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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  October 24, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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rise. nearly 300 people have been killed. more than 1300 injured. erica edwards has our report. >> reporter: rescuers working through the night to find survivors under the rubble. a toddler and several others were pulled out of the debris. grieving relatives of victims wept after identifying their loved ones on the streets in turkey. the government says dozens more may be trapped in the debris. >> translator: we were able to rescue one from under the rebel alive and well. we handed him over to emergency personnel now. i'm proud of my entire team. >> reporter: more than 200 aftershocks kept people on edge. 80 multistory buildings collapsed. 2,000 rescue teams are on the way. countries like israel offered
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help. groups are scrambling to set up tents and provide food and water. most people stayed outdoors for the second night, afraid of another quake. turkey remains in a seismic area. erica edwards, nbc news. >> the last time a major earthquake hit turkey was back in 1999. it's when two earthquakes hit the northwest area of that country. 20,000 people were killed. president obama is in las vegas right now talking about the troubled housing market nationwide. nevada has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. a program to help stabilize communities that suffered from foreclosures and home abandonments. the president announced changes to the program to make it easier to refinance. >> we can't wait for an increasingly dysfunctional congress to do its job.
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where they won't act, i will. >> but some critics argue that the president's plan doesn't go far enough and doesn't help enough homeowners. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with details. >> reporter: this is an election context. that's barack obama's new political slogan, we can't wait. meaning he won't wait for republican approval on economic issues. he's ordering this new housing plan. president obama headed to nevada to unveil his mortgage refi program. it's for those who pay their mortgage every month and owe more than their home is worth so they can't refinance. now, if they are mortgages with fannie mae and freddie mac, they can refi. >> it will help some with mortgages. most were not able to refinance
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under the previous program. >> our economy will get a stimulus. >> that $700 a month in payment services can be used to buy goods and services or improve their home. >> reporter: this woman stuck with a 7% note and upside down. >> this house for $325,000. now, according to the tax records, it's $127,000. >> reporter: she gets no help today. >> some called it a single when what they needed was a home run. >> reporter: the president spent $2.4 billion of the $50 billion he pledged on housing. because his housing secretary said today, the problem was worse than they thought. >> because of that complexity that helped contribute to the housing bubble and the housing bust, it made it harder to unwind these troubled mortgages. >> reporter: now, barack obama is running for re-election
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looking for ways to fix the mortgage mess. key 2012 swing states like nevada, like florida are the worst places still affected more than any place else in this country by the mortgage and housing mess. live from the hill, i'm steve handelsman, news 4. back to you. >> steve, thank you. the president's plan may not be enough for local homeowners in trouble with their mortgages. the plan can offer lower monthly payments for those under water. housing council says that is not going to make up for all the income that local homeowners are losing. >> not only the home values are under water and the water of the homes are 50%, you know, less than what they were. but the individuals income has reduced by 50%. so, just by reducing a monthly payment $200 where your income decreased by $2,000, that's not really helping you. >> the first home alliance
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counseling center says most homeowners they are helping would not qualify for the president's proposed plan. the man accused of plotting to kill saudi arabia's ambassador to the u.s. in a restaurant here in d.c. today, pleaded not guilty. he was arrested earlier this month. allegedly he conspired to kill a saudi ambassador to the u.s. he is a u.s. citizen with an iranian passport. the white house accused iran's government of being involved in the plot. he's due back in court on december 21st. police in montgomery county say an elderly man shot and killed his wife inside a retirement home before turning the gun on himself. it happened at the village in rockville. pat collins is outside the retirement home with more on what led up to this deadly
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story. pat? >> reporter: doreen, they are husband and wife. he's 80, she's 74. it's a day of great sorrow here. >> at 9:35 shots were heard and staff discovered the husband and wife deceased. >> reporter: an unsettling sight at a retirement home. cops, detectives, evidence techs, a crime scene. the gunman identified is albert ballard. the victim, his wife sandra. he's 80. she's 74. she was seriously injured during an in-home accident a month ago. she was here for rehab. they say he was very devoted. he would come and visit her every day but today, today was different than those other days. once inside her treatment room, they say he shot her, then turned the gun on himself.
