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tv   Today  NBC  October 26, 2011 2:05am-3:05am EDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody. it's booze day tuesday. october 25th. delighted you're here with us. you can feel fall in the air now here. it's feeling crisp. >> i'm delighted i'm here, too. >> hoda is here and not in jail. we thought she would be carried off in chains. you basically ignored your jury summons. >> i didn't ignore it. i actually pushed -- if you get
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a jury summons and it says to postpone it you dial a number, you push a button. i kept doing that. one of them didn't come because i moved. >> you moved a year ago. >> whatever. here's the point. >> details, details. >> i went down to court because i did feel terrible. i just said i was sorry. showing up in person is better than calling up saying, look, have a problem. it's better if you just show up. so i showed up. the woman looked at my thing and she said, houston, we have a problem. i'm like, oh, no. i'm so sorry. we were in seattle. i brought my travel documents. she gave me a new date and she said, we will see you on this date in january. >> when is that? >> some time in january. >> i'm putting in my vote right now to have bette midler sit with me that day. she was on her way out this morning and said she would. >> questions on facebook yesterday. one people wanted to know about
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the dress you were wearing yesterday. it was a hot ticket. people wanted to get their hands on it. >> it's a beautiful dress by david meister. we both wear a lot of his clothes. glad you liked it. >> i didn't know we would find them today. >> the favorite thing is called baked by melissa. they are tiny mini cupcakes that at one point used -- oh, there's still one. >> there's actually three. >> anyway. it's a $25 package. packaged beautifully. they are delicious. they are like mini ho-hos but a thousand times better. >> great. $25. baked by melissa. >> we have sara back. nice to see you. you're wearing something cool. >> i'm wearing these for a cause. >> we're going to get to that. >> here is the deal, you guys. lindsay lohan is going to, we hear from sources, from tmz, to pose for "playboy." she is asking $1 million to pose. they offered her $750,000.
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what's going on there? >> i don't know. at first i thought it was a bruise, but i think it's hasty blush. i hope, i hope. >> this broke my heart yesterday. we've been talking about this young woman now for almost the four years we've been together. it's been a steady decline. this just caps it off. this shows such desperation. i so want to take her home for a month and love her. just love her. teach her to value herself for the unique and precious human being that she is. this is not going to help. it might put money in her bank account, but it's not going to help ultimately with her to coming to understand why she is on this earth. >> a million dollar for a "playboy" shoot? >> we've already seen everything anyway? not that i have, but i hear she's been getting in and out of limos for a long time without -- >> yeah, yeah. >> there was another girl who was without something for a while. >> okay. >> you wanted to tell this
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story. >> i wasn't sure if i wanted to. here's this story. a woman was traveling from newark to dublin. in her luggage she packed a very personal item. >> we are going to call it a pmi, a personal massage item. use your imagination. >> you know what that is. it's a lady thing. she gets to dublin, unzips her bag. she sees her personal -- >> her pmi. in it is a note that reads, "great your freak on, girl." someone from tsa scribbled on a note and put it in her luggage. thank you. >> the guys think that's hysterical. i'm horrified by it. i don't travel with such things, but it's such a violation of her privacy. >> how about girl blogged about it herself afterward. >> that was a mistake. she told the whole world.
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now her mother and daddy know. >> the tsa spokesman says they are only supposed to inspect bags and not leave notes. we told you about the germiest places you encounter. these are some you may not have thought of. something else to creep you out. >> i don't know how any of us are walking around healthy. kimberly clark, makers of kleenex and other items. they are the ones who tested these surfaces. >> here are things you may not have thought of. >> the gas pump. when you go to pump gas. >> never touch them. >> okay. when you go to mail a letter in a public mailbox. >> you'vgot to pull it down. >> and put the letter. that, icky. >> escalator rails. cannot avoid those. how about parking meters? >> atm buttons. i go straight to frank gifford. >> the crosswalk button. >> i know, i know. >> here's the thing. so what?
