was not terrible. >> right wasn't awful. he wasn't amazing. >> work your way in.
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>> he needed to be better than awful. cam newton was amazing. panthers rookie quarterback. redskins were attempting to bounce back. instead they got banged up. receiver, santana moss broke his hand. running back, tim hightower left with a knee injury. hightower scheduled to have an mri tomorrow. cam newton, panthers, put up 33 points in the redskins record. drops to 3-3. john beck making his first regular season start since 2007. cam newton, was unstoppable. third quarter. panthers lead 9-6. newton on the option. blows by the defense. 16-yard touchdown. seventh rushing touchdown of his career. tips the rookie record. carolina takes the 10-point lead. ensuing redskins. john beck. shows mobility. looks good. dives in. second rushing tuchtdown ining. three minutes to play. redskins down by ten. beck, pass intended for leonard hankerson. throws it right to chris gamble. that's it.
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beck finished with 279 yards. one passing touchdown. two turnovers. the redskins, lose 33-20. it is the final. >> i think john, overall played very well. first time out. he is going to have growing pains. nature of the business when you start playing. but i think you can see his athleticism. quick release. and seemed like he, kept his poise in there throughout the game. but, you know got to do a better job getting the guys ready to play. we should have played bet twhern dtwhern -- better than we did. that is the only thing i wanted to do. wasn't trying to go out. be too perfect. ultimate goal. having walked away. won the game. because of that. not the feg eling we want to ha. >> coming up after the news. redskins final. player reaction in the locker room report. highlights from an exciting day around the nfl. and getting back to the redskins for a moment. up next they play the buffalo bills who are 4-2.
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resting this week on a buy. if you want to talk about a must win. this week. they have got to win the game. you can't fall back, 3, 4 in the nfc east. >> see what nay do. thanks. >> a very special new memorial. being dedicated tomorrow at arlington national sell taefrment -- national cemetery. it will hon north chor the chap. the 150th anniversary of service by rabbis in the u.s. armed forces. the blockbuster biography of steve jobs hits stores tomorrow. it is written by walter isaacson and offers insight into how the apple co-founder operated in business and his personal life. it comes one day after another important anniversary. ten years ago today, the apple ipod was released to the public. and the 36th annual marine corps marathon set for this sunday, marines plan to welcome,
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43,000 runners including our own chuck bell and 100,000 spectators. the 26.2 mile course runs through parts of arlington and washington. expect several road closures sunday morning starting as early as 4:00 a.m. through 1:00 p.m. still to come tonight on news 4 at 11:00. the hunt is on for a great white shark after an american diver was killed. what authorities are doing to protect others. also the drama high above the ground at the vatican. that interrupted sunday mass. and, hollywood comes to washington. stars hit the red carpet at the kennedy center to honor a very funnel man. chuck bell, what you got? >> we have clouds rolling our way, aaron, maybe a chance for a few showers on our back-to-work
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a man climbed out on to a ledge to burn a bible. was take any way by security all while the pope condaktd speciuc special mass. the man burned the bible, in vatican city. security eventually was able to pull him back and take him away. the pope continued the mass despite the interruption. elevating three ninth century founders ofgious orders. 32-year-old george wainwright of houston was diving near perth when attacked. his friends tried to save him. bites were too severe. a surfer killed in september. swimmer attacked two weeks ago. australian authorities have issued a catch to kill order for all great white sharks. some are unhappy about that move because great whites are an endangered species. it has been nearly three months since a tragic crash, claimed the life of a popular high school student.
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today a community benefit to help raise money and promote healing. concert held on the ground of the vowelen tear fire department to help cover funeral expenses for 16-year-old jacqueline saeth and will help pay for medical expenses of sawyer smith injured in the crash. he was at the fund raiser and says he is thankful for all the support. >> everybody that was praying for me and everything. it really helped. and all of the support, like all of my friend, and everything, and have family coming out here. >> today's benefit raised more than $13,000 for the two families affected by the crash. meanwhile, sawyer plans to return to high school for the first time since that crash, on tuesday. former "saturday night live" performer will farrell took home the top comedy prize at kennedy center. will farrell accepted mark twain prize for american humor. jack black, matthew broderick,
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and conan o'brien. seven years as a regular on snl. popular characters. george w. bush there. will farrell continued success with movies like anchorman, talladega nights and many more films. we caught up with will farrell and ape f few others on the red carpet. >> when you meet will, same thing, you can't believe how nice he is, how tall he is, how funny he is. >> he would come on my show as a leprechaun, wearing a skin tight, green speedo. a sensual leprechaun. >> just getting a better angle from this camera here. i don't have to prepare, you know. my mind set is simply final. you know? right? that's what we are thinking. what he is writing. finally >> about time. absolutely. the show took, tonight will air on october 31st on pbs. awe used to love his characters. george w. bush one of my
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favorites. on snl. doing the presidential debates. asked him, how would you describe your presidency in one word? he looks dead in the eye. strategery. killed me when he said that. >> i got my ron burgundy bobblehead on my dex. >> classic character. no doubt. did you like the weather today? >> i did. >> sunshine all day long. >> nice day. no doubt about it. temperatures just about average this tomb of the year. no major complaints. extra sunshine compared to yesterday, much nicer day to spend outside today. walking around the monuments. looking at fall color. anything you wanted to do on sunday. weather cooperative this afternoon. sunday night turning into a monday morning, shortly. clouds on the increase. a little chance for a shower coming our way on our back to workday tomorrow. current temperature now, 54 at national airport. light breeze out of the south. 5 miles per hour. mostly back into the mid 40s now across the western suburbs. 46, leesburg. down the road on i-95. 46 degrees now in fredericksburg. little milder.