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>> it's unbelievable. it's absolutely unbelievable to me. it's sad. it is sad. that's all i can say. >> reporter: the able's live here and volunteer in that rehab center. >> we are quite away of some of the conditions and some of the residents that are there or come in but to have this happen is, you know, out of the ordinary. >> reporter: this used to be known as the lutheran home. now, they call it the village at rockville. it's like a small town with 350 residents. something like this, something like this most disturbing. >> i never understand that. what people achieve by that. if she was in rehab, she must have been getting better. >> reporter: how did that gun get inside this building? >> we will be reviewing our procedures. our security procedures to ensure our residents are safe. >> are you going to put a metal detector in here?
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>> i can't comment about that at this point. >> reporter: the village at rockville offered to conduct a memorial service for them. back to you. >> pat collins reporting from rockville, thank you, pat. now to a dramatic rescue in arlington. a crane operator got sick at the top of the crane and couldn't get down on his own. a firefighter had to climb up the crane to reach the man. a rescue basket was sent up. the whole thing took two hours. he was lowered to the ground and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. coming up in the broadcast, defense lawyers present their theory on the death of michael jackson. new evidence that proves his doctor is not responsible. michele bachmann's staffers say why they quit her campaign. a local guy got hit with two tickets for $1,000.
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the daughter of elizabeth edwards ties the knot. why the bride's father had to sneak in. i think we are looking okay tonight and tomorrow. then the forecast gets really tricky. we'll talk about it as you see a few showers making their way across the area. one area that could get hit in a half hour, dan hellie out at redskins park. >> reporter: after two straight losses, the redskins trying to maintain a positive attitude and trying to stay away from the injury
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finally gets the opportunity to present their case in the trial member against michael jackson's doctor. attorneys for conrad murray plan to lay out a new time line, which they claim proves murray's innocence. >> people are prepared and rest at this time. >> reporter: the prosecution wrapped after four weeks of testimony. defense began their case by calling the first witness, an evidence manager for the beverly hills police department. >> it's when the dispatcher pressed the button to pick up the 911 call. >> reporter: this morning during the prosecution of the final witness, dr. shafer, they poked holes in his testimony. they gave michael jackson 40 times the propofol than the 25
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milligrams he claimed. he testified he believes he administered the anesthetic through an iv drip. >> it's consistent with michael jackson dying on a drip of propofol. >> reporter: but the defense says he took eight lorazepam taplets before he died and claims jackson injected himself with propofol in a desperate attempt to sleep. they tell nbc news murray's lawyers developed a new time line and will lay it out this week. >> they have to kick up enough sand and hopefully something sticks with a juror that creates reasonable doubt. a colleague of shafers was sitting there, dr. paul white who will testify. >> he's going to point out mistakes, he didn't know the drug. he didn't know the literature and he was making all the assumptions just to have an
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opinion against dr. murray. >> reporter: defense is expected to call 15 witnesses hoping to chip away at the prosecutions case. after being on tour for three weeks, michael's sister janet jackson canceled upcoming shows in australia to be here with her family. >> if he's convicted, dr. murray faces up to four years in prison. >> the u.s. ambassador to syria and the state department says there's no way of knowing whether he'll be able to go back to the country. ford was in washington and pulled out of syria over the weekend because of credible threats against him. in the meantime, syria followed suit by bringing its ambassador from the u.s. back to syria. he angered authority because he showed public support for the activists battling government