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you know what i mean? >> tammy goes up and does this. she's sycamore than anybody around here. >> thanks. >> are we allowed -- this is proof once in a while she does touch something. >> oh! >> tammy is pregnant! >> she is our second child. >> she makes an exception to the rule once in a while. tammy, we are thrilled for you. >> tammy, we love you. >> you're going through a much better pregnancy this time. the end result of the last one is precious little ashland. i think it's a boy this time, just telling you. just saying. >> we are going to move on. we skipped this yesterday. it's important. the hottest spots in hollywood. over 40. this is again by "fitness" magazine. they chose jennifer aniston as the over 40.
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>> i think i agree with them. she doesn't look too skinny. she doesn't look too buffed up. she just looks beautiful. >> halle berry, j. lo, gwen stefani, courtney cox. men who have the hottest bodies over 40. brad pitt, will smith came in second followed by hot hugh jackman. george clooney was next. tom hanks. >> really? i don't recall seeing him buffed up. he changes all the time for every role. >> he does change for every role. jon hamm on the bottom at 3%. the couples that are the most, sexiest couples are david and victoria beckham. >> that surprised me a little bit. >> cameron diaz and alex rodriguez before they split. they were second. at the bottom, kim kardashian and kris humphries. >> i wonder why.
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we'll have chris jenner here next week with a new book. we'll ask her. i think she learned to ignore anything negative or she would go crazy. >> how about sexy bodies to sexy shoes? >> yes. sachs. >> they had the sexiest shoes competition. >> we picked our favorite. >> this is the one hoda chose. it's very pretty. strappy and feminine. this is valentino who never makes a design mistake as far as i'm concerned. everybody voted and the winner was at $695. >> who can afford them? yours? >> i didn't know. i hope it's in my size. i hope they are feeling generous. >> are you serious? >> it won. you know why? >> tell me why. >> it's just a beautifully designed shoe. it's got enough of the lace to suggest maybe what's underneath your clothing. it's a peek of the toe.
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it's not about all shoe so the woman can shine in the shoe. >> look at you. >> that's what i think. >> they are your size. >> what? >> and they happen to match my dress. >> try them on. >> jerry always tries to stick them down. this is really my size? i will try it on. >> while we are doing this, it is breast cancer awareness month. this month reba mcintyre has hot new cowboy kicks. sara is sporting them. they're pink. she pledged $20,000 for the susan g. komen group. they are cool, too. $79 at >> they are made for walking. they are $179 at dillards. echo, echo, echo. >> stereo, stereo. >> all righty. these are beautiful. what do you think, everybody.
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>> those look good. >> those are beautiful. >> they are a little big. >> remember what bobbie did last time to make her shoes fit? she stuck a thin maxi pad in her shoe. it worked. she stuck it in her shoe so you don't slide around. it's such a smart idea. >> dr. schol's has them, too. >> you go to the bathroom and get one and stick it in. it's genius. genius. >> you know what else is genius? is where it over here? the giant rubik's cube. it took 300 hours to do it. it combines lessons in geometry, algebra. and teaches focus and team building, problem solving. >> this was 600 of them. they are all the cubes. you see it from the side. pretty cool. >> what are we going to do with this? somebody didn't think this through. >> okay. we are off to orlando soon,
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aren't we? >> yes. we'll be live at the wizardry world of harry potter. that will be friday, november 11. you can enter for a chance to see our broadcast and join in a weekend-long celebration of the harry potter film. prizes include -- air travel and hotel accommodations for five days and four nights at universal orlando resort in florida. winners and guests will have access to a q&a session with film stars and film makers and autographed session with the cast and nighttime gala event. go to klg& for information. contest is friday october 28th. get there now. >> the contest is on friday october 28th. >> stereo. >> evidently no. >> cheers. >> this is a pumpkin martini. all right. up next, jeff dunham is here with a new sidekick, peanut. it's all about controlled chaos.
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>> like our lives. >> later, sara has a spook-tacular time at the bronze zoo. >> a new book for kids about bullying. we'll be back after these messages. stay with us. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪
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you may be thinking you've seen your fair share of idiots and dummies on this show, but ventriloquist jeff dunham is here. >> that's rude. >> he has a paperback edition of his book "all by myself." and he brought along peanuts. >> good morning. >> thanks for having me. this is fantastic. i love this part of "the today" show. it's great. >> what do you love about it? >> i love the fact that you think it actually is the "today" show. you're not the drunken stepchildren of the nbc family. >> we absolutely are. >> where is my pumpkin martini? i saw that. >> at least we wear two shoes.