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folks in, calvert, st. mary's, temperatures, low 50s. high, 64. after a 43 degree start this morning. the coldest start, since april, the 22nd. 6 months and a day since we had a morning that chilly. nothing on radar. lonesome showers. most will dry up as it tries to come over the mountains. but the showers associated with a weather front may bring us a chance for a rumble or two. late tomorrow afternoon. show you on futurecast in a second. most will be dry for monday. most of the rain chances we'll get, very, very quick. not very long lasting across the area. not much going on in the short term around here. as a result of the clouds tonight. not quite as the cold as the it was this morning. then tomorrow, as the the weather front comes through. this its at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. it sneaks right on through there between 4:00, 9:00. might generate a quick shower. rumble or two of thunder. west of the blue ridge. can't rule out a rain drop here
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in town. overnight. passing clouds again. not is a chilly. start off temperatures tomorrow morning. mid, upper 40s. then tomorrow, turning into a mostly cloudy day. mild. quick passing shower. can't be ruled out. a mild day coming up tuesday. wednesday looks good. then the bottom falls out. thursday, friday. chilly, windy, breezy, nasty. good news, i think we get it out in time for next weekend and the big marathon. >> i've don't feel like running that thing in the rain. >> feel you on that one. >> coming up. a big surprise for an 11-year-old boy who is star wars' dream came to life. >> in sports. panthers leave john beck and redskins
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you can be worried. john beck trying to find a groove. you have got what, 15 players injured right now. something crazy like that? rex grossman has pneumonia. >> really? >> maybe chuck bell can go out. >> take one for the team. that's what will end up happening. maybe need to get a rookie. works for the panthers. seventh straight time, redskins lose to a rookie quarterback. cam newton, panthers, ripped up the redskins defense for 33 points. the other story line, injuries. receiver, santana moss broke his hand. and hightower left with knee injury. john beck making his first regular season start. since 2007. looked good. he wasn't amazing. first possession for deck and redskins. third and 15. beck back to pass. sacked. fumbles. panthers recover. take a look. jamaal brown. gets beat on the right side.
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12th turnover of the season. redskins. all 12 by qbs. washington down 9-6 at the half. third quarter. panthers with the ball. newton on the option. runs it to perfection. 16-yard touchdown. seventh rushing touchdown. ties the rookie record. carolina takes a ten-point lead. by the way our photographer there in the corner. it was. uh ju just to let you know. already with 88 yards. injuries his left knee. trying to plant. hightower said he doesn't believe he tore his acl. good news. he'll have an mri monday. later in the drive. third and goal. john beck. showing his mobility. makes a play. dives in for the touchdown. his second rushing touchdown of the season. washington cuts the lead to 3. here we go. fourth quarter. panthers, have it on third and goal. newton, quick pass to brandon lafelle. made that look easy.
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carolina up 30-13. over 3 minutes to play. beck's pass intended for hankerson. throws it right to chris gamble. beck, 279 yards. one passing touchdown. redskins lose 33-20. cowboys. hosting the rams. josh hamilton. texas rangers. lance burkeman. saint louis cardinals. giving the coin toss, world series flare. pretty cool. scoreless. first quarter. tony romo. hands off to demarco murray. find a big hole. whole lot of room. enter the game with 71 rushing yards on the season. first carry of the game. he gets 91. all of the way off to the end zone. start of a big day for murray. coach jason garrett. love this. 7-0, cowboys. yeah. murray, bouncing off a tackle. making a nice cut. going 43 yards. murray, the cowboys single game rushing record. 253 yards. emmitt smith had it before. most in the nfl this season.
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dallas, rolls over st. louis. 34-7 the final. coming up on redskins final. one-on-one with mike shanahan. packers, looking to stay perfect against division rival, minnesota. it is tivo time for denver. take you to miami for late game drama. the broncos and dolphins. miami, they're struggling big time. >> yeah. pretty bad. >> thank you, hakeem. >> still ahead tonight, the birthday present. lady liberty is getti if you want less, you can always have less.
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hundreds traveled across the intercounty connector. not in cars. part of second annual icc bike ride and run/walk.
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maryland transportation authority and state highway hosted the event to raise money for special olympics maryland. lady liberty getting an upgrade to celebrate a big birthday. statue of liberty getting four web-cams put on the statue's torch for her birthday. allow you to see a stunning 180 degree view from the comfort of your computer. new cameras turned on friday during a special ceremony. there was a surprise party for a boy with a debilitating disease and vifd imagination. lane arrived home to family and friends. several stormtroopers and a wookie. he has ms and asked the make-a-wish foundation addition for a star wars bunker clubhouse. today make a wish granted its 7,000th wish. architects, contractors, spent months. lane's work was revealed at his
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home. >> he gave us his wants, wishes, and the team put together on paper and we started from there. >> we trucked it here on a flat bed. in half. it is two pieces. so, put it in place and set it down. >> all right other contractors and everyone involved in this project has worked tirelessly. and -- they all deserve props for that. >> several hundred volunteers poured more than 1,47 hours into the wish. ms robs most children of ability to walk by 12. life ex
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competitive eating competition. 25 contestants took on 25 stone crab claws. finish your claw first. half the challenge was cracking th


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