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forces for seven months now. the uprising continues with reports that six people were killed today. >> the public viewing of gadhafi's body is coming to an end. an investigation has been ordered into his death. the u.s. and other world leaders have been pressing for an investigation. there are conflicting reports of how he died. initial reports suggest he was wounded after he was found hiding in a pipe. late reports, later that is, suggest rebels executed him. an autopsy revealed he died of a bullet to the head. five former staffers for michele bachmann's campaign are talking about why they left. in a statement, they say the staff was rude, unprofessional and cruel toward new hampshire workers. the staffers stepped down and claimed they were asked to work without pay even after their contracts expired. the ex-staffers say the lack of
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money was not their motivation for leaving and there are no ill feelings toward bachmann. a check on the weather which was delightful today. >> it was nice today. and tomorrow. then some roller coasters. big ups and downs. it's a tricky one out there. we look toward the area today. pretty nice. we saw sunshine this afternoon. that really made for a great afternoon. temperatures rose a little bit above average across the area. some locations hitting 70 degrees earlier. right now, we sit in the mid-60s. out there today, we saw a high of 67 at the airport. this time of year, we expect to see the cool nights. it's around average for this time of year. it's nice, but yes, we could see some problems later this week, mostly in the form of rain. also other things in the extended forecast. 63 degrees with mostly cloudy
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skies. we have shower activity out there. it's to the west. it's where the cooler temperatures are. 55 in hagerstown. 59 in winchester. around gaithersburg and frederick, marand coming in at 60. fairfax county, 61. 64 degrees here. prince george's county, 64. andrews air force base and calvert county, 62 degrees. the rain is just to the west. it's really just showers that are out there. no real heavy rain. heavier showers near portions of page county. i expect warrenton and fauquier to see light rain. route 7, you will see showers west of leesburg. they are making their way to the east. most of us should stay on the dry side. frederick you are going to see the showers for the next couple
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hours. watch out. not going to cause problems. the windshield wipers will get going a bit. satellite and radar showing why we have the showers. it's a frontal boundary. it's making its way through the area now. as it moves through, it takes the showers with it. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. a beautiful day with high pressure. nice and sunny tomorrow. then things start to change. high pressure moves off. the clouds move back in. we'll see a slight chance of a shower on wednesday. most of us should be dry on wednesday with nice mild temperatures up near 70. not a bad day wednesday. then here comes a storm on thursday. it will give a good chance of shower activity, if not rain on thursday. late in the day on thursday, then this storm system will move out and depending on how far north or south it goes could have a big impact on the next storm system for the weekend. partly cloudy this evening.
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63 to 59 degrees as temperatures drop. tomorrow morning, clear. cool but nice. 47 in the city. tomorrow afternoon, a beautiful day. looking good. nice and mild. 67 to 70 degrees. the next four days, well here's a little bit of that roller coaster. 70 on wednesday. then the rain. 61 on thursday. then cool air on friday. friday kind of a nasty day with temperatures 55. then looking at what really could be a nasty day on saturday, looking at a possibility of a coastal storm developing. that one could bring not only a lot of rain but wind and cool temperatures on saturday and sunday. as always you can stay connected with me on facebook and twitter. find me at those addresses. i tell you what, this weekend, if you have plans, you want to make sure you are connected. >> all the halloween stuff going on this weekend. >> halloween is looking okay. saturday, yeah -- >> okay. okay. you warned us. >> yeah.
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>> okay, thanks, doug. coming up after the break, why you want to give yourself extra time if you plan to drive extra time if you plan to drive to a local hot spot.