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what happened to the other one? >> you lost your shoe. >> no. i found one. >> it's a joke. >> you're not a regular peanut. what are you? >> we don't know what he is. >> no. you've been with frank a long time. hoda, you know you and i, you go purple, you never go back. >> hoda's in love. hoda is in love. back off, barbie. >> barbie? fine. >> when you read about you, you're like the biggest-selling, i saw your dvd. >> right. >> you have a huge arena. >> and youtube, you have a kazillion hits. why? >> this thing got crazy a few years ago. we've been going to australia, south africa, all over the united states. >> you know what i love about
2:23 am
the dvd, he talks about from the time you were a little kid, this is all you wanted to do was have your hand up these guys and doing your thing. >> it was christmas time, i think. >> mom and dad with me under the tree. i think we have that photo. >> look how proud jeff's father is. >> what's beautiful about it, these are two parents that, regardless of what they thought of your hobby, they let you be you. god bless them for that. >> i was their only child. >> very sad. >> they could have suppressed this. >> look at my dad. for years i couldn't figure out why he had that expression on his face. >> i figured it out. look where the dummy's hand is. >> that's right. >> he's in all your pictures through your yearbook, high school. >> this is junior high. see when i was a kid, i had to
2:24 am
get a professional publicity photo so i went to take the school picture day and took the dummy. >> what did your friends think of that? >> it's my daughters. in high school yearbook every year is mixed in with a dummy. >> it's the saddest thing ever. >> who is laughing now? >> i guess. >> ka-ching. >> i don't know anything. >> you take these guys on the road. how many road shows do you do a year? >> we are doing about 130, 140 shows a year. they are big. i did almost 20 years of comedy clubs. >> you paid your dues. >> now it's with theaters and big arenas. the fans are awesome. they can follow me on twitter. >> they love you. do you do any females? >> excuse me? >> do you mean do i have them in my act? >> yeah, do you do any female characters? >> i honestly tried. i was in a movie with steve carell.
2:25 am
i had a female character. i have a dead terrorist, white trash trailer park character, an african-american character, i can think like those guys, but when it came to thinking like a woman, not a clue. >> you're dating a young beautiful one right now. very young. >> you don't know anything about that, do you? you and frank are very close in age, not really. >> oh, yeah, right. great to see you. all the best. >> the man is crazy. >> sara goes boo at the zoo. just in time formal dr. for halloween right after this. my t♪ [ female announcer ] kellogg wants to help make kids happy, one tummy at a time. because 9 out of 10 kids don't get the fiber they need. froot loops, apple jacks and frosted mini-wheats have good-for-you fiber in every yummy bowl. they're the cereals your kids love and the fiber their tummies love, which makes for a whole lotta happy. froot loops, apple jacks and frosted mini-wheats... a good source of fiber and made with whole grain.
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time for our special series sara in the city where we send sara out in the big apple. >> sara got spooked at the wildlife conservation society at the bronx zoo. >> i decided to go a little wild with thousands of other visitors and animals for boo at the zoo. i even dressed up for the
2:30 am
occasion. today i'm in the bronze to check out boo at the zoo. let's see if i can make any wishes come true. every weekend in october, the bronx zoo invites kids and adults to celebrate halloween family activity. right in the middle of the 265 acres and more than 60,000 animals. my first stop, the halloween costume parade. it's a boo spectacular. not only did i lead the parade, but i met the most magical creatures. look at the turtles. they showed up just for the parade. and saw some super creative costumes. you are a beautiful little princess. i love your pink tiara. past the peacocks, we came on to our next adventures that was spookier, at least for me, in the hay ride.
2:31 am
>> there is a scarecrow coming up. duck. oh, my gosh. there's your web! don't tell everyone how scary it was, you guys. i waved my wand and made my way over to the haunted safari. there is an eyeball in a jar. >> welcome, everyone. >> scary mad scientists are saving animals. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is not a place for dresses and heels. >> kiss the princess. oh, thank you.