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financial problems could mean the end of the website
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wikileaks. it's a website that spills secrets lately. it says it is going to stop publishing to focus on fund raising. the statement by the founder of the sight julian assange says they have to raise money to deal with the financial blockade because of svisa, and papal. they pulled out after wikileaks posted 250,000 documents last year. steve jobs book is out today. it topped the best seller list before it hit the stores. he died of prostate cancer. before his death, he gave 40 interviews for the book. he wanted to write it so his children would have a better understanding of his actions. it includes surprising revelations including telling
6:24 pm
president obama he would be a one-term president. the book mentions jobs regret for not immediately seeking cancer treatment. >> various ways of doing it macrobiottically. he dent get an operation. >> why didn't he? >> he said i didn't want my body to be opened and be violated that way. >> in the book, he called bill gates unimaginative saying gates ripped off other people's ideas. he vowed to destroy the rival of the smartphone and google for stealing iphone features. tonight, a look at questions potential jurors were asked as lawyers begin a critical faze in the lululemon case. also, virginia governor bob
6:25 pm
mcdonal continuing his efforts to get federal help for the people hit by the earthquake. coming up in sports, the skins lose more than just the game. who is out and for how long? while the skins are getting worse, their
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rescue workers in turkey are working through the night. they are trying to make their way through the wreckage of dozens of collapsed buildings in search of survivors of an earthquake there. it was a 7.2 magnitude quake that hit in eastern turkey. the death toll is now approaching 300. police are investigating a murder suicide inside a retirement home. an elderly man shot his wife inside the village at the rockville facility today and then killed himself. the victim has been identified as 74-year-old sandra ballard. she was a patient at the rehab center. her husband was 80 years old. president obama in nevada now talking about a plan designed to help more homeowners refinance, even if they have little or no equity.
6:29 pm
the new rules apply to fannie mae and freddie mac mortgage holders. this program could begin as soon as december 1st. we are following breaking news in capitol hill. nine people were evacuated following an acid spill. it happened at the aquatic center. shomari is at the scene with details. >> reporter: it is closed right now expected to reopen in 30 minutes. d.c. fire and ems are saying nine people were treated for coming into contact with acid commonly used to maintain, clean and keep pools clear. what's unclear is how and why they came into contact with this acid, why it was being used here at the pool while they were people here. it's closed and a lot of people waiting to go inside. one adult was transported to the hospital. they have not released the
6:30 pm
conditions of all nine people involved. i asked the manager what happened. he said quote, everything is cool, end quote. i said what's that mean? he said everything is cool. people breathed in the acid. if you come into contact with it, it can cause fluid in the lungs, breathing difficulty, severe burns. in worst cases, it could cause death. live here ner capitol hill, i'm sa marry stone. >> no reports of serious injuries? >> reporter: no reports of serious injuries. the guy who works here says everything is cool. one person was transported to the hospital. we'll try to get more answers. he gave me a phone number to call for an official with the pool. their office is closed. back to you. >> thanks shomari. >> sure.
6:31 pm
jury selection got under way in montgomery county in the trial of britney norwood. >> she is accused of killing her co-worker. chris gordon looks at questions posed to potential jurors in the case. >> reporter: at first 29-year-old britney norwood said she and her co-worker had been attacked, cut, raped and tied up in the store by two masked men. in the following days, her story came apart and she was charged with first degree murder for stabbing and beating murray who found stolen merchandise in her bag and reported it to the supervisor. as the trial begins, the courtroom is filled with potential jurors. most of them stood when asked who had seen or read about the murder.
6:32 pm
the judge asked if they could put aside what they heard based on the testimony and evidence presented at the trial. most of the potential jurors say they can. in a high profile murder case, it is difficult. we asked people on the street from rockville a block from the courthouse, not involved in the case, if they think they could be fair and impartial. do you think you have formed an opinion? >> i think i have. >> reporter: you couldn't put that aside, if you were asked to? >> i think it would be difficult to do that. >> i want to hear the facts. >> reporter: could you put aside news reports you have heard? >> yeah. yes. i think i would. >> reporter: jury selection will continue tomorrow followed by opening statements in the britney norwood trial. at the montgomery county circuit court, i'm chris gordon, news 4. >> if convicted, she faces a
6:33 pm
possible sentence of life in prison. a mother and daughter are behind bars on attempting carjacking charges. they jumped into a parked car outside a 7-eleven. he assaulted a woman waiting in the passenger seat and tried to steal the vehicle. the victim pulled the keys out of the ignition. she ran off and met up with her daughter. both women were arrested nearby. it's easy to get a parking ticket in the district. in fact, it's difficult not to get one. there's one resident in d.c. who is in shock now. he got two tickets, each of them for $1,000 for parking across the street from his house. darcy spencer has our report. >> reporter: when craig left his home in the shaw area of northwest d.c., this is what he found. two parking tickets under the windshield wipers of his work
6:34 pm
vehicles. each ticket carries a $1,000 fine. >> startled to see the ticket is for $1,000. >> right there? >> right there. one for each vehicle. >> reporter: he was parked across the street from his home. his home is a historic fire house that he converted into an art studio. he has a ford van and ford expedition. they have commercial tags to park in loading zones to drop off materials. he was parked adjacent to shaw junior high, which isn't used anymore. >> i thought there was a conspiracy. they are going to create the biggest tickets in d.c. for those ugly trucks of his. >> reporter: neighbors complained parking in front of his house didn't look good. the comment section, it says park front of school. he says it doesn't make any
6:35 pm
sense. he says he kept looking at these tickets over and over counting the zeros making sure he was looking at it correctly. sure enough, he was looking at it right. they are $1,000 each. he doesn't plan on shelling out $2,000 for the tickets. you plan to fight these? >> yeah. it's way too much money to let it go. i'm not going to do it by mail. i'm going in person. darcy spencer, news 4. >> the department of public works says motorists can appeal parking tickets. they also say that the city tries to keep commercial vehicles out of neighborhoods to preserve the limited spaces there are with people who live there. the state of maryland launched an education campaign. authorities say scam artists posing as legal consultants. fraudulent services cost the victims hundreds of dollars,
6:36 pm
often for nothing in return. >> so, we are really here to do two things. one is to educate the community about this problem so that when people are trying to get help and trying to do the right thing, they go to licensed lawyer or to a representative of the government. second, if you are a victim of the fraud, you come to us and let us know about it. >> he says he will go after the scammers money to be returned to the victims. coming up on news 4, from bad to worse. why it could take longer to find a parking space in an area that's very popular for dining and shopping. former snar john edwards
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hello, everybody. i'm doug kammerer here in storm center 4. watching a cold front making its way across the area. a few showers associated with that. temperatures at 63 degrees. winds out of the south at 6 miles an hour. here is the radar. you can see what i'm talking about. in the montgomery county, sprinkles. loudoun and fairfax county.
6:40 pm
the heavier showers in warrenton and culpeper. it's where the heavier rain is coming in now. to the west in clark county and warren county are showers. they will move through throughout the rest of the evening. by tomorrow, looking at a nice day. 69 in washington. 68 in leesburg. winchester to the south. culpeper 70 degrees. fredericksburg, 71. abundant sunshine. it's looking good. halloween is a week away. take a look at this. superdog. this was sent in by allison. we want to take a look at elvis. i really like this one. sent in by sam. if you want to send us pictures of your kids or pets, send them to i like superdog. under dog, maybe that's what that was. >> thanks, doug. a large group gathered at the arlington cemetery to honor
6:41 pm
14 rabbis who died while in the service. supporters say they died in world war ii, vietnam and the cold war. the privately funded memorial got unanimous support in a joint resolution earlier this year. it will now sit alongside existing that honor protestant ones. took a backseat over the weekend as he walked his daughter down the aisle. kate edwardss married her college sweetheart. her father tried to avoid photographers by going in and out of the back door of the church. he has a hearing on charges he used campaign funds to cover up an affair. the wedding was about celebrating kate and the memory of her mother. a candle was lit during the ceremony.
6:42 pm
>> for them, it's a new start as well. they get a new member of the family, trevor, who everybody loves. he's got a big heart. elizabeth adored him. >> the sunlight coming through the window was her soul coming to us. >> she died of breast cancer shortly after kate got engaged. you might call an infirmary, am i correct? >> reporter: this is unbelievable, guys. the redskins lose another couple players. these are big name offensive stars. how long will they be out? we'll tell you, coming up. after a second straight loss, a[ male announcer ] want tos, achieve more with your money?