2:32 am
>> this princess waited for the end of the day to get her face painted. ta-da! >> with that i granted one more wish to a darling little girl dressed just like me. you could make a wish, anything in the world, what would you wish for? >> a puppy. >> that was pretty fun, guys. >> then it was time to say good-bye before this pretty princess turned into a pumpkin. >> nothing. >> i looked at the parents and said, and now your part begins. >> and they said no. >> we did go to the bronx zoo, but several zoos around the country have halloween events. i figured i should wear my tiara and wand until halloween. any wishes i could grant to you? >> we are the happiest bimbos you've ever seen. mostly hoda. we'll talk men and money. >> fashions to hide your flaws.
2:33 am
although you don't have any.
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we are back on this booze day tuesday with "today's style" and how to hide your trouble spots. you know what we are talking about the muffin top over your jeans, flabby arms you try to cover up. >> we have some fall looks to help you hide your figure flaws. >> yes. we all have them except for jennifer aniston. >> we all have them despite the hollywood personal trainers. regular women have them. there are easy ways to fix it through fashion. i'm here to show you today. >> let's start with julie. julie has a problem with thicker ankles. this is our before shot of julie. you think the normal thing would be just to put pants on. >> right.
2:38 am
she's got it wrong with the ankle straps drawing attention to her thicker ankles and her leg line. i put her in leggings. a great bright color dress which is a fun take on fall. >> she looks great. >> never put the orange skirt with the green purse, but people say it's right to do it now. >> especially for fall. you can have fun for color. the hem line is age appropriate for her, lengthening her leg. this is from i scored everything for 70% off. you have to be a member. if you go on and put in the code "today" i've got all our viewers membership and a $10 shopping cart. >> that helps slim down the leg? >> actually being age appropriate for her. she is in her 40s, i believe.
2:39 am
she's going to kill me now. and just above the knee is very appropriate. >> thank you. >> next up, jamie is complaining about a muffin top. >> we can all relate to that. >> what do you do to avoid that? >> come on out, jamie. >> so instead of putting her in pants or jeans that are too low rise and too tight up top i chose these classic land's end chino. they are in a trouser silhouette. very big for the season. really skims the hips and hits just below the waist. >> you put the belt on with it. that seems to attract attention to the waist line. >> we want to create this hour glass shape. i did half tucking which is a big trend for the season. it was started by a video game character. kanye west did it. rihanna, katie holmes. >> it took off.
2:40 am
>> it's a fun overall weekend in the country. >> we have sherry. she is upset with her calves. what have you done to her? >> i found these great all-weather boots. they are actually just launched in the u.s. this sports style is made for women with wide calfs. they come in fun colors and prints and are $100 for viewers today putting in the code "today" in the website. love to tuck in the pants into boots for fall. up top i put her in a ballet one smooth u shaping cami. sucks everything in. great for fall. you have to have the right bra, too. >> lastly, richelle is worried about what we like to call bat wings. >> yes. >> the arm issue. >> we disguised them with this great flowy top under $50 from t.j. maxx.
2:41 am
it hits mid forearm so it showcases the wrists. dark jeans elongate her petite figure making her look taller. again, another bargain outfit from marshalls and t.j. maxx. great bargains. >> great job. thank you so much. >> up next from rapper to philanthropist to novelist. septic system breakdowns affect over one million homes each year. without regular maintenance, septic tanks can back up, causing a disgusting mess and countless hours of repair. introducing new rid-x septi-pacs. easy-to-use dissolvable pouches that help prevent disgusting septic back-ups. the powerful dual action formula has enzymes to immediately break down waste and time-release bacteria that work continuously to reduce tank build-up. use rid-x once a month and help save yourself from disaster. rid-x. number one in septic maintenance.