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you know, it's almost probably better to talk about who is not hurt. it will take less time than to talk about all the guy who is are hurt on the team. >> it's not pretty, is it, dan? >> reporter: yeah, this is amazing. mike shanahan says he's been coaching the nfl for 25 years and never seen this many injuries on one side of the ball. tim hightower and santana moss. star running back, star wide receiver. moss is going to be out five to seven weeks with a broken hand. he had three pins put in his index finger today. tim hightower done for the year with a torn acl.
6:46 pm
they have lost five starters now in the past two weeks. starleters to injury. high tower, the second player in as many weeks to be lost for the season with a torn knee ligament. this offense is reeling. hightower looked rejuvenated after missing a couple weeks with a shoulder injury. seven carries with 88 yards before going down. the alexandria native had high hopes this season. he gave a passional post game speech knowing his year was probably over. >> anytime you lose a player that has, you know, the type of energy that tim does and the game he does, everybody is disappointed. they feel bad for tim because he's worked so hard to get in this position. everybody understands we are going to lose some players. we hate to lose them. somebody has to step up. tim is very physical. you can see how emotional he was in that game, how well he
6:47 pm
blocked and ran. it's tough to lose a guy like that. >> when we brought him in here, we were excited to bring him in. you know, to have him go down during a game, when you don't have a guy like tim out there, it can take a toll. we have guys that are, you know, more capable of stepping up and making plays for us. that's what's going to be asked. >> perhaps the biggest disappointment in the panthers game is the defense. they have carried the redskins the entire season. they rank third in the nfl in terms of points allowed. they gave up 33 points, 33 points to the panthers and just gotten rolled by a pair of one-win teams. now, with two very good teams on the horizon, buffalo sunday and san francisco, a team with one loss the entire year, you have to wonder what they are thinking right now. >> we are very disappointed in
6:48 pm
ourselves. we obviously, on paper we should be beating the teams we lost to. the good thing about it is, there's always another week. ten more weeks left. we can make something happen. the first team to ten wins, so, we are still in there. we are not in a desperate mode now. we are more urgent because we want to get back on track and get back to the mood of things and back to the winning ways. >> when ever you lose, it takes something out of you. we work hard to go in and win the football games. but, we are professionals. we have a good defense and a good team. even though they are 1-5, they are good football teams. their record didn't show it, but the panthers were putting up 400 and 500 yards week in and week out. it's our job to go out and stop them. we fall short the past two weeks. it's something we have to put behind us. it sounds cliche, but we have to
6:49 pm
move on to buffalo and get the job done. >> reporter: all right, it reminds me of the dennis green quote. we are who we thought they were. let's hope it's not the case. hope the redskins team can get better. they are sitting at 3-3 in the division behind the cowboys. in case you missed it, they discovered a star. third round pick, demarco murray burst on to the scene as the cowboys took it to the rams with a historic performance. in dallas, tony romo looking to snap the two-game losing street. it was scoreless when romo gave it to murray. a big hole and a lot of room. rips off a big chunk. 71 yards on the season. this is first carry. he gets 91 here all the way to the end zone. murray sets the cowboy's single game rushing record with 253 yards. also the most in the nfl this
6:50 pm
season, dallas rolls over st. louis 34-7 is the final. hard to believe that demarco murray holds the cowboy's rushing record. the same team that has tony dorsett, emmitt smith the leading rusher in nfl history. fantasy football is going to pick up demarco murray, soon. a doubleheader in dallas. cowboys first, then game four of the world series. rangers fans in texas were feeling good. manager ron washington giving the starter a pep talk before the game. it appears whatever he said worked. texas up, 1-0 in the second. strikes out david freese. one of seven strikeouts of the game. holland gives up two hits over 8 1/3 shut-out innings. holland getting support from the catcher. he hammers this pitch to left. it's a three-run shot. the rangers go on top, 4-0.