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rapper and mogul curtis "50 cent" jackson sold over 22 million albums worldwide. racked up a grammy and 31 grammy nominations. >> 13. >> 50 is going from platinum hits to the playground. that's the name of his first novel about the redemption of a teenage bully. we are so happy to see you. >> every time you come you have
2:46 am
something fresh and new and you smell so good. >> you sure do. >> thank you. >> city is wearing city. >> this is terrific. i think this book is designed for kids what age, 13, 14? that age group. >> young teens. >> kids who wouldn't think about picking up a book. why do you think they would pick this up? >> it's different. when i present something it's different because of the energy and material i created in my music. a lot of times the kids that would actually be a part of being the problem are listening. when i offer it, they'll take the time to stop and read it. the scenarios in the book are written from the perspective of a child that is being a bully not dealing with the emotions properly. >> you had your son in mind? >> because my son is 15, he's only 15 right now, it's a relevant issue for me because of him. i wrote it because i wanted to do something about it. i have seen issues happening a long time ago.
2:47 am
i started working on this book almost a year ago. >> but there would be critics who say the language is rough, there are situations that are rough, but that's the world you came from. >> right. >> you're just speaking truth, apparently. >> when kids are being bullied, what do you think pushes them to the point that they are doing the things they are doing to themselves? it's that aggressive. >> what do you hope kids take away from it? the main character is a kid named butterball. >> right. >> who has a weight problem. used to being teased himself. >> right. >> take us from there. >> he's not dealing with his emotions correctly throughout the project. there is a little bit of humor in it. the irony of it from the adult's perspective, you'll see the humor that's in it. for kids when they are going through that experience, they don't see the humor in it at all. >> they're in pain. >> were you a bully or were you bullied as a kid? >> i had more experiences where
2:48 am
i was a part of the problem. where i was actually bullying. to know now from an adult's perspective and be able to write things i can look back on those situations and say that was completely wrong, but i know what was motivating it now at that point. >> you had a tough upbringing. your mom, you lost your mom early on. she had been a drug dealer and you started dealing drugs when you were a little kid. >> 12. >> what was the one thing that turned your life around? >> my son. he's my motivation. >> marquis. >> when he was born, i had to change everything. >> you loved something more than you loved yourself at that point. >> exactly. maybe god. >> can you imagine? come back when you meet her, too. >> who wants a date with 50? >> line up. >> that's a tv show. >> that's what you do next.
2:49 am
>> we love you. we are always so happy every time. say hello to marquis. >> why your man doesn't like to save for a rainy day. and what you can do to change that. that's right after this. the story of the next couple of days will be the snow in denver, and the front that helped produce it. it's going to be moving towards the east. an area of low pressure may be developing along the coast and bringing snow to the interior northeast. at least for today, expecting the rain. temperatures in new york at 61. louisville at 68. very warm to the south of our front to. the north of it, though, talking 51 in minneapolis. but check out denver. 33 degrees. possibly a foot of snow by wednesday afternoon. it's totally done by thursday, but here comes the front, drawing up gulf moisture. showers from new york city to louisville and dallas. colder air coming in, albany,
2:50 am
rochester, thursday could be a big mess in the northeast. expect airport delays. 50s in new york. denver seeing a warming trend for you guys. then sunshine returns in chicago. and we're going to see showers in atlanta with temperatures in the 60s. then it moves up the coast for the weekend. only in the 40s in new york city. the west coast dealing with beautiful weather the next couple of days. rain coming into seattle. the next front comes in, showers back in the forecast in omaha and des moines, as well. minneapolis, 52 with a chance of a showers on monday. sunshine in chicago and the southeast, another rainy day for you guys. orlando at 77. albuquerque, 68. the southwest looking good. l.a., as well. temperatures on monday into the upper mid 60s or so.
2:51 am
and of course, keep it tuned into the weather channel for "wake up with al" and more weather information. you want to save money on car insurance? no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it. this is new york. hey little guy, wake up! aw, come off it mate! geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance. [ female announcer ] start the day off right with a protein-packed breakfast like the sunrise subway melt. try it with juicy tomatoes for a breakfast that stands out from the pack. subway, the official training restaurant of apolo ohno and athletes everywhere.
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half of the guys don't have a month's of living expenses saved up. that's not including retirement. >> what's the average age? >> it's going to be 35, 36. >> they're not a child anymore. >> it's a big problem. >> it's like that satchel paige quote. they don't want to do the financial planning because they have to look at all the messy investments they made in the past and then they're just thinking like, let me avoid that, but they desperately need the financial planning. >> if you're a girlfriend or wife of someone like that, what is the best way to help them out?
2:55 am
>> get them to make a good decision one time and automate it. this is why 401(k)s work. you get them to transfers $100 out of the check and if you can't see it or touch it, you're not spending it. >> it's just so hard. in today's economy when you can barely pay your rent. >> if you can't save 10%, save something. and then you'll start to feel oh, my goodness, i have this savings account, and that will inspire you to do more. >> how do men do with credit cards? >> the average debt is over $5,000. the good is in the survey, half the guys out there are paying off their credit card debt every month. so they're not carrying anything over. >> that surprises me, which seems a little high. >> are they telling you the truth in the survey?
2:56 am
>> you never know. >> it costs you 20% a year, that's $10,000. >> i was reading today in the business section they may start charging people to keep their money in a savings account? >> because banks aren't earning enough. >> but they're sitting on all this cash. >> and they're not carrying any risks. >> there are times when it makes more sense to use a credit card than a debit card if you get hit with those fees. why not? >> the bank that comes out and stops doing that and just serves their people is going to do gang buster business. go shopping for a good bank. >> these spending habits, how is that going to affect these guys long-term or is this something they're going to get over? >> if you can get in the habit of saving when you're young,
2:57 am
you're going to play catchup in your 50s and 60s. and you're never going to catch up. >> it leads to alcoholism and domestic abuse. >> debbie downer. >> thanks, guys. up next, the chef whose kitchen is itching. this is "today" on nbc.
2:58 am
2:59 am
3:00 am
in today's kitchen we are getting saucy with one spicy chef who is comfortable strutting her stuff in stilettos. >> she is host of nadia g.'s bitchin kitchen. and her new cookbook is nadia g.'s bitchin kitchen. >> you came to play with your sparkle. >> sure did. >> shake it, sister. >> what are you making today? >> we are making a penne al forgno.
3:01 am
lots of cheese and bake in the oven until the edges are nice and crispy. >> sounds good. >> let's do it. >> kathie, you're going to kill some tomatoes. get your hands in there. don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. >> this is better than therapy. >> we got an explosion. >> we've got garlic and onion i've been sauteing. it adds a ton of flavor to our mix. we are going to throw in ground beef. ground sirloin. throw it in there. >> all right. >> did you love cooking when you were a little girl? >> i did. i loved making a mess in the kitchen. >> who was the cook, your mom or your dad? >> definitely my mom. all the women in my family were amazing cooks. so what you want to do is kill this beef, as well. >> a lot of murdering.
3:02 am
>> you're in murder mode. >> what you want is beefy crumbles, okay? >> that turns into this. >> it turns into this exactly. we are going to pour tomato sauce in there. >> the dead tomatoes. >> there we go. now it's time to spice it up. big pinch of hot chili. >> you can use less if you're a nerd. parsley. all right. that's brown sugar. >> what else? >> oregano in there, a bay leaf. a little bit of freshly cracked pepper. little bit of salt. >> i like this kind of cooking. >> it's so easy. look at this. >> you have a beautiful sauce when it's done a nice bolognese. we'll mix in half the sauce. all right. this is a very important step. >> dump it in there.
3:03 am
>> yes. just dump it in. mix that together. >> let me kill it. >> very important you do this with your pasta so it absorbs some of the flavor of the sauce. >> now what do we do? >> dump it in layers. >> let's get that in there. >> we have about 30 seconds. >> dump it. >> layer. >> layer. we'll put some mozzerella. put some parmesan. more of that. >> bake it. >> let's eat. >> sara, come on over here. back here. >> this is what it looks like over here. >> oh, that looks delicious. >> ladies, you want to taste that? >> i want the crispy kind. >> my family used to fight over the crispy corners. >> what is the chocolate? >> let's do it. >> while we are talking. we'll see you tomorrow.
3:04 am
>> delicious chocolate balls. peanuts in there. >> nice talking to you. >> come back tomorrow. -- captions by vitac -- [ cheers and applause ] captions by vitac


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