6:51 pm
top nine now. neftali feliz closes it out facing matt holliday. that's the game. they shut out the cardinals. the series is tied, two games a piece. a lackluster performance. >> this is a dream i have wanted to do. i wanted to pitch in the world series and win. after idolizing them, i felt like i was capable of going out and doing whatever i could. immaterialed to redeem myself and show i belonged here. >> reporter: i have to apologize. there was one fan that said i don't want to hear about the dallas cowboy news. we are in washington, d.c. it's the world series. i know it's the texas rangers, but it's the world series, so we have to show that, too. >> i watched that game last night.
6:52 pm
you know why? because of that turkey of a football game that was on at the same time. with green bay. oh, my goodness, what a whomp. >> wasn't that crazy? >> thank you, dan. we cover sports we don't just cover washington sports. still to come tonight, some divers go to great depths to create unique work of art. >> for all your
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6:55 pm
downtown bethesda has been and continues to grow with new apartments now and stores on the horizon. if you are already tired of circling to find a parking space, get ready to compete for even fewer spots. one of the areas most popular lots, parking lots is going to close. we have the report. >> congestion, congestion, congestion. more people, more people. >> reporter: it's always busy in bethesda with shops and restaurants. customers circling for a place to park. >> on the weekend, i avoid it. parking is a hassel. >> reporter: one of the most popular parking lots will close down. >> this lot is very important as a gathering spot. it serves all these businesses
6:56 pm
right around here. having it here makes it easy to use the businesses. when the lot is gone it's going to be tough to find parking. >> quick to get in. it's not a garage. it's on the edge of everything. >> reporter: the 300 parking spaces will be replaced by a new development by stone bridge terrace. apartments, retail and under ground parking garage with 600 new spaces. but, it won't be finished for three years. there are more than a dozen parking garages and other lots in the area, yielding 6,000 parking spaces. it's not including the 700 meters spots on the street. they plan to ease the pain by converting 150 short term spaces from long term in a nearby garage. it will expand circumstancelator service during rush hour. >> not many people know, up the block here, two blocks away
6:57 pm
there's a 300 space lot that sits largely empty on weeknig s weeknights. >> reporter: some businesses are worried about the short term impact. if they have a vision for the future, good for them. in the meantime, it's going to suck for the next three years for us. >> a section of woodmont avenue will be closed for that construction. the development has been in the long term plan now for more than 10 years. some d.c. residents are getting hired on the spot today. 7-eleven is opening two franchises in northeast. 7-eleven promised to hire all 38 employees from the neighborhoods where the stores will be. it's part of the one city, one hire initiative. he was on hand to greet the first person offered a job. >> i know that today the door is
6:58 pm
open. thank you to god and 7-eleven. >> it has people establish a recent track record for working. they have a resume that as they eventually move on to other things and a number probably will, they will have a basis on which to stand. >> he accepted the job offer from 7-eleven. he was a senior branch manager of a bank in his homeland of ethiop ethiopia. >> final check, doug. >> a couple days of nice weather, then the roller coaster comes back. later this week is going to be interesting. tomorrow looking beautiful. a great day to get out and play golf and play a little hook ki. 69 degrees with sunshine. 70 on wednesday. wednesday will be okay, too. more cloud cover on wednesday. then, we start to get problematic. thursday, to the north, moat areas see shower activity. it comes over us and gives us a chance of rain. 55 on friday.
6:59 pm
a rather cool day on friday, then saturday watching a potential coastal storm that will give rain on saturday. still waiting to see where the storm is going to go and if it develops off the coast. a little less of a storm, but anytime we talk about a coastal storm developing and anytime we talk about it for the weekend, it raises a few eyebrows. >> yes, it does. thank you, doug. some artists over in the ukraine are adding their twist to the term watercolor. it's watercolor on steroids. the artist paintings fill a castle. the castle is perched on the edge of a cliff. it has a spectacular view of the black sea. look at that there. for some reason, artists are inspired by the view from under the sea. they put on scuba gear and create their paintings under water. they say they used the same technique as they would on land


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